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Lotus Notes WILL Live Long And Prosper
450 Peter Presnell 7:03a
Database.getApiPath(): One of the Hidden Gems of OpenNTF Domino API
149 Paul Withers 6:11a
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Sat, Apr 19th    
Peter Presnell3:12p
118Modern Notes: Future Proofing Notes Client Applications (Modern NotesModernization)
Thu, Apr 17th    
Peter Presnell7:03a
450Lotus Notes WILL Live Long And Prosper (EventsModernizationNotesA)
Kenio Carvalho6:11a
60IBM Directory Change Analyzer
Tue, Apr 15th    
Paul Withers6:11a
149Database.getApiPath(): One of the Hidden Gems of OpenNTF Domino API (BlogOpenNTF Domino APIXPa)
Fri, Apr 11th    
Rob Bellefeuille9:12a
135How to Mend a Broken Heart: The Heartbleed Bug and what you need to know to protect yourself (Authentication SecurityCy)
Wed, Apr 9th    
Kenio Carvalho11:45a
212IBM Notes & Domino are not vulnerable to OpenSSL "Heartbleed" bug (CVE-2014-0160) (2014.04.09)
Rick Wilson11:12a
81AIIMed for Greatness: My AIIM 2014 Conference Recap (Information GovernanceRec)
Tue, Apr 8th    
Doug Yarabinetz3:12p
166How the heck was MEC (Microsoft Exchange Conference)? (E-DiscoveryInformation Go)
Mon, Apr 7th    
Paul Withers7:11a
140Adding Bootswatch Themes to Bootstrap4XPages (BlogbootstrapBootstrap4XP)
Thu, Apr 3rd    
Denny Russell2:15p
127White Paper: 7 Keys to a Successful IBM Connections Deployment (IBM DominoNewsletterRecor)
Kenio Carvalho12:12p
112Websphere Portal V8.0.0.1 and CF10 CRIMA1020E error
Rick Wilson12:11p
91White Paper: Implementing an Information Governance Program (IBM DominoInformation Gov)
Wed, Apr 2nd    
Liana Lichtenwalner2:11p
77Are You Only a Hacktivists Away from Chaos? (Authentication SecurityCy)
Kenio Carvalho6:12a
74How modify the language of the WebSphere Application Server log
Tue, Apr 1st    
Ytria Tech Lab9:50a
234EZ Suite 12 published! See what XML Automation can (literally) do for you (News and Eventsautomation)
Fri, Mar 28th    
Stephanie Sheaffer10:11a
93Policy-Driven Information Governance: The Ultimate Guide (E-DiscoveryInformation Go)
Kenio Carvalho8:11a
91ATLUG Day of Champions
Thu, Mar 27th    
Liana Lichtenwalner4:11p
61Ransomed Beauty: Is Your Identity Being Held for Ransom? (Authentication SecurityCy)
Peter Presnell2:28p
124Announcing ATLUG Tack-It-On (Uncategorized)
Kenio Carvalho5:57a
120Purge Interval Replication ( PIRC ) in different scenarios
Wed, Mar 26th    
Manfred Meise1:13p
119Deutsche Notes/Domino Versionen schreiben falsche Log-Dokumente (LotusScript)
Paul Withers7:11a
175OpenNTF Domino API: Understanding Listeners (BlogJavaOpenNTF Domino AP)
Peter Presnell5:35a
418Yes We Have LotusScript! (Uncategorized)
Tue, Mar 25th    
Julian Robichaux6:22a
132Thank you for visiting us at Engage 2014! (EventsIBM Lotus Notes/Dom)
Marta Farensbach6:12a
84Discovery Attender as an investigative tool (Data Search & Collect)
Sandra Landwehr6:10a
78Erfolgreiche BusinessConnect Conference in Hamburg (bcconIBM Collaboration So)
Mon, Mar 24th    
Paul Withers7:11a
128SBT and Propogating XPages Performance Preferences to Notes Clients Via Policy (BlogPerformanceXPagesxpin)
Thu, Mar 20th    
Paul Withers4:11p
186Show Submit Button Only When All Mandatory Fields Completed (BlogValidationXPages)
Paul Withers3:11p
168Slides from OpenNTF Domino API Session at Engage (BlogEngageOpenNTF Domino )
Mel Moraes9:12a
127Make Your Office 365 Migration A Walk In The Clouds At MEC 2014 (Data MigrationData Search)
Wed, Mar 19th    
Harvey Coblin12:11p
103Understanding HIPAA (Data Search & Collect)
Peter Presnell6:11a
182The Rise Of The Graph (Uncategorized)
Mon, Mar 17th    
IONET Software3:11p
83Adding Search Options to iNotes Mobile Search (IBM NotesiNotesiNotes Mob)
Thu, Mar 13th    
Peter Presnell12:26p
474Lotus Notes: Live Long And Prosper (Uncategorized)
Wed, Mar 12th    
Paul Withers4:11p
172Preloading XPiNC Applications (BlogXPagesxpinc)
Peter Presnell7:44a
549Where’s Domino? (Uncategorized)
Katrin Pascher7:22a
119Meet the panagendians: Hafi (Meet the panagendians!pan)
Tue, Mar 11th    
Mark Slabinski8:13a
151What is eDiscovery and why should anyone care? (E-DiscoverySherpa Softwar)
Mon, Mar 10th    
Mel Moraes11:15a
984 B2B marketing trends to love in 2014 (Newsletter)
Fri, Mar 7th    
Rob Bellefeuille2:12p
143Two More Colleges Exposed: Indiana University and North Dakota University (Authentication SecurityCy)
Marta Farensbach1:12p
102EDiscovery in an Information Governance World (Newsletter)
Doug Yarabinetz1:12p
104Get ready to MECs it up! (Newsletter)
Jeff Tujetsch1:12p
149Four considerations when managing emails (Newsletter)
Harvey Coblin1:12p
109Wildcards, Phrases, and Other Search Syntax Sundries (Newsletter)
Grant Lindsay1:12p
193From LotusScript to Java: Part 2 (Newsletter)
Red Pill Development1:05p
154ATLUG Registration Now Open (Uncategorized)
Rick Wilson12:12p
98Elements of an effective information governance strategy (Newsletter)
Denny Russell12:12p
126Social Business: What’s the ROI? (Newsletter)
Christian Tillmanns7:51a
330Scott Souders dead cold hands (Allgemein)

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Thu, Mar 6th    
Paul Withers6:11a
216Method Parameters and The Importance of Final in Java (BlogJavaLotusScriptXPages)
Denny Russell5:11a
112Putting the ‘ME’ in social media (Sherpa SoftwareUncategori)
Wed, Mar 5th    
Michael Hafner5:22a
200Port Compression Analysis: A (hidden) math problem revealed (AwesomenessIBM Lotus Note)
Tue, Mar 4th    
Paul Withers7:14a
133Speaking at Engage.ug (BlogJavaOpenNTF Domino AP)
Mon, Mar 3rd    
Rob Bellefeuille3:14p
167Price vs Cost: One Man’s Opinion (Authentication SecurityAu)
Peter Presnell1:35p
796Modern Domino: The Magazine (ModernizationNews)
Kenio Carvalho9:15a
163EditLive 9.0 for WCM is available
Thu, Feb 27th    
Kenio Carvalho7:10p
286How to run multiple agents in the same database using a Program document
Keith Strickland3:11p
401Modern Domino: REST Services (Modernizationredpill NowW)
Shoshana Mahler10:11a
192Case Study: A PST Migration Story (Email ManagementEmail Reg)
Peter Presnell8:35a
433Notes RNext (NotesXPages)
Kerstin Huber5:11a
118Mehr als 300 Besucher bei den TIMETOACT GROUP Nachlesen zur IBM Connect
Wed, Feb 26th    
Liana Lichtenwalner10:15a
171Hackstorm (Authentication SecurityCy)
Sandra Landwehr5:11a
147Who-is-who der Collaboration-Welt in Hamburg (bcconConferenceConnectIBM)
Mon, Feb 24th    
Peter Presnell8:38a
518The History Of Lotus Notes (HistoryNotes)
Paul Withers7:12a
193Configuring Eclipse for Domino Debug Plugin (BlogEclipseJavaXPages)
Sun, Feb 23rd    
Peter Presnell8:34a
431A History of Lotusphere (EventsHistoryconnectlotus)
Fri, Feb 21st    
Rob Bellefeuille12:14p
182Data Breach on Campus: Over 300,000 Exposed at University of Maryland (Authentication SecurityCy)
Thu, Feb 20th    
Eugen Tarnow7:14p
165ReduceMail Pro now supports Notes V9.0.1 (lotus notes)
Ytria Tech Lab9:30a
231NEW Major Release EZ Suite version 12 Next Month (News and Eventsautomation)
Kenio Carvalho6:11a
186Upgrading to EditLive! for IBM Connections 4.5 IFR2 from EditLive! V1.0
Wed, Feb 19th    
Paul Withers5:11a
302Compatibility Mode: What Any XPages (or Web Developer) Needs To Know (BlogXPages)
Kenio Carvalho4:01a
242Delete particular mail from all mail files of the users selected from Domino Directory
Mon, Feb 17th    
Red Pill Development1:21p
215ATLUG Winter Meeting – Feb 20 (CommunityEventsATLUG)
Chief Content Writer11:11a
133Government Surveillance, Time to Reform? (CryptographyCyber Securit)
Denny Russell10:11a
340White paper: How to use IBM Connections for projects & more (Lotus NotesSherpa Softwar)
Sun, Feb 16th    
Peter Presnell5:28p
460Why Mobile Matters (Uncategorized)
Fri, Feb 14th    
Sandra Landwehr6:10a
187Maßgeschneidertes Baukastensystem als Betreuungsmodell (IBM Notes / DominoWe4ITma)
Wed, Feb 12th    
Francie Tanner10:22a
213Veni, Vidi, Vires (IBM Lotus Notes/Domino)
Kerstin Huber9:08a
135Interne Unternehmenskommunikation in IBM Connections integrieren,<br>Präsentation & Videos
Mel Moraes8:10a
451IBM Connect 2014: Attendee survey results (Free infographic) (Newsletter)
Mon, Feb 10th    
Paul Withers4:11p
262XPages OpenLog Logger v4.0 (BlogOpenLogOpenNTFXPages)
Liana Lichtenwalner1:11p
166To E-File or Not to E-File (Cyber AttackCyber Securit)
Kenio Carvalho5:14a
200JRE Bugs and Compatibility with WCM FileTransferApplet and Ephox EditLive
Sun, Feb 9th    
IONET Software11:10p
161New video - iNotes Mobile Searching (iNotesiNotes MobileiNotes)
Fri, Feb 7th    
Eugen Tarnow2:09p
180At Least Something Stays: We Are Not Rebranding ReduceMail Pro
Wed, Feb 5th    
Paul Withers3:11p
319Understanding SSJS (BlogSSJSXPages)
Christian Tillmanns6:18a
257SocialBizUG trolls … They do have a problem (Allgemein)
Kenio Carvalho4:08a
497The Operation failed to complete because Disk Management console view is not up-to-date
Tue, Feb 4th    
Frank Paolino9:22a
186Time-lapse of Product Showcase Taken from my GoPro Camera (IBMConnect)
Kenio Carvalho5:10a
223IBM Connections Moderation
Mon, Feb 3rd    
Paul Withers8:15a
315Domino Server + Connections + Sametime VM Image (BlogconnectionsDominoSame)
Peter Presnell7:53a
462This Week At Red Pill: #ibmconnect (Uncategorized)
Sat, Feb 1st    
Paul Withers12:15p
4592014: The Year Notes and Domino Stopped Looking Like Notes and Domino (BlogDominoIBM Mail NextNo)
Paul Withers10:14a
289Back-End Developers Are From Mars, Front-End Developer Are From Venus (BlogJavaJavaScriptJQueryX)
Fri, Jan 31st    
Paul Withers9:11p
351BP204: Slides and Demo Application (BlogDominoOpenNTF Domino )
Liana Lichtenwalner9:11a
172Bugged- A Glitch in Google Voice Recognition (Authentication SecurityCy)
Denny Russell8:10a
539IBM Connect 2014 Recap (Lotus NotesSherpa Softwar)
Thu, Jan 30th    
Rob Bellefeuille12:11p
339World’s Largest Beverage Company Compromised (Authentication SecurityDa)
Wed, Jan 29th    
Paul Withers9:11a
270SHOW 103 – Source Control An End To End Solution (Blogsource_controlXPages)

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Christian Tillmanns2:16a
420Think inside … or outside the InBox? Mail Next continues the never ending Story (Allgemein)
Tue, Jan 28th    
Christian Tillmanns8:30a
519Notes Next anyone? Connectosphere OGS and Mail Next presentation (Allgemein)
Mon, Jan 27th    
Sandra Landwehr5:11a
192Neuer MarvelClient 4.0 (AllgemeinMarvelClientpana)
Sun, Jan 26th    
Katrin Pascher4:42p
187Energize, Optimize and Doublecheck (AwesomenessEventsIBM Note)
Fri, Jan 24th    
Peter Presnell9:12a
257Lunch Scrum: Monday 12:30 (Uncategorized)
Christian Tillmanns5:50a
494Notes X (CRMIBM NotesLotus NotesXP)
Thu, Jan 23rd    
Rob Bellefeuille1:11p
178Hacking Your Way to Love (Cyber SecurityUncategoriz)
Wed, Jan 22nd    
Red Pill Development1:46p
456ATLUG Day of Champions (Uncategorized)
Rob Bellefeuille1:11p
155Identifying Authentication Challenges in Education: A look within our clients (Authentication SecurityCu)
Mon, Jan 20th    
Frank Paolino2:02p
185Refrigerators Now Send Spam as Well as Keeping it Cold (SpamMalware)
Sandra Landwehr8:10a
183Mobiles Team4 CRM mit We4IT docLinkr (CRMdoclinkrTeam4We4IT)
Manfred Meise5:10a
238Domino Designer kompiliert nicht vollständig (LotusScript)
Sun, Jan 19th    
Red Pill Development7:44p
492This Week At Red Pill (Asymmetric ModernizationE)
Fri, Jan 17th    
Jenn Priske2:09p
145Congratulations REDSpace!
Thu, Jan 16th    
IONET Software9:12p
174New Feature - iNotes Mobile Searching (iNotesiNotes MobileiNotes)
Rob Bellefeuille2:13p
156The N.S.A. Gets Crafty (Cyber SecurityData Securi)
Wed, Jan 15th    
Peter Presnell1:30p
175Mobile App or Mobile Client? (Asymmetric ModernizationM)
Katrin Pascher8:42a
144Connect 2014 – Here We Come! (EventsLotusphereLotuspher)
Tue, Jan 14th    
Paul Withers7:11a
133Number crunching for XPages Java Padawans (BlogJavaXPages)
Mon, Jan 13th    
Red Pill Development1:53p
207Take The Red Pill Challenge (Asymmetric ModernizationE)
Rob Bellefeuille11:11a
121When Will We Learn? An observation about security (Authentication SecurityAu)
Sun, Jan 12th    
Red Pill Development3:09p
170This Week At Red Pill (Uncategorized)
Gary Glickman5:11a
149Give Web Site Rules a Little Help from XPages and Help your SEO (XPages301 redirectjsfphas)
Thu, Jan 9th    
Frank Paolino2:02p
122Increase in Virus Activity (Virus)
Wed, Jan 8th    
Paul Withers5:11p
153If You Write Java in XPages, Get FindBugs (BlogJavaXPages)
Kenio Carvalho6:11a
168Inactivate users based on a LDAP GROUP for IBM Connections
Tue, Jan 7th    
Frank Paolino2:22p
104Virus Names translated from Chinese (Viruses)
Stephanie Sheaffer9:11a
422Attender Utilities for Notes: Installer Updates (Newsletter)
Sandra Landwehr5:11a
155We4IT auf der IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando (ConnectIBMWe4IT)
Mon, Jan 6th    
Rob Bellefeuille12:11p
148Small Town Data Breach (Cyber AttackCyber Securit)
Marta Farensbach10:11a
414The Evolution of Electronic Information Lifecycle (Newsletter)
Jeff Tujetsch10:11a
439Risk assessment: It is worth the work! (Newsletter)
Denny Russell9:15a
441Social Collaboration – What’s in your future? (Newsletter)
Rick Wilson9:15a
337Planning for Information Governance (Newsletter)
Melissa Moraes9:15a
327Off the Topic: 10 ways to succeed in your 2014 New Year’s resolution (Newsletter)
Shoshana Mahler8:11a
323Advance Features of Mail Attender (Newsletter)
Grant Lindsay8:11a
179From LotusScript to Java: An Introduction (Newsletter)
Denny Russell8:11a
129IBM Connect 2014 Preview (Newsletter)
Harvey Coblin8:11a
139(Re) Introduction to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (Newsletter)
Paul Withers7:11a
138Why Source Control? (Blogsource controlXPages)
Fri, Jan 3rd    
Rob Bellefeuille12:11p
127Social Network Hacked: Snapchat, what happened and why they think it happened (Authentication SecurityCy)
Stephanie Sheaffer12:11p
87What’s new in Discovery Attender version 3.9 (Newsletter)
Thu, Jan 2nd    
Frank Paolino1:42p
247Notice to Appear in Court (Virus)
Kenio Carvalho10:42a
180IBM Web Content Manager Library Dependency Graph Portlet
Paul Withers8:10a
137IBM Connect 2014 (BlogIBM ConnectXPages)
Wed, Jan 1st    
Samir Pipalia7:11p
120Happy New 2014 (Uncategorized)
Mon, Dec 30th    
Rob Bellefeuille11:11a
121Adding Insult to Injury: Target Breach Attracts Phishing (Cyber AttackCyber Securit)
Tue, Dec 24th    
Christian Tillmanns3:19a
126Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year … (Allgemein)
Fri, Dec 20th    
Rob Bellefeuille11:18a
125One of America’s Favorite Retailers Faces a Breach (Uncategorized)
Melissa Moraes10:17a
106Predictions for 2014: What will change about cloud computing? (E-DiscoveryEmail Archivin)
Thu, Dec 19th    
Sandra Landwehr10:17a
131BusinessConnect Conference 2014 in Hamburg (ConferenceConnectfloridal)

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