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Traveler Released
Sat, Nov 18th 2017 219
VIEW_REBUILD_DIR changed to /dev/shm/view_rebuild
Tue, Nov 14th 2017 26
Erster DNUG "Domino2025 Jam" Event 23.11.2017
Thu, Nov 9th 2017 5
Domino on Linux Start Script 3.1.3 with changed way to request it
Mon, Oct 30th 2017 3
Great news Notes Domino 10 and beyond
Wed, Oct 25th 2017 4
Correctly Stopping a Traveler Server
Tue, Oct 24th 2017 3
Notes Client 9.0.1 FP9 F1 released
Sat, Oct 14th 2017 2
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Traveler Released
Sat, Nov 18th 2017 219
VIEW_REBUILD_DIR changed to /dev/shm/view_rebuild
Tue, Nov 14th 2017 26
IBM Notes V9.0.1 Mac 64 Bit English (CN6VDEN )
Tue, Sep 29th 2015 21
Domino 9.0.1 FP9 SMTP Issue
Wed, Aug 30th 2017 13
Known issues with Domino 9.0.1 FP9
Wed, Sep 27th 2017 13
TLS 1.2 Connection Issues with mail.protection.outlook.COM
Thu, Jan 7th 2016 12
Notes Client/Windows Crash with Windows 10 Creators update
Thu, Jun 1st 2017 11
Passing a document to an agent without saving it first
Sun, Apr 6th 2014 10
Solution for Notes/Domino related process is still running when applying a Fixpack or Hotfix
Wed, Mar 25th 2015 10
Details about JVM 1.8 Update in Notes/Domino 9.0.1 FP8
Sun, Feb 5th 2017 10

Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 shipped
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Daniel Nashed    

Notes and Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 is available.

The client side and server-side introduces fixes and also new features.

The official "flixlist" can be found here --> http://www.lotus.com/ldd/fixlist.nsf/0/12d957b7c277fc728525816300434c53

Here are the highlights and some important comments.

JVM Update in Notes Client & Domino Server

The security fixed version introduced with a JVM patch for FP8 is included in FP9:

Notes/Domino - Java 1.8 SR4 FP5

But this is still just the runtime in the client. The compile time support for Java 1.8 has to wait for FP10 because it also needs an update Eclipse version.

The Designer compile is Java 1.6 SR16 FP45

Notes Client Updates

Some of the changes need an updated mail-template. Some changes need notes.ini parameters or other settings.
But some other new functionality is enabled by default.

High resolution support for the Notes client

The Windows client now scales correctly text and icons with high resolution displays (higher the HD) and also with custom DPI settings.
This was a long waited feature request. FP8 already had some improvement but the main change is shipped with FP9.

Full fidelity for fonts in Notes emails

There is a change in the fonts used for the MIME body for messages to render fonts better in other clients.

In my tests it turned out that this causes interoperability issues with Notes clients.
When using sans-serif fonts in outgoing messages the messages are displayed with a serif font depending on your Notes client configuration.

It happens when you are using "Disable Embedded Browser for MIME mail" via preference (notes.ini BrowserRenderDisable=1).

Also in any case when the message is put into edit mode.

IBM is currently looking into this issue and I will post an update what I find out.

Improved handling of non-English characters in internet messages

Notes and Domino now support RFC2231, a standard internet protocol for handling non-English characters in internet messages
 to improve message fidelity in communications with other applications that support this standard.

Improved name lookup in Notes

Searching by through typeahead or in the ambiguous name dialog, returns the same results as searching by .
For example, searching for don smith or smith don returns the same results, including variants such as Donald, Donovan, Smithfield.

This is also a long waited feature. But it needs the updated pernames.ntf template provided with 9.0.1 FP9 and add a notes.ini setting AllowWildcardLookup=1.

Domino Server Updates

Enhancement Request To Be Able To Increase The Amgr Queue Beyond 100 (SPR #RSTNA4SL7C APARID: LO87242)

The Agent Manager's Eligible queue is now able to change from the lowest value possible at 100, to 255 which is the highest value possible via an INI AMGRMaxQueue.

I worked with one of those customers who has the requirement to run many agents in a very tight schedule. In there environment even on a fast server not all agents have been scheduled.
This parameter allows to increase the queue. But sadly the parameter is just a BYTE and cannot be increased about 255.
I would have wished they would have increased the limit to a higher value (which would have been a bigger change) and I would have wished that the parameter would be 255 by default.
But it should already help for most environments.

Databases and views can be opened more quickly in databases that are enabled for transaction logging

It takes less time to open databases and views that are at ODS 52 or higher and enabled for transaction logging.
Previously, performance for opening databases or views could be slow in frequently updated databases.
This improvement is due to the implementation of less contention with update operations.

So it is really important that your servers have translog enabled! We have still seen customers not running without translog.
And it is important that you update your ODS to 52 via create_r9_databases=1 and compact -C.

I have not seen any performance values. But this should improve also performance for NIFNSF enabled databases.

Enabling and managing inline view indexing

A view index is an internal filing system that Notes® uses to build the list of documents to display in a database view or folder.
By default, view indexes are updated on a server at scheduled intervals.
To update a view index immediately after documents change instead, administrators can enable inline view indexing.
When you enable inline view indexing, a critical view is always kept up-to-date for your users.

I have not looked into it in detail yet. But it is a bigger change and the release information does not contain all the details.

Here is the documentation update with all the details -->https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSKTMJ_9.0.1/admin/admn_inline_index_enabling.html
The documentation contains information how to implement it and also how to query information, statistics and other details.

I hope those additional comments on top of the release notes are helpful for your first look into FP9.

-- Daniel

Aug 20, 2017
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Sat, Nov 18th 2017 3:44p   Daniel Nashed
Traveler has been released and I installed it already. As usual, if you are not waiting for an urgent open issue that is listed in the fix list, it might make sense to wait before installing a new version in production asap. I have installed it already befor the weekend and it looks good for my small environment. Beside the fixes listed below there is a new feature: Support for invitee availability search from Calendar on Exchange ActiveSync clients. Still trying to test it. N
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Domino on Linux Start Script 3.1.3 with changed way to request it
Mon, Oct 30th 2017 5:43a   Daniel Nashed
Just updated the start script to a new version with some minor changes. There was one issue with systemd on shutdown and I made a change in the way config files are used. Most of the new features are coming in either thru projects or when I want something for my own environment. I don't get much feedback or feature requests beside that. One change triggered by a project was how config files apply. We wanted to use the same configuration for all servers. But we wanted special settings f
Great news Notes Domino 10 and beyond
Wed, Oct 25th 2017 9:03p   Daniel Nashed
We got great news today. There will be a Notes & Domino 10 in 2018. And IBM also announced that with joined efforts with HCL Technologies they are working on a strategy for #Domino2025. This isn't a new partnership. IBM and HCL are already working together for Tivoli and Rational software. But is was still a big surprise today. Notes and Domino 9.0.1 FP10 is committed for 2017 and I am looking forward to hear more about the Notes & Domino Strategy planned for 2018 with Notes and D
Correctly Stopping a Traveler Server
Tue, Oct 24th 2017 2:02p   Daniel Nashed
This is not new but I ran into this a couple of times on customer site. Specially on a Traveler HA server this becomes important. Shutting down the Traveler servertask when the Domino server/service is stopped might lead to hang situations of the HTTP task. The better way would be to shutdown the Traveler servertask first. But even that might lead to undesired results. There is a special Traveler shutdown command "tell traveler shutdown" that can be used to let Traveler finish it's wor
Notes Client 9.0.1 FP9 F1 released
Sat, Oct 14th 2017 5:31p   Daniel Nashed
There is also a client IF1 for 9.0.1 FP9 which fixes one part of the issue that I reported. Depending on your configuration MIME messages sent did show up with different fonts on Notes clients. It happened in edit mode or when the embedded MIME browser was disabled. What has been fixed is that the IF1 client shows correct fronts. But earlier clients still shows different fonts (for example if you send a mail with sans serif it will show up in serif). I don't know if that can be fixed at
Domino 9.0.1 FP 9 IF2 available with important fixes
Fri, Oct 13th 2017 9:09a   Daniel Nashed
Two of the issues fixed in IF2 have been discussed before in my blog. But there are also two other critical issues fixed. Some of my customers reported DBMT and updall hangs which have been fixed with TDOOAREP8W. And the Private on first use folder issue also has been reported before. If you have installed 9.0.1 FP 9 you should update to IF2! -- Daniel JPAIAQ5SKW PANIC: DbMarkCorrupt! (d:notefileadmin4.nsf Dbiid: 0x3D91E116 0x3C07FE17) JVEKAQSGCC S
IBM Champion Program Nominations are open
Tue, Oct 10th 2017 6:05p   Daniel Nashed
The IBM champion nominations have just started today. You can nominate your favorite persons in the community to appreciate what they are doing for the community (--> https://developer.ibm.com/dwblog/2017/ibm-champion-program-nominations/) Libby just expressed it in short words what a champion makes stand out. Let me quote instead of just passing a link! -- Daniel "You may know an IBM Champion if… The best way to understand the IBM Champions program is to know an IBM Champion. D
Installing C-API Applications on Linux
Wed, Oct 4th 2017 11:51a   Daniel Nashed
When installing binaries on Linux you have to be aware of the directory structure for the files installed in the opt directory. For installing a servertask the recommended way is to copy it to the Domino binary directory and create a start link. For myself I created a script that handles installation of servertasks and extension managers because I don't want to do those steps manually and my script comes with a wrapper script that benefits of sudo when installing binaries on my developmen

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