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Announcement plugin for IBM Connections
Fri, Dec 19th 2014 45
IBM Champions 2015 for ICS
Wed, Dec 10th 2014 83
IBM ConnectED 2015 – Session “Best and Worst Practices in deploying IBM Connections”
Wed, Dec 10th 2014 79
Securing Domino Protocols against Brute Force Attacks
Fri, Sep 26th 2014 108
My next ICS events
Tue, Sep 2nd 2014 91
Command history wsadmin on Linux
Thu, Jul 31st 2014 101
Last weeks, new scripts and next weeks
Wed, Feb 26th 2014 96
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System Requirements IBM Notes Domino 9 are available
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 147
Securing Domino Protocols against Brute Force Attacks
Fri, Sep 26th 2014 108
New OpenNTF.org project: Administration Scripts for WebSphere
Sat, Nov 23rd 2013 104
Weekend is near, so short word on this week
Fri, Dec 6th 2013 103
Command history wsadmin on Linux
Thu, Jul 31st 2014 101
Last weeks, new scripts and next weeks
Wed, Feb 26th 2014 96
Activate and customize “Table of contents” macro in IBM Connections Wiki
Wed, Aug 7th 2013 92
My next ICS events
Tue, Sep 2nd 2014 91
IBM Connect 2014
Tue, Jan 28th 2014 90
WebSphere Application Server on Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bit
Sat, Mar 16th 2013 88

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Announcement plugin for IBM Connections
Fri, Dec 19th 2014 9:11a   Christoph Stoettner
Last week i searched a way to send all Connections users an information on important updates, which should be configurable and uses cookies to hide it for a specific time. First i had a look at the Greenhouse Announcement Widget which is used within Greenhouse. Quite nice, but i had problems with IE 9 users […] [read] Keywords: connections ibm widget

IBM Champions 2015 for ICS
Wed, Dec 10th 2014 1:10p   Christoph Stoettner
IBM announced the new and returning IBM Champions Class for IBM Collaboration Solutions. I’m really proud that I was nominated and elected this year again. Thanks! So i see forward to IBM ConnectED 2015 to meet the other 95 IBM Champions. Big congratulations to all of them. Special thanks to Oli and Amanda, they are […] [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm

IBM ConnectED 2015 – Session “Best and Worst Practices in deploying IBM Connections”
Wed, Dec 10th 2014 1:10p   Christoph Stoettner
Today IBM announced the session agenda for IBM ConnectED 2015. I’m really interested in the new concept of more technical content and hope that all attendees will enjoy the format of the smaller designed event. My session “BP203: Best And Worst Practices in Deploying IBM Connections” is accepted and i’m proud and happy to go […] [read] Keywords: connections ibm

Securing Domino Protocols against Brute Force Attacks
Fri, Sep 26th 2014 10:11a   Christoph Stoettner
Since years i think that the Internet Lockout Feature of IBM Domino is not enough. The function is documented here: IBM Domino Administrator Help Cite of this document: There are some usage restrictions for Internet password lockout: You can only use Internet password lockout with Web access. Other Internet protocols and services, such as LDAP, […] [read] Keywords: domino ibm password

My next ICS events
Tue, Sep 2nd 2014 3:12p   Christoph Stoettner
So my vacation is finished, i enjoyed 13 lovely rainy days in bavaria and see forward to my next travels. Hope to get some sun at ICON UK in London next week. I will speak with Sharon about Tips and Scripts for your daily business our session we made for Connect 2014 and which is […] [read] Keywords:

Command history wsadmin on Linux
Thu, Jul 31st 2014 6:10a   Christoph Stoettner
Missing command history on Linux is a little problem when using command line utilities like wsadmin, db2, sqlplus and so on. I found a solution for this today. You can use rlwrap to get command history for all applications on the console and it is possible to recall and edit the commands. Rlwrap uses readline. […] [read] Keywords: applications db2 linux

Last weeks, new scripts and next weeks
Wed, Feb 26th 2014 2:10p   Christoph Stoettner
It was little bit quiet here after Connect 2014. I had lots of projects and no time to add new scripts or even do bug fixing. I promised at Connect, that i will fix the JDBC drivers, that they will load on Windows too. See cnxMemberCheckExIDByEmail.py as an example. Loading JDBC Drivers within jython scripts […] [read] Keywords: bug


IBM Connect 2014
Tue, Jan 28th 2014 7:09a   Christoph Stoettner
IBM Connect 2014 is here. I enjoyed the last days very much! Meeting great old and new friends, community members and the IBM Champions family. I’m very impressed of the news IBM provides us. New IBM Mail and Connections Mail, Connections next and the integration of lots of software within IBM Connections. Today i will […] [read] Keywords: connections ibm community integration

Weekend is near, so short word on this week
Fri, Dec 6th 2013 12:10p   Christoph Stoettner
I had a very busy week and had no time to enjoy the feeling to be an IBM Champion 2014, as it was announced. But after finishing an IBM Connections update this night at 0:30, i realised it and i’m very proud that i was nominated and elected from IBM. See you all in Orlando! […] [read] Keywords: connections ibm

New OpenNTF.org project: Administration Scripts for WebSphere
Sat, Nov 23rd 2013 5:17a   Christoph Stoettner
I started a new project on OpenNTF for the collection of scripts we created to speed up and simplify WebSphere and Connections Administration. Link to this project: Administration Scripts for WebSphere In the moment most of documentation is only as comment in these scripts. Descriptions can be found in Github and Slideshare. Highlights J2EE Security […] [read] Keywords: administration connections ibm openntf security websphere

Tue, Nov 12th 2013 10:18a   Christoph Stoettner
This year i attended the ICON UK in Brighton. I enjoyed it very much to speak in front of a great audience and to meet friends and “lotus” guys again. You can review my session slides here. I extended some scripts from socconv and add a short part jython introduction.   [read] Keywords: ibm lotus

IBM Connections Mobile Apps Update with CCM Support
Tue, Nov 5th 2013 3:11p   Christoph Stoettner
Luis Benitez announced an update for the mobile applications of IBM Connections. Function is looking great. You can now view, approve and reject CCM Files with your mobile device. Screenshot from Socialize Me Read more: http://www.lbenitez.com/2013/11/ibm-connections-mobile-apps-updated.html     [read] Keywords: connections ibm applications mobile

Admincamp 2013 – updated slides in german
Fri, Sep 27th 2013 12:12p   Christoph Stoettner
This week i attended the Admincamp in Gelsenkirchen. It was a awesome event, where i met lots of friends and other cool people. I made two sessions, you can find the session slides here, in this special case in german. Security and Administration of IBM Connections Save the mice – Scripting in WebSphere, Connections and […] [read] Keywords: administration connections ibm security websphere

IBM Connections 4.5 CR2 released
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 10:12a   Christoph Stoettner
IBM finally released CR2 for IBM Connections 4.5 You find more details and download links here. One fix is the hard coded wikis toc strings. Will test it. [read] Keywords: connections ibm

Eclipse As A Jython IDE
Sun, Sep 15th 2013 9:10a   Christoph Stoettner
I added several plugins to my Eclipse, so i can access the scripts on GitHub and edit through an IDE: Jython and Python Development PyDev: http://pydev.org/updates Markdown (Documentation within Github) Markdown: http://winterwell.com/software/updatesite/ Access GitHub: EGIT: http://download.eclipse.org/egit/updates Shellscript Editor EasyShell: http://pluginbox.sourceforge.net ShellEd: http://sourceforge.net/projects/shelled/files/shelled/update/ SQL Scripts SQL Explorer: http://eclipsesql.sour [read] Keywords: development eclipse python sql

Activate and customize “Table of contents” macro in IBM Connections Wiki
Wed, Aug 7th 2013 6:17a   Christoph Stoettner
I read of a new function in IBM Connections Wiki i missed the last time on twitter today. A new macro to create a table of contents within a wiki page. The activation of this macro is documented here: Wikis configuration properties wikimacros.enabled Specifies whether macros are enabled in Wikis. You can use macros to […] [read] Keywords: connections ibm properties twitter wiki

Create a printable and portable Connections Product Documentation
Mon, Jul 15th 2013 3:14p   Christoph Stoettner
The IBM Connections Product Documentation is only available as a set of Wiki Documents and in a accessible version (5 single html documents). I don’t like both versions. Searching is hard and printing only single documents (to paper or pdf) is a torture. The format is only for a complete display, no mobile version and [...] [read] Keywords: connections ibm mobile wiki

SocCnx: more scripts added
Mon, Jul 1st 2013 2:18p   Christoph Stoettner
Because of a delay of some hours on my flight back from Social Connections V on saturday, i had time to rewrite the jython script for backing up and restore security roles in WebSphere Application Server. I updated the master branch on GitHub, which now contains a db2 initscript and the two new scripts securityrolebackup.py [...] [read] Keywords: connections application db2 security server websphere

Saving my time using scripts – Social Connections V
Fri, Jun 28th 2013 5:18p   Christoph Stoettner
Today i speaked at Social Connections V User Group Meeting in Zurich. What should i say. It was a pleasure and i enjoyed it very much. Hope we can discuss more scripts the next weeks. Session Slides Here you can watch the session slides: Saving my time using scripts #soccnx #soccnxv from Christoph Stoettner Scripts [...] [read] Keywords: connections ibm

IBM Connections 4.5 CR1 finally arrived
Thu, Jun 27th 2013 6:15a   Christoph Stoettner
After the online documentation assumes CR1 since one week, you can finally download CR1 on FixCentral. Read more at Michael Urspringer’s Blog. [read] Keywords: connections ibm

IBM Connections Mail 1.3 is available (works with Connections 4.5)
Wed, Apr 10th 2013 1:13p   Christoph Stoettner
You can download the version 1.3 of IBM Connections Mail in Greenhouse Catalog (Login required)! Requirements: IBM Connections 4.5 (+ mandatory iFixes – see IBM Connections support site) + IBM Connections 4.5 interim fix LO74571 One or more of the following: IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.3 FP3 or later IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition Microsoft Exchange [...] [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus exchange exchange microsoft

Additional fix (LO74465) for Connections CR3 and Notes 9 Social Edition
Fri, Mar 22nd 2013 4:14p   Christoph Stoettner
IBM sent me a mail today, their logs show that i downloaded CR3 and they want to tell me, that i need one fix more, when i use Notes 9 Social Edition. I was really surprised and impressed. Here the download link for LO74465. [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes

System Requirements IBM Notes Domino 9 are available
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 2:15p   Christoph Stoettner
You find the default system requirements in the overview document: “Index of system requirements for Notes, Domino, Domino Administrator, Domino Designer & Notes Traveler“ I’ve some interesting points. IBM Domino for Windows is available as 32 and 64 bit software, but it is only supported on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012, so [...] [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes traveler server

Connections Plugins 4.5 for IBM Notes 9 are available
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 2:15p   Christoph Stoettner
You can download the Plugins in greenhouse catalog. Connections Plugins 4.0 are not compatible with IBM Notes 9 Gold. It worked with the beta editions, but not with stable. Direct Link More Infos at Luis Benitez Blog. [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes

Connections 3 Customizing – custom.css is not enough
Wed, Mar 20th 2013 3:18p   Christoph Stoettner
I had a problem last week with some customizations via custom.css in IBM Connections CR3. Communities still use the default Layout and colors. I found that defaultTheme.css rewrites some of my custom.css statements. I had to add the content of custom.css to the end of the xxxTheme.css (lazy but it works), that i have [...] [read] Keywords: connections ibm css

ruddigkeit.net – IBM Connections 4.0 CR3 available
Tue, Mar 19th 2013 4:14p   Christoph Stoettner
IBM announced CR3 for IBM Connections 4.0, that’s about 800 MB new updates. Don’t forget to update your homepage database, when you didn’t install CR2 already. more: ruddigkeit.net | ..:: collaboration and more ::... [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm database

WebSphere Application Server on Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bit
Sat, Mar 16th 2013 6:15a   Christoph Stoettner
I’m really impressed of the WAS 8 installation. Install Manager can handle multiple repositories, so you can install the core package and updates in one step. That’s lots faster than installing WAS 7, Update Installer and the fixes. Yes i know Ubuntu is unsupported for WebSphere Application Server, but i like the simple install and [...] [read] Keywords: application server websphere ubuntu

Started WebSphere 8 Download
Fri, Mar 15th 2013 11:11a   Christoph Stoettner
I read today the requirements for IBM Connections 4.5, which will be released on 29th of march. On point there is WebSphere Application Server V8.0.0.5 for Network Deployment. WebSphere Application Server V8 must be installed through Install Manager, so you have to download 4 packages for the server core and 4 packages for supplements. After [...] [read] Keywords: connections ibm application network server websphere

StephanKopp.net: IBM Notes/Domino 9.0 will be available on 21st of March and Connection 4.5 on March 29
Tue, Mar 12th 2013 3:09p   Christoph Stoettner
Connections 4.5 will be available on 29th of march. more via stephankopp.net [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes notesdomino

Customizing Connections 4 Wikis Default (Welcome) Page
Tue, Mar 12th 2013 3:09p   Christoph Stoettner
The Default Page of Wikis shows some content for our users to offer them better work experience, but in some companies it would be good to change this text or use only one language. Content of this welcome page is set in the default language of the user who creates the wiki. I found the [...] [read] Keywords: connections ibm wiki

Skripting DB2 Automatic Maintenance
Wed, Jan 30th 2013 8:12a   Christoph Stoettner
After skripting jdbc and j2ee on WebSphere i was interested to fasten the DB2 configuration after a Connections installation. There are two ways to get valid source xml-Files for automatic maintenance in DB2. I use automatic maintenance, because i can set a maximum backup time and how many dumps of one database should be stored. [...] [read] Keywords: connections database db2 websphere xml

Setting dataSource/JDBC parameters with wsadmin
Thu, Jan 10th 2013 2:14p   Christoph Stoettner
Setting the performance tuning parameters for all datasources in WebSphere Application Server (for IBM Connections 4) is a really annoying job with lots of mouse clicks. I searched a way to make these through wsadmin with a jython script and after some testing i wrote one, which set all parameters for the Connections DataSources as [...] [read] Keywords: connections ibm application server websphere

Connections 4 CR2 solves picture problem on homepage / activity stream
Fri, Jan 4th 2013 1:15p   Christoph Stoettner
With Connections Fixpack CR1 we had a problem, that profile pictures didn’t show up when we opened an activity stream entry: With CR2 the profile pictures get not replaced with a grey head icon: [read] Keywords: connections profile

Dependencies Connections 4 Applications
Sun, Dec 30th 2012 5:15a   Christoph Stoettner
Last week i want to build a “light” Connections Installation to test some things like OAuth and Customizing. So i installed Domino 9 Beta on Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bit, DB2 9.5.7 Express and WebSphere. I deployed the homepage and the profiles databases. After this i want to install the required applications of Connections (Homepage, Search [...] [read] Keywords: connections domino applications db2 websphere ubuntu

IBM Connections APAR LO73245
Sat, Dec 29th 2012 6:12a   Christoph Stoettner
I read an open APAR on IBM Connections today (login required!): LO73245 Description: TDI’s sync_all_users.sh doesn’t allow us to import departmentNumbers longer than 16 chars, although the database schema supports values up to 24 chars. And as local solution: worked around the issue with creating a custom field I had a very similar problem with [...] [read] Keywords: connections ibm database

Klaus Bild – Add admin users to Connections 4 security roles – the easy way
Fri, Nov 9th 2012 2:11p   Christoph Stoettner
Klaus Bild provided two scripts for setting Connections Admins through jython and wsadmin. I want to add one detail, when you want to add multiple Admins, then you can use pipe | as delimiter. First line would be connwasadmin='wasadmin|conadmin' Thanks … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: admin connections security

Install IC4 Lotus Notes Plugins on Mac OS X 10.8.x
Tue, Nov 6th 2012 2:13p   Christoph Stoettner
Today Luis Benitez annouced the new Connections 4 Plugins for Lotus Notes. The zip-file contains all three operating system installer. Windows, Linux and Mac, but i had no success to install through xpd.mac-addon.pgk, because the preinstall script stop the installation. You … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections lotus notes linux mac

Hardening Connections – Part 1: IBM HTTP Server
Fri, Oct 26th 2012 7:11a   Christoph Stoettner
Preamble Before i begin with my securing article, i want to say something on security on IBM Connections. Mainly i don’t like the thing, that IBM only support very special versions of software. So we must use WebSphere, DB2, IHS and so on. Each product had updates the last months and i [...] [read] Keywords: connections ibm db2 security server websphere

Daily Newsletter in IBM Connections 4
Thu, Oct 25th 2012 2:11p   Christoph Stoettner
I had an issue with daily newsletters in Connections 3.x, where newsletters were sent every 25 and not 24 hours. This is fixed in Connections 4, now newsletters are arriving every 24 hours. [read] Keywords: connections ibm

IBM releases CR1 for IBM Connections 4.0 and enable Mobile Admin
Tue, Oct 23rd 2012 2:10p   Christoph Stoettner
Today IBM released CR1 on IBM Fixcentral. CR1 is a set of 17 cumulative fixes and enable Mobile Admin (didn’t verified this, hope it will be there) too. Links for all CR1 Downloads (Multi OS Fixes) Fix list for IBM … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm mobile

Redbook Draft: High Availability and Disaster Recovery Options for DB2 Linux, UNIX, and Windows
Fri, Sep 28th 2012 1:09p   Christoph Stoettner
Looks very interesting! Hope i get new stuff for configuring Lotus Traveler HA and IBM Connections.  High Availability and Disaster Recovery Options for DB2 Linux, UNIX, and Windows [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus traveler db2 linux

Lotus Notes 8.5.3 FP2 IF1 offer Mountain Lion Support
Fri, Sep 28th 2012 1:09p   Christoph Stoettner
FP3 and IF1 for FP2 bring Mountain Lion Support (Mac OS X 10.8) to Lotus Notes. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21599884&myns=swglotus&mynp=OCSSKTWP&mync=R [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes mac

McGimp 2.8 – Gimp 2.8 as a native Mac OS X App
Sun, Aug 26th 2012 7:13a   Christoph Stoettner
Partha’s Place McGimp 2.8 (Native Mac Gimp 2.8) Introducing the Mac version of Gimp 2.8. This is a native Mac version of Gimp that works just like any other Mac application. Great app with tons of functions and now as … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: application mac

Integrate Sametime Proxy 8.5.2 IFR 1 in IBM Connections
Thu, Aug 16th 2012 2:16p   Christoph Stoettner
The last days i used to integrate Sametime in IBM Connections. I did this a few times the last two years, but i used ST 8.5.1 and older Connections Versions. First of all, it is much easier to apply now. … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections ibm sametime

IBM Connections – open Communities Bookmarks in new Tab or Window
Thu, Aug 9th 2012 9:13a   Christoph Stoettner
Since version 3.0 bookmarks (dogear) module of Connections can be configured to open bookmarks in a new window, but the configuration does not include bookmarks in the Community module. To get this function consistent and it would be good, when … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections dogear ibm community

Created new mail rule
Wed, Aug 8th 2012 9:14a   Christoph Stoettner
Today i created a new mail rule in IBM Lotus Notes. I hate mails sent with high importance and i have some people which are sending all there mail with high importance! The new traveler app adds “Dringend” to each … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes traveler

Meeting delegation with comments (Notes 8.5.x)
Thu, Aug 2nd 2012 6:16a   Christoph Stoettner
I think there is a wrong message in meeting delegation with comments function. When you delegate a meeting to someone else and add a comment, then the Comment window shows following info text: “The delegation notice will go out to … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: lotus notes

Missing Administration Tab in IBM Connections CR1
Tue, Jul 31st 2012 2:13p   Christoph Stoettner
Today i installed Kudos at a customer site. As always i come to the point to add the Leaderboard Widget to Connections Homepage, so i mapped my user in ISC – Applications – Homepage – Map User roles to the … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: administration connections ibm applications widget

IBM Connections Mobile App Update for Android released
Fri, Jun 8th 2012 6:10a   Christoph Stoettner
IBM releases a new version of Connections Mobile App. It looks good and works very smooth. Wiki integration is much better than in the old one. The new app supports multi Server Accounts. Demo: IBM Connections Mobile App for Android: IBM today released a new update for the IBM Connections App for Android mobile devices.  [...] [read] Keywords: connections ibm integration mobile server wiki

IBM Knowledgebase links to my article :)
Thu, May 10th 2012 5:11p   Christoph Stoettner
Cool day, thanks IBM. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21591682&myns=swglotus&mynp=OCSSYGQH&mync=R   [read] Keywords: ibm

New Mobile Fix for IBM Connections IFLO68457
Wed, May 2nd 2012 1:10p   Christoph Stoettner
New Mobile fix for IBM Connections available: http://www-933.ibm.com/support/fixcentral/swg/quickorder?parent=ibm/Lotus&product=ibm/Lotus/Lotus+Connections&release=All&platform=All&function=fixId&fixids=   [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus mobile

Lotus Notes on Mac OS change column sorting broken on second display broken
Wed, Apr 4th 2012 2:13p   Christoph Stoettner
A few days ago a colleague asked me, why i use Notes only on my main display of the Macbook Pro. I didn’t remember the reason, but today i discovered it again. When i move my Notes Client window (8.5.3) on the second display, i can’t use column sorting when clicking on the column header. [...] [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client mac macbook

Today is World Backup Day
Sat, Mar 31st 2012 3:12p   Christoph Stoettner
Please remember to backup your data! [...] When a hard drive fails and the data isn’t backed up, it’s gone. And it’s not a question of if your drive will fail, it’s when. Remember, every single computer component will fail eventually. [...] Read more [read] Keywords:

Flood prevention
Thu, Mar 29th 2012 3:12p   Christoph Stoettner
A very good cite on Sysadmins: If you are rewarded for cleaning up after floods but not recognized for building flood prevention instead, pretty soon you start losing enthusiasm for trying to argue your bosses into funding that flood prevention. More: http://utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/blog/sysadmin/OpsHeroism   [read] Keywords:

Sametime Fix OBEN-85DLGS superseeded
Tue, Mar 27th 2012 3:11p   Christoph Stoettner
There is a new Sametime Fix for integration in Connections and portal OBEN-8SRQTP Via http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21588293 I installed Connections with a Sametime Proxy 8.5.1 (like installation of 3.0.1) and it works. [read] Keywords: connections ibm sametime sametimelotus integration

Sametime Fix OBEN-85DLGS available
Wed, Mar 21st 2012 10:13a   Christoph Stoettner
The required fix OBEN-85DLGS for IBM Connections is available for download at IBM Fix Central now. Cite from Fix Readme: Installation instructions Prerequisite: The Sametime System Console must be at version 8.5.2 IFR 1. If not, then you will see a failure message during the fix install noting an incorrect version level. Refer to [...] [read] Keywords: connections ibm sametime

IBM Connections Directory Search breaks when User have quotes in a profile field
Mon, Mar 19th 2012 7:12a   Christoph Stoettner
On one of my IBM Connections Site i had a problem with directory search (better the typeahead search). When we searched single characters no business cards are displayed. I use Firebug for Chrome here and you see, that the search gets an result back from Connections, but no business cards are displayed. When i open [...] [read] Keywords: connections ibm profile

FP01 for IBM Connections is available
Sat, Mar 17th 2012 3:13p   Christoph Stoettner
The new fixpack for IBM Connections 3.0.1 is available. You can download the nearly 1 GB sized file on IBM Fixcentral. Fixlist and installation instructions are linked on Fix Central. [read] Keywords: connections ibm

IBM Connections: File download with IE 9 without [1] on extension
Thu, Mar 15th 2012 6:13a   Christoph Stoettner
File download with Internet Explorer 9 modifies the file extension and so files can’t open with any installed application. Problem occurs with IBM Connections 3.0.1 and 3.0.1 with installed CR3. IE 9 isn’t supported in the moment, but with a … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections ibm application

Two things solved today
Thu, Mar 8th 2012 11:13p   Christoph Stoettner
A good evening for my all time open things list. Sjaak Ursinus postet the reason and solution why Chrome throws an error when you want to download from IBM Connections Files. Amanda Baumann postet the configuration to integrate Sametime Proxy … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections ibm sametime

Changing interface language in DB2 Control Center
Wed, Mar 7th 2012 9:12a   Christoph Stoettner
I often install IBM Connections on localised operating systems, so normally DB2 control center get started with a non-english language. Interface language in DB2 control center can be changed through environment variable DB2LANG. After setting DB2LANG=EN and restart db2cc i … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections ibm db2 interface

Problems with Mobile Fix and IBM Connections 3.0.1
Fri, Mar 2nd 2012 7:12a   Christoph Stoettner
The last two weeks i installed two IBM Connections 3.0.1. After installing i went to IBM Fix Central and look for the latest fixes. There are 7 Fixes available and for Multi Mobile Patch it shows a superseded fix. So … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections ibm mobile

First steps with blogsy on iPad
Sun, Feb 26th 2012 2:24p   Christoph Stoettner
Last week a new blog editor for offline blogging has announced IBM Connections blogs support. Blogsy is a nice tool and costs about 4€ in apple app store. My first tests are not very good, because Blogsy 3.3 has problems … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus apple blogging

Sametime and Connections Plugins in Lotus Notes
Thu, Jan 26th 2012 9:46a   Christoph Stoettner
Some more points to my working configuration of Single Sign-On in Lotus Notes. Automating configuration with plugin_customization.ini I do a lot of software tests with my productive Notes Client (on Mac OS), so i often delete the Expeditor-folder in ~/Library/Application … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections expeditor lotus notes notes client sametime application mac

Carl Tyler’s comment to Lotusphere 2012
Wed, Jan 25th 2012 12:40p   Christoph Stoettner
Carl Tyler postet his view and thoughts: Carl Tyler’s Blog :: Lotusphere 2012 – How I see things [read] Keywords: lotusphere notes

Notes Client 8.5.3 and Domino-SSO for Connections Plugins
Tue, Jan 24th 2012 3:29p   Christoph Stoettner
In only two weeks starts LCTY Edcom Nachlese 2012 in Munich. I prepare a session on Single Sign On in Notes / Domino environments. So i had time to check some settings in Lotus Notes. Since 8.5.3 we have a … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections domino lotus notes notes client

Notes Plugin “Status Updater” shows no pictures
Fri, Dec 16th 2011 8:04a   Christoph Stoettner
Thanks to Marcel de Hoog, i got a solution for the missing pictures in Status Updater Plugin in Lotus Notes. Add com.ibm.lconn.statusupdates/download.image.enabled=true to your plugin_customization.ini. This works on Windows and Mac OS! Haven’t tested it on Linux. via: http://marceldehoog.blogspot.com/2011/12/status-updates-and-pictures.html  [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes noteslotus linux mac

Portal Solutions Blog: Why Indentity Management is Important to Portal and Collaboration
Mon, Nov 7th 2011 12:40a   Christoph Stoettner
Michael Porter wrote a very interesting article with three examples, why Identity Management is really important. Some of the biggest usability pain points I’ve seen had less to do with the UI and more to do with the process of … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: collaboration connections lotus

New Notes Plugin: IBM Connections alerts
Thu, Oct 27th 2011 9:15a   Christoph Stoettner
Today i had a look in the IBM Lotus and WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog and found the new Plugin IBM Connections alerts posted from Luis Benitez. After installation i have two more icons in my Sametime Contacts: It looks … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus notes sametime websphere websphere portal

AdminCamp 2011
Wed, Sep 7th 2011 2:21p   Christoph Stoettner
I will speak on AdminCamp 2011. The agenda says Track 1 Session 4 (Thuesday morning). I will talk about Lotus Connections 3, my main points will be installation on linux platforms, tipps and hints. Registration is open, so if you … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections lotus linux

Domino Console on the Mac
Wed, Aug 24th 2011 12:51p   Christoph Stoettner
Wow great tipp! Read it a few years ago, but forgot it. Thanks Gab! http://www.turtleweb.com/turtleblog.nsf/dx/24082011172619GDAMAP.htm [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes mac

Mary Beth Raven leaves IBM
Tue, Aug 23rd 2011 1:14p   Christoph Stoettner
Wow  big news on Notes Design Blog. In my opinion not good for Notes and IBM, but my best wishes and good luck with the new job for Mary Beth. http://www.notesdesignblog.com/NotesDesignBlog/NDBlog.nsf/dx/so-long-and-thanks-for-all-the-yellow-stuff…..htm [read] Keywords: ibm notes

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