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CoexLinks Fidelity 4.10 released
Tue, Oct 3rd 2017 19
From broken to fixed %231
Sat, Sep 16th 2017 5
What email fidelity really means
Tue, Aug 22nd 2017 2
Defects on images found in the wild
Wed, Aug 16th 2017 2
Defect detection in Notes documents
Tue, Aug 15th 2017 2
Asking questions to better understand your data
Fri, Jul 21st 2017 3
Are we responsible for idiots%3F
Tue, Jun 20th 2017 4
Top 10
CoexLinks Fidelity 4.10 released
Tue, Oct 3rd 2017 19
Such a small thing... right%3F
Tue, Apr 14th 2015 8
Growing the roadmap for Verse and more
Thu, Mar 3rd 2016 8
You could use CKEditor without AppsFidelity but YMMV
Thu, Jun 16th 2016 8
My MWLUG session for next week
Fri, Aug 12th 2016 7
One chance to make a last impression
Fri, Apr 28th 2017 7
On drugs
Mon, Oct 12th 2015 6
Data mining with MD5 hash values
Thu, Mar 24th 2016 6
Sharing links on FB - a meta-post
Wed, Apr 6th 2016 6
Numbers and success and why it matters
Wed, May 3rd 2017 6

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Recent Blog Posts
CoexLinks Fidelity 4.10 released
Tue, Oct 3rd 2017 10:55p   Ben Langhinrichs
Last night, we posted CoexLinks Fidelity 4.10, which includes our new Defection Detection subsystem to correct flaws in images and attachment metadata and more. This is also the first public release with support for 64-bit Linux along with 32-bit Linux and both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. All functionality is equivalent between the versions. Customers receiving earlier versions of 64-bit Linux for 4.00 and 4.01 should upgrade when feasible. Other areas of improvement: 1) Performance improvement
From broken to fixed %231
Sat, Sep 16th 2017 6:24p   Ben Langhinrichs
I wanted to demonstrate what our new Defect Detection (and correction) looks like, but the various examples I have are all covered under NDA. So, in this series, I will break some of my own images in the way the customer images are broken. (These are all scaled down from the original width to make them fit on the blog better.) Original image (scaled down) For my first example (going in the order of this blog post), I take the same image saved as GIF and JPEG (using GIMP) and imported into No
What email fidelity really means
Tue, Aug 22nd 2017 3:41p   Ben Langhinrichs
I got a few questions from people at MWLUG about what CoexLinks Fidelity is, and what exactly 'email fidelity' might look like. Rather than just talk, you can try for yourself. Note: our newer CoexLinks Migrate and CoexLinks Journal products use the same rendering engine internally. If you submit your email address below, you will get twelve messages to the email address you used. Six will be sent using the normal Domino 9.0.1 email engine, then the same six will be sent rendered by CoexLinks
Defects on images found in the wild
Wed, Aug 16th 2017 9:01p   Ben Langhinrichs
As part of our Defect Detection feature, we encounter and usually fix a number of different defects in images. The following list is the different scenarios we detect which cause any issue with extracting or rendering the images. Of these 31, at least 27 have been encountered in actual customer documents. The other four are left in because they might be some day. While none of these problems are common, some are likely to be encountered in any large data repository, especially in mail which has
Defect detection in Notes documents
Tue, Aug 15th 2017 5:53p   Ben Langhinrichs
Tomorrow, we are releasing a new version of all three of our CoexLinks products, CoexLinks Fidelity, CoexLinks Migrate and CoexLinks Journal. Aside from other features and bug fixes, they will share a new feature called Defect Detection. While the challenge for most document rendering (to MIME in this case) is faithfully reproducing the content of the email and including the envelope information in the desired form, some Notes emails have corruptions and defects which make the job harder. There
Asking questions to better understand your data
Fri, Jul 21st 2017 7:56p   Ben Langhinrichs
Most IBM Notes/Domino customers who have used the products for a number of years have vast stores of data, but when they want to try to glean new insights, they are stymied by how to handle the data mining. Simple fields which map well to views are easy to extract, and are often relatively "clean", meaning that the value is what the value says it should be. But real applications, especially those built for internal use, often reflect a far more complex set of relationships. They may use paren
Are we responsible for idiots%3F
Tue, Jun 20th 2017 6:19p   Ben Langhinrichs
As software vendors or application developers or anyone else who documents software or processes, we often face the need to come up with an example. The goal of almost any example or documentation is to be simple enough for the uninitiated to grasp while being complex enough to show the possibilities. This is often accomplished with more than one example, so that we can show both how easy it is with one example and how powerful and flexible it is with another. But there is an interesting questi
Speaking at MWLUG 2017 on data analytics and visualization
Mon, Jun 19th 2017 8:02p   Ben Langhinrichs
I'm excited to announce I'll be speaking at MWLUG 2017 in Alexandria, VA on data analytics, extraction and visualization. Finding the Gold in Them Thar HillsThey say everyone should visit their own region as a tourist, with eyes wide open to the treasures visitors see easily which we no longer notice. Likewise, those who have used IBM Notes/Domino for many years may not easily see the value embedded in data buried in various databases over these years. Patterns, trends, connections, all hidde
CoexLinks Migrate - export mail db in seconds
Thu, Jun 8th 2017 9:48p   Ben Langhinrichs
More than 17,500 documents in 110 seconds. With a simple command from the server console, CoexLinks Migrate exports all email documents from a Notes email database into MBOX or EML format, both standards-based formats used by many email products as well as data warehouses and email vaults. Our high speed engine renders even complex rich text emails with high fidelity and accuracy. But why not try for yourself. Request an evaluation license today. As usual, closed captions are available.
Mitigating risk in Domino migrations
Tue, May 23rd 2017 4:31p   Ben Langhinrichs
"After a migration, it is essential that the original content, context and intent are clear, as there is usually little recourse to checking the original source. In our experience, approximately 5‒10% of emails suffer from some form of fidelity issues, while 1‒2% suffer serious data loss or corruption due to rendering issues. These numbers may range much higher for organizations who have a long history of integrating Notes mail with their applications." - Mitigating Risk of Data Lo
Reseller opportunities
Wed, May 3rd 2017 5:17p   Ben Langhinrichs
If you work with customer/client companies who currently use or are moving away from IBM Domino, and you might be interested in reselling any of our CoexLinks products, don't hesitate to contact me. Opportunities available in most regions of the world. If you work for an email vault or data warehouse company which might be interested in expanding to ingest Domino emails, either archived or live, from client companies, I'd be interested in talking with you as well. CoexLinks Fidelity is for ou
Numbers and success and why it matters
Wed, May 3rd 2017 4:54p   Ben Langhinrichs
I posted this over on Facebook, but though I'd share it here as well. We've been doing some performance tuning on CoexLinks Migrate, which let's you export your email, both MIME and rich text, to high fidelity standardized formats including MBOX and EML and Exchange Mail Journal Envelope format (basically a wrapped up EML file with all the recipients and such in an envelope. Performance tuning is fun, but it isn't sexy. You take Software A which creates End Product B, work incredibly hard t
One chance to make a last impression
Fri, Apr 28th 2017 3:59p   Ben Langhinrichs
A new CoexLinks Migrate customer had an interesting observation about why they signed on. For several years, their users have forwarded documents from different databases as snapshots to be saved by their manager. No embedded form or anything, just a standard Notes feature, Actions - Forward. Since the manager had a Notes client, they thought nothing of it. But when they went to migrate all this mail out of Notes (meeting requirements for retention), they discovered that critical data was missin
When imitation makes sense
Thu, Apr 6th 2017 3:27p   Ben Langhinrichs
There is an old saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But a corollary i9n the tech world might be imitation is the surest form of interoperability. A long-standing complaint among Notes users has been that many solutions build integrations for Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, but not for IBM Notes/Domino. While there are myriad reasons, it leaves an ISV supporting Notes/Domino with a challenge. Do we only support those solutions with native Notes/Domino integrations, or do we buil
CoexLinks Migrate - a very brief demo
Tue, Apr 4th 2017 8:13p   Ben Langhinrichs
Our newest product, CoexLinks Migrate is available and out there in the wild.. But since you haven't tried it yet (ok, a few of you might have), here is a very brief demo. Like, a minute long. Seriously, it's a back end product, so there's not a lot to see. Soon, I'll have some demos about the results, and why you should care, but if you've been paying attention to CoexLinks Fidelity, those won't come as much of a surprise. High fidelity email rendering to EML and MBOX. If that doesn't qu
CoexLinks journaling and migration - expanding the roadmap
Wed, Jan 11th 2017 4:40p   Ben Langhinrichs
For the past 13 years, CoexLinks Fidelity has been very successful at helping companies with diverse email systems coexist. From handling doclinks in the early days to high fidelity rendering in recent years, CoexLinks Fidelity has been used by many of the largest companies in the world, as well as some of the fairly small. Over the years, we have expanded the core functionality, but have always focused on email as it moves through the Domino system and out, whether "out" means outbound email

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