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XPages Tip: Adding a Bootstrap Class to All Labels via the Theme (Redux)
Wed, Jul 20th 2016 4
XPages Tip: Overriding, Concatenating, and Conditionally Adding Control Properties via a Theme
Wed, Jul 20th 2016 4
XPages Tip: Displaying Bootstrap Applications Properly on Mobile Devices
Tue, May 31st 2016 2
Efficiently Keeping an XPages Session Alive with JSON RPC
Wed, May 25th 2016 4
Browser Session Lifespan – Idle Session Timeout vs LTPA Token Expiration
Tue, May 24th 2016 4
XPages Tip: Passing an Array to a Custom Control Property
Tue, Apr 12th 2016 5
XPages Tip: Beware Server-Side code in Multiple onClientLoad Events
Thu, Apr 7th 2016 2
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Passing Parameters to SSJS from a Client-side partialRefreshGet()
Mon, Jul 14th 2014 10
Gridx in XPages – 13: Customizing Cell Content
Fri, Dec 5th 2014 8
Computing Custom Date Format Patterns Throughout an Application
Mon, Aug 18th 2014 7
Gridx in XPages – 4: Loading Live Data via a REST Service
Mon, Nov 10th 2014 7
Gridx in XPages – 18: Formatting Date and Currency Columns
Thu, Dec 18th 2014 7
Implementing Font Awesome 4.0.3 in XPages
Mon, Apr 7th 2014 6
Dojo in XPages – 20: Handling Successful or Failed AJAX Requests
Wed, Apr 23rd 2014 6
Order of execution for client-side JavaScript event handlers and callbacks
Mon, Jun 16th 2014 6
Gridx in XPages – 15: Adding QuickFilter for Full-Text Searching
Tue, Dec 9th 2014 6
Dojo in XPages – 7: Selecting DOM Elements with dojo.query
Mon, Feb 24th 2014 5

Browser Session Lifespan – Idle Session Timeout vs LTPA Token Expiration
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Brad Balassaitis    

I recently spent some time investigating a client’s reports of unexpected behavior with the duration of browser sessions while testing an application on a test server. From time to time, they were required to login even while actively using an application. In this post, I’ll highlight the difference between an idle session timeout and an […]

May 24, 2016
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