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Moving VMWare VMs from PC to Mac
Tue, Nov 25th 2014 175
Incorrect alias returns
Mon, Nov 24th 2014 192
About anonymous mail files and missing views
Sat, Nov 1st 2014 191
About annonymous mail files and missing views
Fri, Oct 31st 2014 234
New mail account
Wed, Aug 6th 2014 116
Got a new cert
Tue, Jul 29th 2014 105
Resource reservations
Tue, Jun 10th 2014 108
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About annonymous mail files and missing views
Fri, Oct 31st 2014 234
Incorrect alias returns
Mon, Nov 24th 2014 192
About anonymous mail files and missing views
Sat, Nov 1st 2014 191
Moving VMWare VMs from PC to Mac
Tue, Nov 25th 2014 175
New mail account
Wed, Aug 6th 2014 116
Resource reservations
Tue, Jun 10th 2014 108
Got a new cert
Tue, Jul 29th 2014 105
8.5.3 FP1 does not fix issue with "Error Accessing Product Object Method" in all situations
Mon, Apr 9th 2012 103
Retire a Domino domain but still route mail addressed to it
Tue, May 20th 2014 101
Added staging names to Connect 2014 downloadables
Wed, Jun 4th 2014 101

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Moving VMWare VMs from PC to Mac
Tue, Nov 25th 2014 8:50a   Andy Pedisich
Like so many of us in Tech, I use a lot of virtual machines daily. I wanted to move all my VM's I have on my Laptop to a new MAC. I did a ton of searching on how this is done and came up with the ... [read] Keywords: laptop mac vm vmware

Incorrect alias returns
Mon, Nov 24th 2014 8:00a   Andy Pedisich
Weird issue. All names have been changed to protect the innocent. User's address is john.smith@mycompany.com. Suddenly when customers reply to his emails they are coming in to "Tom Clark". I check D ... [read] Keywords: notes

About anonymous mail files and missing views
Sat, Nov 1st 2014 1:06p   Andy Pedisich
I've been seeing a problem that seems to happen relatively often. There are mail files that suddenly seem to lose their minds. Instead of the traditional username, mail server name, and unrea ... [read] Keywords: server workspace

About annonymous mail files and missing views
Fri, Oct 31st 2014 1:53p   Andy Pedisich
I've been seeing a problem that seems to happen relatively often. There are mail files that suddenly seem to lose their minds. Instead of the traditional username, mail server name, and unread ... [read] Keywords: server workspace

New mail account
Wed, Aug 6th 2014 7:30a   Andy Pedisich
I am working on a project where I have been given a new mail account. It doesn't matter where or what it is, it's new. Just for fun, with only 4 messages in my inbox so far, I am trying to disciplin ... [read] Keywords: notes

Got a new cert
Tue, Jul 29th 2014 7:40p   Andy Pedisich
About a week ago I completed a new level in IBM certs. I passed the IBM Smartcloud Notes Hybrid Config and Onboard Data Transfer test. I had to take a special training course to be allowed to take ... [read] Keywords: ibm notes


Resource reservations
Tue, Jun 10th 2014 1:40p   Andy Pedisich
You can't change resource documents or add a new reservation if the server you're on is not the administration server for the R&R database. Hold that thought. If the ACL says that the admin serv ... [read] Keywords: acl admin administration database reservation server

Added staging names to Connect 2014 downloadables
Wed, Jun 4th 2014 3:10p   Andy Pedisich
If you're doing domain consolidations, I've added the Staging Names address book that I use. It has some agents that might be helpful. We've done quite a few major domain consolidations over the pas ... [read] Keywords:

Recent contacts changing outbound from address
Sun, Jun 1st 2014 8:04p   Andy Pedisich
Heads up about another strange recent contacts action. In my contacts, there is a recent contacts entry for a variation of my Notes name, Andrew Pedisich. It's listed under my Notes email address, w ... [read] Keywords: notes email

Retire a Domino domain but still route mail addressed to it
Tue, May 20th 2014 7:30p   Andy Pedisich
You want to collapse two domains into one. Then at the end, you'd like to remove all servers from the OldDomain from the environment. All you want to have around are servers in the NewDomain. Befor ... [read] Keywords: domino

Links to terms you should know
Sun, Mar 30th 2014 11:10a   Andy Pedisich
KERBEROS It's the term in the list that's not an ancronym. It requires a third party to let 2 nodes prove their identity to each other. It fits lightly into the analogy of the 3 headed dog, Cerberu ... [read] Keywords:

All geeks should know the meaning of these acronyms
Tue, Mar 25th 2014 7:00p   Andy Pedisich
It's just my opinion of course, but I do think that all professional geeks should know the meaning of these acronyms. Although to be honest, one of them isn't an acronym. KERBEROS SPNEGO SPF DKI ... [read] Keywords:

IBM Connect 2014 was a lot of hard work and fun
Fri, Jan 31st 2014 10:50a   Andy Pedisich
We survived another trip to Orlando! YAY! Yes, Rob and I went to IBM Connect 2014 this week, which has a special track called the "Lotusphere Technical Program." While this is a scaled down versio ... [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere

We’re doing two sessions at Connect 2014
Sat, Jan 4th 2014 10:10a   Andy Pedisich
Well it's happened again. We've be approved to do two session at Connect 2014. I am humbled and yet proud. Our two sessions are: Session schedule: JMP402 : Master Class: Reaping Rewards and Avoidi ... [read] Keywords:

When ID Vault seems to stop working properly
Mon, May 20th 2013 7:40p   Andy Pedisich
Had a situation recently where a user kept getting the message that their certificate had expired. But we were using ID vault and had recertified the person doc. Certificate still expired? I had j ... [read] Keywords: id vault

Speaking at Medford Leas
Wed, May 1st 2013 7:00p   Andy Pedisich
This Friday, May 3rd, I'm going to be speaking at Medford Leas. It's a retirement community for people over 55. The title of the session is, "Embrace Technology." I am really looking forward to it! ... [read] Keywords: community

Boston retrospective
Mon, Apr 22nd 2013 7:30p   Andy Pedisich
Boston and the Admin conference was very much like a dream at first. Rob and I were on Amtrak near Providence on our way to Boston when we heard the news. I got a text from my wife Linda, and we imm ... [read] Keywords: admin

Finished Jumpstart session
Tue, Apr 16th 2013 2:10p   Andy Pedisich
I just posted the sessions that I am doing this week at the Admin conference in Boston. Follow the link to Admin 2013 resources on the top right of the webpage. There's still time to get here. Lot ... [read] Keywords: admin

In Boston after a most tragic day.
Mon, Apr 15th 2013 9:00p   Andy Pedisich
By now everyone knows about the state of Boston today. Rob and I heard it unfold on our Amtrak ride from Philly. Our 2:30 train put us on the road in the helpless position of just watching it unfold ... [read] Keywords:

My GalaxyQuest
Mon, Mar 18th 2013 7:00p   Andy Pedisich
Earlier in March I was on a Skype chat with Andrew Pollack of The North, staunch technologist and all around good guy. We were working on an Android issue with Traveler. I was bemoaning the fact that ... [read] Keywords: traveler skype

Here’s a straight up quickie from Paul Mooney and Gab Davis presentation AdminBlast!
Tue, Feb 26th 2013 1:40p   Andy Pedisich
If you've ever had a failover and users got angry because it took a long time for the email on the failover to happen, this tip is for you. Tip #26: Cluster servers and view indexes Clustering works ... [read] Keywords: email

Admin 2013 is back in Boston - get a discount before Thursday
Mon, Feb 25th 2013 4:00p   Andy Pedisich
I speak a lot. Not just in the sense of talking over dinner or with someone I meet at the store. Connect/Lotusphere 2013 was my last time to stand up in front of a crowd and say something technical. ... [read] Keywords: admin lotusphere

Technotics Presentation from Connections13 and newest statrep.nsf
Tue, Jan 29th 2013 12:30p   Andy Pedisich
I did my Advanced Monitoring and Alerting Techniques presentation at Connections 2013 on Sunday afternoon. I'd like to thank everyone who attended. It was a fun two hours and we had a lot of laughs ... [read] Keywords: connections

Tracking the space station in Orlando
Sat, Jan 26th 2013 9:10p   Andy Pedisich
You'll have to get up pretty early in the morning to see it. But I guarantee it will be worth it. There are people in that lighted up sky object. Heck, you'll probably still be up! SATELLI ... [read] Keywords:

Sunday at Connect 2013 Rob Axelrod and Andy Pedisich at 1:30 PM
Sat, Jan 26th 2013 8:51p   Andy Pedisich
We've made to to Orlando and we are ready to rock.! Sunday's rocking at 1:30 in the: JMP404 Master Class: Advanced Techniques for IBM Domino Server S. Hem I Monitoring and Alerting Rob Axelrod, Andy ... [read] Keywords: domino ibm server

What’s that smell??? ***Guest Connect 2013 (Lotuphere) Post by Rob Axelrod***
Fri, Jan 18th 2013 11:20a   Rob Axelrod
It is the smell that gets me. I’ve been all over the world and in hundreds of hotels and nowhere else in the whole wide world smells exactly like the Dolphin & Swan hotels. Maybe it is the chlorin ... [read] Keywords:

Connect2013 Session submitted - here’s a preview
Mon, Jan 14th 2013 4:20a   Andy Pedisich
I submitted my presentation for the Master Class I am doing at Connect 2013 in Orlando the end of the month. It's a session on advanced Domino server monitoring and alerting. Among the things I will ... [read] Keywords: domino server

How I run traveler on a laptop, but only on my own wireless network
Thu, Jan 3rd 2013 10:40a   Andy Pedisich
Here's how it works. Or maybe I better say here's how it's working for me. Install a Domino server and Traveler on your laptop. DUH. You need a wireless network, of course. It will be only be ava ... [read] Keywords: domino traveler laptop network server wireless

Running Traveler for test purposes - only in your office
Wed, Jan 2nd 2013 11:40a   Andy Pedisich
I figured out a way to run a traveler server on my laptop in the office only, not on the Internet, yet you can still reach it with your mobile devices and have a full fledged Traveler server operation ... [read] Keywords: traveler laptop mobile office server

Doing sessions at Connect 2013 - Not your father’s sessions either
Wed, Jan 2nd 2013 11:30a   Andy Pedisich
I forgot to mention that Rob Axelrod and I are doing a couple of sessions at IBM Connect2013. Rob will be doing his best to mix it up at the session called Integrating your Domino Infrastructure into ... [read] Keywords: domino ibm

Still a great way to make sure mail flow is optimum
Mon, Nov 26th 2012 3:30p   Andy Pedisich
You know the symptoms. You have heavy email flow through a gateway system and sometimes it just can't keep up. Why is that? Is it because some user was sent a list of all users in the company in ... [read] Keywords: email

Hard drive crash on my laptop and concerts
Tue, Sep 18th 2012 10:00p   Andy Pedisich
Hard drive crashed on my laptop. Dell had a replacement at my office in less than 18 hours. Recovery drive contained a Vista 64 install. I set that up in 2 or three hours and then overwrote and res ... [read] Keywords: laptop office vista

Mcafee tests my patience
Mon, Aug 27th 2012 9:00p   Andy Pedisich
Last Saturday, August 25th 2012, one of the older desktop systems in my office received a Mcafee update. It's the oldest system in the house, and I use it for music, iPhone backups, surfing... not bu ... [read] Keywords: desktop iphone office

Posted presentations from Admin/Dev 2012 in DC
Tue, May 22nd 2012 7:50p   Andy Pedisich
It was nice seeing some old friends and acquaintances at the Admin/Dev conference in DC. My hearty thanks to all who attended. I've posted the four presentations I did, along with the STATREP.NTF t ... [read] Keywords: admin ntf

This Friday - last day to save on Admin/Dev 2012
Wed, May 2nd 2012 8:20a   Andy Pedisich
Lots of good speakers and sessions at this year's Admin/Dev in DC. Http://www.adminsmackdown.com Easy to get to, and there will be experts you can interrogate. It's like education plus free consult ... [read] Keywords: admin

Purge Interval Replication Control (PIRC) prevents unwanted replication of deleted documents
Mon, Apr 16th 2012 12:10p   Andy Pedisich
I just happened to notice this in the advanced database properties as I was setting up DAOS for a customer doing a technology refresh. There was nothing about it in the Admin Help database, so I di ... [read] Keywords: admin database properties

Admin/Dev 2012 - just finished a jumpstart
Sun, Apr 15th 2012 8:10p   Andy Pedisich
It's almost time once again for this year's Admin Smackdown. It's in Washinton D.C., MAY 16-18. Come on May 15th to the jumpstart day and you'll be able to attend my session on "Best practices for s ... [read] Keywords: admin

Another case of dropping AV software from Domino servers
Tue, Apr 10th 2012 9:51a   Andy Pedisich
I'll leave you to decide whether this makes sense to you. We found out recently that another Notes shop decided to completely rip out the anti-virus software running as a Domino task on their Domino ... [read] Keywords: domino notes virus

8.5.3 FP1 does not fix issue with "Error Accessing Product Object Method" in all situations
Mon, Apr 9th 2012 7:20a   Andy Pedisich
Right, still getting it the error. This, of course, is the error "Error Accessing Product Object Method". Users see it when they open their mail files using an R8.5.3 client on an R8.5.2 server. I ... [read] Keywords: R8 server

Fixpack 3 for 8.5.3 has been released - no wait, that’s FP1!
Mon, Mar 26th 2012 12:11p   Andy Pedisich
It's FP1 for 8.5.3! (I was sleepy when I wrote this.) This one fixes an issue that was really bugging me. When a Release 8.5.3 client accesses their mail file on an R8.5.2 server, they sometimes ge ... [read] Keywords: R8 server

Fixpack 3 for 8.5.3 has been released
Mon, Mar 26th 2012 9:50a   Andy Pedisich
This one fixes an issue that was really bugging me. When a Release 8.5.3 client accesses their mail file on an R8.5.2 server, they sometimes get the error message, "Error Accessing Product Object Met ... [read] Keywords: R8 server

Got questions about Notes Freetime-Busytime? Theres a great webcast coming up
Tue, Feb 21st 2012 9:30a   Andy Pedisich
There is an event coming up titled: Open Mic Webcast: Troubleshooting freetime (busytime) issues in Lotus Notes - 28 February 2012 http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg27023671 In case ... [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes

IBM posts issue about bug in 8.5.3 PUBNAMES.NTF
Thu, Feb 2nd 2012 1:51p   Andy Pedisich
An Admin friend sent me this little tidbit a few moments ago. http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/nflsblog.nsf/dx/policy-regression-issue-853-pubnames.ntf It's not a problem that will affect everyone. To ... [read] Keywords: admin ibm ldd lotus ntf bug

Breaking news: use of "premise" to describe "place" officially acknowledged by OED
Thu, Jan 26th 2012 7:30p   Andy Pedisich
Not a day goes by that I don't learn something. From a comment to my previous post I have been reminded that grammar indeed does adapt to the way we use language, and I learned that the Oxford Englis ... [read] Keywords:

The English language vs cloud discussions - A horse walks into a bar
Sat, Jan 21st 2012 2:50p   Andy Pedisich
I was busily downloading a bunch of presentations from Lotusphere 2012 when I once again, for the upteenth time, happened on the incorrect usage of a word. This word is being kicked around a lot beca ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Technotics launches new web site - announces new cloud services
Tue, Jan 17th 2012 1:21p   Andy Pedisich
Evolution. It's why mammals are still around and the dinosaurs are only in movies. We are proud to announce that we've launched a new Technotics web site at http://www.technotics.com. It has a ne ... [read] Keywords:

Hello Lotusphere 2012!
Sun, Jan 15th 2012 11:00a   Andy Pedisich
5 or 6 years ago I would come to Lotusphere and see people that I hadn't seen in a year. Each time I ran into someone we went through a little pre-conversation dance. It was like this: "Hey! How ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Location at the LS12 Sunday Night Reception
Mon, Jan 9th 2012 8:20a   Andy Pedisich
We'll be at the reception on Sunday night, weather permitting. We usually try to hang out here, since it is far enough from the bands that you don't have to shout. You can pretty much forget cell ph ... [read] Keywords:

Here’s a great explanation of Social Business
Sun, Jan 8th 2012 6:20p   Andy Pedisich
I found this because of a post on Bruce Elgort's blog. It's one of a series of videos posted on YouTube by IBM. Thanks Bruce! This particular one features IBM's Irene Greif, who is the Director of ... [read] Keywords: ibm

Cloud Generates New Job Descriptions
Thu, Dec 29th 2011 12:10p   Andy Pedisich
Many messaging and collaboration professionals currently in development and and administrative roles kind of wonder what will happen to them during the shift to the cloud. Will their jobs go away? Wi ... [read] Keywords: collaboration development

Slight issue with Domino directory locking policy fields by default
Fri, Dec 2nd 2011 10:10a   Andy Pedisich
The issue here is not a biggie for me, but it is worth talking about. I'm into exposing stuff, especially when I don't see people talking about it. The desktop policy settings document for widgets ha ... [read] Keywords: domino desktop widgets

Lotusphere session abstracts submission deadline has been extended
Mon, Nov 7th 2011 11:10a   Andy Pedisich
Attention Geeks, System Administrators, Developers and other people with more or less outgoing natures who want to make a bit of a splash for themselves: The deadline for abstracts for LotusFear 2012 ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

NICE: The tool to use when a Notes client install breaks horribly
Fri, Oct 7th 2011 11:40a   Andy Pedisich
I've spent a lot of time beating up a particular test workstation. I've done multiple installs, un-installs, and re-installs with R6.5, R7.0.2, R7.0.2, and 8.5.2. I've done this using multi-user, si ... [read] Keywords: notes notes client R6 R7

AdminSmackdown in Barcelona
Tue, Sep 27th 2011 7:00p   Andy Pedisich
Will you be anywhere near Barcelona in November? You should be. It's one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe. From November 16th to the 18th, Barcelona will be hosting The View's Admin Europe 201 ... [read] Keywords: admin

Lotusphere 2012 Dates Announced
Mon, Aug 29th 2011 3:50p   Andy Pedisich
It's back! Lotusphere 2012 So what abstracts should I submit this year? Hmmmm.... -Andy ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

5 Hour Outage for Office 365
Wed, Aug 17th 2011 10:43p   Andy Pedisich
This is not a slam. It's just a fact. The incident start time was 3:00 PM. That means it was 3 hours between the outage and the beginning of the restore of service. And my math says it was 5+ ... [read] Keywords: office

Notes/Domino Release 8.5.2 Fix Pack 3 hits the streets
Tue, Jul 19th 2011 6:50a   Andy Pedisich
You might want to check out the details on the latest fixpack for Release 8.5.2 of Notes/Domino. http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/r5fixlist.nsf/8d1c0550e6242b69852570c900549a74/b23767bb4ff78657852578d1005 ... [read] Keywords: domino ldd lotus notes notesdomino

Catching up - posting sessions from Admin2011
Tue, Jul 5th 2011 12:40p   Andy Pedisich
It's the beginning of the second half of 2011, and I am attempting the big Ketchup. Here's why. We spent from June 20th until June 24th soaking up the 106+ degrees of Las Vegas with an astounding 20 ... [read] Keywords:

Admin2011 Las Vegas, not over, but having a great time
Wed, Jun 22nd 2011 11:00p   Andy Pedisich
This is one of the best crowds ever and an admin conference. There are around 450 admin and such here, and the sessions have been lively with a lot of instant feedback, And I have only done two so f ... [read] Keywords: admin

Java timezone different from OS timezone trashes Traveler
Mon, Jun 13th 2011 6:43p   Andy Pedisich
Last week we moved a Traveler server from a Windows 2003 server to a Windows 2008 server. Problems started right off the bat. Calendar and messages were like 3 hours off when we went for a sync with ... [read] Keywords: traveler java server

Results: Should you run an anti-virus as a Domino server task
Tue, May 31st 2011 8:03a   Andy Pedisich
Will you benefit from running an anti-virus solution as a Domino server task? The answers surprised me. And by the way, I heard from people though many mediums. I received responses from direct m ... [read] Keywords: domino server virus

Age old question: is it worth it to run an anti-virus task on your Domino server
Wed, May 25th 2011 8:30a   Andy Pedisich
A question came up this morning, and not for the first time, about anti-virus solutions and Domino. The question do Domino based anti-virus programs actually have value. I can flip that into, how ma ... [read] Keywords: domino server virus

Admin Smackdown in Las Vegas
Tue, May 17th 2011 6:40p   Andy Pedisich
I'm planning on a very ultra busy June. It's not like I'm not busy now, but I expect things to get more frantic in June. And June is just about my favorite month of the year. It's nice and warm, ... [read] Keywords: admin

A 6.5.0 Smartupgrade and the chained R8.5.2 FP2 install for multi user
Fri, Apr 29th 2011 8:10a   Andy Pedisich
I have been working on a Notes 6.5.0 to R8.5.2 FP2 upgrade. I had forgotten all of the improvements made to SmartUpgrade and the client code in general. Most environments had moved to 6.5.4 or above ... [read] Keywords: notes R8 smartupgrade

An evening with Cake
Mon, Apr 18th 2011 7:30a   Andy Pedisich
Last night we saw and heard Cake at the Keswick Theater in Jenkintown, PA, about 1/2 hour outside of Philadelphia. They are appearing there tonight as well and I think there are tickets still availab ... [read] Keywords:

64 bit single sign on fixed in R8.5.2 FP2
Wed, Apr 13th 2011 12:00p   Andy Pedisich
I think that "tardy" is a word that I haven't used since I was late for school. Nonetheless it is probably tardy of me to mention this. Lotus Notes single sign on using a 64 Bit version of Windows ... [read] Keywords: lotus notes R8

Epsilon security breach affects almost everyone
Mon, Apr 4th 2011 9:50a   Andy Pedisich
Not everyone is going to be affected by the Epsilon security breach. My cats, for example, have no email accounts, so they will be OK. Ironically, they both love fishing. But many many many other u ... [read] Keywords: email security

Fixpack 2 fixed more bugs than in fixlist
Fri, Apr 1st 2011 12:10p   Andy Pedisich
There is usually more than meets the eye with FixPacks. That's why IBM/Lotus is always surprised when administrators consider them "optional". I had a user who could not see the body text in his mai ... [read] Keywords: ibm lotus

Fix Pack 2 for Release 8.5.2 is available
Mon, Mar 28th 2011 1:00p   Andy Pedisich
New fixpacks are kind of an anomaly. Just when you think everybody knows about one being released, you find someone who is surprised to know it's happened. This newest one was released last week. G ... [read] Keywords:

Sametime and RDP don’t play well together
Tue, Mar 22nd 2011 6:20p   Andy Pedisich
Let's file this one under... "Here is one of their stories that 'never happened'...from one of their files... that 'doesn't exist'." So there's an old Sametime 7 server in a weird location, but it s ... [read] Keywords: sametime server

Two quick things you might want to know, or not
Wed, Feb 23rd 2011 1:40p   Andy Pedisich
Quick and dirty. Geeks only. First... If you're trying to figure out what Traveler version your server is running, you can just ask it: Tell traveler version It will spill out something like: Lo ... [read] Keywords: traveler server

A tribute to Watson
Thu, Feb 17th 2011 7:03a   Andy Pedisich
:: Abstract not available :: [read] Keywords:

Free sloppy code developed by Admins for renaming folders
Tue, Feb 8th 2011 6:30p   Andy Pedisich
Rob Axelrod and I support a bunch of domains. As you might suspect, there are all kinds of issues that make their way through the food chain to us. One of them was a case where a user with a 6 year o ... [read] Keywords:

More on Java GetAllDocumentsbyKey issue
Tue, Feb 8th 2011 11:40a   Andy Pedisich
Thank you to everyone who threw in their two cents on the Jave based GetAllDocumentsbyKey problem I am seeing. Thanks you for the responses to this blog, Jesse and Richard. There were also emails, an ... [read] Keywords: java

Issue with getdocumentsbykey in Java - probably not affecting everyone
Fri, Feb 4th 2011 10:20a   Andy Pedisich
We've gone through a lot of the right channels on this one. IBM was engaged. I'm trying to figure out if it's just our problem or if anyone else has it as well. The issue is this line in a little J ... [read] Keywords: ibm java

Additional downloads available from our LS11 presentations
Thu, Feb 3rd 2011 9:50a   Andy Pedisich
I'm wasting no time getting the info up from Lotusphere 2011. Here's the link to the additional downloads from Lotusphere. There is an Excel 2003 version of the analysis spreadsheet and also a prese ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

The Mighty Domino Configuration Collector
Wed, Feb 2nd 2011 10:30p   Andy Pedisich
I've decided that the Lotus Domino Configuration Collector document, which was actually item #6 in my list of future things to post, should be the thing I post first. As I have mentioned, Rob and I d ... [read] Keywords: domino lotus

Things I will post in the coming days
Wed, Feb 2nd 2011 7:30a   Andy Pedisich
Here is some stuff I will post. 1. Some other presentations showing how to do the extreme statistics extraction in some other formats. 2. Some other spreadsheet templates in some other ... [read] Keywords:

Wow, what a Lotusphere!
Tue, Feb 1st 2011 9:10p   Andy Pedisich
This turned out to be quite an extraordinary Lotusphere. First and foremost, I'd like to personally thank all of the attendees who came to our sessions. When we first found out that our Sunday ope ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

try again
Mon, Jan 31st 2011 6:40a   Andy Pedisich
Lotusphere2011 ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere2011

live blogging-Now
Mon, Jan 31st 2011 6:30a   Andy Pedisich
Lotusphere 2011 ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogging

Posting live from Lotusphere 2011
Mon, Jan 31st 2011 6:20a   Andy Pedisich
Cripes, I am still out of it from last night but I made it. I'm sitting in the bloggers section next to andrew pollock. I'll see if I can get something live goingon here. Guest speaker, Kevin Space ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Lotusphere Speakers - Check your LSOnLine email!
Fri, Jan 28th 2011 9:20a   Andy Pedisich
I was talking to a bunch of grizzled old Lotusphere speakers a few days ago. These are the vets, the experts, the proud, yet sometimes cynical people that really give value to Lotusphere on a grassr ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere email

Our sessions at Lotusphere 2011
Wed, Jan 26th 2011 6:50p   Andy Pedisich
I'll be heading down to Orlando town on Saturday for Lotusphere 2011. It will be good to see old friends again. In the old days, you'd hit The Fear and usually you really had no knowledge of what an ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Backtracking into 2010: AdminEurope - feedback from a birds-of-a-feather on server performance
Mon, Jan 10th 2011 2:20p   Andy Pedisich
In early December, 2010, I had the pleasure of speaking with some other dedicated geeks to a group of dedicated European geeks at the AdminEurope conference in Copenhagen. It was great fun, since Eur ... [read] Keywords: server

Here’s why I was looking at the loopback adapters
Wed, Jan 5th 2011 10:13a   Andy Pedisich
I know it must seem pretty esoteric to be yabbering on about the right addresses for loopback adapters. But the conversation is really an extention of something that started before last year's Lotusp ... [read] Keywords: microsoft

127 is reserved for Loopback addresses - but that’s what I’m using it on
Tue, Jan 4th 2011 9:41a   Andy Pedisich
Does it not say that this is a loopback adapter? Maybe if I sneak up on it. -Andy ... [read] Keywords: microsoft

A little backtracking into 2010 - How some European IT departments decide what phones to support.
Tue, Jan 4th 2011 8:50a   Andy Pedisich
When I did The View's Admin Europe 2010 conference in the beginning of December 2010, Rob Axelrod, Susan Bulloch and I had the pleasure of hosting a Birds of a Feather on remote devices. First of al ... [read] Keywords: admin

2010: The year I gave up on broadcast digital TV
Sat, Jan 1st 2011 1:50p   Andy Pedisich
You can't fault me for trying. I was curious. I wanted to see what it was like. DTV, I mean. We have had broadband and cable access for almost 20 years, pretty much since it was available. I was j ... [read] Keywords:

Adventures in overheating laptopness
Thu, Dec 2nd 2010 7:30p   Andy Pedisich
Alice has been hot for the last several months. I couldn't back her up or she would overheat and shut down. I couldn't do a video Skype Chat without overheating and shutting down. It was messy. ... [read] Keywords: laptop skype

Hubble Telescope Advent Calendar
Thu, Dec 2nd 2010 1:10p   Andy Pedisich
When I was a kid we used to have an Advent Calendar on the wall in the dining room this time of year. This was a Christian calendar of the month of December where each day was represented by a little ... [read] Keywords:

A nice tip from someone else
Sun, Nov 28th 2010 8:50p   Andy Pedisich
I'm finishing up the Thanksgiving holiday weekend by rediscovering Frank Zappa for the upteenth time. Tonight I am re-listening to "He used to cut the grass," from the "Joe's Garage" record. I wish ... [read] Keywords:

Happy 12th Birthday to Technotics!
Mon, Nov 22nd 2010 8:50p   Andy Pedisich
It's hard to believe. Technotics just turned 12 on November 16th. And just many other busy dads, I forgot its birthday. I'm going to try to make it up to Technotics by taking it to a football game ... [read] Keywords:

DAOS Savings, a new app, and Sufjan Stevens
Thu, Nov 11th 2010 2:00p   Andy Pedisich
Just a few quickies here. Rolled out DAOS to 4 production sized servers. Saved an average of 30% total storage space. In real numbers that was 1,741 GB, which is 1.7 TB. Rolled out a customized se ... [read] Keywords:

John Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity
Mon, Nov 1st 2010 4:10p   Andy Pedisich
Last Saturday, October 30th, I had the pleasure of attending the John Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity. Linda and I took the train from Philadelphia to Washington DC with a couple of friends. It was ... [read] Keywords:

Speaking at the Tri-state Lotus User Group
Fri, Oct 8th 2010 10:40a   Andy Pedisich
This coming Monday, December 11th, I will join a number of excellent speakers for a one day event in New York City. It's the Tri-state Lotus User's Group and it's happening at 590 Madison Avenue in N ... [read] Keywords: lotus

Already planning for a new trip - this time to Copenhagen and Admin Europe 2010
Tue, Oct 5th 2010 11:23a   Andy Pedisich
Yes, I've barely got my feet back onto US soil and I'm already planning another adventure. This time, I'm headed to a place in Europe that doesn't use the Euro. No, it's not the UK, although you ... [read] Keywords: admin

Arcade Fire takes video to new heights
Tue, Sep 28th 2010 9:20a   Andy Pedisich
Get Google Chrome. Then go here. http://www.thewildernessdowntown.com Be prepared to make a picture or type some words. Don't worry. The birds will avoid your mouse pointer. Arcade Fire's song i ... [read] Keywords: google

Our day in Koln at the Cathedral
Sun, Sep 19th 2010 8:01p   Andy Pedisich
I'm a day behind in postings, but here goes. Friday we hit the cathedral in Koln, which is a magnificent place that took hundreds and hundreds of years to finish. Keep your eye on the spires. We ... [read] Keywords:

Aachen Visit
Sun, Sep 19th 2010 5:00a   Andy Pedisich
Friday, we took a day trip to Aachen to see the cathedral and see what the town is doing for their annual holiday. It's a great town which a cathedral that has been through a lot since 1200. I spott ... [read] Keywords:

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