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Infographic: What is a Social Business?
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 5
Ten steps to build a social business!
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 3
Norways largest diary producer launches IBM Connections as their social intranet!
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 3
Social Business Adoption Workshop with Michael Sampson in Oslo, Norway
Wed, Apr 23rd 2014 40
Well said and worth thinking about
Wed, Apr 16th 2014 149
Saves 90 %: Swedish Social Insurance Agency migrates to Linux and Open Source
Thu, Mar 27th 2014 134
Social Business Adoption: Three exciting days with Michael Sampson in Oslo, Norway!
Thu, Mar 13th 2014 123
Top 10
- This is just awesome! It is the most fantastic I have seen for years!
Fri, Feb 7th 2014 401
Video: Energizing Life’s Work with a cloud-based social platform. A matter of life or death for your company.
Wed, Sep 18th 2013 300
IBM Infographic: Reinventing the rules of engagement
Thu, Jan 30th 2014 227
IBM Connections have better sync and share technology than both Dropbox and Microsoft – according to Forrester
Wed, Aug 7th 2013 218
Infographic: 35 good habits that make you more productive
Sun, Mar 2nd 2014 207
There is only one boss. The customer
Sun, Mar 2nd 2014 205
Video: The best speech I have ever watched!
Tue, Feb 25th 2014 204
Video: Wherever, whenever – energize your lifes work and become more productive
Fri, Feb 7th 2014 203
IBM Connections vs. Microsoft Sharepoint: Social Personal File Management
Sun, Jul 7th 2013 178
Only IBM can make you do this on an iPad!
Thu, Nov 21st 2013 159

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Infographic: What is a Social Business?
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 6:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
Filed under: News, Social Business Tagged: Social_Business [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Ten steps to build a social business!
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 6:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
Filed under: News, Social Business Tagged: Social Business [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Norways largest diary producer launches IBM Connections as their social intranet!
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 6:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
In spring 2014, TINE launches a new, social intranet for all their employees, with IBM Connections as one of the core components.  TINE SA is Norway’s largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products. In june the company will present their project at the Social Connections conference in Prague. Here you can learn more about TINE’s project with focus on experiences with launching a social intranet; the strategy, the deployment, the technology, the success and the pitfalls, an [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm sametime development enterprise facebook integration tivoli twitter

Social Business Adoption Workshop with Michael Sampson in Oslo, Norway
Wed, Apr 23rd 2014 12:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
Michael Sampson is the world leading resource regarding adoption of social business in the enterprise and organizations. He travel all over the world with his seminars and consultancy on how to succeed transforming your business into a culture of highly engaged employees that share skills, information that are super productive. From May 5th to May 8th he is in Oslo doing workshops in cooperation with Common Norway. There are still some seats open, but please be quick if you want to participate. [read] Keywords: email enterprise facebook twitter

Well said and worth thinking about
Wed, Apr 16th 2014 11:17p   Arne S. Nielsen
I don’t have Twitter or Instagram. That is why I walk around in the streets crying out to anybody what I eat, what I drink, how things are at home and so on. After all it is important to build a network. So no I have three followers. One is a psychiatrist and the other two are police officers… (From a Swedish text I found on LinkedIn). Filed under: News [read] Keywords: facebook linkedin network twitter

Saves 90 %: Swedish Social Insurance Agency migrates to Linux and Open Source
Thu, Mar 27th 2014 6:14a   Arne S. Nielsen
Forsäkringskassan, The Swedish Social Insurance Agency owned by the government, has decided to migrate all their software for data centers and system administration with operative systems from Red Hat. This will reduce their cost by 90 percent according to Teknisk Ukeblad (the Norwegian technical weekly). Försäkringskassan will use Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a standard operative system for data centers an Red Hat Satellite for administration. Filed under: News Tagged: Linux, Open S [read] Keywords: administration enterprise facebook linux red hat twitter widget

Social Business Adoption: Three exciting days with Michael Sampson in Oslo, Norway!
Thu, Mar 13th 2014 9:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
Want to learn social business adoption from the best? Then register for three exciting days with Michael Sampson in Oslo, Norway! Wether you have Microsoft SharePoint or IBM Connections – this is the three days you really should invest in to make sure social collaboration are really and thoroughly adopted in you organisation or company. Michael Sampson is the worlds leading specialist on social business adoption and travels all over the world doing workshops, presentations, consulting and [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm consulting email facebook microsoft sharepoint twitter

There is only one boss. The customer
Sun, Mar 2nd 2014 2:11p   Arne S. Nielsen
Arne Sigurd Rognan Nielsen:Veldig bra! Excellent! Originally posted on Ingers Business Raw: I found this on the web, posted it on LinkedIn and never got some much response in such a short time. And views, likes and comments are still progressing. Why? What is your opinion? View original Filed under: News [read] Keywords: facebook linkedin twitter

Infographic: 35 good habits that make you more productive
Sun, Mar 2nd 2014 5:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
Want to get more things done? Then there are 35 good habits you may implement according to Anna Vital, an entrepreneur who lived in seven different countries in 2013, including three months spent living in a remote village in India, while managing to get her work done. She mapped the 35 habits that led her to ultimate productivity. Here are her habits grouped by category. Filed under: News, Productivity Tagged: GTD [read] Keywords: facebook twitter


Video: The best speech I have ever watched!
Tue, Feb 25th 2014 3:11p   Arne S. Nielsen
Oh, what a great speech! One of the best talks on everything that interest me; getting things done, life balance, social responsibility, social collaboration, the value of the group, the value and importance of acting together. It is all about community, families, works, leadership and an old proverb I once heard: If I focus all my efforts on helping others, and everybody do the same, there will also be someone helping me! This great video with Simon Sinek explains it all. It’s a must see [read] Keywords: collaboration community facebook twitter

- This is just awesome! It is the most fantastic I have seen for years!
Fri, Feb 7th 2014 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
- This is just awesome! It is the most fantastic I have seen for years! That is what the SharePoint administrator at a totally Microsoft carpeted client nearly cried out after being presented to IBM Connections, IBM SmartCloud for Social Business and IBM Sametime 9.0 on both desktops and handhelds (iOS). No wonder I busted out: – How many do you want? Great demo by my excellent colleague Emmar Hoel simply did it. Just like me, he simply love this job! And what you love – you do well! [read] Keywords: connections ibm sametime sametimeibm facebook microsoft sharepoint twitter

Video: Wherever, whenever – energize your lifes work and become more productive
Fri, Feb 7th 2014 5:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
Yes! What you see in this video is real! It is IBM Sametime – the best way to connect to colleagues whenever you want or wherever you are. To exchange ideas, discuss and collaborate in true time, face to face! And on whatever device you might have, on whatever platform you might have. The choice is yours to become more productive, become a smarter workforce and energize your lifes work! Filed under: News, Videos Tagged: IBM Sametime [read] Keywords: ibm sametime exchange exchange facebook twitter

IBM Infographic: Reinventing the rules of engagement
Thu, Jan 30th 2014 5:10a   Arne S. Nielsen
Filed under: News, Social Business [read] Keywords: ibm facebook twitter

This is why you should join Connect 2014 in Sunny Florida
Thu, Jan 9th 2014 6:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
Here are some of the great reasons why you should join IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando, Florida. But, remember, these days I don’t guarantee the weather! Filed under: Social Business, Videos Tagged: Connect 2014 [read] Keywords: ibm facebook twitter

Going to Connect 2014? Here is a must watch session!
Sat, Jan 4th 2014 10:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
So , You’re going to IBM Connect 2014 later this month? Then there is a session you really must join: Pardon the interruption! This time the theme is Smarter Workforce. This year, as last year, Luis Suarez, Louis Richardson and Luis Benitez will repeat their enormous success answering questions from the audience in their very special way. They only have 60 seconds each to answer each question. Do not hesitate to send your questions already today via twitter: #PTIsmartwork Filed under: New [read] Keywords: ibm facebook twitter

Chilling out with the boys – recharging the batteries for 2014
Fri, Jan 3rd 2014 8:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
Recharging ones “batteries” before starting up work in january is very important. I am one of those lucky guys who have the worlds most effective chargers! The cat “Tiger Boy” and the dog “Charlie”! Recharging batteries with Tiger Boy and Charlie. Those two are my brothers in (my) arms and help me lower my heart rate, like you see in this picture! Just think about it – a cat and a dog that are the worlds best friends! They play together, sleep together, [read] Keywords: ibm facebook twitter

2013: The Happy Old Year when this blog filled the Sydney Opera House 16 times!
Thu, Jan 2nd 2014 5:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 44,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 16 sold-out performances for that many people to see it. In 2013, there were 178 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 2,013 posts. There were 95 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 31 MB. That’s about 2 pictures per week. The busiest day of the year was July 8th with 830 views. The most popu [read] Keywords: ibm lotus quickr application archive blogging email facebook linking office server twitter

Once again a Norwegian company chose IBM Connections
Thu, Jan 2nd 2014 5:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
On the 18th of december I blogged about a Norwegian company that chose IBM Connections over Microsoft Sharepoint. Now it has happend again! This time a Norwegian company in the transportation industry chose IBM Connections to extend their internal collaboration, share knowledge and improve their productivity. They also evaluated Microsoft Office 365. Filed under: News, Social Business Tagged: IBM Connections, MS Office 365 [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm facebook microsoft office sharepoint twitter

Are you a HR or CHRO Professional? Then you should join Connect 2014!
Sun, Dec 22nd 2013 11:21a   Arne S. Nielsen
Connect 2013 in Florida late january is all about people development, people management, people recruitment, social collaboration, social business, social analytics – almost everything that is interesting for business managers and leaders who are interested in expanding and developing their business, their company, their organisation.  Read more about it here and register yourself to become part of it all. If you like to be a future thinker and do’er – do ut now! Filed under: [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm development facebook twitter

Great new functionalities in IBM SmartCloud for Social Business
Sun, Dec 22nd 2013 5:18a   Arne S. Nielsen
I love IBM SmartCloud for Social Business! Not only because I use it every day collaborating with my IBM customers, but I love it so much that I even bought my own private cloud! Why? I could have chosen Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud, but I did not. Because IBM SmartCloud for Social Business has a lot more to offer – in one integrated solution – and at a low cost per user. It has it all – and a lot more functionalities that Microsoft Office 365. You can read more about it [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes sametime applications email facebook interface microsoft mobile office twitter

Become a smarter bank by using social software!
Thu, Dec 19th 2013 5:21a   Arne S. Nielsen
Responding to clients by social dialogue. Interacting fast internally. Find experts faster and close skill gaps internally. All those are factors that help a bank improve their productivity, their competitiveness and increase their financial results. Open Financial Network, a simulated world class bank, demonstrates the power of providing their customers and employees with exceptional digital experiences – one that is relevant, intimate, social, drives real value and keeps them engaged an [read] Keywords: connections facebook network social software twitter

Another Norwegian company chooses IBM Connections over SharePoint
Wed, Dec 18th 2013 5:17a   Arne S. Nielsen
Today, it happend again. Another Norwegian Microsoft customer chose IBM Connections despite the fact that they already have SharePoint. The reason? SharePoint did not have the functions they believed it to have. It gave them control of their documents. And that was it. But no real collaboration as they belived it to have. And they found that it would take far too much time and money to build such functions on the Microsoft platform. The customer will still keep their SharePoint so they can use t [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm sametime application facebook instant messaging microsoft sharepoint twitter wiki

Report: This is the future of work!
Fri, Dec 13th 2013 5:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
The world is changing. And so is the way we work. We have better adapt to it. Today. The New York City based media company PSFK has published a 138 page report on The Future of Work. The report names four major areas of change: Ideal workforce, Intuitive connection, Empowered culture and Agile workplaces. PSFK is a New York City based media company that creates thought leadership that inspires creative professionals to build our future. They aim to inspire their readers, their clients and th [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

“Dilbert” joins Connect 2014!
Thu, Dec 12th 2013 8:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
Filed under: News Tagged: Connect 2014 [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

96 % say change is imperative to become a successful business
Mon, Dec 9th 2013 7:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
- We need to change our culture! A new study from Booz & Company shows that 96 % of respondents think culture change is needed in their organization.  It is quite interesting to read some of the results from the study: 84 percent of respondents, and 86 percent of C-Suite respondents, believe that their organization’s culture is critical to business success. 60 percent said culture is more important than the company’s strategy or operating model. 96 percent said some form of culture c [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Easy social collaboration adoption with IBM Connections Touchpoint
Mon, Dec 9th 2013 6:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
Click and go! The new way of doing a kick start social adoption! When clients ask me about the complexity of implementing social collaboration methods and technology in their businesses, I always tell them the truth: It is only 20 % technology, but 80 % psychology! In other words; It is all about change of behaviour and requires change management top down. Adoption of new technology and behavior change takes time. It is not done with a finger snap! You must sell in the story of “what’ [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus blogger community facebook network password profile twitter

CIO: Choosing IBM Connections over Microsoft SharePoint was a No Brainer!
Mon, Dec 9th 2013 5:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
Reduced use of email. Improved productivity. Better and faster collaboration. That was the result when Superior Group implemented an internal social collaboration platform! To Superior Group choosing IBM Connections over Microsoft SharePoint was a no brainer! The company’s CIO, Tom DeClerk, came from a Microsoft environment where he worked heavily with Microsoft SharePoint when he joined Superior Group three years ago. Since then they have implemented three new important systems in the com [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm email facebook linkedin microsoft sap sharepoint twitter

Hot News: HootSuite integrates with IBM Connections!
Thu, Dec 5th 2013 6:18a   Arne S. Nielsen
HootSuite Social Media Dashboard for IBM Connections Great news from HootSuite today: They now integrate their social tool for Twitter with the worlds leading platform for enterprise social collaboration, IBM Connections! Thousands of companies and organisations around the world have chosen IBM Connections as their platform to collaborate socially both internally and with their partners and customers. But to manage their social presence on the open social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Fac [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm applications enterprise facebook linkedin twitter

IBM Connect 2014 session agenda develops fast – here is an update!
Wed, Dec 4th 2013 5:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
The IBM Connect 2014 session agenda is under fast development. Instead of announcing the lineup all at once, each Monday, for the next few weeks, IBM will be posting a first peek of “accepted” sessions right here. Each year IBM receive about a thousand or more submissions for a relatively few slots, and this year is no different. The content team has a tough job, especially given the quality of this year’s submissions – but we’re up to the challenge! Here are some o [read] Keywords: connections domino foundations ibm notes sametime traveler xpages application applications consulting development enterprise facebook mobile network profile twitter websphere websphere portal

Did you miss IBM Smarter Business 2013 in Oslo? Enjoy the replay!
Wed, Dec 4th 2013 5:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
Did you not join the IBM Smarter Business 2013 in Oslo, Norway? Well, here is a video showing some of the fun you missed – and remember to make sure you do not miss it the next time. Oh, you were there? Then enjoy the replay, then and start looking forward to next time!  Here is the video: Filed under: News, Social Business, Videos [read] Keywords: ibm facebook twitter

How to save buckets of money on Microsoft licenses!
Sun, Dec 1st 2013 5:17a   Arne S. Nielsen
Want to save bulks of money on Microsoft licenses? Make sure you have the skills and the right attitude. Do not believe anything you hear from the sales reps, and be sure you know what you need and what you do not need. Follow these twitter advises from Niels J. Hansen and you will be better off next time you negotiate your licenses with you Microsoft sales rep. Whitepaper: Filed under: News Tagged: License, Microsoft [read] Keywords: facebook microsoft twitter

Only IBM can make you do this on an iPad!
Thu, Nov 21st 2013 7:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
There is no doubt! IBM is the world leader of new social inventions. Try to do this with Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office 265 on an iPad or an Android tablet. It is just not possible! Have a look at the video below and you will immediately agree that IBM is ruling the world when it comes to social collaboration tools enabled on mobile platforms. There is no oner vendor in the market that is capable of doing the same things, totally integrated on all OS platforms be it desktop or mobile. [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus apple desktop facebook google iphone mac microsoft mobile network office sharepoint twitter

Quitting Facebook: As easy as stop smoking!
Thu, Nov 21st 2013 5:13a   Arne S. Nielsen
Yes, I have finally left Facebook. And this time it is forever! Many, many years ago I stopped smoking. From one day to the next day I went from 40 daily Marlboro’s to none. I even stopped smoking cigars. And it was much easier than I have feared. At my first non-smoking day I did not say “I have stopped smoking” like most people do and that way keep one fort in the history of having been a smoker. What I responded when people offered me a cigarette was: - No thank you. I don&# [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

My TEDx talk: How to do less and get more done!
Mon, Nov 4th 2013 10:11p   Arne S. Nielsen
Is it really possible to get more done by doing less? In my opinion, yes! But to succeed you have to focus, focus and focus! It is not a question about time management. No one has ever seen nor touched time! So how can you manage something you can’t see or touch? No, it is all about what you do. It’s all about activities and what you prioritize. Earlier this fall I had the pleasure of talking at TEDx Trondheim and here is the video of my speech. As you will see, the remote control di [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

The Pebble is back!
Wed, Oct 23rd 2013 12:14a   Arne S. Nielsen
My Pebble is back on my left hands wrist. After giving it a quite low score in an earlier blogpost I have now changed my mind and use my black Pebbe as my daily watch. So, what did happen? They simply improved the stability of the watch by numerous uprades to the software. The watch now connects automatically when I come back into the room where I have left my iPhone. There are more apps on my iPhone that connects to the Pebble. And those are useful apps. I have stopped using the email function. [read] Keywords: applications email facebook iphone mac twitter

Cloud solution helps save children’s lives!
Fri, Oct 4th 2013 6:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
Every year, nearly 7 million children under age 5 die from illnesses like pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria despite the availability of life-saving medical solutions. In partnership with IBM, Boston Children’s Hospital recently launched OPENPediatrics, a social learning platform that equips medical personnel to more effectively engage, share knowledge, tap expertise and make better decisions when treating children in life threatening situations.  In its early stages of use, there are over [read] Keywords: ibm development facebook twitter

Energizing Life’s Work with a cloud-based social platform
Fri, Oct 4th 2013 6:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
Filed under: News, Productivity, Social Business, Videos Tagged: IBM SmartCloud [read] Keywords: ibm facebook twitter

Gartner: IBM a leader of horizontal portals for 11 years!
Tue, Oct 1st 2013 6:13a   Arne S. Nielsen
Wow! For eleven consecutive years IBM has been named a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals! Gartner names many reasons for the excellent ranking in the quadrant. Here are some of them:  WebSphere’s long leadership in the enterprise portal market has brought it a feature set unmatched by any other portal product. IBM WebSphere Portal customers benefit from a platform capable of accommodating any portal need. Customers value WebSphere Portal for its reliability, perform [read] Keywords: ibm enterprise facebook integration twitter websphere websphere portal

Surveys now a part of IBM Connections
Tue, Oct 1st 2013 6:13a   Arne S. Nielsen
Ever wished you had a possibility to make surveys directly on your intranet? Well, if you got IBM Connections 4.5 IFR1 you already have that possibility. This new release of the world leading social intranet for enterprise, four years in a row,  (according to IDC) adds Surveys and Polls for communities at no additional cost for the customers. With community polls and surveys, you can: Create and conduct surveys and polls among the members of an IBM Connections community Use the built-in surve [read] Keywords: connections ibm community enterprise facebook interface mobile twitter widgets

TEDx Trondheim: How to do less and get more done!
Tue, Oct 1st 2013 6:13a   Arne S. Nielsen
How to do less and get more done! That was the theme for my key note at TEDx in Trondheim, Norway last saturday. This is the first time I have presented at a TED event and it  was a great adventure to me. The day after the presentation I also did a workshop with a group of the participants. As soon as the video from the presentation is published through TED’s YouTube channel I will embed it in a blog post. Stay tuned! More pictures here! Filed under: News Tagged: TEDx [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Connect 2014: Call for abstracts is open!
Wed, Sep 25th 2013 6:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
Click on the picture to get to the Call for Abstracts Registration site. Filed under: News Tagged: Connect 2014 [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm facebook twitter

Video: Energizing Life’s Work with a cloud-based social platform. A matter of life or death for your company.
Wed, Sep 18th 2013 7:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
The way we work is changing. Actually – it has already changed. You work differently than you did before. But maybe you dont’ go all the way like your competitors. And that even if research shows that those companies working with the new social collaboration tools are outperforming their competitors by up to 57 percent. So that means life or death to many companies. Is your company one of those who still work in the old fashioned way. Is your company one that does not want to change? [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm facebook twitter

Gartner: Microsoft (and customers) should probably start thinking about getting rid of SharePoint!
Wed, Sep 18th 2013 6:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
- Apparently SharePoint is on its way out and Microsoft should probably start thinking about doing away with it!  This is according to Gartner analyst Jeffrey Mann, who also suggests that companies who rely heavily on SharePoint ought to start start preparing for a cloud-based future. Mann, who was speaking at the 2013 Gartner Symposium said that about 28 % of companies who use SharePoint use it across their entire workforce. If you only count those companies using it for half their workforce t [read] Keywords: facebook microsoft sharepoint twitter

City of Munich gives Linux Ubuntu to their citizens
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 12:11p   Arne S. Nielsen
The city of Munich, Germany, has decided to distribute Linux Ubuntu for free to their citizens. The reason? Because Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft from april 2014! Windows XP have been the most popular operative systems from Microsoft, only beaten by Windows 7 by the end of 2012. As late as august 2013 the 12-year-old operating system had a market share of 33,66 percent, according to Net Applications. But soon the party is over and there will not be any more security updates [read] Keywords: administration applications facebook linux microsoft security twitter ubuntu

Video: Get instant access to Notes databases over the air
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
Would you like to get access to your Notes databases from you iPhone, easily? Then have a look at this video published by Inexika! The video demo demonstrates a prototype of Inexia’s new personal tool for iPhone and Android mobile devices for over-the-air instant access to IBM Notes databases. With this tool setting up a connection from mobile phone to Notes databases becomes as easy as scanning a QR code. You can see more details in this video! Filed under: News, Videos Tagged: IBM No [read] Keywords: ibm notes facebook iphone mobile twitter

Video: See how Bosch improved their processes using social tools instead of mail!
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 8:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
Would you like to reduce a business process from four weeks to six days? That is what Bosch did by implementing a new way to collaborate internally. They went from email to social business tools. They named it Bosch Connect! Here is a video showing how Bosch did it. I will not name the technology they used, but I happen to use it myself – every day! Filed under: News, Social Business, Videos Tagged: IBM Connections, Social Business [read] Keywords: connections ibm email facebook twitter

Video: How to find the best person for the job
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 6:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
Filed under: News, Productivity, Videos Tagged: Social Business [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

The way you work is changing and you’ll better adapt to it…
Sat, Sep 14th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
I’m not saying email is dead but it is no longer the most effective way to communicate and collaborate with co-workers.  Email today has become a glorified chat messaging program and we all stare at our in-boxes.  If you don’t reply to an email within a few hours people get mad at you, when did this become the norm?  New collaborative technologies make it easier to collaborate, share, find, communicate, and engage with people and information.  There’s no excuse for getting 200 emails a [read] Keywords: email facebook twitter

Video: Let’s build a smarter planet
Fri, Sep 13th 2013 6:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
Filed under: News, Productivity, Videos Tagged: Social Business [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

IBM Connect 2014: Early Bird registration open now!
Fri, Sep 13th 2013 6:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
The wellspring of all business success is energized employees. This year at IBM Connect 2014, IBM are excited to feature the solutions that are “Energizing Life’s Work,” empowering employees and clients, and driving real business results. IBM Connect 2014 will be the biggest and best Connect event yet, with the Lotusphere Technical Program, the Kenexa World Conference, and a host of insights to help  IT, HR, Marketing, and business leaders from around the world transform how t [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere facebook mobile twitter

Byword keeps my text editing simple
Fri, Sep 6th 2013 12:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
I have fallen in love with Byword – a no nonsense text editor that let you concentrate on the context of what you are writing and trying to communicate, not on fancy functions and formatting tools. In a way it reminds me of the editing tools I used when I was a journalist using professional editing system for editorial production. No graphing, no fancy stuff, just concentrating on the words. There are no disturbing menus and typos, just a clean white space, or a totally black screen that o [read] Keywords: apple facebook iphone mac twitter

1500 global networkers chose IBM SmartCloud for Social Business!
Thu, Sep 5th 2013 11:12p   Arne S. Nielsen
Remember the danish company Langhoff Promotions that threw out Microsoft Office 365 and started using IBM SmartCloud for Social Business? Now their success has spread around the world! Langhoff Promotions is part of a global network organisation, IPPAG (International Partnership for Premiums and Gifts) which has existed since 1965, operates across 25 countries and has more than 1500 partner employees. Their head quarter is situated in Switzerland. After the successful implementation and adoption [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm community email facebook interface microsoft network office twitter

Email addiction: Swedish company train people in how to stop using email
Wed, Sep 4th 2013 7:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
Fed up of all emails going in and out of your mailbox? There is a cure for that. Take a training course with the Swedish company EGBS. They are holding public courses for companies and private persons trying to get out of their email addiction. - Most people who tried stop using email know that is has nothing to do with physical pain. It is more a feeling that something is missing in ones life, says Magnus Fast at EGBS. - The feeling of missing something may result in such great frustrations th [read] Keywords: email facebook twitter

IBM brings File Sync to their SmartCloud for Social Business
Wed, Sep 4th 2013 12:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
These days IBM is upgrading their cloud solution for collaboration, IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. And there are a lot of new functionalities coming up! Here are some of them! One of the new functionalities are File Sync. With File Sync ensures that all your files are automatically sync’ed to your mobile device and that you always have the latest and greatest version of that very important presentation with you wherever you go. Here is the latest presentation from IBM’s Social [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm facebook mobile social software twitter

Nokia and Microsoft has reinvented the Microphone!
Tue, Sep 3rd 2013 8:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
Can two losers really win? That is the question the Norwegian news web Digi.no asks in a comment after it become known that Microsoft has bought Nokia’s mobile division. The transaction is said to make Nokia investors pop the champagne corks as they now got rid of their biggest headache for the last decade. The stocks climbed immediately up the value ladder after the news spread. According to digi.no Microsoft had no alternative. They had to my the mobile division or let their mobile busin [read] Keywords: apple facebook google microsoft mobile twitter

Video: The moderne way of working!
Tue, Sep 3rd 2013 6:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
Filed under: News, Social Business, Videos [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Social Business gains acceptance
Tue, Sep 3rd 2013 6:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
Social business initiatives have gained acceptance as a key driver in business innovation. Since 2010, organizations have experimented and successfully deployed social business initiatives across a variety of business processes. In a recent 2013 survey, made by Constellation Research, of 237 social business adopters, more than a majority (57.8 percent) of the market leaders and fast follower respondents had moved from experimentation to scaling social business initiatives to match demand. This t [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Overworked: Is killing email the solution?
Sun, Aug 18th 2013 6:14a   Arne S. Nielsen
Are you one of those who have thousands or hundreds of emails waiting to be dealt with when coming home from vacation? I guess the answer is yes, if you are not one of those who read your work mail also when having time off. Some of us use the out-of-office function in our mail client from time to time, saying things like “I am out of office until x-date and will not be able to deal with your email until I am back”. This automated message tells the sender that nothing will happen unt [read] Keywords: ibm notes community email facebook office twitter

Lotus Notes one of the 10 Most Influential Software Programs Ever
Sun, Aug 18th 2013 6:14a   Arne S. Nielsen
Lotus Notes (IBM, 1989). Social media before its time, this client-server package included chat, blogging, micro-blogging, and forums as well as email, calendars, to-do lists, and lots more that we’d nowadays recognize as lifehacking. Not the sexiest pick for this list perhaps, but we couldn’t imagine computers without all the things Lotus Notes did. The US Library of Congress annually compile a list of the most influential films and music and publish them in National Film Registry and Nati [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes blogging email facebook server twitter

Microsoft Windows Phone: When will the funeral take place?
Sun, Aug 18th 2013 6:14a   Arne S. Nielsen
- When will Nokia hold a funeral for Microsoft Windows Phone? This is the question the Norwegian social media and mobile analyst, Hans-Petter Nygård-Hansen, is asking on his blog hanspetter.info. And he adds: – It is just a question about time before Nokia goes for Android – to survive! - It is quite ironic to think of the fact that Microsoft actually saved Apple from bankruptcy in 1997. 10 years later, when Apple launched iPhone, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer did not believe Appl [read] Keywords: apple facebook google iphone linkedin microsoft mobile twitter

Gartner: IBM is the leader he Mobile Enterprise Application Platform
Tue, Aug 13th 2013 7:14a   Arne S. Nielsen
The IT industry analyst company Gartner says IBM is a leader among the “MEAP” (mobile enterprise application platform) solutions available in todays market. Gartner specifically highlights the application lifecycle components – IBM’s integration of tools such as Worklight itself as the platform, Tealeaf CX Mobile for user experience optimization, Rational Test Workbench for test automation, Cast Iron for data integration, and Endpoint Manager for mobile device management. Ga [read] Keywords: ibm application development dojo eclipse enterprise facebook integration mobile twitter

Infographic: Top Social Business Use Cases
Wed, Aug 7th 2013 6:19a   Arne S. Nielsen
Filed under: News, Social Business Tagged: Social Business [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

IBM Connections have better sync and share technology than both Dropbox and Microsoft – according to Forrester
Wed, Aug 7th 2013 6:19a   Arne S. Nielsen
Forrester has ranked IBM SmartCloud Connections and the IBM Connections on premises version as a leader for its File Sync and Share technology.  IBM was among a select group of companies that Forrester invited to participate in its The Forrester Wave™: File Sync And Share Platforms, 3Q 2013.   In an earlier blog post I wrote that among the competitors you found well-known solutions from Accellion, Acronis, AirWatch, Alfresco, Box, Citrix, Dropbox, Egnyte, EMC, Google, Hightail (formerly Y [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm citrix facebook google interface microsoft mobile office twitter

Infographic: The future of email is social…!
Tue, Aug 6th 2013 2:18p   Arne S. Nielsen
Click on picture for details. Filed under: News, Productivity, Social Business Tagged: IBM Notes [read] Keywords: ibm notes email facebook twitter

Danish car dealer gets social business on the road
Tue, Aug 6th 2013 7:18a   Arne S. Nielsen
When the danish car dealer Semler Group reorganized their business, they found that a social business solution would get them up to speed. They chose IBM Connections to get on the road! Semler Group is Denmark’s leading importer of Audi, SEAT, SKODA, Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles. Based in Copenhagen, it employs 1,500 people, operates 17 car dealerships, and works with a network of 130 other independent dealerships across the country. A complex corporate reorganization exercise led Semler Gr [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm community email facebook network social software twitter

How to engage your employees by doing social polling
Tue, Aug 6th 2013 6:19a   Arne S. Nielsen
Having trouble engaging your employees? There is a fix for that! People always have opinions on whatever it is. Not only regarding politics, religion, culture, music or anything else. They also have their opinions on what is going on at work, what strategy to follow, what methods to use, what products to focus and so on. So why don’t you use that opinion energy that your employees have to the best of the company? One way to engage your employees is to do surveys and polls where they may ai [read] Keywords: connections ibm community enterprise facebook twitter

How to motivate employees using IBM Connections and The Hive
Tue, Aug 6th 2013 6:19a   Arne S. Nielsen
Let’s say your company decided to implement social collaboration tools to increase productivity and improve skills and knowledge sharing. That means your employees has to change the way they work. But how do you motivate them? Change is always difficult. It never happens without persistence and conflict. Changing habits moves people out of their comfort zone and create fear. That is why I always say that technology is only 20 percent of the job when implementing a social and sharing way of [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm application facebook twitter

New interesting add-ons to IBM Connections
Tue, Aug 6th 2013 6:19a   Arne S. Nielsen
Social Business is getting hotter every day. And new apps appear mostly every day based on the world leading social business platform, IBM Connections. Last year TemboSocial introduced an peer-to-peer recognition add-on for IBM Connections. Now they have made further integrations which also includes polling capabilities even on the IBM Connections mobile app. Here is a couple of screenshots showing how this looks like on an iPad: Filed under: News, Productivity Tagged: IBM Connections, iPad [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes facebook mobile twitter

Email should be actionable items
Tue, Aug 6th 2013 6:19a   Arne S. Nielsen
…you can’t have a great task management system withour a great email app to go with it that makes email messages “actionable” items. - Michael Sliwinski, founder of the task management system Nozbee Filed under: News, Productivity Tagged: Email, Task Management [read] Keywords: email facebook twitter

Video: See how to work smart in the cloud
Mon, Aug 5th 2013 6:18a   Arne S. Nielsen
Ever had problems getting control of the progress in your projects? As long as you are the only person involved in the project a simple to-do list will often do the trick. But when a number of people are involved you need something more! Watch this video to learn how SmartCloud for Social Business can help streamline projects across organizational lines with easy-to-use integrated social collaboration capabilities. Filed under: News, Productivity, Social Business, Videos Tagged: IBM SmartClou [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm facebook twitter

New amazing video on IBM Connections for iPad
Fri, Aug 2nd 2013 6:25a   Arne S. Nielsen
There seem to be no end of amazing stuff you can do with the IBM Connections app for iPad! Just see for yourself! This new amazing video shows a demo of the IBM Connections Mobile app on the iPad and specifically focuses on the new features that were added on the Spring 2012 release. You may dowload the app from AppStore. There is no cost. But, off course, you need a IBM Connections server to connect to. Filed under: News, Social Business, Videos Tagged: IBM Connections, iPad [read] Keywords: connections ibm facebook mobile server twitter

Here it is: The Anti Creativity Checklist
Thu, Aug 1st 2013 6:18a   Arne S. Nielsen
Here’s a question for you: If you had to come up with an “anti-creativity checklist” for your organization… a checklist guaranteed to stifle imagination, innovation, and out-of-box thinking… a checklist designed specifically for people who want nothing to do with disruptive change… what would your checklist look like? With a wink toward the irreverent, here’s mine. (youngmemoon.com) Filed under: News, Productivity, Social Business, Videos Tagged: Crativity, Poductivit [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Amazing video: See the incredible functionalities in IBM Connections for iPad
Wed, Jul 31st 2013 6:16a   Arne S. Nielsen
It is just incredible! IBM is really having both hands on the steering wheel when it comes to development of apps for professionals on handheld devices. Have a look at this video and see for yourself! Filed under: News, Social Business, Videos Tagged: IBM Connections, iPad [read] Keywords: connections ibm development facebook twitter

Tags not folders – the new way of document organizing!
Tue, Jul 30th 2013 6:12a   Arne S. Nielsen
Organizing documents within folder structures is ingrained in the way we work and think. After all, it is the exact reflection of paper-document organization in cardboard filing folders. However, we are convinced that a central library for document files with tag-based search is the future – not folders. - Anya Schmidt, senior product and project manager at Doo Filed under: News, Productivity Tagged: doo [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

See how SharePoint lists integrates with IBM Connections
Sat, Jul 27th 2013 7:11a   Arne S. Nielsen
One of the good things with IBM Connections is that you can integrate almost everything into this social collaboration platform. Here is a new demo on how to integrate SharePoint lists into the worlds leading social software for enterprise.  Earlier I have published a video from e-office, the human software organisation, that shows how to integrate documents in Microsoft Office 365 with IBM Connections. If you want to know more about these integrations please contact e-office and ask for Michel [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm enterprise facebook microsoft office sharepoint social software twitter

IBM eats its own dogfood and save piles of money
Thu, Jul 25th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
So it is true that IBM eats its own dog food. Doing that is saving the company for a lot of money  and get them more customer interactions with the help of a private cloud. ZD Net writes: IBM has published an infographic that shows its gains from its private cloud. While being the world’s largest computer company does give it a built-in advantage when it comes to cloud building and management, it’s still worth looking to the IBM example as an inspiration for other, less techy ent [read] Keywords: ibm facebook twitter xml

L´Oréal makes cloud computing fashionable
Thu, Jul 25th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
Real business is based on knowledge and facts – not on guesswork. That is why fashion company L´Oréal now base their decisions on business analytics solutions from IBM. With the use of data analytics, businesses could predict the future with greater accuracy. This results in lesser wastage, faster turnarounds and improved performance. It affects both top and bottom line. L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company, has seen the value of this approach to decision-making [read] Keywords: ibm consulting development enterprise facebook network profile twitter xml

Wow: IBM Docs with simultaneously editing in real time on an iPad!
Sat, Jul 20th 2013 4:15p   Arne S. Nielsen
You never thought it could be done, but now IBM has done it! Simultaneously document editing in real-time on an iPad! Try that with your Microsoft Office 365! Last week, Forrester cited IBM as a Leader in their File Sharing and Sync Wave. And when you see this video you will understand why. This function beats everything you have seen to date. This is what we call real mobility and real-time productivity! As Luis Benitez, Social Software Product Manager at IBM, writes in his blog: Imagine bein [read] Keywords: connections ibm facebook microsoft office social software twitter

Video: Summer news in IBM SmartCloud Connections
Fri, Jul 19th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
A bit late, but never too late, to bring some summer news on new functionalities in IBM SmartCloud Connections, the leading social collaboration suite in the cloud! Enjoy the video! Filed under: News, Social Business, Videos Tagged: IBM Connections [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm facebook twitter

Aisana air crash: Social media changes everything
Thu, Jul 18th 2013 12:16a   Arne S. Nielsen
When Asiana Airlines crashed in SFO, the news flew faster through social media than ordinary mass media like radio, tv and newspapers. This shows how important social media has become also for enterprises. These social channels is changing the way we communicate, it influences our behaviour and is a game changer also for how we interact as companies – and influences our decisions and strategies. Our business is becoming a social business – wether we want it or not! Here is a great p [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Are you a road warrior? Share your experiences!
Wed, Jul 17th 2013 7:16a   Arne S. Nielsen
Are you one of those road warriors? One of those more or less continously travelling in your job? Then you have a lot of experience to share with my readers! Send me a photo of yourself, a photo of your travel equipment and a description of your job, and your best tips and experiences on how to do your travel as comfortable and productive as possible! Send to this email adress! Filed under: Editor's Comments, News, Productivity Tagged: Productivity, Travel [read] Keywords: email facebook twitter

Fortune 500: Apple on top, IBM second, Microsoft less profitable.
Wed, Jul 17th 2013 7:16a   Arne S. Nielsen
Fortune has published their Fortune 500 list of the worlds leading companies. This is interesting as most of the companies on top of the list are such companies most of us has never heard of. But what is interesting, to me at least, is to see a comparison of IT companies that is working within the collaboration market and are in he same «league», so to speak. And for me that is companies like Apple, IBM, Microsoft and Google. Apple is now ranked as the 19. biggest company in the world. IBM ran [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm apple facebook google microsoft twitter

Dutch company grows business thanks to an integrated CRM and Social Business solution
Fri, Jul 12th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
SugarCRM and IBM Connections makes what is known as Social CRM. Even IBM is now rolling out the solution to its more than 400.000 employees. When the dutch company RealConnections wanted to get closer to customers, they looked for a CRM solution with integrated cloud tools for external collaboration. The solution should also offer mobile capabilities and better pricing. And – according to a IBM Case Study – they found it! RealConnections moved from a prior CRM solution to SugarCRM an [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm application applications consulting email enterprise facebook instant messaging integration interface iphone laptop linkedin microsoft mobile networking server twitter

What is Social Content Management? Here is the answer!
Fri, Jul 12th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
Everything get’s social! We already heard about Social Business and understand that it is work, just in a new way. We heard about Social Media and understand it is all about public channels for information and dialogue. Now there is also Social Content Management! Filed under: News Tagged: Content Management, Social_Business [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

New plugin adds translation to IBM Connections
Wed, Jul 10th 2013 3:19p   Arne S. Nielsen
Working for a multilingual company? Then you know how it is when a colleague in another country uses his own language to express ideas or sending emails. Well, that can be fixed. LinguaSys now offers a plugin for IBM Connections that translates texts to your preferred language. The plug-in even translates the contents of emails in your Exchange or Domino server via IBM Connections Mail. Here is a short video that shows how your multilingual workday could me a lot easier: Filed under: News, [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm exchange exchange facebook server twitter

Forrester: IBM SmartCloud for Social Business is the leader in File Sharing and Sync!
Wed, Jul 10th 2013 11:16a   Arne S. Nielsen
IBM is ranked as the leader among vendors of file sync and sharing. Among the competitors you find well known solutions from Accellion, Acronis, AirWatch, Alfresco, Box, Citrix, Dropbox, Egnyte, EMC, Google, Hightail (formerly YouSendIt), IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Salesforce.com, and WatchDox. Forrester Research invited 16 vendors to participate in their 26-criteria evaluation of file sync and share vendors. They identified, researched, analyzed, and scored products from the 16 most significant so [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm citrix enterprise facebook google microsoft mobile network security twitter

New theme for IBM Connections!
Wed, Jul 10th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
One of the many good things with IBM Connections is that its user interface could be skinned to adapt to your company’s graphic profile. But now there is also a new standard theme available for IBM Connections. I am personally using this theme on my private cloud solution (where I soon will open closed communities for those of my blog readers who want to discuss social business and productivity) and have come to like it very much. And the feedback from IBM’s cloud customers has also [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus notes facebook interface profile twitter

Lot’s of cool plugins for IBM Sametime!
Wed, Jul 10th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
Looking for some cool and practical plugins for your IBM Sametime? If you don’t want to make them yourself there is a lot of stuff to download from the internet. Epilio is one of the company’s that offer even free goodies! Take a look at the screenshot below to get a clue of what is available for free download from Epilio. Then go to this link if you want to download any of them. Note that I have not tested any of them, yet! Filed under: News, Productivity, Technical Tagged: IBM Sa [read] Keywords: ibm sametime facebook twitter

Some call it Social Business – but it’s really about WORK..!
Wed, Jul 10th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
- Social Business. Open Business. The new way of doing our jobs have many names and expressions. But whatever you prefer to call it – WORK is what it’s all about. Here is the video that says it all! Filed under: News, Social Business, Videos Tagged: Social Business [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Where is the business case in changing email system?
Mon, Jul 8th 2013 7:18a   Arne S. Nielsen
- I hate Lotus Notes! Heard it before? I have. But mostly these discussions are based on feelings and not updated facts and good research and consequence analysis. When evaluating your email system the most important question to ask is “What do we want/need” and not “What do we not want/need”. Why? Because what you already got may simply be the best solution. And, maybe you should not see email as a separate solution, but as part of your total communications and collabor [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus notes apple applications email facebook linkedin microsoft outlook twitter

See the video: This is social collaboration at its best!
Sun, Jul 7th 2013 3:15p   Arne S. Nielsen
Ever thought of what social business really is? Just a buzzword? Or is there really some real stuff behind it? Here is a video you should see to understand what IBM mean social business really is. It is work, work and work. But in a new and more efficient way! In this video you will see a little of IBM Connections 4.5. Additionally, also a demo of the new real-time collaboration capabilities provided by Sametime as well as some of the new features provided by IBM Notes 9.0. Enjoy the video &# [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus notes sametime facebook twitter

Test IBM’s social software in real life – and for free!
Sun, Jul 7th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
Not updated on IBM’s plattform for professional social collaboration? Still believing that «Lotus Notes» is old fashioned and with a boring user interface? Then you should update yourself and – with an open mind – kill your old myths to understand that tomorrows solutions already are here! IBM has a special web page for you where you can watch a demo of the different solutions and also try and play with them for free. Here are some of the solutions you can watch and test: IBM P [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus notes facebook interface social software twitter

SnappLinks for IBM Connections adds SlideShare support
Sun, Jul 7th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
Not long ago Snapps announced SnappLinks for IBM Connections, a set of social link helper plugins for IBM Connections. Now they are adding a new plugin to the mix, one to embed SlideShare presentations. You’ve seen them all over the web on blogs and articles, and now it’s a matter of a couple clicks to add them to your IBM Connections Blogs and Wikis. Here’s a video introducing them where a IBM Connect 2013 presentation is grabbed and embedded into a Connections wiki. The video is a little [read] Keywords: connections ibm facebook twitter wiki

See how easily you make your email social!
Sun, Jul 7th 2013 6:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
This video demonstration of Widgets and Live Text in IBM Notes 9.0 and IBM iNotes 9.0 (the web client) is a must see for all of you who does not understand what social email is! It shows how easily you integrate social functions in you email inbox to make you more productive and get an easier work day!  Widget and LiveText technology allows users to automatically recognize patterns of data in emails and any unstructured text. Widgets then provides a set of custom defined actions, linking to ex [read] Keywords: ibm inotes ldd lotus notes applications email facebook gadget linking twitter widget widgets

IBM Connections vs. Microsoft Sharepoint: Social Personal File Management
Sun, Jul 7th 2013 12:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
Who is the best for file sharing – IBM Connections or Microsoft SharePoint? See for yourself! To be honest with you, this video is a bit old so there could have been functionalities updates on both IBM Connections and Microsoft SharePoint. But you will be able to see the differences in thinking around file sharing! Besides, many customers that already have invested in Microsoft SharePoint choose to install IBM Connections on the top of SharePoint as they have understood that dialogues arou [read] Keywords: connections ibm facebook microsoft sharepoint twitter

IBM gives Microsoft Windows a smarter desktop!
Sun, Jul 7th 2013 12:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
Microsoft seldom integrates with anything else than their own software. That is how they make their money, bonding their customers to their technologies. And that is why IBM has a strategy where they make it possible to integrate IBM’s solutions with any platform – also Microsoft. Here is one of the latest integrations: The desktop plugin for IBM SmartCloud Connections, IBM’s enterprise social network offering in the cloud. The IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins for Microsoft [read] Keywords: connections ibm desktop email enterprise facebook microsoft network office outlook profile twitter wiki

Need a GTD-solution? With XPages you can make almost everything!
Sun, Jul 7th 2013 12:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
With the IBM technology XPages you can create almost everything and present it on the web! And this is how many IBM clients integrate their business applications into IBM Notes, IBM Connections and their portals! Here is a smart GTD solution created with XPages based on a IBM Notes email file! Filed under: News, Productivity Tagged: GTD, IBM Notes, XPages [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes xpages applications email facebook twitter

Want to make Outlook social? Here is the solution!
Sun, Jul 7th 2013 12:15a   Arne S. Nielsen
IBM have released a new IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook ! This enhances the existing integration that IBM already provide via the native Outlook Social Connector capability. However, IBM found that Microsoft implemented this in a limited way since it only provided “read-only” access to the social network. Therefore, IBM took the integration to the next level and added a brand new sidebar to Outlook to provide access to files, microblogging, communities and more. And y [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus application community email facebook integration microsoft network outlook twitter

Analysts: New versions of IBM Notes and Domino show Microsoft the way forward!
Sat, Jul 6th 2013 12:17p   Arne S. Nielsen
IBM Notes 9.0 Social Editions is a lot more than email and calender only. The title of this blog post is not mine. It is a quote from a report published by the OVUM analyst, Richard Evans. Ovum «likes» what IBM is doing with its social business software. Also Angela Ashenden, analyst at MWD Advisors, likes what she see in IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition. Under the title «Notes 9.0 Social Edition – Te Ugly Duck Finally Blossoms» she writes that «with the latest release of its long-standin [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm notes email enterprise facebook integration interface microsoft outlook profile sharepoint twitter

IBM Connections App is updated
Sat, Jun 29th 2013 6:18a   Arne S. Nielsen
There is a new update in the Apple Appstore for those of you using IBM Connections on your iPad. The new version number is 4.2.0 and was distributed yesterday, 28th June 2013. Here is some of the new stuff in the app: Support for two factor authentication ussing clients certificates Viewing and editing tags for a person’s profile View description and background information for a person’s profile View Peoples contacts for SmartCloud Support for action required in activity streams Support for [read] Keywords: connections ibm apple community facebook profile twitter

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