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Flipping the Switch: How Reverse Mentorship Can Drive Social
Tue, Mar 31st 2015 45
#20Questions with Erica Dhawan
Tue, Mar 31st 2015 48
Social Business Frontier: IBM Expertise with Arnon Yogev
Mon, Mar 30th 2015 50
The Thread of Social Media and Real-Time Data
Mon, Mar 30th 2015 61
Gen Y Entrepreneurs Show Us a New Way to Startup
Fri, Mar 27th 2015 84
How To Implement The Future of Work Culture Successfully #NewWayToWork
Thu, Mar 26th 2015 94
#20Questions with Daniel Newman
Tue, Mar 24th 2015 70
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How To Implement The Future of Work Culture Successfully #NewWayToWork
Thu, Mar 26th 2015 94
Gen Y Entrepreneurs Show Us a New Way to Startup
Fri, Mar 27th 2015 84
#20Questions with Daniel Newman
Tue, Mar 24th 2015 70
The Thread of Social Media and Real-Time Data
Mon, Mar 30th 2015 61
Social Business Frontier: IBM Expertise with Arnon Yogev
Mon, Mar 30th 2015 50
#20Questions with Erica Dhawan
Tue, Mar 31st 2015 48
Flipping the Switch: How Reverse Mentorship Can Drive Social
Tue, Mar 31st 2015 45
Paco the Canine Consultant Says You Need a New Way to Work!
Fri, Mar 20th 2015 30
IBM, Twitter and Digital Engagement
Mon, Mar 23rd 2015 30
How Social Business Leaders Are Shattering the Traditional Workplace
Fri, Mar 20th 2015 27

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Flipping the Switch: How Reverse Mentorship Can Drive Social
Tue, Mar 31st 2015 1:20p   Colleen Burns
It’s no secret that valuable mentoring relationships can have a formative impact on one’s career, vision of success, and performance within a company. Mentors are critical to networks, huge reservoirs of resources, and a perfect complement to the ambitious. For these reasons and more, companies are investing in formal and informal mentoring programs, typically pairing up knowledgeable and experienced practitioners with younger employees who are eager to learn. For years the
#20Questions with Erica Dhawan
Tue, Mar 31st 2015 9:39a   Colleen Burns
Meet Erica, a globally recognized leadership expert and keynote speaker who is driving innovation across cultures and generations. She's the founder and CEO of Cotential – a company that has helped enterprises prepare for the global workplace of tomorrow – and a co-author of the new book: Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence. Erica recently participated on a panel discussion around the launch of the IBV Millennial Study where her knowledge on next
Social Business Frontier: IBM Expertise with Arnon Yogev
Mon, Mar 30th 2015 4:12p   Colleen Burns
“The Social Business Frontier” is a video blog series consisting of a number of short interviews taking a deeper look inside the IBM Research Labs to explore the groundbreaking and innovative social analytics research that's redefining the future of social business. In the fourth episode of The Social Business Frontier we speak to Arnon Yogev, IBM Research Software Developer, about how IBM Expertise provides an example of how businesses can increase collaboration.
The Thread of Social Media and Real-Time Data
Mon, Mar 30th 2015 11:08a   Colleen Burns
Kudos TED Talks, kudos! This past week I had the pleasure of attending their annual event, TED2015 in Vancouver, BC and nobody walked out of there without having their mind blown. Never before had I been a part of such a who’s who list of thought leaders, social advocates, political figures, artists…the list goes on. Although the speakers’ topics varied greatly, there was one common theme that could’ve easily gone unnoticed: business as it used to be don
Gen Y Entrepreneurs Show Us a New Way to Startup
Fri, Mar 27th 2015 5:45p   Colleen Burns
Anyone who has experienced the SXSW Interactive festival in Austin, TX knows that there is an almost unmanageable number of events, parties and sessions to choose from — and you can’t possibly attend them all … so when IBM hosted the New Way to Startup Pitch Party last Monday night, I was delighted to see a room completely filled with excited young entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts and unfamiliar faces. It’s no secret that Big Blue has been doing some
How To Implement The Future of Work Culture Successfully #NewWayToWork
Thu, Mar 26th 2015 10:07a   Colleen Burns
When postulating the future of work culture, we need to examine our proposed ideas and compare them to current (and proven) best practices. There will always be trends, but trends can be fads, and it’s a very expensive proposition to turn the culture of a company on a whim. Attempting to make a major changes in procedures, for example to adapt to millennial needs, may be fruitless. There will always be maturation in methodologies and conscientious planning must be implemented. Ye
#20Questions with Daniel Newman
Tue, Mar 24th 2015 2:45p   Colleen Burns
Meet Daniel, an MBA, adjunct business professor, a Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post contributor, Founder of BroadSuite Consulting, and author of best-selling business books including "The Millennial CEO" and "The New Rules of Customer Engagement," not to mention his recently released book "Evolve: Marketing (as we know it) is Dead." Try saying all that in one breathe! Daniel recently participated on a panel discussion around the launch of the IBV Millennial Study where his experi
IBM, Twitter and Digital Engagement
Mon, Mar 23rd 2015 10:04a   Colleen Burns
Digital engagement was a hot topic at SXSW 2015. Last week I blogged about an employee advocacy roundtable where IBM’s Amber Armstrong and others spoke of the need to trust employees to be the voice of your brand. That theme came up again in the “IBM and Twitter: The Future of Digital Engagement” panel moderated by Maria Winans, CMO, IBM Commerce, MobileFirst, Social Business and featuring guests Will Mayo, Senior Manager, Data Partnerships, Twitter; Bryan Kramer, C
How Social Business Leaders Are Shattering the Traditional Workplace
Fri, Mar 20th 2015 1:11p   Colleen Burns
Inspiration. A powerful word that awakens our imagination and maybe even causes a bit of “what-if’ing.” Inspiration truly does come in all shapes, sizes and forms – as evident from the stories shared with us by 25 Global Social Business Leaders. Their inspiring stories lay the foundation that is shifting our thinking of social business as a verb, rather than a noun. Last year, on behalf of IBM, I had the pleasure of teaming with The Economist Intellig
Paco the Canine Consultant Says You Need a New Way to Work!
Fri, Mar 20th 2015 10:07a   Colleen Burns
Paco the Chihuahua is one savvy dog. On the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show on Tuesday night on ABC, Paco and Kimmel’s loveable sidekick Guillermo schooled a meeting room full of suit-and-tied corporate professionals on a New Way to Work. Speaking through dog whisperer/entrepreneurial hipster Guillermo, Paco the Canine Consultant displayed an impressive amount of business acumen for a five-pound pup as he talked—uh, barked—about the necessity for the harried execs to get
Adapting to Technology or Driving Change? #NewWayToWork
Thu, Mar 19th 2015 2:22p   Colleen Burns
Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and changing us in so many ways. The possibilities are endless and it is invigorating! The evolution of robots, nanocomputers and genetic engineering is only a first step—we can only imagine what the future holds. Rapidly changing technology is resulting in changes in the workplace. Let’s take a take a step back and look where we came from. Personal computers weren’t around when I was born, but today it’s difficult
Expanding Reality – David Eagleman at TED2015
Thu, Mar 19th 2015 1:58a   Colleen Burns
When my family first moved to the United States from Italy, my mother expressed her utter contempt for Mister Potato Head, a toy that I swiftly learned is beloved among many American children. She found Mr. Potato Head inane and essentially refused to let him into the house and more importantly, she shook her head in disapproval at American mothers. How ironic then that today at TED2015, the brilliant and infectiously energetic David Eagleman used that classic plastic toy as one of the central
Let Go of Your Fear! Embrace Employee Advocacy!
Wed, Mar 18th 2015 11:43a   Colleen Burns
Yes, many companies are still afraid of employees throughout the ranks speaking on behalf of or even about the organization. They feel that this should be the sole purview of the PR/Comms departments. Much of the resistance might come from those departments themselves, afraid of other employees diluting or distorting their carefully crafted messages. In today’s connected world, however, companies who fall into these mindsets are not only fooling themselves about the extent to which emp
TED2015 – Ideas Worth Spreading (On Social!)
Tue, Mar 17th 2015 10:29p   Colleen Burns
I am in Vancouver, Canada – that gorgeous gem of a city nestled on the water and in the shadow of some rather spectacular mountains. There is something nearly spellbinding about this clean, efficient northern city, something in the air that seems to say, “slow down and consider the world around you.” In short, it is the perfect location for TED2015. Many of you will know that TED is dedicated to “ideas worth spreading,” but this year, IBM has c
Play the IBM Scavenger Hunt at #SXSW to win tix to Friday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Thu, Mar 12th 2015 3:24p   Colleen Burns
Yep, you read that correctly! IBM is hosting a social scavenger hunt at SXSWi, which starts tomorrow, March 13th and runs through Tuesday March 17th in Austin, TX. During the hunt, you will have the opportunity to witness some cool new technology from IBM, interact with IBMers and have some fun along the way. The first person to successfully complete the tasks on the graphic below and tweet to @IBMSocialBiz, will receive a congratulatory tweet of their victory along with instructions to
A #NewWayToWork and Design Language
Thu, Mar 12th 2015 2:33p   Colleen Burns
This past week on #MediaChat our guest was Adam Cutler from IBM on the topic of "#NewWayToWork and Design Language." Adam Cutler is the Design Studio Program Director with IBM Design. He is responsible for the IBM Design Studio in Austin, TX including the day-to-day guidance of their designer population and the IBM Design Language, as well as overseeing the design of all IBM Design digital properties. Adam is a very important IBMer to the development of IBM Verse. We started our Q
IBM Success Story: Supply Chain Goes Social for the Win
Thu, Mar 12th 2015 11:29a   Colleen Burns
As Ed Brill shared last month, there is a secret to IBM's social business transformation, and that secret is business outcomes. Proving the ROI of social channels is difficult. In that regard, enterprise social environments are no different than Twitter and Facebook. Decision makers want to know how these tools add value to the business—or is it just "holding hands and sharing files"? Four months ago, I joined IBM to uncover and amplify tales of social business success. As a
IBM Verse: Insights Discovered through Design Thinking
Wed, Mar 11th 2015 2:25p   Colleen Burns
How do you re-imagine something that almost everybody has been using for years and years? You start with a great design process, which in turn leads to a great design. At IBM this process is called Design Thinking, and it led to the insights that allowed the IBM Verse team to re-imagine email for a new way to work. IBM Verse Aha Moments: The New Way to Work from IBM Social Business Behind every terrible product is a flawed design process. Too many products are built based on what the
Millennials Shaking up the Future of the Workplace
Wed, Mar 11th 2015 11:25a   Colleen Burns
It is interesting to think about what the future of the workplace will be like 20 years from now. We live in such a fast paced, high tech, collaborative environment now, can you imagine how advanced we will be even five years from today? Millennials are truly shaking up the Corporate America structure and will continue to modernize the workplace by pushing boundaries with technology, collaborative attitudes and innovative thinking. Trends forecast that the work environment will evolve into a
4.74 Degrees of Separation: Laura Ketner
Tue, Mar 10th 2015 6:49p   Colleen Burns
As I mentioned in my 4.74 Degrees kickoff post, I’m setting out to prove how powerful social business is when it comes to sustaining personal and professional relationships by asking a randomly selected IBMer to describe the single most interesting / influential / important person they’ve met through IBM Connections. I couldn't have found a more perfect guinea pig to launch my social experiment: Laura Ketner, Strategy and Change Consultant, Social Business Transformatio
4.74 Degrees of Separation
Tue, Mar 10th 2015 1:13p   Colleen Burns
Edward Norton was in Fight Club with Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt was in Ocean's Eleven with Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon … Sound familiar? Yes, it’s the popular the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” which challenges movie buffs to find the shortest way to connect any random actor to prolific Hollywood star Kevin Bacon. It’s also a theory, “Six Degrees of Separation,” stemming from a 1960s ex
People-Centric Engagement through Social Technology
Tue, Mar 10th 2015 11:46a   Colleen Burns
There is no doubt that the future is upon us and the rate of change we experience in technology and its impact on our daily lives are advancing rapidly. Technology has made it possible for us to connect, and now social media has made it possible to do it in a more organic, human way. Facebook and LinkedIn have been around for over a decade and Twitter almost seven years. Together, they’ve fundamentally changed how we engage with each other online – and opaque social technolog
Unboxed: The IBM Millennial Study - The Myths and the Truths
Mon, Mar 9th 2015 6:36p   Colleen Burns
Social Business Unboxed Stories of Insight & Success in Digital Engagement In this episode, Carolyn Baird and Sam Klein join us to share inside insights on the recently released IBM Millennial Study, uncovering new truths and debunking common perceptions about today’s emerging workforce. By 2020, Millennials will make up >50% of the US workforce. Myths, Exaggerations and Truths Through the Study, Carolyn and the team uncovered unexpected f
New Way to Startup: Where Austin’s tech scene meets Real World for entrepreneurs
Mon, Mar 9th 2015 11:01a   Colleen Burns
IBM is pleased to present New Way to Startup, an exciting entrepreneurship program and web series featuring 10 of the country’s top millennial-led startups with a social mission. We would love for you to join us as we kick off this program during SXSW 2015 on Monday, March 16th at 6 p.m. at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Austin, TX. Come enjoy Chef Watson-inspired appetizers, desserts, spirits, and whiskey pairings while we watch these 10 hand-picked startups pitch their innovat
Adopting Social Software? Follow the Best Examples
Thu, Mar 5th 2015 7:01p   Colleen Burns
The secret about social business is out. Companies know they have to take advantage of social technologies to engage customers and employees. It probably does not come as a surprise to hear that social deployment grew 106 percent from 2012 to 2014.* And yet, many companies don’t know how to start their journey, nor how best to proceed. Fortunately there’s research to guide them, as well as successful examples to follow. Mac Guidera of IBM and Frank Gullo of Superior Group pro
Moments of Microfame Matter
Thu, Mar 5th 2015 1:45p   Colleen Burns
There’s nothing like an eventful week and the past seven days define that perfectly. After sitting through fantastic sessions at InterConnect I was back in New York City to attend a Social Media Week panel on “The Myth-busting, Trend-Bucking, Ever-loving, Truth About Effective Content Marketing.” Rob Daviss, Executive Director, Content Marketing, OgilvyOne, moderated a panel consisting of brilliant marketing leaders for companies that are leading the content-marketi
Social Business Frontier: IBM Innovation Sprints with Kate Ehrlich
Thu, Mar 5th 2015 10:26a   Colleen Burns
“The Social Business Frontier” is a video blog series consisting of a number of short interviews taking a deeper look inside the IBM Research Labs to explore the groundbreaking and innovative social analytics research that's redefining the future of social business. In episode three we speak to Dr. Kate Ehrlich, Social Network Analysis, about how IBM Innovation Sprints are bringing Smarter Workforce to life for our clients. Social Business Innovation Sprints assist clie
Pay for Performance Is Dead
Wed, Mar 4th 2015 1:21p   Colleen Burns
That headline is a quote from Obed Louissaint during his and Chad Vyhlidal’s IBM InterConnect 2015 session, “Creating a Connected and Informed Workforce: IBM's Smarter Workforce Story.” Louissaint’s point is that in order to build a Smarter Workforce, companies must pay for value—and performance, as tenuous and shifting as it is from year to year, is just one part of an employee’s value. Determining that value is getting easier as
Digital Journey of a Startup
Wed, Mar 4th 2015 10:48a   Colleen Burns
Looking back even just five years, I can’t imagine that many of us truly understood the influence that social media would have on our lives that it does today. It’s a no-brainer that we live in a fast-paced, competitive world, and it is largely due to social breaking down walls between businesses and consumers, employers and employees, the renowned and the unknown, and so on. Through sharing our opinions and likes, tweeting, retweeting, posting and blogging, we have created a
Influencer parties + pitches at SXSW
Tue, Mar 3rd 2015 7:38p   Colleen Burns
Every year SXSW Interactive brings together the brightest and most innovative minds around social, mobile, cloud and analytics, many of whom have already been working with IBM through our influencer (aka futurist) program. To thank you for your continued engagement or to get to know you for the first time, we’d like to invite you to several VIP experiences during March 13-17. Together we’ll discuss the future of work, brainstorm a #NewWayToWork and introduce you to a group of
Social Sleeping Giants
Tue, Mar 3rd 2015 12:03p   Colleen Burns
We’ve been inundated with case studies about companies leveraging real-time marketing topics like #llamadrama, #leftshark and #thedress, but what about the other benefits of social communication? Here are the most underrated, social sleeping giants: 1. Social Research Historically, research studies take extended periods of time to conduct and before you know it, six to seven figures can easily be spent on hiring an outside research firm to conduct quantitative and qualitative resea
Straight Down Memory Lane and a Hard Right to NOW
Mon, Mar 2nd 2015 11:28a   Colleen Burns
A rotary phone revolving counterclockwise back to its original position … A PC computer booting up and reading the floppy disc drive to verify if there’s a disc in it … A dial-up modem attempting to establish a connection with an ISP … Can you hear the sounds reverberating through your mind? In 2015, these noises are purely memories as the technologies that made them have been replaced over time with newer and better ones. After hearing Sau
Inside the IBM Engagement Center
Wed, Feb 25th 2015 10:01a   Colleen Burns
A ConnectED Special: Inside the IBM Engagement Center The AskJim Podcast: Providing answers to user questions about IBM Connections In this episode, in a special miniseries of live podcasts from IBM ConnectED 2015, we are joined by Seth Marquart who shares insights on the IBM Engagement Center, an interactive social analytics console which enables organizations to see what’s happening across social platforms, and interact with that data to drill down and gain meaningful insight
3 Tips to Get Big Things Done with Connectional Intelligence
Wed, Feb 25th 2015 8:09a   Colleen Burns
When we measure relationships in the digital world, much of the focus is on quantity. How many Facebook likes does my company have? How many retweets did we get? How many page views? I think the conversation needs to shift from quantity to quality. Building relationships that lead to meaningful change involves making the smart connections, getting the right people together, collecting the important data and using resources in the smartest way, not just attracting the most clicks. Simply building
Fighting Our Creativity Crisis
Tue, Feb 24th 2015 11:41p   Colleen Burns
After listening to Louis Richardson’s IBM InterConnect session on “Facing Our Creativity Crisis,” I have never been so aware of how truly lucky I am. With greater pressure than ever before to be more productive than creative, and with the ever-growing fear of failure, we professionals are officially in a creativity crisis. This crisis has resulted in a growing number of disinterested, unfulfilled individuals sitting in conference rooms and cubicles throughout the
Innovate, Understand, Engage
Tue, Feb 24th 2015 10:14a   Colleen Burns
At IBM InterConnect 2015, Andrew Warzecha, VP of Strategy at IBM, presented Data, Cloud, and Mobile/Social Engagement: IBM Software Group's Strategy. A topic as big as that might seem difficult to cover in a single conference session, but Warzecha summed up the strategy in three words: innovate, understand, engage. Truth be told, there’s an addendum to this three-word synopsis: “. . . backed by comprehensive security and seamless integration.” What it all boil
Engaging the Emerging Leaders
Fri, Feb 20th 2015 3:27p   Colleen Burns
Millennials now outnumber Baby Boomers in the workforce. And that proportion will skew ever more in favor of the Millennial as time goes on. Given this, what are companies doing to engage Millennials and prepare them for leadership roles? Well, at least one company has their eye towards the future. I was selected to participate in a group of 40 Millennials from IBM and business partners as part of the IBM Emerging Leaders program. We gathered last week at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership
IBM InterConnect Session Teasers
Fri, Feb 20th 2015 2:41p   Colleen Burns
We’re just a couple days away from IBM InterConnect 2015 and we wanted to remind you of some of the interesting sessions taking place in Las Vegas as part of the Systems of Engagement virtual track. Below you’ll find a couple videos by speakers for two of these sessions as well as the flyer for all of the track sessions. If you’ll be at the event in person, be sure to check out the sessions live. If you can’t make it to Vegas, stay tuned at this blog for
Be the Sheep
Thu, Feb 19th 2015 2:22p   Colleen Burns
In the business world as in life we’re often told not to be a sheep – be a leader, not a follower! It’s easy to see how sheep got their docile reputation, but the animal is not given proper credit for its social prowess. After all, sheep were among the first animals to be domesticated – meaning they were savvy enough to enter into a mutually beneficial collaborative arrangement with their two-legged mammalian cousins. That was some out-of-the-box thinking
Generation Us
Thu, Feb 19th 2015 11:40a   Colleen Burns
Prefers to work in a collaborative culture. Wants to solve social and environmental challenges in their career. Desires a pat on the back more often at work. Believes that work/life balance is important for successful employee engagement. Whom am I referring to in the above description? If you guessed the Millennial Generation, you are only partially correct. According to IBM’s new study of more than 1,750 employees from organizations around the world, the above characteristics des
Bring Your Social Values to Work
Wed, Feb 18th 2015 2:47p   Colleen Burns
As much as has been made about the fact that all businesses are now social businesses, we still hear stories of companies that have failed in their social business endeavors, especially when it comes to building an integrated and holistic internal program. That’s because too many companies simply slap together an internal networking platform and command employees to use it. Instead, orgs should be taking the time to put together a solution that not only lets employees work with their c
Get Excited Because the Future Is Now
Wed, Feb 18th 2015 8:03a   Colleen Burns
Entrepreneurs, this one’s for you. The future is exciting. We are living in a time of unprecedented growth and opportunity. People are more connected than ever before. Technologies like wearable devices and the Internet of Things are enabling us to have a more frictionless experience within the internet referred to as the Pervasive Web, where your world will soon be measuring and intuitively reacting to your lifestyle, your desires, your needs. You have the information of the wor
A What You Need To Know Special: IBM InterConnect >>The Event Connect App
Tue, Feb 17th 2015 6:17p   Colleen Burns
A What You Need to Know Special The IBM InterConnect Event Connect App The AskJim Podcast – Providing answers to user questions about IBM Connections With IBM InterConnect 2015 coming up, now is the time to begin planning your agenda, your networking and your participation with intention. To make this event count for you … you need to be smart about it and you need a smart tool that can really help you zero in on the right sessions and connect with the right peop
The Secret of IBM's Social Business Transformation
Tue, Feb 17th 2015 7:47a   Colleen Burns
Over the last six months, I have learned the secret to social business adoption — successful business outcomes. In my role as Vice President of Social Business Transformation at IBM, my team and I have been studying the internal use of our social tools within IBM. We have discovered that social is a highly personal decision — as an individual, I am putting my name as my brand on any like button, comment or upload. That action of opting in has to be valuable to the indivi
I’m Lady Gaga … of the Workforce
Mon, Feb 16th 2015 2:57p   Colleen Burns
Pharrell and Hans Zimmer. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. Ed Sheeran and Herbie Hancock. What do these three music industry pairings have in common? They are three examples of the duos that performed together onstage at last week’s 2015 GRAMMY Awards, and they represent a growing trend of different generations performing together “in concert.” Fortunately this trend isn’t constrained to the entertainment industry alone – it is in fact permeating work
Pave Your Road to Engagement with Insights
Thu, Feb 12th 2015 2:29p   Colleen Burns
I thought of titling this post “Pave Your Road to Engagement with Bricks of Insight,” but I thought that would be pushing the metaphor, which works much better in the lavish infographic below than it does in print. To be sure, the road sign in the infographic reads “success,” but that success is realized through engagement. The story this infographic tells is one of integrating social business into your enterprise in a strategic way in order to gain a c
Social Business Frontier: IBM Social Listening Program with Mila Davidzenka
Thu, Feb 12th 2015 8:14a   Colleen Burns
“The Social Business Frontier,” a video blog series consisting of a number of short interviews taking a deeper look inside the IBM Research Labs to explore the groundbreaking and innovative social analytics research that's redefining the future of social business. In this second episode of the series, Mila Davidzenka, IBM Social Business Analyst and Strategist, shares how the IBM Social Insights Group in the CIO Office is transforming big data into business opportu
Democracy of Ideas - How Average Joe Leads the Next Change
Wed, Feb 11th 2015 1:39p   Colleen Burns
Recent years have seen an increased adoption of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. In essence these concepts are really the decentralization of power and granting greater democracy back to the people. The best ideas will be backed and supported, while ideas that do not appeal will fade away. Sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Makuake have allowed adventurous early adopters to fund ambitious high-risk projects. Individuals and smaller companies with great ideas now have a platfo
You, Anywhere and Everywhere
Wed, Feb 11th 2015 10:22a   Colleen Burns
I can’t say I miss the days of driving to an office. As a Solopreneur, I enjoy working at home and getting amazing amounts of work done without stepping outside. However, I also recognize that I don’t get my daily recommended dose of social interaction just from being on Facebook and Twitter. Nothing can replace the face-to-face interaction which we experience from spending time with others. The key here is not the fact that I need facetime with others. The real issue is
A Truly Priceless Experience: Emerging Leaders at 2015 PartnerWorld Leadership Conference
Tue, Feb 10th 2015 7:32p   Colleen Burns
My level of excitement hit the roof a few weeks ago when I heard the familiar “ping” from my inbox and realized that I had received an invite to the 2015 PartnerWorld Leadership Conference. Not only is the conference focused on the most trusted and important part of IBM’s ecosystem – our partners – but it is a learning opportunity and networking experience unlike any other! The Emerging Leader Program, a special interest group created this year
Email or Nap? Self-Driving Cars and the Future of Work-Life Balance
Tue, Feb 10th 2015 1:07p   Colleen Burns
Generally on business-related tweet chats, while you may run across some interesting ideas or surprising insights, one doesn’t expect to see a lot of actual debate. During a recent #SocBizChat the subject of the future of work-life balance came up and led to some interesting comments—all the more so because there were divergent opinions on the topic. In particular, people had varying views on whether advances such as self-driving cars will lead to better or worse work-life ba
Plotting Your Course with a Social Employee Pilot Program
Tue, Feb 10th 2015 10:20a   Colleen Burns
If your organization had a voice, what would it sound like? Who would be speaking? Would it be the higher-ups in the C Suite, your employees and coworkers, or all those voices resounding as one? Last year, I had the privilege of delivering a talk called “The Rise of the Social Employee” at TEDx Navesink (@tedxnavesink). In the speech, I followed ideas first presented in our book The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill, 2013), co-written by myself and Cheryl Burgess (@CKBurgess
Making the Perfect Social Event
Mon, Feb 9th 2015 1:18p   Colleen Burns
Learning, networking and squeezing more from our time at business conferences with social I had the great fortune to attend IBM ConnectED 2015 and see firsthand that the interest in collaboration and social is as keen as ever. This yearly pilgrimage south of the snowline for social business never disappoints. We had a great chance to catch up with business partners, like Kaltura, Panagenda, Ytria, Ephox and Genus Technologies, as well as top analysts and experts on the progression of socia
Social Business Unboxed (EP 13): Many Hands Make Light Work - Roundtable on Leading Adoption to Social Business
Mon, Feb 9th 2015 10:16a   Colleen Burns
Social Business Unboxed Stories of Insight & Success in Digital Engagement Unboxing Insights In this episode of Social Business Unboxed, I host a roundtable discussion around building adoption and engagement in organizations. Expanding on a recent #NewWayToWork Twitter Chat, Wendy Arnott (VP of Digital Marketing & Social Media at TD Bank), Martin Jones (Senior Marketing Communications Manager at Cox Communications) and Warren Whitlock (Author, Speaker and Blogger) sha
IBM Is All the Rage at ConnectEd
Thu, Feb 5th 2015 10:10a   Colleen Burns
Well, I’m back from the exhilarating experience of IBM ConnectED 2015 (@IBMConnect), held this year in Orlando, Florida. I’m sure everyone who was there to experience the event with me will agree that there was so much going on at any given point each and every day that it would be impossible to recap all of it here. Despite that, over the past couple of days, I’ve tried to share my thoughts on some of the things that really stood out to me, including the Women in L
Key trends in employee engagement: what to focus on and why
Wed, Feb 4th 2015 1:52p   Colleen Burns
The percentage of employees who report still being engaged after their first six months on the job is a startling 40%. That leaves over half of your workforce unfocused and disengaged. As the workplace continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever to approach your employee engagement strategy with creativity and determination. As a result, you’ll be rewarded with increased retention rates, higher productivity and better customer satisfaction ratings. So &ndash
In the Future, Technology Will Be Invisible
Wed, Feb 4th 2015 9:05a   Colleen Burns
We live our lives online. Ninety-one percent of us wake up and reach for our devices because we are, well, more or less addicted to technology. But really that isn’t it at all, the real addiction is connection; we as a society are addicted to being connected. We have this deep-seated fear that we are missing out on something and that even a few minutes away from our technology gadget and there may be some catastrophic event that slipped through the cracks. Most likely that &l
Social Leaders: Spreading the Fire of Social Business
Tue, Feb 3rd 2015 9:02a   Colleen Burns
It’s always fun turning the page on a new year. It gives us a chance to audit the past year, to take stock of what worked, what didn’t and what has run its course. After all, to anticipate what’s to come, we can’t lose sight of what’s already come to pass. In 2014, we spent the year celebrating the dawning social employee revolution. This year, we will celebrate the next phase of that revolution: the rise of the social leader. The idea of the s
Life Hacks: Ignite Your Social Heartbeat <3
Mon, Feb 2nd 2015 1:31p   Colleen Burns
Another Super Bowl for the books. The Pats took home the championship and the world seems to care a little less about deflated balls. Moving on&hellip;February is the month that most of us celebrate love and making connections&mdash;it&rsquo;s the perfect time to focus on inflating your social strategy. Social is not just a trend, it&rsquo;s forever changed our world; making it smaller and more connected. For individual users, it&rsquo;s connecting you with likeminded p
Plan Your Social Agenda for IBM InterConnect 2015
Mon, Feb 2nd 2015 9:37a   Colleen Burns
IBM&rsquo;s biggest event is almost here&mdash;bringing together the best in cloud, mobile, analytics and social through hundreds of targeted keynotes and sessions. This five-day event in Las Vegas, February 22-26, covers the latest technologies and business trends, as well as the opportunity to meet IBM&rsquo;s leaders and subject matter experts. As you plan your agenda, here are some Social Business highlights from the Systems of Engagement track for the latest in Enterprise S
Engaging the Next-Gen Workforce through Collaboration
Fri, Jan 30th 2015 5:54p   Colleen Burns
I'm here reporting from IBM ConnectEd 2015 (@IBMConnect) in Orlando, Florida. Earlier, I posted on my experience on Monday at the Women&rsquo;s Executive Lunch, hosted by Katrina Troughton (@KatyTroughton), Vice President, Smarter Workforce Solutions at IBM. Thanks again to everyone involved. Later on Monday, I attended a panel titled &ldquo;Creating the Next Gen Workforce through Engaging Employee Experiences,&rdquo; which featured Christopher Crummey (@ccrummey), World Wi
Social Business Frontier: Project Breadcrumbs with Marie Wallace
Thu, Jan 29th 2015 2:39p   Colleen Burns
Welcome to &ldquo;The Social Business Frontier,&rdquo; a video blog series consisting of a number of short interviews taking a deeper look inside the IBM Research Labs to explore the groundbreaking and innovative social analytics research that's redefining the future of social business. In this episode, Marie Wallace, IBM Analytics Strategist, shares the insights from her team&rsquo;s recent effort, &ldquo;Project Breadcrumbs.&rdquo; It&rsquo;s Marie&rsquo;s mi
10 Actionable Social Business Ah-Has
Thu, Jan 29th 2015 2:08p   Colleen Burns
I really love lists. They cut right to the chase, maximize your time and immediately get to the heart of the matter. Michael Sagalyn, Business Development Leader for Social Business at IBM, led the fastest paced session that I attended at IBM ConnectED 2015. I&rsquo;ll quickly recap the ah-ha&rsquo;s and then I&rsquo;m going to put you to work through some recommended actions that will put these ah-ha&rsquo;s to work for you. 1. You collaborate &ndash; so will your apps
IBM Verse – Your Questions Answered
Wed, Jan 28th 2015 6:20p   Colleen Burns
60,000+ early adopters and all IBM ConnectED conference attendees will experience IBM Verse starting in February. Dan Davis did a great job of sharing the big news on Monday, so I won&rsquo;t repeat here. What I WILL share is that IBM Verse was the belle of the ball in Orlando and generated lots of buzz &ndash; and even more questions. What is the role of IBM Domino? How and when will the mobile and on-premise experiences deploy? What can developers expect? What is
IBM Verse Takes Center Stage at ConnectED
Mon, Jan 26th 2015 5:57p   Colleen Burns
As IBM ConnectED 2015 got underway today in Orlando, FL, IBM Verse was again in the spotlight, this time during Jeff Schick&rsquo;s general session on A New Way to Engage. Schick, IBM General Manager of Enterprise Social Solutions, spoke about improving the way we work and collaborate, which is precisely what IBM Verse was designed to do. The operative word here is designed, as IBM Verse was created in a very deliberate, thoughtful manner that re-imagines the inbox to surface the thing
What you need to know to prep for IBM ConnectED 2015
Thu, Jan 22nd 2015 5:14p   Colleen Burns
What you need to know for IBM ConnectED Special AskJim Podcast Episode The AskJim Podcast Providing 5-minute answers to user questions about IBM Connections This is the exclusive podcast focused on IBM Connections &ndash; the #1 ranked business collaboration platform. With IBM ConnectED 2015 coming up, now is the time to begin planning your agenda and participation with intention. The event will be jam-packed with many sessions running in parallel tracks. My experience is that p
Social Business Unboxed (Ep12): Relationship Analytics & Data Privacy with Manish Goel
Thu, Jan 22nd 2015 12:13p   Colleen Burns
Social Business Unboxed Stories of Insight & Success in Digital Engagement Unboxing Insights In this episode of Social Business Unboxed, Manish Goel, CEO of TrustSphere (An IBM Social Business Partner) and Vice-Chairman of the Online Trust Alliance Board of Directors, unboxes relationship analytics in social business. Manish explains this growing field of analytics, why it&rsquo;s important, examples across areas of business, what kinds of insights organizations can uncover, how to
You Are Sitting on a Volcano That Is Ready to Blow
Wed, Jan 21st 2015 12:10p   Colleen Burns
The changes coming to the workplace are huge and can't be overstated. They remind me of Joe&rsquo;s journey from one of my favorite films of all time, Joe Versus the Volcano. In the movie, Tom Hanks&rsquo;s character Joe Banks works in a comic rendition of a traditional 20th century workplace where the office workers are treated like cogs in a machine, not human beings with ideas and creative input to help reach objectives. In this dysfunctional setting, communication is only t
#20Questions with Shane Snow
Tue, Jan 20th 2015 6:12p   Colleen Burns
Meet Shane, an award-winning entrepreneur and journalist, the bestselling author of Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success, and the Chief Creative Officer of Contently, a technology company he co-founded in 2010 with the mission to create a better media world. Shane recently presented at the launch of IBM Verse where his belief in lateral thinking and his idea of scrapping conventional wisdom dovetailed perfectly with the new offering -- mail reimagined for a new way
Open Letter of Feedback to NRF’s Retail BIG Show 2015
Tue, Jan 20th 2015 1:13p   Colleen Burns
I just received an email from NRF asking me to please provide my feedback on its 2015 Annual Convention. Rather than fill out an anonymous automated survey I thought I would take the social business mentality to heart and share my thoughts on this blog. I walked the many floors of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center over the past four days and have spent the last few hours rubbing my feet (see my prior post on NRF 2015), thinking about the recurring themes I heard during the many presentatio
The Best of Both Worlds
Thu, Jan 15th 2015 8:13a   Colleen Burns
After spending three days at the enormous Jacob Javits Center in NYC attending NRF&rsquo;s 2015 Annual Convention, there&rsquo;s one thing I can say for certain: My feet hurt! After walking through the maze of exhibitors (from the latest in RFID development to the world&rsquo;s smartest checkout scanner) and sitting in back-to-back-to-back presentations from some of the most successful retailers in the world, what I can&rsquo;t say for certain is what the future of retail holds
Social Business Unboxed (Ep11): Leadership Insights from the WeFirst Summit
Wed, Jan 14th 2015 2:15p   Colleen Burns
Social Business Unboxed Stories of Insight & Success in Digital Engagement Unboxing Insights In this episode of Social Business Unboxed, Simon Mainwaring (Founder & Chief Creative Officer, We First Branding) and Maria Huntalas (Sr. Marketing Manager of Social Business, IBM), unbox insights on the WeFirst Summit, how organizations can spark relationships with their employees and customers, build authentic brands, create a shared sense of purpose, co-create new innovation and more.
The Value of Collaboration to the Future of Work
Wed, Jan 14th 2015 11:12a   Colleen Burns
It turns out that collaboration is in our biology. Since tribal days to modern corporate life, we are hardwired to act cooperatively. What brings about collaboration is the context. Let&rsquo;s look at this from a work perspective. If the work environment supports a &ldquo;beat or be beat&rdquo; mentality, we&rsquo;re not likely to collaborate; we look out for our own interest, our safety. However, in an environment where the team is made more important than any one person, colla
The ConnectED 2015 Chalktalks Have Been Selected!
Tue, Jan 13th 2015 1:12p   Colleen Burns
IBM ConnectED is less than three weeks away! In order to make sure we covered the topics our customers and business partners want to hear about, we used an IBM Connections ideation blog in the Social Business User Group as a way to guide our selection of topics. Below are the selected sessions based on that valuable input! These chalktalk sessions are now available for attendees to consider adding to their personal agendas. These gatherings will be very informal and interactive discussion
Sports Teams Show the Way to Customer Engagement
Tue, Jan 13th 2015 9:11a   Colleen Burns
Sports are big business. That&rsquo;s not anything new or surprising&mdash;it&rsquo;s been a fact of the sports world for decades. From ticket sales to merchandise to premium TV and streaming subscriptions, pro (in particular, but not exclusively) sports teams have many ways of extracting billions of dollars and euros and yen etc. from the pockets of eager fans around the world. Rather than balk at the thought of their favorite franchise being a large corporation raking in record rev
#20Questions with Maya Penn
Tue, Jan 13th 2015 5:12a   Colleen Burns
Meet Maya, an entrepreneur, technologist, philanthropist, artist, author, animator, and coder. Oh, and did I mention she's only 14 years old?! She is the CEO of Maya's Ideas, which she founded when she was 8 years old, and she wants to change the world with her art and her business by getting girls involved in tech. Get ready to learn everything from the best advice she's ever received to what emoji she uses the most. Maya proves that there is truly a new way to work!
Great Endings Start at the Beginning – Special Series on Collaborative Planning for 2015
Thu, Jan 8th 2015 10:20p   Colleen Burns
Special Series on Collaborative Planning The AskJim Podcast Providing 5-minute answers to user questions about IBM Connections. This is the exclusive podcast focused on IBM Connections &ndash; the #1 ranked business collaboration platform. Great endings start at the beginning Great outcomes start with good planning. Good planning comes from an intentional approach. Collaborative planning produces plans with more buy-in and greater consideration. Plans co-created centrally and acc
My Relationship with Email
Thu, Jan 8th 2015 5:04p   Colleen Burns
My relationship with email? Well, as they say, it&rsquo;s complicated. I love it&mdash;easy updates from my team, quick check-ins with colleagues around the world, confirmations that lunch is on the way. But it also drives me crazy. We&rsquo;re in a dysfunctional relationship. I&rsquo;m attentive. I always clean out my inbox and return all my messages before I leave the office. We get along pretty well for most of the day. I leave work, but
The Future Is the Connected Organization
Wed, Jan 7th 2015 2:01p   Colleen Burns
In the Industrial Age, knowledge was power. Today, the ubiquity of information has made knowledge a commodity. In today&rsquo;s Social Age, connection is power. So, how connected is your organization to its network? The Social Age is the age of OPEN: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Network. Yes, we&rsquo;re all ordinary (non-expert) in many ways essential to our success. But through our networks &ndash; the people we&rsquo;re connected to, some of them highly expert in
Break the Social Business Mold with Smartcuts
Tue, Jan 6th 2015 1:46p   Colleen Burns
I grew up repairing cars and building houses; as far back as I can remember, my dad contracted my brothers and me as unpaid laborers every Saturday once we were old enough to swing a hammer. For the most part, I&rsquo;m convinced that he was just in it for the free labor. But every once in a while, the old man slipped an object lesson in between hauling loads of old sheetrock to the dump. One I remember vividly: &ldquo;Come over here, boys,&rdquo; he called, as he usually d
Smarter Education through Collaboration
Mon, Jan 5th 2015 9:11a   Colleen Burns
Today&rsquo;s college students are a collaborative bunch by nature, but on many campuses there&rsquo;s a gap between students&rsquo; desire to collaborate and the resources available to let them do so. Many colleges are currently lacking robust solutions that would allow students to link up and advance their education collectively. The result can be disconnected and under-supported students, many of whom underachieve or even ultimately drop out. One institution of higher learning t
Put Your Talent First and the Future Will Work Itself Out
Wed, Dec 17th 2014 8:15a   Colleen Burns
There&rsquo;s a reason why 71 percent of the workforce is unhappy and tuned out. It&rsquo;s that companies treat their talent like they are an afterthought, a means to an end. A lack of meaningful work and recognition coupled with rigid work structures have basically turned today&rsquo;s workforce into The Walking Dead. When we focus on the professional and personal needs of our talent, we can better align our people with the work that satisfies their aspirations while driving
What Do Monty Python and Social Business Have in Common?
Thu, Dec 11th 2014 4:12p   Colleen Burns
Remember Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Some of you won't be old enough to remember the comedic look at the grim circumstances of the Middle Ages as told through the story of King Arthur framed around modern times. (If you haven&rsquo;t seen it, watch it on Netflix. It's worth it.) When the mythical king of the Britons leads his knights on a quest for the Holy Grail, they face a wide array of horrors, including a persistent Black Knight, a three-headed giant, a cadre of shrubbery-c
Dead Eyes See No Future (of Talent)
Thu, Dec 11th 2014 4:12p   Colleen Burns
"The real issue is not talent as an independent element, but talent in relationship to will, desire, and persistence. Talent without these things vanishes. Even modest talent with those characteristics grows." - Milton Glaser The future of work is such a wide-open issue. With so many perspectives, ideas, and "guaranteed" predictions out there one might assume the next few chapters of the world of work have already been written. But one important piece has been left out of the story.
What Is an Email Box Worth Today?
Mon, Dec 8th 2014 10:11a   Colleen Burns
Digital social business activities are taking over every moment of our personal and professional lives. Whenever I get into a discussion about email, I find that many people think it has become a useless and obsolete thing, even though we still routinely check and manage our mail flow daily. Is email truly becoming obsolete? At the end of 2013, Extreme Networks conducted a survey, &ldquo;Is email dying,&rdquo; that sought to determine the reality of the situation. It pointed to emai
Collab Isn’t Just for YouTube Video Artists
Thu, Dec 4th 2014 9:16a   Colleen Burns
My teenage daughter is under 18, which means that she is a &rdquo;digital native.&rdquo; While I may have learned how to use and am now an avid user of social technologies, my daughter never had to learn&mdash;her generation, often referred to as &rdquo;Generation Z,&rdquo; is growing up immersed in them. So I usually learn something new from her every time she shows me what&rsquo;s on her iPod. This past weekend she showed me a video that really caught my attention
Beyond the Everyday
Wed, Dec 3rd 2014 11:17a   Colleen Burns
This year IBM ConnectED sees an exciting new track with "Beyond the Everyday.&rdquo; The concept behind the track is to showcase great ideas that set the pace for what can be done when extending IBM's technology. What differentiates this track is the inclusion of other technologies, leaving standard deployments behind and really seeing what people are achieving when they think broader than an IBM-only world. Of course, we are looking at a wide range of topics in these sessions, suc
5 Reasons People Get Swamped by Their Email
Wed, Dec 3rd 2014 6:11a   Colleen Burns
Ah, email. From subject line to signoff to send, it makes our work lives infinitely easier. Right? Not necessarily. Our inboxes taunt us with their growing counts of unread messages. One misstep on the keyboard and we&rsquo;ve shared a Mardi Gras invitation with the global team. And our most important files have a way of falling into the Bermuda Triangle. I have the same relationship with email that most people do. Fortunately, our developers have found a way to ease everyone&rsqu
#20Questions with Amanda Savitzky
Tue, Dec 2nd 2014 2:15p   Colleen Burns
Meet Amanda, UX Designer and Researcher for IBM, who spends her days in the Austin Design Studio re-imagining how we design our products and solutions. Recently Amanda has been focusing on re-thinking something that has essentially remained the same for over 20 years: email! Get ready to learn everything from what Amanda is responsible for with IBM Verse to where she gets her design inspiration from (hint: it may be you!)
Reciprocity Is Now Possible—for the First Time—on a Massive Scale
Tue, Dec 2nd 2014 7:11a   Colleen Burns
Reciprocity Advantage is a strategy for embracing disruption with the right partners to make your company a far better leader than if you try it alone. Reciprocity and advantage are words that are not normally seen together, but reciprocity&mdash;giving now in order to get later&mdash;will become a normal part of winning in the future. In our book, we outline the future forces that will disrupt the next decade and show you how to harness them to grow your business. The book is divi
Make Coding Social to Get Kids Hooked
Mon, Dec 1st 2014 7:12a   Colleen Burns
In the push to get kids interested in computer science, a lot of ideas are getting thrown against the wall to see what sticks. Online courses have their place, but many efforts miss one critical element, particularly when it comes to attracting girls and underrepresented minorities. And this critical element is pretty simple: peer collaboration. Kids are much more likely to succeed at programming if they do it with their friends. A great way to make this happen is by joining groups like Cod
Building & Nurturing Relationships in Social with Jon Ferrara
Wed, Nov 26th 2014 8:12a   Colleen Burns
Social Business Unboxed Stories of Insight & Success in Digital Engagement In this episode of Social Business Unboxed, Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble, unboxes insights on the importance of networks, building a personal brand, the value of helping others through digital engagement and what this practice looks like day to day. Digital engagement is about turning relationships into mutually beneficial business outcomes. We often talk about these themes in terms of social selling and social
Why Social Engagement Isn’t Enough
Tue, Nov 25th 2014 9:12a   Colleen Burns
Having a large Twitter following doesn&rsquo;t constitute success in social business, a truth we all know but may be reluctant to admit. In fact, even celebrity status on social media doesn&rsquo;t necessarily count as successful engagement with large communities of like-minded people. In this age of bots and paid followers and payola deals for broadcast tweets, genuine social engagement is hard to attain or even decipher. What constitutes social engagement? As social business ma
Jumpstarts and MasterClasses – The Sunday Cocktail of ConnectED
Mon, Nov 24th 2014 11:12a   Colleen Burns
Before you're getting settled for the Meat and Potatoes of ConnectED, we'd like to offer a cocktail on Sunday to get you in the right mood for the week. Many of you know the Jumpstarts and MasterClasses as two-hour technical deep dives into specific product areas. This time, with the new format of the conference, we'll change things up a little bit. The sessions in this track will last one hour, just as in the other tracks, and will give you an update and overview of our main pro
Reimagine work in the cloud
Fri, Nov 21st 2014 6:12a   Colleen Burns
This week you heard about IBM Verse &ndash; a new cloud solution to help you re-imagine the way you work. We&rsquo;re excited to be at the forefront of delivering these capabilities first in the IBM Cloud. It&rsquo;s easy to get started today, taking advantage of the latest capabilities from our social and collaboration cloud offerings. We have some great new capabilities coming this month, designed to help you: collaborate more effectively and securely with storage
Social Business Unboxed (Ep8): Millennial Expectations - as Employees and as Consumers
Thu, Nov 20th 2014 12:12p   Colleen Burns
Social Business Unboxed Stories of Insight & Success in Digital Engagement In this episode of Social Business Unboxed, we talk with Mark Babbitt, CEO of YouTern, and Samantha Klein, Marketing Manager and Millennial Blogger with IBM, about the expectations of millennials as emerging employees and consumers. As digital natives raised on an ethos of teamwork, millennials are leading a reshaping of business culture and consumer experience, favoring brands that put people at the center, where
Designing a Better Experience for a New Way to Work
Thu, Nov 20th 2014 9:12a   Colleen Burns
Designing a Better User Experience Put the user first. It&rsquo;s such a simple idea, but to come up with a truly user-friendly product is no simple feat. We all know this intuitively, based on all of the frustrating interfaces we deal with on a daily basis. It happens so rarely that it seems like some sort of alchemy when it does happen. A big part of the problem is that too many tech companies in particular think that the more features they can pack into a product, the better. They don
KISS: Keep It Small, Stupid
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 9:12a   Colleen Burns
We are all accustomed to reading books and articles that reference history, be it in the form of mythology, old wives tales, ancient civilizations or breakthroughs of the past two centuries. So when I read Shane Snow&rsquo;s book, Smartcuts, and heard him speak at the IBM Verse event in New York City, it was startling to hear him refer to transient, specific events from the past two years. For example, with an entire chapter of his book devoted to the fast rise of YouTube phenom Michelle Pha
Now We Really Can Work Smarter, Not Harder
Tue, Nov 18th 2014 10:18a   Colleen Burns
At today&rsquo;s New Way to Work event in New York City, IBM&rsquo;s Bob Picciano, Senior Vice President, Information and Analytics Group, spoke of a new class of enterprises that are data-rich and analytically driven. These organizations are combining data and analytics with cloud, social and mobile technologies to transform the very way we work. This combination of technologies and the work of these organizations is leading to a new transformational moment, creating what Picciano calle
Our Ecosystem Speaks: Spotlight on Business Partners
Mon, Nov 17th 2014 12:19p   Colleen Burns
As in previous years, we are thrilled to highlight partner solutions in the Spotlight on Business Partners track. These sessions are some of the best examples of integration and interesting use cases from trusted, savvy partners. Attendees to these sessions will: learn about partner solutions that you could use; and get inspired and learn how to integrate your own solutions to products within the IBM portfolio A few examples of this innovation include Trilog&rsquo;s

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