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Sat, Oct 25th      
Martin Humpolec 56Konference Sutol 2014
Volker Weber 170Android apps on BlackBerry Passport
Ray Davies 283How to Fix IBM
Fri, Oct 24th    
Kathy Brown 83Race Report: Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon
Kathy Brown 66Review: User Story Mapping – OReilly Publishing
Dave Hay 117OS X Yosemite: Spotlight keyboard shortcuts
SocialBizUG 216Tips and tricks to give your Notes client a performance boost
Gregg Eldred 447Forbes: How to Fix IBM
Dave Hay 110IBM Integration Community - more ways to get in touch
Pan Starrow 44[原]《重说中国近代史》
David Leedy 269New iOS8 and Safari problem discovered.
Sven Hasselbach 66Krautreporter sind online
Lotus Jobs 113Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/10/24 (10 entries)
Lotus Jobs 108Connections/Portal job opportunities for 2014/10/24 (3 entries)
Volker Weber 145Madeleine Albright wins at Twitter
Thu, Oct 23rd    
Sean Cull 236When using Apache in front of Domino you need the NE rewrite attribute
Volker Weber 199Microsoft makes a Lock Screen :: For Android
Bob Balfe 103Searchandizing part 2 – Promoting a Category
Mel Moraes 86We’ll see you in booth #932 at ARMA 2014!
Chris Miller 209Vulnerability Management for Dummies - free ebook offer
Darren Duke 324STARTTLS and POODLE is this really an issue?
Michael Porter 77Drug or Drug Device Portals
Chris Miller 345What is the PODDLE vulnerability - back to basics
Christopher Blake 109China Bank Philippines adopting IBM Social Business connecting, engaging, and empowering its employees well beyond traditional email.
Volker Weber 167PhotoMath
Keith Brooks 162Have You Designed a Car without an Engine Today?
David Leedy 191NotesIn9 164: Learning XPages Part 5 – Application Properties
Pan Starrow 67[原]82. Notes客户端Print相同信息到状态栏的问题
Monika Bach 99Release 6.0 of the Web Content Management Extension (XCC) for IBM Connections
Sasa Brkic 123How to use TLS and SHA-2 certificates in Domino Web Service Consumer
Lotus Jobs 153Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/10/23 (21 entries)
Lotus Jobs 94Connections/Portal job opportunities for 2014/10/23 (2 entries)
Volker Weber 156Music on 14 Apple Screens
Volker Weber 167Galaxy Note 4 keeps growing on me

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Volker Weber 167HERE on Android
Volker Weber 107MixRadio on Sonos
Brendan Long 118Show/hide content based on a checkbox – and why you have to do it client side
Wed, Oct 22nd    
Giulio Campobassi 158POODLE and SHA-2 update
Bob Balfe 82Webinar this Thursday! Optimizing e-Commerce Site Search for IBM WebSphere Commerce
Michael Porter 123IBM, Microsoft to Let Each Other Use More Software in The Cloud
David Leedy 170NotesIn9 163: Learning XPages Part 4 – Access Control Lists
Henry 165New Product: Google Inbox – A Gmail Alternative
Henry 58Email Marketing Survey Results: Consumer Views on Email Marketing
Frank Paolino 227Poodle + Domino SSL = Mail Problems
SocialBizUG 86User adoption tips: Helping people get work done
Ray Bilyk 251A revolutionary way to look at your email… but not from IBM!
Bill Malchisky Jr. 133IBM Protector for Mail Security POODLE Fix
David Hablewitz 136You asked. IBM responds: Interim Fix for Domino to support SHA-2 and TLS fix for POODLE attack.
Sean Cull 172Solving the SSL V3 / SHA-2 / TLS / MD5 / Poodle problem on Linux – Part 3 – Converting a Domino SSL certificate / Private Key to Apache
John Willemse 96Badkey runs with SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record
Susan 261Who is joining me in Orlando for ConnectEd 2015?
Arne S. Nielsen 257I was wrong: Email will not die, but like everything else it will change. Soon, very soon…
Sherpa Software 10110 things to know about Electronic Records Management
Joe Russo 56A Q&A With KangoGift and How They Built their IBM Connections Social Cloud App
Patrick Kwinten 98Custom control to display a My Communities list
Colleen Burns 88HIPAA in the IBM Cloud!
Karl-Henry Martinsson 193Nokia is dead
Tony Austin 103How to find a good tradesperson (or other goods and services provider)
Rainer Brandl 234Open Mic Webcast: Getting to know Sametime Community server 9.0 HF1 and Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Daniele Grillo 86IBM Domino supporterà SHA-2 e risolverà PODDLE nativamente
Patrice Vialor 54IBM Sametime Mobile passe en 9.3.0 pour mieux supporter audio et video dans le Cloud
Patrice Vialor 63Protéger vos serveurs Domino contre POODLE et implémenter SHA-2
Stephan H Wissel 186Custom REST service in XPages using a service bean
Lotus Jobs 123Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/10/22 (12 entries)
Dave Hay 126Mac OS X - Want to know what file-type something is ?
Rainer Brandl 179IBM will release an interim Fix for SHA-2 support
Tue, Oct 21st    
Henry 89Crossware Goes to Sydney
David Leedy 177NotesIn9 162: Learning XPages Part 3 – Source Control
Chris Reckling 141Sametime A/V in the Cloud
SocialBizUG 231IBM to resolve POODLE Attack threat for Domino…plus plans for Domino SHA-2 and TLS 1.0 support
Jesse Gallagher 291A Welcome SSL Stay of Execution
Henry 122Further Improvements to Apple Mail Brings iOS 8 Email Notifications
Thomas Bahn 96Quick Tip: After renaming hostname of Sametime server, DB2 doesn't start anymore
Daniel Nashed 200TLS and SHA-2 Support and the POODLE Attack
Detlev Poettgen  118IBM Technote regarding POODLE and SHA-2 - We have a fix for it
Julian Buss 108First steps and issues with Titanium, DominoToGo and Blackberry 10
Julian Buss 188What happened to my BlackBerry Passport which I ordered instead of an iPhone 6?
Luis Benitez 112How To Take Notes While Mobile With the IBM Connections iPad App
Ray Bilyk 114Domino getting support for POODLE and SHA2
Russell Maher 312Domino SSL Fixes Coming: "Dis is good!"
Craig Wiseman 196Good! Communication on upcoming short term fixes for both the Poodle and SHA-2 issues from IBM regarding Domino | MIA: No confirmation or roadmap for TLS 1.2/1.3 or HTTP v2
Andrew Pollack 331Quick update on the Domino SSL v3 "POODLE" , TLS, and SHA-2 issues -- Good news
Colleen Burns 86Concrete Sunflowers May Bring Energy to Millions
Bill Malchisky Jr. 226Silent No More: IBM Makes Security Announcements on SHA-2, TLS, POODLE
Darren Duke 279POODLE and SHA2 support coming to Domino
Chris Miller 640IBM addresses Poodle and SHA-2 issues in new technotes
Mitch Cohen 171IBM Updates on SHA-2 and POODLE
Patrick Kwinten 90(extended) Managed Bean for SBT SDK
Luis Benitez 93How To Move Jive Content to IBM Connections
Keith Brooks 122NIche SEO Worked for Us
David Leedy 299NotesIn9 161: Designer Plugins
Dave Hay 208IBM Notes, where do your temp files go to, my lovely
Jens Polster 93Ytria Workshop fuer Administratoren und administrierende Entwickler
Lotus Jobs 115Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/10/21 (19 entries)
Lotus Jobs 85Connections/Portal job opportunities for 2014/10/21 (2 entries)
Dave Hay 91IBM Business Process Manager Interactive Installation and Configuration Guide
Dave Hay 225Interim Fixes for 9.0.1.x IBM Notes, IBM Domino & IBM iNotes
Mon, Oct 20th    
Henry 302Infographic – IBM Notes/Domino Usage and Future Plans
Christopher Blake 109Digital Disruption - Microsoft misses again with Office Graph and Delve
Andreas Ponte 119Updated #IBMSametime app for iOS

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