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Three years at Microsoft
Sat, Jun 28th 2014 390
Apps for Excel 2013
Wed, Jun 25th 2014 217
Power BI for Office 365
Wed, Jun 4th 2014 192
Windows Phone 8.1
Tue, Apr 22nd 2014 254
All aboard the Camberley Express
Fri, Feb 28th 2014 382
Power BI app for Windows 8.1
Thu, Feb 27th 2014 383
Microsoft Project Siena
Wed, Feb 19th 2014 597
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Outlook 2013 – better visibility of draft messages
Mon, Aug 20th 2012 723
Microsoft Project Siena
Wed, Feb 19th 2014 597
Microsoft Surface with Windows RT, take 2
Wed, Jan 2nd 2013 526
Super Calendar for Windows Phone
Tue, Feb 18th 2014 420
Three years at Microsoft
Sat, Jun 28th 2014 390
Power BI app for Windows 8.1
Thu, Feb 27th 2014 383
All aboard the Camberley Express
Fri, Feb 28th 2014 382
Power Query for Excel 2013
Mon, Dec 30th 2013 350
Dell Venue 8 Pro
Fri, Dec 27th 2013 285
Managing your tasks with SharePoint 2013
Wed, Sep 19th 2012 270

Twitter clients for Windows Phone

If you’re a user of Twitter and an owner of a Windows Phone, you may argue as to whether you actually need a Twitter client since the native integration into the phone’s OS is so good. If you’re not familiar with that integration it basically works like this… you can bring your Twitter (and Facebook, Windows Live, and LinkedIn) contacts into the people hub and get an aggregated view of updates from those people and responses to you. It’s easy to see when people have replied to me or mentioned me, and you can make groups of people (e.g. family, colleagues), pin the groups to the start screen, and thus get a snapshot of the updates coming from just those people.

However, if you’re more than a casual user of Twitter, or use features such as lists, filters and trends, then you may want a dedicated Twitter client. And if you’re a Windows Phone owner the good news is that there’s plenty to choose from. Here’s a brief look at some of the clients available.

Click on the app icons to see a screenshot.

Twitter (free) – the ‘official’ Twitter app offers a good level of features, a tidy uncluttered user interface, easy access to lists (and the ability to create new lists and add people to them), a choice of photo service, viewing of trends, and the ability to choose a theme (light or dark) and font size. However, there are some missing features – if you look at a mention or direct message you can’t see the conversation, and there’s no support for a ‘live tile’ (an indicator on the start screen showing the number of unread mentions or messages).

Birdsong (£0.79) – apart from a choice of theme and viewing of trends, this app offers all of the features of the Twitter app, but also includes the ability to configure the panorama interface by adding your choice of lists. It also allows you to see the conversation of any mention or message. Birdsong supposedly supports a live tile (it’s in the settings) but it’s never worked for me. Nevertheless, a very good app.

Rowi (£2.29 or a free ad-supported version) – seems to have everything apart from a choice of theme. There’s a couple of nice touches… you can see thumbnails of tweeted pictures (click on them and they open) and clicking on a tweet or message brings up a floating menu of options.

Carbon (£1.49) – again, appears to have it all, plus a filters feature to mute people or hashtags, and a view which can be switched to show lists or retweets. The only problem I have with Carbon is that it doesn’t always respond to a press of the finger. But it’s a favourite with many people and I can see why.

gleek! (£1.49) – not only wins the award for the strangest name, but is also my favourite client. It’s somewhat different as it starts with an options page – new tweet, search, messages, trends, friends & faves, lists, each configured account, and gleeks (tweets from the gleek! account). You can however change this option and open the app straight into the timeline, mentions or retweets. There’s also an option to show ‘peeks’, which are random tweets. But what I really like about gleek! is the ability to pin different things to the start screen (my account, lists, trends, individual people, even direct access to a new tweet) and, new in version 1.5, the ability to colour-code friends to get more immediate visibility of them in the timeline.

Like many of the other Twitter clients you can change the font size in gleek! – it offers small for ‘Eagle Eyes’, normal for ‘Normal People’ and large for ‘Old Geezers’. It also allows the display of media ‘inline’, an option that can be turned off to preserve reading space and bandwidth.

I’ve added some extra gleek! screenshots here (click on the small images to see the larger versions)… above is a selection of live tiles (although I caught them at a time where there were no new updates), and to the right the colour-coding screen showing some of the accounts I’ve colour-coded. The timeline image above shows Camberley People colour-coded in pink, one of the nine colours to choose from.

It’s only fair to mention that other Twitter clients are available, such as moTweets, Seesmic, Beezz (nice but hasn’t been updated for a year), TweetCaster, Mehdoh (very popular but development has stopped), and Peregrine. And possibly some others.

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May 07, 2012
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Power BI app for Windows 8.1
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Microsoft Project Siena
Wed, Feb 19th 2014 5:12p   Darren Adams
Most Windows 8 (or 8.1) users would look at the apps on their start screen and assume that they couldn’t build one themselves. Many people would be wrong, as Microsoft’s Project Siena app sets out to help those people who’d like to build an app but have almost no development skills. If you understand the data you might be working with, that’s an advantage, as is a good knowledge of Excel function syntax. So what is Project Siena? Project Siena is itself a Windows 8.1 app [read] Keywords: development facebook javascript linkedin microsoft mobile sharepoint twitter widgets

Super Calendar for Windows Phone
Tue, Feb 18th 2014 7:10a   Darren Adams
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Selling a car privately
Fri, Jan 3rd 2014 10:12a   Darren Adams
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The BBC Breakfast ‘local’ news
Fri, Jan 3rd 2014 7:11a   Darren Adams
Actually there’s two things that annoy me about the BBC news in the morning. One is that weather presenter woman (Carol, I think) who says “guuud morneeeng” and then smiles inanely while she delivers a forecast that we’d be able to look back on a day later and say “well, she got that wrong again”. But mainly it’s about the way the local news is announced. Every morning they say “but now the news, traffic and weather where YOU are”… and [read] Keywords: facebook javascript linkedin twitter widgets

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