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Working in a Browser at Last!
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It seems like the day has finally come.  I think it has taken about ten or more years, but it has now arrived, from what I can tell.  It’s the day, in fact the week so far, that I have worked exclusively in a web browser.  No client software, no productivity apps installed – all in Safari on my Mac.

For years the promise of working in a light application such as a browser was dangled in front of us as a solution to the bloated applications we laboriously install on our laptops.  Then it became clear that the kind of functionality we needed the browser could not produce so we had to have plugins.  Along came java and Flash and who knows what else to provide that functionality.  These were compromises at best and we went back to our applications and used our browsers for watching videos of cats on YouTube.

But things have changed.  Nowadays technology like HTML 5 and all those groovy javascript frameworks are making life in a browser much more liveable.

For example I am writing this blog post in IBM Docs, which comes as part the the IBM Connections Cloud product.  It’s a great word processor for the 99% of the time I need a word processor.  Sure it doesn’t do some of the really fancy things that Microsoft Word can do (like build indexes), but then Word can’t let me co-edit this document with my colleagues in real time regardless of operating system they’re working on.  I have more need to work with my colleagues than I have to create indexes, so I think Docs is just fine.


I also don’t need to worry about where to save my file, or have I uploaded it to my cloud storage as its already there.  I also don’t even need to remember to save the document as every few minutes it saves it for me.

OK, so other products out there do this kind of thing too, and I am not claiming a world exclusive on cooperative document editing in the cloud.  What I am saying though, is that as a complete suite of products that I need to do my work, I think I am pretty much sorted now, working in a browser, with IBM Connections Cloud and IBM Verse.

I get a great email experience with Sametime instant messaging embedded, the ability to detach and attach files directly into my IBM Connections files (the same place IBM Docs saves them) plus I get all the social networking and community capabilities you probably already know IBM Connections Cloud provides:


The really nice thing about this, however, is the fact that the walls to collaboration have been broken down between my IBM colleagues and my customers, Europe’s IBM Business Partners.  Both groups of users work in IBM Connections Cloud.  Both access communities I access, and so at last – and believe me when I say I have been waiting for this for a long time – I now have ONE PLACE to work.  I am beginning to make more and more use of the audio & video capabilities now included in the web meetings in Connections Cloud so I don’t need to make so many phone calls too.

I think if you realistically look at what you need and do to collaborate with your colleagues and with your customers and suppliers, you will be surprised about the basic needs you actually have.  You want somewhere to make information, somewhere to store them, a means of sharing them and communicating.

If you fancy trying these features out for yourself, go sign up for a free trial.  Or, go speak to one of my customers, an IBM Business Partner.






Aug 19, 2015
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