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Bob Balfe
Blog Title Bobs Blog
Blog Description Hello, I am Bob Balfe, this blog is about how technology is changing eCommerce, Marketing, and and Supply Chain. I also seldomly do book reviews and a few videos on YouTube.
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Recent Blog Posts
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67 2018-11-20 Bob Balfe Using CoreMedia, clients have reduced their time-to-web by 75%
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19 2018-10-23 Bob Balfe Webinar: Sell Everywhere – IBM Watson Commerce and ChannelAdvisor make Marketplace Adoption a Snap
23 2018-10-22 Bob Balfe Book Review: multipliers – how the best leaders make everyone smarter
44 2018-10-19 Bob Balfe Come join us! Register now for Modernization of DX and Portals with IBM
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24 2018-10-17 Bob Balfe New course available: Headless Commerce for IBM Digital Commerce – Developer
65 2018-10-15 Bob Balfe Guess who boosted in store foot traffic by 31% with IBM’s Watson?
25 2018-10-01 Bob Balfe Book Review: 101 Secrets of Highly Effective Speakers
22 2018-09-26 Bob Balfe Snapchat lets you take a photo of an item and then buy it from Amazon
44 2018-09-25 Bob Balfe This is big! Walmart, Sam’s Club Start Mandating Suppliers Use IBM Blockchain
30 2018-09-21 Bob Balfe Bob’s Top 10 eCommerce Trends for 2019
21 2018-09-20 Bob Balfe Poll: What is the most important decision for your eCommerce storefront?
34 2018-09-19 Bob Balfe Webinar tomorrow! Online Marketplaces Made Easy with IBM and Mirakl
28 2018-09-19 Bob Balfe Stretching natural language search by example, who does it best?
32 2018-09-14 Bob Balfe Omni-channel is real and if you aren’t doing it you are losing money
19 2018-09-10 Bob Balfe Taking control of your mobile and chatbot applications with Streebo’s DX Accelerator
35 2018-08-31 Bob Balfe “blue backpacks under $50” – Natural language search is changing the way we shop online.
20 2018-08-29 Bob Balfe Mobiecom gets certified for all versions of WebSphere Commerce
17 2018-08-27 Bob Balfe Integrating Sterling Omni-Configurator with WebSphere Commerce v9
65 2018-08-20 Bob Balfe A Birthday wish for my birthday today.
32 2018-07-26 Bob Balfe eCommerce sites – It’s time to prepare for the holidays!
25 2018-07-25 Bob Balfe Inline editing a headless CMS application with Watson Content Hub
54 2018-07-21 Bob Balfe Video: Improving conversions with Tealeaf, Watson Assistant, and eCommerce
78 2018-07-18 Bob Balfe Introducing the IBM Cloud Private Community on DeveloperWorks
22 2018-07-17 Bob Balfe Watson Commerce v9 Distance Learning course available!
17 2018-07-11 Bob Balfe Product Management made easy with IBM Digital Commerce
45 2018-07-10 Bob Balfe Shutterstock + IBM – Best in class content for the best in class Marketing platform
97 2018-06-29 Bob Balfe Companies are demanding SaaS like deployments, internally
27 2018-06-21 Bob Balfe Easily deploy WebSphere Commerce v9 with IBM Cloud Private
59 2018-06-13 Bob Balfe Mirakl gets it, do you?
67 2018-06-06 Bob Balfe Competitive markets demand competitive pricing
98 2018-06-05 Bob Balfe Automate, everything.
55 2018-05-14 Bob Balfe Bishop Company improves site performance by over 25% with Mobiecom
56 2018-05-10 Bob Balfe Most eCommerce sites are “marketplaces”
36 2018-05-09 Bob Balfe Partner Connect: Mirakl and Marketplaces
34 2018-05-08 Bob Balfe Automatically scaling WebSphere Commerce v9 with Kubernetes
39 2018-05-03 Bob Balfe Recording Available for Webinar: Continuous Delivery for a Highly Available Kubernetes Application
52 2018-04-27 Bob Balfe Webinar: Continuous Delivery for a Highly Available Kubernetes Application
149 2018-04-25 Bob Balfe 30 years of OO programming – My reply to a critic
35 2018-04-23 Bob Balfe Watson Commerce User Groups comes to you!
35 2018-04-18 Bob Balfe Cognitive Genie by SapientRazorfish
47 2018-04-17 Bob Balfe Only 31% report consistently positive omni-channel experiences
68 2018-04-17 Bob Balfe Watson Studio is changing how companies use AI
112 2018-04-14 Bob Balfe Webinar: Real World Insights Into Upgrading to V9
35 2018-04-06 Bob Balfe Teaching Watson Baseball Cards Part 2 – Team recognition
44 2018-04-05 Bob Balfe Frost & Sullivan declares IBM a leader in customer value within the Integrated Commerce Order Management Space
67 2018-04-04 Bob Balfe Teaching IBM Watson to identify Baseball Cards in under 5 minutes
32 2018-04-02 Bob Balfe IBM Digital Commerce How To Videos
67 2018-03-30 Bob Balfe 12 Kubernetes distributions to think about
56 2018-03-29 Bob Balfe Video: Build a bot in 6 minutes with IBM Watson Conversation
103 2018-03-28 Bob Balfe IBM’s 5 Tech Predictions for the Next 5 Years
35 2018-03-28 Bob Balfe Video: Create Omni-channel Content with IBM Watson Content Hub
87 2018-03-27 Bob Balfe Pictures and videos from #THINK2018
168 2018-03-26 Bob Balfe Two new books I picked up at THINK
87 2018-03-23 Bob Balfe My new favorite podcast has changed the way I think
76 2018-03-16 Bob Balfe Stackoverflow 2018 Developer Survey is in, this is what I see
125 2018-03-16 Bob Balfe Larry unlocks his cage and puts himself back
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34 2018-03-14 Bob Balfe Partner Connect: Royal Cyber’s Cyber Shop!
34 2018-03-08 Bob Balfe WebSphere Commerce V9 Sessions @ THINK 2018
157 2018-03-07 Bob Balfe Getting an internship at IBM
47 2018-02-15 Bob Balfe Developing a web site on Watson Content Hub
36 2018-02-09 Bob Balfe Taking advantage of user generated content with Stackla and Watson Content Hub
36 2018-02-08 Bob Balfe Video: Docker orchestration on IBM Power Systems with Mesos
43 2018-02-07 Bob Balfe Video: Docker orchestration with Kubernetes on IBM Power
40 2018-02-06 Bob Balfe Watson Customer Engagement is hiring SaaS sellers!
37 2018-02-06 Bob Balfe Video: Docker orchestration on IBM Power Systems with Openshift Origin
76 2018-02-04 Bob Balfe IBM’s Watson: Observe, Interpret, Evaluate, and Decide
139 2018-02-03 Bob Balfe How are you living?
36 2018-02-02 Bob Balfe Moving from WebSphere Commerce v7 FEP8 to v9
43 2018-02-01 Bob Balfe Come and like our Watson Customer Engagement Facebook page!
37 2018-01-31 Bob Balfe Why omni-channel is still important
26 2018-01-30 Bob Balfe Announcement: WebSphere Commerce V9 Webinar!
38 2018-01-30 Bob Balfe a Watson Customer Engagement Story: Omni-channel
45 2018-01-29 Bob Balfe New pet cam for Larry’s Cage: Night Owl
105 2018-01-27 Bob Balfe This is my bird Larry
32 2018-01-26 Bob Balfe My top WebSphere Commerce version 9 videos
35 2018-01-26 Bob Balfe #WatsonCE Sales Academy 2018 Twitter Summary
155 2018-01-25 Bob Balfe ‪Loose the site, loose the fight‬
121 2018-01-24 Bob Balfe You don’t know Jack
142 2018-01-24 Bob Balfe IBM to the power of YOU!
128 2018-01-22 Bob Balfe Your time is valuable and Amazon just gave a little of it back to you.
36 2018-01-16 Bob Balfe Facebook Live event with ME! Come learn about the new WebSphere Commerce version 9
43 2018-01-15 Bob Balfe Deploying WebSphere Commerce v9 with Docker
66 2018-01-15 Bob Balfe Speaking German could be complicated, your CMS doesn’t have to be
56 2018-01-15 Bob Balfe FIT, Tommy Hilfiger, and IBM collaborate with AI
46 2018-01-14 Bob Balfe Saving money with WebSphere Commerce v9 and Docker

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