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IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference 2016 Moves to Orlando from Las Vegas
Mon, Sep 28th 2015 50
Important New Initiative for IBM Certification Test Security
Wed, Sep 23rd 2015 37
LIFX Smart LED lights review and setup
Thu, Sep 17th 2015 43
External User Registration Application - free from Turtle Partnership
Wed, Sep 9th 2015 19
IBM roadmap for messaging and social platform - updated Sep 1 2015
Tue, Sep 8th 2015 11
Coin Virtual Mobile Wallet review
Mon, Aug 31st 2015 22
IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for August 2015
Thu, Aug 27th 2015 24
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Samsung MC11H6033CT Samsung MC11H6033CT Countertop Convection Microwave SmartOven review
Wed, Mar 18th 2015 59
IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference 2016 Moves to Orlando from Las Vegas
Mon, Sep 28th 2015 50
LIFX Smart LED lights review and setup
Thu, Sep 17th 2015 43
IBM SmartCloud for Social Business enhancements for May 2014
Thu, May 1st 2014 40
Important New Initiative for IBM Certification Test Security
Wed, Sep 23rd 2015 37
IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for August 2015
Thu, Aug 27th 2015 24
Coin Virtual Mobile Wallet review
Mon, Aug 31st 2015 22
External User Registration Application - free from Turtle Partnership
Wed, Sep 9th 2015 19
IBM Connect 2014 OGS and day 1 recap - Lotusphere Podcasts
Mon, Jan 27th 2014 16
Goodbye Notes Browser Plug-in and hello ICAA
Tue, Jun 23rd 2015 16

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Recent Blog Posts
IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference 2016 Moves to Orlando from Las Vegas
Mon, Sep 28th 2015 11:21a   Chris Miller
IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference has had a history of being located in Las Vegas. For Feb 15-18, 2016 it will move to Orlando, FL and be held at the Hilton Bonnet Creek. Join us and learn how to grow and transform your business in today's highest value opportunity areas – Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, Commerce, Security, Watson, the Internet of Things and more. Explore new ways to work and new ways to succeed. You can get more information and wait for registration to open in Oct
Important New Initiative for IBM Certification Test Security
Wed, Sep 23rd 2015 11:15a   Chris Miller
LIFX Smart LED lights review and setup
Thu, Sep 17th 2015 12:57p   Chris Miller
I dig into the LIFX Smart Led light system, where each bulb is wifi enabled and no hub is needed. The complimentary mobile application gives you full controls over color, brightness, and tons of cool automated settings. I walk through LIFX setup of the individual bulb and mobile application plus discuss a few hurtles we had to overcome during initial setup. While the cost of LIFX seems to be higher than the kits for things like Phillips Hue system, each bulb acts independent with no hub
External User Registration Application - free from Turtle Partnership
Wed, Sep 9th 2015 4:05p   Chris Miller
Gabriella Davis, on the Turtle blog, announced the availability of the Domino based External User Registration Application they have written and use for customers. This app makes setting up external users for accounts so simple, including allowing self registration. This will help companies with IBM Connections, IBM Sametime and apps in Domino itself. There is a simple configuration or, and I recommend, let Gab and her team do a few hours of work to configure and tune it for you! If you choos
IBM roadmap for messaging and social platform - updated Sep 1 2015
Tue, Sep 8th 2015 11:44a   Chris Miller
IBM sent an email to business partners with the IBM Roadmap for Messaging and Social Platform. I was hoping to summarize it for you and give a link but I was hit with this: When you click "I agree" you agree that this information will not be disclosed to anyone inside your company without a demonstrated business need to know as they market or support IBM products. will not be disclosed to any party outside your company without express permission from IBMThis information is intended for IB
Coin Virtual Mobile Wallet review
Mon, Aug 31st 2015 12:26p   Chris Miller
The Coin is a credit card device that allows you to carry multiple credit cards, rewards, membership and debit cards all in one. We take the Coin through a month long testing. Read along and see the YouTube video for unboxing, setup and more on usage. Look and Feel The first ting we noticed about the Coin was the resemblance to an actual credit card. The sizing and thickness were the same. The look of Coin is sleek being all black except for a small LCD type window where information is disp
IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for August 2015
Thu, Aug 27th 2015 10:06a   Chris Miller
IBM has released what's new for IBM Connections Cloud for August 2015. Here is some of the updates: Verse Send Encrypted Mail (available on or after August 31) IBM Verse now offers the ability to send signed and/or encrypted mail from within the Verse client experience. Updates to Needs Action and Waiting For (available on or after August 31) The sort order for messages with due dates in the Needs Action and Waiting For message lists has changed. The messages now sort with th
IBM Cloud Portfolio Navigator (for Business Partners)
Wed, Aug 19th 2015 12:48p   Chris Miller
IBM has released the IBM Cloud Portfolio Navigator as a pdf file that you navigate. It was made to hopefully help you wade through the vast cloud portfolio IBM offers. I am not sure it helps. With over 440 pages (at time of this blog post) it is massive. Three entry points are provided to discover our IBM cloud portfolio: By the client initiative (e.g. Cloud Enabled Data Center, Business Solutions) By the capability (e.g. Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service) By the brand (
IBM announces flexible demo accounts for Business Partners
Mon, Aug 17th 2015 12:14p   Chris Miller
IBM has had demo accounts for Business Partners in the IBM Connection S1 Cloud for a while, but has now enhanced the offering. Flexible Service Activation for Connections Cloud S1 Demo Accounts The new Flexible Service Activation part for IBM Connections Cloud S1 Demo accounts, allows Business Partners to selectively activate components of the bundled S1 service. PartnerWorld members are eligible for this no charge, one year renewable Business Partner demonstration account for up to 30 aut
Brinks Push Pull Rotate Door Lock review
Wed, Aug 12th 2015 5:39p   Chris Miller
Brinks has created an awesome line of door locks and handles that allow you to push, pull or rotate the handle to open them. We take a look at an interior door lever model. See the review video on Amazon I was hesitant when thinking this Brinks Push Pull or Rotate door lever would be useful or work as advertised. This doorknob just makes life simpler. The ability to work with the door when your hands are full by bumping the handle, pulling the handle or using it regularly makes you frustra
DUBS Acoustic Filters review - I love these
Thu, Jul 30th 2015 12:53p   Chris Miller
DUBS was kind enough to let us run the DUBS Acoustic Filters through field testing. We used them just about everywhere and have the results for you below. I admit to being a person that would often wear foam earplugs at loud events to be cheap and better protect my ears. I am glad I was able to wear DUBS Acoustic Filters. I now carry them everyday and use them at least once a day. The DUBS help filter out that loud and harsh middle range of sound while still allowing me to hear easily. They a
SoftLayer launches new pricing and configuration options
Mon, Jul 20th 2015 3:15p   Chris Miller
IBM is announcing a new pricing model for SoftLayer bare metal and virtual servers and new server configuration options effective 1 July, 2015 New options include: New standard server configurations and included services, with lower starting prices Lower prices for local storage disks for both virtual and bare metal servers Lower prices for RAM for both virtual and bare metal, with bare metal RAM capacities now up to 3TB New outbound, public bandwidth packages at 1TB/month, 5TB/month, 10TB/mon
IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for July 2015
Tue, Jul 14th 2015 2:18p   Chris Miller
IBM has released what's new for IBM Connections Cloud for July 2015. Here is some of the updates: IBM Verse for iOS app update IBM is expecting to provide an updated IBM Verse for iOS application in early July. Primary targeted new enhancements: iPad, iPhone 6+ tailored experience Chair actions for repeating calendar events Selectively subscribe/unsubscribe, add/rename/delete personal folders Read more about these enhancements right here See the past cloud enhancements posts on the IdoN
OLALA G3 10400mAh Power Bank Charger Dual USB Port external battery review
Mon, Jul 13th 2015 3:00p   Chris Miller
These portable batteries are becoming more common and we got to look at the OLALA G3 10400mAh Power Bank Charger Dual USB Port for review. What we liked right away about the OLALA G3 10400mAh portable battery charger was the sleek look and finish. The dual ports were labeled well to help you choose which port to use (1mAh and 2.1mAh). The four battery status indicator lights shows percentages of charge remaining and were faintly labeled(25-100% respectively). We tested it against numerous
Managing Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Records
Mon, Jul 13th 2015 12:29p   Chris Miller
One of the things a mail administrator must understand is Sender Policy Framework or SPF records in DNS. With the advancement in spam filtering, the ability to verify a server is authorized to send email on a domain's behalf is critical. So I wrote a brief introductory article on SocialBizUG. SPF allows the owner of an Internet domain to specify which computers are authorized to send mail with sender addresses in that domain, using Domain Name System (DNS) records. Receivers verifying the SPF
Goodbye Notes Browser Plug-in and hello ICAA
Tue, Jun 23rd 2015 8:28a   Chris Miller
IBM has announced that the name of the Notes Browser Plug-in will be changed to IBM Client Application Access (ICAA) starting somewhere in June 2015. IBM Client Application Access This lightweight solution helps clients who want to move to a browser-based interface for email (IBM SmartCloud Notes web, or IBM Verse), while continuing to work with existing Notes and Domino applications on-premise. This complete solution helps subscribers work efficiently, benefiting from all the new capabilitie
IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for June 2015
Mon, Jun 22nd 2015 2:56p   Chris Miller
IBM has released what's new for IBM Connections Cloud for June 2015. Here is some of the updates: Multi party audio video in meetings New multi-party video capabilities in meetings is available from either the browser or the Connections meetings mobile application, and supports continuous video presence for a more interactive and social experience. Video conferencing is available at no additional charge for customers with subscriptions from IBM Connections Cloud S1, S2, and Meetings. Andr
Update on IBM Verse and the IBM Messaging Roadmap
Wed, Jun 10th 2015 11:00a   Chris Miller
Today was the ICS Techtalk with an update on IBM Verse and the IBM Messaging Roadmap. I anticipated some defined timelines for IBM Verse enhancements and what we can expect in Domino Next. Here is the slide for the IBM Messaging Roadmap as of May 2015 One thing to note about the roadmap slide is the date for IBM Verse on Premises which looks like mid 2016 to 2017 now. Here is screenshots of some of the other key points IBM Client Application Access now takes the name of what was Notes Br
Sametime Screen Sharing and Google Chrome
Mon, Jun 8th 2015 9:55a   Chris Miller
The issue of IBM Sametime screen sharing and Google Chrome came up again in a chat and with a customer so I figured I would point everyone to my SocialBizUg recent article: Chris, We used to use Sametime screen sharing successfully with Google Chrome. After recent Chrome updates, this stopped working for our users. Do you know of a fix or what happened? ‎I turned to notes Sametime expert Carl Tyler of Epilio to get some info on the versions and what he had been seeing. He knew right a
VYSK Ep1 Privacy Charging Case for iPhone review
Thu, Jun 4th 2015 11:52a   Chris Miller
The VYSK Ep1 Privacy Charging Case for iPhone along with it's companion application helps provide security, a sturdy case and extra battery life for those long days. The case is solid and provides a solid backing for your iPhone. The shutter control slider is tough to move to protects both the front and back camera form any app attempting to use it without your permission. The built in 2200 mAh battery was able to bring our 15% left battery back to 100% but you will not get another charge out
BSHW iPhone 5 (all models) 4200mAh external battery and kickstand case product review
Tue, May 26th 2015 2:12p   Chris Miller
We look at the BSHW iPhone 5, 5S and 5c with a 4200mAh battery and kickstand case in this product review. It has a decent battery but some overall design flaws that we look at in the review video. This case is for the iPhone 5 series of phone models and is definitely a way to recharge your iPhone on the go. Let me summarize what we show you live in the video. Pro: - It will fully recharge an iPhone from zero battery to 100% in just about 3 hours (from our test) and leave about 25% battery
Memorial Day 2015 in St Louis, MO events
Wed, May 20th 2015 10:26p   Chris Miller
Each year there is so much to do in St Louis, MO for Memorial Day you often lose track. Here is a growing list of 2015 Memorial Day events with a live Google Map showing the events and links. A summary of events on the growing map is as follows: 43rd Annual Gypsy Caravan St Louis Blues Week Festival 24th Annual St Louis African Arts Festival St Louis County Greek Fest Wizard World Comic Con Bob Costas Benefit St Louis Ribfest Missouri River Irish Fest Eckert's Memorial Day Festival Black Dance
IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for May 2015
Thu, May 14th 2015 11:03a   Chris Miller
IBM has announced enhancements coming to IBM Connections Cloud for May 2015. Here are some of the updates. Upload an email file attachment to the cloud Let others know when you're out of the office See the report-to structure for mail recipients Switch between IBM Verse and SmartCloud Notes web (iNotes) IBM Verse for iPhone New push notifications for Lotus TravelerEach month they continually add featured and functions. You can read more about the May 2015 enhancements right here. See the
IBM Verse does not currently support sending encrypted messages
Fri, May 8th 2015 10:48a   Chris Miller
I found an IBM Verse technote on encryption interesting when I was investigating another issue: IBM Verse does not currently support sending encrypted messages, though messages that were received encrypted can be read within Verse. While all transactions between the web browser and IBM SmartCloud are transmitted over a secure network connection, the actual content of messages cannot be additionally encrypted by IBM Verse using S/MIME or Notes encryption. This applies to both new messages comp
What’s new in IBM Traveler
Mon, May 4th 2015 12:01p   Chris Miller
IBM has released IBM Traveler with a few fixes and enhancements. Here is a brief outline and the links to the update and documentation Support for IBM Verse (there seems to be some issues however) Marking IBM Verse contacts as favorites Attendee status displays for meeting chair The At-Glance widget displays when receiving new mail from "Important to me" contacts Actions menu on Android clients Support for Redhat Enterprise Linux Server 7ou can see more details at the Knowledge Cent
IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for April 2015
Thu, Apr 23rd 2015 12:30p   Chris Miller
IBM has announced enhancements coming to IBM Connections Cloud for April 2015. Here are some of the updates. Luis Benetiz was kind enough to give everyone a sneak peek of this at Social Connections Customize community layout and navigation Type ahead search New theme aligned to IBM Verse Policy to disable chat history on file transfer IBM Verse for iPhones Apple Push notifications for To-do's Google Cloud Messaging integration for Traveler users. (Using GCM is easier on Android to get notif
IBM Verse Basic (or freemium if you like)
Mon, Apr 20th 2015 11:57a   Chris Miller
IBM Verse Basic is the starter kit of welcoming users to try IBM Verse. We previously referred to it as freemium. The final statement of restrictions seem to be announced. We want you to see how Verse helps declutter your inbox. You can: Send up to 100 emails in a 24 hour period. Send mail containing up to 10 recipients per email. Send mail messages up to 100MB in size. Have a mailbox quota of 500 MB. Experience spam filtering for emails sent from outside domains.I formerly mentioned the restr
Engage 2015 Conference in Review
Wed, Apr 15th 2015 11:46a   Chris Miller
I had the opportunity to attend and present at Engage 2015 (formerly BLUG) in Ghent, Belgium. I wanted to provide a quick summary of the event in my monthly articles on SocialBizUG Engage 2015 had an excellent keynote (that was recorded and will be available soon) with Kramer Reeves and other IBM speakers. They really did not cover much new outside of some more new on IBM Verse as it prepared to become generally available right when the conference was going on. He shared much of the IBM vision
IBM Verse Technical Boot Camp - free day training
Thu, Apr 9th 2015 3:31p   Chris Miller
IBM has launched free one day IBM Verse Technical Boot Camp at select cities as shown below. Date Location 4/22 Costa Mesa, CA 4/23 San Francisco, CA 4/24 Montreal, Canada 4/24 Dallas, TX 4/28 Chicago, IL 4/29 New York, NY 5/5 Westford, MA 5/5 Toronto, Canada 5/7 Atlanta, GA 5/12 Raleigh, NC You need an IBM Greenhouse account to log in to register and select and register for the city. The agenda looks simple Verse intro, Overview, Adoption How to mak
IBM Verse Entitlements for SmartCloud users
Thu, Apr 9th 2015 11:09a   Chris Miller
IBM SmartCloud users are eligible for IBM Verse entitlements per the following: Organizations with S1 and SmartCloud Notes subscriptions (active before March 31) have entitlements to IBM Verse. These entitlements will be deployed gradually. As Verse entitlements are activated for your organization, administrators will control assigning Verse to their organization’s subscribers. To help customers effectively manage the roll-out and adoption of IBM Verse, IBM invites you to contact us at su
Engage 2015 Keynote replay is available
Wed, Apr 8th 2015 10:57a   Chris Miller
If you missed the Engage 2015 keynote address in Ghent, Belgium then you will be happy to know the replay is online and available for streaming. Do not forget to catch up on my Flickr photo album from Engage 2015 also. Please subscribe to all the IdoNotes videos on YouTube to keep up with things like the conference keynote playlist
DE Lumi illuminated earbuds review
Tue, Apr 7th 2015 8:37a   Chris Miller
We loved the idea of the DE Lumi illuminated earbuds for someone like a teenager that wants to get noticed. The packaging is simple with the earbuds, an instruction booklet and two additional sizes to adjust the part that goes into the ear itself. The headphones did arrive with a charge so we were able to test them right away. The booklet stated that it would take hours for the earbuds to get a full charge when needed. These earbuds are definitely heavier than most others due to the cable needed
Engage 2015 user group photos on Flickr
Fri, Apr 3rd 2015 4:30p   Chris Miller
I was happy to attend and present at Engage 2015 for my third or fourth formerly BLUG event. This year Theo took us to Ghent, Belgium to an amazing venue and city. Here are my travel photos. You can read more about my Engage 2015 experience in my Sys Admin tips newletter on SocialBizUG shortly (I will link it here later)
Introducing the Mail Onboarding Tool
Wed, Mar 25th 2015 4:18p   Chris Miller
Today IBM had a webcast Introducing the Mail Onboarding Tool (MOM) launching an updated tool for migrating users to the cloud. IBM Design helped build the new interface as shown below. MOM is designed as a browser-server model as a Windows service on your side. Partial migrations are allows and recovery from failures is possible. The list is quite impressive with limited installs needed on premises. The tool currently only works with a single domain and is for moving to the cloud. It does
Skiva Apple Certified A2600 PowerVault review
Thu, Mar 19th 2015 4:59p   Chris Miller
I was pleasantly surprised when receiving the Skiva Apple Certified A2600 PowerVault to know it had both the lightening and micro USB adapters built into the portable charger. No extra small cables or pieces to carry around with me. The built in male USB also allows me to plug it into any computer or (not included) plug piece to charge. The Skiva Apple Certified A2600 PowerVault came pre-charged about 3/4 of the way for their testing so I charged it fully before using it. You will now you
IBM Connections Files on Cloud with 1TB storage
Thu, Mar 19th 2015 11:25a   Chris Miller
IBM has launched IBM Connections Files on Cloud with 1TB of space to directly compete with the other file hosting providers. I first talked about this on Feb 9th and was waiting on more confirmed details. Here is the announced pricing model for IBM Connections Files on Cloud. As you can see, IBM is going after this market hoping to wrap their IBM Connections on Cloud services around it as the upsell. I will say that many of the other services miss this opportunity to offer additional services
Samsung MC11H6033CT Samsung MC11H6033CT Countertop Convection Microwave SmartOven review
Wed, Mar 18th 2015 11:32a   Chris Miller
Samsung sent over the MC11H6033CT Countertop Convection Microwave SmartOven for review. This all-in-one convection, microwave, no oil fry and a grill unit fit nicely on the counter. As we look at the Samsung MC11H6033CT Countertop Convection Microwave we focus heavily in the video on packaging and showing you the look, fell and how it fits on your counter. This item does weigh over 40 pounds so be prepared when lifting. The packaging is simple and not too complicated to take apart as we show.
What happens when you break the IBM Verse send limit?
Thu, Mar 12th 2015 3:46p   Chris Miller
Well I went ahead and tested the 25 pre day send limit in IBM Verse to get a feeling what user will see. Here is the errors and a bad thing. So the above error itself is not an issue but what happened to the entire message I created and did not know I was near some approaching limit? I can go back to editing it fine. Luckily it was auto saved in drafts too. I think that will be coming just beware you may hit the limit and not know you are there yet and then have drafted something long.
IBM Verse freemiuim information
Thu, Mar 12th 2015 1:33p   Chris Miller
IBM has opened the IBM Verse floodgates to attendees of IBM ConnectED and it seems we are getting the freemium model. Based on these specs here is what you can expect from freemium We hope you'll find this to be a delightful experience. In addition to mail you also get: Calendar, contacts, in-line attachment preview, one-click tracking of actions that need attention, and analytics-based identification of important people and content. Upload, store, and share files with individuals, with up
IBM Verse freemium information
Thu, Mar 12th 2015 1:33p   Chris Miller
IBM has opened the IBM Verse floodgates to attendees of IBM ConnectED and it seems we are getting the freemium model. Based on these specs here is what you can expect from freemium We hope you'll find this to be a delightful experience. In addition to mail you also get: Calendar, contacts, in-line attachment preview, one-click tracking of actions that need attention, and analytics-based identification of important people and content. Upload, store, and share files with individuals, with up
IBM Verse General Availability on March 31 - IBM website states
Thu, Mar 12th 2015 12:07p   Chris Miller
IBM has announced the General Availability of IBM Verse on March 31, 2015 to new subscription purchases. IBM Verse will sit on top of the IBM Cloud hosted mail system and integrations with the full IBM Connections suite: IBM Verse offers: Web-based mail, calendar and contact information in the cloud, including tracking of actions that need attention, analytics based identification of important people and content, in depth search, in line preview of attachments and Connections Files, team
FewClix for Outlook launches free and subscription versions
Tue, Mar 10th 2015 3:50p   Chris Miller
FewClix (now GBS owned) has released it's Microsoft Outlook integration for easier searching, prioritization and personalization in your inbox. Previously they only had a Lotus Notes extension that I reviewed here. FewCLix is based around the idea of faceted search (that IBM Verse is now promoting). It allows easy clicking for finding emails based on senders, dates, attachment (types, names, extension), if you were a To CC or BCC and tons more. I will have a video review up shortly. For no
DE 14500 Li-ion Button Top Rechargeable Batteries with Charger review
Thu, Mar 5th 2015 11:45a   Chris Miller
The DE 14500 Li-ion Button Top Rechargeable Batteries with Charger device is very lightweight and worried us due to the feeling it was cheap plastic at first. We soon discovered there really isn't any need for a heavy device that recharges a battery. We did not like how the battery sits in the spring loaded slot, and we point out our issue in the video. You have to place the 14500 battery just right to make it fit properly. The LED lights on the DE 14500 Li-ion Button Top Rechargeable Batte
Tea Beyond 24oz Non Drop Infuser Teapot review
Tue, Mar 3rd 2015 10:18a   Chris Miller
We take a look at Tea Beyond Teapot with Infuser in the 24oz size. Tea Beyond makes blooming flower and loose teas that sit nicely inside the all glass tea pot infuser. The flowers come in a variety package as well as the loose teas. You are able to use the flowers more than once in the Tea Beyond Infuser which is a great selling point, just leave some water in the tea pot and refill. We enjoyed watching the blooming or even using the loose teas through the clear glass design. The only down
Miss your free exam voucher at IBM ConnectED 2015?
Fri, Feb 27th 2015 10:28a   Chris Miller
If you were an attendee of IBM ConnectED 2015 then you may recall my blog post about the free exam/test voucher for customers and partners for ICS related products. This kind of fell apart while there. Due to some communication issues they did not have the vouchers on site at IBM ConnectED. IBM took remediation steps quickly (awesome move and kudos to Kristin) but you had to read a tiny posting on the event page about going to the Expertise Zone. Most of us saw this when we got back from IB
Sabre Door or Window Alarm review
Fri, Feb 27th 2015 8:51a   Chris Miller
We take a look at the Sabre Door or Window Alarm which is a compact, self adhesive and battery powered system with two types of notifications. You can choose chime or alarm mode. The packaging of the Sabre Door or Window Alarm is the standard hard to open shrink wrap. Once you get past that you find the main unit and side piece that get mounted to anything you want to be notified is opened. Four watch type batteries are already installed (with a plastic insert to save the batteries until you
Managed Replicas and Mail Delivery Time
Wed, Feb 25th 2015 3:25p   Chris Miller
In a recent SocialBIzUG article I wrote about Managed Replicas and Mail Delivery Time. I had a request to figure out why they had some lag times that were not anticipating Chris, I saw your video on using Managed replicas for clients. I currently have Managed replicas set up and 2 server clusters set up. What I noticed is since I set this up, the email is taking much longer to be delivered. I am looking at more of a delivery time of 4-5 minutes for messages as opposed to less than 1 minute.
IBM ConnectED 2015 Business Partner session replays online
Mon, Feb 23rd 2015 12:28p   Chris Miller
IBM has released audio and presentation files from Business Partner day at IBM ConnectED 2015. They are available via PartnerWorld with login only. This year at IBM ConnectED 2015, we hosted a track of sessions exclusively for our IBM Business Partners. We shared the vision and strategy for 2015. This track included a special Business Partner kickoff featuring Channelcorp’s Bruce Stuart as the keynote speaker. Bruce provided executive education on how Business Partners can successfully tr
IBM ConnectED 2015 slides now available to the public
Fri, Feb 13th 2015 2:14p   Chris Miller
IBM has made the IBM ConnectED 2015 slides available to the public via SocialBIzUG (free registration required). These are the slides found from the IBM ConnectED site. You can still see all the speaker shared ones in the IBM Connect/Lotusphere/IBM ConnectED database. We’re happy to announce that SocialBizUG.org members can now download presentations from ConnectED 2015! Visit our ConnectED 2015 community and click the Download presentations link next to the track names to start downloa
IBM ConnectED and Lotusphere slides database updated for 2015
Wed, Feb 11th 2015 9:50a   Chris Miller
I am happy to announce for IBM ConnectED 2015 (aka Lotusphere) the sessions database now has over 30 slidesets from presenters for 2015. All are sorted by time and/or track. Searching is also available on the upper right. There is a tag cloud for easy sorting and on the right a breakdown by track for more sorting options. Full text searches are also available for digging into specific abstract content. So head over to the IBM Connect sessions database find the slides you were missing or wan
IBM ConnectED 2015 overall conference and session evaluation forms online
Mon, Feb 9th 2015 3:55p   Chris Miller
IBM has not communicated well that IBM ConnectED 2015 overall conference evaluation and individual session evaluation forms are online to be filled out. The homepage of IBM ConnectED 2015 now has a link on the right (note the arrows) to take the overall conference survey. You will need to have an IBM Event Connect account for IBM ConnectED to submit the survey. There are numerous sliders, questions and freeform text boxes looking for your input. PLease go and fill that out. there is no free
IBM announced a cloud file sharing service at IBM ConnectED 2015
Mon, Feb 9th 2015 1:25p   Chris Miller
IBM, via Jeff Schick, announced at IBM ConnectED 2015, a cloud file sharing service to compete with services like Dropbox, Box and Copy. While exact dates were not offered this is an interesting market for IBM to enter now. This cloud based file sharing will be based on IBM Cloud Connections and is likely an entry point into upselling users on a full IBM Connections deployment. While an exact date for this offering was not made, the infrastructure beginnings are already in place. What I fou
IBM Connections Cloud is changing IP ranges again
Thu, Feb 5th 2015 8:05a   Chris Miller
IBM announced that IBM Connections Cloud will be adding new IP ranges and sunsetting previous ones. Here is the announcement IP Address Changes in February 2015 Action required if your firewalls require IP addresses! On or after February 07, 2015, IBM will be adding several new IP address ranges to the network supporting the Connections Cloud and SmartCloud Notes services in our United States based data center. We plan to transition to these new ranges, sunsetting some of the current ranges
IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for February and March 2015
Wed, Feb 4th 2015 12:41p   Chris Miller
IBM has announced enhancements coming to IBM Connections Cloud for both February and March 2015. Here are the updates New feature coming on or after February 4 See meeting invitee status on mobile devices You can now view meeting invitee status in your calendar using Traveler on your iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone and Windows Tablet devices. Possible statuses are accepted, tentative, declined, and no response. Additionally, the Android client can show a status of deleg
IBM ConnectED 2015 slides for BP207 - Considerations for the Cloud
Tue, Feb 3rd 2015 11:45a   Chris Miller
At IBM ConnectED 2015 I had the pleasure to present BP207 - Considerations for the Cloud. Here are the slides presented in that session. Also see the unofficial IBM Connect and Lotusphere sessions database below. Are you considering a move to the cloud? Where do you start? One of the most important questions you will need to consider is around access and performance. Start your path by gaining insight into actual bandwidth usage for users in the cloud with examples and things to consider. Explo
IBM ConnectED 2015 OGS and week in review video - Lotusphere Podcasts
Mon, Feb 2nd 2015 11:42a   Chris Miller
A whirlwind IBM ConnectED 2015 tour in under ten minutes. From the Opening General Session and onward. More of a peek instead of a full summary that needs to be written. IBM Verse was everywhere IBM Verse has a freemium model Digital Experience is a new way to work if you know what it is IBM Lotus Domino barely made a dent of a mention in the OGS The OGS went by quick Non-IBM speakers are delivering some high quality sessions (I have only seen two IBM sessions) The welcome party was not as it w
IBM ConnectED 2015 Live will be launched!
Fri, Jan 23rd 2015 12:33p   Chris Miller
IBM has confirmed (so far) there is no livestream of the IBM Connect 2015 Opening General Session (OGS) so Carl Tyler and myself need to launch IBM ConnectED 2015 Live again. This is our seventh year of providing you our commentary on everything going on in the OGS along with live pictures as we find them. You can access the live commentary for 2015 right here and even on your mobile devices Carl Tyler and myself are backat 8am EST to live blogging opinions of the OGS at IBM ConnectED
Lotusphere bloggers annual photo gallery
Fri, Jan 23rd 2015 9:20a   Chris Miller
Each year since 2005 the Lotusphere (or IBM Connect) bloggers gathered for an end of conference picture. John Roling (Greyhawk68) has been the curator of this annual photo. Here is the building gallery Most blogging really kicked off in late 2003/early 2004 with numerous sites like the infamous Turtle that were a foothold in the community before the blogs started. So as time went by the size of the crowd grew and we even started getting access to the main stage for the final picture. Who k
IBM ConnectED 2015 Opening General Session - what to expect
Wed, Jan 21st 2015 1:37p   Chris Miller
With IBM ConnectED 2015 just days away we are receiving tons of emails with information. This bit was included about the Opening General Session on Monday morning ConnectED 2015 Opening General Session IBM ConnectED-A New Way to Engage Engagement is about people-building relationships and getting work done, simply and intelligently in ways never imagined. Learn how IBM is the only company who can harness the powerful combination of leading enterprise social and digital experience software, an
The Totally Unofficial Totally Unsupported IBM ConnectED Session Database
Tue, Jan 20th 2015 11:46a   Chris Miller
Each year wonderful partners, developers and community build an unoffical IBM Connect and Lotusphere sessions database. 2015 is no exception for IBM ConnectED!! As you can see the data is sorted numerous ways and includes an action to add sessions you want to attend right to your Notes calendar (after you give the proper ECL rights). You can also update this database via replication thanks to the Turtle Partnership and their pubic server. Get your hands on the database today right here. A H
Tile bluetooth tracker and locator for iOS and Android review
Mon, Jan 19th 2015 10:10a   Chris Miller
The Tile tracker attaches to most everything and uses bluetooth and crowdsourcing to help you find lost devices. The Tile app is available for iOS and Android. As we walk through in the video, set up for the Tile is so simple. Load the app on iOS or Android, create an account and add your Tiles You can add a maximum of 8 tiles per account for tracking purposes. The Tile device itself is small in nature, as shown the in video. There is no external port for recharging so the battery will
How to slow down IBM ConnectED 2015 online site notifications
Thu, Jan 15th 2015 2:44p   Chris Miller
The IBM ConnectED 2015 online site went live, as I blogged earlier, but I want to slow down the notifications. Here is where you go to slow them down. First use your supplied login information to get to the event site. Navigate to the following URL From there you get the below options for all the alerts, newsletters and more. Set your preferences, save these and enjoy.
IBM ConnectED 2015 site launches | IdoNotes Episode 142
Thu, Jan 15th 2015 9:07a   Chris Miller
IBM has launched the website for IBM ConnectED 2015 and Lotusphere at a new URL of IBMEventConnect.com/ConnectED. I dig into the new site capabilities and ask the annual question of when will this site just go away again? We have talked before about IBM opening and closing down annual sites and each time we take a step ahead it seems we fall right back. Here are some posts over the years Lotusphere 2011 online closing - and they listened from 2012. They sent you to an IBM Collaborations Sol
OXO Cookware Good Grips Non-stick Dishwasher Safe 10-inch Fry Pan review
Wed, Jan 14th 2015 2:15p   Chris Miller
Review a 10-inch pro fry pan from OXO Good Grips labeled dishwasher safe with a triple coating non-stick? Sure thing. It has now replaced my older one. The weight and balance of this OXO Cookware Good Grips Non-stick Pro Dishwasher Safe 10-inch fry pan was fantastic. The handle felt sturdy unlike some of the cheaper ones that just look decent. Picking them up and holding the pans is definitely a key factor. I like the larger rivets they used. Most other pans I saw had screws or small rive
IBM announces the Chalktalks for IBM ConnectED 2015
Wed, Jan 14th 2015 9:23a   Chris Miller
IBM has announced the Chalktalks (formerly Birds of a Feather) for IBM ConnectED 2015. They will take place Tuesday morning/evening and Wednesday morning. For Tuesday January 27, 2015 you can expect 7:00am - 7:45am Chalk101 Bring Your Application to the Next Level with Open Source Software from OpenNTF – Christian Guedeman, WebGate Consulting AG / OpenNTF SW 1-2 Chalk103 My Company Can't Become a Social Business Because… – Louis Richardson, IBM SW 3-4 Chalk303 IBM Digit
IBM ConnectED 2015 photo group is live on Flickr
Tue, Jan 13th 2015 8:11a   Chris Miller
The annual group photo pool on Flickr is live for IBM ConnectED 2015. Please join in with the hundreds of members over the years and share your experiences while there. You can join the IBM ConnectED 2015 group on Flickr right here. **Previous years** IBM Connect 2014 group on Flickr IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2013 group on Flickr Lotusphere 2012 group on Flickr Lotusphere 2011 group on Flickr Lotusphere 2010 group on Flickr Lotusphere 2009 group on Flickr Lotusphere 2008 group on F
IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for January 2015
Mon, Jan 12th 2015 9:52a   Chris Miller
It is time for IBM to update the IBM Connections Cloud again with new features and enhancements. Here is what you can expect after January 17 2015. Work with larger files in Activities We’re continuing to make it easier to work with more content, continuing the improvements announced last year with storage increases for Files, Communities, and Wikis. Now you can upload files as large as 2 GB when you use an HTML-5 browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Additional browser supp
IBM ConnectED 2015 Business Value Assessments
Fri, Jan 9th 2015 9:09a   Chris Miller
IBM is offering Business Value Assessments at IBM ConnectED 2015 for free to customers. The BVA Consultations are a 1-hour session offered to customers where IBM Executive Consultants will work with them to explore and discuss business issues related to their Digital and Social Business initiatives. This forum provides the opportunity for customers to begin framing the business benefits, to learn about the BVA process and to identify possible next steps that will help them gain stakeholder's
No certification testing at IBM ConnectED 2015 - but free testing vouchers available
Thu, Jan 8th 2015 9:49a   Chris Miller
With the changes coming for IBM ConnectED 2015 you can add in no certification testing while there. However, IBM will be handing out one free test voucher to each customer and partner attendee. Each voucher will enable the holder to take one IBM Collaboration Solutions exam at any Pearson Vue testing center and will be valid for only six (6) months from the close of the conference. Details on how to obtain your voucher will be found in conference materials or in the News section of the ICS Cer
IBM Verse exclusive BP Enablement Session at IBM ConnectED 2015 announced
Wed, Jan 7th 2015 11:29a   Chris Miller
IBM has announced an exclusive Business Partner enablement session for IBM ConnectED 2015 that is not on the agenda. Hopefully we will see and get plenty of deep tech info outside of some marketing buzz. You must be a business partner to attend it seems. According to the information (session details are non-NDA in case anyone wants to raise a flag) are as follows.. In this session, Business Partners will get an in-depth look at the revolutionary IBM Verse client for Connections Cloud. Top
My IBM ConnectED 2015 sessions
Tue, Jan 6th 2015 10:27a   Chris Miller
I am happy to have two sessions at what is called IBM ConnectED 2015. (yes the ED are capitalized). Below are the direct links, details and more. I hope to see you there. Considerations for the Cloud - Are you considering a move to the cloud? Where do you start? One of the most important questions you will need to consider is around access and performance. Start your path by gaining insight into actual bandwidth usage for users in the cloud with examples and things to consider. Explore o
IBM announces keynote speaker at IBM ConnectED 2015 BP Day
Mon, Jan 5th 2015 3:58p   Chris Miller
IBM has announced the keynote speaker as Bruce Stuart of Channelcorp for IBM ConnectED 2015 Business Partner Day, We are pleased to announce that Bruce Stuart, President and co-founder of Channelcorp, will be our special keynote speaker for the Business Partner kickoff on Tuesday, January 27. Please plan to join, as Bruce will provide world class executive education on how to successfully transition current business models to better leverage cloud, SaaS and service, including how to make your
DE Lipstick Style 2600mAH PowerBank with flashlight review
Fri, Dec 19th 2014 10:21a   Chris Miller
The DE Lipstick Style 2600mAH PowerBank with 3 function flashlight is a metal cased, compact and sleek design with added 3 function flashlight. A great stocking stuffer and addition to the portable arsenal. The simplified packaging was welcome, no scissors needed just to get it open. Included was the DE Lipstick Style 2600mAH PowerBank and the USB cable you will use to either charge your device or the PowerBank. A plug end is not included. (I just installed USB plug combos in the house to solv
IBM ConnectED 2015 - my sessions and the agenda announced
Tue, Dec 16th 2014 12:34p   Chris Miller
I am happy to be back presenting at Lotusphere aka IBM Connect aka IBM ConnecED 2015, This time I am honored to partner with Wes Morgan for Sametime Deployment Do's & Don'ts and my own Considerations for the Cloud.. In each of these sessions I hope to bring you a unique perspective on decisions you will make while deploying your solutions and how to avoid the common mistakes. Also we look at mistakes that come to haunt you after you have begun roll-outs. I sit in a unique position at Co
PNY Metal Attaché 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive review
Thu, Dec 11th 2014 11:33a   Chris Miller
Lets start with the low price for 16GB in a flash drive that makes the PNY Metal Attaché 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive a great gift option. Packaging was easy to open unlike most that are contained in plastic so tough it takes scissors and a hacksaw to get to. I pulled the cardboard back and was ready to go. One thing keeping the price down of the PNY Metal Attaché 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive is the USB 2.0 speeds. For most people this is not a problem or worry. I am finding most do not even know
All-in-one Admin Tool for agent troubleshooting
Tue, Dec 9th 2014 11:55a   Chris Miller
The All-in-one Admin Tool for agent based troubleshooting and problem solving has been around IBM since version 7. I first wrote about it back in July 2011 but that was removed when SocialBizUG was born and content migrated. So you needed a refresher as we did having to use this very recently The tool is quite powerful and offers a wide array of troubleshooting abilities that have saved us some time. Here is a great list of what it offers This is general to help analyze, workaround, or solve
AOL to start charging in 2015 for Sametime Gateway connectivity
Thu, Dec 4th 2014 9:38a   Chris Miller
IBM has announced that AOL will charge IBM Sametime Gateway customers to connect through the Clearinghouse to the AOL AIM public IM service. There is also a new form that everyone must fill out to continue your federation and this comes with a cost now. AOL has offered this magical behind the scenes service for a long time. The Clearinghouse acts as the intermediary connectivity point between enterprises and the public AOL IM service. It has been free up until this point. Based on the above im
Bushnell Outdoor SolarWrap Mini Portable Battery review
Tue, Dec 2nd 2014 9:26a   Chris Miller
The Bushnell Outdoor SolarWrap Mini Portable Battery velcro wrapped solar charger is light enough to be in everyones backpack, computer bag or purse. Having solar charging it removes that requirement of being plugged in to charge, but that is still an option as well. You will need direct sunlight and not many clouds to meet the 10 hours of stated charging by sunlight. You can easily plug this into any USB powered adapter (wall plug not included but we have so many now) and it only takes 4 hours.
Thoughts on IBM Verse launch plus tons of resource links
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 12:46p   Chris Miller
IBM officially announced via a live event and webcast IBM Verse, formerly IBM Mail Next, as a new way to interact with your email using advanced analytics and a new user interface. There was a lot of anticipation and marketing put into the launch. Here are some of my thoughts and what the press thought. We can start with the IBM posting from the Social Software blog entry defining the design principles that inspired the work and the new personas they built to go along with it. There are qu
IBM Verse announced - formerly IBM Mail Next
Tue, Nov 18th 2014 6:57a   Chris Miller
IBM launched the website and YouTube video for IBM Verse, formerly IBM Mail Next.. Sign up for the general public also seems to be open. The actual webcast of the launch is hours away. Look for another blog posting later today about IBM Verse with details from the launch event. You can read all my my IBM Mail Next blog postings right here.
IBM taps Spredfast for IBM Mail Next social media aggregation launch
Mon, Nov 17th 2014 1:18p   Chris Miller
IBM seems to have chosen Spreadfast (also merged in Mass Relevance) from Austin, TX as their social content aggregator and conversations for the IBM Mail Next launch event. Spredfast offers a few services and products around social media management, curation, listening, analytics and more. Our platform processes 650 million pieces of social content per day across every major social platform out there. Capture conversations across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+
SOL REPUBLIC PUNK Wireless Bluetooth Speaker review
Fri, Nov 14th 2014 9:17a   Chris Miller
The SOL REPUBLIC PUNK Wireless Bluetooth Speaker did not disappoint for it's durability and ruggedness. We take our reviews serious and we have reviewed quite a few Bluetooth speakers (some with mics for calls too). The SOL Republic Punk met everything it advertised. We received it in black but it comes in a few colors. Setup was simplistic as expected being a Bluetooth speaker. We also connected it via the 3.5mm cable. Both provided the same sound quality as long as you are in range f
IBM Mail Next Road Show Regional Events registraion open
Thu, Nov 13th 2014 10:19a   Chris Miller
IBM is hosting a Mail Next Road Show all through December as regional events. You will see they are all afternoon events held at museums or upscale locales. Below is the list of cities, dates and custom registration links. Agenda: 3:00 PM – Welcome/Networking 3:30 PM – Codename: IBM Mail Next: Take Back Control of Your Workday -- presentation/demo, blended with spirit tasting & hors d'oeuvres 6:00 PM – Close Cities / Dates / Venues:
IBM Mail Next versus Microsoft De-Clutter early thoughts
Wed, Nov 12th 2014 9:31a   Chris Miller
IBM is announcing Mail Next shortly and Microsoft launched De-Clutter for Office 365 today. Both promise to hide your email bring the important mail to the front for you to work better. The goal of each is to learn your email behavior and start working for you via analytics and consistent actions you perform in your email. For example, if in your organization tree your direct manager sends email, then the system would recognize you need to see that email from them constantly. While emails
Braven BRV-X Bluetooth Speaker review
Tue, Nov 4th 2014 12:21p   Chris Miller
I was impressed right away with this Braven BRV-X bluetooth speaker. The sound was clear. It is waterproof and has an internal battery for charging your devices while you stream your music. Finding a bluetooth speaker that is outdoor ready can get very costly. Luckily the Braven BRV-X bluetooth speaker (available at AT&T stores and Amazon) solves this an many other issues. The waterproof capability is great for having it outdoors near the water and not being afraid of a simple splash. Ju
Whistle Activity Monitor For Dogs review
Mon, Nov 3rd 2014 8:51a   Chris Miller
The Whistle Activity Monitor for Dogs is an interesting way to gauge how much activity and keep a diary of food and other notes about your dog. The Whistle Activity Monitor for Dogs device itself was sturdy, waterproof and stayed clasped with the double locking rubber strap. It kept the Whistle close to the neck and out of the way. We played with location a couple times on the collar to see where it didn't bother the pet and was out of the way. Where they wear it on the collar should not m
Private Meeting Information in the RnR Database in IBM Domino
Thu, Oct 30th 2014 10:32a   Chris Miller
Have you ever had a users private meeting information from their calendar show in the RnR database in IBM Domino? This is normally something most users would not want. Luckily there is an easy way to prevent it from happening. IBM has had a recommendation since 7.0.3 to place a server side notes.ini variable to place a new descriptor in the database so as to not show any potential private data from entries marked Private.The downside to this setting is that older entries already in the dat
Protecting Directories on a Web Server
Tue, Oct 28th 2014 8:27a   Chris Miller
The Domino web server is still powerful (never mind the current POODLE and SHA-2 talks and fixes) and offers the easily ability to control access via File Protections Documents. Groups and users can be listed allowing or blocking access to files and directories served by the Domino web server. Since .nsf files already have their own access controls, these File Protections extend to files such as HTML, JPEG, and GIF that you can enforce file protection for that browser users can access. As an a
Domino Migration Utility - where did you go?
Mon, Oct 27th 2014 6:15a   Chris Miller
IBM announced and demonstrated the Domino Migration Utility back at IBM Connect 2013. This tool was designed to move Microsoft Exchange users into IBM Domino. Apparently it was rebranded and not made available free to the public. It is a paid service only. Today someone asked about the Domino Migration Utility in a Skype chat looking for updated information on it or how to download/install it. After some digging online I found that back in June 2013 IBM stated in the Notes and Domino Forum
Vulnerability Management for Dummies - free ebook offer
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 12:54p   Chris Miller
My readers have the opportunity to get Vulnerability Management for Dummies for free. With all the current talks of POODLE, this came along at the right time. Over 60 pages of entry level information. Vulnerability Management for Dummies covers a lot of ground quickly As someone responsible for network security within your organization, you need to understand how to prevent attacks and eliminate network weaknesses that leave your business exposed and at risk. Vulnerability Management fo
What is the PODDLE vulnerability - back to basics
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 9:00a   Chris Miller
As we fight to fix the POODLE vulnerability in all systems, we should know what it is. POODLE stands for Padding Oracle on Downgraded Legacy Encryption . In simpler terms it exploits an older form of encryption your browser may use to communicate with servers. As long as both the server and the client (web browser) support SSL 3.0, the attacker can force a downgrade in the protocol, so even if your browser tries to use TLS, it ends up being forced to use SSL instead. The only answer is for eith
IBM addresses Poodle and SHA-2 issues in new technotes
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 8:56a   Chris Miller
IBM has addressed SHA-2 support and the Poodle vulnerability for IBM Domino in new technotes that were released. Here are the links and info. Technote #1418982 titled Planned SHA-2 deliveries for IBM Domino 9.1 SHA-2 support for Domino 9.x is planned to be delivered over the next several weeks via an Interim Fix. Technote #1687167 titled How is IBM Domino impacted by the Poodle attack? IBM intends to release Domino server Interim Fixes over the next several weeks that implement TLS 1.0 with
CliMate Environment Tracker by Rooti review
Mon, Oct 20th 2014 9:52a   Chris Miller
CliMate, by Rooti, is your personal environment tracking device. It syncs via bluetooth and provides information on temperature, humidity, UV indexes and more. It can be worn and attached to bags and clothes via a flexible lanyard or mounted on the included stand. In the free application, a plant symbolizes you in relation to your surrounding climate. When you're protected, the plant flourishes. When you're exposed, it withers away. The app parses all your data into daily, weekly and monthl
Skype 6.21.104 is consuming way too much memory
Thu, Oct 16th 2014 10:12a   Chris Miller
I am an avid user of Skype and have let it update itself pretty regularly. Even automatically. However the Skype 6.21.104 update this week is consuming tons of machine memory. And it continued to grow So I uninstalled Skype 6.21.104 to go back to an older version. My choice was the last Skype 5 version I could find of and ran into a new issue Since yesterday, all versions of Skype below Skype 6.13 for Windows and Skype 6.14 for OS X are blocked and do not allow you to sign i
What is the IBM Bridge to Cloud program?
Wed, Oct 15th 2014 9:49a   Chris Miller
IBM launched the Bridge to Cloud program to help users move easier into their IBM Connections (formerly SmartCLoud) Cloud offerings. The goal is to keep entitlements in place and move to subscriptions. "Bridge to Cloud" allows a customer to switch from on-premises Notes CALs to SmartCloud (now Connections Cloud) Notes subscriptions at renewal time, keeping the same entitlements whether they stay on-prem or move to IBM Connections Cloud Domino server licensing remains as-in (customers trans

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