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Thu, Sep 18th      
Jesse Gallagher 208Setting up nginx in Front of a Domino Server
Volker Weber 151LDC is now in the Asbestos removal business
Gabriella 80Getting Around Documentation Errors With Connections Scripts
Kathy Brown 430Current Direction of the IBM Domino Market
Florian Vogler 433Notes is Dead
Flavio Mendes 59Never Offline, the age of the wearable devices
Dave Hay 89IBM BPM Advanced - PFS-0065 seen in context of Performance Data Warehouse
Luis Benitez 106More IBM Connections Social Features Now Available Inside Microsoft Office
Julian Robichaux 105Clippings Articles on SocialBizUG (Thursday, Sep 18)
Dave Hay 95IBM BPM Advanced - Disabling Process Server to Performance Data Warehouse communication
Matteo Bisi 51IBM rilascia una nuova cumulative fix per IBM Sametime connect client 9 e Sametime embedded client 9
Karl-Henry Martinsson 113#ThrowbackThursday – Worst Practives at Connect 2013
Julian Woodward 128Roll up, roll up, get your lovely new cloud database here!
Lotus Jobs 103Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/09/18 (11 entries)
Brad Balassaitis 126Modifying an XSP Property fo a Single XPage
Wed, Sep 17th    
Bill Malchisky Jr. 459Big News for ICS Partners!
Florian Vogler 248Notes Ist Tot
Redbooks: WebSphere 77Simplify Software Audits and Cut Costs by Using the IBM License Metric Tool
Mark Roden 456Running an XPages/Angular.js application on a Bluemix site
Jesse Gallagher 130Designer Experiment and Feature Request: JSF Tools in Designer
David Navarre 108Are you sure? Asking for confirmation in #XPages
Julian Robichaux 154FAQs About Content (Wednesday, Sep 17)
Dave Hay 90IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud service adds case handling and enhanced mobile UIs
Karl-Henry Martinsson 166More on IBM ConnectED 2015
Alan Lepofsky 105Infor is Hooked On Collaboration, Design and Data
SocialBizUG 132ConnectED 2015: What's changing and what's staying the same
Ben Langhinrichs 192Fun with quirky video techniques
Volker Weber 163BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983
Chris Miller 191Wink Connected Home Hub (PWHUB-WH01) review
Andrew Pollack 418IBM Domino Servers STILL don't support SSL SHA-2 Certificates - and about to be a PROBLEM
Ray Bilyk 73IBM Champions for ICS 2015 Nominations have BEEN EXTENDED to Monday, September 22nd at 9AM!
Sjaak Ursinus 178IBM Connections Mobile app for android
Stuart McIntyre 105Introduction of Sjaak Ursinus
Liana Lichtenwalner 191UPS Hacked!

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Luis Benitez 148Gartner Recognizes IBM Connections as a Leader in the 2014 Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace
Radu Cadariu 86quick note for my dual displays - xrandr command worth booking
Dave Hay 120WebSphere Application Server Security configuration changes done with wsadmin are not activated immediately.
Rainer Brandl 79Folder wigdet does not get updated after migration to IBM Connections 5
Michael Zischeck 93QUINDIP: document your code properly in LotusScript
Arne S. Nielsen 82Survey: Use and adoption of IBM Connections
Christoph Salka 108IBM Notes Traveler IF7 und 9.0.1 IF6 erschienen
Andrew Magerman 157SSJS is an abomination born out of IBM’s misguided condescension
Lotus Jobs 117Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/09/17 (20 entries)
Lotus Jobs 82Connections/Portal job opportunities for 2014/09/17 (4 entries)
Gabriella 127One Dumb And Two Smart Things – Calling That A Win
John Jardin 84Calling on iOS, Android and Appcelerator mobile developers in Gauteng, South Africa
Stuart McIntyre 87Using IBM Connections? Please complete this research survey!
Tue, Sep 16th    
Stephan H Wissel 98Tracking down slow internet on SingTel Fibre to the home
Jesse Gallagher 114Quick Tip: A View-Filtering Search Box
SocialBizUG 68MWLUG, Grand Rapids, and ICON UK, London - the Conference Season is underway!
Stephan Kopp 170Apple + IBM = {insert your wish}
Peter Tanner 114The OpenNTF Vote is next week!
Karl-Henry Martinsson 236Survey about Notes and Domino directions
John D Head 162Inviting you to particpate in the IBM Domino/Notes Community Survey
rob 135Excel 2013 no longer opens files on doubleclick
Mark Polly 79How to Implement Lighter Weight Portals, Part 2: Portlets
Adam Gartenberg 83Introducing Watson Analytics: Analytics for Everyone
Gabriella 134IBM ConnectED 2014 Call For Abstracts – What Do Those Tracks Mean?
Claudio Borsotti 100Google: Software removal tool “beta”
Mitch Cohen 77IBM ConnectED 2015 Call for Abstracts is now open
Gabriella 91Adding External Users To Connections 5
Ray Bilyk 54Reminder: Nominations for the 2015 IBM Champions for ICS are due by 17 September at 5PM EST (Tomorrow)
Patrice Vialor 54IBM Domino Utility Server V9.0.1 intègre sans surcoût IBM Notes Browser Plug-in
Rainer Brandl 119IBM Domino Utility Server V9.0.1 adds IBM Notes Browser Plug-in
Ben Langhinrichs 220Some like to go with the flow
Ed Brill 128ICON UK 2014: IBM’s Social Business Transformation
Chris Miller 803Top 10 reasons to choose IBM SmartCloud for Social Business over Microsoft Office 365
John Wargo 159Poorly Designed Web Sites
Ray Davies 909[Webinar] IBM Mail Next and Notes Domino Roadmap - YouTube
Patrice Vialor 47Contourner les incompatibilités entre iNotes et Chrome 37
Patrice Vialor 31Utilisateurs de Sametime mobile, patientez avant de passer à iOS 8
Patrice Vialor 54Comment préparer vos serveurs IBM Notes Traveler à (la déferlante) iOS 8 et pourquoi le faire sans attendre
Bill Malchisky Jr. 132Using Sametime Mobile? Avoid iOS 8 for Now
Lotus Germany 106IBM Domino Utility Server V9.0.1 adds IBM Notes Browser Plug-in
Mark Leusink 125Escaping the yellow bubble at ICON UK
Daniele Grillo 55Sametime Client e iOS8 presto la nuova release
Daniele Grillo 76IBM Traveler 9.0.1 IF6/ UP2 IF7 - supporto a iOS 8
Daniele Grillo 89IF1 for Fix Pack 2 - importante per Internet Explorer e ActiveX
David Marko 158Move Notes applications to another system
Stefan Sucker 72Auf den Spuren von IBM Mail Next (Webcast 25.09.14 14:00 Uhr)
Rene Winkelmeyer 111My slides and code from ICONUK 2014
Lotus Jobs 104Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2014/09/16 (10 entries)
Lotus Jobs 72Connections/Portal job opportunities for 2014/09/16 (5 entries)
Volker Weber 158iPhone 6 NFC chip is restricted to Apple Pay
Brad Balassaitis 104Allowing 0 Rows in a Repeat
Mon, Sep 15th    
David Leedy 123NotesIn9 154: Java based Debug Control Part 2
David Leedy 167NotesIn9 153: Java based Debug Control Part 1
Matteo Bisi 85IBM Sametime mobile App and iOS 8 support
Kenio Carvalho 79 Building and Implementing Social Digital Experiences
David Leedy 125NotesIn9 155: Java based Debug Control Part 3
Karl-Henry Martinsson 121Two more days to thank someone
Matteo Bisi 55Sametime mobile e iOS 8
Andreas Ponte 205The current iOS versions of #IBMSametime and #IBMSametime Meetings are not compatible with iOS 8
Gabriella 102Sametime Availability for iOS 8
Daniel Nashed 164Important Update on Traveler iOS 8 Support -- You have to install an IF!
Flavio Mendes 56Never Offline, a era dos disposivitos "vestíveis"
Kathy Brown 113Review: Java Cookbook
Keith Strickland 151Modern Domino: CSJS Workflow
Naveen Maurya 110Using HTML5 Notification API in XPages
Detlev Poettgen  101Traveler & iOS 8 - Why should you have to update your servers?

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