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Social Connections Event 2012: Signs of a bright future
Colleen Burns    

Social Connections Event 2012: Signs of a bright future
image By Wannes Rams, Senior Consultant, GFI

Friday, November 30 was a day marked in my calendar for months. Time for the fourth Social Connections event in Amsterdam!  Living in Belgium, this was a perfect opportunity for me, not too far from home!

The Social Connections conference is a user group event that was organized for the first time on the Europe mainland, after three versions on the British islands.  This user group focuses on IBM Connections and social business in general.

The first event was held in London in June 2011 with 60 attendees and drinks in the pub afterwards, the second one in Cardiff in December 2011 with 80 attendees. The third event was hosted in Dublin for 100 attendees.

This most recent event shows there is a bright future for social business and IBM Connections. With 203 attendees from 16 countries representing 99 unique organizations we have the proof that the interest in IBM Social software is growing.

As with every good user group the attendance was a good mix of customers, business partners and IBMers all interested in IBM Connections, in all its aspects.

With three tracks, management sessions, case studies and technical sessions, there was a session for everyone's interest all day long. The event featured 30 sessions – all in one day!

The keynote session was given by Christopher Crummey and was a great start for this event with some sneak previews on the future of the IBM social product range.

I was able to relax and enjoy some good sessions in the afternoon as I was on stage myself on the technical track. The feedback I heard from visitors was 100 percent positive on the content and the quality of the organization. ICS Community Manager, Joyce Davis also presented. She shared her experience in the
blog as well.

Interested in learning more? Even if you didn’t attend, you can still check out the presentations. Click
here to see Joyce’s slides and mine, as well as many others.

I am already looking forward to the next one. The organizers are planning the fifth event to take place in June 2013 in the United States. 

(Don't forget - the flagship IBM Social Business conference is IBM Connect , taking place in Orlando, Fl, January 27 - 31, 2013.)

*Photo by event organizer, Stuart McIntyre

Wannes Rams is a senior consultant for GFI Benelux, an IBM Premier Business Partner from Belgium. He specializes in IBM Connections, Lotus Quickr,  IBM Sametime and Social Business. He was also a speaker @ BLUG. You can follow him on @wannesrams or wannesrams@wordpress.com

Wannes is an IBM Redbooks thought leader




Dec 12, 2012
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