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Mon, Oct 20th      
Andreas Ponte 106Updated #IBMSametime app for iOS
Ben Williams 56“System version is null” on new IBM Sametime Video Manager installation
Craig Wiseman 382What IBM’s response to the POODLE SSL v3 attack feels like to its Domino customers
Colleen Burns 50Susan Etlinger and Time-Tested Thinking Skills for Today’s Data Profusion
Chris Miller 167CliMate Environment Tracker by Rooti review
Craig Wiseman 398I, Cassandra? If you’re wondering what’s wrong with IBM (and why the bad news today), Cringley’s been telling you for years
Vincent Perrin 32[Save the date] Webinaire "Découvrez Silverpop, solution marketing en mode Cloud d'IBM"
Larry Conroy 162Backyard SSO Hero
Stuart McIntyre 412IBM abandons 2015 Plan
Kenio Carvalho 262IBM Notes and Domino - Multiple vulnerabilities in IBM Java
Martin Humpolec 51Co je horší - prodělat nebo nevydělat?
Daniele Grillo 85certificati SSL e Domino - meglio il reverse proxy
Daniele Grillo 66nuova fix JVM di Domino e Notes 9.0.1 e 8.5.3
Lotus Germany 74Connections Webinare zur Kaffeepause
Vincent Perrin 199New adventure...
Lotus Jobs 106Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/10/20 (30 entries)
Lotus Jobs 67Connections/Portal job opportunities for 2014/10/20 (3 entries)
Dave Hay 110IBM Tivoli Access Manager WebSEAL overview
Dave Hay 226IBM Security Bulletins - Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption (POODLE)
Patrick Kwinten 90Developing social applications with the Social Business Toolkit SDK
Brian O'Neill 173How do we host Social Connections? Here’s the answer…
Sun, Oct 19th    
Tony Austin 103As Culture changed so did Melanoma risk, new study finds
Steve Zavocki 175Quick Tip: Forcing a CSS override
David Leedy 229NotesIn9 160: Learning XPages Part 1 – Installing Designer
Mark Roden 328Integrating the Bluemix Watson Translation service into an XPages application
Fredrik Norling 243Sorry Samsung, Apple you’re wrong
Dave Hay 93Interesting glitch with IBM Tivoli Access Manager 6.1.1 when creating Policy
Darren Adams 158Dell XPS 2720
Sat, Oct 18th    
Tony Austin 315Rumour has it …
Sean Cull 360Solving the Domino SSL V3 / SHA-2 / TLS / MD5 problem on Linux – Part 1
Sean Cull 339Solving the SSL V3 / SHA-2 / TLS / MD5 problem on Linux – Part 2
Daniel Friedrich 90Dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome Part 6-6: (re)Use Me! (Navbar)
Volker Weber 135Apple’s Jonathan Ive describes his design process
Dave Hay 99Installing IBM Tivoli Directory Server 6.3 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5

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Christopher Pepin 128The top 5 announcements from the Apple October 2014 event
Dave Hay 178VMware - Where the X is my X ?
Kenio Carvalho 186Supportability Q&A about IBM Notes and OS X 10.10.x
Stuart McIntyre 290POODLE bug hits IBM Connections hard
Alan Lepofsky 147My Thoughts On Salesforce Dreamforce 2014
Fri, Oct 17th    
Chris Reckling 123Connections Mobile Tip of the Day
John Willemse 689Wat zijn de voordelen van IPVanish ?
Ben Langhinrichs 169CoexLinks Fidelity 3.65 available
Volker Weber 180Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has landed
Rob Bellefeuille 113How to Make an Authentication Cocktail
Detlev Poettgen  132Mac OS 10.10 - Yosemite running Notes 9.0.1
Rainer Brandl 119Ask the Experts session: Ask the experts - All-in-one Admin Tool for agent-based troubleshooting & problem solving
Rainer Brandl 304Ask the Experts session: Everything You Wanted to Know About Domino Mail Routing But Were Afraid to Ask
Arne S. Nielsen 218Look at this man´s tattoo – what a true believer!
Patrice Vialor 87XPages/JSS: Utiliser .submittedValue ou .value ?
Kenio Carvalho 60SRVE0190E on WebSphere V8.0.0.9
Lotus Jobs 109Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/10/17 (9 entries)
Lotus Jobs 103Connections/Portal job opportunities for 2014/10/17 (6 entries)
Sean Cull 257Don’t try to extract the private key from the Domino.kyr file
Ralf Petter 127Recovering from "database is being taken offline and cannot be opened" on Domino Server
Mikkel Heisterberg 313Mac Yosemite, Java, IBM Notes and OnTime Group Calendar
Dave Hay 121IBM Tivoli Directory Server - System Requirements
Thu, Oct 16th    
Craig Wiseman 405Apparent (small) update from IBM on "concerns around TLS and SHA-2" from the Domino 9 forum
Marta Farensbach 83Discovery Attender Features: Automatic Labels
Volker Weber 168Some Fear Ebola Outbreak Could Make Nation Turn to Science
Volker Weber 166New iPad LTE ship with an Apple SIM
SocialBizUG 118IBM launches the Internet of Things Foundation on Bluemix
Dave Hay 144Storing transaction and compensation logs in a relational database for high availability and disaster recovery in IBM Business Process Manager
SocialBizUG 915 Questions with Brian O’Neill, our Member of the Month
Rob Novak 140CRs and HFs and FPs, oh my…IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 is released
Ben Langhinrichs 164If fiction and free go together for you
Colleen Burns 69Social Business Unboxed: A World Gone Social with Mark Babbitt and Ted Coiné
Matteo Bisi 103IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 available
Matteo Bisi 59IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 disponibile
SocialBizUG 885 Questions with Brian O’Neil, our Member of the Month
Chris Miller 223Skype 6.21.104 is consuming way too much memory
Andrew Pollack 367Summary Recommendation for dealing with the POODLE SSLv3 Vulnerability on Domino servers
Dave Hay 99IBM BPM Advanced - More about BPM > PDW Communication
Pan Starrow 59[原]《黄金时代》与《萧红评传》
Luis Benitez 123IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 Is Now Available
Rainer Brandl 78IBM Connections 5 CR1 available for download
David Schaffer 115Google Gotchas
Dave Hay 110ACID - it's all about transactionality ...
Bo Holtemann 51Get your IBM Smarter Realtime solution delivered as a dedicated cloud offering – by Thinkrite
Colleen Burns 113Mission Possible
Brad Balassaitis 130Including a Java Class in SSJS
Bo Holtemann 56IBM Sametime mobile applikationer – nye versioner er kommet
Lotus Jobs 103Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/10/16 (19 entries)
Lotus Jobs 109Connections/Portal job opportunities for 2014/10/16 (2 entries)
Stuart McIntyre 296Announcing the venue for the Social Connections VII Gala Reception
Dave Hay 108It's been too long - IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business ( WebSEAL ) ... and openLDAP - what can possibly go wrong ?
Wed, Oct 15th    
Redbooks: WebSphere 89Cloud Enabling CICS
SocialBizUG 154Tip from IBM Connect 2014: XPages Scalability
SocialBizUG 106AskJim @ 100! -- Where We've Been & Where We're Headed… and a Question for You
Colleen Burns 83Chef Watson Commemorates World Food Day
Volker Weber 129Happy 10th aniversary @Sonos, Sir
David Leedy 247NotesIn9 159: Introduction to Select2 in XPages
Chris Miller 427What is the IBM Bridge to Cloud program?
Julian Woodward 333Thoughts on not trying to nail jelly to the wall
Dave Hay 114IBM Integration Bus and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
Bob Balfe 128The power of the dataload utility – loading data into any table
Colleen Burns 82Define Your Social Ambition, Integrate with Cloud, Mobile and Analytics, and Break Away from Your Competition!
Luis Benitez 111Hootsuite Now Integrates with IBM Connections Social Cloud
Guest 222My Notes App – A Better Lotus Notes Mobile Experience
John D Head 187Hey Lotus SmartSuite, thanks for the career!
Darren Duke 534Here is a freely available VM to reverse proxy Domino - shoot the poodle

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