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Using IBM Lotus Traveler with a proxy....food for thought before you do this
Tue, Dec 16th 2014 223
How to disable SSLv3 in Domino
Fri, Dec 12th 2014 339
Tis coming to the close of 2014, so it must be time for the snarky review
Wed, Dec 10th 2014 304
POODLE TLS - The POODLE Strikes Back - change your settings now....
Tue, Dec 9th 2014 433
The Domino fixes for POODLE and TLS, you may not be done yet
Tue, Nov 4th 2014 506
Back to basics - how to DAOS enable (missed?) non-DAOS’d Domino mail files the easy way
Mon, Nov 3rd 2014 246
STARTTLS and POODLE is this really an issue?
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 503
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Here is a freely available VM to reverse proxy Domino - shoot the poodle
Wed, Oct 15th 2014 536
Setting up IBM HTTP Server to redirect all traffic to HTTPS when fronting Domino (I guess this is part 3???)
Thu, May 30th 2013 508
The Domino fixes for POODLE and TLS, you may not be done yet
Tue, Nov 4th 2014 506
STARTTLS and POODLE is this really an issue?
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 503
POODLE and SHA2 support coming to Domino
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 448
POODLE TLS - The POODLE Strikes Back - change your settings now....
Tue, Dec 9th 2014 433
How to disable SSLv3 in Domino
Fri, Dec 12th 2014 339
Exporting Domino SSL keyfiles to another format for use with IHS
Tue, May 28th 2013 311
Tis coming to the close of 2014, so it must be time for the snarky review
Wed, Dec 10th 2014 304
So Domino and SHA2.....There’s a SPR for that
Wed, Aug 20th 2014 272

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Using IBM Lotus Traveler with a proxy....food for thought before you do this
Tue, Dec 16th 2014 6:11a   Darren Duke
Over that past few weeks I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why a Traveler server that has been relocated behind a proxy would not work (it was a standalone server that was working fine before it was moved behind the proxy). Everything seemed fine, except one couldn't get to the Traveler log on page and/or add devices to the servers. Existing users worked flawlessly. Needless to say this was extremely aggravating. I'd install another, new Traveler server and put i [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus traveler bug server

How to disable SSLv3 in Domino
Fri, Dec 12th 2014 6:01a   Darren Duke
In my POODLE TLS post from a few days back, there was a comment asking how to fully disabling SSLv3 in Domino. You'll notice in the comments I mention that there is a way but at the time it was under NDA. Well, apparently not anymore.... Now, fair warning this may not yet be supported by IBM so if you choose to do this, you do it at your own risk (while under NDA on this, it was stated that is unsupported so YMMV). According to this post on the Domino wiki, you can use this server notes [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus notes server wiki

Tis coming to the close of 2014, so it must be time for the snarky review
Wed, Dec 10th 2014 1:27p   Darren Duke
Firefox, started 27, ended 34 Chrome started 32, ended 39 IE....11 and 11 IBM finally realized the 2015 plan was imploding. Except they "realized" this in 2014, so the immense damage of the plan has already been done. Oh, and I doubt they will stop the culling. Talking of IBM....support. Oh, how I used to use thee as a unique selling point. Now? I routinely have 14+ day periods when the assignee of the PMR doesn't respond to multiple emails. At first I thought this was just me [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere quickr apple desktop firefox google iphone java microsoft office oracle server

POODLE TLS - The POODLE Strikes Back - change your settings now....
Tue, Dec 9th 2014 8:11a   Darren Duke
After a brief chat in the Lotus Notes Skype chat with Jim Casle, Declan Lynch, Steve Pridemore and Frederick Norling it has become apparent that Domino maybe susceptible to the newly discovered POODLE TLS issue (POODLE 2.0 if you will). You can read about the new issues here and here. Go scan your servers at SSL Labs. Anyway, provided you are using 9.0.1 FP IF1 (the TLS fix that IBM provided a while back) the apparent Domino fix is to disable AES and 3DES ciphers and run with only RC4: [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes community server skype

The Domino fixes for POODLE and TLS, you may not be done yet
Tue, Nov 4th 2014 3:09p   Darren Duke
As you read elsewhere IBM have finally addressed POODLE and TLS 1.0 are now available for for these releases on all platforms, 9.0.1 FP2, 9.0, 8.5.3 FP6, 8.5.2 FP4 and 8.5.1 FP5. Now just implementing these fixes may not completely protect you, unless you also disable both AES ciphers in Domino. Basically these are the two ciphers you want enabled: It's worth pointing out that with the TLS1.0 fix IBM also addressed a long time pet peeve of mine, low quality ciphers: Removed support [read] Keywords: domino ibm planetlotus planetlotus.org security server

Back to basics - how to DAOS enable (missed?) non-DAOS’d Domino mail files the easy way
Mon, Nov 3rd 2014 4:06p   Darren Duke
I got this question from an STS customer: My question ... is there something I can run from the server console to make sure everyone is set up for DAOS or it is working for all mail accounts? Well, yes there is. Using a old Domino feature called Indirect Files, copy and paste and Excel. Let me show you how...... If you're on Domino 9 make sure to add the following to your server notes.ini, This will prevent compact from failing by preventing the Router from delivering mail to a co [read] Keywords: admin domino inotes notes symphony server


STARTTLS and POODLE is this really an issue?
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 10:28a   Darren Duke
I got an email for a customer the other day about mitigating POODLE with IBM's Lotus Protector for Mail Security (LPMS). There is a technote for this, 1687838. At the top there is an interesting warning: IMPORTANT: disabling SSLv3 for XMail may cause severe incompatibility problems with other MTAs that do not support TLS 1.x I was asked if this was an issue. My response: It depends on who you are STARTTLS emailing to.... This only affects domains that you have set as r [read] Keywords: domino ibm inotes lotus protector email outlook planetlotus planetlotus.org security server smtp wifi

POODLE and SHA2 support coming to Domino
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 9:02a   Darren Duke
Behold, the silence has ended.....the crescendo that is IBM has finally lifted the veil on some fixes for some very large security holes....AFAIK these are native Domino fixes. I'm unsure of the protocols supported, but my understanding is all of them, but only time will tell. These are not available yet, but should be in "weeks"... First up, fix POODLE outlined in Technote 1687167. This is coming to: 9.0.1 FP2 9.0 8.5.3 FP6 8.5.2 FP4 8.5.1 FP5 I think that is every supported Domino [read] Keywords: domino ibm security vm

Here is a freely available VM to reverse proxy Domino - shoot the poodle
Wed, Oct 15th 2014 7:35a   Darren Duke
In an effort to help Domino customers mitigate the disaster that is the SSLv3 Poodle bug, I am providing the virtual machine liked at the bottom of this post. Note, you can also use the IBM HTTP Server bundled with R9 if you are on a Windows server....if that is the case, stop reading. YOU USE THIS POST AT YOUR OWN RISK. For professional services related to this contact STS Sales. Take backup copies of any files you change, including the Domino Directory. That way if you screw up...... [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm inotes quickr traveler bug firefox google integration network password security server vm wiki ubuntu

So Domino and SHA2.....There’s a SPR for that
Wed, Aug 20th 2014 7:20a   Darren Duke
As some of you know, SHA2 support in the native Domino HTTP stack has been a bit of a fire starter of late. As IBM like to say "we've not heard that from our customers", here's your chance to change that. How do you do that? Simple, if you are able to create a PMR against Domino (if you're on support for Notes and Domino you can) and mention that you want SPR # ABAI7SASE6 (APAR LO48388) addressed. Here's link to the IBM support portal, so head on over there and create an PMR via an Elec [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus notes

My customers don’t want Mail.Next
Tue, Aug 19th 2014 11:30a   Darren Duke
I have customers ranging from names you have heard of, to a few hundred seats, to 5 or less. I’m pretty sure that most customers I come into contact with are not on IBM’s radar. A few maybe, but most? Not so much. Some of them occasionally ask about “mail.next” but none are excited. You see, these customers are not cutting edge. They are not chasing the next shiny ball of tinfoil. They cherish stability. Not constant change. Not constant “vaporware” demos of stuff that most think f [read] Keywords: administration domino ibm mashups notes quickr sametime symphony development

How did I not know this feature of Windows existed? AKA - a useful tip
Fri, Aug 8th 2014 8:13a   Darren Duke
With a little over 18 months since I've had to produce weekly tips, you've most likely missed my gems (OK, some weren't gems, but you get what you pay for).... Anyway, this one is a gem, and I'm sure most of you know this but I surely did not. On any Windows folder, hold down the Shift key and right click you get these additional options added to your context bar: If you do anything with Websphere on Windows this will no doubt save you a ton of time, Again, how did I not know [read] Keywords: websphere

My best (and last) idea on the Notes/Domino/Traveler/etc IdeaJam
Tue, Apr 22nd 2014 8:55a   Darren Duke
IBM are off creating the next "great" thing with Mail.Next. I can see the value of going "client-less" (i.e. web) but hopefully IBM are looking at IdeaJam and implementing many, many, many of the outstanding usability suggestions out there. So here you have it, my best, and last, suggestion to IdeaJam (and can you believe some people still post out there????). [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes traveler ideajam

Addendum to my Domino DBMT post (well, a correction)
Tue, Apr 8th 2014 5:50a   Darren Duke
I'm also going to update the original post, but it appears there was an issue with the command in that original post: -compactThreads 0 -updallThreads 2 -stoptime 5AM You will see something like this in the notes.log on the server: use this one instead: -compactThreads 0 -updallThreads 2 -stoptime 5:00AM Yes, the ":00" makes all the difference. [read] Keywords: domino notes server

ATLUG Day of Champions - a who’s who of smart people all in one place
Mon, Mar 24th 2014 11:15a   Darren Duke
So it has happened....yours truly is going to be a [non-IBM] Champion.....well for a day ;) The Atlanta User Group (aka Atlanta Lotus User Group) is to host a pretty unique one-of-a-kind event on April 7th, 2014, that being the "Day of Champions". Each of the 11 "champions" gets a TED like 18 minutes or so to entertain, bedazzle and hopefully educate the attendees in all manner of things, technical or not-so-technical. Add to that a Connect-like Gurupalooza and speed-geeking and [read] Keywords: ibm lotus community

On Domino 9? Have a cluster? You’re using DBMT right?
Wed, Mar 19th 2014 7:43a   Darren Duke
So with the release of Domino 9, IBM added the Database Maintenance Tool (or DBMT). This new tool is a bit like a Swiss Army knife of server tasks. It can run compact, updall and full text index tasks all from one command. But for some server environments (I'm thinking clusters using archived transaction logging here) all you really want is to have view indexed rebuilt so that is a user if failed over (or 100's of users fail over) then there is no delay while all these mail file view indexe [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm ldd lotus notes updall database server

iNotes and IE11 - yes it is supported
Tue, Mar 18th 2014 8:39a   Darren Duke
IE11 has been out for a while and with the likes of Google saying IE9 will no longer supported on their stuff, more and more organizations and people are moving to it. The thing with iNotes is that fixes may or may not be in a Domino Fix Pack. They may be in a completely separate download. You have to select "iNotes" as the product in Fix Central. To support IE11 with iNotes you need to be at Domino 9.0.1 with iNotes fix 9.0.1 IF1 or higher (IF2 is now available to go with that). Anyway, [read] Keywords: domino ibm inotes lotus firefox google server

When installing ESXi be sure to get your server’s customized installer
Tue, Mar 18th 2014 7:59a   Darren Duke
I do a lot of VMware. Seriously, a lot! A common thread I see with virtualization deployments is that soon-to-be-virtualizers download the ISO from VMware and rock and roll. But wait. There is a better way! No, really there is. But for most folks it's unknown. Until now..... Almost all server hardware manufactures have a customized version built specifically for their iron. Usually this involves adding drivers and monitoring stuff, but if you've ever tried installing a CIM package, then yo [read] Keywords: ibm google server virtualization vmware

The issue with SocialBizUG - or you are missing REALLY important posts
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 6:00a   Darren Duke
I have many issues with SocialBizUG. Many, many, many, many. Did I say many? Too many to write about, especially as Twitter has removed any capability I ever had to write long form blog posts..... Anyhow. One issue I have is outline below and that has consequences for the community at whole..... See the post outlined in bold? That's a post from Kramer Reeves. Or as you may know him, "the new Ed Brill". But you wouldn't know that from that screen shot of PlanetLotus right? No. bec [read] Keywords: connections domino bleedyellow community planetlotus twitter

My schedule at Connect
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 8:45a   Darren Duke
No sooner had I tweeted this, I suddenly got inspiration..... I haven't written a blog post this year, and I'm kind of OK with that althought I do have some pent-up ranting to do somewhere— Darren Duke (@darrenduke) January 22, 2014 Not my full schedule by any means..... Friday night party. Friday is the new Saturday. Stroll to the beach to watch beach footie on Saturday Stroll to mai-tai Stroll to BALD Get all dolled up for the Penumbra dinner, make IBMers uncomfort [read] Keywords: twitter widgets

Use a custom notes.ini file and prepopulate user settings on Notes first startup
Mon, Dec 2nd 2013 10:53a   Darren Duke
I alluded to this a a few days ago in my ManageEngine Desktop Central (DC) post (not that you need DC for this, it just makes it easier if you have a application that can push out files to the OS....Group Policy can probably do it too) but you can simply customize a notes.ini file and have Notes fill-in all those complicated user-prompted fields like server, address, name....etc. Anyway, the idea here is to in no way require a user to know anything except their Notes password when they run N [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm id vault lotus notes R8 application desktop laptop password profile server

Using ManageEngine’s DesktopCentral to deploy Lotus Notes
Tue, Nov 26th 2013 2:05p   Darren Duke
I mentioned in my last blog post that ManageEngine's software was one of my winners for 2013. They make great, reasonably priced software. I use DesktopCentral and OpsUtils all the time. Anyway, DesktopCentral has deployment templates for tons of software, but not Notes. They do have a "How to" for Notes on their website, but I thought I'd post mine here as (a) it does it a bit better and (b) you almost always want to chain a Fix Pack after the install. I'm assuming you know your way [read] Keywords: lotus notes desktop password server

The somewhat snarky review of 2013
Mon, Nov 25th 2013 3:42p   Darren Duke
The (now apparently annual) non-conforming review of 2013: Firefox started the year at 17.0.1 and will most likely end it at 27. Chrome started the year at 25 and will most likely end it at 32. IE started the year at….well, no one really cares. BlackBerry started the year with a not too bright future and will end the year with yet another CEO who will fix absolutely everything. I’m looking forward to seeing unicorns too. IBM entered the year hoping that 2013 was actually 2015 so they could s [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus lotusphere notes quickr sametime apple blackberry firefox iphone macbook office

New blog interface is live
Tue, Nov 19th 2013 7:13a   Darren Duke
As I mentioned yesterday, I have completed my move to Serdar Basegmez's new Bootstrap powered DominoBlog template. In little over 3 hours of total work (most of that was figuring out what Serdar had done in the DominoBlog config document) it is now live....well, you can see that right? If I was to do this again, I'd most likely get Serdar's template themed the way I want it, then copy all my blog posts and comments to the new NSF. I didn't do that and it borked comments for while. Sinc [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm R7 xpages community firefox interface iphone mobile

Serdar Basegmez may have just saved DominoBlog from obscurity
Mon, Nov 18th 2013 2:02p   Darren Duke
OK, I admit it. I've been meaning to move this blog off the rarely updated DominoBlog template that has shipped with Domino since R7. But other things keep getting my attention, you know like naked tweeting and my annual physical. Anything but migrating to another platform as I just didn't need the hassle. Well, it looks like my 3+ year procrastination has finally paid off. You see Serdar Basegmez has done a brilliant job of integrating Bootstrap into DominoBlog. I requested he send me the [read] Keywords: domino R7 mobile

My thoughts and disappointment at IBM and the Domino Web Admin debacle
Wed, Nov 13th 2013 6:51a   Darren Duke
So as you have most likely read on PlanetLotus IBM have announced, via a security alert no less, that: IBM Domino Web Administrator (webadmin.nsf) has multiple cross-site scripting vulnerabilities of low CVSS score. These vulnerabilities do not exist in the Domino Administrator client. To prevent the potential for these attacks, migrate away from Domino Web Administrator. Instead use the Domino Administrator client or the mitigations listed below. Domino Web Administrator is being deprecated. [read] Keywords: admin connections domino ibm xpages application applications email java mobile planetlotus security server websphere

Remember to check *both* Domino and Traveler for fixes
Thu, Oct 17th 2013 6:06a   Darren Duke
Organizations patch their Traveler servers at a fast and furious rate. There is nothing wrong with that. Indeed given the rate at which new mobile OS updates comes out you pretty much have to, and IBM are doing a great job here. However, Traveler is not the only thing to patch. You also need to look at recent Domino IF's (intermediate fixes) and FP's (fix packs). As an example, yesterday Traveler IF2 was released. This provided fixes to the *actual* Traveler application that resides [read] Keywords: domino ibm traveler application mobile server

Thanks Bruce
Wed, Oct 2nd 2013 6:36a   Darren Duke
It's hopefully safe to say that if you are reading this blog you know who Bruce Elgort is. Luminary is the word that keeps coming to mind when I think of Bruce. We all know what he has his hands in, OpenNTF, IdeaJam, Xsnippets, Taking Notes, the 1352 Report and incredibly important charity work to name a few. Today Bruce steps away from as Chairman of OpenNTF. For me it's something else that I think of when someone mentions Bruce.....it's the early morning and you log-on to your computer, [read] Keywords: notes ideajam openntf skype taking notes twitter

How to self nominate for the IBM Champion program.....or not
Thu, Sep 12th 2013 7:57a   Darren Duke
I thought I'd take a stab at filling out the self nomination part of the IBM Champion form.........here's an excerpt, but if I were you, I don't think I'd quite follow my lead. [read] Keywords: ibm

Domino Directories and local replicas - another bad idea
Tue, Aug 13th 2013 7:08a   Darren Duke
In the post yesterday Mail file users having manager ACL and why it's a bad idea brought up some questions about getting the Domino Directory on the client as a replica. This is not a good idea unless you really know what you are doing (and even then, it's still a really, really bad idea), so I though instead of just answering that, I'd together some thoughts on various things related to replication of the Domino Directory. Never, ever replicate the full Domino Directory to a users PC. I h [read] Keywords: acl admin domino office properties server

Mail file users having "Manager" ACL, and why it’s a bad idea
Mon, Aug 12th 2013 8:35a   Darren Duke
Every few weeks or so I get into an argument with people when I recommend they drop the ACL level for a user from "Manager" to "Editor" on a users mai file. There are numerous reasons to this including but not limited to: Stops users deleting their entire mail file from the server (yes, I have seen this *multiple* times) Stops users jacking up the ACL and locking out servers, administrators, et al "Manager" is not required to delegate or enabled Out of Office (it used to....but that was [read] Keywords: acl domino ibm database office server

Enabling DAOS on the Domino mail template
Mon, Jun 10th 2013 8:18a   Darren Duke
If you enable DAOS on your mail templates then when a new mail file is created DAOS is already enabled. Do this of all of your mail templates in a similar fashion to what I show below for the mail85.ntf template: Open Domino Administrator, go to the Files tab and select "Show me: Templates only": Scroll down to, and right click on the mail template (in this case mail85.ntf) and select properties: In the properties dialog, select "Use Domino Attachment and Object Service" (DAOS). [read] Keywords: domino ntf properties

Setting up IBM HTTP Server to redirect all traffic to HTTPS when fronting Domino (I guess this is part 3???)
Thu, May 30th 2013 6:26a   Darren Duke
I guess this is somewhat of a series now. Hummm..... Previous (now) parts: In (now) part 1, I showed how to install IBM HTTP Server (IHS) with Domino 9 on Windows In (now) part 2, I showed how to use an existing Domino keyfile SSL certificate on IHS I this (now) part 3 I will show hot to redirect all IHS traffic to SSL when using the Domino 9 built-in IHS server. This is most likely how you want iNotes or Traveler servers set up.....so here goes: 0.5) Make sure you already have [read] Keywords: domino ibm inotes traveler server

Exporting Domino SSL keyfiles to another format for use with IHS
Tue, May 28th 2013 2:31p   Darren Duke
In my last post I'd indicated that IBM HTTP Server (IHS) is included with Domino 9 on Windows and that I think this is a pretty good addition (if cop out). Anyway, you most likely already have an SSL certificate on Domino for web mail or Traveler and with IHS in front of Domino you now want to move that SSL certificate to IHS. As you most likely know Domino's SSL key format is a tad esoteric so how does one go about getting that pesky KYR format into the KDB format that IHS likes? I scoured [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes traveler networking password server

IBM Domino now includes IBM HTTP Server - but how do you find it?
Wed, May 15th 2013 11:34a   Darren Duke
Well, first you probably want to know why IBM added the IBM HTTP Server (IHS) to Domino.....basically to allow Domino to do TLS over HTTP (which native Domino HTTP cannot do....it can do TLS over SMTP but not HTTP), but I think it was also a roundabout "fix" some SSL scaling issues that Domino can have. So how do I get it? Well, it's built into the 9.0 installer for Windows Domino servers (other OSes, you are out of luck....complain via a PMR) but you only see it when you do a custom [read] Keywords: admin connections domino ibm ldd lotus notes traveler bug server smtp

Running Domino on VMware or other "sub-capacity" platform? You know about ILMT right?
Thu, May 9th 2013 9:06a   Darren Duke
This post came out of an email where an IBMer threatened to audit an STS customer because they didn't renew. The customer got a better deal switching to a different license type (thanks to STS) which ended up being a new-net purchase and not a renewal, hence the IBMer was none too pleased. Lisa convinced me not to make this ass-hat IBMer famous in this post. But what I will do is outline what you need to know as a customer who uses sub-capacity licensing within your organization. When you ac [read] Keywords: domino ibm inotes lotus email enterprise server virtualization vmware

ATLUG is May 16th and I will be presenting on IBM Lotus Traveler security
Mon, May 6th 2013 12:20p   Darren Duke
Luckily there is also another present so don't let the fact that I'm presenting keep you away :) Here's the abstracts: We have two presenters for our May meeting. Brad Balassaitis of the PSC Group will present, Presenting Data Effectively with XPages A critical feature of any application is the organization and display of the data. In the Lotus Notes client, data views generally all look the same, but when designing an application for the web, users expect more and XPages [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes notes client traveler xpages application applications bes blogger dojo iphone podcast security server

Update to the Domino cluster post, when to use "SERVER_RESTRICTED"
Wed, May 1st 2013 10:34a   Darren Duke
After the last clustering post, Stop users accidentally connecting to passive Domino cluster servers I've have several people ask when I would use SERVER_RESTRICTED as I'd indicated I would not use that to keep users off my clusters. Well, let's look at this scenario where you are running an active-passive cluster (that is one server handles all user requests-the active; the other handles fail over when the active is down-the passive): Your active server goes boom for whatever reason, h [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes database server virus

Integrating Lotus Notes (or is that IBM Notes) with TAPI so you can call from contacts
Mon, Apr 22nd 2013 3:57p   Darren Duke
While technically this *should* work with any TAPI provider I got it to work with an Avaya IP Office 500 which I see at a ton of SMB's. I like them too, nice pieces of kit. Anyway, thanks to Ulrich Krause's post on SearchDomino with code that can hook into TAPI I finally got around to trying to tie my Contact DB with the IP Phone. Here is how I did it.... Caveats: This is is on Windows 7 x64 Using the vendor provided TAPI driver, in this case Avaya that came with 4.2.46 user software [read] Keywords: agent ibm lotus notes office password properties server

PVU changes with new Intel CPUs - yes, just when you thought you knew Domino PVU calculations.....
Thu, Apr 18th 2013 4:09p   Darren Duke
Not sure when this happened, but IBM has now tiered the PVU requirements, which also affects Domino. This affects Intel CPUs (AMD are still all 50 PVUs per core) Basically this tiered approach requires you to have a higher number of PVUs per core the more sockets you have in a single server. It's basically this: 4 sockets : 120 PVUs per core So just when you thought there was no way on earth you could hate the evil that is PVU, well....you were misguided. This seems to be a high en [read] Keywords: domino ibm server

Stop users accidentally connecting to passive Domino cluster servers
Mon, Apr 15th 2013 6:40a   Darren Duke
In clusters I prefer to split my users between them, but if you don't do that (or can't, because as you have a Domino cluster server at a remote DR site for fail over only) then you can do the following to stop users accidentally connecting to the dormant/passive cluster member: Add SERVER_AVAILABILITY_THRESHOLD=100 to the dormant/passive server notes.ini file. Once you add that you should eventually see the server availability switch to this: Some things to understand here.. [read] Keywords: domino notes server

Want to know the Achillies Heel of Domino Security? It’s internet passords and the lack admin control over them
Wed, Apr 10th 2013 10:47a   Darren Duke
I just sat in on the excellent "Securing Domino Web Server" open-mic hosted by IBM. Go watch the replay when it is available, easily worth 60 minutes of your life. This showed how to "harden" a Domino web server and they think handled all the points well, with one exception (and I don't think is the fault of the presenters, but more a serious Domino issue). The user side of the equation. The people with the shitty passwords like "1234" and "password". It is no secret the users and th [read] Keywords: admin connections domino ibm inotes notes policies quickr traveler applications password security server websphere

Go turn on two factor authentication of iTunes and Google et al
Mon, Apr 8th 2013 2:33p   Darren Duke
Basically this will hopefully prevent hackers, ne'er-do-wellers and/or relatives from resetting your passwords. Apple instructions are available at https://support.apple.com/kb/HT5570 Google instructions are available at http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/advanced-sign-in-security-for-your.html There are also others available, like DropBox, AWS, etc and Life Hacker lists some others..... While we are on about security, I use KeePass Password Safe, the free and open source pa [read] Keywords: apple google password security

Android Traveler updates in 9
Mon, Mar 25th 2013 4:10p   Darren Duke
As you would expect the icons have changed: But you now also get a monthly view in the calendar, along with a handy "Create new event...." at the bottom: Here's hoping we see "pull down to refresh" and "hold to create event in time-slot" soon as well...... [read] Keywords: traveler

Planet Lotus access via mobile devices
Wed, Feb 27th 2013 4:48a   Darren Duke
Wow, really? The first post in 2013. Whoops. Anyway it used to be that you could go to http://m.planetlotus.org and get the mobile UI for the site. I had issues with getting to any page after page one (basically paging was borked) but after talking with the legendary Yancy Lent he informed me of a change to the URL. The new URL is now: http://planetlotus.org/m I can now page again. My life is complete again. Oh, and I'm loving the auto HTTP link creation in R9 which really makes pos [read] Keywords: lotus mobile planet lotus planetlotus planetlotus.org

The curse of the failed Windows Update - not just a Lenovo issue
Wed, Dec 26th 2012 7:37a   Darren Duke
Over the past few months almost ever Lenovo PC I've staged fails Windows 7 Updates with a "Reverting Updates" and proceeds to reboot several times and none of the updates get installed. I tweeted the solution I found a while back here but I find myself looking for the exact Windows update giving the issue and sometimes Twitter is difficult to get too.....hence the blog, so I can kind it easier, and also this is slide time for Connect 2013 so I find myself doing *anything* but writing slides.. [read] Keywords: twitter

The somewhat snarky review of 2012
Mon, Dec 17th 2012 10:11a   Darren Duke
The year would not be complete without a review of the past 52 weeks of activity, so here goes: Firefox started the year at version 9 and will most likely end with version 17. Firefox's aging is on par with a dog. Google Chrome started the year at version 17 and will most likely end at version 25. Chrome's aging is on par with a dog. IE started the year as shit browser. It will definitely end the year as a shit browser. IE is on par with a dog turd. Not to be out done by not having [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes quickr symphony application blackberry firefox google iphone java mac microsoft rim vmware

Credit where credit is due - IBM Notes now as an option sure to please the masses
Thu, Dec 13th 2012 9:22a   Darren Duke
And I mean users here, not LotiCS faithful. Over the years I have beat IBM up over the fact the Notepad is superior to Notes when pasting. See here this old post from October 2009 along with the accompanying IdamJam post..... Anyway with IBM Notes 9 there is a new option (and a keyboard shortcut!!!) in the Edit bar: Paste as Plain Text And it works! I just copied some HTML that would give Notes < 9 a heart attack and sure enough across it comes as *expected*. Beautiful. Kudos [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes

IBM Notes 9.0 Beta screen shots
Thu, Dec 13th 2012 8:40a   Darren Duke
Here's email: Domino blog (so you can see the "theme" is NSF independent): The new, blue icon set (it's gonna take a while to get used to the new task bar icon being blue): Sametime: [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes sametime email

Notes and Domino 9.0 beta - a quick list of what floats my boat
Thu, Dec 13th 2012 8:03a   Darren Duke
The IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 beta files are downloading to my machine as I type. This is what we used to call 8.5.4 in the Design Partner program, but as everyone now knows it is not Lotus Domino 8.5.4 but IBM Domino (and Notes) 9.0. Now the NDA has been lifted this is a quick overview (literally 100,000 feet) of what I'm looking forward to. In no particular order: Domino on Linux now has a 64 bit version. The 32 bit version is still here too. Traveler is now available in the i platfor [read] Keywords: domino ibm inotes lotus notes traveler linux server

Want to run Quickr on Domino 8.5.3? Well now you can - oh, and IE 9 support
Mon, Dec 10th 2012 9:50a   Darren Duke
"Lotus" Quickr....remember that? Starting with Quickr 8.5.1 FP34 you are now able to run on top of Domino 8.5.3. There are some other items that need to do this: 1. Domino 8.5.3 32 bit 2. Domino 8.5.3 Fix Pack 1 3. A hotfix for Domino 8.5.3 FP1 (available from Fix Central, and here for Windows). See the FP 34 documentation for other platforms. You can either do this on a new install OR upgrade a current 8.5.1FP5 Domino install. Again, detailed directions are [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus quickr

Old school - how to auto delete dead mail in the Domino mail.box
Tue, Sep 11th 2012 3:10p   Darren Duke
It happens to all Domino servers. Dead mail. Lots of it. And you have two options, (a) manually clean it up ever few days or (b) leave it to grow and grow. Well, there is a third option. Have Domino delete the dead mail for you automatically. With no code. Like magic. Seriously, I'm not lying. Now, you may have an underlying issue about why you are getting dead mail, but let's ignore that for now and fix the issue, not the symptom..... Open Domino Administrator, enable full access admi [read] Keywords: administration domino application

If you have Transaction Logging enabled on your servers and you run a FIXUP.....
Mon, Aug 27th 2012 9:11a   Darren Duke
.....be sure to use the -J option. Transaction logging is good for servers. It's like your parents telling you to eat more fiber, you don't ask why just know that it is. However if you run fixup on database that is transaction logged then it will not actually do anything to that database. Unless you run it like this that is: load fixup -F -J dbname [read] Keywords: lotus notes database

How many Lotus Notes users do I have to license?
Thu, Aug 23rd 2012 10:32a   Darren Duke
Yep, been asked this quite a bit lately..... Well, Domino has a function built in but is not turned on that will answer this very question. Not surprisingly called "License Tracking" is a task that runs on the server and outputs a rolling 30 day count of Lotus Notes, HTTP, IMAP and POP3 users that have access the system. Once license tracking is enabled a new database (UserLicenses.nsf) is created on your administration server and over the next few days or weeks you will start to see thi [read] Keywords: administration domino lotus notes database server

Automatically install Notes with the correct Connection Documents (or why you should attend MWLUG)
Mon, Aug 20th 2012 6:44a   Darren Duke
In the past few weeks I lamented on Twitter about the lack of a way to control Lotus Notes connection documents. These are kind of important if you access a Domino server and the lack of any way to manage them from IBM is tad near sighted. No doubt that eventually Lotus Live Notes (or SmartCloud for.....well you get it) will force a fix for this at some point but until then I was in rant-mode. Until I attended MWLUG last week. An astoundingly obvious fix for this dilemma was given by Andy Don [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes ntf applications database mobile server twitter

When Connections stops working, look at the obvious first.......doh
Mon, Jun 11th 2012 1:18p   Darren Duke
A few weeks ago the internal STS Connections VM ran out of space on the C: drive. Connections wasn't installed there (it is on the E: drive), but as this is a VM out we came with VMware Converter and added more space to C:. As you've probably realized by now, this is a Windows Server. 2003 x64 to be precise..... Anyway, after increasing the C: drive, I rebooted the server and nada. No Connections. No NodeAgents. Nothing. Humm.... Initially I thought it was to do with the running out o [read] Keywords: connections ibm db2 mobile password server sql vm vmware websphere

Social Connections 3 (or III) - a reason to go to Dublin
Thu, Jun 7th 2012 8:10a   Darren Duke
Alas, I won't be there, but despite of that (or because of that.....) it is sure to be another excellent event. The third Social Connections event will take place on 22nd of June 2012 at IBM Dublin, Ireland. For the third time since its creation in 2010 the Social Connections user group will be hosting an international IBM Connections User Group event. The next event will be hosted from the mothership of IBM Connections, the IBM Development labs: Dublin, Ireland. The event is aimed at [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm development exchange exchange

Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and Windows 2003 - installing hotfixes it makes your life a whole lot better
Mon, May 21st 2012 12:26p   Darren Duke
If you have any type of data Windows server being backed up, chances are you are going to need Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) at some point. This is basically Microsoft's API to allow consistent backups of files on the system. You have probably also seen lots of VSS errors in either the backup application (Backup Exec, Veeam, etc) and/or the Windows Event Viewer. If you are using Window 2003 Server then make sure you have the roll up hotfixes installed on each and every server you are back [read] Keywords: application microsoft server

So you have a new IBM Connections Entitlement. Now what?
Mon, Apr 9th 2012 8:11a   Darren Duke
On April 25th in Chattanooga, TN, STS is hosting a free "Connections Proof of Technology" to show the power of the Files and Profiles entitlement now included with all Lotus Notes licenses. Given the nature of the install process (read "Websphere") it may even be worth your while coming from further afield (Atlanta, Nashville, Huntsville, etc) if IBM Connections is on your to-do list with in the next 12-18 months. Space is limited so it is a first come, first served session. The sess [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus notes websphere

Quickr Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 26 is out
Thu, Mar 22nd 2012 2:14p   Darren Duke
Available on Fix Central and containing the following fixes: 03/15/2012 HMON8K7RW7 LO62684 A document upgraded from 8.2 which displays as an Upload in Connectors changes to a Page icon when checked out via the Connectors. 03/07/2012 GAKI8RZGEK LO67785 With a customer specific place, searching the place resulted in either no results found or garbage was displayed in the search results. 03/07/2012 No SPR When using Tivoli Access Manager (TAM), Pages with attachments are not being saved g [read] Keywords: acl domino ibm lotus notes policies quickr application database email microsoft office server tivoli wiki

Windows 7, "User Profile Service failed the logon" and Lotus Notes.....
Wed, Mar 21st 2012 3:04p   Darren Duke
Over the past few weeks we've seen several issues with Windows 7 failing to logon for apparently random users. We've tried several methods (Google the error and there seems to be a whole lot of peeps) and none seemed to be "the" solution. Well today, I had two more PC's fail.They are on a domain, but two users can not get past the error. So I go searching again and I believe I found the smoking gun for my issue......drum roll please......Lotus Notes. Well, I think it is Windows 7 but the [read] Keywords: admin lotus notes roaming google profile security

Domino Quickr 8.5.1 Fix Pack 25 available.....this is a big one folks
Tue, Feb 21st 2012 10:10a   Darren Duke
Well, not really fix pack 25, more like "Upgrade Pack 1". It resolves a whole lot of issues inadvertently introduced moving from Quickr 8.2 to 8.5.x and add some oft requested features (internet site docs). Specifically addressed are the following (from Luis Benitez's blog): Addition of the Folder Navigator for libraries with deep folder hierarchies and the Index Improved preview for Microsoft Office file attachments and imported pages Support for importing HTML Display of an attachment [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes quickplace quickr rich text sametime microsoft office properties server twitter xml

Quickr Domino 8.5.1 FP 12 is available
Sun, Jan 29th 2012 1:11p   Darren Duke
Available on IBM Fix Central. Contains the following fixes: FP 12/22/2011 LHFX8NLKSA PPOR8PAPF7 LO65452 LO65920 Date Popup and Last Modified Date format is not correct for en-gb, should be DD/MM/YYYY. 12/22/2011 ESEO8PGKMP LO66016 With a customer specific place, not able to move an item to the very bottom of the table of contents. 12/22/2011 TJOR8PGTGR LO66048 When using a Quickr 8.2 themed place on Quickr 8.5.1, an image uploaded into the rich text editor shows as an att [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus quickr rich text aix server wiki

The (somewhat clothed) LS12 review
Mon, Jan 23rd 2012 9:58a   Darren Duke
I'll start backwards..... With the explosion of Social Media and knowing "where to be", Kimono's was really only fun the last night and the first night. In between it was just too packed. Time to find another hang out for mid week me thinks. And with everyone and their dog having a 5MP camera on their phone, it is no longer "what happens as LS, stays at LS". Party accordingly. The Blogger Open : my team won. So someone has really bad math skills! A valiant effort my Mike McGarel on [read] Keywords: admin connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes quickr xpages blogger mobile sharepoint wifi

Vote for your 2011 Blogger of the Year TODAY until 5pm
Wed, Jan 18th 2012 8:28a   Darren Duke
[read] Keywords: blogger

Why you really need Windows 7 x64 and 8GB RAM on PC’s
Tue, Jan 3rd 2012 7:04a   Darren Duke
So here is a comparison of Windows 7 with 3GB vs 8GB RAM. The machine is a Lenovo Thinkpad T500. First up 3GB running Windows 7, 32 bit: This machine runs the usual. Notes 8.5.3 + Admin + DDE, Quickr, Skype, TweetDeck Office, vSphere Client, etc. It never drops below 70% used with my normal day to day operation. This same machine with 8GB and Windows 7, 64 bit (you need 64 bit to see more than 4GB RAM)....the penalty? You need to reinstall everything....but with Windows you're r [read] Keywords: admin notes quickr office skype

Ask the Product Managers LS12 addition - what I’d like to see answered
Tue, Jan 3rd 2012 6:11a   Darren Duke
One of the most successful sessions of LS11 maybe back (it should be, although I'll admit I haven't checked the schedule), and if it is here are some of the things I'd like to see addressed (in no specific order): Now that I have a Macbook Air.....Quickr Connectors for Mac. Come on, this was on last years too. Lotus Protector for Mail Security - Your gonna make that applet (a) not an applet, and (b) faster right? Lotus Protector for Mail Security - ICAP for Domino servers Lotus Protector f [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusphere notes protector quickr sametime traveler mac macbook mobile security wiki

Quickr Connectors 8.5 HF10 available - support for Notes 8.5.3 added
Sat, Dec 17th 2011 5:12a   Darren Duke
It actually took me a while to find the fix list in the readme document because it was so short! Available from Fix Central (direct download link) and containing the following fixes: 1 Fixed issue in Quickr Domino with creating and navigating very deep directory structures in Windows Explorer 2 Added Support for Notes 8.5.3 [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes quickr

Thank you and goodbye to 2011 - the not so Yellow (anymore) Bubble review
Fri, Dec 16th 2011 6:06a   Darren Duke
Snarky continuation of the annual tradition of tracing the previous years happenings......this time is, shock horror, 2011! With 2012 bearing down on us here's what took place in the last year (allegedly): I turned 40. So much of this stuff may be wrong as my memory starts to go the way of my eyesight. Although I've managed without Viagra so far..... The blog (or more correctly this blog) had far fewer posts than any other year. I guess my Yellow Tiger Blood is waning, IBM looked [read] Keywords: ibm lotus quickr traveler xpages apple blogger email firefox google iphone mac macbook podcast rim

Windows 7 tip that I accidentally stumbled upon - or RTFM I guess
Thu, Dec 15th 2011 3:15a   Darren Duke
See the screen shot below? See the red box I've highlighted? That is a button that will show the desktop. No. More. Constantly. Minimizing. Windows. I've always right clicked on the taskbar and picked the option, but I guess since Windows 7 (at least, never used Vista) is now a handy shortcut. [read] Keywords: desktop vista

Quickr Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 11 has arrived
Thu, Dec 15th 2011 3:03a   Darren Duke
Available on IBM Fix Central (direct download link for all OSes). A small one this time around, containing the following fixes: 11/28/2011 DTRR8LJM53 LO63711 Group can not be expanded in Room Membership when the group name starts with a pound sign (#). 11/28/2011 DWHN8LNCEW LO63705 Quickr doesn't display Scandinavian characters correctly for documents published From Quickr to Filenet. 11/21/2011 RSOI8N8F2T LO65163 When a notification is sent to a Member via the Member’s Page - More [read] Keywords: domino ibm quickr

Traveler 8.5.3 Fix Pack 1 (aka is available
Mon, Nov 21st 2011 5:10a   Darren Duke
My iPhone DA Address fix should work with this provided you put it back in.....see this post for more details. Available from IBM Fix Central and contains the following fixes: APAR # Component Abstract LO62996 Server Cancel "This and Future" from Apple device not handled as expected. LO64280 Server Upgrade on Linux OS may cause classpath issues since program directory changes. LO64553 Server Silent install on Linux ignores user and group name from installer.properties file. LO64563 Andro [read] Keywords: ibm lotus traveler apple database iphone linux properties server

Quickr Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 10 available
Mon, Nov 21st 2011 5:10a   Darren Duke
As usual get it from IBM Fix Central. Fixes include: FP 11/16/2011 DWHN8MYD5B LO64891 Cannot create a version of a document when using Domino Native Authentication and the logged in user is a member of more than 2000 groups. 11/15/2011 CAML8NAUYL LO65283 When a page contains more than 10 attachments and the last attachment name contains an ampersand (&), the error “Page was not saved due to an error” will display when the page is saved. 11/15/2011 HMON8M7M3A LO6438 [read] Keywords: acl admin connections domino ibm lotus nsd quickr community database email javascript properties server

Quickr Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 9 available
Wed, Oct 26th 2011 8:12a   Darren Duke
Containing fixes all the through to 10/19 and available from Fix Central. It contains the following "repairs": 10/19/2011 XZSU8MA4PE LO64371 When creating a task and select “Display in calendar”, the task will display one day earlier. 10/19/2011 MMOI8ME54W LO64530 If a subroom contains [All Members] as Reader and then remove [All Members] from the parent room, a user with Reader access trying to access the subroom will crash the Quickr Domino server. 10/19/2011 DA [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes quickr rich text email javascript password properties server xml

Don’t forget to turn on the new 8.5.3 mail notification "slide out"
Tue, Oct 18th 2011 6:32a   Darren Duke
Go to preferences, mail, sending and receiving: Select slide out summary and watch the sexiness happen. When new mail arrives you will see a slide out window at the bottom right of you screen: Note that the pop up is tied to the "Check for new mail every x" interval and doesn't seem to be tied to the auto refresh inbox timing. [read] Keywords:

8.5.3 is baked, removed from the over and fed to the children so some suggestions for 8.5.4
Wed, Oct 5th 2011 1:45p   Darren Duke
These are made up by me and are in no particular order, although IBM may have outdone themselves with 8.5.3 there are still some things I had hoped to see that didn't make it in. Domino support for Lotus Protector for Mail Security (LPMS) ICAP hand-offs for attachment scanning when sending internal email. LPMS iNotes user interface similar to Lotus Notes integration. iCal feeds support in iNotes (although admittedly GoogleCal is there). Quickr Connector support on the day of release Journal [read] Keywords: domino ibm inotes lotus notes protector quickr traveler email ideajam integration interface security

The IBM XWork Server - the little engine that should (or here endeth the PVU nightmare)
Mon, Oct 3rd 2011 4:04a   Darren Duke
So IBM broke it's own embargo so now we can talk about this. First go read Ed's and then Mat Newman's post if you haven't already....OK, your back... OK, so this wasn't entirely what I was hoping for as a replacement for Domino Utility Server. But it isn't aimed at the "normal" Utility customer, it is aimed at the Lotus Domino IBM ISV. This is a dual win. One for IBM and one for the ISV community. It significantly reduces the barrier to entry when selling a Domino based application ( [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus xpages application applications community server sql

Want to know the Quickr version and running QuickrD 8.5 or higher?
Tue, Sep 20th 2011 10:52a   Darren Duke
With Quickr 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2 is was pretty easy to find out the version of Quickr Domino you were running. Simply open a browser navigate to Quickr and view the source. Right there are the top was the version. With the change to 8.5 and higher of QuickrD it is still there just a bit hidden: View the source, just as you would with 8.2, but this time search for "QPVersion". Voila. No need to restart HTTP to see it. Still it would be nice to have a "tell quickr version" from the Domino [read] Keywords: domino quickr server

Opps - I forgot to post my Domino on VMware presentation from MWLUG. So here is it.....
Fri, Sep 16th 2011 3:12p   Darren Duke
Well, don't feel stupid. Sorry about that. Anyway here it is. It is not that different from the original one I did a while back.... Have fun.... [read] Keywords: domino vmware

Finding and downloading Domino 8.5.2 server when you have Express licensing
Fri, Sep 16th 2011 7:34a   Darren Duke
So this is one of those posts it pains me to write....how to find software that an STS and IBM customer paid good money for by they cannot find it on IBM Passport Advantage. They is only one reason IBM PPA is hard to use and that is due to IBM taking relatively simple activities and complicating the heck out of them (heck was not the word I was going to use here, but as this will be sent to numerous STS customers it is a PG post.....). So how do you find the actual server download? Simply fol [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus notes interface server

CHUG, CHUG, CHUG - drink up lots of Lotus goodness on the 16th
Tue, Sep 13th 2011 2:10p   Darren Duke
That's right Chattanoogians, later this week on the 16th of September IBM's own superman Michael Lee will be presenting to you. He is from the IBM SWAT team so he really knows his stuff. Michael Lee from the IBM SWAT team will present on how his team routinely deals with the most complex support issues related to Notes and Domino. Michael will share some of the most challenging problems his team has faced and how they solved them and will share his insight and experience as a SWAT team mem [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes swat

If you use Lotus Protector for Mail Security and use Reverse DNS checks do this when you upgrade to 2.8
Tue, Sep 6th 2011 12:11p   Darren Duke
So over that last few weeks the 2.8 firmware update for Lotus Protector for Mail Security (LPMS) rolled out. It adds some nice features but after the upgrade some STS customers (and ourselves) saw reverse DNS issues after the upgrade. Specifically LPMS would seem to drop emails even when a correct reverse was available in DNS for the sending server. Off we go to PMR land and within a day or so IBM came back with this suggestion that has cleared up the issue: 1. Disable the Border IP Check [read] Keywords: ibm lotus protector security server smtp

Follow up to Lotus Traveler, iOS, Corporate Lookup and adding the address - the actual XSLT file is now available
Thu, Sep 1st 2011 7:00a   Darren Duke
When I first did the post I didn't have time to build CSS to make XML appear in DominoBlog (IBM? an update please?.....No? I didn't think so). Anyway, I'm still too lazy to do this (and the multitude of browsers to support is reinforcing this lazyness) so I just attached the XSLT to the original post. Here it is too: nameLookup-AS.xslt [read] Keywords: ibm lotus traveler css xml xslt

This Week In Lotus live from MWLUG on Thursday - and other sessions (aka Duke vs Duke)
Wed, Aug 24th 2011 10:32a   Darren Duke
That's right the This Week In Lotus circus is traveling to Milwaukee, WI to record the now infamous live shows we've done occasionally. When we do these we usually kidnap some people mere minutes before for the panel. If you have a burning desire to be famous simple tell Lisa or I you want to be on....or you may just get press ganged into it. Or if you really want to see someone on the live show (who is at MWLUG obviously) let us know too. We could maybe target them :) The show is schedule [read] Keywords: domino lotus vmware wiki

To use iTunes you accepted these terms and conditions. Did you read it? 62 pages in insanity from Apple
Wed, Aug 3rd 2011 9:10a   Darren Duke
I checked the "email this to me" button on my iPhone and this what arrived.....War and Peace Apple Style..... Terms and Conditions and Apple Privacy Policy The changes we have made to the terms and conditions include the following: • Notification of an additional type of previously-purchased content that may be subsequently downloaded to certain computers and devices as an accommodation to you, subject to existing association rules; and that such content may be played back on cer [read] Keywords: administration agent policies apple application applications desktop development email enterprise exchange exchange firefox interface iphone ipod laptop mac mobile network networking password profile security server wireless

8.5.2 FP3 iNotes issue - maybe a i18n issue with number formatting
Mon, Jul 25th 2011 6:50a   Darren Duke
I've said this time and again on various mediums lately but I have yet to see the now famous 8.5.2 FP3 iNotes formula error: At first I though it was because I was using the English as my language, but that was not the case as several on Twitter had the issue but were using English. Well I was close but no cigar. Based on this technote it looks like the issue maybe with locales that use a period or full stop (.) as the thousands separator maybe causing the issue. For some (according to t [read] Keywords: ibm inotes twitter

iNotes now supports Firefox 5 and IE 9 with 8.5.2 FP3
Tue, Jul 19th 2011 6:50a   Darren Duke
There is no Chrome support. Please move along ;) Released late yesterday afternoon (for me at least) this fixes a few more issues than just the browser support but that is the biggie for me. You can check out the rest of the fixes from the release notes. Go get the fix pack from Fix Central or this technote. [read] Keywords: ibm inotes ldd lotus notes firefox

Lotus Traveler, iPhone and the Corporate Directory Lookup. Where is the street address? A possible work-around
Sat, Jul 16th 2011 12:10p   Darren Duke
So we've moved a fair share of customers off BlackBerry and on to Traveler. Some are iShiny some are Android. Most of these customers use some sort of DA database for basic CRM or Share Contact look-up. We all know this works flawlessly with BES but, honestly, their devices are not the most sought after these days. Still BlackBerry works flawlessly here. Not so much for the iPhone or more likely the ActiveSync implementation that is used with/for it. See when a "corporate lookup" is perfo [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus traveler bes blackberry database iphone server wiki xslt

I think Sametime needs a mobile only license to extend "limited" entitlement
Wed, Jun 22nd 2011 11:03a   Darren Duke
So on the PACLUG keynote today IBM did a great job on the demos (time to start the #CrummyForLS12 hashtag me-thinks). Anyway during these demos they showed off the Sametime clients for mobile devices. It stuck me as a bit odd that a customer needs to purchase a full Sametime license to have access to this feature. I mean it is a mobile app right? $5 app territory. So here is an idea....why don't IBM add a license to Sametime to allow current "limited" users (the ones who use the built-in Note [read] Keywords: ibm notes sametime desktop mobile server

What’s in a name? XPages gets X-tended
Wed, Jun 22nd 2011 7:17a   Darren Duke
Note, I have not seen any of these so this is just 3rd party knowledge. But I get asked about the following all the time.... In several IBM events since the advent of XPages they have touted the "X" stands for XML. Well, in XML the "X" stands for extensible. Ergo, XPages are extensible. IBM have already extended XPages with the releases of the XPages Extension Library and the XPages Mobile Controls projects. Both are excellent and no XPagerizer (?) should start a project without them. [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm inotes lotus xpages application database facebook integration mobile openntf server twitter xml

Do you subscribe to the IBM daily product update newletter? You should
Mon, Jun 20th 2011 4:20p   Darren Duke
There is a daily digest of news, updates, issues and hot fixes released for pretty much every IBM product. This is known as "My IBM Notifications" and is available to notify the interested public of a wide variety of useful product related news. I use it to keep appraised of fixes and issues with the product I support. The digest looks similar to this (some days have way more....): To sign up head on over to https://www.ibm.com/support/mynotifications and you too can know about stuff [read] Keywords: domino ibm

CHUG goes to Knoxville for their meeting this Friday - one of the presenters is yours truly
Mon, Jun 13th 2011 9:37a   Darren Duke
I'm off to Knoxville, TN this week to present at the Chattanooga Lotus User Group (CHUG) which will temporarily relocate there this quarter. The kindly Tennessee folk will get a more targeted version of my Lotusphere 8.5 policies presentation. If you're in the area (and there are some folks already registered from Chattanooga making the trip) simply head on over to the STS Event page and register. It is this Friday, June 17th. See you there. [read] Keywords: lotus lotusphere policies

Domino and Notes 8.5.3 has reached Code Drop 5 - that means the embago is over so what is new?
Thu, Jun 9th 2011 2:29p   Darren Duke
While you won't see it anytime soon (my guess is October) you should be aware of some great features making it's way into this release. Again, this is in a 1/100th point release, so kudos for IBM for adding new features. (As usual this is beta software and functionality covered in this post has no certitude of being included in the product) This is no means an extensive list but these are the things currently floating my boat.... Ability to move server based full text indexes to anoth [read] Keywords: domino ibm id vault inotes notes policies sametime smart upgrade symphony traveler xpages applications blogger citrix css database dojo email ideajam outlook server vista widgets

IBM Lotus Quickr Connectors - now with 64 bit goodness - aka HF7
Tue, Jun 7th 2011 8:10a   Darren Duke
Yesterday I was shocked by IBM again. This time in a good way :) Mac Guidera posted the with the immediate availability of the 8.5 HF7 connectors x64 bit workstations can now enjoy full use. Added to that Office 2010 is now supported too! Oh, and they beat their own deadline! Way to to guys! It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Quickr Connectors now support Microsoft Windows 64 bit and Office 2010. As promised at this year's Lotusphere, our development teams were hard at work o [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere quickr development mac microsoft office

Domino and semaphore errors - the fix you would never believe (I didn’t)
Fri, Jun 3rd 2011 11:57a   Darren Duke
So a curious set of events sent a Domino 8.5.2 upgrade a bit pear shaped before my departure to UKLUG. This was an AS400 with Domino 8.5.1 FP3 and was taken to 8.5.2 FP2. Additionally we were adding in a Lotus Protector for Mail Encryption server into the mix too. Here in lies the issue. See the customer routes all mail to Message Labs and had that set in the server config document as something like: So we added in the LMPE server (let's say at address and therefore cha [read] Keywords: domino lotus protector server

Some things can’t be said in 140 characters or less - my really quick take on the exit of Loti from IBM
Tue, May 31st 2011 6:38a   Darren Duke
So this morning there has come some rather shocking news that UK based IBM Lotus peep Darren J Adams is off to Microsoft. Alas this is not the first and only Loti off to those pastures in the last six months. I won't list them here as that is really no the point of the issue. I have also been reminded that some things should not be aired in public. To an extent that is true. This is not one of those times. Private conversations with IBM are, for the most part, a pretty futile effort. So I am [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus google microsoft

When IBM is not going to fix a problem they let you know - "This problem was resolved as: No Plans to Fix Ever"
Sat, Apr 30th 2011 2:40p   Darren Duke
We just ran into this strange error moving from 6.5 to 8.5.2: You Must Supply the Bulk Decryption Key in Order to Extract This File Object Off to Google we skipped, merrily searching our phrase. we come to IBM document PK82022 which stipulates in no uncertain terms that it will not be fixed: Yes, I know this is an R6.5 TN but we're seeing this issue in 8.5 and I thought the wording was funny. [read] Keywords: ibm R6 google

DCT issues in Windows 7 and Vista? Here’s your fix....
Fri, Apr 29th 2011 2:57p   Darren Duke
So you want to use DCT (Domino Configuration Tuner), but each time you open the app you get following: And an error message in the Status bar indicating "Unable to deploy 1 updated file (probably locked and in use)": Well, the file isn't locked, it is a security feature provided by those goodly Microsoft folks. Good news is that the fix is simple. Simply start Notes with the "Run as Administrator" option in Windows: Voila, DCT. Happy scanning. [read] Keywords: domino notes microsoft security vista

Backup Exec Domino issue - if your backup hangs after BE HF 147674 try this
Thu, Apr 21st 2011 8:38a   Darren Duke
So everyone has Backup Exec automatically download and install updates via live update right? Right! So you read the technotes right? Wait.....there are technotes? Apparently so ;) So hidden away inside of TECH147674 is this gem: After installing this Hotfix, make sure the following steps have been performed: 1. On the media server, open a command prompt 2. Change to the Backup Exec Program Files folder 3. Enter the following command sqlcmd -E -dBEDB -i catupgrad [read] Keywords: domino server sql

Quickr Domino 8.5.1 FP3 hits the streets
Sun, Apr 3rd 2011 10:33a   Darren Duke
Available from Fix Central and includes: 03/29/2011 ESEO8D7PGJ LO57734 Inconsistent error messages when deleting a document via the browser client. 03/29/2011 MPUL7YTJF9 LO47139 External Groups Members Expand as "Undefined" In Room Security 03/29/2011 HHIE8DEAVS LO57905 When sending a notification, if the “To” field contains more than 256 characters, an error is generated. The “To” field should allow more than 256 characters. 03/29/2011 JRIE8ERLTH LO59062 In extremely rar [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotusscript quickr email integration javascript security server wiki xml

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