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IBM SoftLayer, IBM Installation Manager, Red Hat Linux and fun
Fri, Nov 28th 2014 32
IBM BPM - Deleting a Deployment Environment
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 57
IBM Business Monitor - some FAQs
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 56
IBM Integration Bus - Port Reporting
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 62
IBM HTTP Server - maintenance mode
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 144
Help - The Proxy Ate My Process Designer
Sat, Nov 22nd 2014 118
Lessons Learned - WebSphere MQ, Clustering and Message Driven Beans
Sat, Nov 22nd 2014 105
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Fri, Feb 8th 2013 320
Interim Fixes for 9.0.1.x IBM Notes, IBM Domino & IBM iNotes
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 300

IBM WebSphere Portal 8 is Released

Well, technically it's announced, with electronic general availability (EGA) on Friday 4 May.

WebSphere Portal V8.0 new powerful Intelligent Pages bring together essential web experience capabilities that can help you:

• Deliver targeted content that is relevant and compelling to each user
• Go where your users are by providing rich experiences for content, applications, and processes from any device
• Deliver critical social services where they make the biggest impact, in the context of your web experiences
• Quickly and easily create and manage portal pages and content, allowing you to respond to rapidly changing business needs
• Gather real-time insight into web page and channel delivery, giving you the information you need to make informed business decisions

IBM Web Experience Factory V8.0, included with WebSphere Portal V8.0 and available separately, provides an exceptional development environment that helps you:

• Optimize mobile experiences, reducing reliance on bandwidth and improving responsiveness of mobile applications with new client side architecture
• Improve user experience on smartphones and tablets with new Dojo Mobile tooling for building engaging mobile experiences
• Improve developer productivity with new builders and development environment enhancements

IBM Web Content Manager V8.0 helps organizations to build engaging, personalized web experiences faster, by further empowering business users with the right tools needed to drive better business outcomes.

New features

• Content Template Catalog: Expanded set of prebuilt, high-value content types enables users to create new microsites and web pages in minutes.
• Managed Pages: A new, contextually aware toolbar and enhanced project management feature makes it easier to create, approve, version, publish, and syndicate web content.
• Analytics overlays: In-context analytic overlays provide users with the real-time insight needed to improve conversion rates.
• Home page: New authoring start page provides a customizable and user-friendly view of frequent activities and tasks.
• Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) integration: New support for CMIS standard allows content authors to leverage documents and files from CMIS repositories directly from the authoring experience.

I know what I'll be downloading on Friday then ….

May 01, 2012
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IBM SoftLayer, IBM Installation Manager, Red Hat Linux and fun
Fri, Nov 28th 2014 11:46a   Dave Hay
One of my colleagues asked for some help with WAS 8.5.0 on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 VM .... running on IBM SoftLayer.This is my first time on the SoftLayer cloud, so it's been a blast.One thing that caught me out was the requirement for the SoftLayer VPN client. Whilst my colleague kindly linked me to an ArrayNetworks VPN client ( ArrayNetworksL3VPN_MAC ), this didn't seem to want to work ( connect ) from my Mac ( OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite ).Thankfully, the SoftLayer website came to my aid: [read] Keywords: admin agent ibm application applications eclipse enterprise java linux mac profile properties red hat redhat server vm websphere xml

IBM BPM - Deleting a Deployment Environment
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 11:46p   Dave Hay
Not sure why this happens but, when I'm trying to delete an IBM BPM 8.5.5 Deployment Environment: -/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/BPMConfig.sh -delete -de ProcessServer -profile Dmgr01I get this: -Logging to file /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/logs/config/BPMConfig_20141128-063539.log.Do you want to delete deployment environment?1. yes2. noInput option number: 1Before executing command to delete a deployment environment, it must at least stop the deployment environment.Checking the state of dep [read] Keywords: ibm application applications profile websphere

IBM Business Monitor - some FAQs
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 1:25p   Dave Hay
Some great stuff here on dwAnswersCan I apply a IBM Cognos Fix Pack to IBM Business Monitor?How do I enable XSS and CSRF protection in IBM Cognos provided with IBM Business MonitorHow can I use SAML tokens with Business Monitor and Cognos?Deploying IBM Cognos Business Intelligence into an existing IBM Business Monitor installationIBM Business Monitor profile creation fails when database is Oracle-based? [read] Keywords: ibm database oracle profile

IBM Integration Bus - Port Reporting
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 9:05a   Dave Hay
Following on from this earlier post: -IBM Integration Bus and the WebSphere Application Server (WAS) PluginI'm working with a colleague to implement the same configuration in another environment.Again, we're using IBM HTTP Server in front of IBM Integration Bus, in order to allow requests ( SOAP over HTTP in this particular case ) to be routed to one of a number of Integration Nodes ( aka Brokers in the old tongue ).This is partly to improve performance ( more engines to servic [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm application integration java server websphere

IBM HTTP Server - maintenance mode
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 3:05a   Dave Hay
One of my colleagues was looking for some intel. on this earlier this week.The requirement is to have IBM HTTP Server (IHS) display a different banner page when WebSphere Application Server is placed into maintenance mode e.g. when the WAS cell is being shut down, recycled, upgraded etc.After a few iterations, and a read of this: -Configuring a temporary 'Site Down For Maintenance' page in IBM HTTP Serverthis is what I configured.In essence, we place a single file in the IHS DocumentRoot: -Doc [read] Keywords: connections ibm apple application server websphere

Help - The Proxy Ate My Process Designer
Sat, Nov 22nd 2014 12:25p   Dave Hay
This is a problem that I recently saw with a client, and was able to reproduce, and more importantly, fix on my own environment.But first some background, one of the IBM BPM's major features is the Eclipse-based development, Process Designer. This interacts directly with Process Center, and provides a collaborative rich-client integrated development environment.Unlike other development tools, Process Designer can NOT function with a constant connection to the Process Center run-time, and this c [read] Keywords: admin ibm apple application development eclipse java microsoft network password server virus websphere widget widgets workspace

Lessons Learned - WebSphere MQ, Clustering and Message Driven Beans
Sat, Nov 22nd 2014 3:05a   Dave Hay
ContextThe requirement is to create a clustered WebSphere MQ infrastructure, and then send messages to an application, known as a Message Driven Bean, deployed onto WebSphere Application Server.The next step will be to create a more sophisticated application that can send and receive messages to/from WebSphere MQ, most likely leveraging the JavaEE Service Component Architecture.In this scenario, I will create a pair of WMQ Queue Managers, each on a separate OS ( Red Hat VM ), one representing th [read] Keywords: ibm notes application enterprise integration java password red hat security server vm websphere xml

DB2 Buffer Pools - Automagically tuning
Fri, Nov 21st 2014 2:45p   Dave Hay
So I picked this nugget of wisdom up this week.One of my most excellent DB2 SME colleagues pointed out the wonderful db2top utility, specifically in the context of monitoring Buffer Pools.You see, ever since I learned to install IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM), I've been creating a Buffer Pool, bp32k, as required by the documentation and, more importantly, the product: -db2 create bufferpool BP32K size 8000 pagesize 32 KThe DB2 SME, let's call him ... John, pointed out that a Buffer Poo [read] Keywords: ibm apple database db2 server sql

IBM Business Process Manager - Missing the Bus
Fri, Nov 21st 2014 8:06a   Dave Hay
I've just built a single cell, two node three cluster IBM BPM Advanced 8.5.5 environment, against a remote DB2 ESE server.So I was a little startled when, after starting the Deployment Environment, the Service Integration Bus (SIbus) failed to properly start.This is what I saw in one of my Cluster Member logs: -[21/11/14 13:17:03:719 GMT] 00000073 SibMessage I [BPM.ProcessServer.Bus:MECluster.000-BPM.ProcessServer.Bus] CWSIS1593I: The messaging engine, ME_UUID=E997A9EFA09498FC, IN [read] Keywords: ibm apple database db2 integration server

Book Review - Anti-Hacker Tool Kit, Fourth Edition, by Mike Shema
Fri, Nov 21st 2014 3:05a   Dave Hay
Again, following on from earlier posts: -Book Review - Testing Cloud Services:How to Test SaaS, Paas and IaaSBook Review - A Project In Your PocketBook Review - Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python by John V Guttaghere's my latest book review, on which I am working in conjunction with the British Computer Society.Anti-Hacker Tool Kit, Fourth Edition, by Mike ShemaFrom their site: -Welcome to the fourth edition of the Anti-Hacker Tool Kit. This is a book about the tools that [read] Keywords: application development linux python security virtualization

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