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Tue, May 23rd 2017 326
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Numbers and success and why it matters
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Tue, Apr 4th 2017 6
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Wed, Jan 11th 2017 6
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Mitigating risk in Domino migrations
Tue, May 23rd 2017 326
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Wed, Apr 13th 2016 6
First look - exporting Notes mail to MBOX format
Tue, Apr 26th 2016 6

First look - exporting Notes mail to MBOX format
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Ben Langhinrichs    

Inline JPEG image
One line to export a Notes mail database to MBOX format with the high fidelity rendering engine in CoexLinks Fidelity, one of various formats supported. This feature will be available in CoexLinks Fidelity V4, due out shortly and a free upgrade to anyone currently on a maintenance plan. The best rendering in the business, and you can make it part of your business. We are open to arrangements with business partners who want to use this as part of migration and archiving products or services.
You can try CoexLinks for yourself by requesting an evaluation license. Anybody with an active evaluation when CoexLinks Fidelity V4 is released will get a new eval license and will also get a special discount if they choose to buy it. Current CoexLinks customers will also have a special discount available if they choose to purchase more licenses. CoexLinks Fidelity Export is part of the CoexLinks Fidelity product and will be licensed along with that product.
If you want to know more about CoexLinks Fidelity and even see how high fidelity makes a difference in your own email, visit the CoexLinks Fidelity demo page and try the Coexlinks Fidelity sample mailer to have samples sent to you.
Best viewed in HD. There is no audio for this, as it didn't seem necessary.
The lines I added to my NOTES.INI to make this demo work are below. There are a couple of additional parameters to restrict exactly what can be done with a db, but the URL will only work with a db that is enabled by name, replica id or template.

Apr 26, 2016
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Mitigating risk in Domino migrations
Tue, May 23rd 2017 4:31p   Ben Langhinrichs
"After a migration, it is essential that the original content, context and intent are clear, as there is usually little recourse to checking the original source. In our experience, approximately 5‒10% of emails suffer from some form of fidelity issues, while 1‒2% suffer serious data loss or corruption due to rendering issues. These numbers may range much higher for organizations who have a long history of integrating Notes mail with their applications." - Mitigating Risk of Data Lo
Reseller opportunities
Wed, May 3rd 2017 5:17p   Ben Langhinrichs
If you work with customer/client companies who currently use or are moving away from IBM Domino, and you might be interested in reselling any of our CoexLinks products, don't hesitate to contact me. Opportunities available in most regions of the world. If you work for an email vault or data warehouse company which might be interested in expanding to ingest Domino emails, either archived or live, from client companies, I'd be interested in talking with you as well. CoexLinks Fidelity is for ou
Numbers and success and why it matters
Wed, May 3rd 2017 4:54p   Ben Langhinrichs
I posted this over on Facebook, but though I'd share it here as well. We've been doing some performance tuning on CoexLinks Migrate, which let's you export your email, both MIME and rich text, to high fidelity standardized formats including MBOX and EML and Exchange Mail Journal Envelope format (basically a wrapped up EML file with all the recipients and such in an envelope. Performance tuning is fun, but it isn't sexy. You take Software A which creates End Product B, work incredibly hard t
One chance to make a last impression
Fri, Apr 28th 2017 3:59p   Ben Langhinrichs
A new CoexLinks Migrate customer had an interesting observation about why they signed on. For several years, their users have forwarded documents from different databases as snapshots to be saved by their manager. No embedded form or anything, just a standard Notes feature, Actions - Forward. Since the manager had a Notes client, they thought nothing of it. But when they went to migrate all this mail out of Notes (meeting requirements for retention), they discovered that critical data was missin
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Thu, Apr 6th 2017 3:27p   Ben Langhinrichs
There is an old saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But a corollary i9n the tech world might be imitation is the surest form of interoperability. A long-standing complaint among Notes users has been that many solutions build integrations for Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, but not for IBM Notes/Domino. While there are myriad reasons, it leaves an ISV supporting Notes/Domino with a challenge. Do we only support those solutions with native Notes/Domino integrations, or do we buil
CoexLinks Migrate - a very brief demo
Tue, Apr 4th 2017 8:13p   Ben Langhinrichs
Our newest product, CoexLinks Migrate is available and out there in the wild.. But since you haven't tried it yet (ok, a few of you might have), here is a very brief demo. Like, a minute long. Seriously, it's a back end product, so there's not a lot to see. Soon, I'll have some demos about the results, and why you should care, but if you've been paying attention to CoexLinks Fidelity, those won't come as much of a surprise. High fidelity email rendering to EML and MBOX. If that doesn't qu
CoexLinks journaling and migration - expanding the roadmap
Wed, Jan 11th 2017 4:40p   Ben Langhinrichs
For the past 13 years, CoexLinks Fidelity has been very successful at helping companies with diverse email systems coexist. From handling doclinks in the early days to high fidelity rendering in recent years, CoexLinks Fidelity has been used by many of the largest companies in the world, as well as some of the fairly small. Over the years, we have expanded the core functionality, but have always focused on email as it moves through the Domino system and out, whether "out" means outbound email
Enrich your content with inline audio
Tue, Oct 11th 2016 11:39a   Ben Langhinrichs
I was reading an article on FiveThirtyEight.com, and noticed a very interesting technique. I imagine some of you have seen it before, though probably some of you haven't (as I hadn't). In the article, certain phrases were highlighted and had an arrow. When you clicked the highlighted text or arrow, a sound clip was played that was related, whether it be a person elaborating on a point or crowd noise to illustrate a different point. Rather than pulling you out of the stream of text to watch a v
My MWLUG session for next week
Fri, Aug 12th 2016 11:02a   Ben Langhinrichs
For those who will be in Austin, TX next week for MWLUG, I'm looking forward to seeing you all. I also wanted to invite you to warm up (in Austin in August, who am I kidding?) for the closing session by hearing my talk in at 3pm Friday in Ballroom D. Data Mining in the Mountains of Rich Text and Beyond Whether your company is staying with Notes/Domino, moving to only Domino and a mobile/web/XPages strategy, or moving away from Notes/Domino entirely, chances are you have vast mountains of cont
You could use CKEditor without AppsFidelity but YMMV
Thu, Jun 16th 2016 3:50p   Ben Langhinrichs
While it is fairly easy to integrate CKEditor into classic Domino designs, the actual results are not great. AppsFidelity can help here, just as it does in XPages. Try for yourself with an AppsFidelity evaluation.

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