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  1. Norman Cox

    Hello Yancy,

    You don’t know me and other than the blog, I don’t know you. We have never met. The closest we have probably been physically is maybe passing each other in a hallway of a Lotus event. I donated to your bike ride a couple of years ago and that is probably our only interaction.

    As someone who feels like they are on the outside looking in, I just want to say that I’m sorry you have been in the middle of this whole bru-ha-ha-ha. I don’t know the back story. I just know what I read. From what I have seen, IMHO, if there was some violation of a NDA, than that should be handled by IBM’s legal staff. I don’t know if Volker was right or wrong in reporting what he did. However, I assume that IBM can afford decent legal advice. To me, it sounds like vigilantism with people boycotting the site because of him.

    Like I said though, I only know what I read. Sorry you are there. I don’t know what the “right decision” is.

    I appreciate the web site. I find much useful information. If I see a topic that does not appeal to me, I do not click on it. If I do find something useful or interesting, I read on, whether it is exactly Notes related or not. There are some blogs that I avoid if they are off topic, because I know the author and I have different outlooks. However, I have never let that keep me from coming to this site.

    Hopefully the above makes sense. To put it more simply, thank you for this site. I enjoy it. I use it often for industry information and some entertainment. I am appreciative of your efforts and wish you well. I will continue to read.

    Thanks again.

    Norman Cox

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