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Andy's Guide to (dis)ConnectED2015!
Sat, Dec 13th 2014 275
Another one bites the dust.
Mon, Jun 9th 2014 107
17 years. 16 an honest man.
Fri, Apr 25th 2014 77
Sametime Video Calls on a MacBook Pro - not happening
Thu, Mar 27th 2014 80
Migrating Traveler to HA Error
Sat, Mar 15th 2014 89
My time with the Surface Pro
Sun, Feb 2nd 2014 86
All good things..... My week at IBM Connect 2014
Sun, Feb 2nd 2014 107
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Getting Windows RT to work with IBM Notes Traveler 9 and a Domino self-signed SSL cert.
Mon, Apr 15th 2013 289
Andy's Guide to (dis)ConnectED2015!
Sat, Dec 13th 2014 275
Insufficient Memory.....what a pain
Thu, Oct 7th 2010 216
Troubleshooting IMAP - Slaying the beast
Wed, Jan 26th 2011 208
A Traveler security "issue"
Wed, Oct 12th 2011 171
A Lotus Traveler upgrade issue - Self-inflicted
Sat, Jan 15th 2011 146
So far, the Lotusphere weather forecast is looking good!
Thu, Jan 20th 2011 121
LS12 SHOW103 - How to use InstallShield Tuner for IBM Lotus Notes
Mon, Jan 23rd 2012 116
Blocked Senders List, a story of pain.....
Tue, Jan 4th 2011 114
All good things..... My week at IBM Connect 2014
Sun, Feb 2nd 2014 107

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Andy's Guide to (dis)ConnectED2015!
Sat, Dec 13th 2014 12:14p   Andy Donaldson
Every year about this time, I sit down in front of my computer and bang out my guide and tips for making your yearly journey to the holy land of collaborative awesomeness, Lotusphere. (You can click here to see all of the past years write-ups.) Well, it used to be called Lotusphere, but over the past couple of years it's had a bit of an identity crisis. This coming January it has once again had a change of name and is called ConnectED. Okay, no problem. But this year for the first time sinc [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotusphere community facebook

Another one bites the dust.
Mon, Jun 9th 2014 7:09p   Andy Donaldson
I've been feeling it coming for a long time now. The eventuality that my days as a full time Domino Administrator coming to a close. I've known for some time at work, (past couple of years), that there has been a lot of conversation about migrating away from the Domino stack. At first I fought it. Nobody listened. Nobody cared. No help from IBM either. As far as I'm concerned, they gave up on us as a customer a long time ago. Haven't heard from my rep in months. So why fight it. My [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes email facebook mobile network office twitter

17 years. 16 an honest man.
Fri, Apr 25th 2014 3:40a   Andy Donaldson
Back before the turn of the century, I didn't know what I wanted in the world. I thought I did and that took me down many roads. But most of the time, it was roads that others had already paved. I hadn't made any of my own. I was at a crossroads in life I felt. I was on the verge of making a decision to either sticking it out in Ohio, or move back to Michigan and live in my parents basement to start over. I was looking for answers on a direction in life and that's when I decided to look [read] Keywords: email

Sametime Video Calls on a MacBook Pro - not happening
Thu, Mar 27th 2014 9:10a   Andy Donaldson
Okay, blogosphere, I need your ear for a few minutes.The overlords here at the day job want to start support Macs. That's a good thing in my opinion. IBM has had a Notes client for Mac, (but not an Admin or Dev client), for some time now. But with rolling out new hardware, we have to make sure everything works of course. What's not working for me right now, and is reproducible on another like Mac, is that video calls in Sametime won't work. We have nice, shiny new MacBook Pro's with Re [read] Keywords: admin ibm notes notes client sametime mac macbook skype

Migrating Traveler to HA Error
Sat, Mar 15th 2014 6:48a   Andy Donaldson
Today was the day I made the leap to migrate our production Traveler server from running on the Derby database to an SQL database. While we are not taking full advantage of HA with multiple servers, I wanted to at least get us migrated to a more robust database. Having walked through the migration steps at this link in our test environment, I felt pretty confident with the task ahead. After the server restarted and Traveler launched, the migration process began. But not too long after the mi [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus notes traveler database google server sql

My time with the Surface Pro
Sun, Feb 2nd 2014 1:39p   Andy Donaldson
One change I made this year to the tools I took with to IBM Connect was the computer I carried with me. This year I was fortunate enough to borrow a 1st generation Windows Surface Pro tablet with keyboard and pen. I have to say, I have fallen quite smitten for this device. Not just because it's a new toy to play with but because it is a fully functional laptop and tablet all in one! Since the announcement of the iPad several years ago, tablet computing has brought with it the promise of bei [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm notes apple applications desktop development laptop mac macbook microsoft office

All good things..... My week at IBM Connect 2014
Sun, Feb 2nd 2014 12:56p   Andy Donaldson
Photo courtesy of John Roling. Back home in Ohio after a long week away in Orlando. This years Connect conference was different on many levels. For one, a lot of the normal faces that I've come to know over the years were missing. Another difference was the tone of the conference. It's no longer just all about us. This year, the merging of the Connect theme has truly taken over the Lotusphere themes that we were used to. To be honest, I'm okay with that. There was still plenty of sessi [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes notes client community microsoft outlook server taking notes wifi


The annoyance that is encrypted internet mail - Answers!
Thu, Jan 23rd 2014 1:10p   Andy Donaldson
If you read yesterday's post about enabling a Notes client user to send encrypted email from the Notes client to an Internet recipient, I got it to work, but, it did have some issues and unanswered questions. Today the good folks at Symantec got me the answers that were holding me up, and they were pretty straight forward. As I talked about yesterday, I was getting an error when trying to import the certificate from the Symantec/Verisign website to my Internet Explorer browser. Symantec info [read] Keywords: notes notes client applications email firefox microsoft outlook security

The annoyance that is encrypted internet mail
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 1:00p   Andy Donaldson
Okay. To other people in the Domino world, getting an IBM Notes client configured to send encrypted email over the internet to a recipient may not be a big deal. But to me, it has been a pain in my buttocks. A royal one at that. But this week, I was able to finally make some headway and get things working. How you say? Well, let me share with you my journey. It all started a while ago when our director of tax for the company told me that the IRS has a rule that they can only send email bac [read] Keywords: agent domino ibm ldd lotus notes notes client email firefox office outlook password security

Andy's Guide to Connect-o-sphere 2014
Sat, Jan 4th 2014 10:39a   Andy Donaldson
It's that time of the year again, kids. January is upon us and for those that are involved with IBM Collaboration technologies, it's our favorite time of the year. It's the time when we get to head to Orlando from what used to be called Lotusphere but now is a part of the bigger IBM picture and renamed Connect. Connect incorporates both the old Lotusphere technical tracks that we have all come to rely upon over the years but also features sessions on the Kenexa family of technologies. This [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes sametime community iphone laptop network planetlotus planetlotus.org properties sharepoint wifi wireless

Andy's Guide to.......
Thu, Jan 2nd 2014 8:45p   Andy Donaldson
Okay, I have been a bit of a slacker this year. I haven't gotten around to my annual "Andy's Guide to Connect-o-sphere" post. So, until I do, here are the links to years past! Enjoy! [read] Keywords: lotusphere

A mystery......
Wed, Dec 4th 2013 7:36a   Andy Donaldson
So it's that time of the year again when all the good little Domino Admins and Developers get all starry eyed and anxious with the anticipation of going to Lotuspher...I mean Connect. One of the fun things that goes on at the event is the "Wednesday night party" at one of the local Orlando theme parks. For me, that's always something I look forward to. Not much of a thrill ride person myself, but enjoy the themes of the parks. In years past, it was a closely guarded secret on which park [read] Keywords: domino community twitter

Domino Developers in Michigan, listen up!
Wed, Oct 23rd 2013 12:10p   Andy Donaldson
Our pal Ray Bilyk's company is looking to hire an on-site Domino Developer! That's right, a job in Domino development is currently up for grabs in Detroit! Check out Ray's blog for more details! Good luck! [read] Keywords: domino development

The 8.1 Upgrade Blues
Fri, Oct 18th 2013 9:10a   Andy Donaldson
If you hadn't heard yesterday, Microsoft officially released their latest operating system, Windows 8.1, to the populace. With much excitement to officially get a "Start" button back, I raced off to the interwebs to try and download the software. Problem was, I had downloaded and installed the Windows 8.1 preview on my personal laptop. That was a problem. Well, not really a problem, but a pain. You see, to get the latest version I had to go through a refresh process which basically took [read] Keywords: applications google laptop microsoft

The curious case of the Trash folder design
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 8:25a   Andy Donaldson
I know. It's been a while and this post has nothing to do with photography...until I mentioned it just now. But I wanted to write this one out before I forget. Had a user call this morning saying that they had created a folder in their mail file and it took the design of a Trash folder. So when the user tried to drag and drop a message out of that folder, they go a message: "You cannot drag and drop out of Trash with Soft Deletes enabled. Please use Restore instead." Okay, this was a new [read] Keywords: admin collaboration domino sametime google

10 bloggy years
Thu, Aug 15th 2013 6:23a   Andy Donaldson
10 years ago today, this happened Well, I'm still here. 827 post later, the blog remains. There are actually 880 posts in total, but there are some posts that I just write to get things off my chest and don't post. Various reasons, of course. When I started this thing, my intention was to join a chorus of others dedicated to spreading their knowledge and experiences. Being social. All before the time of tweets and Facebooks. I'm happy with what it has accomplished over the years. I [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere email facebook

My Birthday Edicts - OBEY!
Fri, Jun 28th 2013 7:14a   Andy Donaldson
So today I celebrate the 44th anniversary of my birth. Still am amazed I made it this far. But with the love of a good women at your side and two wonderful kids, it's not all that hard. But this morning after I awoke, I had a revelation. One day, the birthdays for me will end. Okay, I'm not saying that to be morbid, so stick with me here. But yes, one day I will slip loose from this mortal coil and no longer be "here". Okay, a little heavy, yes. So that has led me to come up with my [read] Keywords:

Windows 8 and Wifi Goofyness.
Tue, Jun 4th 2013 9:06a   Andy Donaldson
Well, I did it. I got a laptop for my new business. But, it's not an Apple. Those things are expensive you know. What I did end up getting is an Asus Q200E. It's a small form factor laptop that has Windows 8 and a touch screen. I'm not at all impressed with the Metro look of Windows 8, but, I do like it for the size. Fits great into my camera bag and is fast enough to get work done quickly in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. But the problem I came across yesterday when I brought it into wor [read] Keywords: notes apple laptop macbook microsoft office wifi wireless

Getting Windows RT to work with IBM Notes Traveler 9 and a Domino self-signed SSL cert.
Mon, Apr 15th 2013 1:19p   Andy Donaldson
Over the weekend I had the opportunity to upgrade my administration server and production/test Traveler server to the new and improved IBM Domino 9 and IBM Notes Traveler 9. Now, with fresh social scent!Being that I had things upgraded to the latest and greatest, I wanted to take advantage of setting up our test Windows RT device we have in the office with the new server. I found on the wiki that the steps seemed pretty straight forward, (see Wiki article here), and followed the instructions t [read] Keywords: administration domino ibm ldd lotus notes traveler office server wiki

It might not have been called Lotusphere......
Sun, Feb 10th 2013 5:30p   Andy Donaldson
But it sure as hell felt like it. I wanted some time to pass before I put my two cents in on this years event in Orlando that they used to call Lotusphere. First off, it was an emotional time for many. Many felt that this years conference would be their last either due to changing jobs or changing tides within their respective companies. Unfortunately, this was the last conference for one poor soul that wanted nothing more then to enjoy a day out with friends on a motorcycle. Change is alw [read] Keywords: collaboration domino lotusphere notes notes client blogger community facebook planetlotus skype twitter

Lotusphere/Connect Protip - Whatdoyaknow? You CAN use Traveler too!
Fri, Jan 18th 2013 5:46a   Andy Donaldson
Yesterday I posted a tip here on the House O' Blog about using mail rules to forward your often overlooked conference mail to an email account you check more frequently. After posting that, my buddy Don McNally pinged me on Twitter wondering if Traveler could be used like he had in the past. I hadn't noticed anything on the page that stuck out about that and didn't think much about it further. That was until this morning and I was on the site taking a look around and I see this. The infor [read] Keywords: lotusphere traveler email iphone mobile twitter

Lotusphere/Connect Protip - Don't neglect the conference mail
Thu, Jan 17th 2013 6:29a   Andy Donaldson
For years there has always been a lot of complaints/jokes about the Lotusphere Online, now SocialBiz Online, user experience. Okay, I agree that spinning up a system for the community to use for a month and then tearing it down doesn't make for great adoption. However, for customers like me, I do find some use out of it. Not getting to play with Connections a lot, (yes, I know there is Greenhouse), this is nice because it forces/reminds me to use it. Then, there is the mail system included [read] Keywords: connections inotes lotusphere community

Need to test Traveler for Android but don't have one?
Thu, Jan 3rd 2013 12:51p   Andy Donaldson
Seems like there is a flood of some good Traveler knowledge being shared by Andy, so I wanted to throw something in that I use as well. (Us Andy's have to stick together after all, right!?)When I was asked to put in Traveler, that wasn't too big of a deal. Install Domino.Install Traveler.Open firewalls and other things.Enjoy.But then that opened up another can of worms for me. Now that we had Traveler and we can support iOS and Android devices, I also had to test the upgrade process on thos [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes traveler bleedyellow bleedyellow.com google iphone network server

Later, 2012.
Wed, Dec 19th 2012 10:21a   Andy Donaldson
So I'm sitting in the office right now and it's almost time for me to scamper out of here for the rest of the year. 2012 was a busy year for me. Spent a lot of time working on stuff outside of work, which is a good thing. So here's my random rundown of the cool things, at least for me, that happened this year. Spoke at Lotusphere 2012. Couldn't have done it without the help and support from my family putting up with me talking to the wall in the basement for a month while I practiced. [read] Keywords: lotusphere facebook mac office twitter

Update on Domino Directory to LDAP migration
Sun, Dec 16th 2012 3:30p   Andy Donaldson
Well, it's done. I migrated my Sametime infrastructure this morning to support LDAP. A lot of people had warned me it wasn't pretty. They were right. I got a nice early start in hopes that I would get done quick. That didn't happen. It took over three hours to get the first server updated. The problem I ran into which I hadn't seen before was that my Domino program folder and data folder are on too different drives. So when you run the stnamechange.cmd file, it's assuming the data f [read] Keywords: domino ibm sametime sntt blogger server

Andy's Guide to Whaterver We're Calling It.
Sun, Dec 9th 2012 8:51a   Andy Donaldson
For the past several years, I've written a blog post that, for me at least, grew into a themed fun post on what to do to get ready for another Lotusphere. We're under 50 days away from the conference that we formally knew as Lotusphere and I'm having a bit of a problem this year. Yes, change does happen and I'm okay with that. But going into this years Lotusphere, the winds of change are blowing and they are even gusting a bit. Several of the things on the prior lists no long longer seem [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes sametime blogger community database iphone laptop network planetlotus planetlotus.org properties sharepoint wifi wireless

My Connect 2013 abstract has been.....
Thu, Dec 6th 2012 1:17p   Andy Donaldson
Declined. Am I sad? Maybe a little, but not really. I'm actually kind of relieved that I'm not presenting this year. I can head to Orlando and enjoy myself! Relax! Learn lots of good stuffs! No stressing out all week leading up to the session. I mean, I did get to speak at Lotusphere 2012, the last time the conference was officially called Lotusphere. And I did get to share the stage with Tom! I also got to present the same session again at MWLUG2012 in Pittsburgh and, I had my son Ale [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere notes notes client blogger google

SnTT-Sametime Woes (Domino Directory to LDAP) - Now Happy!
Wed, Nov 28th 2012 3:36p   Andy Donaldson
In my previous post, I was pretty upset with the instructions I found online about migrating my IBM Sametime Entry 8.5.1 installs to LDAP from the Domino Directory configuration they were set up with. So, I decided to document my steps in case someone else along the way comes across the same issue. YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY depending on how your environment is set up, so take this with a grain of salt. Again, I'm using Sametime Entry 8.5.1. Let's begin. Also, I've decided to make it a SnTT p [read] Keywords: administration domino ibm lotus notes notes client sametime sntt application blogger database network password server wiki

Sametime Woes (Domino Directory to LDAP)
Wed, Nov 28th 2012 7:53a   Andy Donaldson
For the past couple of days, I have been having a real problem. And that problem is Sametime. I have been tasked with getting an instance of Sametime Standard up and running in our environment. Most of that work has been done by a consultant who knows what he is doing. While he is working on finishing that up, I have decided to test the steps of getting my current environment of Sametime Entry migrated to talk to the new Sametime Standard servers. You see, long ago when I installed Sametime [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes sametime blogger server wiki

It's been a while
Sun, Nov 25th 2012 2:00p   Andy Donaldson
I haven't been much of a blogger lately, so I figured I would use this lazy Thanksgiving Day weekend Sunday to catch up. Well, I've been busy. Both at the office and at home. At the office, I'm still working with someone to get Sametime up and running. But here's a pro-tip, when deleting snapshots of VM, don't revert to a much earlier one accidentally and not have a back up available. A whole lotta work got deleted and likely this person will pound me in the noodle next time he see's [read] Keywords: lotusphere sametime blogger mac office vm

iOS 6 oddness and Lotus Traveler Part 4 - It's fixed!
Thu, Nov 1st 2012 1:32p   Andy Donaldson
Okay, if you've been following the saga of the calendar entries with iOS6 and Traveler not playing nice, it appears to be fixed. Just after lunch today I saw that iOS 6.0.1 had been released to the public and on the last bullet item of fixes it stated: Fixes a bug affecting Exchange meetings So when I had a few minutes this afternoon and after getting a ping from Sam on Twitter, I reconfigured my iPhone to authenticate with Firstname Lastname rather then my internet email address, which was [read] Keywords: ibm lotus traveler apple blogger bug email exchange exchange iphone twitter

Not under NDA - Call for abstracts are open...DO IT!
Wed, Oct 17th 2012 10:24a   Andy Donaldson
In case you've been under a rock the past week and missed it, the call for abstracts for Lotusphere...I mean, Connect 2013 is open! It pretty much still appears to be Lotusphere for the faithful, so don't let the name change scare you off. (At least for now) So why would you want to submit an abstract for Connect?I think the question should be, why wouldn't you? Have an idea for a session? DO IT! Submit it!I did last year. Yes, I was nervous. Yes, it took a lot of my personal time and [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger facebook

iOS 6 oddness and Lotus Traveler Part 3 - Off to Apple!
Thu, Oct 4th 2012 12:30p   Andy Donaldson
Greetings, true believers! (Yes, I know I stole if from Stan Lee) Just heard back from IBM's dev team on the ongoing issue we've been seeing in the last couple of blog posts. IBM states the following: "This appears to be caused by the logon name having a space in it. I was able to recreate this with Exchange, so am working on getting an Apple bug opened. Hopefully this does not impact as many users. So you don't have to configure with the internet name as logon but right now the logon mus [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes traveler apple application blogger bug exchange exchange google profile server

iOS 6 oddness and Lotus Traveler - The saga continues
Wed, Sep 26th 2012 5:24a   Andy Donaldson
If you have been following my story on the blog, you know that I tripped across an issue with iOS 6 after upgrading last week. To review, here's a quick video I posted on what I was experiencing: So after seeing the behavior on devices connected to either a server running Lotus Notes Traveler Build 201202250956 or Lotus Notes Traveler Upgrade Pack 1 Build 201209141855, (which is 8.5.3 UP1 IF1), I opened a PMR with IBM support. After checking the PMR status online Friday, [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes traveler application blogger bug email google profile server

iOS 6 oddness and Lotus Traveler
Fri, Sep 21st 2012 9:19a   Andy Donaldson
Like a happy child on Christmas morning, I jumped at the chance the other day to download and install the latest and greatest iOS upgrade from Apple. Things appeared to be working properly as we ran through our test script and we gave it the thumbs up. But then I got the phone call. From an executive. Very high up executive. We all just love those calls, don't we? At least he's cool about things with technology and is willing to work with us. The issue he is having centers around creat [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client traveler apple blogger iphone

Artsy Collaboration at Cleveland Ingenuity Fest 2012
Sun, Sep 16th 2012 1:19p   Andy Donaldson
(Editors Note: I don't normally cross-post blog entries with my photo site, but I felt this had value to my tech blog as well.) The Cleveland Ingenuity event is a amazing. It's a mix between art, technology and music. It's a place were local groups can perform in front of large numbers of people. Local artists can display their works. Thought leaders present are given a chance to lead presentations and discussions. It just has a really cool vibe. Sights and sounds filling the senses. O [read] Keywords: collaboration blogger email google instant message

Never Forget.
Mon, Sep 10th 2012 10:00p   Andy Donaldson
[read] Keywords: blogger

MWLUG2012 and my session slides
Sun, Aug 19th 2012 7:19p   Andy Donaldson
Pittsburgh! What a great town. Big city mixed with the mid-west. Okay, I know some people don't think it's a big city, but I disagree. Last Wednesday morning, my son Alex and I headed over to attend two days of learning and collaborating. Well, I did the learning and Alex did the networking. I wanted him to attend a conference like this to have him get an idea of a group of people that get it. Being "social" and doing it for the common good. He seemed to enjoy himself and made some new [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes blogger google networking

Something exciting I'm involved in
Tue, Jul 10th 2012 5:14p   Andy Donaldson
I don't normally cross post stuff between my blogs. I've always treated it like the Ghostbusters, never cross streams. But this time I'm going to make an exception. Check out my latest entry on my photography site, TuscPics.com, for some big news about something I was asked to be a part of. Sorry for the ASWish post, but, I'm excited. [read] Keywords: blogger

Tech for cheap: Saving money on a new iPad
Mon, Jul 9th 2012 4:52p   Andy Donaldson
I knew it wasn't going to take long. Back when the new iPad first was released, I knew Denise was going to want one. So once again back to the old saving pennies we went and this past week we were able to order her very own iPad. But because my wife is so incredibly awesome, I didn't have to shell out full price for the iPad. If you don't already know about it, Apple has a really good program on their website but you just have to know where to look for it. Apple sells refurbished iPads. Meani [read] Keywords: apple blogger google

Mon, Jul 2nd 2012 7:03a   Andy Donaldson
Happy Birthday, Alex. Your Mom, sister and I love you. Buddy too, of course. The world is yours for the taking. Don't ever be afraid to grab for it. [read] Keywords: blogger

Time sure does fly
Sat, Jun 16th 2012 4:03a   Andy Donaldson
13 years ago this morning, Denise and I were in the mini-van and heading down to the hospital. It was a beautiful, chilly, clear sunny summer morning. Almost downright cold, actually. And at 10:26 AM the doctor said, "You better take a look now, Dad". I did. And I saw the most beautiful little girl emerge into this world. As she was lying under the "french fry light" as I called it, I promised her that I was going to love her forever and always protect her. Minutes later, she met her [read] Keywords: blogger

A postcard from along the "Migration Trail" - Revisited
Sun, Apr 22nd 2012 11:39a   Andy Donaldson
While I'm sitting in my hotel room awaiting completion of a few mega .pst files to finish being converted into a Domino mail database, I remembered I wrote a post about migration a while back. Kind of weird that it's almost 3 years to the day I wrote it. Even more funny that most of the post still holds true. But this time, I did have to travel. I have to be in the office tomorrow morning at 6 A freakin M to make sure everyone is working properly. So, if you are about to start your life a [read] Keywords: domino lotusphere notes archive blogger blogSphere database exchange exchange network office outlook server vm

Andy Donaldson and the quest for the iPad 3
Fri, Mar 16th 2012 3:40p   Andy Donaldson
Okay so it's not really the iPad 3 but it is the new iPad. Our adventure started off today at about quarter of five when I woke up and decided I was going go ahead to Best Buy. I finally had enough money saved that I could get my very own iPad and I decided I was going to wait until the announcements came out a week ago to make my move. Should I get a new iPad or should I go for a lower price iPad 2? So after some online consultation for others and after hearing the announcement it was decided [read] Keywords: blogger google iphone skype

Android - I'm just not feelin it (Yes I'm venting about Android, again)
Mon, Jan 30th 2012 10:33a   Andy Donaldson
Maybe it's because I'm getting older and don't feel like screwing around with stuff like I used to. But when it comes to Android tablet devices, I'm just not getting it. I've been using them for a couple of months now and they just don't stand up to an iPad. At least for me. At Thanksgiving, I stayed up all night to snag an online deal for a Dell Streak 7. When it arrived, I was like a kid at Christmas. Immediately set forth on setting it up with all the cool stuff I could. Skype, w [read] Keywords: lotus traveler apple blogger google integration iphone ipod skype

LS12 SHOW103 - How to use InstallShield Tuner for IBM Lotus Notes
Mon, Jan 23rd 2012 6:32a   Andy Donaldson
I've uploaded my slide deck from my presentation and now it's available for all in handy PDF format. Click here to access the files. Enjoy! [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes blogger google

Lotusphere 2012. It Wasn't The End Of The World After All.
Sun, Jan 22nd 2012 6:43p   Andy Donaldson
It's done and in the books.I've started this blog post about 300 times in my head I think. The run downs has been posted about what an incredibly awesome OGS it was last Monday morning and what an incredibly odd CGS on Thursday. No need to repeat it here, so I won't. Lotusphere, in name, still remains. They even announced at the end of the OGS the dates for Lotusphere 2013. I speculated on here that this would be the last one and next year the event would be under a different name. I wa [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger community network

The one overlooked Lotusphere item. The Playlist.
Thu, Jan 12th 2012 6:15a   Andy Donaldson
Remember the mix tape? Back in the day, it was the soundtrack of your life. As soon as you got your drivers license it was one of the first things you did. Well, that's not true. I remember doing the "tape a song on your boom box off the radio" deal to get all the songs you like when I was younger. But still, you wanted your music to go with you. Now fast forward 30 years and most all of us of some form of iToy or DROIDDDDDDDDD..... And those devices make it pretty simple to take tunes [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger pearl

I present my poem, honoring Lotusphere 2012
Wed, Jan 4th 2012 12:41p   Andy Donaldson
Twas 10 days before Lotusphere and what have you doneTo prepare yourself for the onslaught yet to come?The early morning BOF's, with a quick breakfast to followA day full of sessionsToo much knowledge to swallow? The showcase floor, full of bright shinny thingsThe receptions and partiesAnd plenty of networking Away from your homes and family you'll beThe late nights with friendsSinging a little Karaoke. So relax for now, and get plenty of sleepBefore you know itYou'll be rubbing your sore fee [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger networking

13 Years a Dad
Wed, Dec 14th 2011 5:22a   Andy Donaldson
Dear Alex, It was on this day in 1998 that I "officially" became a Dad for the first time. In a courtroom in Tuscarawas County, OH in front of a judge, I made my intentions known. And after several minutes of Q&A it was done. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was over before we knew it. But I realized as I was dating your Mom that we were meant to be together as a family forever. Your Mom, I know, agrees with that as well. In fact, you were the one to call me Dad first without an [read] Keywords: blogger

How to use InstallShield Tuner for Lotus Notes - SHOW103
Mon, Dec 12th 2011 3:58p   Andy Donaldson
That's right gang. I'm one of them too Stop on down the Swan - Osprey 1 & 2 on Thursday, January 19, 2011 and see my Show 'n' Tell session entitled.... How to use InstallShield Tuner for Lotus NotesI was hoping to be able to get lasers, flashpots, orchestra, clowns, Bengal Tigers, Beagle puppies and magicians, but IBM wasn't going to go for it. Instead, you get me. Ya. Sorry about that. But stop on down and check it out! [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes blogger

Andy Donaldson and the case of the missing LotusNotes853.itw
Fri, Dec 9th 2011 10:41a   Andy Donaldson
So if you've been following my manic tweets lately, you may have picked up that I'm doing a session at Lotusphere 2012. My session stems from a document I wrote up, and have tried to keep updated, several years about about InstallShield Tuner for Lotus Notes. Great app, free, learn all about at my Show -N- Tell. Since I am putting together the session slides, I have to go through and do step by step screenshots. Not a big deal. But, when you're using InstallShield Tuner, one of the requi [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere notes blogger google

Going to the big leagues. Speaking at The 'Sphere
Tue, Dec 6th 2011 4:52a   Andy Donaldson
Yesterday like many others, I got word that my session abstract for Lotusphere was accepted. I'm speaking at Lotusphere! So stay tuned to your local conference guide for date and time of my Show 'n' Tell "How to use InstallShield Tuner for Lotus Notes", presented in living color! Let the freak out begin! [read] Keywords: lotus lotusphere notes blogger

My 2 cents review: Dell Streak 7
Thu, Dec 1st 2011 7:18p   Andy Donaldson
If you have been following me at all on Twitter or the Facebook, you know that I am a tech whore. I love gadgets. Drives my wife nuts. I have always been all about having information on the go. Back in 1999, it was my Philips WinCE device that I just HAD to have. Neat and fun device. Even had the built in modem, 14.4 I think. But that started my addiction. From there, it went on to Palm Pilots, Treo's, Kyocera Palm smartphone, BlackBerry's, iPod Touch, Droid X, iPhone....iPad. Ya, I h [read] Keywords: lotus notes traveler application applications blackberry blogger facebook iphone ipod skype twitter

Today, I am thankful
Thu, Nov 24th 2011 3:10p   Andy Donaldson
Here in the states today we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. So I want to take a few minutes and post my thoughts about what I'm thankful for. - I am thankful that I have the love and support of my best friend and partner, Denise. I can never fully put into words the amount of love I have for her. - I am thankful for my son Alex. For being a part of his journey through his life. - I am thankful for my beautiful daughter, Mary Elizabeth, aka Molly aka peanut. Seeing her mothers beauty and my [read] Keywords: blogger

Andy's Guide to Lotusphere 2012 - It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine edition!
Thu, Nov 17th 2011 5:33p   Andy Donaldson
2012It's mention brings to mind images of apocalyptic scenarios that have been predicted for years! Plague....wars.....famine.....Lindsey Lohan in Playboy. Pretty scary stuff. And like in many January's before, in a little known town in the heart of Florida, an event will once again occur. But will this be the end? Will this be the last Lotusphere as we know it? The signs are there. The Lotus name is disappearing... I even saw this at the store the other night The signs man, the signs... [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes sametime traveler blackberry blogger blogSphere community database iphone laptop lotususergroup.org network planetlotus planetlotus.org podcast properties sharepoint twitter wifi wireless

"Lotus"phere 2012 - The end as we know it?
Tue, Nov 1st 2011 6:36p   Andy Donaldson
Seems like the chatter is picking up early this year. And after reading tweet's, blog comments and other social media, one question keeps coming to mind already. Will this year be the last "Lotus"phere as we know it? Does it matter? No. Is change good? Yes. Is it time for IBM to dropkick the Lotus name to the vapors of the Interwebs? Last year, I was all against it. I believe in brand recognition. But time changes things and I think that this change would be a good one. For the product li [read] Keywords: ibm lotus blogger

Coming Soon......
Fri, Oct 28th 2011 7:34p   Andy Donaldson
Stay tuned, true believers! [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger

A IBM Lotus Traveler heads up in an iOS 5 world
Mon, Oct 17th 2011 10:30a   Andy Donaldson
As I was working on my Traveler server this weekend, I started noticing an error scrolling by on my server console that I had not seen before, nor could find any information about online. 10/17/2011 11:40:02 AM Lotus Traveler: SEVERE CN=UserName/OU=BabaBooey/O=DERP Response is null for command FolderCreate and should not be null with status 200 10/17/2011 11:40:04 AM Lotus Traveler: SEVERE CN=UserName/OU=BabaBooey/O=DERP Unknown command: FolderCreate So, of course, I opened a ticket with t [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes traveler blogger server

A Traveler security "issue"
Wed, Oct 12th 2011 8:27a   Andy Donaldson
Once again, repeat after me, "IBM Lotus Traveler just works." Amen. That's been the mantra since it's release and it does just work. But I found an issue this week that had me calling support. And with their help we got it fixed. Here's the scenerio. As part of our policy with mobile devices, you have to have approval for certain ones to be used. When someone connects one to the system, we put them into "Deny Access" mode until they are allowed. For one user, we set their deny acce [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes traveler blogger database mobile security server

10 Years
Sat, Sep 10th 2011 8:50a   Andy Donaldson
This weekend, we remember the victim's of 9.11.2001. I'm not going to try and put into words the anger and sadness that still fill my heart today. Instead, I'm simply going to offer this. The flag pictured above arrived in the mail one day. Included with the flag, was this document. Since receiving this, it has had a special place in my office. But it didn't feel right leaving it down there this weekend. This is not a flag I was weathered and destroyed, this is something to hold on to f [read] Keywords: blogger office

So let's give this a whirl!
Thu, Sep 8th 2011 1:30p   Andy Donaldson
The goo folks at Google have decided to release an iOS app for Blogger hosted sites. I, of course, have mine hosted there so I figured I would download it and give it a try. I like the fact you can add location and pictures from the mobile device to your entry. So this was just a test blog post. Nothing to see here, move along. Update: I see a problem already. In the title field, I entered "Let's give this a while!" It did not like the 's, so it of course added the other crap there. Lesson [read] Keywords: blogger google mobile

Getting social in the comfort of your own home!
Wed, Aug 31st 2011 10:26a   Andy Donaldson
As the school year starts to get into swing, Andy's House O' Blog is happy to share with you some simple steps on how to use (free) social tools to keep everyone on the same page. In our household, we all have Google accounts, mobile devices and different schedules. So for the kids to know when Mom is working, if I'm out of town or even worse, when I'm cooking dinner because Mom is working late, it's all readily available. So if you haven't thought about this, it can work better then th [read] Keywords: lotus notes traveler blackberry blogger email google mobile

SnTT - Synchronize Contacts: A warning
Thu, Aug 25th 2011 8:16a   Andy Donaldson
One of the best features introduced in the R8 code stream was the Synchronize Contacts feature on the replicator page. If you are unfamiliar with this gem, it will automatically put any contacts that you have stored locally in your personal address book and place them in the hidden view $Contacts in the mail file. Very useful for making your contacts available on iNotes and mobile devices. Before, it was a manual process and often forgotten about. But as I have come to find out this week, t [read] Keywords: inotes notes R8 sntt blogger desktop laptop mobile

WTFrak, IBM?
Tue, Aug 23rd 2011 12:40p   Andy Donaldson
Ok. I don't normally write conspiracy posts. I really do try to stay away from them. But when I read today that Mary Beth Raven was leaving IBM, I got to wondering. What is going on there? A social company letting one of their most social people go? They have met her, right? She brings the noise AND the funk to conferences. But, what is going on there?There has been a wave of exits, mainly European based, over the past couple months. But someone as widely known and respected among most [read] Keywords: ibm blogger community planetlotus planetlotus.org

Mon, Aug 15th 2011 5:51a   Andy Donaldson
8 years ago, I wrote this: Greetings. My name is Andy, and I will be your host into my psyche. So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy what I have to say. And with that, Andy's House O' Blog was born. Thanks to everyone that has stopped by over the years and added to this collective of knowledge. It's grown into what I wanted it to be. And maybe a little more. It's also been the launchpad for other endeavors of mine. Being stuck in a flooded river valley. Groping around in the dark wit [read] Keywords: blogger blogging google

The "Application did not get installed" error message from hell!
Tue, Aug 9th 2011 5:51a   Andy Donaldson
Getting Lotus Notes 8.5.1 rolled out at my company has not been that big of an issue. Seriously. It's been a rather smooth experience. People love it! A lot of testing went into the final package and a lot of pride, too. So when this error message started showing up: (Image stolen from IBM Support site) I was getting a little miffed. While not an unknown or unseen error, it's one that we just couldn't figure out the root cause. To fix it, you simply shut down the client, delete the [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client application blogger network workspace

I'll never forget.
Fri, Jul 8th 2011 10:30a   Andy Donaldson
Growing up, I always heard the comment, "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" For me, that's simple. I wasn't even born yet. But this morning I watched, at work streaming over the Interwebs, the final launch of America's Space Shuttle program. And I remember all the important times and where I was. August 12, 1977 - I was 8 years old. Back then Star Wars and everything space was the hot topic. I remember plain as day sitting in my bedroom in Detroit trying to run out the clock to wa [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger enterprise

Does this thing still work?
Wed, Jun 15th 2011 1:20p   Andy Donaldson
Posted via email from Andy Donaldson's posterous [read] Keywords: blogger email

Possible major Android/Traveler headaches ahead!
Tue, Jun 14th 2011 5:33p   Andy Donaldson
Got home this evening and saw this Technote regarding Android phones that stop synching after an upgrade to 2.3.x. It's not a Traveler issue though. The evil Google Over Lords are to blame for this mishap. Read all about it here [read] Keywords: ibm traveler blogger google

So since the Lotus brand name is dead and/or dying...
Mon, Jun 6th 2011 7:03p   Andy Donaldson
It's time for a song to sing it away. With apologies to Hall & Oates, "Let's play finish the lyrics!" To the tune of "She's gone"Everybody's high on social software Everybody's trying to coll-ab-orate.. Some people are worried about the name Lotus but it's plain to see, it's still Notes to me Sorry Yellowsphere for this imposition I think we've got it, got the strength to carry on.... I need a drink and a DB2 server Now it's up to me, will my(Can't think of anything here)Cho [read] Keywords: lotus notes blogger db2 server social software

My son, Alex. Part 2. He did it!
Sat, May 28th 2011 4:53a   Andy Donaldson
Photo by John P. Donaldson, Jr.Well, what else can I say about this kid? He did it! He gave Autism another black eye. Alex walked across the stage last night to receive his diploma. But this is just another chapter in the long novel of his journey. In August, a new chapter begins and a new set of challenges. But for now, we celebrate this major milestone. It's always great to see those moments when he knows he did it. That extra spark in his eye. That extra spring in his step. Just pl [read] Keywords: blogger

War and Peace - A review. Plus, musing about NYC
Thu, May 19th 2011 8:35p   Andy Donaldson
This week, myself and a co-worker were fortunate enough to go to the Metropolis of New York City to attend the inaugural "Mobile War and Peace Workshop - Lotus Traveler: The Limits and Beyond" presented by Teamstudio and led by the one and only, Mr. Paul Mooney. Now, if you are a frequent reader of the old "House O' Blog", you might ask why I would want to attend a workshop on Traveler since I have already implemented a setup in my work environment. I asked myself that question too to be [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus traveler blogger mobile networking

Google Calendar, Lotus Traveler and an awesome community!
Fri, May 6th 2011 10:28a   Andy Donaldson
So I was playing around with adding my Google calendar into Notes calendar this week. I really like that feature. My family, at my poking and prodding, is using Google more and more to keep everyone on the same page. At least, it's my attempt to keep everyone on the same page. With my wife working different hours week to week and the kids year end activities being all over the place, it's nice to have that central "cloud" point to sync us all up. Plus, I'm trying to draw a line in my l [read] Keywords: admin agent domino lotus notes notes client sametime traveler blogger community database google ipod mobile profile server

My son, Alex.
Mon, Apr 18th 2011 10:25a   Andy Donaldson
_MG_9593, a photo by Macian on Flickr.Too often I forget that my blog is not just about my exploits in the world of Lotus Notes/Domino, but it's also my sounding board for things in the world. This is my son, Alex. In just over a month, he graduates from high school and a few months after that, will go off to college. Alex was diagnosed with PDD-NOS back when he was 3. It's one of the many flavors of Autism. He has overcome much and will have plenty more to overcome ahead of him. Friday nigh [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes blogger

SnTT - Another fun day with Traveler
Thu, Apr 7th 2011 5:26p   Andy Donaldson
Had two things come up today that I wanted to share with the class. Both were goofy things with Traveler. Not bad, just goofy oversights on our part. Ready? Here goes. My buddy from the hardware team, (the group that is responsible for taking care of all things hardware, including mobile devices), calls me first thing this morning from the executive floor. One of the execs was having an issue with items in the outbox on his iPhone not sending. The iPhone was just sitting there in the conne [read] Keywords: admin domino lotus sntt traveler blogger iphone mobile profile security server

The journal.nsf conundrum
Mon, Mar 28th 2011 11:40a   Andy Donaldson
Ah, Monday's. You just gotta love them. Mine started out like most others. A mess and lots of different things to do. As always the Director of Infrastructure, (who's office I unfortunately sit right outside of), seems to pick up on my vibe that I have a lot to do. So, he calls me into his office to answer questions. Least of which was how to sync his personal Journal, now called Notebook in Lotus Notes 8, to his mail file so that it gets onto his BlackBerry. Okay, no big deal. I take [read] Keywords: agent ibm inotes lotus notes notes client application blackberry blogger google laptop office

My odd Lotusphere experience. Attack of the squirrel!
Sun, Feb 27th 2011 4:50p   Andy Donaldson
I'm sure most anyone that attends Lotusphere has a story of something odd happening to them. This year, I had a REALLY odd thing happen to me. No, it wasn't me doing my Bobby Darin at Kimonos. It was the demonic squirrel attack. I was lucky enough to score a ground level room with a patio at the Dolphin. I loved it because at night, I could go out on the grass under the stars to enjoy a cigar in the warm night air. At least, warmer then what was up in Ohio. So on one of the mornings there, [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger

Beware of forced encryption with IBM Lotus Notes Traveler
Mon, Feb 21st 2011 9:24a   Andy Donaldson
Had an another interesting issue pass through my desk today. A user had just set up his iPhone to use IBM Lotus Notes Traveler. Always a happy sight to see the gleam in their eye as they get to play with their new toys. But that gleam quickly went away when every message that was sent down to his iPhone looked like this: Now I'm talking about EVERY message. Both intentionally encrypted and not sent encrypted. Of course, this makes using the iPhone kind of a pain since you would have to [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes traveler blackberry blogger iphone

Today's Traveler issue - Name lookup and the power of Getting Social
Tue, Feb 8th 2011 7:50p   Andy Donaldson
Had a weird issue come up today that I hadn't seen before. One of the support team came to me today saying that someone with in our organization couldn't find their name when they do a name look-up against the corporate directory on the iPhone. But here's the kicker. The person has a last name with just 3 characters. And, his first name has just 3 characters. So here's what I did to troubleshoot. 1. Looked up other names. Like mine. No problem. Both first and last name. 2. Looked u [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusphere traveler blogger community iphone mobile server twitter xml

Andy's Guide To (Post) Lotusphere 2011 - Looking in the rear view mirror
Thu, Feb 3rd 2011 11:05p   Andy Donaldson
Well kids, we made it through another Lotusphere, haven't we? Every year leading up to Lotusphere, I come up with my yearly guide to get us all ready and revved up for another week of drinking from the fire hose of knowledge. This year, I'm going to start a new tradition. The what to do after Lotusphere. At least my opinion.First things first. GET HOME SAFE. Get home. Kiss your spouse or significant other. Kiss your kids. Kiss your pet. Unless it's a goldfish, kind of gross. Unpack. [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere bleedyellow blogger blogging community enterprise facebook network networking office planetlotus planetlotus.org twitter

Andy's Guide To (Post) Lotusphere 2011 - Looking in the rear view mirror
Thu, Feb 3rd 2011 9:50p   Andy Donaldson
Well kids, we made it through another Lotusphere, haven't we? Every year leading up to Lotusphere, I come up with my yearly guide to get us all ready and revved up for another week of drinking from the fire hose of knowledge. This year, I'm going to start a new tradition. The what to do after Lotusphere. At least my opinion. So now that it's over, what are we to do? Simple. Get Social. Do Business. Sound familiar, doesn't it? Well, settle in, because here's my take on it. Get Social: I [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere bleedyellow blogger community facebook networking twitter

Lotusphere 2011 Report - Breaking news! Lotus NOT dead after all! Film at 11. Wednesday, February 2
Wed, Feb 2nd 2011 10:25p   Andy Donaldson
Well, I'm glad to have gotten something cleared up tonight at the This Week in Lotus taping that was held live here at Lotusphere 2011. IBM's Kathy Mandelstein joined the panel and when the question of if the Lotus brand name was no longer going to be with us, the answer was NO. Once the podcast is posted, I will post a link to it here so you can hear it directly from her. So that's great news. There was also a lot of great discussion on the podcast, so do take a listen. I apologize if my [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere blogger podcast

Lotusphere 2011 Report - Lotus"less" Lotusphere? Tuesday, Feburary 1
Tue, Feb 1st 2011 8:47p   Andy Donaldson
Let's just be clear from the start. I'm not trying to be a turd disturber. Seriously. I woke up this morning and read this post by Peter Presnell from last night about this being the last Lotusphere. Click here to read it. And then it got me thinking of something someone said to me the other day about the backpack too. There's a lack of the name Lotus on things around here. Notes Next. Domino Next. Connections Next. Not Lotus Notes Next or Lotus Domino Next, etc. See where I'm going [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes sametime show and tell blogger planetlotus planetlotus.org

Lotusphere 2011 Report - Where's the meat? My take on the OGS Monday, January 31
Mon, Jan 31st 2011 11:39a   Andy Donaldson
Dear IBM, I love your product, Lotus Notes. I really do. I was excited to see the "Next" version of the product line. Very refreshing. I also really like that the college kids were brought in to experience this for themselves as well. And actor Kevin Spacey as the guest speaker, awesomeness. But, where was the marketing this morning? Seriously. You are telling us the success stories with the panels during the OGS, but, how are the policy and decision makers back at the office going to learn a [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere notes blogger office

Lotusphere 2011 Report - What are you looking for in the OGS? Sunday, January 30
Sun, Jan 30th 2011 8:24p   Andy Donaldson
Once again dear friends, we descend upon Orlando and immerse ourselves in education and discussion regarding the product line we all know and love. IBM Lotus Notes and Domino. And all the other products that go along with it. Sunday at Lotusphere is reserved for Jump Start sessions and deep dives into different areas of the product line. I attended a few of those today and was happy to know that at least on my Lotus Traveler implementation, we're doing it right. Sunday is also reserved for [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes traveler blogger office

And so it begins...Lotusphere 2011
Sun, Jan 30th 2011 6:30a   Andy Donaldson
Yup. It's 8:30 on a Sunday morning in late January which means one thing. Lotusphere has begun. Stay tuned. There's lots more to come! Location:Epcot Resorts Blvd,Southwest Orange,United States [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger google

Booty calls courtesy of PlanetLotus.org?
Fri, Jan 28th 2011 1:35p   Andy Donaldson
So I check my email this afternoon and I get this message: Wow. Who knew? I guess that whole "eye candy of the Lotus blogging community" thing I made up for myself is paying off? Happy travels, ya'all. [read] Keywords: lotus blogger blogging community email planetlotus planetlotus.org

Neat app for the iPad
Wed, Jan 26th 2011 5:00p   Andy Donaldson
Since I get to borrow the iPad from work for the trip to Lotusphere, I was of course looking for cool apps to put on there. I think I have a new favorite. Flipboard. It's a cool that that takes your feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader and others and puts it in a nice magazine format. Best of all, it's free. [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger facebook google twitter

Troubleshooting IMAP - Slaying the beast
Wed, Jan 26th 2011 10:35a   Andy Donaldson
I don't know a whole lot about IMAP other then it's a protocol used in mail and it's a pain in the butt. A couple of years ago we had to start using IMAP to support some internal processes that require systems to connect to the IMAP enabled mail file and process workflow. But when it breaks, it's a pain point. This morning it broke again. Normally when it breaks in our test environment, a reboot of the server clears up the connection errors that are occuring. But when one of the system admin [read] Keywords: domino lotus application blogger database password properties server

This is a test. This is only a test
Tue, Jan 25th 2011 10:30a   Andy Donaldson
So I was able to score the iPad from work for Lotusphere. Huzzah! This is just a test blog entry to see how easy it is to create a new blog entry with my BlogPress app. So far, I like it. [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger google

Twas the week before Lotusphere. A poem...(kinda)
Fri, Jan 21st 2011 11:37a   Andy Donaldson
Twas the week before Lotusphere and what have you doneTo prepare yourself for the onslaught yet to come?The early morning BOF's, with a quick breakfast to followA day full of sessionsToo much knowledge to swallow? The showcase floor, full of bright shinny thingsThe receptions and partiesAnd plenty of networking Away from your homes and family you'll beThe late nights with friendsSinging a little Karaoke. So relax for now, and get plenty of sleep Before you know itYou'll be rubbing your sore f [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger networking

So far, the Lotusphere weather forecast is looking good!
Thu, Jan 20th 2011 6:00a   Andy Donaldson
http://www.accuweather.com/us/fl/orlando/32801/forecast-month.asp This looks a lot better then the 3-8 inches that the weatherman said for today. [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger

Something new to play with before Lotusphere
Wed, Jan 19th 2011 5:10p   Andy Donaldson
Mitch Cohen and I were chatting on twitter last week about possible apps to use for live blogging the OGS, and that's when I found BlogPress. It's a pretty neat little app that allows for creating blog entries and posting them to Blogger, WordPress or several other services. Even will post pictures from the iPod Touch right to the post as well. We'll see how well it works on the iPad I get to borrow from the support team for Lotusphere. Neat tool! [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger blogging google ipod twitter

My Lotusphere Schedule
Tue, Jan 18th 2011 10:10a   Andy Donaldson
Looks like my dance card is pretty full: (Click image to enlarge) I'm not a speaker so I'm really not tied down to having to be at any particular place at any one time. But as my calendar is showing, it's filling up quickly. And as the company I work for is good enough to continue to send and support me going, I will be in the one place I need to be, my seat. Soaking up as much as possible. And taking lots of notes...about Notes and Domino and Sametime and Traveler and etc. And blogging. [read] Keywords: domino lotusphere notes sametime traveler blogger blogging twitter

A Lotus Traveler upgrade issue - Self-inflicted
Sat, Jan 15th 2011 8:50a   Andy Donaldson
Let's face it. Lotus Traveler has been the true gem in the Lotus software portfolio. All of us who are Admins of the server know, it just works. So going into today's upgrade of my production server from beta to the full 8.5.2 version I didn't think it was going to be a big deal. But then the problems started. But as I came to find out, they were self-inflicted. After upgrading to the latest 8.5.2 code and applied FP1, I saw that there was a hot fix available for the server to resolve an [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus traveler blogger ipod mobile password server

An interesting iPad/Traveler situation this week
Fri, Jan 7th 2011 6:19p   Andy Donaldson
Had an interesting situation happen with an iPad this week that I wanted to share with the class.A user brought our support team an iPad to set up for him. Not a big deal, right? Our team followed standard protocol for setting up the iPad, usually an extremely painless and quick process. But after installing Traveler on the iPad, the device would not sync. Thinking that an error had occurred during installation, they removed the Traveler account, I deleted the device on the server and they s [read] Keywords: lotus traveler apple blogger enterprise iphone ipod mobile profile server

Blocked Senders List, a story of pain.....(Epilogue)
Wed, Jan 5th 2011 4:15p   Andy Donaldson
When you last joined me here on the House O' Blog, you may have read my frustration with regards to the Blocked Senders List in Lotus Notes. After having a day to think about it and let it soak in, my frustration for Lotus Notes has waned and I now see things a little more clearly.The fact is the higher-higher up that was having the issue is someone that is well known in the community. His email, like many executives, is easily available on the Internet for anyone to snag and use. Vendors or [read] Keywords: lotus lotusphere notes blogger community email security

Blocked Senders List, a story of pain.....
Tue, Jan 4th 2011 7:10p   Andy Donaldson
One of the features that was introduced in Notes 7 that has provided many a happy user with some measure of control over the spam they receive is the Block Senders Feature within the mail file. In my experience, it works pretty well. But just before the holidays, one of the higher-higher up's ran into a problem with his list. Any time he wanted to add an address to the list, he was told that he reached the maximum and it wouldn't allow him to add any more. Doing a quick search, we found th [read] Keywords: domino ldd lotus notes blogger database email google twitter

My 2010 - Looking Back
Thu, Dec 30th 2010 7:59p   Andy Donaldson
I know it's a cliche thing, writing a year in review post, but it's always good to look back before moving forward, right? 2010 seemed like it was a year of change and growth for me and the family. Was a tough year for the household to get through on a couple of things. But we made it through together as a family. And, it made us stronger and more able to discuss things that go on in life and not be afraid to face it. On the blogging side of things, I felt like I kind of let it go a little [read] Keywords: lotus lotusphere sametime blogger blogging facebook twitter

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