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The top 5 announcements from the Apple October 2014 event
Sat, Oct 18th 2014 126
Looking for faster in-home wi-fi performance? Consider the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router (R7000)
Tue, Oct 14th 2014 122
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Tue, Sep 30th 2014 189
Upgrading the enterprise to iOS 8 and iPhone 6
Mon, Sep 22nd 2014 559
Enterprise Implications of the iPhone 6, iOS8 and the Upcoming Apple Watch
Thu, Sep 11th 2014 202
US Open Tennis 2014
Tue, Sep 2nd 2014 162
Google Chromebook for Back to School
Tue, Aug 26th 2014 155
Top 10
Upgrading the enterprise to iOS 8 and iPhone 6
Mon, Sep 22nd 2014 559
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Fri, Jul 18th 2014 291
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Tue, May 28th 2013 278
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Tue, Aug 5th 2014 275
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Thu, Jan 2nd 2014 253
Why I bought a new laptop and a new desktop computer in the "post PC era"
Fri, Feb 21st 2014 246
IBM Connect 2014
Wed, Jan 29th 2014 242
Mobile World Congress 2014 Summary
Mon, Mar 3rd 2014 214
Creating a smarter enterprise: New report IBM
Fri, Feb 7th 2014 213

How I spent Thanksgiving in NYC

Our family decided to spend Thanksgiving a bit differently this year.  On the day before Thanksgiving, myself, my wife and our three kids took the Metro North train into New York City.  It's roughly a one hour ride, depending on the train (local/express) and having done it with before it's alot of fun for kids.  It's also very inexpensive (the kids only pay 75 cents each way) and relaxing (no need to fight with traffic and parking in NYC).   Once at Grand Central, we took a subway (also a fun adventure with three young kids) down to our old neighborhood - the East Village.

One of the best things about living in New York city was the food which is both tasty and cheap (if you know where to go).   We started out with Pomme Frites (French fries) for an appetizer, and then moved to Ray's Pizza.   Personally, I'm not a big fan of any NYC Pizza (if I had to pick one, I'd pick Two Boots).   My favorite pizza is Pizzeria Regina from my home town of Boston, MA.  I decided to have a Tahini falafel instead.  

After eating, we headed uptown to the Agora gallery in Chelsea to see an art exhibit - Nathan Sawaya: the are of the brick.   My boys are really into Legos and we thought this would be a great (and free) way to introduce them to art.   While the exhibit was rather small but the the kids enjoyed it, particularly a sculpture of a "hand" where the kids could add a red Lego brick to the sculpture.   After the art exhibit, I took my son uptown to the top of the Empire State building (decorated in Thanksgiving yellow, orange and red lights).  We walked by Macy's department store where the parade preparations were underway before taking the subway back to the East Village.  We had some pastries from Venieros up the street for dessert.

On Thanksgiving morning we took the subway uptown, bright and early to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  My wife had seen the parade in person before but for me and the kids, this would be our first time.   We camped out on 72th street, right by the Dakota building with our breakfast from Le Pain Quotidien.  It was cold and overcast and we didn't great viewpoint of the parade due to all the people (we arrived an hour before the pararde started).   However, but we had no problem seeing the hot air balloons which we my kids' favorite.   We watched the parade for a little over an hour before the kids started to get tired and we left.

Since it was still early (just after 10am) we decided to go to the AMC Lowes Lincoln Center movie theater and see Megamind.  We rarely go to the movies as a family since it's so expensive (we prefer to watch movies at home) but we thought it would be fun thing to do.  The movie is in 3D which I'm not a huge fan of since it drives up ticket prices even more.  However, we did take full advantage of the free soda and popcorn refills (3x!).   Both the kids and adults liked the movie.

After the movie, we headed back to the East Village to rest up (and to watch the Patriots/Lion football game) before going back out for Thanksgiving dinner.   It was drizzling so we decided to take the bus downtown (also a fun adventure with kids) to Chinatown.  One of our favorite restaurants is New Green Bo.  On a "normal" day there is usually a long wait but given this was Thanksgiving, we got a table right away.  While not a fancy restaurant by any means, the food is excellent (my favorites: dumplings, Shanghai noodles, twice cooked pork) and very reasonable (the five of us ate for $28 including tip).  Since the rain had let up, we decided to walk back home through Little Italy.   We stopped at Ferrara's for pastries and headed back home and called it a night.

The next morning we stopped at the East Village Cheese Shop for H&H bagels, cream cheese, and grape juice before taking the bus to Grand Central to take the Metro North train back home to Connecticut.   Once home, we started decorating for Christmas.   In short, it was a great, and different, Thanksgiving with just our immediate family and one that I will always remember.

Dec 07, 2010
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The top 5 announcements from the Apple October 2014 event
Sat, Oct 18th 2014 6:45a   Christopher Pepin
While I didn't attend Apple's October 2014 event in person, I did watch the streaming video online. The following are the top 5 announcements from the event: Apple Payments arrives on Monday, October 20 via a free iOS 8.1 update. Only iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with include NFC, will be able to used to make payment in a physical, brick and mortar store like McDonalds, Whole Foods, Macy's and more. Other devices, including the new iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and the iPhone 5S will be able to [read] Keywords: apple integration interface iphone mac macbook

Looking for faster in-home wi-fi performance? Consider the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router (R7000)
Tue, Oct 14th 2014 6:28p   Christopher Pepin
I'm a work from home employee and my wife, kids and myself have a wealth of wi-fi devices from phones, tablets, PC's, Chromebooks, media players and more. My wi-fi router is a critical component of my home network and I recently upgraded to the Netgear Nighhawk AC1900 WiFi Router (R7000) with support for 802.11ac. I've been using a Netgear N600 router since 2010 but it was starting to drop connections which forced me to manually reconnect devices. In addition, with more 802.11ac compatible [read] Keywords: connections iphone network profile wifi wireless

Microsoft announces Windows 10: questions and answers
Tue, Sep 30th 2014 4:25p   Christopher Pepin
In a small media event in San Francisco earlier today, Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 10 - the successor to Windows 8. While I didn't attend the event, here are a few of the questions and answers I assembled from various sources on the web: Q: What is Windows 10? A: The successor to Windows 8 which is designed to power not just PC's and tablets, but phones (Windows Phone), Xbox and the Internet of Things. While Windows 10 is one platform, it is several user experiences - optimized f [read] Keywords: desktop macintosh microsoft mobile

Upgrading the enterprise to iOS 8 and iPhone 6
Mon, Sep 22nd 2014 8:45a   Christopher Pepin
Apple released iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 last week and the upgrade is well underway inside IBM. IBM has over 125,000 mobile devices in use with iPhones and iPads being the most popular smartphones and tablets. IBM began testing iOS 8 when the first beta was released in June to ensure that applications that IBM sells to customers as well as the applications that IBM has developed internally work with iOS 8. Key applications like Fiberlink MaaS360, IBM Traveler, Connections and others had support f [read] Keywords: connections ibm sametime traveler apple applications email enterprise google integration iphone ipod mobile

Enterprise Implications of the iPhone 6, iOS8 and the Upcoming Apple Watch
Thu, Sep 11th 2014 2:05p   Christopher Pepin
My interest in the new iPhone 6, iOS 8 and the upcoming Apple Watch is more than just personal. I'm part of the team responsible for enabling "MobileFirst" for 435,000+ IBM employees world-wide. Inside IBM, we support three mobile platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android and BlackBerry. IBM provides corporate owed devices to select employees in addition to offering a BYOD or Bring Your Own Device program. At present, there are over 125,000 smartphones and tablets in use inside IBM. Apple's iPh [read] Keywords: ibm apple application applications blackberry email enterprise google integration iphone ipod mobile office password security

US Open Tennis 2014
Tue, Sep 2nd 2014 6:45a   Christopher Pepin
I attended the US Open tennis tournament last Friday evening with my son. Readers of this blog will recall my previous visits to the US Open in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006. This year, I attended the Friday night session and saw two matches which included Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova. Celebrities in attendance included comedian Will Ferrell and former NYC mayor David Dinkins. Photos of the event can be found on Facebook. As in the past, IBM is a major sponsor and prov [read] Keywords: ibm apple applications enterprise facebook google mobile twitter


Google Chromebook for Back to School
Tue, Aug 26th 2014 1:25p   Christopher Pepin
The first day of elementary school for my two sons and daughter is this Thursday, August 28. With the new school year comes a decision on what device(s) they'll use to do their school work - both in class and at hime. Readers of this blog may recall my post from last year where I discussed how my middle school-aged son uses a Google Chromebook. This year I have another son entering middle school and I have to make a similar decision. Looking back over the past year, here are my perceptio [read] Keywords: apple enterprise google laptop microsoft office security server virus

IBM Business Tech Trends Report 2014 Now Available
Fri, Aug 22nd 2014 2:46p   Christopher Pepin
The annual IBM Business Tech Trends Report is now available. To understand how organizations are using big data and analytics, cloud, mobile, and social technologies, the IBM Center for Applied Insights conducted a survey of 1,447 decision makers. Fifty-two percent work in organizations of 1,000 or more employees and 48 percent are from companies with fewer employees. The study identified three common characteristics of successful enterprises: Partnering is in their DNA. While 40 percent of [read] Keywords: ibm mobile twitter

IBM to release annual Tech Trends Report on Thursday, August 21
Mon, Aug 18th 2014 7:45a   Christopher Pepin
IBM will release its annual Tech Tech Trends report this Thursday, August 21. The report focuses on insights and trends around key technologies like cloud, big data & analytics, mobile and social that can help guide business strategy and technology investments. The report will be available online here If you're interested in learning about the distinct characteristics exhibited by pacesetters in the marketplace, IBM will be hosting a webcast this Thursday, August 21 at 1pm EDT. Click h [read] Keywords: ibm community mobile

Windows Phone 8.1 impressions
Tue, Aug 5th 2014 1:45p   Christopher Pepin
Microsoft released Windows Phone 8.1 on July 15 with over a hundred new features including notifications, Cortana voice assistant as well as a wealth of new enterprise features. This is first upgrade to Windows Phone since the 8.0 release in October 2012. I own a Nokia Lumia 5210 which I purchased without a contract for $50 (after rebate) in 2012. Last week, an over the air AT&T update for Windows Phone 8.1 was released and I upgraded. While the upgrade took several hours and involved mu [read] Keywords: apple application applications enterprise iphone microsoft mobile

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