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See us at MWLUG August 27-29, 2014
Mon, Jul 28th 2014 142
Monitor Specific IBM Notes Traveler Devices for Key Executives
Tue, May 20th 2014 170
See us at the Microsoft Exchange Show in Austin Texas
Thu, Feb 6th 2014 128
Annual Pre-IBM Connect 2014 Party was a hit!
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 122
Headed to Orlando for IBM Connect?
Thu, Jan 16th 2014 127
Stupid Skype message
Wed, Dec 4th 2013 123
Webinar Replay of VitalSigns Plus
Tue, Nov 5th 2013 114
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Monitor Specific IBM Notes Traveler Devices for Key Executives
Tue, May 20th 2014 170
See us at MWLUG August 27-29, 2014
Mon, Jul 28th 2014 142
See us at the Microsoft Exchange Show in Austin Texas
Thu, Feb 6th 2014 128
Headed to Orlando for IBM Connect?
Thu, Jan 16th 2014 127
Stupid Skype message
Wed, Dec 4th 2013 123
Annual Pre-IBM Connect 2014 Party was a hit!
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 122
VitalSigns Plus is coming…
Thu, Oct 31st 2013 118
Webinar Replay of VitalSigns Plus
Tue, Nov 5th 2013 114
The incredible backward compatability of the Domino platform
Mon, May 13th 2013 108
RPR Wyatt @ IBM Connect 2013
Wed, Feb 6th 2013 102

Alan Forbes
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Recent Blog Posts

See us at MWLUG August 27-29, 2014
Mon, Jul 28th 2014 1:11p   Alan Forbes
I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be sponsors at the MWLUG show at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, MI from August 27-29, 2014. [read] Keywords:

Monitor Specific IBM Notes Traveler Devices for Key Executives
Tue, May 20th 2014 1:10p   Alan Forbes
[read] Keywords: ibm notes traveler

See us at the Microsoft Exchange Show in Austin Texas
Thu, Feb 6th 2014 1:11p   Alan Forbes
We are pleased to announce that RPR Wyatt will be a bronze sponsor of the Microsoft Exchange Show in Austin Texas. We will be showcasing VitalSigns’ impressive support for the Microsoft server stack, especially Microsoft Exchange. [read] Keywords: exchange exchange microsoft server

Annual Pre-IBM Connect 2014 Party was a hit!
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 8:10a   Alan Forbes
[read] Keywords: ibm

Headed to Orlando for IBM Connect?
Thu, Jan 16th 2014 10:11p   Alan Forbes
For the 14th year in a row RPR Wyatt will attend the conference formerly known as Lotusphere, hosted by IBM at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. We hope to see you there and invite you to visit with us at booth #213 and take a tour – or a deep dive of – the latest release of VitalSigns, our flagship monitoring and reporting solution for your entire IBM Messaging/Collaboration environment. When you stop by booth #213 to say hello or to chat about your monitori [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotusphere apple mac macbook

Stupid Skype message
Wed, Dec 4th 2013 5:13p   Alan Forbes
I really wonder why Product Managers do the things they do sometimes. As a UI fanatic, it really bugs me to see stupid ‘features’.  Did a Product Manager really think that anyone quitting Skype would think that they could still receive or send instant messages?   Hello!  I’m quitting Skype.    Notice that there is no checkbox that says “Don’t warn me again”. You will never see something like that in VitalSigns, and if you do please let us know immediat [read] Keywords: skype


Webinar Replay of VitalSigns Plus
Tue, Nov 5th 2013 4:11p   Alan Forbes
For those of you who missed it, we hosted a webinar along with NotesCode to publicly demo the new VitalSigns Plus [read] Keywords: domino

VitalSigns Plus is coming…
Thu, Oct 31st 2013 9:09a   Alan Forbes
We have been super busy lately putting the final polishes on VitalSigns Plus.  For those of you who might not have heard, VitalSigns Plus is the next generation of VitalSigns.     We have entirely re-engineered the user interface so that the entire product is browser based.  This means that you do not have to RDP into a workstation to make configuration changes anymore.  We’ve also added granularity over users so that only specific users can make changes to configuration or changes [read] Keywords: interface

The incredible backward compatability of the Domino platform
Mon, May 13th 2013 9:12a   Alan Forbes
In the course of facilitating an evaluation with a potential customer, we performed a ‘findings review’ where we walked the customer through the potential issues that VitalSigns had discovered.  One thing was a surprise for us, and I’ll let you look at the screen shot to enjoy it yourself.   Domino never ceases to amaze me.  (Hint – look at the Domino Version column to see what this guy still has running -successfully — in production.) [read] Keywords: domino R5

RPR Wyatt @ IBM Connect 2013
Wed, Feb 6th 2013 8:10a   Alan Forbes
As an evolving species we never cease in our pursuit of the sublime and the mundane.  With that thought in mind we embarked to IBM Connect 2013. We will first note that this year marks the completed metamorphosis from black and yellow to IBM blue.  For proof all one needs to do is look to the new name of the software: IBM Notes 9.  As the industry and our clients have evolved these many years with IBM – this is a good thing.  The dropping of the Lotus brand name is a long time coming a [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm inotes lotus notes notes client sametime traveler application applications archive bes blackberry community database db2 enterprise firefox integration interface iphone mobile server sql

I’m not in Orlando yet, but my mugs are…
Tue, Jan 15th 2013 1:15p   Alan Forbes
In less than two weeks I’ll be in Orlando for the annual Lotusphere/IBM Connect show.   Even though I am not there yet, my mugs are already enjoying the Florida sunshine. Did you suggest a feature that got added to VitalSigns?  If so, you’re eligible for one of these highly-coveted mugs.         Just come by and see me at Pedestal B-55. [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere

Attending Lotusphere / Connect 2013? “Connect 4 Success” Party Invite
Tue, Jan 15th 2013 10:12a   Alan Forbes
Will you be attending Lotusphere / Connect 2013?  If so, I have a party invite for you, see the Youtube invite that follows: [read] Keywords: lotusphere

VitalSigns 10.33 is here
Fri, Oct 26th 2012 12:09p   Alan Forbes
There are many new features that have been added in the latest release.  One nice obvious feature which was suggested by a prospective customer makes it very easy to see if Alerts are turned on or off by adding an indicator on the status bar. There are also many enhancements that are “under the hood”, and related to scaling. We have several customers with more than 100 servers and we have made dozens of optimizations to the cycle speed to accommodate so many servers.    If [read] Keywords: notes notes client server

Applied the jQuery Mobile Framework to VitalStatus OnTheGo
Fri, Aug 3rd 2012 1:12p   Alan Forbes
We’ve been poking around with jQuery, which happens to play nice with Domino, and we decided to use it to spice up the mobile edition of VitalStatus.  With just a couple of hours of work, we got some really nice affects that those of you with Apple and Android devices are sure to love.   You can see it live here -> http://www.rprwyatt.com/vs/vitalstatus.nsf/OnTheGo?OpenPage [read] Keywords: domino apple mobile

Our first video testimonial of VitalSigns
Mon, Jul 23rd 2012 6:17p   Alan Forbes
One of our customers (anonymously) talks about why he uses VitalSigns. [read] Keywords:

Working on the next generation dashboard
Mon, Jun 11th 2012 4:17p   Alan Forbes
This week, I’ll be in our New Jersey office brainstorming with colleagues about the next-generation dashboard for VitalSigns.  Is there something you wish the product had? Please let us know! [read] Keywords: office

Please update to 10.27
Fri, May 25th 2012 12:11p   Alan Forbes
Hi all, If you are running VitalSigns 10.23 to 10.26, then please update to the most recent 10.27.   10.27 fixes a number of important items, for instance if your scheduled report have been arriving without any data in them, then this update should take care of it. [read] Keywords:

Best Practices in Rolling out Lotus Traveler
Tue, May 8th 2012 1:12p   Alan Forbes
Here’s the presentation I did in Belgium at the BLUG event, which was one of the better user conferences I’ve ever attended by the way: [read] Keywords: lotus traveler

Fine Tuning Alerts
Tue, May 1st 2012 8:10a   Alan Forbes
At the request of one of our larger customers, we’ve added a new option to the Alert Definitions.   Now you can specify which servers an alert will apply to.  For example, you can define an alert for “West Coast Admins” then check off all the servers that group is responsible for.  If one of those servers has an issue, the alert will go to them.  If a server not on the list has the issue, that particular alert will be skipped. [read] Keywords: server

Server room meltdown prevented
Mon, Apr 9th 2012 6:11p   Alan Forbes
One of our customers had a near meltdown this weekend. Apparently the AC in the server room malfunctioned on Saturday afternoon resulting in hot air being vented into the server room.  Shortly thereafter, the servers got so hot they began automatically shutting down. Fortunately, the Domino servers were being monitored by VitalSigns, and we got an alert.  We attempted to RDP to the servers, but no response.   The on-call tech had to go in and see what was up, and he opened the server room to [read] Keywords: domino server

Announcing VitalSigns 11
Thu, Mar 22nd 2012 9:11a   Alan Forbes
BLUG is off to a great start, with almost 300 attendees and speakers from 10 different countries… We made an exciting announcement here and I thought I’d share with all of you.  It isn’t quite done yet, but we’re using the opportunity of this major show in Europe to announce what’s coming in the latest VitalSigns.  See the press release here. Here’s the jist of it…. The release culminates a year of new features and enhancements based on customer reques [read] Keywords: lotus traveler microsoft server sql

See you at BLUG?
Fri, Mar 2nd 2012 11:12a   Alan Forbes
We are pleased to announce that Alan Forbes, RPR Wyatt Director of Product Development, will be presenting at the Belgium Lotus User Group (BLUG) in Antwerp, March 22nd and 23rd . Alan will be presenting his latest findings on Maximizing Monitoring for Traveler.   If you are going, please be sure to say hello.    RPR Wyatt will also be represented at the NotesCode booth. [read] Keywords: lotus traveler development

Major enhancements to Lotus Traveler monitoring
Wed, Feb 29th 2012 1:13p   Alan Forbes
The upcoming major release of VitalSigns will have dramatically enhanced capabilities for monitoring Lotus Traveler.   We’ve already started working on the web page describing it. Officially, it is called “IBM® Lotus® Notes® Traveler software” but most of us just call it “Traveler”.   Traveler provides mobile support for Lotus Notes and Web Access users with automatic, real-time replication of email, calendar, address book, journal, and to-do lists across mobile device p [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes traveler apple email google microsoft mobile

Now access webadmin.nsf directly from VitalStatus
Tue, Feb 28th 2012 8:30a   Alan Forbes
Thanks to a suggestion from one of our customers, we’ve added a new feature to the VitalStatus database for browser users.   Now as you are looking at Domino server details, there is a new tab called “Web Admin” . Clicking this tab will launch the web admin client for that server in an iframe within the Web Admin tab.   Of course, you have to be authorized to use web admin for this to work, as we never bypass Domino security. Here’s a screenshot to give you the idea. [read] Keywords: admin domino database security server

How to deploy company logo in traveler website home page
Tue, Feb 28th 2012 8:16a   Alan Forbes
In preparation for presenting at the Belux Lotus User Group next month on Best Practices for Rolling out Lotus Traveler, I came across a neat tip I thought I’d share.  It lets you put a company logo on the Lotus Traveler home page on your Traveler server. 1. Go to traveler server data directory (dominohtmltravelerImages) 2. Rename banner.jpg to Ibmbanner.jpg 3. Copy your company logo and rename to banner.jpg 4. Restart HTTP task or restart traveler server [read] Keywords: domino lotus traveler mobile server

A cautionary tale…
Thu, Feb 9th 2012 10:13a   Alan Forbes
One of our customers, who shall remain nameless, was under some pressure to cut “non-essentials” from his budget. Sound familiar? So he reluctantly cut his monthly “RAPScan” agreement with us. For those who don’t know, RAPScan is a service whereby we install VitalSigns at customer site and the alerts go to us to take care of whatever the problem is. (Alerts go to the customer too if they want them, as most do.) Less than two weeks later, a number of servers went dow [read] Keywords: admin

Improved Cluster Health
Fri, Jan 27th 2012 12:40p   Alan Forbes
We improved the Cluster Health tab.   The quickest way to see these improvements is to watch a short shockwave demo .   (No, it doesn’t have sound). There are two big improvements. 1) Now the cluster names are color-coded so you can see at a glance which clusters have issues, just as the disk health is color-coded. 2) The other big improvement is that in addition to just seeing the current values of the cluster, we made it super simple to see how the cluster replicator has been perform [read] Keywords: lotusphere consulting server

At Lotusphere…
Tue, Jan 17th 2012 1:50p   Alan Forbes
We are all (Joe, Alan, Jim)  here at Lotusphere, soaking up the opportunities to meet with many of you.   Please come by our booth 605 if you are here. Watch for some exciting improvements to VitalSigns in  Cluster health and Traveler Health based on the latest best practices we have picked up at the Jumpstarts and sessions. [read] Keywords: lotusphere traveler mobile

Yet another number format :)
Tue, Dec 6th 2011 2:36p   Alan Forbes
A new customer recently told me that one just a few of his servers, the disk health wasn’t working as expected.     I had him send me the disk stats and this is what I got: Disk.C.Free = 5’075’542’016 Disk.C.Size = 12’872’527’872 Disk.C.Type = NTFS Disk.D.Free = 267’671’977’984 Disk.D.Size = 1.1811090473E+12 Disk.D.Type = NTFS Disk.E.Free = 31’114’084’352 Disk.E.Size = 38’650’556’416 [read] Keywords:

Domino Deep Dive is here
Tue, Nov 15th 2011 10:55a   Alan Forbes
A new option is now available on the Overall Health tab right-click menu.  If a Domino server row is selected, a new option “Domino Deep Dive…” now shows.  Clicking that brings a modal dialog box with lots of current information about the server and at a glance mini-charts that show how various metrics have varied over the day. [read] Keywords: domino server

Improved Business Hours dialog
Tue, Nov 8th 2011 8:40a   Alan Forbes
We made it easier to configure and understand the settings for business hours.  The nice thing is that it requires no typing. Here’s the new dialog: [read] Keywords:

Learning Exchange, Sharepoint, AD, etc.
Wed, Nov 2nd 2011 5:26p   Alan Forbes
Hi all, I’m at the Dev Connections show in Las Vegas this week, learning all I can about best practices in monitoring Exchange Servers as well as Lync, Sharepoint, and more.   It’s no Lotusphere, but it does seem like over 2,000 attendees. [read] Keywords: connections lotusphere exchange exchange sharepoint

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