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Two Years as a College Professor
Mon, Dec 15th 2014 170
Derek Featherstone: CSS, Accessibility, and You
Mon, Dec 15th 2014 97
If You Use IBM Lotus Notes Then You Need to See This Groundbreaking Product
Mon, Dec 15th 2014 448
Sun, Dec 14th 2014 220
IBM New Way to Work – Replay
Tue, Nov 18th 2014 263
WordPress Freedoms: Infographic
Tue, Oct 7th 2014 139
250 Viewers in 43 Countries
Tue, Sep 30th 2014 139
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If You Use IBM Lotus Notes Then You Need to See This Groundbreaking Product
Mon, Dec 15th 2014 448
How Golf is Being Used to Inspire Kids: The Children’s Course – First Tee
Fri, Apr 4th 2014 329
IBM New Way to Work – Replay
Tue, Nov 18th 2014 263
Sun, Dec 14th 2014 220
Two Years as a College Professor
Mon, Dec 15th 2014 170
From my inbox: Domino based URL shortener
Tue, Jun 19th 2012 166
250 Viewers in 43 Countries
Tue, Sep 30th 2014 139
WordPress Freedoms: Infographic
Tue, Oct 7th 2014 139
Lynda.com Video: Women in STEM
Sat, Sep 27th 2014 138
Research on the WordPress, Web Development, and Web Design Job Market
Mon, Sep 29th 2014 136

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Recent Blog Posts

Two Years as a College Professor
Mon, Dec 15th 2014 9:05p   Bruce Elgort
This month I completed my second year as a professor at Clark College. In that time I have taught HTML Fundamentals, JavaScript, Intro to Programming and Problem Solving with Python, PHP with SQL 1 and PHP with SQL 2. In that time I have taught 500 students, received the 2013 Exceptional Faculty Award and have made many new friends and colleagues. It seems like just yesterday that I was discussing the opportunity of teaching at Clark with Marky, Mark, Matt and Ben. Thanks guys for your guidance [read] Keywords: javascript python sql twitter wiki

Derek Featherstone: CSS, Accessibility, and You
Mon, Dec 15th 2014 8:45p   Bruce Elgort
Here’s a free, hour-long talk that Derek Featherstone recently delivered at the CSS Developer Conference in New Orleans. When most people think about accessibility, they think about HTML as the foundation for accessibility. It makes perfect sense — strong semantic HTML has a huge impact on a visually impaired person using a screen reader. But, what about people with other disabilities? The truth is, there are many more people with low-vision out there than there are blind. There are more [read] Keywords: applications css

If You Use IBM Lotus Notes Then You Need to See This Groundbreaking Product
Mon, Dec 15th 2014 11:33a   Bruce Elgort
The London Developer Co-Op has created a tool named “Via” that every single company running IBM’s Lotus Notes and IBM’s Lotus Domino need to look at. I’m not going to get into the why customers need to consider LDC Via, as I think most of you know why already. Take it from me, this is the one and only tool that you can use to “modernize” your Notes and Domino data – period. Each and every day I am hearing from colleagues, customers and community me [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes community

Sun, Dec 14th 2014 2:31p   Bruce Elgort
Earlier today my Lynda.com video series “Up and Running with IBM Connections” reached 500 viewers in 57 countries. I continue to be humbled by the feedback subscribers and IBM Connections users are leaving. Say what? You are not a Lynda.com subscriber? Get full access to each and every video series for 7 days absolutely free. [read] Keywords: connections ibm

IBM New Way to Work – Replay
Tue, Nov 18th 2014 7:31p   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords: ibm

WordPress Freedoms: Infographic
Tue, Oct 7th 2014 10:12a   Bruce Elgort
Infographic developed by Aaron Hockley of wp-photographers.com I can think of some other open source orgs that need some improved messaging about their wares. [read] Keywords:

250 Viewers in 43 Countries
Tue, Sep 30th 2014 9:52p   Bruce Elgort
I’m extremely happy to report that my “Up and Running with IBM Connections” video course has now been viewed by 250 Lynda.com subscribers in 43 countries. All of this in one weeks time. Today I received my first “user feedback” and it was extremely positive and encouraging. You can view the first 5 videos in the series for free. There are 38 videos in total. Welcome Accessing IBM Connections for the first time Configuring notifications and account settings Updating [read] Keywords: connections ibm profile

Research on the WordPress, Web Development, and Web Design Job Market
Mon, Sep 29th 2014 7:51a   Bruce Elgort
Bruce Elgort:Are you seeing the same types of trends in your corner of the web? Please weigh in. Originally posted on Lorelle on WordPress: In 2012 and 2013, I did extensive research for the grant program to develop and rewrite the Web Developer degree program at Clark College. This research included an analysis of current and future job opportunities for students graduating with that degree with a solid understanding of WordPress. Now that the program has completed its first official year at [read] Keywords: development


Lynda.com Video: Women in STEM
Sat, Sep 27th 2014 11:12a   Bruce Elgort
This short film profiles inspiring examples of women who got their start, and found their calling, in STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. It features Sheeri K. Cabal, database admin at Mozilla and author of the popular OurSQL podcast; Jess Stratton, lynda.com author and the founder of Solace Learning; and Peggy Fisher, professor of computer science at Penn State and leader of several tech-focused after-school programs for disadvantaged youth. Here Sheeri, Jess, and Peggy talk [read] Keywords: admin community database podcast

Now Available: Up and Running with IBM Connections on Lynda.com
Mon, Sep 22nd 2014 1:11p   Bruce Elgort
Already a Lynda.com subscriber? Access the entire 38 video series now. Sign up to get a free 7 day Lynda.com trial with access to the entire Lynda.com library. [read] Keywords: connections ibm

RIP – Domino Designer (the dog)
Mon, Sep 15th 2014 7:57a   Bruce Elgort
Gayle and I are sad to report that our twelve-year-old beloved dog Domino Designer crossed the rainbow bridge. Domino was a very sweet male English Springer Spaniel who was an amazing loyal companion. He passed peacefully at home with family and his dog sister Bella. Rest in peace my friend. [read] Keywords: domino

Coming Soon: Up and Running with IBM Connections
Sun, Sep 14th 2014 1:00p   Bruce Elgort
Not yet a Lynda.com subscriber? Try it out free for seven days. [read] Keywords: connections ibm

Classes I am Teaching at Clark College this Fall
Mon, Sep 1st 2014 9:20a   Bruce Elgort
For the Fall Quarter I will be teaching the following courses at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington: CTEC 121 (class full): Intro to Programming and Problem Solving (Python) – 5 credits CTEC 122 (class full): HTML Fundamentals (HTML/HTML5/CSS) – 4 credits CTEC 122 (seats available): HTML Fundamentals. This class will be for the Vancouver Public Schools iTech Program at Washington State University (HTML/HTML5/CSS) – 4 credits  CTEC 126 (seats available): JavaScript – [read] Keywords: css javascript python

Congratulations Chris Martin
Mon, Aug 25th 2014 8:24a   Bruce Elgort
At the Clark College graduation ceremonies in June, Chris Martin was awarded the “Exceptional Faculty Award“. The Clark College Exceptional Faculty Awards are presented annually to full-time and part-time faculty members in recognition of exemplary work performance, positive impact on students, professional commitment, and other contributions to the college. Nominations are submitted by Clark College students, faculty, classified employees, administrators, alumni, Board members, [read] Keywords:

And I’m Off to Lynda!
Sun, Aug 3rd 2014 7:05a   Bruce Elgort
Today I am flying down to Carpenteria, California to record the “Up and Running with IBM Connections” video learning series for Lynda.com. The current course outline has some 35+ videos covering, Profiles/People, Communities, Files, Activities, Blogs, Ideation Blogs, Forums, Status Updates and much more. I will be returning on Saturday, August 9th. Let the fun begin! If you are interesting in a free 7 day Lynda.com trial, you can start right here. [read] Keywords: connections ibm

Seven Microsoft MTA’s Completed
Sat, Jul 19th 2014 10:06a   Bruce Elgort
Earlier this week I completed my seventh Microsoft Certified Technology Associate (MTA) exam. The test was the “HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals (Exam 98-375). This exam focussed on the following: Managing the Application Life Cycle Building the User Interface by Using HTML5: Text, Graphics, and Media Building the User Interface by Using HTML5: Organization, Input, and Validation Understanding CSS Essentials: Content Flow, Positioning, and Styling Understanding CSS Essentials: L [read] Keywords: administration application css database development interface javascript microsoft networking security

Chris Lema: Getting the first two minutes of your talk right
Tue, Jul 15th 2014 7:59p   Bruce Elgort
As with anything, writing or speaking is something you get better at over time. The more you do it, the calmer you get, the more muscle memory you have, and ultimately, the faster you can get things done. But when it comes to speaking, I notice that there are people who’ve been speaking for years and they continue to make a classic mistake every time they start a talk. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a horrible mistake. But it’s done so often, by so many people, that it’s easy to not t [read] Keywords: twitter

Video Training for IBM Connections
Fri, Jul 11th 2014 11:28a   Bruce Elgort
I’m happy to announce that I have been hired by Lynda.com to author a video series entitled “Up and Running with IBM Connections”.  I have been collaborating with IBM’s Luis Benitez on this effort and he has been great to work with. My producer at Lynda, Jonathan Sears is awesome as well. I have to say that the experience has been amazing. A huge hat tip also to my friend Jess Stratton for hooking me up with Lynda.com and for being an amazing coach and resource. Stay tu [read] Keywords: connections ibm

Veteran Blogger Brill Picked to Lead IBM’s Social Business Transformation
Mon, Jul 7th 2014 6:12p   Bruce Elgort
In his 2013 book, Opting In, Ed Brill recalls the time he was reprimanded by IBM corporate communications in 2003 for identifying an employee by name in a blog post. “We don’t have celebrities at IBM,” the PR rep told him. How times have changed. Brill’s elevation last month to the corporate role of Vice President of Social Business Transformation shows how far IBM has come in shedding its old blue-suite image in favor of one that applauds individuality. Brill and his team will tackle t [read] Keywords: ibm lotus blogger blogging facebook

Completed: Microsoft Security Fundamentals MTA Exam
Wed, Jun 11th 2014 9:15p   Bruce Elgort
Today I took and passed the Microsoft Security Fundamentals MTA exam. This is the fifth MTA I have taken since February. The next test I plan on taking is the Networking Fundamentals MTA. After that exam it’s onto the app dev series of exams. These MTA’s lead to the Microsoft Certified Software Developer certification. The exam topics include HTML5, .NET, Software Testing and several others. [read] Keywords: microsoft networking security

Completed: Two More Microsoft MTA Exams
Mon, Jun 9th 2014 7:58p   Bruce Elgort
Today I took and passed the following two Microsoft MTA exams: 98-363: Microsoft Web Development Fundamentals (C#) 98-364: Microsoft Database Administration Fundamentals This makes a total of four Microsoft MTA exams that I have taken. I plan on taking the Networking Fundamentals and Security Fundamentals exams next week. After those two I will take the HTML5 and .Net exams. [read] Keywords: administration database development microsoft networking security

Completed: Microsoft Windows OS Fundamentals MTA
Sat, Jun 7th 2014 10:14a   Bruce Elgort
Earlier this week I completed the Microsoft Windows OS Fundamentals MTA exam. This marks the second MTA I have taken and passed. Next week I will be taking the Microsoft Web Development Fundamentals exam (MTA 98-363). I plan on taking over a dozen of the Microsoft exams over the next year. [read] Keywords: development microsoft

Startup Cities: Portland, Oregon
Sat, May 31st 2014 8:31a   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords:

Now that you have learned more about IBM’s Mail.Next…
Wed, Apr 23rd 2014 11:22a   Bruce Elgort
Following up on the IBM Mail.Next poll I conducted a few weeks ago, I now want to ask you again to take the same poll, now that you have seen much more about Mail.Next on today’s webinar. Take Our Poll (function(d,c,j){if(!d.getElementById(j)){var pd=d.createElement(c),s;pd.id=j;pd.src='http://s1.wp.com/wp-content/mu-plugins/shortcodes/js/polldaddy-shortcode.js';s=d.getElementsByTagName(c)[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(pd,s);} else if(typeof jQuery !=='undefined')jQuery(d.body).trig [read] Keywords: ibm javascript

Basic Facts and Resources You Need to Know Now About Web Accessibility
Sun, Apr 20th 2014 5:28p   Bruce Elgort
Bruce Elgort:Here are some great resources that my colleague Lorelle VanFossen has put together regarding web accessibility. Have a read and let me know if web accessibility is part of your design work. Originally posted on Lorelle on WordPress: Last night I gave a presentation for an amazing group of web designers and developers in Portland, Oregon. I spoke about web accessibility, a long time passion of mine. My co-presenter was Winslow Parker from the Oregon Commission for the Blind who [read] Keywords:

Clark College Students Want to Interview You
Sat, Apr 12th 2014 12:05p   Bruce Elgort
Bruce Elgort:I know a lot of you in the ICS world use WordPress for your blog and business. Please consider volunteering for this student project. Originally posted on Lorelle on WordPress: Students in my Clark College WordPress class are required to interview a WordPress professional and member of the WordPress Community as part of their assignments for our student managed site, ClarkWP Magazine . Would you like to be an interview subject? Here are the qualifications. You must use [read] Keywords: community

Collaboration made with social. Made with IBM
Thu, Apr 10th 2014 10:49p   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords: collaboration ibm

And the Mail.Next Poll Results are in and I Think IBM will be….
Sun, Apr 6th 2014 1:08p   Bruce Elgort
On Friday I created a poll to gauge the IBM ICS communities interest in the forthcoming IBM Mail.Next product/service that was announced at IBM Connect 2014. Here are the results: I will be conducting a second poll after the April 23rd webinar IBM detailing the progress of the Mail.Next offering. So, what are your thoughts about the poll results? [read] Keywords: ibm

Craig’s Smile
Fri, Apr 4th 2014 9:18p   Bruce Elgort
Cristi Jenkins and Anni Becker, Clark College students and friends of mine, created the video “Craig’s Smile”. This video was their final project in the CGT 201 Video Web Production class taught by my friend Chris Martin at Clark College located in Vancouver, WA. [read] Keywords:

How Golf is Being Used to Inspire Kids: The Children’s Course – First Tee
Fri, Apr 4th 2014 9:11a   Bruce Elgort
Here is the full-length outtake of Sierra’s interview. Sierra is a student at the Washington State School for the Blind and is an absolutely amazing person. [read] Keywords:

Regarding Mail.Next…
Thu, Apr 3rd 2014 6:53p   Bruce Elgort
In just a few weeks IBM will be providing an update on Mail.Next which was announced at IBM Connect 2014.  Based on what you know so far about Mail.Next, how interested are you in this new Mail app? Take Our Poll (function(d,c,j){if(!d.getElementById(j)){var pd=d.createElement(c),s;pd.id=j;pd.src='http://s1.wp.com/wp-content/mu-plugins/shortcodes/js/polldaddy-shortcode.js';s=d.getElementsByTagName(c)[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(pd,s);} else if(typeof jQuery !=='undefined')jQuery(d.body) [read] Keywords: ibm javascript

Clark College Arbor Day Celebrates Trees and Technology
Thu, Apr 3rd 2014 4:30p   Bruce Elgort
VANCOUVER, Wash. – On April 9 at 11:00 a.m., Clark College will celebrate both the natural and digital worlds at its annual Arbor Day event, as it adds two new trees to the campus’s beautiful arboretum and unveils a new, student-designed website that uses digital technology to catalog that arboretum. The new online map will allow visitors to instantly access descriptions of most trees on campus through their mobile devices. The mobile-friendly online map is the product of work done by [read] Keywords: community consulting development mobile

Congratulations Prominic.NET!
Tue, Apr 1st 2014 9:22p   Bruce Elgort
Please join me in congratulating Promnic.NET on receiving the Longevity Award at the 9th Annual Innovation Celebration awards, hosted by the Champaign, Illinois County Economic Development Corporation. These awards highlight the outstanding innovation taking place in Urbana-Champaign and throughout Champaign County. My company Elguji Software, has been a customer of Prominics’ since 2007. They have, and continue to provide exceptional service, technical and customer support for our company [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm development enterprise microsoft security

I Love to See Others in Our Community Developing New and Creative Products
Tue, Apr 1st 2014 4:56p   Bruce Elgort
A few months ago I blogged about Corey Davis’s awesome “Word Connect” app available for iOS and Android. Today, I found out that he has published an iBook entitled “Flight – A Multi-Touch Book”. Flight! tells the amazing story of how humans learned to fly. Through the use of pictures, drawings, interactive photos, and video, it describes the exciting history and unbelievable stories of how kites, gliders, hot air gallons, airplanes, helicopters, rockets and th [read] Keywords: connections apple community

kimono: Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds
Mon, Mar 31st 2014 8:10p   Bruce Elgort
More > [read] Keywords:

Free Online Book: Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
Mon, Mar 31st 2014 7:46p   Bruce Elgort
Addy Osmani has released an open-source book on JavaScript Design Patterns. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 unported license. It is available for purchase via O’Reilly Media but will remain available for both free online and as a physical (or eBook) purchase for readers wishing to support the project. View the book online > [read] Keywords: javascript

Go Watch This Video Now: Java vs JavaScript Throwdown
Mon, Mar 31st 2014 4:42p   Bruce Elgort
David Leedy just produced a brilliant NotesIn9 video that all developers should go and watch now. Seriously, go and watch it. More > [read] Keywords: java javascript

Video: Getting to Know Macaw’s Tools
Mon, Mar 31st 2014 4:22p   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords:

Video: An Introduction to the Macaw Interface
Mon, Mar 31st 2014 4:19p   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords: interface

Now Available > Macaw: Stop writing code, start drawing it
Mon, Mar 31st 2014 2:44p   Bruce Elgort
More > [read] Keywords:

Office 365 University
Sat, Mar 29th 2014 12:40p   Bruce Elgort
Get a 4-year subscription including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive cloud storage, and Skype PC-to-phone world calling for 2 PCs or Macs, plus 2 iPads or Windows tablets for $79.99. That’s $20/year and seems like a great deal for college students can faculty members. More > [read] Keywords: office outlook skype

Extending a Mobile App with IBM Codename: BlueMix
Sat, Mar 29th 2014 11:39a   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords: ibm mobile

iPad for Office First Look
Sat, Mar 29th 2014 11:20a   Bruce Elgort
Jess Stratton, Lynda.com author and friend, just released a series of free videos covering the recently release Office of iPad: Introducing Microsoft Office for iPad Introducing Microsoft Word for iPad Introducing Microsoft Excel for iPad Introducing Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad Watch the videos > [read] Keywords: microsoft office

IBM Premier Business Partner Best Methods Launches New Social Networking App Yubixi
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 5:20p   Bruce Elgort
Best Methods, a Premier IBM Business Partner will soon be launching a new social network called Yubixi. While the official launch of the app will take place next week, you can download and use the app today available in the Apple App Store and soon in the Google Play store. I absolutely love to see long time Notes and Domino business partners branching out into new efforts. Kudos to Scott Hooks, Chris Whisonant and Tim Tripcony and creating a great new service. Yubixi is designed to connect yo [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes apple facebook google linkedin network networking

A Cloud for Everyone on Every Device
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 5:11p   Bruce Elgort
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella did a brilliant job announcing some of the things Microsoft is working on including the much anticipated Office for iPad. I highly recommend that you watch this press event and pay careful attention to where Microsoft is heading both with Windows and the Cloud. More > [read] Keywords: microsoft office

What People Are Saying
Mon, Mar 24th 2014 9:33a   Bruce Elgort
Back in the 1980s when I went to college, the only way you could learn about a professor was by word of mouth. Todays students use a site called “RateMyProfessor.com”. After each quarter, I cautiously take a peek at this site to see what ratings my students gave me and I was humbled to see these: “The legends say he never sleeps…” You can’t hide in Bruce’s class: he gets to know you, and what you need to succeed. I have never met a more attentive teacher [read] Keywords: community twitter

The Little MongoDB Book
Sun, Mar 23rd 2014 8:02p   Bruce Elgort
This book is free an awesome book for beginners on MongoDB: PDF > On GitHub > On iTunes > [read] Keywords: apple

Negativity Sandwich: Accessibility and Building a web for everyone because sometimes it’s not all about us
Sun, Mar 23rd 2014 6:17p   Bruce Elgort
Jenn Schiffer shares her thoughts on why accessibility is important. Students who have taken my HTML Fundamentals (CTEC 122) class at Clark College are taught web accessibility and why it’s important from day one of class. I’m going to talk about accessibility. Not how to make your sites accessible, because there are plenty of resources (which I list some of below) but why it’s important. I feel like awareness is the issue with this subject and I have a big mouth so awareness i [read] Keywords:

100 Days of BlueMix Training
Sat, Mar 22nd 2014 8:21a   Bruce Elgort
Calling all Born on the Cloud, Entrepreneur and Mobile Developers: Come learn about IBM’s new cloud development platform, Codename: BlueMix. Here you will have the opportunity to deploy your application and have it running in a matter of hours! As part of this workshop you will be able to: Learn the fundamentals of building and deploying your application in the Cloud (JazzHub & BlueMix) Work with BlueMix experts on how to use the product and migrate your application Help shape BlueMix [read] Keywords: ibm application development java mobile

MongoDB and Python: A Simple Example
Thu, Mar 20th 2014 1:32p   Bruce Elgort
The code below demonstrates how to use Python to connect to a MongoDB database. I chose to use a cloud based instance of MongoDB provided free of charge by MongoLab.com. The script demonstrates how to: Use the PyMongo library to connect to a Mongo database Insert documents into a collection Display all of the documents from the collection I also used a local instance of MongoDB for testing. You will will need to use a Python package manager such as EasyInstall to install the PyMongo library. H [read] Keywords: database python

Want to Learn More About IBM’s Mail.Next?
Wed, Mar 19th 2014 8:12p   Bruce Elgort
Webinar: Focus on your work, not your Inbox! Date: Apr 23, 2014 Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (Eastern Time) Hosted by: SocialBiz UG.org (Wellesley Information Services) Presented by: SocialBiz UG.org (Wellesley Information Services), Kramer Reeves (Director – Messaging & Collaboration Solutions, IBM Software Group), Scott Souder (Program Director and Sr. Product Manager responsible for IBM Mail Next) One of the hottest topics at IBM Connect 2014 was the introduction of IB [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm inotes notes email

Registration is Now Open for MongoDB University
Wed, Mar 19th 2014 7:59a   Bruce Elgort
Take free online courses from the creators of MongoDB. MongoDB University offers courses for both developers and DBAs. Seven week courses give you flexibility to work through material when it suits your schedule. Frequent assessments and check-ins by TAs and instructors help you verify your understanding. A certificate of completion confirms your membership in our community of cutting-edge NoSQL technologists. More than 100,000 people have enrolled in our courses to date. Register now > [read] Keywords: community

Technology and Blind Students
Tue, Mar 18th 2014 9:56p   Bruce Elgort
Here’s a video my friend Andrew Pennington, a student at the Washington State School for the Blind made: Here is a some more information about my recent experience with Andrew while teaching at Clark College that was originally shared on Facebook: What a wonderful day it has been. My job shadow student from the Washington State School for the Blind spent the day working with me on class prep, code examples, a tour of the campus and then spent 2 hours in my PHP class. The students in the [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking
Mon, Mar 17th 2014 8:52a   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords:

OneNote Now on Mac and Free
Mon, Mar 17th 2014 8:43a   Bruce Elgort
When we started OneNote we set out to revolutionize the way people capture, annotate, and recall all the ideas, thoughts, snippets and plans in their life. As many of you have attested, OneNote is the ultimate extension for your brain, but it’s not complete if it’s not instantly available everywhere. We’ve already made a lot of progress in that direction with our mobile, tablet and online web experiences. But there was still a gap. People frequently asked us for OneNote on Mac, and for mor [read] Keywords: mac mobile office

14 Years Ago: Mobile, Mobile, Mobile
Sun, Mar 16th 2014 6:45p   Bruce Elgort
In 2000 I co-wrote an article with Steven Knez for Group Computing (ePro) on how to mobilize a Notes database using a Palm VII. Somethings never change [read] Keywords: notes database mobile

Outdated UX Patterns and Alternatives
Sun, Mar 16th 2014 11:39a   Bruce Elgort
I must admit, that after reading the article “Outdated UX Patterns and Alternatives” by Brian Krall, I felt a bit of guilt about some of the UX patterns that I am still using in some of my work. After reading the article, please share your thoughts. Do you consider these patterns outdated? More > [read] Keywords:

How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell
Sun, Mar 16th 2014 11:28a   Bruce Elgort
An oldie, but goodie from The Oatmeal site: More > [read] Keywords:

How to Learn AngularJS
Sun, Mar 16th 2014 11:22a   Bruce Elgort
The ng-newsletter site has a nice comprehensive article on how to get started and learn AngularJS: Learning AngularJS can be complex. There are an overwhelming number resources available on the web. The blog posts can be conflicting and confusing, and a simple google search can turn up 5 articles all describing the same thing in a completely different way. This guide is written to be your roadmap; your personal guide of how to learn AngularJS. We’ll we’ll through the basic concepts of Angula [read] Keywords: google

Video: New iOS 7.1 Features and Improvements
Fri, Mar 14th 2014 7:55a   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords:

Great Collapse
Thu, Mar 13th 2014 11:41p   Bruce Elgort
A few months back I was turned onto the rocking music of the bands Nations Afire and Rise Against. Members of Rise Against, Strike Anywhere, Set Your Goals and Comeback Kid formed a new group named “Great Collapse”. Their first EP “Elemental” was just released and it kicks some serious rocking ass. I absolutely love the guitar work of Chris Chasse. The drummer is also great, however I don’t know his name. Give it a listen > [read] Keywords: apple

IBM Notes and Domino: State of the Union – Part 1
Thu, Mar 13th 2014 10:53a   Bruce Elgort
This article has been in draft mode for several months and I thought the timing was write to publish it. First let me state that my love affair and relationship with IBM Notes and Domino is now in it’s twenty-first year. So much of my identity as an adult has been tied to the people and technology involved with Notes/Domino. Whether it was my work at Underwriters Laboratories, OpenNTF, SHARP, Taking Notes, Elguji or my consulting customers; everything I did was intertwined together with Notes/ [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotusphere notes xpages application consulting development enterprise ideajam mobile openntf server taking notes web 2.0

Wed, Mar 12th 2014 5:55p   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords:

Found this Flyer Hanging on the Student Bulletin Board at School
Tue, Mar 11th 2014 1:05p   Bruce Elgort
How do you grow a developer base? One mind at a time. [read] Keywords: microsoft

Clark College Web Development (AAT) Degree
Sat, Mar 8th 2014 11:17a   Bruce Elgort
Here is information on the Web Development AAT degree from the Clark College Course Catalog. Many of you have written asking about this program and what it entails. Well, here you go: The Web Development AAT degree provides students with a foundational and employable skill set in web programming and development technologies as well experience and skills in web design and media associated with the World Wide Web. Essential skills are developed through practical hands-on experience, real client pr [read] Keywords: foundations development integration javascript server sql

dW Answers [BlueMix]: Is Domino Being Offered as a Platform?
Fri, Mar 7th 2014 2:32p   Bruce Elgort
Yesterday I ran across this question on the IBM developerWorks Answers site: Today, IBM’s Peter Janzen posted a response: [read] Keywords: domino ibm email

Read What Adam Brown Says About IBM Connections App Dev
Fri, Mar 7th 2014 8:41a   Bruce Elgort
Yesterday I wrote a blog entry entitled “This is exactly what IBM Connections needs“. The entry now has over 20 comments and there is a comment by my friend and collegue Adam Brown that stands out. Adam and his company ISW produce several software products for IBM Connections including Kudos Badges and Kudos Boards. Here is what Adam wrote: I have been watching this conversation with interest. Now that Daniele has been so complimentary around Kudos (Thanks for the feedback Daniele) I [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes

Interview with Bruce Elgort: WordPress for Networking
Thu, Mar 6th 2014 8:22p   Bruce Elgort
Originally posted on ClarkWP WordPress Magazine: The following is an interview with Bruce Elgort, a teacher here at Clark College He teaches PHP and other web programming classes in the Computer Technology Department. I chose to interview Bruce because I wanted his perspective as a user of WordPress for networking. I chose my questions to fit under the theme of “How is WordPress useful?” This is a question that many people who don’t plan to use WordPress specifically for business might [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm notes community development ideajam networking openntf podcast taking notes twitter

This is exactly what IBM Connections needs
Thu, Mar 6th 2014 11:16a   Bruce Elgort
[This is a bit rough, but I wanted to get it out there] Or does it…. Let’s face it, we all love the app dev capabilities of IBM’s (Lotus) Notes. We are able to design, build and deploy apps of all kinds for enterprise users in organizations. In fact, the users we develop these apps for absolutely love them as they help make the job that they do easier. Tie this together with email, instant messaging and IBM Connections services and you create collaborative “system” [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus notes application email enterprise instant messaging microsoft sharepoint

Interested in taking your PHP/SQL to the next level?
Thu, Mar 6th 2014 9:39a   Bruce Elgort
During the Spring Quarter at Clark College, I will be teaching “PHP with SQL II”. This class is a continuation of “PHP with SQL I” . Several people from the Clark County community have asked me if this course can be taken for those wanting to improve their PHP and MySQL chops. My answer is a resounding – YES! I would love to see you in this class. Now, there are only a few seats left and I would suggest signing up sooner rather than later. In order to be successful [read] Keywords: community css mysql sql

WordPress Workshop for Writers in Salem, Oregon
Wed, Mar 5th 2014 8:36a   Bruce Elgort
Bruce Elgort:For all you writers… Originally posted on Lorelle on WordPress: Are you a writer? Author? Thinking about it? Live in the Salem, Oregon, or nearby areas? I’ll be leading a workshop in Salem, Oregon, specifically designed for writers and authors using WordPress. The event is part of the great work the Salem Chapter of the Willamette Writer’s Group, a regional group of writers and authors in the Pacific Northwest area. The events begin with a presentation on Wedne [read] Keywords: community

How did I miss this?
Wed, Mar 5th 2014 8:31a   Bruce Elgort
More > [read] Keywords:

I’m branching out a bit
Mon, Mar 3rd 2014 4:06p   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords:

A demonstration of IBM BlueMix
Mon, Mar 3rd 2014 8:56a   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords: ibm

Microsoft 2014 Super Bowl Commercial: Empowering
Sun, Feb 2nd 2014 1:16p   Bruce Elgort
Hat tip to Thomas Duff for sharing this. [read] Keywords: microsoft

It’s all About Connections and not About What You Think
Sun, Feb 2nd 2014 11:39a   Bruce Elgort
Word Connectors (Free) for iOS Word Connectors for iOS Word Connectors (Free) on the Google Play Store Word Connectors on the Google Play Store Word Connectors (Free) on Amazon Word Connectors on Amazon [read] Keywords: connections apple google

Rewind 2010: Innovators of Vancouver Episode #4 – Bruce & Gayle Elgort
Sat, Feb 1st 2014 4:26p   Bruce Elgort
Earlier today I was talking with one of my web developments students who came across the “Innovators of Vancouver” video series produced by Chris Martin owner of Vancouver, Washington’s “Chris Martin Studios“. She noted how lucky she was to have a person like me as one of her instructors. It has been awhile since I watched this video and I am truly blessed by what Gayle, Matt and I were able to accomplish. [read] Keywords:

IBM Messaging Roadmap from IBM Connect 2014
Fri, Jan 31st 2014 6:36p   Bruce Elgort
Per Henrik Lausten shared this picture on Twitter today which shows the roadmap for IBM Messaging which was shown during one of the keynote addresses: [read] Keywords: ibm twitter

Building the IBM Connect 2014 OGS
Fri, Jan 31st 2014 3:37p   Bruce Elgort
Wonderful video by Luis Benitez! [read] Keywords: ibm

3 Things I Took Away from IBM Connect Watching from Afar
Fri, Jan 31st 2014 3:26p   Bruce Elgort
Here are the three biggest things that resonated for me most about IBM Connect 2014. Keep in mind that I wasn’t there, but I was watching via the LiveStreams, tweets and other social venues: IBM Connections is now the flagship product for IBM Collaboration Solutions (or as it’s now known “Smarter Workforce”). All hail the new king. While IBM are still “committed” to Notes, Domino and XPages, I’m thinking that this really means that they will be supplyin [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm notes xpages email

Regarding the Future of the IBM Notes Client – Here It Is
Thu, Jan 30th 2014 9:56a   Bruce Elgort
At the #AskthePMs in #IBMConnect, candid answers from @sssouder. There is a big commitment to Notes’s future. pic.twitter.com/5ypVEdMbhd — Theo Heselmans (@theoheselmans) January 30, 2014 [read] Keywords: ibm notes notes client twitter

Niklas Heidloff awarded the Penumbra Prism Award for 2014
Sat, Jan 25th 2014 8:47p   Bruce Elgort
Photo by Paul Hudson I learned via Facebook and Twitter that Niklas Heidloff was named the 2014 recipient of the prestigious Penumbra Prism Award. Please join me in congratulating one of my dear friends and colleagues – Niklas Heidloff. [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Happy Podcast Birthday to MacOSKen
Sat, Jan 25th 2014 10:55a   Bruce Elgort
Tomorrow the MacOSKen podcast will turn eight years old. The first show was five minutes long and recorded on January 26, 2006. Was Apple even around in 2006? MacOSKen is the first thing I turn on and listen to each and every weekday morning. I want to wish a happy podcast birthday to my friend Ken Ray and his awesome MacOSKen podcast. You rock [read] Keywords: apple podcast

Tweet of the Day
Fri, Jan 24th 2014 6:28p   Bruce Elgort
OH: “Watson, how do I use Passport Advantage?” @GarrettWolthuis#IBMconnect — Devin Olson (@spanky762) January 24, 2014 [read] Keywords: twitter

A Conference Call in Real Life
Fri, Jan 24th 2014 4:29p   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords:

Macaw: Stop Writing Code and Start Drawing it
Thu, Jan 23rd 2014 9:47p   Bruce Elgort
More > [read] Keywords:

Boy Baukema: 4 HTTP Security Headers You Should Always be Using
Thu, Jan 23rd 2014 2:57p   Bruce Elgort
While growing a solution works very well for discovering what works and what doesn’t, it hardly leads to a consistent and easy to apply programming model. This is especially true for security: where ideally the simplest thing that works is also the most secure, it is far too easy to introduce vulnerabilities like XSS, CSRF or Clickjacking. Because HTTP is an extensible protocol browsers have pioneered some useful headers to prevent or increase the difficulty of exploiting these vulner [read] Keywords: security wiki

Book: IBM Domino Designer 9.0 Social Edition
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 8:49p   Bruce Elgort
My friend Atushi Sato shared with me information about a new book on IBM Domino Designer 9.0 Social Edition. The book is available in Japanese only. Learn more about the book on the Shuwa System Co. site. Purchase on Amazon (Japan) > [read] Keywords: domino ibm

Video: Java for XPages Development
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 8:33p   Bruce Elgort
In this one hour, forty five minute webinar produced by TLCC and Teamstudio, Paul Calhoun and Howard Greenberg talk about why every single IBM XPages developer needs to know how to program with Java: Java is an important skill to have as an XPages developer. This webinar will provide a foundation of the Java skills you need and explain how to best acquire them. Come see how Java is used with detailed code examples that demonstrate how to use core Java code, Java Beans, Managed Beans, and third [read] Keywords: admin ibm xpages applications database development java

Help Define the Future of Open Source for IBM Collaboration Solutions
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 8:39a   Bruce Elgort
It’s no secret that OpenNTF has helped shape the IBM Collaboration Solutions app dev ecosystem over the last thirteen years.  At IBM Connect you have an opportunity and in some way an obligation to attend the OpenNTF Birds-of-a-Feather session at IBM Connect. It will be an hour of well spent discussion, strategy and relationship building. If you are developing apps for anything IBM Collaboration Solution (Notes/Domino/Connections/Kenexa/Portal/etc.) please carve out an hour from your sche [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm notes sametime openntf server

The One Product to Go and See at IBM Connect 2014
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 7:29a   Bruce Elgort
If your company is using or plans to use IBM Connections I highly recommend that you go and visit the Kudos booth at IBM Connect to see a demo of their Kudos Boards app. We love Activities in Connections. They are awesome! Working together on projects and leveraging Social Tools is a very powerful way of working. However some Activities can get BIG and sometimes users need to look at their tasks or organise the Activity slightly differently. Sometimes users don’t need to see everything tha [read] Keywords: connections ibm

IBM Connect 2014: Must-Attend Sessions for App Developers – Part 1
Tue, Jan 21st 2014 8:35a   Bruce Elgort
Here are some of the “must see” sessions for IBM Connect 2014: SHOW303 – Proper Connections Development for Proper Domino Developers (Matt White and Mark Myers) Tuesday | 10:30-12:15 | Swan Osprey This is a session with a mission: to take a much loved IBM Domino app and deploy it to a client’s new IBM Connections environment. We’ll show different solutions such as the use of iWidgets or creating a REST API to make the application available to IBM Connections users and wa [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm notes xpages application applications community development eclipse java mobile openntf server

Startup Weekend Access Portland – I’m a Mentor
Mon, Jan 20th 2014 10:10a   Bruce Elgort
I am pleased to announce that I have been asked to be a mentor for the upcoming Startup Weekend Access Portland event taking place on February 7-9th. A crash course for those curious about entrepreneurship! You’re invited to attend Startup Weekend Access, a Startup Weekend focused on making entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone. Our mission is to create an environment where anyone can innovate together. We’re focusing on accessibility to provide better access for people with di [read] Keywords: collaboration mobile

Priceless Feedback
Mon, Jan 13th 2014 9:26p   Bruce Elgort
What more can a college instructor ask for: [read] Keywords: facebook python

Recommended: The Treehouse Show
Tue, Jan 7th 2014 11:11a   Bruce Elgort
If you are a web developer and enjoy video podcasts, I highly recommend subscribing to “The Treehouse Show”: Subscribe to “The Treehouse Show” on iTunes > [read] Keywords: apple podcast

Random User Generator: Like Lorem Ipsum, but for people
Sun, Dec 29th 2013 11:29a   Bruce Elgort
What is RandomUser? RandomUser is an API that provides you with a randomly generated user. These users can be used as placeholders in web mockups, and will save you time from creating your own placeholder information. More > [read] Keywords:

Video: User Interface (UX) Techniques – Janne Jul Jensen
Fri, Dec 27th 2013 11:14a   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords: interface

Ten Years Ago Today
Thu, Dec 26th 2013 9:11a   Bruce Elgort
It was this day in 2003 when Danielle passed away at the age of seven. She was born with a low grade astrocytoma brain tumor. Dani was an amazing little girl. Dani never talked or walked but, was the most loving little girl you would have ever known. She was full of kisses, knew where all of the sweets were in the cupboards, was adored by her classmates in elementary school, was Alyssa’s buddy and so much more. Oh, and she absolutely loved those frozen mini-pancakes. Dani would have turne [read] Keywords:

Free Book: Pro Git
Fri, Dec 20th 2013 11:22a   Bruce Elgort
Pro Git is the definitive guide for all things Git. The book is free and available in many languages. More > [read] Keywords:

Excellent Video: The Basics of Git and GitHub
Fri, Dec 20th 2013 11:01a   Bruce Elgort
[read] Keywords:

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