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What is the Repair Calendar Feature?
Tue, Jul 29th 2014 185
IBM Connections 5.0 Entitlements for Notes & Domino customers
Fri, Jul 25th 2014 429
GreatCall Splash - Waterproof Medical Alert Device review
Thu, Jul 24th 2014 133
IBM Mail Next update for July 2014
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014 758
D-Link Wi-Fi AC750 Portable Router & Charger review
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014 213
New in Blakcberry OS 10.2.1 is IBM Lotus Traveler connection type
Tue, Jul 22nd 2014 354
Brydge iPad Keyboard & Speaker case review
Tue, Jul 22nd 2014 235
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SmartCloud for Social Business aka LotusLive.com is changing it’s domain name and adding Sametime meetings
Thu, Nov 15th 2012 8006
IBM Mail Next explained - so far
Wed, Apr 23rd 2014 1708
IBM had so many Twitter id’s it broke the 32k field limit
Fri, Mar 4th 2011 1478
IBM messaging roadmap from IBM Connect 2014 - what’s missing
Mon, Feb 3rd 2014 1469
Project Hawthorn - Microsoft Outlook 2013 support for IBM Domino
Thu, Aug 22nd 2013 1224
Tampa General Hospital calls Notes "Stone Age" at Lync event
Mon, Mar 17th 2014 1022
IBM Mail Next announced at IBM Connect 2014 - what I know
Wed, Jan 29th 2014 967
Denny’s Inc leaves Lotus Notes citing inefficient and not mobile first
Thu, Jul 17th 2014 961
IBM SmartCloud for Social Business enhancements for May 2014
Thu, May 1st 2014 890
What’s New in IBM Connections Next (5.0)
Wed, May 28th 2014 877

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What is the Repair Calendar Feature?
Tue, Jul 29th 2014 7:50a   Chris Miller
IBM added a Repair Calendar feature to help repair your Lotus Notes client by automatically detecting duplicate repeating calendar entries. However, most users do not know this has existed since version 8.5. Repairing the entries actually save them into a view. Read more at my article on SocialBizUG [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes notes client

IBM Connections 5.0 Entitlements for Notes & Domino customers
Fri, Jul 25th 2014 9:30a   Chris Miller
IBM has announced entitlements for IBM Connections 5.0 with IBM Notes and Domino 9.0.1. Customers will get access to the Files and Profiles features freely with Domino licenses. With this update, IBM Notes and Domino customers continue to receive access to the Files and Profiles features of IBM Connections 5.0 with the entitlements listed below. The entitlement lets IBM Notes and Domino customers deploy and access the Files and Profiles features of IBM Connections through all clients, browsers, [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm notes enterprise mobile

GreatCall Splash - Waterproof Medical Alert Device review
Thu, Jul 24th 2014 9:37a   Chris Miller
Overall the GreatCall Splash - Waterproof Medical Alert Device does what it states as a medical alert device. The downside in rating revolves around clarity of expectations, setup and performance. See the review. The device itself is tiny and we like the simplicity of the front with a single button. We could also see this getting misplaced or forgotten. The addition of the belt clip was nice and stayed on during our tests. We could see the clip breaking if caught on something though. Peo [read] Keywords: archive interface

IBM Mail Next update for July 2014
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014 10:50a   Chris Miller
IBM Mail Next updates as of July 2014 as presented by IBM for a SocialBizUG webcast. Design Advisory Program updates, web updates and timelines. These are my notes as they happened. Key announcements Kramer talked IBM Mobile First and iOS-ready apps and the Apple announcement Now on to the good stuff..... a long list with tons of screen images Design Advisory Program update basically they will open it more but they have a select list of people in the advisory group they chose the [read] Keywords: admin collaboration connections ibm notes sametime traveler apple archiving email google integration mobile profile security

D-Link Wi-Fi AC750 Portable Router & Charger review
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014 8:44a   Chris Miller
The D-Link Wi-Fi AC750 Portable Router & Charger (DIR-510L) is the next step in portable routers for the road warrior. With AC band, profiles, USB charging ports, USB 3G/4G support, router, access point and more. I have numerous portable routers, repeaters and access points now (most with reviews up). D-Link is trying to bridge together more than a few features in one device and has done so very well. This also adds the newer AC band for improved speed but you need your devices and network [read] Keywords: admin archive interface network wifi

New in Blakcberry OS 10.2.1 is IBM Lotus Traveler connection type
Tue, Jul 22nd 2014 11:39a   Chris Miller
I upgraded my Blackberry Z10 to OS 10.2.1 to get my hands on a ton of new features. IBM Lotus Traveler now shows as an account type when adding email, calendar and todo. I was surprised at the number of new features, not just fixes, that are available in this release. http://crackberry.com/whats-new-blackberry-os-1021 See my posting comparing the Blackberrry Z10 and Q10 devices. See more updates and hands-on with the BlackBerry 10 devices on BlackBerry Today. [read] Keywords: ibm lotus traveler blackberry email

Brydge iPad Keyboard & Speaker case review
Tue, Jul 22nd 2014 9:04a   Chris Miller
We review both the aluminum and carbonate Brydge iPad Keyboard and Speaker case. These are made for the iPad 2nd through 4th generations and connect via Bluetooth. (The iPad Air has a different case that is available) The full QWERTY keyboard on the Brydge iPad Case was responsive with many hotkeys already available. We had no issues paring the keyboard with the iPad. Indicator light on the switch tells you if it is in pairing mode, low on battery or charging. Make sure you place the iPad [read] Keywords:

 IBM Connections 5.0 Workshop - FREE
Mon, Jul 21st 2014 12:13p   Chris Miller
IBM is offering a free IBM Connections 5 instance on SoftLayer and workshop materials as a lab environment for business partners. You can request to provision a server or use the lab materials on your own server. The materials were written using an IBM Connections 5.0 device on SoftLayer but they also outline it so your own Linux based system could be used. In the IBM Connections 5.0 Workshop, you will learn about the new and existing capabilities of IBM Connections and IBM Connections Mobile [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus development integration linux mobile server wiki

Wallett TrackR versus Kensington Proximo bluetooth trackers
Mon, Jul 21st 2014 9:12a   Chris Miller
I compare the Wallet TrackR and the Kensington Proximo bluetooth tracking devices and their applications in this head to head comparison. From setup, function and to ease of use. See below for the full review and who wins. Here is a breakdown of each device and links to get your hands on them -==Wallet Trackr review==- http://idonot.es/wallettrackr Wallet TrackR was kind enough to send me an updated device for testing. It met the promised abilities of either finding the TrackR or us [read] Keywords: application applications archive profile


Allen Sports Aluminum Folding 2-Bike Rack review
Thu, Jul 17th 2014 10:12a   Chris Miller
If you are an on and off bicycle riding type person (like me) then having a carrier was always a task. This Allen Sports Aluminum Folding 2-bike Rack solves so many problems. Fist of all the packaging for the Allen Sports Aluminum Folding 2-bike Rack was incredibly small so I figured it would be cheap, hard to assemble or would not hold a single kids bike let alone two adult bikes. The entire unit is assembled and folds into a 17"x8"x4" shape. Amazingly compact. The aluminum frame is stu [read] Keywords: archive

Denny’s Inc leaves Lotus Notes citing inefficient and not mobile first
Thu, Jul 17th 2014 9:25a   Chris Miller
According to numerous press releases, Denny's Inc. has migrated away from Lotus Notes to Google Apps for Business due to being inefficient to manage and not mobile first. The press releases all have statements quoted from the CIO names Alex Lewis. I wanted to summarize and talk about a few areas. Denny's operated an on-premise Lotus Notes email system for many years. The environment resulted in many complex and cumbersome Lotus Notes applications. As the company streamlined its operatio [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus notes sametime application applications email google interface mobile

IBM MobileFirst says we sell and support Apple and iOS
Wed, Jul 16th 2014 10:18a   Chris Miller
Most of you read the IBM and Apple partnership announcement. I wanted to highlight a couple areas that shows IBM will be pushing iOS and Apple devices into every enterprise. Besides building applications specifically (and probably mainly) for iOS and not Android, IBM is showing it's commitment to the platform. With Apple publicly stating it wants more penetration into the enterprise market, teaming with IBM makes sense. Here is the key part of the press release I wanted to mention. As [read] Keywords: ibm apple applications enterprise integration mobile security

Diagnostics Enhancements for Sametime 9 Community Server Directory Applications
Wed, Jul 16th 2014 7:12a   Chris Miller
IBM has made diagnostics enhancements for the Sametime 9 Community Server directory applications. These enhancements in IBM Sametime 9 will, by default, generate diagnostics statistics for the StUsers, StResolve and StDirectory services inside of Sametime It is cool what they did by making them available to help you troubleshoot: The diagnostics data is written to a file and formulated to csv format which gives an easy and friendly way to create graphs and charts. In a few clicks, using Excel [read] Keywords: admin ibm sametime applications community server

Uninstalling the Embedded Sametime Client in Lotus Notes
Tue, Jul 15th 2014 7:12a   Chris Miller
Has your company wanted to remove the IBM Sametime client from the sidebar? It is possible with the following steps for uninstalling the embedded Sametime client in Lotus Notes. After some digging around for the best option for existing users, I came across steps to uninstall the Samteime embedded client for all the client platforms. One thing to highlight (shown below) is that uninstalling the Sametime embedded client still leaves the necessary required components for some of the awareness f [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm lotus notes sametime

Removing Sametime Status Messages
Mon, Jul 14th 2014 10:04a   Chris Miller
Have you created an IBM Sametime status message by accident or that isn't appropriate? One of my readers did. See their question and my answer Q: Chris, As a joke, I made a Sametime status message in my client. It wasn't flattering when I was contacted about it after someone hovered over my name and saw it. They then made a call which caused me some headaches. Find out the rest of the question and my answer on SocialBizUG right here [read] Keywords: ibm sametime

How To: Using Chromecast in a Hotel wifi network
Thu, Jul 10th 2014 9:27a   Chris Miller
Using Chromecast in a hotel wifi network can be no easy task with authentications, splash pages and more. Here are two ways to get around issues using Chromecast on a hotel wifi network I found. We should be taking advantage of those large tv's with HDMI ports in the hotel rooms to watch Netflix, Hulu or whatever else. The first option is the easiest. Bring your own small router and create your own network in your room. I have reviewed numerous with my current favorite being the TP-Link Wi [read] Keywords: application laptop mac network wifi wireless

What’s new in IBM Connections 5.0
Tue, Jul 1st 2014 9:23a   Chris Miller
Here is Whats New in IBM Connections 5.0 that IBM recently released: A nice list of features have been added. Here are some highlights Installation and Configuration New Cognos® installation verification tool and simplified installation and configuration Simplified post-installation tasks for IBM Connections Content Manager for Libraries New system requirements and support IBM Connections Mobile app The administrator can enable File Sync and Push Notifications. Downloading executables for [read] Keywords: admin administration connections ibm lotus application community mobile

TRITTON Kunai Steros Headset for iOS devices review
Mon, Jun 30th 2014 9:55a   Chris Miller
I received the TRITTON Kunai Stereo Headset for iOS devices for review and were impressed with the sound and capabilities. Good audio sound, in-lin controls for audio and calls, memory foam ear padding and changeable panels for customization makes the TRITTON Kunai Stereo Headset for iOS devices a great investment. With the fierce competition of headphones out there, finding a sleek and effective pair is getting harder to find. This pair fills that gap between too expensive and cheaply mad [read] Keywords: archive

IBM Mail Next Design Advisory Program overflows with applications
Fri, Jun 27th 2014 9:25a   Chris Miller
IBM announced the new IBM Mail Next Design Advisory Program back in May and opened nominations. It seems they were overwhelmed with applications to be part of the program. Kramer Reeves blog about the response received Thanks to all who submitted nominations for the IBM Mail Next Design Advisory Program. We received an overwhelming response and on Monday notified successful nominees of their acceptance into the Program. According to his blog they are keeping applications on file to review th [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes applications

Samsung SL-M2070FW/XAA Wireless Monochrome Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax review
Fri, Jun 27th 2014 8:50a   Chris Miller
The Samsung SL-M2070FW/XAA Wireless Monochrome Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax is a great addition to the home and small office with wireless, cloud, mobile and NFC printing capabilities. A quick rundown of the awesome features before the review: WPS one touch wifi setup NFC print ability Google cloud print ability Samsung Mobile Print app for your smartphone 21 pages per minute Print, copy, scan and fax (all monochrome only) Eco driver to reduce toner usage We have multiple printers in [read] Keywords: application archive email google laptop mac mobile office wifi wireless

D-Link Wireless Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1520) review - love it!!
Wed, Jun 25th 2014 11:13a   Chris Miller
We had the chance to use the D-Link Wireless AC750 Mbps Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1520) while at World Cup in Brazil. This small piece of tech incredibly improved our lodging wifi signal. Read the review below. We just returned form using the D-Link Wireless AC750 Mbps Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1520) at World Cup in Brazil as a repeater for wifi networks to give us better strength at our lodgings. This is one impressive unit that has worked immediately. Setup was so simp [read] Keywords: archive interface network wifi wireless

IBM Traveler quick user survey
Wed, Jun 25th 2014 6:15a   Chris Miller
The IBM Mobile Design Team wants to know how you go about getting in contact with your colleagues on your mobile device. Please take this 10 minute survey: https://www-950.ibm.com/survey/oid/wsb.dll/s/ag589 and tell us what information is important for you to see when looking up a person, how you like to organize your personal and business contacts, if you use IBM NotesTraveler Lookup, and more! [read] Keywords: ibm lotus traveler mobile

Social Business Collaboration: Five Best Practices, Three Market Trends
Tue, Jun 24th 2014 9:39a   Chris Miller
The Aberdeen Group has published Social Business Collaboration: Five Best Practices, Three Market Trends in a short 21 page ebook available free right here. Of course they mention mobile, transparency and a bunch of other words aligned with the trend Aberdeen’s research identifies five best practices that consistently describe the top performers in social business collaboration, and provides insights into three market trends in how the infrastructure supporting collaboration initiatives [read] Keywords: collaboration connections lotus mobile

World Cup 2014 in Brazil here we come
Wed, Jun 11th 2014 9:40a   Chris Miller
World Cup 2014 in Brazil awaits myself and Carl Tyler starting tomorrow. While I may post a few things here on IdoNotes you will have great luck keeping up with us on VVorldcup.com and my Instagram page. [read] Keywords:

Directory Access Lists and backup restores in IBM Domino
Mon, Jun 2nd 2014 1:26p   Chris Miller
From a recent article I wrote for SocialBizUg is working with backup restores onto the same Domino server as the live databases. We use Directory Access Lists. Q: Chris, We want to be able to put restored databases on the Domino server to be able to have them to recover an accidentally deleted document or sometimes when we have a litigation question. However, we do not want these databases replicating or being accessed by anyone else, while leaving the ACLs exactly as they are for various secu [read] Keywords: acl domino ibm security server

What’s New in IBM Connections Next (5.0)
Wed, May 28th 2014 10:33a   Chris Miller
IBM is set to release IBM Connections Next (5.0) later in Q4 of 2014. Here is an overview of what is new in IBM Connections 5.0. Most of the new features are in the IBM Talent Suite already. Here is a rundown from the webcast. External Collaboration -features: Users will only see content shared with them and only the people associated with that content. Administrators can see who is external and manage or invite them. External communities are explicitly flagged. External members cannot b [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus rich text community desktop google integration mobile server wifi xml

Authentication Is Not Enabled and SMTP Error 421
Tue, May 27th 2014 12:03p   Chris Miller
A Domino server at a client was showing a SMTP Error 421: SMTP Service Not Available, closing the transmission channel. Here is our steps to troubleshoot and solution. They also decided to have an intermediate spam filter and then some routing of port forwarding on their internal network. This offered many challenges with allowed hostname and addresses for connectivity. After getting past that we were still left with the above errors. We found an IBM technote that described the issue and erro [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm network server smtp

IBM Lotus Notes 9.0.1 FP1
Fri, May 23rd 2014 9:35a   Chris Miller
IBM released Fix Pack 1 Maintenance Release for IBM Lotus Notes 9.0.1 back in April but it seems to have gone unnoticed. It has quite a few fixes you may want to deploy. Here is the release notice for of all the fixes found in this update and here is where you download Fix Pack 1 for IBM Lotus Notes 9.0.1 [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus notes smart upgrade

What to expect in IBM Connections Next
Thu, May 22nd 2014 1:25p   Chris Miller
Today a live Q&A was held on what to expect in IBM Connections Next from IBM and SocialBizUg. This event was definitely not what was expected. Here is why. The consensus from many people across chats, forums and the web was that this would be a webcast format with maybe some slides and live Q&A with two of the top IBM names. Instead it was difficult to find where to go and then harder to understand what was going on. It was just a forum that the two IBM staff happened to be in at tha [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus server

IBM Makes Mail Next Advisory Program and Apps on Cloud announcements
Wed, May 21st 2014 9:34a   Chris Miller
IBM has announced on the Collaborate of be Left Behind webcast the new IBM Mail Next Advisory Program, IBM Domino Applications on Cloud and IBM Software Services for Collaboration Managed Business Services. The new IBM Mail Next Design Advisory Program is a total rebuild of the Design partner Program that will be open for you to apply to. There is no link to apply or get more information yet. Look for that soon. Domino Applications in the Cloud - well I know we have been doing this for ab [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus applications mobile

IBM Collaboration Solutions Quality survey
Tue, May 20th 2014 9:55a   Chris Miller
IBM has yet another survey, this time asking questions based on product documentation, installation, wizards, integration and more. This is from their quality group I think. I am not sure why the heck they split the following selection (see image) of Notes, iNotes and Domino list and cannot select more than one. That really splits the results when you need Domino to run iNotes for sure. I also need Domino to run Traveler. So this whole section really does not make sense Then to make it [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm inotes notes traveler integration

Disable Non-Delivery Reports
Mon, May 19th 2014 11:55a   Chris Miller
A reader was having issues with Non-delivery reports (NDR's) being sent back as their address after a spammer used it. We look at stopping Domino NDR reports from being generates. We are having issues with Non-delivery Reports (NDRs) being sent back from our server after a spammer uses our address to send mail. This then turns into us getting blocked or blacklisted at some sites due to sending so many NDR reports. Can this be disabled in Domino, and how do we prevent them from using our ad [read] Keywords: domino server

SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller for iOS review
Thu, May 15th 2014 9:17a   Chris Miller
We were impressed with the light weight of the SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller while still providing every button, joystick and direction pad you find in full sized game controller. The added carrying case made us think that this would be great for travel. Even playing game son the plane this would not be in anyone's way. However our enjoyment stopped there. You definitely need iOS7 and a new germination iPad to get this SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller to wor [read] Keywords: archive wireless

Wearable Health Tracker showdown. Fitbit vs Misfit vs Withings
Wed, May 14th 2014 12:03p   Chris Miller
I took it upon myself to wear three health tracking devices at once for a showdown. I wore the Fitbit Flex, MIsfit Shine and Withings Pulse. Here is my video, graphs and review. Each one of these devices was worn for a week. The Misfit Shine and Fitbit Flex were worn on the same wrist next to each other. The Withings Pulse was worn on the same side of the body but on the pants pocket (no wrist strap was available). The Misfit Shine has the most wearable flexibility with different strap [read] Keywords: archive wireless

IBM Support investigates natural language processing help
Wed, May 14th 2014 6:12a   Chris Miller
IBM Support has issued a request to submit questions you have on Lotus Notes and IBM Domino to help analyze natural language processing assistance to them. They have provided two links for you to submit questions. One for IBM Domino and one for IBM Lotus Notes IBM is exploring innovative ways to assist clients with solving their technical issues. To supplement searching for documentation or a fix, or opening a Service Request, we are designing a new support experience that will efficien [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes

IBM Redbooks launches a mobile app
Tue, May 13th 2014 10:22a   Chris Miller
IBM Redbooks are known as key technical books on deployment to development. IBM has launched a mobile app for IBM Redbooks. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. For nearly 50 years, IBM Redbooks publications have provided trusted product positioning, expert guidance, and installation and implementation experiences. Responding to the evolving needs of our users, we now also offer materials that provide the "just in time" technical information users need to quickly [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus development mobile server

Philips WeCall Bluetooth Conference Speaker Phone AECS7000 review
Fri, May 9th 2014 9:36a   Chris Miller
The Philips WeCall Bluetooth Conference Speaker Phone AECS7000 is a winner with 4 microphones, good battery life and simple pairing. Let's start with what is included with the Philips WeCall Bluetooth Conference Speaker Phone AECS7000. This speakerphone comes with a soft carrying case and a wrap inside the case to secure the provided USB cable. Note that this charges via that cable as well as connects but no plug end is provided. You can use any USB to wall power plug or use your computer. [read] Keywords: archive macbook

IBM Connections file editing experience survey - Your feedback requested
Tue, May 6th 2014 1:34p   Chris Miller
IBM is asking for feedback on file editing experiences in IBM Connections. Below is the links and what file editing in IBM Conneciotns areas they want feedback on. Hello! The IBM Design team has asked me to reach out to you to gather feedback on some features they are currently working on: The IBM Docs design team is working on improving the Connections file editing experience and would like to extend a special feedback opportunity to those interested. The team is seeking to gain a thorou [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus

iLuv Selfy Wireless Camera Shutter case review
Mon, May 5th 2014 11:18a   Chris Miller
The iLuv Selfy Wireless Camera Shutter case is a dream phone case and detachable device for those that love taking pictures of themselves. Usually you fight with the camera timer and have to run to get into place. With the Selfy you simply connect the detachable remote via Bluetooth to your phone. Pairing it was easy and since it uses a standard watch type battery (CR2032 Energizer 2032 Battery CR2032 Lithium 3v (1 Pack of 5)) you do not need to worry about charging it on a regular basis. We [read] Keywords: archive iphone wireless

IBM SmartCloud for SocialBusiness changing IP address in June 2014
Mon, May 5th 2014 6:12a   Chris Miller
IBM has announced they will be changing IP addresses for the IBM SmartCloud for Social Business on or before June 21 2014. Please update IP ranges on or before June 21, 2014 On or before June 21, IBM will be making changes to the network supporting the service to transition to a new range of IP addresses. Clients utilizing DNS names are not expected to be impacted. IBM recommends utilizing DNS names, rather than IP addresses, to minimize the need for manual changes. Clients who are un [read] Keywords: ibm network

IBM launches Cloud Marketplace - but which site is which
Fri, May 2nd 2014 10:10a   Chris Miller
IBM Cloud Marketplace has launched to offer a single shopping experience for cloud services. Unfortunately they are running two sites. Let me show you. This is the URL you uncover when you use Google and many of the current articles found on the web. Not that IBM has registered yet another URL called IBMCloud.com. Now if I go to just IBMCloud.com it forwards me to the below screenshot which is on IBM.com and what I find when I type in ibm.com/cloud. This URL then has a small link on the n [read] Keywords: ibm enterprise google network

IBM SmartCloud for Social Business enhancements for May 2014
Thu, May 1st 2014 2:36p   Chris Miller
IBM is enhancing SmartCloud for Social Business in May 2014 to include social and mobile, Docs, and Notes enhancements detailed below. Here are some highlights of the release: Expand collaboration with more community file storage up to 5GB Find content you need faster with File Preview, File Thumbnails, and link previews Draw attention to important community content with Community Folders Paste images directly into Community Blogs and Wikis Read, comment and like Community Blogs on mobile d [read] Keywords: administration collaboration connections ibm notes traveler application applications community mobile password security

Energize Notes Domino Enterprises Webinar replay
Wed, Apr 30th 2014 12:55p   Chris Miller
There was a webcast titled Energize Notes Domino Enterprises covering Notes 9, Project Hawthorn (IBM Mail for Outlook), SmartCloud Notes, Domino Double Check and more. Here is the slides and a link to the replay of this event (requires login) Key points from the slides and webcast : Bridge to IBM SmartCloud renewal option - basically please don't renew your own on site infrastructure, move to us Use the browser plug-in (Notes Basic client) for your apps IBM Mail Next updates (here is a full [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes outlook

Lepow Magnetic External Battery "ADD" review
Tue, Apr 29th 2014 1:59p   Chris Miller
Lepow sent over the Magnetic External Battery with "ADD" to give expanded capacity of 9000mAh of charging power. Here is a quick overview and review. What you cannot tell from the image above is that the Lepow X Series "ADD" magnetic external battery is both for your daily casual needs and for the heavy duty user on the fly. The main part is on the left (above image), which stores 4500mAh of backup ready power for your devices. Included is a single cable but any standard USB cable can b [read] Keywords: archive profile

Why is IBM Connections missing threaded blog responses
Tue, Apr 29th 2014 10:17a   Chris Miller
IBM Connections is still missing threaded blog discussions. I am unsure why, after four versions, this isn't there. Forums has the ability. Here is a screenshot from the article I linked yesterday. Note that we can like a comment and even flag one as inappropriate. But there is no way to actually respond to someone to keep a conversation going. IBM can we get this? Is it planned? [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus traveler email iphone

I Only Want Email on My iPhone from Traveler When I Say So
Mon, Apr 28th 2014 1:07p   Chris Miller
Do you have IBM Lotus Traveler users that do not want constant push of their email to their iOS devices? How do you set this to manual? The question is how to stop Lotus Traveler from sending email to the iPhone except when the user specifically wants it to be sent. For example, in Lotus Notes you could click send/receive or work in Island mode and then replicate. This type of feature does not exist in the common Lotus Traveler deployment. I take a look at this in a recent article on Socia [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes traveler email iphone

All I Want Is the Old Client Theme for My Users
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 9:25a   Chris Miller
As you upgrade users to IBM Lotus Notes 9 Social Edition they will see the new default theme. For some users this seems to freak them out and they want the Lotus Notes 8.x theme back. Here is my article on how. You will find the actual configurable setting for the theme inside the Eclipse preferences since it is the look and feel of the Eclipse framework you are wanting to set and modify. To find this file you need to navigate to the following location: workspace.metadata.plugins org.e [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm lotus notes eclipse workspace

IBM Mail Next explained - so far
Wed, Apr 23rd 2014 10:56a   Chris Miller
IBM Mail Next was finally explained a bit better today. Here is what you need to know about IBM Mail Next function and architecture. Subject to change. IBM Mail Next was formerly called Project Sequoia. Special Note: you apparently have to buy IBM SmartCloud Engage to get half of it to work. SocialBizUg also closed the side chat to submitting questions only. They could have provided both options of rolling chat and also submitting quesitons. (I can say that much of this was already availab [read] Keywords: domino ibm application email enterprise google mobile server

Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard, Harmony Hub and app review setup exclusive at Best Buy
Tue, Apr 22nd 2014 9:15a   Chris Miller
The Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard partnered with the Harmony Hub and the iOS and Android application make a powerful control center for your home AV needs. The Harmony Smart Keyboard is specially designed for to simplify text entry on internet-connected entertainment devices. Touch the “Movie” Activity button and the right devices switch to the right settings. Plus, it has integrated DVR and set-top box controls, playback and volume buttons, and a touchpad for cursor control [read] Keywords: apple application mac network wifi

Pelican ProGear Vault Extreme Protection Case iPad Mini review
Mon, Apr 21st 2014 10:00a   Chris Miller
We love reviewing cases for the iPad Mini and were excited to get the Pelican ProGear Vault Extreme Protection Case due to it's known durability. It provides a tough outer shell, all the required ports can be opened or buttons accessed, the back camera has a great protective cover and it screws into the frame holding the iPad Mini secure for drops and bumps. So why did we not give it a 5 star? First of all we could not get one corner of the Pelican ProGear Vault Extreme Protection Case to s [read] Keywords: archive

IBM Survey on Mobile Device Usage
Thu, Apr 17th 2014 11:46a   Chris Miller
IBM has asked for help with a mobile device usage survey. The following survey asks about your experiences using a mobile device. If you own more than one mobile device, please choose the device you use most frequently to answer the questions. The results from this survey will be used in aggregate form to drive future mobile app design decisions I would like to say I do not agree that "In the car" should be a choice or even considered due to safety reasons. That could have said "on mass [read] Keywords: ibm mobile

Belkin QODE Ultimate Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad Air review
Thu, Apr 17th 2014 10:47a   Chris Miller
The Belkin QODE Ultimate Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad Air goes to the top of our list for the iPad Airs around the studio. We previously did a video review for the QODE Slim Style and MultiTasker Pro cases so we were anxious to see and test this iPad Air case since it was labeled Ultimate. Here is what we found in our test of the Belkin QODE Ultimate Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad Air Pro: -solid look and feel with the aluminum. Really shows in the white version we tested. Al [read] Keywords: archive wireless

PhoneSoap Phone UV Sanitizer review - CES 2014
Wed, Apr 16th 2014 11:45a   Chris Miller
PhoneSoap is a UV sanitizzer unit for placing your mobile (or anything that fits) into the unit to have germs and bacteria destroyed. Here are the specs and cleaning ability.. *UV-C Sanitizer - Safely kill 99.99% of bacteria *Universal Cell Phone Charger - Standard USB port for charging iPhone's, Androids, etc *Acoustic Audio Amplifier - Hear your notifications while your phone is sanitizing *Inner Dimensions (Sanitizing Space): Inches: 6 L x 3.74 W x .78 H *Disinfect in 5 minutes o [read] Keywords: iphone mobile

IBM acquires Silverpop for behavior marketing platform
Tue, Apr 15th 2014 11:32a   Chris Miller
IBM announced it is buying Silverpop, an Atlanta based company, for it's behavioral marketing platform. Silverpop's behavioral marketing platform enables marketers to take action on customer behaviors in real time, deepen brand loyalty and deliver the perfect customer experience. Silverpop is a digital marketing software company focused on helping marketers transform the customer experience— increasing engagement and driving revenue. Silverpop makes this possible by using custome [read] Keywords: ibm

IBM survey on search in IBM Connections. Go give feedback!
Fri, Apr 11th 2014 6:12a   Chris Miller
IBM has issued a public survey on how you use search in IBM Connections. It supposedly helps influence the product so the more responses the better. As you can see the survey is very short. Help them out by taking the search in IBM Connections survey right here Feel free to ignore this weird question at the end about what generation you identify with. Sounds like another way of asking "how old are you?", which shouldn't make a difference in this type of survey. [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus

Kramer Reeves says new EOL for 8.5.x extended. And everyone wants cloud?
Thu, Apr 10th 2014 12:12p   Chris Miller
In a recent blog posting from Kramer Reeves, Director/Product Management for Messaging and Collaboration, he announced the extension of End of Life (EOL) for 8.5.x support until September 2016. This is good news to give companies even more time to plan upgrades. Speaking of companies he goes on to say... Every day I meet with IBM Clients to share our vision and roadmap for the future, and it's an exciting story. They tell me they want to invest the right level of planning to prepare for a [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm notes enterprise server

Acer Iconia A1-830 Android tablet review and setup
Wed, Apr 9th 2014 9:32a   Chris Miller
The Acer Iconia A1-830 Android tablet proved to be a great entry tablet for everyone during our testing and now continued use. If you are looking for an alternative to the standard iOS tablets, the Acer Iconia A1-830 Android tablet is a great choice. With a processor upgrade over the 810 model, it moves quick even with numerous applications open in the background thanks to the 1.6 GHz. The ports on the device were all readily accessible and even labeled. Which is non-existent in most other dev [read] Keywords: application applications

Great Geek Challenge 2014 replay from IBM Connect 2014
Tue, Apr 8th 2014 6:12a   Chris Miller
The Great Geek Challenge took place once again at IBM Connect 2014 due to the hard word of Gabriella Davis, Tim Davis and the team. Watch the replay here. Special thanks to Nerd Girls and all the sponsors that allow this to happen each year. It is a great FREE event that bends your mind and fills your belly. [read] Keywords: ibm

iHome Swivel Folio Case for iPad review
Mon, Apr 7th 2014 10:01a   Chris Miller
We take a look at the iHome Swivel Folio Case for iPad (generations 2-4). It has the ability to rotate between landscape and portrait modes. We review a lot of cases and this goes to the top for the pre-Air cases with the iHome Swivel Folio Case for iPad landscape and portrait mode swivel. Too many times you are stuck with landscape only. While this does not have a proper typing mode, the three angles that work for both landscape and portrait make it a winner. The iPad fit easily into th [read] Keywords:

Watch Warren Elsmore get electrocuted at IBM Connect 2014
Mon, Apr 7th 2014 8:30a   Chris Miller
While editing the Great Geek Challenge video from IBM Connect 2014 I came across a clip that was too good not to share. Yes, the LEGO master himself, Warren Elsmore, gets a jolt during a game. [read] Keywords: ibm

Troubleshoot inaccurate freetime in IBM Domino
Thu, Apr 3rd 2014 1:39p   Chris Miller
Calendar issues and freetime are always a challenge to troubleshoot in Lotus Notes and Domino. In this article on SocialBizUG I run through some steps we use each time. The first thing we noticed in the calendar preferences dialog was that the user had no time range listed but everyday selected as available. We thought that was strange and had the user put some times in the fields. We then ran the commands I discuss below and saw that the user was only available each day starting at 7am but [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm lotus notes

Amazon launches Fire TV streaming media box
Thu, Apr 3rd 2014 9:27a   Chris Miller
Amazon has finally launched Amazon Fire TV to compete with Roku and Apple TV. Includes voice search, making search simple for once. Amazon Fire TV is a tiny box that plugs into your HDTV. It's the easiest way to enjoy Netflix, Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN, low-cost video rentals, and more. With instant access to over 200,000 TV episodes and movies, plus all your favorite subscriptions and streaming services, you can watch what you want, when you want. If you're a Prime member, [read] Keywords: apple interface

Connectria - I am hiring an admin for my team
Wed, Apr 2nd 2014 9:37a   Chris Miller
Connectria is hiring an ICS engineer to join my team. Yes this is heavy administration only, not developers. Below is the information. If you are interested make sure you get in touch with me directly. This doesn't happen often as we usually hire within but we are growing quick in this group. Connectria has been listed 3 times as one of the Best Places To Work in St. Louis, and listed among the Inc. 500/5000 Fastest Growing Companies for 5 years in a row. Connectria was also ranked as the Top [read] Keywords: admin administration collaboration connections domino ibm lotus sametime traveler google linkedin microsoft

Accell UltraAV 4x2 HDMI Matrix review - CES 2014
Tue, Apr 1st 2014 9:54a   Chris Miller
The Accell UltraAV 4x2 HDMI Matrix and Distribution Amplifier is now part of home media setup. With 4 HDMI inputs that can be split into 2 outputs across monitors or even multiple inputs on the same device. The UltraAV 4x2 HDMI Matrix and Distribution Amplifier accepts signals from up to 4 HDMI enabled audio/video sources and distributes the signals to up to 2 HDMI enabled displays. The matrix can be configured to send any input to any utput,supporting all HDMI displays, monitors, projecto [read] Keywords:

IBM Mail Next to be delivered from the cloud?
Mon, Mar 31st 2014 10:34a   Chris Miller
IBM announced IBM Mail Next at IBM Connect 2014 this past January. I have tons more to write but this flyer hit my desk today. According to the image, IBM Mail Next will be delivered from the cloud? Their cloud? Your private cloud at your enterprise? Look for more info I still need to write that was discussed pub;icly and also an upcoming webcast from IBM. [read] Keywords: domino ibm enterprise

Happy World Backup Day!!
Sun, Mar 30th 2014 11:12p   Chris Miller
Of course we need an official World Backup Day and they made one. March 31 2014 is the day you promise to backup all your important files. Back them up to something, anything. The cloud, a USB drive, Google or even floppies (ok not that). THE WORLD BACKUP DAY PLEDGE “I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.” I will also tell my friends and family about World Backup Day - friends don't let friends go without a backup. So what will yo [read] Keywords: google

Beta testing ConsoleEZ from Ytria - review coming
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 12:04p   Chris Miller
Ytria had a beta for ConsoleEZ that is ending this weekend and I had not spent enough time testing it I am quite pleased with some of the features so far. The above multiple server console window is just one view of what it is capable of. From there you can do even more Interestingly, you can open multiple consoles on the same server and use filters to streamline what you see. For example on you could be user access while another has mail routing. I will have a full review coming (and m [read] Keywords: domino interface podcast server

Links to get Microsoft Office for the iPad
Thu, Mar 27th 2014 12:40p   Chris Miller
As promised, Microsoft released Office for the iPad today. Finding it can be tough so here are the links. It is freemuim so viewing is free, while editing requires a purchase or Office 365 subscription. Microsoft Word for the iPad Microsoft Excel for the iPad Microsoft Powerpoint for the iPad Microsoft OneNote for iPad That should help you find Micrsoft Office for the iPad a bit easier since there was numerous knockoffs for a couple years now. [read] Keywords: apple exchange exchange microsoft office

Follow up: Is renaming Sametime a mistake? Again?
Thu, Mar 27th 2014 10:12a   Chris Miller
I wrote Is renaming Sametime a mistake? Again? about a week ago. While the discussion thread here was limited, LinkedIn took off. Here are some excerpts and links. I made the same discussion thread inside of a couple LinkedIn groups and the feedback has been terrific. Some of the threads are generating some good conversation. Starting with the ICS Lotus Software Professionals group: How about a focus group? I'd bet hard cash that "IBM Connections Chat" would be perceived as a l [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus notes sametime linkedin

STM Blazer small laptop bag review
Wed, Mar 26th 2014 10:11a   Chris Miller
STM was kind enough to send one of their small over the shoulder Blazer Laptop Sleeve for review. The Blazer is made for light travel and has a shoulder strap and a side handle for easy carrying. The STM Blazer bag comes in multiple sizes and colors handling everything from phones and tablets to larger laptops. I easily put my 13" Macbook Pro inside the sleeve on the small bag model. The laptop area is decently padded for some added protection. There are some other slots for papers and maybe [read] Keywords: laptop macbook

The IBM Connect 2014 slides database now with video and 70 sessions
Mon, Mar 24th 2014 11:06a   Chris Miller
Thanks to IBM we have added some audio/video to the IBM Connect slides database. For the 2014 event we are up to 70 sessions (and the 2013 sessions are in there too). Keep in mind all of this is publicly posted content that is embedded. We have posted nothing (*cough* someone complained *cough) so that all content is owned and attributed to the person that posted it inside the IBM Connect and Lotusphere slides database. As time allows and even more people send me the links to their posted [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere database

SKLZ Air Station Dryer System product review
Fri, Mar 21st 2014 1:51p   Chris Miller
The SKLZ Air Station Dryer System should help reduce equipment drying times with some avid sports people in the house, including snow boarding, soccer, tennis and other random ones. It should also reduce clutter of gear all at once. It is a nice hanging rack but reduced drying time was really hard to verify. Let me explain after we talk setup. (The video has it all) The larger size of the SKLZ Air Station Dryer System box is due to the good height of the dryer system. There are smaller box [read] Keywords:

Actiontec 200 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter Kit (PWR200K01) review
Thu, Mar 20th 2014 10:35a   Chris Miller
We have used and tested products similar to Actiontec 200 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter and brought one along for a work site, just in case. We were happy we did. There was no wifi and no network access to be found in the temporary office in another country. The walls would not let the wifi through. Luckily we found that the entire place was on the same electrical and we tried this out. Success! We plugged one Actiontec 200 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter next to the router (into the plug as [read] Keywords: network office wifi

Is renaming Sametime a mistake? Again?
Wed, Mar 19th 2014 9:46a   Chris Miller
At IBM Connect 2014 we watched, well tried to catch, the announcement from Jeff Schick that IBM was changing the IBM Sametime name to IBM Connections Chat and IBM Connections Meetings. Is this a repeat mistake from years ago? First let me look at how fast the announcement was made. I barely had time to pic up my trusty camera to capture the moment. It was on the screen and gone so fast you can see the words changing Here are my thoughts on why the IBM Sametime name change is a mistake [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus sametime database instant messaging

Tampa General Hospital calls Notes "Stone Age" at Lync event
Mon, Mar 17th 2014 9:55a   Chris Miller
The Lync Conference 2014 was held in February 2014 and they had some case studies on stage. Tampa General Hospital sounds like they had bad admins The second Lync deployment story session I attended was delivered by representatives of Tampa General Hospital. They opened by saying as recently as three years ago, the hospital was in the "IT Stone Age." This was defined as being dependent on a mainframe and using Lotus Notes, Sametime, WebEx and BlackBerrys. Three years ago, the hospital replace [read] Keywords: lotus notes sametime blackberry microsoft

JBL Flip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker review from Best Buy Audio Fest
Fri, Mar 14th 2014 9:50a   Chris Miller
Best Buy was kind enough to send over the JBL Flip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for review as part of their March Audio Fest. The JBL Flip is an excellent sounding Bluetooth speaker with the added bonus as a speakerphone. We found it simple to pair to any device and got great sound quality. An optional line in port allows you to connect any device with a standard 3.5mm connector. Included in the package for the JBL Flip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker was a neoprene sleeve and power adapter with a [read] Keywords: wireless

Harbour 2 case for iPhone 5 from STM product review
Thu, Mar 13th 2014 9:48a   Chris Miller
STM sent over their Harbour 2 case for the iPhone 5/5s (there is also a 5c model) for a quick review. The case is made of thermo polyurethane (TPU) and gives a snug fit and good corner protection. The main purpose of the case is the hinged design on the bottom. The hinge allows you to fit the phone into any doc station or simply use it as a stand as I did in the picture above. All the ports were easily accessible with the case on and closed. It comes in a variety of colors and can be fou [read] Keywords: iphone

IBM SmartCloud for Social Business enhancements for March 2014
Wed, Mar 5th 2014 2:12p   Chris Miller
IBM is enhancing SmartCloud for Social Business in March 2014 to include Sametime with SAML support, IBM Docs enhancements, also web users and Notes user enhancements. IBM Sametime chat with SAML support is coming If your organization uses federated identity management handled by Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), you can now download and chat using a stand-alone Sametime Connect client and log in with your organization's authentication credentials There there is SmartCloud Web user [read] Keywords: ibm inotes notes sametime email security

ChargeKey key sized charge cable review - CES 2014
Tue, Mar 4th 2014 1:26p   Chris Miller
A tiny envelope from Nomad, the makers of ChargeKey and ChargeCard, arrived soon after CES 2014. What I found was a key sized yet flexible charger cable. This tiny device comes in two models. One fits standard micro USB devices and the other fits iPhone devices (ordered separately). Originally funded through Indiegogo, they have expanded quick. At 2.5mm thick you barely notice it is there. The cable itself plugged easily into the phone and USB port for power or synching [read] Keywords: iphone

Installing IBM Domino language packs
Mon, Mar 3rd 2014 11:59a   Chris Miller
I wrote about installing IBM Domino language packs over on SocialBizUG and just got another email asking about it. So here is the excerpt and link to the longer answer for those dealing with language packs and Domino. A Domino Language pack is the translated version of the standard English version of the Domino templates. It includes the translated versions of standard Domino system templates, such as the Discussion and Mail templates, as well as certain binary files required by the server. [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm email server

IBM SmartCloud Essentials by Edwin Schouten - book review
Wed, Feb 26th 2014 9:59a   Chris Miller
I was provided a digital copy of IBM SmartCloud Essentials by Edwin Schouten, Master IT Architect for IBM Global Technology Services, from PacktPub for an online book review. The book, digitally shows 46 navigation sections covering 112 pages, is a great starter for those attempting to enter into the world of using IBM SmartCloud Enterprise. Starting with the basics of cloud computing, this guide covers the wide range of cloud components, services, and solutions in the IBM SmartCloud portfo [read] Keywords: ibm archive enterprise linux

Belkin WeMo Motion Sensor review
Tue, Feb 25th 2014 9:13a   Chris Miller
The Belkin WeMo Motion Sensor is a single piece unit that has the power connector and the motion sensor connected via a long cable. This can be used stand-alone or as part of the larger Belkin WeMo system If this is the first part you are setting up in your home of Beklin WeMo systems do the following: - Load the free WeMo app from belkin on your device (look under iPhone apps if using an iPad) - Plug in the motion sensor into any outlet - Connect your iPad or iPhone (or Andrpoid) to the [read] Keywords: iphone network wifi

IBM Sametime Limited Use Entitlement for 9.0.1 announced
Mon, Feb 24th 2014 12:16p   Chris Miller
IBM announced an update to the entitlement program for IBM Sametime that version 9.0.1 is now supported. The new IBM Sametime Limited Use Entitlement for IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 customers delivers a way to chat with coworkers in real time, view online presence status, availability status, customize status messages, view someone's geographic location, and location awareness. It contains the functional equivalent of the capabilities provided in previous releases of IBM Sametime to IBM Notes [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm inotes notes sametime desktop

IPEVO Articulating Video Stand (AT-ST) for iPhone/iPod review
Mon, Feb 24th 2014 9:31a   Chris Miller
The IPEVO Articulating Video Stand (model AT-ST) is a great home, office or video stand companion for your iPhone or iPod Touch. This IPEVO Articulating Video Stand for iPhone and iPod is incredibly useful here at the studio already. As I show in the video, the 2 pound base is well weighted so there is no fear of tipping over. While the stand itself does not rotate at the base, the arms and top shovel let your device sit at any angle. The main arm will go to almost straight up, then there [read] Keywords: iphone ipod office

Arrow PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun review
Fri, Feb 21st 2014 12:10p   Chris Miller
I am always curious the actual size of such items and we show you in this video the sizing and capabilities of the Arrow PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun. It was able to drive the included staples flush into a 2x4 letting us know things like picture frames, furniture and even the walls we plan on hanging insulation will be no problem. The Arrow PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun handles a wide sizing of staples which adds to it's capabilities. We easily loaded the staples using the secondary trigger to rel [read] Keywords:

Belkin LEGO case & shield for iPad Mini review
Thu, Feb 20th 2014 10:06a   Chris Miller
I am stuck between a 3 and 4 star on the Belkin LEGO case & shield for iPad Mini and gave them the benefit. The LEGO Case from Belkin with Smartcover function for iPad Mini is a great idea but a few issues we found in testing. As some other reviewers noted the case is very stiff plastic and touch to get back off. We slightly damaged a corner of the case taking it on and off. The LEGO board is always royal blue with the three color choices which is nice. The LEGO board functions perfect [read] Keywords:

What Makes IBM Connect great each year? (from SocialBizUG)
Wed, Feb 19th 2014 1:35p   Chris Miller
For the February Sys Admin Tips newsletter on SocialBizUG I made a posting about What Makes IBM Connect great each year. Photo courtesy of John Roling (Greyhawk68) See entire IBM Connect 2014 Flickr photo pool I have counted mentally and also the number of hanging badges in my office and keep coming up with 18 different Lotusphere/IBM Connect events I have attended. It always surprises me to come back with the number 18 now. Eighteen years is a significant amount of time at any conferenc [read] Keywords: admin ibm lotusphere office

CES 2014 - AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic headphones review
Wed, Feb 19th 2014 10:47a   Chris Miller
From AcousticSheep comes SleepPhones, the "pajamas for your ears". These are headphones designed as a sleek and soft headband to be worn at night and while you fall sleep. I review the AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic model above, but they are available in a Bluetooth wireless model. The SleepPhones are made from a majority of recycled plastics to be environmental friendly and have flat speakers that slip easily in and out of the headband. This allows you to remove them for easy washing [read] Keywords: wireless

Aluminum Handheld 3-in-1 Flantern review (ADX-FL-01)
Tue, Feb 18th 2014 1:58p   Chris Miller
This compact (4 inch and 3 ounce) Aluminum Handheld 3-in-1 Flantern is both a lantern and flashlight giving it the Flantern name. At under $10 it has benefits. At under 4 inches in height and just over 3 ounces, this Aluminum Handheld 3-in-1 Flantern (flashlight/lantern) had low expectations in the review center. However, once we found the tiny box it shocked us in illumination and function. As we show in the video, it is small and powerful with three functions. Note: the 3 AAA batteries [read] Keywords:

CES 2014 - Pioneer WeGo2 portable DJ gear review
Mon, Feb 17th 2014 2:37p   Chris Miller
We review the Pioneer WeGo2 DJ Controller live from CES 2014. we walk through the functionality, connection options and flexibility of this portable DJ device I was impressed with the the functionality, connection options and flexibility of this Pioneer WeGo2 portable DJ device as we walked through the features. The Pioneer WeGo2 comes in three colors (white, black and red) and has Lightening connector for the new iPad and iPhones. The Jog FX allows DJs to combine multiple effects and use t [read] Keywords:

Logitech P710e Mobile Speakerphone review
Thu, Feb 13th 2014 1:02p   Chris Miller
I try to walk you through everything of the Logitech P710e Mobile Speakerphone from unboxing, pairing, call quality and features in the video. The Logitech P710e is a weighty little device (9 ounces) in a nice thin foam carrying case. It has a very sleek look and flat black matte finish allow it to blend in to any desk or work setting. The foam pouch does not have room for the provided power adaptor that uses the built in USB cable on the bottom of the device to charge it. The good news is [read] Keywords: laptop mobile office

Connectria wins 2014 IBM Beacon Award in PureSystems
Thu, Feb 13th 2014 9:12a   Chris Miller
I am happy to announce Connectria has won a 2014 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Expert Integrated Systems Solutions in the PureSystem category Connectria Hosting, a global managed and cloud hosting provider, was named a winner of a 2014 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Expert Integrated Systems Solution, PureSystems Category. Connectria’s winning solution involved the delivery of a HIPAA Compliant Private Cloud based upon the IBM PureSystems Platform. The hybrid private cloud sol [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus

IBM Connect 2014 slides and videos database now over 55 sessions inside
Wed, Feb 12th 2014 2:37p   Chris Miller
With IBM Connect 2014 slides not posted on the official sites yet we are ahead of the curve offering over 55 slidedecks and videos embedded for your viewing in the slides database. Search, explore by track or browse by tag. There is a tag cloud for easy sorting and on the right a breakdown by track for more sorting options. Full text searches are also available for digging into specific abstract content. So head over to the IBM Connect sessions database find the slides you were missing [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere database

Upgrade of Notes Traveler servers recommended to address issues with BlackBerry 10.2.1 devices
Fri, Feb 7th 2014 6:14a   Chris Miller
I have written quite a bit about BlackBerry Z10 devices and some about using it with Lotus Traveler, IBM has released the following information on issue and the fixes Issues: Several issues have been discovered with using IBM Notes Traveler with BlackBerry devices running the new 10.2.1 OS (released 28 January 2014). The IBM Notes Traveler team evaluated and tested this new OS level and has issued new Interim Fixes for Notes Traveler that include fixes for BlackBerry 10.2.1-specific issues [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes traveler apple blackberry server

Connectria and Tripwire join forces to enhance compliance hosting solutions
Thu, Feb 6th 2014 8:37a   Chris Miller
Connectria, a global managed and cloud hosting provider, has announced an expanded partnership with Tripwire, a leading global provider of risk-based security and compliance management solutions. To enhance its Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant hosting solutions, Connectria has added Tripwire Enterprise Compliance Monitoring and Tripwire Log Center to its services portfolio. Tripwire Enterprise pro [read] Keywords: lotus enterprise security

IBM Connect 2014 and AllianceTech for evaluations
Wed, Feb 5th 2014 9:56a   Chris Miller
Once again IBM chose AllianceTech for the evaluation system of IBM Connect 2014. They have been using AllianceTech for years for all the collection of attendee evaluations and RFID data. As my post earlier alluded to, I have been having issues again. So today an email came reminding me to fill out evaluations. I saw they included an email address connectsupport@alliancetech.com which I proceeded to email with all my information. Here it went wrong again Well, I shouldn't be surprised. Th [read] Keywords: ibm email google

IBM Connect 2014 I just want to give feedback and you won’t let me
Wed, Feb 5th 2014 5:45a   Chris Miller
Once again the annual IBM Connect evaluation (and speaker reports) is broken. For IBM Connect 2014 it seems you cannot add sessions it didn't see you enter nor see reports as co-speakers. I won't go into previous year issues, but this year once again used RFID. Unfortunately it does not always catch you entering a room. So how do I add sessions? Not even my own are showing as me entering. No link exists to look up sessions and add evals. Another problem I really have here.. I r [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere

IBM Connect 2014 slides for BP303 Empowering ICS Communities for SocialBizUG with IBM Connections
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 12:34p   Chris Miller
I had the pleasure of presenting at IBM Connect 2014 with Celia Hamilton (SocialBizUG), Mike Smith (Turtle Partnership), and Mark Myers (LDC) on Empowering ICS Communities for SocialBizUG with IBM Connections. session BP303 Socialbizug.org has evolved to provide a dynamic home for ICS communities and content. It was designed by WIS, hosted by Connectria, built by The Turtle Partnership and developed by The London Developer Co-Op on a combination of IBM Connections and IBM Domino. Attend to [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus database development server

IBM Connect and Lotusphere slides database updated for 2014
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 5:11a   Chris Miller
We launched the IBM Connect and Lotusphere slides and video database last year. It is already updating for 2014 with a dozen embedded slidesets. This is all due to the awesomeness of the speakers. There is a tag cloud for easy sorting and on the right a breakdown by track for more sorting options. Full text searches are also available for digging into specific abstract content. So head over to the IBM Connect 2013 sessions database find the slides you were missing or want to see and thank [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere database

IBM messaging roadmap from IBM Connect 2014 - what’s missing
Mon, Feb 3rd 2014 8:15a   Chris Miller
IBM announced the IBM Messaging Roadmap at IBM Connect 2014 and here is what was included. Also, here is the major piece I noticed missing. image courtesy of Per Henrik Lausten during IBM Connect If we study the IBM Messaging Roadmap image above, updated January 26 2014, we see updates to the IBM Notes 9.0.1 client. More than one fixpack and release schedule actually taking place now, July and November 2014. With a maintenance release, to include the IBM Mail Next coming in early 2015. [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes outlook twitter

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