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IBM announces the availability of IBM Connections 3.0.1.
Debora Cole    

Connections 3.0.1 contains very important features that complete how Connections can support organizations as they become a social business.  

In particular, with this release, we will be targeting Marketing and Product Development roles as well as IT with key features that strengthen our B2C capabilities including:
 - moderation tools allowing administrators and community owners the preview and approve content before publishing
 - ideation blog template providing a structured way to gather and prioritize ideas from internal and external audiences
 - Media gallery widget supporting the sharing of video and photo content
 - ECM library widget providing easy access to valuable ECM content from within Connections communities

More information provided at:

US Announcement letter http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?subtype=ca&infotype=an&appname=iSource&supplier=897&letternum=ENUS211-081
EMEA Announcement letter http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?subtype=ca&infotype=an&appname=iSource&supplier=877&letternum=ENUSZP11-0105
AP Announcement letter http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?subtype=ca&infotype=an&appname=iSource&supplier=872&letternum=ENUSAP11-0077

Apr 05, 2011
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