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In Memoriam - John Earl Robinson - 4/14/1934 - 7/10/2014
Fri, Jul 11th 2014 89
The care and feeding of simple syrup
Tue, Apr 29th 2014 88
Catching up
Wed, Apr 16th 2014 91
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Tue, Apr 15th 2014 82
Cucumber Lemonade
Mon, Jun 17th 2013 78
Charleston Restaurant Week - September 2012 Winners
Sun, Sep 16th 2012 70
how not to compete with free
Tue, Mar 27th 2012 67
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Motorola Atrix is the reincarnation of IBM Meta Pad circa 2002
Tue, Mar 1st 2011 119
How to connect a new user to an existing mailbox in Exchange 2003
Tue, Mar 20th 2012 117
Catching up
Wed, Apr 16th 2014 91
In Memoriam - John Earl Robinson - 4/14/1934 - 7/10/2014
Fri, Jul 11th 2014 89
The care and feeding of simple syrup
Tue, Apr 29th 2014 88
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Tue, Apr 15th 2014 82
Cucumber Lemonade
Mon, Jun 17th 2013 78
Tue, Jan 3rd 2012 77
Charleston Restaurant Week - September 2012 Winners
Sun, Sep 16th 2012 70
how not to compete with free
Tue, Mar 27th 2012 67

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Recent Blog Posts

In Memoriam - John Earl Robinson - 4/14/1934 - 7/10/2014
Fri, Jul 11th 2014 5:30p   Charles Robinson
My father died on July 10th, 2014. He was 80 years, 2 months, and 26 days old, approximately half the age I am now. I am told he spent the last year or so of his life living with a female friend in a backwater town near where he grew up, my mother having died in 2010. If you read that post you will see some amount of yearning tenderness toward my mother. I'm less conflicted about my father. Our relationship was fractured from the start. My earliest memory of him is when I was six years old and [read] Keywords:

The care and feeding of simple syrup
Tue, Apr 29th 2014 2:30p   Charles Robinson
It's almost 80°F here today, so I'm calling it summer already. Along with summer comes icy drinks that you can never sweeten with granulated sugar because it doesn't dissolve. The solution is to make a solution: simple syrup. The Solution1 part sugar1 part water Combine both ingredients in a potBring to a boilCoolAdd to any beverage you want to sweeten It really is simple to make. Keeping it, however, is a different matter. Crystals Love CompanyOne thing you might run into is that the sugar [read] Keywords:

Catching up
Wed, Apr 16th 2014 6:00a   Charles Robinson
The following will only be news to anyone who isn't my Facebook friend. On a Friday in June 2012 I was fired by courier. It boiled down to a pissing contest with a newly hired VP. He told me to pull a network cable between two buildings during a thunderstorm. I refused, citing the absurdity of being 30 feet off the ground in a metal scissor lift during a lightning storm, and offered to do it the following day. His reply: "Put on your man pants and do it." I pointed out my lack of such a thin [read] Keywords: facebook network

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Tue, Apr 15th 2014 12:00p   Charles Robinson
For my final in my Introduction To Baking class we had to make strawberry rhubarb pie. Here is the recipe we used. Note that this makes one 5" mini-pie tin. Double the pie dough and filling recipe for a regular 10" pie, and increase the streusel topping by a third. Also note that the filling has two separate water measurements, and they are used separately. Don't do as someone in class did and guesstimate how much 2 oz is and mess up your filling. Pie dough 2.65 oz all purpose flour, plus [read] Keywords:

Cucumber Lemonade
Mon, Jun 17th 2013 1:10p   Charles Robinson
We've having a dinner party tonight and I want to serve a refreshing summer drink. I have made cucumber lemonade before by purchasing lemonade and pureeing it with cucumbers. This time I decided to make it all from scratch. The following recipe yields a gallon of cucumber lemonade. Equipment 2 quart saucepan blender 1 gallon pitcher small sieve optional - permanent coffee filter Ingredients 2 C water 2 C sugar 2 C freshly squeezed lemon juice 6 C water 2 large cucumbers, peeled, seeded, and c [read] Keywords:

Charleston Restaurant Week - September 2012 Winners
Sun, Sep 16th 2012 10:00p   Charles Robinson
Charleston Restaurant Week just wrapped up twelve crazy nights from September 5th through 16th. We had plans to be out of town for the closing weekend so we went out nine nights in a row, breaking our long-standing trend of going out every night. While it's not a competition there are clearly some winners and some losers. The competition was fierce and this time Circa 1886 and Tristan tied for our favorites. Honorable mentions go to Husk and Il Cortile del Rey, which were both good but not at [read] Keywords: blogger pearl


how not to compete with free
Tue, Mar 27th 2012 6:30a   Charles Robinson
A while back I got an e-mail from Adam Osborne asking me to delete this blog post. [Note that the Adam I reference there is not Adam Osborne.] His primary bone of contention was that when people search for Defrag.NSF, a product he created and sells, my post is the third listed in Google. I'm sympathetic to his plight, but frankly that's not my problem. Adam went on to say my post referenced DominoDefrag, and he objected to that because: History shows that DominoDefrag has systematically imple [read] Keywords: blogger google openntf

How to connect a new user to an existing mailbox in Exchange 2003
Tue, Mar 20th 2012 2:50p   Charles Robinson
We hired a new PC Tech and today he was fixing one of his mistakes. He sent a laptop to a user after having Ghosted it but without running Sysprep on the computer before he created the image. It caused all sorts of annoyances. In the process of fixing this mistake he made another. Instead of deleting the computer account from Active Directory he deleted the user's account. He didn't even think it odd or say anything when it prompted him to delete the user's mail. It took a while but I finally [read] Keywords: blogger exchange exchange laptop server smtp

Tue, Jan 3rd 2012 6:40a   Charles Robinson
It's a new year so it's time for some resolutions. I resolve to make commitments, not resolutions.That was easy. The difference between a commitment and a resolution is the former is a plan, the latter a promise. Last year I picked three words as promises and I didn't keep any of them. This year I'm turning those three into commitments. Do - This has started already. I have a plan for getting my environment to be one that energizes rather than drains me. It includes a lot of change and dip [read] Keywords: blogger

This is going to take a while...
Mon, Nov 14th 2011 10:30p   Charles Robinson
[read] Keywords: blogger

Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings
Sun, Oct 2nd 2011 3:20p   Charles Robinson
Last night we had a party for Myron's alumni from Bishop England High School. One of the appetizers was Ike's Vietnamese Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings, which is a recipe from Food & Wine Cocktails 2008. I don't know who Ike is but these are some fantastic wings. They are crunchy, salty, sweet, and the fresh herbs and fried garlic make them absolutely delicious. In Charleston you can buy Vietnamese fish sauce at most Asian markets. I like the Three Crab brand, and get it at H&L Market. [read] Keywords: blogger

Simple smoked salmon spread
Sat, Sep 3rd 2011 1:20p   Charles Robinson
Even though the temperature is still in the 90's and the humidity envelopes me like a hot wet blanket, September means cool weather is around the corner. While working as a fishmonger in college I learned that most salmon spawn in the Fall. What better way to combine the promise of Fall with the reality of the heat and make a delicious cold smoked salmon spread? Smoked Salmon Spread Ingredients1.5 lb fresh Pacific salmon fillet 8 oz sour cream 1 lemon 1 small to medium shallot 2t salt, more for [read] Keywords: apple blogger leak

My brushes with the space program
Wed, Jul 13th 2011 3:20p   Charles Robinson
With the last shuttle mission underway a lot of people are recounting their experiences growing up and following the US space program. I never was that into it. I read sci-fi and dreamed of escaping to another world, but I never paid much attention to the space program. That changed a bit in seventh grade because my science teacher was one of the ten finalists to be the first teacher in space, a spot ultimately won by Christa McAulliffe. She took every opportunity to share what she learned in h [read] Keywords: atlantic blogger

If Sarah Palin was a waitress
Sat, Jun 4th 2011 11:03a   Charles Robinson
Customer: "What's the special of the day?" Waitress Palin: "Our special...uh...cod. The Cod Special." Customer: "Okay. How's that prepared and does it come with anything?" Waitress Palin: "Well...uh...that's a good question and...uh...I appreciate you asking that question because it's good. The Special Cod is specially prepared by our fantastic chef who's just a real good, real hardworkin' American. He'll cook that right up for you, special-like, and it's just delicious. And t [read] Keywords: apple blogger

Dining With Friends 2011 - Ciao Baby!
Sun, May 8th 2011 9:20a   Charles Robinson
It's that time of year again: Dining With Friends. This the thirteenth year my partner, Myron, and I have hosted a party for this event. This year we're having our party on Saturday, May 14th. We selected Italian as the theme and Myron combed through over 30 cookbooks and magazines to come up with a master list of over 120 recipes. We eventually whittled that down to 19. Below is what we came up with, with links to the recipes. Crostini bar: CaponataPeperonataTuna tapenadeSicilian chickpea fr [read] Keywords: blogger

A call for passive activism
Thu, Mar 31st 2011 3:00p   Charles Robinson
IBM is celebrating their 100th anniversary by highlighting their top 100 contributions. One they selected is World Community Grid. From the World Community Grid website: World Community Grid brings people together from across the globe to create the largest non-profit computing grid benefiting humanity. It does this by pooling surplus computer processing power. We believe that innovation combined with visionary scientific research and large-scale volunteerism can help make the planet smarter. Ou [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus application blogger community planetlotus

Motorola Atrix is the reincarnation of IBM Meta Pad circa 2002
Tue, Mar 1st 2011 3:10p   Charles Robinson
It's no secret that I'm a slow adopter of mobile technology. It comes down to one reason: IBM spoiled me with the Meta Pad. This little gem debuted out of IBM Research in 2002. That's right, nearly 10 years ago IBM was touting a mobile computer you could carry with you and connect to various docks for different purposes. Antelope Technology licensed the Meta Pad and sold it as the Mobile Computer Core. People stayed away in droves. It was incredibly expensive, heavy, bulky and slow. Antelope [read] Keywords: ibm blogger firefox laptop mobile wifi

your zone of influence (is much bigger than you think)
Thu, Feb 3rd 2011 3:00p   Charles Robinson
Last night I attended a volunteer training session for the upcoming Charleston Wine + Food Festival. A large portion of the session centered around customer service. There will be over 18,000 people attending the festival this year and there are more than 400 volunteers. We will be wearing burgundy aprons and we will be the most visible face of the Festival. Over half the Festival attendees are traveling from out of state; one-third have never been to the festival before; and fifteen percent ha [read] Keywords: blogger

three words
Thu, Jan 13th 2011 3:20p   Charles Robinson
I don't do resolutions. The idea of a point in time when you commit to lofty unattainable goals, or even realistic achievable ones, just doesn't interest me. I work toward what interests me, and that changes as my relationship to the world around me changes. My friend Kat French posted about a meme among her friends of doing a three-word resolution. Encompassing your broad goals and intentions with bare language leaves more to interpretation. I can get behind this. My three words are: DoSha [read] Keywords: blogger

Please take the time to read this
Fri, Jan 7th 2011 9:20a   Charles Robinson
I had never heard of Bill Zeller until today. He created a bunch of projects that a lot of people use, though. He was also apparently incredibly smart. He committed suicide January 5th, 2010. Bill's suicide note is long, but please take the time to read it. Bill endured horrors no one ever should and his note describing them is painful to read. I can tell you from my own first-hand experience it's much, much worse from his side. It struck a chord with me because I felt like he did for much of [read] Keywords: blogger

Recipe: Celery Root and Cauliflower Soup
Tue, Dec 28th 2010 5:40p   Charles Robinson
A lot of people aren't familiar with celery root, also known as a celeriac"="" en.wikipedia.org="" href="http://www.blogger.com/%3Ca%20href=" http:="" wiki=""http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celeriac/a"gt;celeriac. It is a type of celery that is grown for the root rather than the stalks, so it's not the same variety that gets stuffed with peanut butter or served alongside hot wings. The root has a mild celery flavor and a texture a bit like a soft potato, and it makes a delicious and v [read] Keywords: blogger wiki

Folder Permissions requirements difference when upgrading from Office 2003 to Office 2010
Mon, Nov 29th 2010 4:20p   Charles Robinson
At work we're in the process of upgrading from Office 2003 to Office 2010. The pilot users on Office 2010 were unable to edit spreadsheets on a network location while the Office 2003 users chugged right along. After a few days of troubleshooting we finally found the solution.br /br /In order to edit files in Office 2010 the user must have Delete permissions for the folder with the document. For Office 2003 they simply required Update permissions. Hopefully our pain can be your gain.div class=" [read] Keywords: blogger network office

In memoriam - Glenda Joyce Robinson - December 29, 1942 to October 8, 2010
Sat, Oct 9th 2010 1:33p   Charles Robinson
The song a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8iTeDl_Wug"Seasons of Love/a from the musical Rent asks the question "How do you measure a year?" It makes the following suggestions:br /br /In daylights - in sunsetsbr /In midnights - in cups of coffeebr /In inches - in milesbr /In laughter - in strifebr /br /span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica; font-size: 11px;"/spanThis is part of the larger question: "How do you measure the life of a woman or a [read] Keywords: apple blogger

the bastards ground me down
Wed, Oct 6th 2010 12:50a   Charles Robinson
It seemed innocent enough. I was offered $20,000 to go to culinary school. What an amazing opportunity! Little did I know the toll it would take. I started classes in July. After the first week I was panicked because I didn't fit in, not even a little bit. My classmates were half my age and incredibly rowdy. Every class period was like a junior high lunch room, with people yelling, cursing, carrying on conversations throughout class (both with each other and on their cell phones) and engaging i [read] Keywords: blogger network

The best meal of my life
Wed, Sep 8th 2010 7:00p   Charles Robinson
My (37th) birthday was Thursday, August 19th. Being mid-week we opted to delay the official celebration until Saturday the 21st. My favorite restaurant in the world is a href="http://mccradysrestaurant.com/"McCrady's/a, headed up by a href="http://twitter.com/hseanbrock"Chef Sean Brock/a, so it was the obvious choice.br /br /I have met Chef Brock a few times, and about a year ago he said to let him know when I was coming in to McCrady's and he would do something special. I have the most ov [read] Keywords: blogger twitter

Why I always brine meat
Wed, Sep 1st 2010 7:10p   Charles Robinson
Normally meat loses about 30 percent of its weight during cooking. This is because as meat cooks the fibers bind to each other more tightly, which forces out moisture. Also, as the meat cooks and the proteins bunch up the meat shrinks. That's why it's important to rest meat before you serve it. It gives the protein time to relax and the juices flow back into the meat. You can exert some control on this process by brining the meat.br /br /Here is what happens: The salt in the brine causes some [read] Keywords: blogger

How not to do customer service
Fri, Aug 13th 2010 9:40a   Charles Robinson
I order a lot of stuff from a href="http://www.newegg.com"Newegg/a. They have good product selection, exclusive promos, and good pricing. On Monday of this week they had a 15% off promo on all keyboards. I had my eye on a a href="http://www.logitech.com/en-us/keyboards/keyboard/devices/3498"Logitech G15/a, and the final price with the promo discount and shipping was $77. Considering it retails for $100 I felt good about my purchase.br /br /On Wednesday Newegg had a new promotion: $20 off the [read] Keywords: blogger

Warning: SQL Server database files are not backwards compatibile
Mon, Jul 19th 2010 6:35p   Charles Robinson
This is something I just learned the very hard way. Here's the scenario: You have a database you created on SQL Server 2005 or 2008 SP1You detach it from the SP1 server and attach it to SQL Server 2008 R2You then try to reattach it back to the original serverYou get an error about the server only supporting up to version 655 (or 612 for SQL Server 2005)The reason is every version of SQL Server has its own file version number: SQL Server 2005 is file version 612; SQL Server 2008, either RTM or S [read] Keywords: domino ods blogger database microsoft server sql

Tip for VMWare Workstation on Windows 7 Enterprise
Thu, May 20th 2010 3:15p   Charles Robinson
I'm running VMware Workstation 6.5* on Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit. It works well but I keep getting the dreaded warning about the clock speed not matching. To fix this it's usually a matter of just updating the config.ini, as documented here. Except that under Windows 7, you can't save the config.ini. In fact, you can't write to the C:ProgramData folder at all. Not even if you change the owner of the folder to your account. So what do you do? You have to temporarily change the User Account [read] Keywords: blogger enterprise vmware

Dining With Friends 2010 recipes
Fri, Apr 30th 2010 6:13a   Charles Robinson
I have the recipes for this year's Dining With Friends event online. They're in ODT format, which should make some of you happy. I don't have Word or Excel installed on my home computer anymore. I was delighted to discover that box.net has a built-in file viewer for them. :-) Dining With Friends 2010 - A Trip to Germany [read] Keywords: blogger

New Massachusetts data security law
Wed, Apr 28th 2010 1:00p   Charles Robinson
Have you heard about Massachusetts law 201 CMR 17.00? It went into effect on March 1, 2010, but seems to have flown under most of the reporting radars. If you store personally identifiable information (PII) about a Massachusetts resident, it affects you. It doesn't matter where you live. Here is how the law defines personal information: A Massachusetts resident's first name and last name or first initial and last name in combination with any one or more of the following data elements that rela [read] Keywords: blogger laptop password security

SnTT: A LotusScript StopWatch Class With Nanosecond Precision
Thu, Mar 25th 2010 4:00a   Charles Robinson
I was doing some work in Access and wanted to time how long it took to do something. I was doing a small scale test so the timing was pretty minuscule. After poking around a bit I discovered a way to use the Windows API to count CPU clock cycles. I converted it to LotusScript since virtually nobody who reads my blog cares about Access. :-) Declare Function QueryPerformanceCounter Lib "kernel32" (lpPerformanceCount As Double) As Long Declare Function QueryPerformanceFrequency Lib "kernel32" [read] Keywords: lotusscript sntt blogger

playing the hand you're dealt
Sat, Mar 6th 2010 7:30a   Charles Robinson
To cut to the chase, I'll be starting classes at the Art Institute in July. Trust me, you couldn't possibly be any more surprised than I am. By now you know I was selected as one of five finalists in a Food Network and Art Institutes scholarship contest, but I couldn't accept because the cost of acceptance was too high. The events that led from there to here still seem like a dream. The contest rules state the scholarship can only be used for an associate or bachelor degree program, which c [read] Keywords: blogger network

what if 2000 characters could change your life?
Sun, Feb 7th 2010 2:37p   Charles Robinson
In the Fall of 2008 Food Network aired The Chef Jeff Project. This show featured Jeff Henderson, a drug dealer and prison inmate turned chef who was trying to turn around the lives of six disadvantaged people in Los Angeles. The participants who completed the program were each offered scholarships to The Art Institutes culinary arts program. The Food Network also sponsored an essay scholarship contest for viewers, with a prize of $20,000 to the winner. I entered and never heard anything. A year [read] Keywords: blogger network wiki

A cloud-based document sharing service that should be on your radar
Fri, Jan 22nd 2010 6:40a   Charles Robinson
I have been using box.net for a long time. They started out as another "me too" file sharing service. Over time they have adapted to the changing landscape and now have an incredibly compelling set of cloud-based document editing capabilities. I'm testing it out now and I'm very impressed. If you're in the market for cloud-based document sharing, box.net has an excellent toolset. [read] Keywords: blogger

Finding the cluster size on Windows iSCSI targets
Tue, Jan 19th 2010 7:40p   Charles Robinson
We're preparing to extend our SAN at work and use the new space as an opportunity to clean up our earlier sins. We are using an HP AiO 1200R iSCSI SAN, which runs Windows Storage Server 2003. This is connected to our HP BLc-3000 via iSCSI. The BLc-3000 has six blades all running VMware ESX 3.5. As we start the process of rearranging our storage, we need to figure out was how the AiO presents the storage to VMware. We can see the RAID volumes on the AiO, but they aren't assigned drive letters. [read] Keywords: blogger microsoft properties server vmware

Recent cooking experiments
Wed, Jan 13th 2010 6:11p   Charles Robinson
After the 42 hour pot roast I did two more. These were sirloin instead of chuck (they're from a different part of the cow). Sirloin has less connective tissue and is much leaner so it's often ground to mix with fattier cuts or cut up to use as stew meat. The first sirloin roast went in for 21 hours and we ate about half of it, but it didn't have the texture I wanted. It was "done" but a little tough. I put the other half back in the bag and let it cook for another 24 hours, for a grand tot [read] Keywords: apple blogger

How to cook pot roast in 42 short hours!
Sat, Jan 2nd 2010 11:47a   Charles Robinson
I did my osso bucco experiment this past Thursday. After I pulled that out, in went a 6 pound chuck roast. I put some salt and pepper on it, and thinly sliced a stalk of celery to go with it. I read online that said a beef roast should be cooked at 58C to 64C for four to 18 hours. I set the temperature at 58C, put in the chuck roast at 6PM on Thursday, and checked on it around midnight. It was still tough so I left it until noon on Friday. That was 18 hours, and it was still tough. Frustrated I [read] Keywords: blogger wiki

My first experiment with my Sous Vide Supreme
Fri, Jan 1st 2010 8:30p   Charles Robinson
For Christmas Myron got me a Sous Vide Supreme. The idea is you put food in vacuum sealed bags, then let them slowly cook to the proper temperature in a very precisely controlled water bath. It is widely used in high end restaurants because you can cook food to the desired temperature and it just stays at that temperature. You can cook a perfectly medium rare steak and leave it for days without hurting it. My first experiment was veal osso bucco. This is a cross-section of the lower leg, and ty [read] Keywords: blogger

Problem with Acrobat Reader Active X control on a Notes 8.5.1 Form
Tue, Dec 15th 2009 8:12a   Charles Robinson
Whenever I add an Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX control to a Notes form, save the form, then try to open it, I get an error. I can't actually use the control. I get the same error if I load the database in the Notes 8.5.1 client and try to create or load a document based on the form. No other ActiveX control gives me this problem. Anyone have any suggestions? UPDATE: I can use the Acrobat Reader control from Access 2003, VB 6, VB.Net and C#. I am working on setting up Notes 7 so I can see if th [read] Keywords: notes blogger database

Gone fishing
Thu, Nov 5th 2009 8:38p   Charles Robinson
I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks. The fishing trip will be in Panama. [read] Keywords: blogger

SnTT: tracking down space hogs in Notes
Thu, Nov 5th 2009 4:00a   Charles Robinson
You all have them. People who keep every stinking e-mail they ever received for the past 10 years. They can't possibly delete that e-mail response that simply says "thanks" because it would destroy their CYA audit trail. Your storage budget looks like the national deficit so finally management is asking why you need that much space. You want to give them a clean report showing who is using their mail as a vast garbage dump. Creating a Notes agent to loop through the mail directory, open each [read] Keywords: agent lotus lotusscript notes sntt blogger database leak server

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