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2010 Donor List
Simplified Technology Solutions $1085.85
Rob McDonagh $585.00
Charles Robinson $200.00
Paul Calhoun $185.85
Eric March $85.85
Marc Champoux $50.00
Ed Brill $40.00
Victor Toal $30.85
Sven Olding $10.85
2009 Donor List
Rob McDonagh $508.50
Mayflower Software $508.50 Good job doing the PMC again! Enjoy the 192 mile ride! Good luck from Frank Paolino and MayFlower Software.
James Casale $108.85
Magnitude Solutions $108.50
Epilio $98.50 http://www.epilio.com
John Mackey $85.85
Mary Beth Raven $85.85
Kathy Brown $58.00
Barbara Skedel $28.50
Roy Rumaner $18.08
2008 Donor List
Frank Paolino @ MayFlower Software $508.08
Rob McDonagh $508.00
Sherpa Software $508.00
Ulrich Krause $400.00
Axceler $308.00
Yancy Lent $245.00
anonymous $208.08
Jeroen Jacobs $148.00
Software Essentials, Inc. $148.00
Neil Agate $108.88
Randall Tompkins $108.88
Steven Joseph $108.08
Mary Raven $108.08
Carl Tyler $108.08
Jessica Stratton @ Solace Learning $108.00
Matthew White $108.00
James Casale $108.00
Mary Whalley $108.00
Conxsys $108.00
Paul Calhoun @ NetNotes Solutions Unlimited Inc. $108.00
Thomas Duff $108.00
Focul Ltd. $108.00
Steve Seremeth $108.00
Jeff Franchetti $102.00
Florian Vogler $100.08
Elguji Software $100.00
Rami Jundi $98.00
Tim Paque $88.88
David Vasta $88.88
Martin Humpolec $88.88
Adam Smith $88.00
Henry Newberry $80.08
Fabio Pignatti $58.08
Chris Blatnick $58.00
Edward Maloney $58.00
Alan Lepofsky $58.00
Ed Brill $58.00
Rosemary Arce $58.00
Mark Stevens $58.00
Bob Balfe $58.00
Derek Lessard $58.00
Gregg Eldred $58.00
Robert Axelrod $50.08
David Bockes $50.08
Miguel Calvo $50.08
Mick Moignard $50.08
Richard Moy $48.08
Jenn Brian Jack Rowen Gillespie $38.00
Norman Cox $28.88
Irina Kojevnikova $28.00
Michael James $25.08
Andy Donaldson $20.08
Steve Breitenbach $20.08
Ray Bilyk $20.08
Vanessa Brooks, Inc. $18.88
Libby Ingrassia $18.88
Keith Brooks $18.08
Jamie Colpean $18.08
Adam And Leslie Gartenberg $18.08
Craig Wiseman $18.08
Barry Lewin $18.00
Jackie Horowitz $18.00

Dear visitor, blogger, friend...

On May 7th, 2007, my 5 year old son was diagnosed with an acute form of Leukemia (AML). We went on to spend 5 months in the hospital and an additional 8 months of restrictions where no one is allowed to enter our house.

I have been told, time and time again, about how much people enjoy this web site and what it's done for blogger readership. The truth is, no one has been helped more by this site then me. The real story; developing this site served as therapy for me when I needed it most. Everyone deals with tragedy in their own way. I can only imagine painters paint, fishermen fish and developers code.

In August of 2008 I participated in the Pan-Mass Challenge, riding 192 miles in two days. Thanks to all the generous donors, many within the Lotus community, I raised over $9,000. Every dollar went to the cause that saved my son's life.

I thank you for your amazing support last year, and your generous donations. 100% of the proceeds go to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute & Jimmy Fund Clinic. I will post all donations, no matter how small to the left hand navigator on this page. (unless you don't want me to yancy@collaborancy.com)

To make this interesting I'm asking that everyone end their donation with the number 8.5. I want the donations from our community to stand out. Expanding on the geek theme, anyone that gives $88.50 or more can send me any 140 characters of text that I'll linked to the url of your choosing. This information will stay here for the life of the site.

Ethan is now 8 and continues to do amazingly well. May 7, 2010 marked the 3rd year anniversary of when he was diagnosed. His bone marrow transplant from his little brother is working wonders, and we continue to hope and pray it's a CURE.

My PMC Rider Profile

Donate Here: $18.85 . $28.85 . $38.85 . $58.85 . $85.85 . $100.85 . other

Click here to follow my Quarter by Quarter Challenge on Facebook. For every $1 donated thru Aug 5th I will carry 5.67 grams, 1 US quarter, for 82 miles of the 192 mile charity bike ride.

Kind Regards,

Yancy Lent

In HONOR of ETHAN VIDEO - A video my wife put together for my ride in 2008.

Ethan - August 2007

Ethan - April 2008

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