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Big Win for CoreMedia LiveContext
Mon, Feb 2nd 2015 10
Stay up to date with the Commerce Validated Technology Partner Solutions Feed!
Mon, Jan 26th 2015 7
Tip of the day: How effective is your tweet?
Sat, Jan 24th 2015 2
Responsive design and WebSphere Commerce
Thu, Jan 22nd 2015 5
Blog stats for 2014 and what I learned
Thu, Jan 22nd 2015 2
It’s a Christmas Miracle! Softlayer enables business partners to create integrations in a snap
Fri, Dec 19th 2014 4
My top 10 videos on YouTube this year!
Wed, Dec 17th 2014 3
Top 10
Understanding the widget framework in WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 7
Mon, Mar 17th 2014 15
Integrating IBM (Unica) Interact with WebSphere Commerce Part 1
Wed, Jul 16th 2014 13
BlueMix URL Rating widget on WebSphere Commerce for product ratings
Thu, Jul 31st 2014 12
Big Win for CoreMedia LiveContext
Mon, Feb 2nd 2015 10
Data Load Utility in WebSphere Commerce
Fri, Mar 14th 2014 9
Coding Commerce: Extending the Price display widget for consumable products
Thu, Dec 11th 2014 9
26 Node-Red nodes for your arsenal!
Fri, Jul 4th 2014 8
URL Rating application on BlueMix – Part 2 – the user interface
Fri, Jul 25th 2014 8
The power of the dataload utility – loading data into any table
Wed, Oct 15th 2014 8
Integrated content management and WebSphere Commerce Workspaces!
Mon, Nov 24th 2014 8

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Big Win for CoreMedia LiveContext
Mon, Feb 2nd 2015 9:14a   Bob Balfe
Regular readers of my blog know that I?m a fan of CoreMedia and the impressive content management integration that they have developed with WebSphere Commerce. They launched the product last year at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Tampa and … Continue reading →
Stay up to date with the Commerce Validated Technology Partner Solutions Feed!
Mon, Jan 26th 2015 4:48p   Bob Balfe
I got this feed URL passed on to me by a colleague and if you use an RSS or Atom feed reader then this is right up your alley. You can view the feed in your favorite reader or even … Continue reading →
Tip of the day: How effective is your tweet?
Sat, Jan 24th 2015 7:10a   Bob Balfe
There are a lot of tools out there that help you measure how effective a tweet is doing. Did you know Twitter added a nice analytic package for your tweets? Last year Twitter launched a new page where you can measure … Continue reading →
Responsive design and WebSphere Commerce
Thu, Jan 22nd 2015 7:30p   Bob Balfe
In this video I show a free way to develop responsive design advertisements using a combination of Eclipse and inline editing with Chrome. I showed this technique last year in the post “Tip Of the Day: Modifying and saving CSS … Continue reading →
Blog stats for 2014 and what I learned
Thu, Jan 22nd 2015 8:20a   Bob Balfe
Each year I read around the net how different blogs did for the year and attempt to compare myself to those blogs or just simply learn how I can do things better. I also get asked many times by aspiring … Continue reading →
It’s a Christmas Miracle! Softlayer enables business partners to create integrations in a snap
Fri, Dec 19th 2014 6:30a   Bob Balfe
Santa has come early for IBM Business Partners! I remember the days when I worked at Key Services and any time we wanted to try out new software it had to go through all kinds of approval processes because it … Continue reading →
My top 10 videos on YouTube this year!
Wed, Dec 17th 2014 8:20a   Bob Balfe
It is that time to reflect on the past year and this year I am starting with my YouTube channel. In case you missed any of these blockbuster hits you can watch them now! This year I had over 32,000 … Continue reading →
WebSphere Commerce is now on the Request for Enhancements site!
Tue, Dec 16th 2014 7:00a   Bob Balfe
Yes, this news is actually about 9 months late but I am realizing not many customers know about this so I figured I would re-announce it today. This is the place where you can vote on features and even submit … Continue reading →
Coding Commerce: Showing the shopper which items they already purchased
Mon, Dec 15th 2014 6:30p   Bob Balfe
Do you shop on a specific site and would like to see what products you have previously purchased in the shopping experience? I have seen some implementations of a “My Closet” where its a specific page on the site that … Continue reading →
Is your solution Ready for Smarter Commerce?
Fri, Dec 12th 2014 6:30a   Bob Balfe
Earlier this year IBM announced a partnership with over 16 new partners who have created integrations with the IBM Commerce platform. That number is now up to an astounding 35 partners in less than a year later! You can check out … Continue reading →
Coding Commerce: Extending the Price display widget for consumable products
Thu, Dec 11th 2014 7:32p   Bob Balfe
Commerce systems are getting more and more advanced and specifically in the B2B space you are seeing more and more information about products on the product page or even in product listings. We see things like color swatches, likes, ratings, … Continue reading →
Thank you for a great 2014!
Wed, Dec 10th 2014 4:10p   Bob Balfe
Over the years I have had interactions with many of you and I wanted to say thank you for reading my blog! I am attempting to gauge the value of my blog by getting some reader feedback. So if you … Continue reading →
B2B just got a whole lot easier with IBM Commerce
Mon, Nov 24th 2014 7:40a   Bob Balfe
This is a big move for IBM Commerce. You will be seeing some cool videos coming soon with the new B2B functionality. Here are some key quotes from the announcement: Available this Wednesday, IBM B2B Commerce transforms the complex B2B buying … Continue reading →
Integrated content management and WebSphere Commerce Workspaces!
Mon, Nov 24th 2014 6:00a   Bob Balfe
One of the really big problems in the eCommerce space is you may have a custom or enterprise content management system and a really great eCommerce platform like WebSphere Commerce but the two are rarely ever connected into a single approval … Continue reading →
Great mobile application for Black Friday
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 3:50p   Bob Balfe
I was sent a story idea for a mobile application call Zoomingo and I will say upfront that if someone pitches me an application or story idea I really have to like it to blog about it. This application fits … Continue reading →
Afraid big brother is tracking your online activity? Then check out Tor …maybe
Wed, Nov 5th 2014 9:26a   Bob Balfe
With all the worries that big brother is looking at your online activity something like Tor may just be the answer to online anonymity. The announcement that Verizon is planning to have a perma-cookie tracking ID placed on your phone – even … Continue reading →
Webinar – Inside the User Experience; Solutions to Mobile Banking Issues
Mon, Nov 3rd 2014 7:36a   Bob Balfe
Our friends over at BlueSky will be hosting a free webinar this Thursday, register here today! This free webinar will teach you how to see the way your mobile or desktop websites are working through the eyes of each consumer … Continue reading →
Donate to Wikipedia today!
Wed, Oct 29th 2014 7:43a   Bob Balfe
I have long been a fan and user of Wikipedia. And as many of you know, it comes with no advertisements and that means it solely relies on donations. I highly recommend anyone who uses Wikipedia to go and donate … Continue reading →
Want to learn WebSphere Commerce? Check out this new play list
Tue, Oct 28th 2014 9:13a   Bob Balfe
One of my colleagues (thanks Paul V) requested I create a playlist of my videos that could be used for education purposes in a logical order. It is not perfect but I think it is a good start for someone … Continue reading →
What do you think technical eminence is?
Mon, Oct 27th 2014 9:33a   Bob Balfe
This is a very interesting topic for me as I have heard the term several times within IBM. Let’s tear apart the phrase: Technical – obviously someone who is a technical expert or at least claims they have the capability … Continue reading →
Who watches YouTube videos from their TV?
Sat, Oct 25th 2014 3:03p   Bob Balfe
I love statistics and especially love them when something new starts to happen. This year something definitely changed with what devices people use to watch my videos. I have seen a huge growth in mobile and tablet however TV has … Continue reading →
Searchandizing part 2 – Promoting a Category
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 1:53p   Bob Balfe
In this demonstration I get some requirements from my marketing manager Mary to start a new sales category called “Sale” on the North American site. I create the category with a custom layout using Commerce Composer along with a promotion … Continue reading →
Webinar this Thursday! Optimizing e-Commerce Site Search for IBM WebSphere Commerce
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014 8:53p   Bob Balfe
Our partners over at Coremedia and NetSphere Strategies will be hosting a webinar about WebSphere Commerce search tomorrow, register for it here. DATE:  Thursday, October 23, 2014TIME:  2:30pm Central | 12:30pm Pacific Solr, an open-source enterprise search platform, is a powerful tool in the hands of … Continue reading →
The power of the dataload utility – loading data into any table
Wed, Oct 15th 2014 8:53a   Bob Balfe
I read a great article that shows how easy it is to configure the WebSphere Commerce dataload utility to load data into any table. In this case it is a custom table and Pradeep walks you through the configuration of … Continue reading →
GreenWheels 2 – The Shop.org demonstration from the IBM booth
Mon, Oct 6th 2014 12:26p   Bob Balfe
This was the live demonstration we gave at Shop.org for the enhanced greenwheels demonstration. The focus of the demonstration was to show the different organization imperatives the greenwheels brand is attempting to carry out: Execute Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns Create Behavior Based … Continue reading →
How the iPhone is made info-graphic
Thu, Sep 25th 2014 7:36a   Bob Balfe
I thought this graphic was very interesting:
Greenwheels version 2 comes to Shop.Org – don’t miss it!
Wed, Sep 24th 2014 9:16a   Bob Balfe
This year at one of the IBM pedestals you will see the extension to the original demonstration given at the Smarter Commerce Summit (you can watch that video here). The greenwheels company is focusing on three main company imperatives in this story. … Continue reading →
Is Pinterest in your marketing plan?
Fri, Sep 19th 2014 8:53a   Bob Balfe
We all have our favorite stores and products and usually expect marketing emails to come from the company itself. But did you know Pinterest has been sending “Price drop emails” since last year (2013)? This is great for people who … Continue reading →
Easily Creating Widgets In WebSphere Commerce Composer
Sat, Aug 30th 2014 12:33p   Bob Balfe
WebSphere Commerce Composer is a very powerful addition to the tool set. It allows marketing and HTML developers to pretty much design a web site to their heart’s content. In this video I show how you can use jQuery and … Continue reading →
We all start at zero
Wed, Aug 20th 2014 6:00a   Bob Balfe
Had to pass this great video and cause on to everyone. I love Khan Academy and I think its cause is the future of learning. Join the cause today! You Can Learn Anything!
Taxonomy matters and colorful attribute names
Mon, Aug 11th 2014 7:20a   Bob Balfe
The taxonomy, or often called navigation, of a site is probably one of the most important pieces of an online commerce system. Being able to narrow down to a product through search and a faceted navigation system is very important to the … Continue reading →
One of THE best new features in WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack (FEP) 7
Fri, Aug 8th 2014 7:03a   Bob Balfe
In Feature Pack 7, the advanced configuration allows you to federate and cluster WebSphere Commerce search. This means you can now scale your servers more inline with your sites demand – separating transactional operations and search operations independently.  Marco Fabbri … Continue reading →
BlueMix URL Rating widget on WebSphere Commerce for product ratings
Thu, Jul 31st 2014 5:40a   Bob Balfe
Ok, this is really just a teaser post as I will divulge the process used to get my Blue Mix URL rating widget into the WebSphere Commerce Composer framework a bit later. I will say, now that the widget is in … Continue reading →
URL Rating application on BlueMix – Part 2 – the user interface
Fri, Jul 25th 2014 8:30a   Bob Balfe
The next step in my Node-RED application on BlueMix is to create some user interface that calls the services I defined in my Node-RED flow sheet. If you recall from the last post, I created two services: /postrating – which … Continue reading →
Automatically add your BlueMix YouTube video to the BlueMix Play List
Thu, Jul 24th 2014 7:50p   Bob Balfe
Want your video to be listed on the BlueMix video list?  Simply tag it with “bluemix” and “ibm” and it will automatically be added. The list shows the videos in order by most views first.  
Creating a URL Rating Application in Node-RED on BlueMix – Part 1
Thu, Jul 24th 2014 2:03p   Bob Balfe
This is the first part of a new application I am creating using Node-RED on BlueMix. With very little programming, I show how you can get a basic URL rating application up and running very quickly using Node-RED. In this … Continue reading →
Today’s Bluemix Virtual Meetup Live On YouTube and Google+ starts in 5 minutes!
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014 8:00a   Bob Balfe
Originally from Ryan Baxters blog here. You can watch today’s Bluemix Virtual Meetup on mobile cloud services live at 10 AM EST on YouTube.  There are 3 options for watching. Watch out on the YouTube page. Watch on the Google+ page.  If you watch … Continue reading →
Top 10 most popular videos about IBM BlueMix
Tue, Jul 22nd 2014 6:50a   Bob Balfe
These are currently the most viewed videos on YouTube about the IBM BlueMix platform: #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1
Node-RED boilerplate on #BlueMix now uses Cloudant NoSQL DB
Mon, Jul 21st 2014 6:40a   Bob Balfe
Not sure if anyone noticed this but the Node-RED boilerplate application on BlueMix now uses the Cloudant NoSQL database service for storage. The beta version used Mongo:
Using the Eclipse client for editing BlueMix projects on Git Jazz Hub
Fri, Jul 18th 2014 1:00p   Bob Balfe
In this tip of the day I show how easy it is to setup your IBM BlueMix and Jazz Hub project in the Eclipse client for editing. This will allow you to edit your project off-line and take advantage of … Continue reading →
Who is watching your videos on YouTube?
Fri, Jul 18th 2014 7:50a   Bob Balfe
I understand the types of videos I make will never go viral as it is a niche channel but I am always interested in finding new ways to have broader coverage. I have monitored things like the video retention rate … Continue reading →
Integrating IBM (Unica) Interact with WebSphere Commerce Part 1
Wed, Jul 16th 2014 5:03a   Bob Balfe
In this video I show off the GreenWheels demonstration where I created an IBM Interact Widget. In this first part I show how Interact and WebSphere Commerce connect together. I explain the setup of the zones in Interact and how … Continue reading →
Adding a new node type to your Node-Red flow application on BlueMix
Wed, Jul 9th 2014 2:00p   Bob Balfe
In my last post I introduced a project on GitHub that provided 26 new Node-Red nodes you can use in your Node-Red flow. Today I am going to show how you can bundle up one of those nodes and deploy … Continue reading →
26 Node-Red nodes for your arsenal!
Fri, Jul 4th 2014 6:10a   Bob Balfe
Check out this project on GitHub, it has 26 new nodes for your Node-Red application. Everything from Analysis to Hardware: https://github.com/node-red/node-red-nodes Analysis 72-wordpos - Analyses the payload and classifies the part-of-speech of each word. The resulting message has msg.pos added with … Continue reading →
Final Re-Tweet Code for my Node-RED application on BlueMix
Mon, Jun 30th 2014 10:10p   Bob Balfe
If you have been following my blog and more specifically my Twitter account in the past week you probably noticed an awful lot of re-tweets in the past week. Well, if you just happen to have missed my original video … Continue reading →
Debugging A Node-RED Application on BlueMix
Fri, Jun 27th 2014 7:50a   Bob Balfe
In this video I show how easy it is to debug a Node-RED application flow using the debug output element. A few things I realized when writing this application was you have to be very careful when automating a retweet. … Continue reading →
The new share buttons in WordPress are much nicer!
Fri, Jun 27th 2014 5:10a   Bob Balfe
I love the new share buttons in WordPress. The icons are very sharp and I love the new share/like counts for each post: I am running WordPress 3.9.1 with the Twenty Eleven theme.
Mind Map: 22 Best Open Source Apps for Music and Video Editing!
Thu, Jun 26th 2014 9:33a   Bob Balfe
How cool is this? The folks over at Sound Stage Studios put this interactive mind map together to highlight the 22 Best Open Source Applications for editing video and music. Click on the image below to see the live code:
Just how good is the Blue Yeti Microphone? You can compare it here.
Wed, Jun 25th 2014 10:10p   Bob Balfe
These have been the options that I have used to create the videos on my YouTube channel to date. Now, a real comparison would be to get another “good” microphone and compare it to that, however, I think this post … Continue reading →
New Video – BlueMix – Using NodeRED to Retweet specific topics
Wed, Jun 25th 2014 11:30a   Bob Balfe
Although this could be considered “cheating” in the social world and I certainly do not condone automated social behavior, I do think NodeRED on BlueMix is very cool and easy to use and this is a fast, simple, and effective … Continue reading →
Codename: BlueMix free beta is open to all developers
Wed, Jun 25th 2014 8:00a   Bob Balfe
I have been messing around with BlueMix for a bit and I am seeing more and more customers interested in what BlueMix brings to the table. If you haven’t already, get on to the site and start playing around!
Code: IBM Mobile Web Push (Reactor) code for my blog
Wed, Jun 25th 2014 6:20a   Bob Balfe
As promised, in this post I will share the code I have on my WordPress blog to have it enabled with the Reactor code. You can download the code snippets directly from GitHub or follow the instructions below to insert … Continue reading →
Goodbye bad sound, meet my new toy!
Tue, Jun 24th 2014 9:00p   Bob Balfe
The Blue Yeti has arrived. I just did my first podcast with this baby and it is as amazing as everyone says it is. The recorded sound is perfect!
IBM Mobile Web Push (Reactor) – Stats for my blog campaign
Tue, Jun 24th 2014 9:00a   Bob Balfe
Earlier this month I put a spot on my blog header that shows some key articles, links, or messages I think are important to my readers. I used a bit of jQuery and four campaigns running in the IBM Mobile … Continue reading →
Need help: Why am I getting a 403 Forbidden when posting to LinkedIn?
Wed, Jun 18th 2014 7:10p   Bob Balfe
Every other social network posting works fine but recently I get this error when posting to LinkedIn. I have looked all over the internet for a solution including the LinkedIn forums. Seems like a lot of people are having this … Continue reading →
Effective & Timely Delivery – an Essential Component of Your Ecommerce Success
Wed, Jun 18th 2014 5:50a   Nicholas Fincher
Guest Post by: Nicolas Fincher You can invest a fortune in creating a sophisticated, exclusive storefront design style, integrating the most cutting-edge technologies into your web store, boosting its overall performance and speed, implementing the latest marketing and promotional options … Continue reading →
Playing in the new Swift playground
Fri, Jun 13th 2014 5:30a   Bob Balfe
Playgrounds are not a new concept in software development. I have always had that “Test” project with all kinds of different code blocks that I wrote for some project or tested out ideas for creating more optimized code. I figure … Continue reading →
Get to know the Mobile Cloud boilerplate on BlueMix
Thu, Jun 12th 2014 8:14a   Bob Balfe
One of the challenging pieces of creating an application in the cloud is where your data is stored and then have an easy way to load, update and delete data. In the traditional model you would have some kind of … Continue reading →
Your options for “owning the glass” in an online eCommerce site
Sun, Jun 8th 2014 6:20p   Bob Balfe
Online retail sites are changing drastically. I have observed many sites moving to a cinematic or experiential experience with their online eCommerce sites. So what does “owning the glass” even mean? Owning the glass means the piece of technology is … Continue reading →
Video is stealing the show in online fashion retail!
Fri, Jun 6th 2014 6:50a   Bob Balfe
Doing my usual shopping around on fashion sites I found this beautiful site by Salvatore Ferragamo! The site is very sleek and fresh looking with video and content mixed with the shopping experience. This is a great example of my … Continue reading →
My Good and Bad on the new language Swift from Apple
Thu, Jun 5th 2014 9:41a   Bob Balfe
I am a tech geek, I love coding and I certainly love learning new languages. My first look at Swift is only through the eyes of reading the manual, yes, some people like reading novels I like reading manuals. I … Continue reading →
Experiential Commerce is the future
Tue, Jun 3rd 2014 8:40a   Bob Balfe
For those that saw the GreenWheels demonstration and the many sessions at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit this year you saw a very common theme – content, community, and commerce integrated into a seamless experience for the customer. Social is … Continue reading →
Check out my latest DeveloperWorks article on another integration with WebSphere Commerce
Wed, May 21st 2014 9:03a   Bob Balfe
Integrating IBM Mobile Web Push with WebSphere Commerce “IBM Mobile Web Push is a messaging platform that pushes marketing offers to mobile devices and websites. With Mobile Web Push, you can dynamically trigger content for display on mobile devices and … Continue reading →
Webinar on leveraging WebSphere Commerce business tooling to implement one-to-one marketing
Wed, May 21st 2014 5:03a   Bob Balfe
On June 18, 2014 Join WebSphere Commerce thought leader, Jerry Lewis, VP Smarter Commerce at SysIQ, and IBM panelists Errol Denger, Director Product Management and Strategy, Bob Balfe, Brand Solution Architect, Smarter Commerce, and James Fong, IBM Commerce Product Manager, … Continue reading →
The Smarter Commerce Summit 2014 GreenWheels Demonstration Video is now online!
Tue, May 20th 2014 9:10a   Bob Balfe
If you missed the IBM Smarter Commerce Solution Center demo “GreenWheels” you can watch the story of Katie below. This is fairly comprehensive demonstration that shows WebSphere Commerce and several other IBM products integrated for a seamless customer experience. Some … Continue reading →
Introducing the “IBM Client Success Essentials Community”!
Tue, May 13th 2014 8:00p   Bob Balfe
In case you didn’t get the card laying around on just about every table at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit have no fear, you an simply click here to see the new IBM Client Success Essentials Community. Enjoy!
Why the eSpot REST service in WebSphere Commerce is so cool!
Sat, May 10th 2014 6:59a   Bob Balfe
WebSphere Commerce comes with a pretty comprehensive set of REST services that are used as integration points with other systems. While this may sound geeky and boring on the surface, imagine cross-channel content that is driven by a precision marketing … Continue reading →
A must see at the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014
Thu, May 8th 2014 5:40a   Bob Balfe
You have read about and have seen the material around Commerce Composer and the new widget framework in WebSphere Commerce introduced earlier this year and you have also seen my video series about CoreMedia’s content management system integration with WebSphere … Continue reading →
Some of the things you will see at the IBM Solution Center Demo at Smarter Commerce Global Summit!
Tue, May 6th 2014 6:20a   Bob Balfe
This year I will be one of the presenters in the Solution Center at the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Tampa so make sure you stop by and say hi! You will see our story of Katie who is … Continue reading →
Tip of the Day: Creating Image Maps with GIMP
Mon, Apr 28th 2014 9:30a   Bob Balfe
There are actually a lot of cool online tools to aid with creating image maps but for those users of GIMP you have a pretty easy to use and configurable image map tool right at your finger tips! In this … Continue reading →
Best site for online file (XML, JSON, HTML, SQL) formatting
Mon, Apr 21st 2014 8:10a   Bob Balfe
Do you ever need to format some encrypted, auto-generated XML, HTML, or JSON? Well, I do this a lot to debug compressed JSON, HTML, and XML files and I found this great site that not only does formatting for some basic … Continue reading →
Tip of The Day: Mobile Simulation With Chrome
Sat, Apr 19th 2014 2:30p   Bob Balfe
Quick Tip of the Day – don’t have a mobile device? Then use Chrome to test your responsive design on many kinds of devices! I have used this technique specifically to test what the site will actually look like on … Continue reading →
Readers from around the world with the WordPress Stats Map
Sun, Apr 6th 2014 8:00a   Bob Balfe
One of the things I really love about WordPress is statistics feature it gives me for the where readers from my blog are coming from. This is the map from the WordPress.com site that shows a “heat map” of where … Continue reading →
Tip Of the Day: Modifying and saving CSS with Google Chrome
Fri, Apr 4th 2014 9:40a   Bob Balfe
This has really changed the way I work and doing mockups and proof of concepts. Check out the new Tip of Day video to see how you can edit the CSS for a website live using Google Chrome and the … Continue reading →
IBM Commerce Composer for WebSphere Commerce Demonstration
Thu, Apr 3rd 2014 11:40a   Bob Balfe
The one and only Marco Deluca from the IBM WebSphere Commerce development team walks you through the very cool Commerce Composer tool now included with WebSphere Commerce.
IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014: All Star Moments Challenge
Tue, Apr 1st 2014 7:50a   Bob Balfe
Starting at Pulse, IBM started doing an “App Throwdown” to encourage developers to create the “next cool” application based on IBM technology. IMPACT and now the Smarter Commerce Summit now have the same opportunity. The theme of this year’s conference … Continue reading →
New Video: Integrating IBM Mobile Web Push and WebSphere Commerce
Sun, Mar 30th 2014 4:30p   Bob Balfe
Marketing people usually only have control over the layout of an eCommerce page and other things like pop-up advertisements or slide in advertisements are controlled by third party plug-ins. IBM Mobile Web Push integrates pretty easily with existing web sites … Continue reading →
The next big thing in customer loyalty is…
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 12:10p   Bob Balfe
I don’t often blog more than once a day, even write during the day for that matter but during lunch today I read this article and it got me thinking this really could be the next big thing in retail. … Continue reading →
Calling all Business Partners, Developers, Hackers, and Consultants alike!
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 8:30a   Bob Balfe
So this week I got the opportunity to create my first widget for the new WebSphere Commerce Composer in feature pack 7. I have to give big kudos to the documentation team and the InfoCenter because I followed the five … Continue reading →
Top 5 reasons why you would want IBM Mobile Web Push on your web site
Tue, Mar 25th 2014 7:50a   Bob Balfe
Many marketing platforms offer advertisement placement within the layout of the web site. eCommerce solutions (like WebSphere Commerce) even offer powerful precision marketing engines to personalize content inside of widgets or espots within the layout of the page. I have … Continue reading →
Playing with Final Cut Pro X and my new green screen
Mon, Mar 24th 2014 9:40a   Bob Balfe
I had the 30 day trial version of several different video authoring programs and I finally decided on Final Cut Pro X. It seemed to me by far the most comprehensive and feature rich tool and while the price was … Continue reading →
Understanding the widget framework in WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 7
Mon, Mar 17th 2014 10:10a   Bob Balfe
I have recently spent some time reading the Info Center about the Commerce Composer Widget Architecture. Think of widgets as the building blocks to construct a page in your store front. Widgets are basically JSP snippets with a data JSPF … Continue reading →
Data Load Utility in WebSphere Commerce
Fri, Mar 14th 2014 2:40p   Bob Balfe
This is not a very sexy topic but I think it is important to many people who integrate WebSphere Commerce with other systems or do mass data loads. This video is not one of my normal videos in that I … Continue reading →
New Video: CKEditor in WebSphere Commerce Introduction
Thu, Mar 13th 2014 5:50a   Bob Balfe
Content formatting for a website is probably one of the most important aspects of building a web site. The CKEditor, arguably one of the best rich text editors around, is now included in several places in the WebSphere Commerce tooling … Continue reading →
New BlueMix video list on YouTube
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 7:50a   Bob Balfe
For those that are interested in following or subscribing to videos on YouTube about BlueMix I have created a new public list called “BlueMix Videos“.
Top 5 reasons why NodeJS rocks!
Tue, Mar 11th 2014 11:20a   Bob Balfe
NodeJS has been around for almost five years and until recently it has been a focus point for geeks, pioneers, and chat programs. Recently it has been getting some amazing press from things like BlueMix and JazzHub and of course … Continue reading →
What are the IBM WebSphere Commerce Validated Technology Partner Solutions?
Sun, Mar 9th 2014 8:30p   Bob Balfe
With the launch for Feature Pack 7 of WebSphere Commerce came a new Widget Framework (more on that in a later post) and with that framework came a list of technology partners who have contributions to the base product in … Continue reading →
Cool game based on MQTT and NodeJS and deployed on Jazzhub, and BlueMix!
Fri, Mar 7th 2014 9:20a   Bob Balfe
Had a very short but cool discussion yesterday on Twitter with Ken Walker and Bryan Boyd about his game based on MQTT and JavaScript. The game is written with NodeJS and Ken deployed it on JazzHub and BlueMix! Check out … Continue reading →
Google Chrome Tip – Bookmarking multiple windows
Fri, Mar 7th 2014 7:00a   Bob Balfe
I have a lot of bookmarks and many times when I am working on a project or doing some of my own personal things I like to have a “workbench” of tabs open in Google Chrome. I use this both … Continue reading →
The much anticipated Feature Pack 7 for WebSphere Commerce is here!
Thu, Mar 6th 2014 11:20a   Bob Balfe
Feature Pack 7, or FEP7, is probably the most ambitious delivery for the WebSphere Commerce team in the version 7 time. I heavily blogged and created videos for FEP5 and FEP6 which provided the stepping stone for the new IBM … Continue reading →
Using IBM Web Mobile Push to turn anonymous into registered users
Thu, Mar 6th 2014 8:40a   Bob Balfe
In this blog post by Michael Bordash he shows how you can use IBM Web Mobile Push to turn the anonymous reader into a registered user. While this concept isn’t new, I think the simplicity of the IBM Web Mobile … Continue reading →

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