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Making Ubuntu MEAN!
Mon, Mar 2nd 2015 10
IBM ConnectED 2015, As I Saw It
Tue, Feb 3rd 2015 5
IBM ConnectED 2015
Tue, Jan 13th 2015 3
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Mon, Sep 9th 2013 3
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Thu, Sep 5th 2013 3
Connections Mobile Update
Sat, Jul 20th 2013 3
Surveys for IBM Connections
Sun, May 19th 2013 1
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Making Ubuntu MEAN!
Mon, Mar 2nd 2015 10
IBM ConnectED 2015, As I Saw It
Tue, Feb 3rd 2015 5
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IBM ConnectED 2015
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Making Ubuntu MEAN!
Mon, Mar 2nd 2015 2:29p   David Greenstein
One of the coolest things I saw at ConnectED was a utility out of Lab Services called Project MUSE. It is a collection of JavaScript technologies put together to enable rewriting of HTTP packets on the fly for rebranding and injecting custom modules for SaaS customers. This means even multitennant Connections customers will be able to brand and customize the UI to their hearts' content. The IBM Distiguished Engineer, Jason Gary gave a wonderful demo and walk through the stack and its capabil
IBM ConnectED 2015, As I Saw It
Tue, Feb 3rd 2015 10:59a   David Greenstein
I did not always know I was going into technology. In a previous life, like so many of my technical brethren, I was a musician. During the mind-late 1990's I played in a band that would do events like weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc. We would close each night with this Eric Clapton song. It speaks of getting ready to go out with your wife, then the realization of how luck you are to be the one with her, and end with her tucking you in at the end of the night the way only your better half can or
IBM ConnectED 2015
Tue, Jan 13th 2015 12:08p   David Greenstein
IBM's conference ConnectED 2015 is quickly approaching. At the end of the month, many of us who work daily with IBM's collaboration sollutions will swarm on Orlando, Fl. The topics of discussion this year will no doubt include IBM Verse. If you are not familiar, this is the single largest innovation in email in quite a number of years. It is a mail client that ir browser based and centered around making you more productive. With a design direction of "two clicks to perform anything" and

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