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Tue, Apr 22nd    
This Week in Lotus12:57p
1321This Week in Lotus 114 - Engage! (thisweekinlotus)
Thu, Mar 20th    
developerWorks pods11:10a
709Brian Smith on Tracing IBM AIX hdisks back to IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) volumes
Sun, Mar 16th    
Stuart McIntyre11:51p
423TWiL - The show must go on! (thisweekinlotus)
Mon, Feb 24th    
developerWorks pods7:11a
414Angel Tomala-Reyes on Cloud Foundry and Codename Bluemix
Mon, Feb 17th    
This Week in Lotus6:09a
440This Week in Lotus 113 - IBM Connect After Dark (thisweekinlotus)
Wed, Feb 12th    
developerWorks pods1:12p
424Catherine Dalzell on calling R from SPSS
Tue, Feb 11th    
developerWorks pods10:11a
405Michael Guster on KMIP4J
Tue, Feb 4th    
developerWorks pods9:11a
433Real-time anomaly detection using the InfoSphere Streams TimeSeries Toolkit
Mon, Jan 27th    
developerWorks pods4:09p
397Using InfoSphere Streams with a Distributed Process Store
Thu, Jan 2nd    
Chris Miller7:11a
290IBM Connect 2014 site launches | IdoNotes Episode 140 (IBM Connect)
Mon, Dec 23rd    
This Week in Lotus10:02a
423(Did I really never post this??) This Week in Lotus 112 - Live from IBM Connect 2013 (thisweekinlotus)
Wed, Dec 4th    
developerWorks pods2:13p
449DevOps For Dummies with Sanjeev Sharma
Wed, Nov 13th    
developerWorks pods1:11p
357Bring Your Own Identity with Chris Hockings and Jenny Wong
Wed, Nov 6th    
developerWorks pods8:09a
303Stephanie Trunzo on how PointSource uses Jazz Hub
Wed, Aug 21st    
developerWorks pods3:14p
328Taking advantage of IBM's Integrated Virtualization Manager
Tue, Aug 20th    
Chris Miller11:58a
237Comparing the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 | IdoNotes Episode 139 (Gadgets)
Wed, Aug 14th    
developerWorks pods11:14a
254Moving Mainframe Apps to Smartphones
Wed, Jul 31st    
developerWorks pods10:14a
237Patterns adoption in IBM PureApplication System
Fri, Jul 26th    
developerWorks pods1:14p
281User Defined Table Functions in DB2
Thu, Jul 25th    
Chris Miller11:24a
240BlackBerry lets 250 R&D employees go and we offer BlackBerry Today Episode 23 (Blackberry)
Fri, Jul 19th    
developerWorks pods7:14a
355TWOdW: Big Data in the cloud: velocity, volume, and variety
Thu, Jul 11th    
developerWorks pods6:14p
330TWOdW: What's new in IBM WebSphere Integration Bus?
Tue, Jul 2nd    
developerWorks pods8:21a
263TWOdW: Get certified as a DB2 Professional
Fri, Jun 28th    
developerWorks pods6:18a
249TWOdW: The new Request For Enhancement Community
Fri, Jun 21st    
developerWorks pods6:18a
228TWOdW: Angel Diaz on IBM's Open Cloud Architecture
Fri, Jun 14th    
developerWorks pods10:17a
238TWOdW: Get the new toolchain for PowerLinux
Fri, Jun 7th    
developerWorks pods6:21a
234TWOdW: OAuth on WAS, cybersecurity education, DB2 CONNECT_PROC
Fri, May 31st    
developerWorks pods6:20a
211TWOdW: Server-side mobile app development, SMS push notifications
Fri, May 24th    
developerWorks pods7:17a
203TWOdW: Scribus, DB2 Index Tool, Drupal Multisite, PureData Analytics
Fri, May 17th    
developerWorks pods7:14a
231TWOdW: HTML5 Games, Delegated IDM, Notes 9, Exploring data with BigInsights
Fri, May 10th    
developerWorks pods6:20a
234TWOdW: Android gestures, Managing EULAs, PCI-DSS, Performance Test
Thu, May 2nd    
developerWorks pods6:17p
Thu, Apr 25th    
developerWorks pods5:17p
258TWOdW: Cast Iron Web Services, Capturing Windows, SiteProtector and AppScan Cookbook
Thu, Apr 18th    
developerWorks pods12:16p
213TWOdW: SmartCloud Application Services Podcast, Browser Extensions, BPM
Fri, Apr 5th    
developerWorks pods12:08p
247TWOdW: Big Data, Linked Data, DB2 Backup, and MQ Topologies
Fri, Mar 29th    
Bruce Elgort8:25a
390Taking Notes Episode 177: 2013.03.29 - Building a career out of LEGO bricks with Warren Elsmore
Wed, Mar 13th    
Bruce Elgort5:27p
353Taking Notes Episode 176: 2013.03.13 - Cloud Cost Management Made Easy
Tue, Mar 5th    
Chris Miller3:25p
3195SxSW App Recap for 2012 – the living and dead | TheSocialNetworker Episode 40 (podcastProduct ReviewsSit)
Wed, Feb 27th    
Bruce Elgort7:05p
380Taking Notes Episode 175: 2013.02.27 - Online Learning with Lynda.com
Thu, Feb 14th    
Chris Miller12:31p
246SxSW app previews of GonnaBe and Bonfyre | TheSocialNetworker Episode 39 (ConferencespodcastSite Re)
Mon, Feb 11th    
Chris Miller7:09a
251SlideShare is not sharing well – TheSocialNetworker Episode 38 (podcastScreencastsSite Re)
Wed, Jan 30th    
This Week in Lotus7:04a
360This Week in Lotus Live - The Finale! (thisweekinlotus)
Sat, Jan 26th    
This Week in Lotus3:19a
444This Week in Lotus 111 - User Groups Unplugged (thisweekinlotus)
Wed, Jan 23rd    
This Week in Lotus8:54a
422This Week in Lotus 110 - Pardon the Interruption! (thisweekinlotus)
Mon, Jan 21st    
Bruce Elgort3:25p
341Taking Notes Episode 174: 2013.01.21 - Opting In: Ed Brill talks about his new book
Thu, Jan 17th    
Chris Miller8:01a
225The Top 10 PlanetLotus Community posts for 2012 - IdoNotes Episode 132 (IT News)
Wed, Jan 9th    
This Week in Lotus1:21a
348This Week in Lotus 109 - Looking forward to Connect 2013 (thisweekinlotus)
Mon, Jan 7th    
This Week in Lotus3:03a
319This Week in Lotus 108 - Champions of the Connect-o-Sphere (thisweekinlotus)
Fri, Dec 21st    
Chris Miller10:35a
225Little Bird with Marshall Kirkpatrick | TheSocialNetworker Episode 37 (podcastScreencastsSite Re)
Tue, Dec 18th    
This Week in Lotus7:09a
314This Week in Lotus 107 - ’The one that almost got away’ (thisweekinlotus)
Mon, Dec 17th    
Bruce Elgort11:49a
329Taking Notes Episode 173: 2012.12.17 - The IBM 2012 Tech Trends Report
Fri, Nov 30th    
Chris Miller11:17a
103Creavures invade BlackBerry Today Episode 20 (Blackberry)
Wed, Nov 21st    
Chris Miller9:46a
221IdoNotes Episode 128 - IBM Forms Experience Builder demo (Software How-to)
Fri, Nov 9th    
Bruce Elgort7:17p
335Taking Notes Episode 172: 2012.11.09 - Learning XPages with NotesIn9
Wed, Oct 24th    
Bruce Elgort4:39p
340Taking Notes Episode 171: 2012.10.24 - There’s Gold in them XPages
Mon, Oct 22nd    
Bruce Elgort7:50a
241Taking Notes Episode 170: 2012.10.22 - What’s New with IBM Wikis
Sat, Sep 29th    
Bruce Elgort3:29p
291Taking Notes Episode 169: 2012.09.28 - Mobilizing your apps with Velocity AppXtender
Thu, Sep 13th    
Chris Miller1:13p
195IdoNotes Episode 127 - Live at IBM PureSystems Labs (IT News)
Wed, Sep 12th    
Julian Robichaux12:41p
291Taking Notes Episode 168: 2012.09.12 - What’s New in IBM Connections 4
Tue, Sep 11th    
This Week in Lotus10:49p
623This Week in Lotus 106 - ’Leave a comment or the kitten gets it!’ (Lego, the Olympics, OpenNTF and UKLUG) (thisweekinlotus)
Tue, Sep 4th    
Bruce Elgort8:10p
228Taking Notes Episode 167: 2012.09.04 - Mobilizing your Notes applications with Mobilite
Mon, Aug 27th    
Bruce Elgort6:22p
220Taking Notes Episode 166: 2012.08.27 - The Evolution of XPages
Wed, Aug 22nd    
developerWorks pods3:10p
225TWOdW: New sites for Agile transformation and Commerce; wrapup from the woods
developerWorks pods3:10p
194dW Interviews: Eric O'neill on smart management of reference data
Tue, Aug 21st    
Julian Robichaux9:06p
258Taking Notes Episode 165: 2012.08.21 - IBM Connections, Social Recognition, and TemboSocial
Sun, Aug 5th    
Julian Robichaux10:00p
222Taking Notes Episode 164: 2012.08.03 - What’s New in IBM Mobile Apps, with Chris Reckling and Rob Ingram
Sun, Jul 29th    
Bruce Elgort8:09p
178Taking Notes Episode 163: 2012.07.30 - Getting started with IBM Connections application development
Fri, Jul 27th    
developerWorks pods6:11p
221TWOdW: Big data analytics and HTML5 in games, DataPower GUI
Mon, Jul 23rd    
This Week in Lotus1:40p
236This Week in Lotus 105 - ’How do you do that without re-inventing Clippy?’ (thisweekinlotus)
Bruce Elgort11:12a
206Taking Notes Episode 162: 2012.07.23 - IBM’s Ed Brill and Trust Factory’s Wouter Aukema
Wed, Jul 18th    
This Week in Lotus1:24a
244This Week in Lotus 104 - More Money Than God (thisweekinlotus)
Thu, Jul 12th    
developerWorks pods7:09p
207TWOdW: Mobile development, Google+ and PHP, enterprise architecture, real-time data profiling
Chris Miller10:26a
194IdoNotes Episode 126 - Tembo Social internview (IT News)
Julian Robichaux8:31a
189Taking Notes Episode 161: 2012.07.12 - Learning XPages with Mark Myers and Matt White
Fri, Jul 6th    
Julian Robichaux11:05a
172Taking Notes Episode 160: 2012.07.06 - ICS Tech Tweetup with Paul Mooney and Gab Davis
Tue, Jun 26th    
Social Connections6:49a
206This Week in Lotus 103 - Making Social Connections in a Dublin hotel (thisweekinlotus)
Sun, Jun 24th    
Bruce Elgort6:30p
201Taking Notes Episode 159: 2012.06.24 - Bring your Lotus Notes data to your mobile devices with We4IT’s docLinkr
Wed, Jun 20th    
This Week in Lotus7:14a
235This Week in Lotus 102 - Faster than a speeding bi-winged insect! (thisweekinlotus)
Mon, Jun 18th    
Bruce Elgort9:47p
192Taking Notes Episode 158: 2012.06.18 - Develop native mobile apps for Notes/Domino with Domino To Go
Fri, Jun 15th    
This Week in Lotus1:30a
247This Week in Lotus 101 - Who promises to write the next book? (thisweekinlotus)
Wed, Jun 13th    
Julian Robichaux4:41p
189Taking Notes Episode 157: 2012.06.13 - jQuery in XPages with Mark Roden
Chris Miller9:31a
238IdoNotes Episode 125 - IBM Connections iOS app review (Software How-to)
Mon, Jun 4th    
Bruce Elgort5:28p
198Taking Notes Episode 156: 2012.06.04 - Ethical Hacking with Paul Mooney
Fri, Jun 1st    
This Week in Lotus11:44a
183Thank You to the Taking Notes crew! (thisweekinlotus)
Thu, May 31st    
This Week in Lotus8:18a
238This Week in Lotus 100 - At last, guests with headsets! (thisweekinlotus)
Tue, May 29th    
Bruce Elgort11:46a
187Taking Notes Episode 5000: 2012.05.29 - Congratulations to the This Week in Lotus Podcast
Wed, May 23rd    
Bruce Elgort4:33p
204Taking Notes Episode 155: 2012.05.23 - An interview with the authors of the XPages Extension Library book
Mon, May 21st    
Julian Robichaux7:26a
179Taking Notes Episode 154: 2012.05.21 - XPages Training with Paul Calhoun and Russ Maher
Fri, May 18th    
This Week in Lotus4:06p
230This Week in Lotus 099 - Social Business in a box (thisweekinlotus)
Wed, May 16th    
This Week in Lotus10:45a
237This Week in Lotus 098 - The ’sweet’ episode (thisweekinlotus)
Chris Miller6:12a
203IdoNotes Episode 124 - IBM PureSystems (IT News)
Fri, May 11th    
Chris Miller12:15p
185Is Angelina included? Maybe in BlackBerry Today Episode 17
Mon, May 7th    
Julian Robichaux2:46p
188Taking Notes Episode 153: 2012.05.07 - Connections101 with Gab Davis and Paul Mooney
Fri, Apr 27th    
This Week in Lotus10:39a
201This Week in Lotus 097 - The social student experience (thisweekinlotus)
Wed, Apr 25th    
developerWorks pods7:11p
216Emil Eifrem, the man behind Neo4J
Chris Miller10:06a
204IdoNotes Episode 123 - Bunchball founder Rajat Paharia and gamification (Software How-to)
Tue, Apr 10th    
developerWorks pods2:11p
214Jaspersoft's Karl Van den Bergh talks big data, BI, and Jaspersoft's open source offerings
Fri, Apr 6th    
This Week in Lotus11:34a
218The Week in Lotus 096 - Breaking out of the ’Bubble’ (thisweekinlotus)
This Week in Lotus11:13a
191This Week in Lotus 096 - Breaking out of the ’Bubble’ (thisweekinlotus)
Wed, Apr 4th    
developerWorks pods11:12a
194Agile architect Peter Bell on Neo4j, a graph-oriented datastore built in Java
Tue, Apr 3rd    
This Week in Lotus11:06p
192This Week in Lotus 095 - AUSLUG Live (the one that Stuart slept through!) (thisweekinlotus)
Fri, Mar 30th    
developerWorks pods3:13p
225Barry Hawkins on agile software development
Wed, Mar 28th    
developerWorks pods3:10p
206Jim Tommaney on big data and InfiniDB
Tue, Mar 27th    
This Week in Lotus5:23p
202This Week in Lotus 094 - Educating Connections (thisweekinlotus)
Tue, Mar 20th    
This Week in Lotus11:58p
196This Week in Lotus 093 - The podcast that Darren forgot (thisweekinlotus)
Mon, Mar 12th    
This Week in Lotus8:20a
207This Week in Lotus 092 - The XXX Episode (thisweekinlotus)
Fri, Mar 9th    
This Week in Lotus12:15a
231This Week in Lotus 091 - All you need is LUGs (thisweekinlotus)
Mon, Mar 5th    
Chris Miller5:17a
228IdoNotes Episode 122 - Lotus Traveler on BlackBerry Playbook via Android (Software How-to)
Tue, Feb 28th    
Chris Miller10:40a
178IdoNotes Episode 121 - Is it Lotus Notes 8.5.4 or FewClix? (Software How-to)
This Week in Lotus12:59a
232This Week in Lotus 090 - The XPages Portable Command Guide (thisweekinlotus)
Fri, Feb 24th    
Julian Robichaux7:19a
207Taking Notes Episode 152: 2012.02.24 - Mobile AppDev Strategies with Graham Acres
Mon, Feb 20th    
This Week in Lotus8:57a
204This Week in Lotus 089 - Lotuslive becomes SmartCloud for Social Business (thisweekinlotus)
Fri, Feb 17th    
developerWorks pods5:11p
193Pulse 2012 preview: Service Management Simulator
developerWorks pods5:11p
200TWOdW: Push for iOS, XQuery, Spark, CoffeeScript, top Rational content
Thu, Feb 16th    
Julian Robichaux7:56a
218Taking Notes Episode 151: 2012.02.16 - Teamstudio Unplugged, with Nigel Cheshire and Craig Schumann
Fri, Feb 10th    
developerWorks pods10:09a
201Lotusphere 2012: Summary thoughts from analyst Gary Barnett
developerWorks pods10:09a
203TWOdW: ApacheDS and MediaWiki, IBM SmartCloud, CoffeeScript, device-aware mobile
This Week in Lotus4:51a
198This Week in Lotus 088 - UltraAJAXersize (featuring Jason Dumont) (thisweekinlotus)
Thu, Feb 9th    
Julian Robichaux3:18p
207Taking Notes Episode 150: 2012.02.09 - Activity Streams of the Future, with Alan Lepofsky
Sun, Feb 5th    
This Week in Lotus2:51p
217This Week in Lotus 087 - Where’s the ’Do Not Disturb’? (thisweekinlotus)
Mon, Jan 30th    
This Week in Lotus8:40a
173No TWiL this week, but... a special bonus instead! (thisweekinlotus)
Fri, Jan 27th    
Bruce Elgort2:32p
204Taking Notes Episode 149: 2012.01.27 - Learn about OpenSocial with Ryan Baxter and Mikkel Heisterberg
Wed, Jan 25th    
This Week in Lotus3:24a
203This Week in Lotus 086 - Live from Lotusphere 2012 (thisweekinlotus)
Tue, Jan 24th    
Bruce Elgort1:52p
205Taking Notes Episode 148: 2012.01.24 - Alistair Rennie on Lotusphere 2012 and Getting Social
Thu, Jan 19th    
Chris Miller3:32p
210IdoNotes Episode 120 - Social Mail and browser embedded client #ls12 (IT News)
Sun, Jan 15th    
This Week in Lotus4:22p
171This Week in Lotus 085 - Lotusphere opening night (thisweekinlotus)
Sat, Jan 14th    
This Week in Lotus2:14a
182A reminder - This Week in Lotus Live! from Lotusphere 2012 - Thursday, 8:15-9:45 in Europe 6! (thisweekinlotus)
Tue, Jan 10th    
Bruce Elgort4:43p
198Taking Notes Episode 147: 2012.01.10 - Lotusphere Hashtags, Tweetups, Scavenger Hunts, and More!
Mon, Jan 9th    
Chris Miller8:12a
206IdoNotes Episode 119 - the Lotusphere Community (IT News)
Fri, Jan 6th    
This Week in Lotus1:23a
331Don’t miss it! This Week in Lotus - Live from Lotusphere 2012 (thisweekinlotus)
Thu, Jan 5th    
This Week in Lotus3:49p
343This Week in Lotus 084 - Kudos to you! (thisweekinlotus)
Wed, Jan 4th    
Chris Miller8:12a
178TheSocialNetworker Episode 29 – Twitter application security (podcastSite ReviewsSocial)
Wed, Dec 28th    
Chris Miller1:36p
198TheSocialNetworker Episode 28 – So.cl from Microsoft over capacity but collecting your Facebook email address (podcastSite ReviewsFacebo)
Fri, Dec 23rd    
Bruce Elgort9:49a
194Taking Notes Episode 146: 2011.12.23 - Developing a Collaboration Strategy with Michael Sampson
This Week in Lotus4:34a
656This Week in Lotus 083 - Best Practices, Books and Breaking VLANs (thisweekinlotus)
Wed, Dec 21st    
This Week in Lotus7:30a
327This Week in Lotus 082 - Zombie flu! (thisweekinlotus)
Tue, Dec 20th    
Chris Miller11:46a
186IdoNotes Episode 118 - Plantronics Calisto P420 speakerphone review (Gadgets)
Fri, Dec 16th    
Bruce Elgort1:30p
180Taking Notes Episode 145: 2011.12.16 - All About IBM Connect 2012
Thu, Dec 15th    
Chris Miller3:45p
220IdoNotes Episode 117 - NerdGirls, Lotusphere, Great Geek Challenge and Spark Ideas (IT News)
Mon, Dec 12th    
This Week in Lotus9:04p
477This Week in Lotus 081 - Geeking out with the aliens (thisweekinlotus)
Fri, Dec 9th    
Chris Miller5:12a
182IdoNotes Episode 116a - The IBM Sametime team stops by (IT News)
Thu, Dec 8th    
Chris Miller12:03p
199IdoNotes Episode 116 - The IBM Sametime team stops by (IT News)
Mon, Dec 5th    
Chris Miller11:31a
202IdoNotes Episode 115 - HP Data Vault and the new studio (Gadgets)
This Week in Lotus1:20a
254This Week in Lotus 080 - Connecting with the Collaboration Roadmap (thisweekinlotus)
Wed, Nov 30th    
Bruce Elgort8:07a
185Taking Notes Episode 144: 2011.11.30 - Are You Ready For Lotusphere? With Andy, Paul, and Stuart.
Mon, Nov 28th    
Bruce Elgort9:02a
199Taking Notes Episode 143: 2011.11.28 - IBM’s SmartCamp Program for Entrepreneurs with Mike Riegel
Tue, Nov 22nd    
This Week in Lotus3:08p
261This Week in Lotus 079 - Why Sametime 8.5.2 IFR1 definitely ain’t no Turkey! (thisweekinlotus)
Fri, Nov 18th    
This Week in Lotus4:47a
296This Week in Lotus 078 - Good things never come easy (thisweekinlotus)
Thu, Nov 17th    
Bruce Elgort3:42p
92Taking Notes Episode 142: 2011.11.17 - A View Into the World of NoSQL, with Mark Myers
Fri, Nov 11th    
This Week in Lotus10:28a
229This Week in Lotus 077 - Outside the Inbox (thisweekinlotus)

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