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Inform Australia (a.k.a. AusLUG) call for Speaker Abtracts
Wed, Jul 9th 2014 119
Kudos Boards for IBM Connections is ready to roll! Social Connections here we come!
Wed, Jun 11th 2014 109
ISW helps CEMEX integrate IBM Connections and Forms Experience Builder with SAP
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 127
Kudos Boards for IBM Connections Video
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 95
A pre-Connect 2014 teaser: Announcing Kudos Boards for IBM Connections
Tue, Jan 7th 2014 94
Announcing Kudos Badges 2.1.1 - Connections 4.5, Mobile, Analytics & More!
Mon, Apr 22nd 2013 85
Kudos Badges Webinar with e-office from The Netherlands
Thu, Apr 18th 2013 71
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Kudos Badges Embedded Experience - Connections-Tick Notes 9-Tick iNotes-Tick Mobile-Tick!
Mon, Jan 21st 2013 301
ISW helps CEMEX integrate IBM Connections and Forms Experience Builder with SAP
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 127
Inform Australia (a.k.a. AusLUG) call for Speaker Abtracts
Wed, Jul 9th 2014 119
Kudos Boards for IBM Connections is ready to roll! Social Connections here we come!
Wed, Jun 11th 2014 109
Kudos Badges for IBM Connections 1.3
Mon, Apr 9th 2012 95
Kudos Boards for IBM Connections Video
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 95
A pre-Connect 2014 teaser: Announcing Kudos Boards for IBM Connections
Tue, Jan 7th 2014 94
Meet Ascendant Technology - Kudos Badges Partner based on US and Europe
Sun, Apr 22nd 2012 93
WebSphere Portal 7 Download
Tue, Aug 31st 2010 87
Announcing Kudos Badges 2.1.1 - Connections 4.5, Mobile, Analytics & More!
Mon, Apr 22nd 2013 85

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Inform Australia (a.k.a. AusLUG) call for Speaker Abtracts
Wed, Jul 9th 2014 5:08a   Adam Brown
The awesome team organising Inform Australia 2014 (previously AusLUG) have announced the new dates for the event, being Sept 4th & 5th Sept in Melbourne. This will be the 4th annual event and it is great to have it back in Melbourne for the 2nd time. Inform recently announced that the event is open now for speakers to submit abstracts. Having been fortunate enough to speak at the previous events I can only encourage everyone to have a go and share your knowledge. Developers, Administrators, [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino sametime profile

Kudos Boards for IBM Connections is ready to roll! Social Connections here we come!
Wed, Jun 11th 2014 9:30p   Adam Brown
Following on from the announcement of the pending release of Kudos Boards at IBM Connect 2014 we are now ready to roll!! I am very please to announce the full release of Kudos Boards. Post Connect we have been feverishly working away to finalise Kudos Boards for IBM Connections and have completed all of the capabilities we wanted to deliver in the initial release. We have had Boards in a pre-release pilot for the last couple of months, and have had heaps of feedback from our awesome customers an [read] Keywords: connections ibm application interface

ISW helps CEMEX integrate IBM Connections and Forms Experience Builder with SAP
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 8:20p   Adam Brown
ISW has recently been working with one of our great Kudos clients, CEMEX, on a few projects extending IBM Connections. One in particular is a great example of how the IBM Connections Activity Stream can be extended to include events from 3rd party applications. In this case CEMEX are using SAP. SAP generates a lot of events that require action from users. For example an Expense Request Approval or a Purchase Order Approval. By integrating these events with IBM Connections we are able to deliver [read] Keywords: connections ibm applications sap websphere websphere portal

Kudos Boards for IBM Connections Video
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 2:43a   Adam Brown
Ok so after announcing Kudos Boards for IBM Connections about 2 weeks ago we have been flooded with questions asking for more..... So here is a video I recorded that demonstrates Kudos Boards in detail. We will be at IBM Connect next week in Orlando (Ped 113) so come see for yourself and give it a go. We would love to hear your ideas, to add to our own long list, on how you think we can make Kudos Boards even better. But for now we are very excited to show of the great work that the Kudos team h [read] Keywords: connections ibm

A pre-Connect 2014 teaser: Announcing Kudos Boards for IBM Connections
Tue, Jan 7th 2014 9:05p   Adam Brown
Well in the tradition that is Kudos and IBM Connect we love to announce new products leading up to Connect. And this year we have a doozy! We have been working away for quite a while on our latest idea to make Connections even better. What we call Kudos Boards for IBM Connections. We love Activities in Connections. They are awesome! Working together on projects and leveraging Social Tools is a very powerful way of getting stuff done. However some Activities can get BIG! Sometimes users want to l [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm interface javascript wiki

Announcing Kudos Badges 2.1.1 - Connections 4.5, Mobile, Analytics & More!
Mon, Apr 22nd 2013 11:21p   Adam Brown
Team Kudos have been working like bees over the last few months to bring even more features to Kudos Badges, which in January scooped an array of awards at IBM Connect in Florida, USA. Now with the formal release of Kudos Badges 2.1.1, we've taken onboard a range of client requests and integrated a suite of improvements you are sure to enjoy too. Most importantly, 2.1.1 offers full support for IBM Connections 4.5! Brand new formal features announced in 2.11 include Kudos Analytics, Kudos Awards [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm inotes notes notes client application applications community email integration mobile twitter widget

Kudos Badges Webinar with e-office from The Netherlands
Thu, Apr 18th 2013 8:16a   Adam Brown
One of our great Kudos Badges partners, e-office from The Netherlands has an upcoming Webinar where they will be discussing how they leverage Kudos Badges to drive user adoption within IBM Connecitons. The host Mark Bouma has been working with a number of our clients implementing Kudos Badges so his experience is sure to be worthwhile. Here are the details: Webinar site http://www.e-office.com/eog/nl/website2011.nsf/index/e-officewebinarwednesday#.UW6yyEoSBzc The info for the webinar 8 th of Ma [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm office


Kudos Badges is coming to IBM Partnerworld in Las Vegas
Thu, Feb 21st 2013 7:09p   Adam Brown
Well it seems like we only just got home from IBM Connect and we are heading back to America again on Sunday for the IBM Partnerworld conference. Kudos Badges and ISW has been selected as a finalist for a Beacon Award which is very exciting, and we normally attend the event anyway to network with our Partners and IBMers. However if you are going to be at Partnerworld and would like to see a first hand demonstration of Kudos Badges for IBM Connections, let me know and I am sure we can find a time [read] Keywords: connections ibm email network twitter

KUDOS BADGES WINS - Innovation in Social Business Application Development
Wed, Jan 23rd 2013 3:48p   Adam Brown
Wow!! I am absolutely stoked that ISW and Kudos Badges has just received notification that we WON the IBM Collaboration Solutions Award for Innovation in Social Business Application Development! Now the IBM Connect conference will be an celebration for Team Kudos and our awesome clients. I have to say I am so proud to be part of the team that created Kudos Badges. Andrew Welch, Jay Agrawal, John Bilson, Scott Headlam, Scott Leis, Meg Woolley, and everyone else involved have truly created an outs [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus notes xpages application applications development mobile network server

One last pre IBM Connect thing....Kudos Analytics!
Wed, Jan 23rd 2013 3:42a   Adam Brown
Well we have had a lot of news to get out before Connect. However as the saying going and there is just one more thing!!! We are pleased to release our latest addition to the Kudos Badges suite.....Kudos Analytics! We have been working with IBM Connections since very early in the products life and we are ALWAYS asked the same questions from our clients - How many users are doing xy&z? Can you show that trending over time? With IBM Connections 3 this was always difficult as there was only the [read] Keywords: connections ibm application community integration server

Kudos Badges Embedded Experience - Connections-Tick Notes 9-Tick iNotes-Tick Mobile-Tick!
Mon, Jan 21st 2013 11:56p   Adam Brown
One of the great new features of IBM Connections 4 and the IBM Notes/iNotes 9 Social Edition clients is the addition of Open Social Gadgets and support for Embedded Experiences. This enables applications to provide in context integration so users can stay in the context of which ever client they are using and still interact with the application that is embedded. It really is awesome stuff and furthers extends IBM Connections as an application development platform. So we here at ISW and Kudos Bad [read] Keywords: connections ibm inotes notes application applications development integration mobile

An IBM Connect present.....Wildfire for IBM Notes 9 and Connections 4
Mon, Jan 21st 2013 4:13a   Adam Brown
Very pleased for Andrew Welch to provide this guest post: WILDFIRE 1.6 IS NOW AVAILABLE We are very pleased to announce the next release of WildFire. It has been a long time coming, but all good things come to those who wait and just in time for IBM Connect! We have resolved a few of the issues that have arisen due to the life-cycles of the various Social Network APIs, as well as implementing a few requests from users. Most notably here is the support for the XING network & custom feed bac [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes blogger bug community facebook interface linkedin network openntf twitter widgets

IBM Notes Sidebar App for Kudos Badges
Tue, Jan 8th 2013 11:17p   Adam Brown
Following from our earlier annoucement about the Kudos Badges Mobile App for IBM Connections, we are also pleased to announce our latest IBM Notes Sidebar App/Widget for Kudos Badges. The integration of IBM Connections and IBM Notes 9 Social Edition really meant it was a no brainer to provide the same level of integration with Kudos Badges. Now users can access their Kudos Leaderboard from within their Notes client, view their Badges and Thanks peer to peer rewards, as well as post Thanks to the [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes notes client application integration javascript mobile widget

IBM Connections Mobile App extension for Kudos Badges
Sun, Jan 6th 2013 5:48p   Adam Brown
Team Kudos has been busy working away on some great new initiatives in the lead up to IBM Connect 2013. One of the new capabilities that we have delivered is Kudos Badges Mobile. We have leveraged the new features that IBM provided with the IBM Connections 4 Mobile App that enable us to extend the App to include additional features, in this case Kudos Badges Mobile. This is a great capability as it provides seemless integration between IBM Connections Mobile App and Kudos Badges without the user [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes application integration interface javascript mobile

IBM Connections 4 and Kudos Badges!
Wed, Sep 5th 2012 2:58p   Adam Brown
With the release of IBM Connections 4 we are very pleased to also release full support for Kudos Badges and Kudos Thanks on Connections 4. Our Kudos Team has been working busily away for the last couple of months quitely working on ensuring Kudos is fully supported on Connectiosn 4! In addition though they have been excitedly taking advantage of new capabilities in Connections 4 such as embedded experiences and the OpenSocial Activity Stream. Some awesome new features such as being able to "Lik [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm javascript

Do you use Sametime on iOS? Then best read this...
Thu, Jul 26th 2012 7:11p   Adam Brown
If you use the native iOS client for Sametime (which is great by the way) then you might want to make sure you Sametime Administrator is aware of this: Abstract Before October 2012, Sametime administrators must download and apply the latest security certificate for iOS traffic. If Push Notifications have stopped working for the native iOS client, this could be due to the SSL certificate for connecting to the APNS server having expired. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21605219& [read] Keywords: ibm sametime security server

ISW brings Peer to Peer recognition to IBM Connections with Kudos Thanks!
Tue, Jul 3rd 2012 11:27p   Adam Brown
There is nothing quite as simple as saying "Thank You" to provide some recognition of great work. Think about it for a moment...when somebody thanks you for your great idea, or for putting in that extra work to meet a deadline, or maybe for just being a good team mate, it makes you feel great and more motivated to stay engaged. That is why ISW has developed Kudos Thanks, the peer to peer and team recognition tool for IBM Connections. I am very pleased to be annoucing the general availability [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm javascript profile

Future of the Shop Window - with Kudos Badges
Thu, Jun 21st 2012 6:15p   Adam Brown
Over on Sandy Carter's blog there is a post about a very innovative initiative that the team at Collaboration Matters and IBM have put together to present the future of the shop window - Social Retail Storefront. What a fantastic concept and use of Social Media to bring customers at the shop front closer to the brand, and extend the relationship via an IBM Connections Community moving forward. Also very pleased to see an innovative implementation of Kudos Badges for IBM Connections to encourage [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm community javascript

Sogeti boosts adoption of IBM Connections with Kudos Badges
Wed, Jun 20th 2012 6:32p   Adam Brown
Sogeti has selected ISW's Kudos Badges for IBM Connections to help accelerate their worldwide adoption of IBM Connections. Sogeti is a leading provider of professional technology services, specializing in Application Management, Infrastructure Management, High-Tech Engineering and Testing. With 20,000 employees across 15 countries Sogeti is an outstanding example of an organisation that gets Social Business and is leveraging IBM Connections to drive business value throughout their organisation. [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus application

Kudos Badges Multilingual Support - Dutch(Nederlands)
Sun, Apr 22nd 2012 9:13p   Adam Brown
With our recent release of Kudos Badges 1.3 for IBM Connections, ISW has included multilingual support in Kudos Badges Enterprise Edition. This enables our multinational clients to meet the requirements of their user base to support multiple languages. The new multilingual capability enables us to support the languages that IBM Connections itself supports for both the interface elements of Kudos as well as the badge descriptions and messages within Kudos. So I am pleased to let you know that wi [read] Keywords: connections ibm enterprise interface office widgets

Meet Ascendant Technology - Kudos Badges Partner based on US and Europe
Sun, Apr 22nd 2012 8:30p   Adam Brown
Just a quick introduction to Ascendant Technology (Atech), ISW's latest Kudos Badges Partner. Atech is a leading US and European based IBM Premier Partner and are IBM Connections experts. Atech work with many clients implementing and supporting IBM Connections and understand the value of having strong user adoption strategies as part of any successful implementation of Connections. As such as ISW are please to appoint them as a Kudos Badges Partner. Ascendant Technology (Atech) is a leading pr [read] Keywords: connections ibm

Kudos Badges for IBM Connections 1.3
Mon, Apr 9th 2012 6:47p   Adam Brown
The team at ISW has been working hard on the latest release of Kudos Badges, Version 1.3! Since Lotusphere we have had our clients provide plenty of feedback and ideas on how to leverage Kudos Badges to encourage user adoption of IBM Connections and these ideas have been added to our development cycle for the products. Here is some of the new features and capabilities in our latest release: Kudos Leaderboard Our new Leader Boards are Context Aware and feature Time Based Ranks to be more relevant [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotusphere community development profile widget

Meet Intravision - Kudos Badges Partner based in Denmark
Mon, Jan 30th 2012 9:45p   Adam Brown
Well we seem to be on a roll with our 3rd Kudos Badges Partner signing on. Intravision are the creators of the awesome OnTime Scheduling Suite and are clearly IBM Connections guru's so we are very pleased that they have decided to partner with ISW around Kudos Badges to work with our customers in Northern Europe. IntraVision is an IBM Premier partner with it's base in Denmark, Northern Europe. Intravision's focus is to add pervasive scheduling and coordination functionality to IBM Domino cli [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus

Meet TimeToAct - Kudos Badges Partner based in Germany
Sun, Jan 29th 2012 4:19p   Adam Brown
I would like to introduce our latest Kudos Badges Partner, TimeToAct. TimeToAct are based in Germany (Colonge) and are the creators of the CAT (Connections Administration Toolkit) product. They are experts in IBM Connections are we are very pleased to have them join us as Partners to provide local support to our Kudos Badges clients in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. TIMETOACT GROUP is a leading IBM Business Partner with over 100 employees at six offices throughout Germany. Professional serv [read] Keywords: administration collaboration connections ibm lotus application development integration

Meet Collaboration Matters - Kudos Badges Partner based in the United Kingdom
Thu, Jan 26th 2012 4:51p   Adam Brown
I am very pleased to announce ISW's inaugural Partner for Kudos Badges. Based in the UK I am sure Stuart McIntyre and Collaboration Matters don't need an introduction to most IBM Connections users around the world but here is it anyway: Collaboration Matters is one of the UK's leading social software consultancies. Based in the beautiful Cotswolds area of England, they have constructed a dynamic team that can call on some of the most innovative minds in the social collaboration field. We [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm social software twitter

WIN KUDOS BADGES AT Lotusphere 2012 #LS12
Sun, Jan 15th 2012 9:10a   Adam Brown
Ok so we are at Lotusphere so we figured we had better give something away.Why? Well it is Lotusphere after all and we are having a great time! So just for the next week anyone that retweets this and follows our @kudosbadges twitter account will automatically be entered into a draw to win 1000 User Enterprise License to Kudos Badges. So if you use Connections, or are even considering rolling out Connections hurry up and enter now! If anyone wants a demo of Kudos Badges please ping us on twitter [read] Keywords: connections lotusphere email enterprise twitter

Why Gamification for IBM Connections?
Sun, Jan 15th 2012 4:59a   Adam Brown
Since we launched Kudos Badges ago we have been swamped with clients wanting demos and presentations around the solution. The overwhelming response from clients is that instantly they get it. They understand how gamification can help them drive the adoption and ultimately the business value they get from IBM Connections. However we have also had a few people comment that they don't really understand gamification or don't believe that it works so I thought it was worth putting down why gamifica [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotusphere applications social software twitter

Announcing Kudos Badges for IBM Connections!
Tue, Jan 3rd 2012 3:04p   Adam Brown
I can't tell you how excited I am to finally announce Kudos Badges for IBM Connections! I have been holding my tongue over the last few weeks before we were finally ready to launch what I believe is an awesome capability for Connections. I have been doing a few sneak peak demos for a few clients, friends, and colleages and have received fantastic feedback so I am pumped to finally put it out there for all to see. [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm R4 R6 R8 applications interface vm

Countdown....Kudos to You!
Thu, Dec 15th 2011 10:29p   Adam Brown
One of the things I really enjoy working with ISW is being able to come up with creative ideas and work with the team to deliver them into the market. Over the last few years ISW has puched out some great solutions such as Wildfire and iWildfire which has been great fun and has added some real business values to our clients and users. Well over the last few months we have been working away quitely at one of the more interesting projects we have done. I am really excited about this one as I can s [read] Keywords: connections ibm development

Ignition for IBM Connections - Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane here we come!
Tue, Nov 15th 2011 4:11p   Adam Brown
Following on from successful events in Hobart, Sydney, and Melbourne, ISW is now running our IBM Connections Ignition Breakfast series in Adelaide (22nd Nov), Perth (24th Nov), and Brisbane (1st Dec). This round table breakfast event has been a great series to date with some fantastic discussions on the REAL business value of Social Business and IBM Connections. I always find it interesting to hear from different organisations about the use cases they have for Connections and how they see the te [read] Keywords: connections ibm social software

Simply Inspiring - Outside the Inbox
Thu, Nov 10th 2011 4:31p   Adam Brown
Simply inspiring! I have often been found talking to clients about "Get Out Of Mail Jail!". Email was definitely the killer App of the 90's. It empowered us to communicate quickly, efficiently, with many many people. However over time it has become a burdon for many of us. Receiving hundreds of emails per day, many useless, some useful, but many not effective, we have created these silos of information where knowledge is trapped in individuals emails. We have all become slaves to our email, r [read] Keywords: application email

It's Mo Time!
Tue, Nov 1st 2011 5:10p   Adam Brown
So for a number of years my colleagues at ISW have participated in Movember. I have always resisted the call to become a MoBro and grow a Mo for a good cause and have simply contributed by sponsorship. Well this year I have been convinced (harassed) by my colleagues at ISW to have a crack and grow a Mo (attempt to anyway). So I started yesterday clean shaven and will see how the month progresses. So rather than just having the (irritable) pleasure of growing a mo (some fluff on my lip) I thought [read] Keywords: lotus

ISW Social Ignition for Lotus Notes 8.5.3
Mon, Oct 3rd 2011 11:38p   Adam Brown
For those that have not noticed yet IBM has just announced the release of IBM Lotus Notes & Domino 8.5.3. This is a great release and one that I know many clients have been looking forward to. You can find out all the information on the formal IBM Annoucement here. Of particular note however is the following: Entitlement to IBM Connections Files and Profiles, for no additional charge, allows you to tap into the knowledge of networks of professionals with a single click. This helps users to [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus notes email integration iphone

IBM announces Vantage for IBM Connections and IBM Sametime
Mon, Sep 5th 2011 11:30p   Adam Brown
I often receive questions around governance and compliance for IBM Connections. Also for many years clients have had requirements around compliance for IBM Sametime. Being able to track who said what and when; real time review and capture based on keywords, phrases etc; or to just be able to find information is a legal discovery process, are important requirements for many organisations. So IBM seems to have addressed some of these areas by partnering with Actiance to release Version 1 of Vantag [read] Keywords: administration connections ibm policies sametime archiving instant messaging security virus

AusLUG 2011 Customising IBM Connections Presentation
Thu, Sep 1st 2011 3:55a   Adam Brown
AusLUG was an awesome event! Here is one of the 3 presentations I was fortunate enough to do. Slideshare didn't quite import the .odp file correctly but you get the majority of it. Auslug 2011 customising ibm connections View more presentations from adambrownaus. [read] Keywords: connections ibm application

Wildfire 1.5 is now available
Thu, Aug 18th 2011 6:43p   Adam Brown
Very pleased to announce the next release of Wildfire. It has been a long time coming and we have resolved a few of the requests people had asked for. Most notably for me is better support for Win 7 64 bit. We had an issue here where it kept forgetting the accounts that had been setup. Sorted! As of a couple of days ago we had 3500 downloads of Wildfire from OpenNTF. We have no idea how many of these then get installed across a user base and how many are just single installs but we would love to [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes roaming facebook openntf twitter

IBM Connections 3.0.1 Duplicate Emails
Wed, Jul 27th 2011 9:28p   Adam Brown
There is an issue with clustered environments of Connections 3.0.1 where the Daily and Weekly emails are sent multiple times (once for each node in the cluster). This issue existed in 3.0 (See here) however was resolved with and iFix LO60006 however the same problem exists with 3.0.1. Upon downloading LO60006 from Fix Central and trying to apply it the update installer indicates that it is not a supported iFix on 3.0.1. With a little assistance from my good friend Dave Hay I was able to find out [read] Keywords: connections ibm email

AUSLUG Sessions!
Sun, Jul 24th 2011 7:39p   Adam Brown
Just noticed the awesome organisers of AUSLUG have updated the web site to list some of the sessions. I am very pleased to see two of my proposed sessions around IBM Connections have been accepted! Connections out of the box is AWESOME, but just a few tweaks will make it a PERFECT fit for your organisation There is a lot that can be done by Administrators without needed to change any core Connections code: Want to customise Profiles to add custom attibutes? Want to hide some fields or make [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus community interface social software widgets

IBM Connections - Importing Activity Templates & changing the owner
Wed, Jul 20th 2011 9:33p   Adam Brown
There are some great Activity Templates avaliable for FREE for IBM Connections in the IBM Lotus and WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog. They are a great start and quite useful for doing a demo of the capabilities of IBM Connections Activities. To install them you just need to: Download them and unzip them into a temp directory on your Connections server (need to put them onto one of your actual Connections nodes) On your Deployment Manager go to your WebSphereAppServerprofilesbin direc [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus aix application linux microsoft password profile server websphere websphere portal

iWildfire interview on Synch.rono.us
Thu, Jul 14th 2011 7:14p   Adam Brown
Luis Benitez has post an interview about iWildfire on Synch.rono.us. He has also provided a great review on his blog. Thanks for the covereage Luis. We are very excited about the uptake of iWildfire to date. We are even more excited about our soon to be released iWildfire Pro that is going to have a heap more features. [read] Keywords: synch.rono.us

iWildfire Files integration with other Apps
Sat, Jul 2nd 2011 5:26a   Adam Brown
In the current version of iWildfire (http://iWildfire.isw.com.au) you can access, search for, download, view, and make comment on Files. In iWildfire Next we will be adding the ability to also edit and upload files as well as create new files. The first step in achieving this is to get iWildfire to identify which other Apps on the device can be used to edit Files. In the first screen shot I opened a .doc file and as I have GoodReader, Dropbox, and Pages installed I can use these Apps to view or [read] Keywords: connections integration iphone

IBM Web Experience Factory 7.0.1 -
Tue, Jun 28th 2011 12:17a   Adam Brown
IBM has announced the release of the IBM Web Experience Factory 7.0.1 (Formally know as IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory): IBM® Web Experience Factory 7.0.1, formerly IBM WebSphere® Portlet Factory, delivers the fastest and easiest way to develop multichannel exceptional web experiences across desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms. Enhancements New builders Builders for mobile, multichannel solution development including desktop browsers, smartphones, and tablets Builders to inc [read] Keywords: ibm lotus application applications desktop development integration mobile portlet websphere websphere portal widgets

iWildfire 1.1 for IBM Connections is available on AppStore
Mon, Jun 27th 2011 6:31p   Adam Brown
We have just published to the AppStore iWildfire 1.1 for IBM Connections. This minor release fixes a few bugs as well as has some minor improvements to some features. It also "teases" some of the upcoming features in iWildfire Pro. We have had a great start to iWildfire. I will post in the next day or so some interesting stats around the download of iWildfire to date. [read] Keywords: connections ibm

IBM LotusLive Notes 1.4 service update
Mon, Jun 6th 2011 11:28p   Adam Brown
IBM has announced the release of IBM LotusLive Notes 1.4 service update. Updates include: LotusLive Notes service Flexible routing options for Internet-based mail messages Additional features designed to enhance data protection with enhanced Disaster Recovery capability Faster Recovery Time Objective (12 hours) and Recovery Point Objective (8 hours) Supportability improvements for customers utilizing the Hybrid configuration Expanded monitoring capabilities LotusLive Notes and LotusLive Note [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes traveler applications blackberry mobile server

iWildfire goes live in the AppStore
Fri, Jun 3rd 2011 5:35p   Adam Brown
Very please to let you all know that iWildfire is LIVE in the AppStore and it is FREE! Please check it out and feel free to rate it and leave reviews! Visit the iWildfire for IBM Connections site for more information. ISW has only just started with iWildfire. Shortly we will be developing iWildfire Pro. iWildfire Pro will do just about everything you can do within Connections. Create Activities, Create and edit Blogs, Upload and Edit Files, Modify Wiki's, Receive Notifications, Interact with Co [read] Keywords: connections ibm wiki

iWildfire web site goes live......we are getting close!
Mon, May 30th 2011 9:46p   Adam Brown
We are still waiting on final AppStore approval for iWildfire for IBM Connections however in the meanwhile we are pleased to provide you with some more information with the launch of the iWildfire web site. http://iwildfire.isw.com.au There is plenty of information and screen shots that show the capabilities of the app. You might also help us spread the word of the impending release via the social links provided on the site. Follow out Twitter account to be the first to hear when the App becomes [read] Keywords: connections ibm twitter

The countdown begins.........
Mon, May 30th 2011 5:55a   Adam Brown
Well what a great reason to dust of the blog!! I am sure those IBM Connections fans out there already know what we are about to announce.............The public release of iWildfire for IBM Connections to the Apple AppStore. Will it be before the end of May? Maybe! That depends on those folk that approve Apps! My guess it will be a couple more days so watch this space! And the even more exciting news is how much it will cost! Will it be $10? or $5 or $3 or $1 or Free as in Beer! I guess you will [read] Keywords: connections ibm apple

ISW wins the IBM Distinguished Business Achievement Award for Asia Pacific!
Sun, Jan 30th 2011 3:12p   Adam Brown
Very excited to hear that ISW has taken home a big award at Lotusphere this year: The Distinguished Business Achievement Award honors the top IBM PartnerWorld Business Partners from each of the 8 major regions of the world. Winners must demonstrate increased revenue attainment and loyalty, along with the ability to open new regional markets, and to maintain a positive stature in the Business Partner community. Business Partners considered in this space significantly impact IBM Lotus software's [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere community

The mystery of the undelivered email notifications in Lotus Connections 3
Wed, Dec 29th 2010 1:44a   Adam Brown
We recently implemented Lotus Connections 3 for a client in Australia. The new installation manager process is a vast improvement over LC2.5 which was great. Everything worked smoothly however we soon noticed that email notification messages were not being sent in all cases that they should. We spent quite a bit of time going thru the configuration etc to make sure the email notifications were all set correctly and we could not find any reason why they would not be sending. We tested with an alt [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus email server smtp websphere

How to setup Xming and Putty to allow X Windows based applications on Linux
Tue, Dec 28th 2010 11:49p   Adam Brown
Having gone thru a number of installs of WebSphere and Connections on Linux and getting slightly frustrated with doing silent installs (and worse silent unintalls) using response files I decided it was finally time to figure out how to get X Windows going so I could go back to a GUI based installer. So there are two parts to this: 1) Xming - XMing is an X Windows port for Microsoft Windows. Essentially it’s an X-server which starts transparently on top of your MS Windows desktop. It al [read] Keywords: connections application applications desktop linux microsoft server websphere wiki

IBM Premier Business Partner, ISW listed in second annual CRN Fast50
Mon, Nov 1st 2010 2:37a   Adam Brown
ISW just released a press release annoucing their listing in the CRN Fast50. ISW was ranked 18th of the 50 companies listed. The awards list compiled by Haymarket Media’s channel publication CRN ranks the top 50 IT integrators and resellers based on their revenue and growth. The CRN Fast50 recognises those companies who understand their customers’ business, matching them to the right technologies and doing it faster and better than their competitors so ISW is pumped to be li [read] Keywords: ibm

Wildfire 1.4.1 Released on OpenNTF - Facebook Fixed
Fri, Sep 17th 2010 3:27a   Adam Brown
For all those Wildfire and Facebooks fans you will be glad to know we have resolved the issues around Facebook Feeds and Status Updates. Wildfire 1.4.1 is available at http://wildfire.openntf.org. For those that arn't familiar with Wildfire it is a Notes 8.5 Sidebar plugin that enables you to post status updates to many different social networks at once. Sametime, Connections, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. It also allows you to group your social networks into different types or categories a [read] Keywords: connections notes sametime facebook openntf twitter

WebSphere Portal 7 Download
Tue, Aug 31st 2010 9:27p   Adam Brown
WebSphere Portal 7 has become available for download. All the part numbers across the various platforms are available here: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg24026533 [read] Keywords: ibm websphere websphere portal

Why I won't be coming to Lotusphere 2011....
Mon, Aug 23rd 2010 7:30p   Adam Brown
Baby 2 Due 4th Feb 2011 [read] Keywords: lotusphere

IBM Lotus Web Content Manager 7 - What's New!
Tue, Aug 10th 2010 7:23p   Adam Brown
The next release of IBM Lotus Web Content Manager is due for release on the 1st Sept. There is a heap of new capabilities and an improved interface for creating content etc. Here is a list that I have gathered so far on the new features etc: Projects This is a great new feature that enables you to make changes to multiple content items and design elements and then to publish them as a group or "Project". Group changes can be made to items that multiple people are working on together. This is p [read] Keywords: admin administration ibm lotus rich text best practice dojo interface portlet properties security server web 2.0 websphere

Lotus Knows Sydney Airport
Mon, Aug 2nd 2010 12:53a   Adam Brown
I was just walking thru Sydney Airport on my way to Singapore for the Portal Executive Summit conference and what do I find...... [read] Keywords: lotus

ISW Melbourne based Software Engineer - Lotus/WebSphere Administration Development
Tue, Jul 27th 2010 4:51a   Adam Brown
Melbourne based Software Engineer - WebSphere Administration & Development ISW has a new position for a Software Engineer at our Melbourne office. ISW is an Australian Software Engineering & IT Services company with a focus on IBM technologies. With offices located in Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney, ISW has a growing national and international client base. ISW develops software solutions and provides IT services around IBM solutions for its clients and also develops and markets its own bra [read] Keywords: administration connections ibm lotus quickr sametime development email office portlet security server tivoli websphere

Wildfire 1.4 Released on OpenNTF - Mac Linux now supported
Fri, Jul 16th 2010 8:47a   Adam Brown
I am pleased to let you know that we have just released Wildfire 1.4 on OpenNTF. This release finally fixes some of the issues we have had with the Mac and Linux clients as well as a few other requested improvements. New features in WildFire V1.4.0 • Linux & Mac Support (including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, HTML Links etc) • HTML Links open in Default Browser • Facebook Authentication improvement • Facebook Feeds from “Mobile Web&rdquo [read] Keywords: domino richtext facebook linkedin linux mac mobile openntf twitter

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