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Tue, Nov 25th    
David Leedy11:42a
401Would you like to play the Tree on a Truck game? (CommunityXPagesTree Game)
Thu, Nov 13th    
David Leedy2:58p
287NotesIn9 168 – Updating Source Control for Page Controllers (Notes In 9PodcastXPagesSo)
Wed, Nov 12th    
David Leedy2:26p
260NotesIn9 167: Learning XPages Part 8 – Working towards CRUD (JavaLearning XPagesNotes )
Tue, Nov 11th    
David Leedy7:12p
274NotesIn9 166: Learning XPages Part 7 – Company Controller (JavaLearning XPagesNotes )
David Leedy6:20a
421NotesIn9 165: Learning XPages Part 6 – Forms, Views and XPages (JavaLearning XPagesNotes )
Tue, Nov 4th    
David Leedy6:15a
401XPages and iOS8 Update #6 – The Fix is HERE!!! (MobileXPages)
Fri, Oct 31st    
David Leedy11:30a
414XPages and iOS8 Update #5 – GOOD NEWS!!! (MobileXPages)
Fri, Oct 24th    
David Leedy6:10a
418New iOS8 and Safari problem discovered. (Day JobiOS 8Safari)
Thu, Oct 23rd    
David Leedy6:41a
324NotesIn9 164: Learning XPages Part 5 – Application Properties (Learning XPagesNotes In 9)
Wed, Oct 22nd    
David Leedy6:12p
302NotesIn9 163: Learning XPages Part 4 – Access Control Lists (Learning XPagesNotes In 9)
Tue, Oct 21st    
David Leedy6:11p
303NotesIn9 162: Learning XPages Part 3 – Source Control (Learning XPagesNotes In 9)
David Leedy6:34a
429NotesIn9 161: Designer Plugins (Learning XPagesPodcastXPa)
Sun, Oct 19th    
David Leedy7:18p
394NotesIn9 160: Learning XPages Part 1 – Installing Designer (JavaLearning XPagesPodcas)
Wed, Oct 15th    
David Leedy10:34a
374NotesIn9 159: Introduction to Select2 in XPages (Notes In 9PodcastXPagesBo)
Tue, Oct 14th    
David Leedy7:42p
232Email Do’s and Don’ts (CommunityNotes In 9)
Fri, Oct 10th    
David Leedy8:54a
155NotesIn9 158: Intro to the Frostillicus Framework (JavaPodcastXPagesFramewor)
Wed, Oct 8th    
David Leedy6:43p
154XPages and iOS8 Update #4 (Uncategorized)
Tue, Oct 7th    
David Leedy1:25p
174NotesIn9 157: Dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome (Notes In 9PodcastXPagesBo)
Thu, Oct 2nd    
David Leedy1:25p
142NotesIn9 156: Introduction to Custom Renderers in XPages (JavaNotes In 9XPagesCusto)
Fri, Sep 26th    
David Leedy12:32p
157XPages and iOS8 Situation Update 2 – Second Fix (Uncategorized)
Wed, Sep 24th    
David Leedy11:17a
180Announcing the NotesIn9 Hackathon: Race to 199 (CommunityNotes In 9#codef)
Tue, Sep 23rd    
David Leedy7:13a
158XPages and iOS8 Situation Update 2 – First Fix (MobileXPagesDojoiOS8)
Mon, Sep 22nd    
David Leedy11:56a
136XPages and iOS8 Situation – Update 1 (XPagesDojoiOS8Mobile Cont)
David Leedy6:51a
140Possible way to fix some of the XPages iOS8 issues. (MobileXPagesDojoiOS8)
Fri, Sep 19th    
David Leedy4:15p
178iOS 8 Breaks XPages Mobile Controls (Uncategorized)
David Leedy2:21p
174Apple’s iOS8 Breaks uploading Photos (Day JobXPagesiOS)
David Leedy11:40a
160Big NotesIn9 news coming next week (CommunityNotes In 9)
Mon, Sep 15th    
David Leedy6:50p
121NotesIn9 154: Java based Debug Control Part 2 (JavaPodcast)
David Leedy6:44p
108NotesIn9 153: Java based Debug Control Part 1 (JavaPodcastXPages)
David Leedy6:03p
104NotesIn9 155: Java based Debug Control Part 3 (JavaNotes In 9XPages)
Sun, Sep 7th    
David Leedy5:18p
124NotesIn9 152: JSON and Java (JavaUncategorizedJSON)
134Changes for NotesIn9 (Uncategorized)
Mon, Aug 25th    
David Leedy2:46p
110NotesIn9 PDF Edition: Using Resource Bundles to store config information in XPages (Learning XPagesNotes In 9)
Sun, Aug 10th    
David Leedy6:51p
161NotesIn9 151: Bootstrap ProgressBars in XPages (Notes In 9PodcastXPagesBo)
Thu, Aug 7th    
David Leedy11:23a
108Shockingly I just did some cool CSS! (XPagesCSS)
Sat, Aug 2nd    
David Leedy1:18p
88NotesIn9 150: Announcing fileVault for XPages (Notes In 9PodcastXPages)
Tue, Jul 29th    
David Leedy6:55a
115NotesIn9 149: Database Resources and Design Definition (Notes In 9PodcastXPagesDe)
Mon, Jul 28th    
David Leedy6:12a
135NotesIn9 148: Getting XPages to talk to your phone (MobileNotes In 9PodcastXP)
Sun, Jul 27th    
David Leedy7:03p
150NotesIn9 Celebrates 5 years of ScreenCasting and ALMOST 150 Episodes (Notes In 9)
Tue, Jul 22nd    
David Leedy6:30a
111NotesIn9 147: Using dGrowl with XPages (Notes In 9PodcastXPagesDo)
Tue, Jul 8th    
David Leedy11:14a
101NotesIn9 146: Going Mobile with Bootstrap (Notes In 9PodcastXPagesBo)
Thu, May 29th    
David Leedy4:57p
115NotesIn9 145: Simple Feedback in XPages (Learning XPagesNotes In 9)
Tue, May 27th    
David Leedy7:12a
97A conversation with my Son (Notes In 9)
David Leedy6:02a
94NotesIn9 144: OAuth for Domino Walkthrough (JavaPodcastXPages#codefor)
Thu, May 22nd    
David Leedy6:42a
112NotesIn9 143: Component vs Value binding in XPages (CommunityNotes In 9Podcas)
Wed, May 21st    
David Leedy5:55a
109Tim explains JSON-RPC #codefortim (CommunityLearning XPagesX)
Tue, May 20th    
David Leedy5:53a
102Tim Explains: SSJS Object Persistence (CommunityXPages)
Mon, May 19th    
David Leedy6:31a
100NotesIn9 and Blog publishing plans for Tim’s material (Community)
David Leedy5:51a
98This one time at the Eastern PA Meetup and XMage Memorial… (Community)
Fri, May 16th    
David Leedy4:00p
117Tim Tripcony – Rest in Peace my friend (CommunityTim Tripcony)
David Leedy10:14a
97VENUE CHANGE: Eastern PA Meetup and Tim Tripcony Memorial (Community)
Wed, May 14th    
David Leedy12:09p
116Announcing the Eastern PA Meetup and XMage Memorial (Community)
Mon, May 12th    
David Leedy11:19a
107Tim Tripcony (Community)
Thu, May 8th    
David Leedy3:54p
115The Great XPages Mystery Solved. (XPages)
Wed, Apr 23rd    
David Leedy7:16p
103XPages: The Best of Times,The Worst of Times (CommunityXPages)
Tue, Apr 22nd    
This Week in Lotus12:57p
154This Week in Lotus 114 - Engage! (thisweekinlotus)
Mon, Apr 7th    
David Leedy7:47a
114NotesIn9 142: Adding a “Please Wait” to XPages (Notes In 9PodcastXPages)
Wed, Apr 2nd    
David Leedy5:25p
99Wow! Show 141 Recap/ (CommunityNotes In 9)
Mon, Mar 31st    
David Leedy3:48p
106NotesIn9 141: Java vs JavaScript Throwdown (JavaLearning XPagesNotes )
Mon, Mar 24th    
David Leedy6:23a
94NotesIn9 139: SourceTree Deep Dive (Notes In 9PodcastXPages)
Fri, Mar 21st    
David Leedy1:08p
120NotesIn9 139: XPages Single Copy Design (Notes In 9PodcastXPages)
Thu, Mar 20th    
developerWorks pods11:10a
184Brian Smith on Tracing IBM AIX hdisks back to IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) volumes
Sun, Mar 16th    
Stuart McIntyre11:51p
115TWiL - The show must go on! (thisweekinlotus)
Thu, Mar 13th    
David Leedy1:12p
118NotesIn9 138: XPages Combobox Improvements (JavaNotes In 9XPages)
Tue, Mar 4th    
David Leedy11:50a
106NotesIn9 137: XPages and Web Services (Notes In 9XPages)
Mon, Feb 24th    
developerWorks pods7:11a
127Angel Tomala-Reyes on Cloud Foundry and Codename Bluemix
Mon, Feb 17th    
This Week in Lotus6:09a
143This Week in Lotus 113 - IBM Connect After Dark (thisweekinlotus)
Wed, Feb 12th    
developerWorks pods1:12p
136Catherine Dalzell on calling R from SPSS
Tue, Feb 11th    
developerWorks pods10:11a
128Michael Guster on KMIP4J
Tue, Feb 4th    
developerWorks pods9:11a
137Real-time anomaly detection using the InfoSphere Streams TimeSeries Toolkit
Mon, Jan 27th    
developerWorks pods4:09p
143Using InfoSphere Streams with a Distributed Process Store
Fri, Jan 17th    
David Leedy11:50a
204NotesIn9 136: Using XPages with Bootstrap 3 and FontAwesome (PodcastXPages)
Thu, Jan 16th    
David Leedy6:54a
108NotesIn9 135: Using Java in XPages Part4 (JavaPodcastXPages)
Tue, Jan 14th    
David Leedy6:42a
111NotesIn9 134: Using Java with XPages Part 3 (JavaPodcastXPages)
Mon, Jan 13th    
David Leedy1:11p
101NotesIn9 133: Using Java in XPages Part 2 (JavaNotes In 9Podcast)
Tue, Jan 7th    
David Leedy3:34p
112Paul Hannan, The XPagers Champion (Community)
Thu, Jan 2nd    
Chris Miller7:11a
114IBM Connect 2014 site launches | IdoNotes Episode 140 (IBM Connect)
David Leedy6:32a
102Big NotesIn9 News!! (CommunityNotes In 9)
Mon, Dec 23rd    
This Week in Lotus10:02a
120(Did I really never post this??) This Week in Lotus 112 - Live from IBM Connect 2013 (thisweekinlotus)
Tue, Dec 17th    
David Leedy10:11a
88NotesIn9 132: Using Java in XPages Part 1 (JavaNotes In 9PodcastXPag)
Fri, Dec 6th    
David Leedy2:28p
97IBM Champion Hat Trick (Community)
Wed, Dec 4th    
developerWorks pods2:13p
137DevOps For Dummies with Sanjeev Sharma
Wed, Nov 27th    
David Leedy11:09a
90Announcing TreeOnATruck.com (Community)
Wed, Nov 20th    
David Leedy5:17p
111NotesIn9 appearance on the Social biz User Group (CommunityNotes In 9)
Wed, Nov 13th    
developerWorks pods1:11p
111Bring Your Own Identity with Chris Hockings and Jenny Wong
Tue, Nov 12th    
David Leedy6:08a
108NotesIn9 131: Use SourceTree for better XPages Source Control (Notes In 9PodcastXPagesSo)
Wed, Nov 6th    
developerWorks pods8:09a
99Stephanie Trunzo on how PointSource uses Jazz Hub
Fri, Nov 1st    
David Leedy11:51a
101NotesIn9 130: Using XPages Type Ahead for Navigation. (Learning XPagesNotes In 9)
Wed, Oct 2nd    
David Leedy6:36a
106NotesIn9 129: #ThanksBruce (CommunityNotes In 9Podcas)
Tue, Oct 1st    
David Leedy4:31p
101NotesIn9 128: Fixing URL Issues (Notes In 9PodcastXPages)
Wed, Sep 11th    
David Leedy2:59p
100Public Service Announcement for IBM Connect (Community)
David Leedy6:56a
105NotesIn9 127: XPages Parallel Processing (JavaPodcastXPages)
Fri, Aug 30th    
David Leedy7:20a
97NotesIn9 126: Appcelerator Tab Groups (MobileNotes In 9PodcastAp)
Mon, Aug 26th    
David Leedy7:22a
91NotesIn9 125: Appcelerator: Working with Windows (MobilePodcast)
Wed, Aug 21st    
developerWorks pods3:14p
115Taking advantage of IBM's Integrated Virtualization Manager
Tue, Aug 20th    
Chris Miller11:58a
81Comparing the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 | IdoNotes Episode 139 (Gadgets)
Thu, Aug 15th    
David Leedy11:12a
92NotesIn9 124: Code Snippets (Notes In 9PodcastXPages)
Wed, Aug 14th    
developerWorks pods11:14a
71Moving Mainframe Apps to Smartphones
Tue, Aug 13th    
David Leedy7:07a
96NotesIn9 123: Titanium Appcelerator – Getting Started (MobileNotes In 9PodcastAp)
Thu, Aug 1st    
David Leedy10:09a
90NotesIn9 122: Working with Java Objects in XPages (JavaNotes In 9PodcastXPag)
Wed, Jul 31st    
developerWorks pods10:14a
64Patterns adoption in IBM PureApplication System
Mon, Jul 29th    
David Leedy8:11a
102NotesIn9 121: Implementing Dojo Scrollable Pane with XPages Mobile Controls (MobileNotes In 9PodcastXP)
Fri, Jul 26th    
developerWorks pods1:14p
84User Defined Table Functions in DB2
Thu, Jul 25th    
Chris Miller11:24a
115BlackBerry lets 250 R&D employees go and we offer BlackBerry Today Episode 23 (Blackberry)
Fri, Jul 19th    
David Leedy9:19a
120NotesIn9 4 Year Anniversary (CommunityNotes In 9)
developerWorks pods7:14a
113TWOdW: Big Data in the cloud: velocity, volume, and variety
Wed, Jul 17th    
David Leedy10:15a
101The NotesIn9 Guide Map to Learning XPages has been updated. (CommunityLearning XPagesN)
Tue, Jul 16th    
David Leedy7:56a
90NotesIn9 120: XPages Data View Control Part 2: Customization (Ext. LibraryLearning XPag)
Fri, Jul 12th    
David Leedy7:52a
112NotesIn9 119: XPages Mobile Development First Steps (Learning XPagesMobilePodc)
Thu, Jul 11th    
developerWorks pods6:14p
81TWOdW: What's new in IBM WebSphere Integration Bus?
Wed, Jul 10th    
David Leedy7:25a
82NotesIn9 118:Using Java to Sign a Database in XPages (JavaPodcastXPages)
Tue, Jul 9th    
David Leedy6:16a
87NotesIn9 117: Using the Navigator Control (Learning XPagesPodcastXPa)
Tue, Jul 2nd    
developerWorks pods8:21a
75TWOdW: Get certified as a DB2 Professional
David Leedy7:40a
96NotesIn9 116: Data Contexts and Variable Resolvers (JavaNotes In 9XPages)
Fri, Jun 28th    
developerWorks pods6:18a
74TWOdW: The new Request For Enhancement Community
Fri, Jun 21st    
developerWorks pods6:18a
77TWOdW: Angel Diaz on IBM's Open Cloud Architecture
Fri, Jun 14th    
developerWorks pods10:17a
80TWOdW: Get the new toolchain for PowerLinux
Fri, Jun 7th    
David Leedy6:52a
95XPages Forum has been updated! (CommunityLearning XPagesX)
developerWorks pods6:21a
85TWOdW: OAuth on WAS, cybersecurity education, DB2 CONNECT_PROC
Wed, Jun 5th    
David Leedy7:08a
102NotesIn9 115: XPages Data View Control Part 1 – Implementation (Ext. LibraryPodcastXPages)
Tue, Jun 4th    
David Leedy7:03a
97Live XPages Webinar today at 10 am EST on OpenNTF (CommunityLearning XPagesX)
Fri, May 31st    
David Leedy7:38a
92I love what I do, and what I do is XPages (Day JobXPages)
developerWorks pods6:20a
71TWOdW: Server-side mobile app development, SMS push notifications
Fri, May 24th    
developerWorks pods7:17a
76TWOdW: Scribus, DB2 Index Tool, Drupal Multisite, PureData Analytics
David Leedy6:49a
88NotesIn9 Live coming to the OpenNTF Webinar Series! (Community)
Thu, May 23rd    
David Leedy8:59a
134NotesIn9 114: Using Wrappers with XPages (JavaNotes In 9PodcastXPag)
Wed, May 22nd    
David Leedy11:03a
95NotesIn9 113: Learning to use XPages Mobile Controls (MobileNotes In 9XPages)
Fri, May 17th    
developerWorks pods7:14a
87TWOdW: HTML5 Games, Delegated IDM, Notes 9, Exploring data with BigInsights
David Leedy6:58a
102NotesIn9 112: XPages Mobile Controls Part 3 (MobileNotes In 9PodcastXP)
Tue, May 14th    
David Leedy7:21a
88NotesIn9 111: Mobile Controls Part 2 (MobilePodcastXPages)
Mon, May 13th    
David Leedy8:01a
81NotesIn9 110: Mobile Controls Part 1 (MobileNotes In 9PodcastXP)
Sat, May 11th    
David Leedy3:53p
89NotesIn9 is Back! (Notes In 9)
Fri, May 10th    
developerWorks pods6:20a
67TWOdW: Android gestures, Managing EULAs, PCI-DSS, Performance Test
Thu, May 2nd    
developerWorks pods6:17p
Fri, Apr 26th    
David Leedy7:24p
97Next jQuery Mobile Hurdle (MobileXPages)
Thu, Apr 25th    
developerWorks pods5:17p
86TWOdW: Cast Iron Web Services, Capturing Windows, SiteProtector and AppScan Cookbook
Tue, Apr 23rd    
David Leedy6:44a
87Treasure Map to Learning XPages and a NotesIn9 Episode Guide (CommunityLearning XPagesX)
Mon, Apr 22nd    
David Leedy7:11a
86NotesIn9: 109 Selecting Multiple Documents with XPages Mobile Controls (MobilePodcastXPages)
Sat, Apr 20th    
David Leedy3:17p
85jQuery Mobile Seems incompatible with XPages in Domino 9.0 (MobileXPages)
Thu, Apr 18th    
David Leedy12:41p
93NotesIn9 108: XPages Mobile Controls Problem and Solution (MobileNotes In 9XPages)
developerWorks pods12:16p
71TWOdW: SmartCloud Application Services Podcast, Browser Extensions, BPM
Fri, Apr 12th    
David Leedy7:46a
88Getting the most out of XPages Performance (Uncategorized)
Wed, Apr 10th    
David Leedy6:58a
84NotesIn9 107: Launch Attachments from a View Control (Notes In 9PodcastXPagesAt)
Mon, Apr 8th    
David Leedy7:55a
85NotesIn9 106: Intro to Java Controller Classes (JavaNotes In 9PodcastXPag)
Fri, Apr 5th    
developerWorks pods12:08p
86TWOdW: Big Data, Linked Data, DB2 Backup, and MQ Topologies
David Leedy6:47a
70NotesIn9 105: Introduction to SSJS Debugger (Notes In 9PodcastXPagesDe)
Fri, Mar 29th    
Bruce Elgort8:25a
102Taking Notes Episode 177: 2013.03.29 - Building a career out of LEGO bricks with Warren Elsmore
Tue, Mar 26th    
David Leedy8:12p
76NotesIn9 104: Viewer Question – Comboboxes (Learning XPagesNotes In 9)
Thu, Mar 14th    
David Leedy7:15a
82XPages Extension Library vs. Upgrade Pack 1 (CommunityExt. Library)
Wed, Mar 13th    
Bruce Elgort5:27p
111Taking Notes Episode 176: 2013.03.13 - Cloud Cost Management Made Easy

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