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Wed, Nov 19th      
Flavio Mendes 44IBM Verse, um novo conceito para uma nova forma de trabalhar
Colleen Burns 114KISS: Keep It Small, Stupid
Victor Toal  77IBM Connections – Michael Sampson’s State of Market Whitepaper
Christian Tillmanns 181Well, it’s a Verse
Sven Hasselbach 80XPages: WebContent Files (2) – Manipulate exitsting files using the Java NAPI
Femke Goedhart 93SharePoint Connect 2014 – Amsterdam
Matteo Bisi 46Guida all'installazione di Connections 5 CR1
Vincent Perrin 91IBM Mobile Push Notification plugin for Google Chrome
SocialBizUG 565 Questions with Jim Claussen, Our Member of the Month
Lotus Germany 121Mail Next wird IBM Verse - IBM kündigt E-Mail der Zukunft an - Aufzeichnung des LIvestreams vom 18. November
Lotus Germany 86IBM Verse macht E-Mail fit für die Zukunft der Arbeit – mittels Cloud, Social, Analytics und Top-Design
Arne S. Nielsen 99Lost the IBM Verse premiere? Here is the replay!
Arne S. Nielsen 112IBM Verse created 46.8 million impressions in social media!
Brad Balassaitis 65Gridx in XPages – 9: More Sorting Features
Giuseppe Grasso 114IBM Verse
Matteo Bisi 58IBM Mail next ? Benvenuta IBM Verse
Lotus Jobs 94Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/11/19 (19 entries)
Lotus Jobs 70Connections/Portal job opportunities for 2014/11/19 (8 entries)
Katrin Pascher 9841. DNUG Konferenz 2014
Mikkel Heisterberg 169Loading widget data in IBM Connections 5 by the aggregator
Tue, Nov 18th    
Volker Weber 181Use and Adoption of IBM Connections: State of the Market 4Q2014
Mark Roden 219x$ – now a part of XPages Extension Library
Bruce Elgort 184IBM New Way to Work – Replay
Volker Weber 183Verse: Die Neuerfindung der E-Mail, according to IBM
Volker Weber 190Microsoft did not buy all of Nokia
Stuart McIntyre 94POODLE fixed within IBM Connections
Vincent Perrin 115Node-RED, IBM Mobile Push Notification (Xtify) & Bluemix
Volker Weber 119Ausflug nach Köln
Steve Pitcher 104Wanna Have An Adventure?
Keith Brooks 296Don't Ship Shit! And Other Things learned from the #IBM #NewWayToWork LiveStream
Stephan Kopp 218IBM Verse (formerly known as IBM Mail Next) looks gorgeous, get ready for the new way to work
Julian Buss 147Using Mozilla’s JavaScript PDF Viewer in XPages
Perry Hiltz 132Binary Tree is Growing – Look at our Jobs.
Ed Brill 292IBM Verse: A New Way to Work

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Colleen Burns 61Now We Really Can Work Smarter, Not Harder
Christian Petters 82Architecting on AWS: the best services to build a two-tier application
Christopher Blake 86IBM Verse Takes Centre Stage delivering a New Way to Work
Chris Whisonant 115Yosemite Bluetooth Audio Issues, Anyone?
Sven Hasselbach 76XPages: WebContent Files (1) – Create a file using the Java NAPI
Alan Lepofsky 274Introducing IBM Verse
Lotus Germany 135IBM Connections Cloud expands support for industry regulatory requirements and delivers more storage and mobile flexibility
Chris Miller 632IBM Verse announced - formerly IBM Mail Next
Arne S. Nielsen 160Here is how you will work in the near future!
Patrice Vialor 68IBM révolutionne la messagerie et officialise IBM Verse
Lotus Jobs 99Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/11/18 (13 entries)
Lotus Jobs 69Connections/Portal job opportunities for 2014/11/18 (3 entries)
Arne S. Nielsen 198The name is IBM Verse – and it is The New Way to Work!
Brad Balassaitis 93Gridx in XPages – 8: Column Sorting with a Local Data Store
Kenio Carvalho 135New version of Extension LIbrary on OpenNTF
Rainer Brandl 54Use and Adoption of IBM Connections: State of the Market 4Q2014
Patrick Kwinten 34Delivering responsive web design in IBM Notes applications
Stuart McIntyre 293Use and Adoption of IBM Connections – State of the Market 4Q2014
Martin Jinoch 75Social Connections VII - Stockholm - short recap
Mat Newman 181Mail reimagined for a NewWayToWork
Mon, Nov 17th    
Alan Lepofsky 229It’s Like Facebook At Work
Mark Roden 242Got non-XPages design elements? You really should use WebContent.
Michael Porter 75Anemic IT Growth or Budgeting Shift?
Chris Miller 539IBM taps Spredfast for IBM Mail Next social media aggregation launch
Colleen Burns 76Our Ecosystem Speaks: Spotlight on Business Partners
Colleen Burns 142Mail, Reimagined for the Future of Work
Alex Debian 68Глобальный анонс Mail Next – 18 и 25 ноября
Russell Maher 223Got PNG? You may get problems.
Brad Balassaitis 95Gridx in XPages – 7: Column Sorting with a Remote Data Source
Pan Starrow 52[原]杂谈对抽象事物的审美——繁体字与简体字,孰美?
Arne S. Nielsen 181Hate email? Tomorrow there is a New Way to Work
Martin Ortega Novella 148Q&A about IBM Notes and Apple’s OS X 10.10.x Yosemite
Lotus Jobs 146Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/11/17 (16 entries)
Lotus Jobs 92Connections/Portal job opportunities for 2014/11/17 (3 entries)
Mikkel Heisterberg 162Presentation from Social Connections VII Stockholm
Keith Brooks 167Questions are Free, Answers Cost Money
Niklas Heidloff 121WebGate’s new Meeting App leverages IBM Connections Social Cloud
Sun, Nov 16th    
Stephan H Wissel 226Building a shared approval frontend in XPages
Henry 72Crossware Partners With Global Software Giant – SoftwareOne
Mark Roden 242XPages and Bluemix: How to create a Websockets message without being connected to the application
Mat Newman 325Where does Mail.Next come from
Ray Davies 307Microsoft's "Secret" Mail Migration Tool
Volker Weber 174Rocking the Pebble
Volker Weber 160300 km
Stephan H Wissel 215Mustache Helper for Domino
Patrice Vialor 59Conditionner un champ obligatoire: « required » et xp:validateRequired
Martin Humpolec 68P2P půjčky - další cesta investování
Sat, Nov 15th    
Stephan H Wissel 153Karma and Wealth
Keith Brooks 133I Finally Experiencd the Social Connections Conference
SocialBizUG 164See IBM Mail Next in person at the Codename: IBM Mail Next roadshow
Ray Davies 2379New Tech Brief: Migrating Your IBM Notes Document Libraries to SharePoint - SharePoint for All - SharePoint for All - Dell Community
Wannes Rams 95Social Connections slides posted
Wannes Rams 75Social Connections VII Stockholm, looking back
Fri, Nov 14th    
Redbooks: WebSphere 112Building a Real-time Mobile Solution with IBM MessageSight and MQTT
Stuart McIntyre 144IBM FileNet (CCM) and soccnx
Brian Moore 390Save value from computed field in XPages
Brian Moore 353Refresh Repeat after additon from Dialog
Ben Langhinrichs 169Shadows and Shadow Play
SocialBizUG 81Site down time this weekend
Patrice Vialor 104Headless Designer: L’Intégration Continue pour vos projets Domino
Scott Sullivan 118Maximize IBM Traveler with VitalSigns
Dave Hay 144Hmmmm, HTTP404 and SRVE0190E seen with IBM HTTP Server and WebSphere Application Server
Colleen Burns 83Excellence is never an accident: Building a smarter workforce
Chris Miller 185SOL REPUBLIC PUNK Wireless Bluetooth Speaker review
Colleen Burns 123Which email confession hits home for you?
SocialBizUG 84Net Neutrality…a game changer?

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