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Would you like to play the Tree on a Truck game?
Tue, Nov 25th 2014 394
NotesIn9 168 – Updating Source Control for Page Controllers
Thu, Nov 13th 2014 285
NotesIn9 167: Learning XPages Part 8 – Working towards CRUD
Wed, Nov 12th 2014 259
NotesIn9 166: Learning XPages Part 7 – Company Controller
Tue, Nov 11th 2014 273
NotesIn9 165: Learning XPages Part 6 – Forms, Views and XPages
Tue, Nov 11th 2014 419
XPages and iOS8 Update #6 – The Fix is HERE!!!
Tue, Nov 4th 2014 399
XPages and iOS8 Update #5 – GOOD NEWS!!!
Fri, Oct 31st 2014 411
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NotesIn9 161: Designer Plugins
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 427
NotesIn9 165: Learning XPages Part 6 – Forms, Views and XPages
Tue, Nov 11th 2014 419
New iOS8 and Safari problem discovered.
Fri, Oct 24th 2014 418
XPages and iOS8 Update #5 – GOOD NEWS!!!
Fri, Oct 31st 2014 411
XPages and iOS8 Update #6 – The Fix is HERE!!!
Tue, Nov 4th 2014 399
Would you like to play the Tree on a Truck game?
Tue, Nov 25th 2014 394
NotesIn9 160: Learning XPages Part 1 – Installing Designer
Sun, Oct 19th 2014 392
NotesIn9 159: Introduction to Select2 in XPages
Wed, Oct 15th 2014 371
NotesIn9 164: Learning XPages Part 5 – Application Properties
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 320
NotesIn9 162: Learning XPages Part 3 – Source Control
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 303

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Recent Blog Posts

Would you like to play the Tree on a Truck game?
Tue, Nov 25th 2014 11:42a   David Leedy
It’s the time of year again. Every year my family plays a simple game to get into the holiday spirit.  It’s competitive and borderline cut-throat at times but at the core it’s simple.  We count the number of Christmas Trees that we see on cars and trucks.  By count I mean the first one who sees it and calls it gets a point.  And by calls it I mean the first person who shouts “TREE!” get’s that tree as a point.  It’s actually loads of fun while still [read] Keywords: xpages mobile

NotesIn9 168 – Updating Source Control for Page Controllers
Thu, Nov 13th 2014 2:58p   David Leedy
In today’s show I take a brake from the Learning XPages series and do a little demo on updating a project in source control.  So it kind of goes with the Learning XPages series but really isn’t part of it. The Learning XPages series is going on a little break while I work on a more important holiday project – but hopefully that project will turn into shows as well. As always let me know if you have any comments or questions. Thanks! [read] Keywords: notes xpages

NotesIn9 167: Learning XPages Part 8 – Working towards CRUD
Wed, Nov 12th 2014 2:26p   David Leedy
In this show I continue on to the goal of CRUD. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. By the end of this show we should be able to achieve all 4 actions against the Company document. I’ve not done anything to really make this app look pretty yet.  Honestly I’ve given the UI very little thought so far.  I’m trying to just focus on the core functionality at the moment so the UI stuff doesn’t distract.  I do want to better integrate Bootstrap to clean up the UI [read] Keywords: xpages

NotesIn9 166: Learning XPages Part 7 – Company Controller
Tue, Nov 11th 2014 7:12p   David Leedy
In this show I demonstrate how to setup and set using a Java “Page Controller”.  This is a technique that Jesse Gallagher came up with and I absolutely love.  Without a doubt it saved me a TON of work on a recent day job assignment.  There’s a little effort involved in setting it up but it’s so worth it in the long run. [read] Keywords: xpages java

NotesIn9 165: Learning XPages Part 6 – Forms, Views and XPages
Tue, Nov 11th 2014 6:20a   David Leedy
In this show we finally start coding.  Horaay!  I’m going to create a form and a couple views to start setting up how the data for the applicaiton will work and then I’ll go right into some Java which will act as a bridge between our application and the data that gets stored into the database itself. This show should be particularily good if you’re interested in starting to use Java with your XPages applications. Note: This episode was filmed a couple weeks ago when I was w [read] Keywords: xpages application applications database java

XPages and iOS8 Update #6 – The Fix is HERE!!!
Tue, Nov 4th 2014 6:15a   David Leedy
IBM has officially released an Interim FixPack to correct the Mobile Controls issue!  Horaay!  As I said in a previous blog we got this a tad early and have deployed it and that has corrected all the XPages specific issues of iOS 8 devices talking to our Mobile Controls application. Also in this fix are some other key security fixes for issues that’s been discussed heavily recently. Here’s the link.  Go get it! http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21657963 It looks lik [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm xpages application mobile security twitter

XPages and iOS8 Update #5 – GOOD NEWS!!!
Fri, Oct 31st 2014 11:30a   David Leedy
Pete Janzen just tweeted this: I’m happy to say that we’ve been testing this fix for a little while and 2 days ago put it into production.  Yay!  This does seem to fix all the known XPages / Mobile Controls / iOS 8 issues. Sadly not that our Mobile Controls app works on iOS 8 we discovered a new issue that I blogged about the other day.  But that’s strictly an Apple problem.  Nothing to do with XPages. Sounds like it’ll be available next week. Big thanks to IBM for [read] Keywords: ibm xpages apple mobile


New iOS8 and Safari problem discovered.
Fri, Oct 24th 2014 6:10a   David Leedy
First let’s be clear what I’m posting about. This is NOT an IBM or XPages issue. This is specifically iOS8 and Safari. I posted on StackOverFlow with all the details. The skinny: I have an XPages app that uses a bluetooth Opticon Scanner No problems in iOS7 and Safari. iOS8 and Safari do NOT work well with the scanner. Characters are dropped. It’s not reliable. Using Chrome on iOS8 seems to work fine. I’ve no idea why or what the issue is. I posted on StackOverFlow and i [read] Keywords: ibm xpages apple bug mobile

NotesIn9 164: Learning XPages Part 5 – Application Properties
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 6:41a   David Leedy
In this show we actually go into Designer and create a new database that we’re going to be working with for our application and I have a little discussion on some of the application properties that are useful for XPages Developement. Some Notes: This show is I believe the first in the new larger Full HD resolution of 1980×1020. This will let me get more on the screen but might be harder to see if you typically use a smaller device. Please let me know how this size works for you. Als [read] Keywords: notes xpages application database properties

NotesIn9 163: Learning XPages Part 4 – Access Control Lists
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014 6:12p   David Leedy
In this show I gave a brief introduction to Database properties and most importantly to Access Control lists for the database. There’s nothing really* here for the experienced Notes developer but if you’re new to the platform you might find the talk on the Access Control lists interesting. * Well there might be one little thing. [read] Keywords: notes xpages database properties

NotesIn9 162: Learning XPages Part 3 – Source Control
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 6:11p   David Leedy
In this show I continue setting up the programming environment by installing Source Tree and pulling down a project that we’ll be using later in the series. My plan is to try and emulate real life, and real life needs some good quality source control so I will ideally be doing a lot of different things with source control along the way. [read] Keywords: xpages

NotesIn9 161: Designer Plugins
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 6:34a   David Leedy
In this show I take a look at adding additional tools to your toolbox.  Specifically we’re going to grab some great projects from OpenNTF.org.  Among them are: XLog Reader Bootstrap4Xpages XPages Ext. Library OpenNTF Domino API Debug Toolbar Some  Notes: When I talked about the OpenNTF Essentials.  I didn’t realize there were 2 projects.  The “runtime” and the “toolbox”.  I was referring to the runtime even though I had clicked on the toolbox. I filme [read] Keywords: domino notes xpages openntf

NotesIn9 160: Learning XPages Part 1 – Installing Designer
Sun, Oct 19th 2014 7:18p   David Leedy
This show beings my great experiment. I’ve wanted to do this for a couple of years actually. I’m going to ATTEMPT to start from scratch and build an XPages Application. I’m going to assume that the viewer has little to no knowledge of Domino Development.  I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from people brand new to the platform so the beginning shows are kinda geared for them. I’m really trying to start from square one. When I get into the Application build – which [read] Keywords: domino xpages application development java openntf

NotesIn9 159: Introduction to Select2 in XPages
Wed, Oct 15th 2014 10:34a   David Leedy
In this show, John Oldenburger, a wonderful new contributor and XPages XPert joins the Hackathon to show us how to use the Select2 project to improve your applications. [read] Keywords: notes xpages applications

Email Do’s and Don’ts
Tue, Oct 14th 2014 7:42p   David Leedy
I’ve been getting a lot more emails from NotesIn9 viewers lately. Many are asking for XPages help with a particular problem. While I prefer questions unrelated to Ni9 to be asked on StackOverFlow.com with the tag “xpages”, just so the question and answer is public and can therefore benefit more people, I’m always happy to get the email and will certainly try and help where I can.  I can’t always.  But I will try.  Some of the emails say something like “I do [read] Keywords: notes xpages community email

NotesIn9 158: Intro to the Frostillicus Framework
Fri, Oct 10th 2014 8:54a   David Leedy
In this show Jesse Gallagher returns to give us an introduction to this amazing Framework he’s created to try and improve the XPages coding experience. I can’t say that I totally “get it” yet BUT it looks VERY interesting. I have so far taken the “controller” piece from the framework and I’m successfully using that in my applications and I’ll be featuring that on NotesIn9 very soon. It’s really improved how I create my applications. [read] Keywords: xpages applications

XPages and iOS8 Update #4
Wed, Oct 8th 2014 6:43p   David Leedy
I just got this tweet! Thanks Pete.  And thanks to the team that’s working so hard on this issue! [read] Keywords: xpages

NotesIn9 157: Dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome
Tue, Oct 7th 2014 1:25p   David Leedy
In this show Dan Friedrich, a brand new contributor joins the Hackathon! He’s a customer (like me!) that’s been doing a lot with XPages. He’s going to talk about using Bootstrap and Font Awesome in your XPages applications. Before the demo I take a little time to update the status of the XPages Mobile Controls and iOS8 issues as well as some overall personal opinions on the Mobile Controls themselves. The demo starts around the 10:00 if you want to skip over my opinion stuff. [read] Keywords: notes xpages applications mobile

NotesIn9 156: Introduction to Custom Renderers in XPages
Thu, Oct 2nd 2014 1:25p   David Leedy
In this show, Jesse Gallagher officially starts the NotesIn9 Hackathon with a great introduction on “custom renderers” in XPages.  While this seems to be a really scary topic, Jesse explains it in a way that even I can grasp it. [read] Keywords: xpages

XPages and iOS8 Situation Update 2 – Second Fix
Fri, Sep 26th 2014 12:32p   David Leedy
Ok lets update the situation.  As far as I know we started with 3 problems regarding XPages and iOS8 . 1. Uploading photos to a web app doesn’t work. 2. XPages Mobile Controls don’t work 3. An Edit box with Typehead / drop down selection doesn’t work. In my last post I mentioned that Domino 9.0.1 FixPack 2 corrects issue #3. Now I can report that iOS 8.0.2 corrects issue #1.  In testing I was able to upload a photo again where I could not with 8.0.0.  Technically it was cor [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages apple applications dojo mobile

Announcing the NotesIn9 Hackathon: Race to 199
Wed, Sep 24th 2014 11:17a   David Leedy
It’s time. It’s time for me to get off my duff a little bit and try and “kick this up a notch”. It’s time for YOU who are reading this post to get a little more involved and “Join the Conversation” To me a Hackathon is an event were people come together to contribute small pieces to complete a bigger puzzle. I’ve been thinking of this ever since someone came up with the #CodeForTim hashtag.  When we lost Tim, I changed the motto of NotesIn9 to “Learn, Code, Share” to [read] Keywords: xpages email

XPages and iOS8 Situation Update 2 – First Fix
Tue, Sep 23rd 2014 7:13a   David Leedy
Just to quickly recap the 3 problems that I know about. 1. Uploading photos to a web app doesn’t work. 2. XPages Mobile Controls don’t work 3. An Edit box with Typehead / drop down selection doesn’t work. Problem 1 is clearly in Apple’s court.  Hopefully that will get fixed in 8.0.1 Problem 2 is being investigated by IBM as we speak.  That’s all I know about that.  I have heard from others that Mobile controls will KINDA work if when tapping you hold your fing [read] Keywords: ibm xpages apple dojo mobile

XPages and iOS8 Situation – Update 1
Mon, Sep 22nd 2014 11:56a   David Leedy
1.) JT reports that it might be working somewhat – BUT you need to “hold your tap” for 10-ish seconds.  http://www.bleedyellow.com/blogs/NotesShop/entry/io8_xpages_mobile_controls_update?lang=en_us This was confirmed by others.  Personally I could NOT get this to work even once on my iOS8 iPad 3 but did see it work once on my iPhone 5s.  I would not consider this a workaround. If anyone cares to try I set up a test page here:  http://watchtower.notesin9.com/mobileTest.nsf/m [read] Keywords: ibm xpages bleedyellow bleedyellow.com iphone xml

Possible way to fix some of the XPages iOS8 issues.
Mon, Sep 22nd 2014 6:51a   David Leedy
This information comes from Sven Hasselbach.  I’ve not tried this myself.  Use at your own risk. ===== You can use other Dojo versions on a server by downloading the current version from dojotoolkut.org You have to unpack it into data/domino/js, rename it to dojo-1.10.1 and then copy the IBM stuff (folders “ibm” and “template”) to it Resource Aggregation must be disabled and it requires a restart of the server. Currently have running dojo 1.10.1 on a 8.5.3 Machine [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages application dojo properties server

iOS 8 Breaks XPages Mobile Controls
Fri, Sep 19th 2014 4:15p   David Leedy
You can’t click.  You can’t do a thing.  I believe it’s a dojo thing but I’m not sure. I’m about to test FP2 and will update this post. This… is  BAD!! [read] Keywords: xpages dojo mobile

Apple’s iOS8 Breaks uploading Photos
Fri, Sep 19th 2014 2:21p   David Leedy
In the day job I have users that use an iPad to upload photos to an XPages application. I just learned today that this breaks with iOS8.  More information can be found here: http://www.mobilexweb.com/blog/safari-ios8-iphone6-web-developers-designers http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25790873/uploading-files-over-http-fails-on-ios-8-gm-safari http://blog.uploadcare.com/post/97884147203/you-cannot-upload-files-to-a-server-using-mobile-safari I’m hopeful this is a BUG that will be fix and [read] Keywords: domino xpages apple application bug mobile server

Big NotesIn9 news coming next week
Fri, Sep 19th 2014 11:40a   David Leedy
It’s time… [read] Keywords:

NotesIn9 154: Java based Debug Control Part 2
Mon, Sep 15th 2014 6:50p   David Leedy
In this show Greg Reeder, XPage developer returns for part 2 of his series to talk some Java programming and how you might be able to use it to build a logging control for errors and messages. This is the second of a 3 part series from Greg which I’m publishing all at once due to the length and complexity of the information. [read] Keywords: java

NotesIn9 153: Java based Debug Control Part 1
Mon, Sep 15th 2014 6:44p   David Leedy
In this show Greg Reeder, XPage developer and new contributor joins the show to talk some Java and how you might be able to use it to build a logging control for errors and messages. This is the first of a 3 part series from Greg which I’m publishing all at once due to the length and complexity of the information. [read] Keywords: java

NotesIn9 155: Java based Debug Control Part 3
Mon, Sep 15th 2014 6:03p   David Leedy
In this show Greg Reeder, XPage developer returns for part 2 of his series to talk some Java programming and how you might be able to use it to build a logging control for errors and messages. This is the third of a 3 part series from Greg which I’m publishing all at once due to the length and complexity of the information. [read] Keywords: java

NotesIn9 152: JSON and Java
Sun, Sep 7th 2014 5:18p   David Leedy
In this show Frank van der Linden, another brand new contributor comes on to give us a little demo of using JSON and JAVA in XPages.  If you look closely you might even see a little Connections going on. [read] Keywords: connections xpages java

Changes for NotesIn9
Sun, Sep 7th 2014 1:56p   leedy
Well if you’re seeing this you probably already know what the news is.  I’ve made some big changes to my blog. I’ve moved to a new host, upgraded to WordPress 4 and am playing with a new theme. I want to thank Chris Miller for hosting my blog since almost the very beginning of NotesIn9.  He really stepped in and saved me when I had problems with my original setup. In addition to the new theme, (which might change later) I’ve updated the About page and some of the links [read] Keywords:

NotesIn9 PDF Edition: Using Resource Bundles to store config information in XPages
Mon, Aug 25th 2014 2:46p   David Leedy
I’m really excited to have a NEW contributor today.  Please welcome Dan Soares to the show!  Well kinds of at least.  I’ve been trying to get him on for a LONG time and while I’ve yet to get a video I have received from him a great article and sample database on using resource bundles in XPages. Thanks Dan! P.S. If your company blocks videos either from this site or YouTube, please print this article out on the company printer, read it on company time and have a little chu [read] Keywords: xpages application database

NotesIn9 151: Bootstrap ProgressBars in XPages
Sun, Aug 10th 2014 6:51p   David Leedy
In this show I demonstrate how to build some XPages custom controls to make a Bootstrap ProgressBar and stacked ProgressBar. I also mention Daniel Friedrich’s blog at http://xpagesandme.wordpress.com/.  I highly recommend you check that out. [read] Keywords: notes xpages

Shockingly I just did some cool CSS!
Thu, Aug 7th 2014 11:23a   David Leedy
Let’s face it…  I suck at CSS…  You know it.  I know it.  My dog knows it.  However with the magic that is StackOverFlow I just did some useful CSS that I wanted to share. In an app I wanted to have 3 buttons in a row.  Since this is an iPad app I wanted to make the buttons myself so the tab zone is bigger.  I wanted to put some space in between the buttons so I first had: margin-right: 15px; This got annoying because the last button didn’t need to have that margin [read] Keywords: css

NotesIn9 150: Announcing fileVault for XPages
Sat, Aug 2nd 2014 1:18p   David Leedy
This is a different show today.  I’m going to be speaking at MWLug at the end of August.  In this show I’m going to do a little demo of what I intended to present at MWLug.  I’m not going to tell you HOW to do it yet, you’ll need to come to see that.  Or wait for it to hit a future NotesIn9. In addition to the commercial, I’ve taken a small clip from my show 100 (which ran WAY too long).  In this clip I give suggestions on how to get more involved in the XPages [read] Keywords: notes xpages community

NotesIn9 149: Database Resources and Design Definition
Tue, Jul 29th 2014 6:55a   David Leedy
In this show IBM Champion and everyone’s second favorite Doctor returns to NotesIn9.  That’s right, Dr. Marky Roden is in the house with a GREAT tip on ways to speed up Domino Designer by using Design Definition to better control your database resources. We last saw the good Doctor back on September 13th, 2012, Episode 74,  talking about using jQuery. Don’t miss todays demo.  You never know if he’ll disappear for another 684 days again. === Also yesterday I mentioned t [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes database

NotesIn9 148: Getting XPages to talk to your phone
Mon, Jul 28th 2014 6:12a   David Leedy
Today we get another great contributor in the form of Oliver Busse. His website is oliverbusse.com.  He’s going to do a really neat demo of how to intergrate XPages with Pushover.net to send messages to a phone that has the PushOver App installed. I think that it’s always nice to see how to mix XPages with other services. [read] Keywords: xpages

NotesIn9 Celebrates 5 years of ScreenCasting and ALMOST 150 Episodes
Sun, Jul 27th 2014 7:03p   David Leedy
On July 11, 2009 I uploaded the first ever NotesIn9 to YouTube.  The topic was this brand new concept in XPages called “Repeat Controls”. 5 years and 260,000ish downloads later and with the help if MANY people I’ve published 147 episodes so far and WILL hit 150 this week, and maybe even more. Not too shabby for a little show based mostly on XPages I think. As always I want to thank all the contributors to the show.  Without them I could never have gotten this far. Thanks for [read] Keywords: notes xpages

NotesIn9 147: Using dGrowl with XPages
Tue, Jul 22nd 2014 6:30a   David Leedy
In this show Brad Balassaitis returns to Ni9 to give us some great instruction on how to start using the “dGrowl” project with our XPages applications.  This is a tool that lets you popup messages back to the user. It’s a somewhat common effect and I really really like it.  Actually before I got this demo from him I was attempting to do something similar inside Bootstrap4XPages and now I might try and switch to dGrowl for the additional features. In addition to using dGrowl t [read] Keywords: notes xpages applications dojo

NotesIn9 146: Going Mobile with Bootstrap
Tue, Jul 8th 2014 11:14a   David Leedy
In this show, we get another great new contributor joining the NotesIn9 family.  Please welcome Sean P McManus to the show. His blog is: http://spmcmanus.net  I’m really excited to get Sean on as he gives us a great demo on using Bootstrap for an XPages mobile focused application. Sean manually added Bootstrap to his application.  Another option is to use a great project on OpenNTF to do this for you via an update site. http://bootstrap4xpages.openntf.org/ http://bootstrap4xpages.com/ A [read] Keywords: notes xpages application java mobile openntf

NotesIn9 145: Simple Feedback in XPages
Thu, May 29th 2014 4:57p   David Leedy
This is the last show I have from Tim Tripcony.  This is probably the simpliest demo he’s done for Ni9 but no less important.  It’s a demo of a way to return a message to a user based on an action. Tim actually gave me this demo maybe a year ago and I just totally forgot about it and I assume he then did as well. While I hate the thought of forgetting about it I think it makes this show a little special.  I was so happy to discover it when I went through our shared dropbox. #cod [read] Keywords: xpages

A conversation with my Son
Tue, May 27th 2014 7:12a   David Leedy
When I did the Java vs. JavaScript through down I included my son in the video for comedic effect. He got a good response so I thought I’d give you a snippet of a conversation from this weekend. Me: “Tell the girls we are having popcorn and ice cream for dinner” Matt: “that is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.” Me: “you think it’s a stupid idea?” Matt: “I mean, not literally..I think it’s a great idea” That’s how [read] Keywords: notes java javascript

NotesIn9 144: OAuth for Domino Walkthrough
Tue, May 27th 2014 6:02a   David Leedy
In this show Tim Tripcony explains how to get your Domino server to PROVIDE OAuth credentials and services. #codefortim Note: This show is a odd resolution because Tim sent me his demo at a bigger size then normal.  Because of this I’m not sure if it will play on mobile devices. [read] Keywords: domino mobile server

NotesIn9 143: Component vs Value binding in XPages
Thu, May 22nd 2014 6:42a   David Leedy
In this show Tim Tripcony explains that while we’ve typically been binding to a value all this time, it’s possible to bind to a component inside your XPages Development. This show was originally published elsewhere and I basically grabbed this to try and improve the visibility and get Tim’s information as much exposure as possible. #codefortim [read] Keywords: xpages development

Tim explains JSON-RPC #codefortim
Wed, May 21st 2014 5:55a   David Leedy
First I want to highlight OpenNTF’s recent post regarding Tim’s projects.  Let me simply say that I think the #codefortim idea is brilliant. Pure genius and so appropriate.  Tim shared.  Period. I just read that post like 5 minutes ago so I’m going to let it sink in before I talk any more about it. Which brings us to the topic of today.  This email exchange I’m going to post was forwarded to me by my friend Dan.  He asked Tim a question and as usual got a great resp [read] Keywords: xpages ajax application dojo email exchange exchange java javascript openntf server sql

Tim Explains: SSJS Object Persistence
Tue, May 20th 2014 5:53a   David Leedy
Below is an email thread between Serdar Basegmez, Tim Tripcony and myself. Serdar reminded me of it and re-sent it to me so I could share.  It’s a little dated but I’m reposting this because the quality of the information should be shared. This is pretty much the marks the beginning of when I came to grips and realized that if I wanted to use XPages in a similar manner to how I developed for the Notes Client I needed to look past ServerSide JavaScript and focus on Java.  I liked bu [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusscript notes notes client xpages application applications best practice bug database development email integration java javascript properties server

NotesIn9 and Blog publishing plans for Tim’s material
Mon, May 19th 2014 6:31a   David Leedy
I guess I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on my current thoughts on publishing material that I have from Tim. I have 2 emails filled with “Tim Info” that I want to publish and just get it out there.  1 is pretty old but the other was forwarded to me last week and I think was from that past Thursday.  Both have some really good information that deserves to be more widely available I think. I also have 2 videos from Tim.  One from a couple weeks ago on using OAuth.  Another [read] Keywords: community

This one time at the Eastern PA Meetup and XMage Memorial…
Mon, May 19th 2014 5:51a   David Leedy
Last night a memorial get together was held in honor of our friend, Tim “XMage” Tripcony.  We met at the Allentown Brewhouse which did seem like a pretty nice place.  It kinda reminded me of the Big River Grill at Disney where we always meet for BALD the day before Lotusphere starts.  So very fitting. Jesse Gallagher, Chris Toohey and I wanted to have some kind of get together to raise a glass to Tim and share some stories and I think it worked out very well. It was great to see o [read] Keywords: lotusphere community

Tim Tripcony – Rest in Peace my friend
Fri, May 16th 2014 4:00p   David Leedy
I really don’t remember all the details of how I met Tim “XMage” Tripcony, but from early on he was always kind to me and a friend of my NotesIn9 screencast. I remember talking to him probably via email and/or Sametime about a blog post he made on “Fancy Typeahead”. I thought it was brilliant and as like many things Tim was involved with, no one had ever done that before in XPages. I eventually pretty much stole that entire post (with his blessing) and turned it into Episode 24 [read] Keywords: lotusphere sametime xpages blogger community email java skype swat

VENUE CHANGE: Eastern PA Meetup and Tim Tripcony Memorial
Fri, May 16th 2014 10:14a   David Leedy
I’ve gotten a great response to this!  I believe we’re up to 11 people that are likely.  Amazing! But the initial plan needs to change. Apparently some of the local colleges graduate that day and the Bethlehem location was booked.  So we’re going to try and move it to their Allentown location. http://www.thebrewworks.com/allentown-brewworks/ This isn’t really a “room” or anything.  It’s basically reservations for 5:00pm.  I’ve never been ther [read] Keywords: community

Announcing the Eastern PA Meetup and XMage Memorial
Wed, May 14th 2014 12:09p   David Leedy
As much as I would like to, I’m unable to get to Tim Tripcony’s actual memorial with his family and friends in the Atlanta area. But here’s the thing, Tim has friends all over the world. So here’s what I’m going to do: This Sunday evening, May 18th, starting at 5:30ish in the Bethlehem Pa area,  I’ll be getting together with Chris Toohey and Jesse Gallagher. We’re going to toast our friend*, maybe tell a story or 2 and then probably talk some XPages and whatever. We’d like to in [read] Keywords: xpages community

Tim Tripcony
Mon, May 12th 2014 11:19a   David Leedy
This weekend I was working on a NotesIn9 from Tim Tripcony that I’ve been sitting on for a couple of weeks. I pinged him on Skype this morning to ask a question. I was literally just about to start rendering the video when I got word that he has passed away. Here’s the linked in post from Scott Hooks https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140512170336-24024491-tim-tripcony-you-will-live-on-in-our-hearts Tim was my friend.  My heart breaks over this news. My thoughts and prayers g [read] Keywords: blogger community email linkedin skype

The Great XPages Mystery Solved.
Thu, May 8th 2014 3:54p   David Leedy
Disclaimer: Everything in this post comes from Declan Lynch.  He doesn’t really blog anymore but I felt this important enough to share so I’m just trying to put out what info I know. So we had a big problem at the day job this week.  Our main server was getting hammered with what looked like a memory leak.  This server houses our main business application that Declan wrote as well as the iPad BarCode Scanner stuff that I wrote.  So naturally the question was asked of me: “What code upd [read] Keywords: connections domino xpages application leak server

XPages: The Best of Times,The Worst of Times
Wed, Apr 23rd 2014 7:16p   David Leedy
If you’re reading this you probably already know that I like working with XPages. It’s a great tool that lets me provide business solutions to my company in a timely manner. There’s also a really really good community behind it. A lot of great people sharing wonderful information these days and I’m happy to try and contribute a little bit to it. But I think the XPages community has suffered a big  loss lately and I thought it was worth mentioning. Recently, at least 3 KEY IBMers have mo [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages community java javascript mobile openntf profile social software wiki

NotesIn9 142: Adding a “Please Wait” to XPages
Mon, Apr 7th 2014 7:47a   David Leedy
In this show it’s back to XPages and demos!  I will do a quick recap on the last show as 141 seemed REALLY popular but then it’s back to work.  In this show I demo a quick tip on how you can use CLIENT SIDE JavaScript to show the user the server is processing. [read] Keywords: notes xpages javascript server

Wow! Show 141 Recap/
Wed, Apr 2nd 2014 5:25p   David Leedy
I’ll admit I was a little nervous about the last show.  It’s been a long time since I got a little “Rowdy” on the show.  Maybe too long. First I want to thank everyone for all the feedback via comments, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I think this is the first NotesIn9 that someone (Russ Maher) actually live tweeted while watching. Thanks for the kind feedback to my kids as well.  We all had a good time making the show.  Though I am worried they might actually want to Union [read] Keywords: domino xpages community facebook sharepoint twitter

NotesIn9 141: Java vs JavaScript Throwdown
Mon, Mar 31st 2014 3:48p   David Leedy
This is a VERY DIFFERENT NotesIn9.  It’s less of a normal show and more if a response to a recent blog post regarding one persons opinion on the value of Java in XPages and the Value of the UI vs the backend. Actually this show is more of a really long “rant”. This show could absolutely suck.  I pretty much broke all my rules and tried to have fun with it.  I do give my thoughts on things so maybe there’s at least a little value there. There’s no Demo.  There is [read] Keywords: xpages java javascript

NotesIn9 139: SourceTree Deep Dive
Mon, Mar 24th 2014 6:23a   David Leedy
In this episode Paul Withers comes back on the show for a deeper look at using SourceTree and Git Flow. This comes from the session he did with Declan Lynch at IBM Connect.  In that session they ran out of time so this should fill in some of the missing pieces that they didn’t get to cover. I use SourceTree and HG Flow which is the Mercurial version of Git Flow in my Day Job all the time.  While there are some quirks due to Designer and you do need to be careful and understand what̵ [read] Keywords: ibm notes iphone

NotesIn9 139: XPages Single Copy Design
Fri, Mar 21st 2014 1:08p   David Leedy
In this show, Andrew Barickman, a great new contributor comes on to talk to use about the performance benefits of the “Single Copy Design”.  He focuses on the performance benefits, not only for a web application but also for XPages In the Notes Client – XPiNC. [read] Keywords: notes notes client xpages application

NotesIn9 138: XPages Combobox Improvements
Thu, Mar 13th 2014 1:12p   David Leedy
In this show I take a look at using a Combobox inside XPages.  I’m going to demo how to use Java – but it’s NOT scary Java – I show you everything. We’re going to show the user a pretty value in the combobox but get a hold of and store the key value for our use. I’m also going to show how you can create categories inside the combobox. That’s kinda cool I think depending on your situation. [read] Keywords: xpages java

NotesIn9 137: XPages and Web Services
Tue, Mar 4th 2014 11:50a   David Leedy
In this show, new contributor, Fredrik Norling comes on to give a neat demo on how to use Web Services with XPages. The demo database and code will be available on his website as well as OpenNTF.org. [read] Keywords: notes xpages database openntf

NotesIn9 136: Using XPages with Bootstrap 3 and FontAwesome
Fri, Jan 17th 2014 11:50a   David Leedy
Ok enough Java.  We need something that even Marky Roden might like! In this show Tim Tripcony returns to end out “Tim Tripcony week” on NotesIn9.  He’l give a demo on how you can start using Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome with your XPages applications.  He’ll do so by using themes and a content delivery network. Really good stuff!! [read] Keywords: xpages applications java network

NotesIn9 135: Using Java in XPages Part4
Thu, Jan 16th 2014 6:54a   David Leedy
Tim Tripcony returns again for another great show in his Java series.  Today he’ll be introducing the concept of a “MimeBean”.  A “MimeBean” gives the ability to save Java Objects inside a notes field.  It opens up many new possibilities for storing data in your applications. Not to be missed! [read] Keywords: notes xpages applications java

NotesIn9 134: Using Java with XPages Part 3
Tue, Jan 14th 2014 6:42a   David Leedy
n this show Tim Tripcony continues his series of exploring the use of Java with your XPages application.  Today’s show discusses linking buttons to Java, dealing with ReadOnly properties and how to deal with explilcit getters and setters – but only when you want to! There’s even a little more Bootstrap goodness in here! [read] Keywords: xpages application java linking properties

NotesIn9 133: Using Java in XPages Part 2
Mon, Jan 13th 2014 1:11p   David Leedy
In this show, Tim Tripcony expounds on the last episode where I did a very basic CRUD example that’s based on Java binding rather then document binding. I had mentioned one of the problems with building the java classes was that I would create getters and setters for each field. Tim’s going to show how you can build your code to avoid that. He also improves the CRUD example with a little BootStrap Magic! Tim will return for Part 3 tomorrow!! [read] Keywords: xpages java

Paul Hannan, The XPagers Champion
Tue, Jan 7th 2014 3:34p   David Leedy
Recently Niklas Heidloff posted a lot of sessions related to XPages /IBM Domino application Development. There are Thirty-Six (36) sessions listed.  The majority appear to me to be directly related to XPages itself. There’s simply a TON of great XPages content at the conference and there will be lot of great IBMers from the XPages team attending. I see IBM is sending some big names right off the bat:  Martin Donnelly, Padraic Edwards, Eamon Muldoon and Tony McGuckin. I see Phillippe Riand, [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus lotusphere notes ray ozzie xpages application bug community database development mobile

Big NotesIn9 News!!
Thu, Jan 2nd 2014 6:32a   David Leedy
So for the last several weeks I’ve been teasing on Twitter “.25″ and “1/4″.  I’m excited to now reveal what the heck I was talking about. NotesIn9 has now reached 1/4 of a MILLION downloads! I think saying “1/4 of a Million” just sounds way cooler then 250,000. Anyway – as always thanks to all the great contributors that have given their time to help the show!! Lots more content coming very soon. Thanks for watching! [read] Keywords: twitter

NotesIn9 132: Using Java in XPages Part 1
Tue, Dec 17th 2013 10:11a   David Leedy
Ok.  There’s a lot going on in this show so let’s get started: This show came from a Skype Chat I had with Tim Tripcony.  The goal here is a series that focuses on how you actually use xpages and java beans together.  We want to show how to bind to Java Objects instead of documents and actually use them.  This is not a full “app” but more of a CRUD example.  We didn’t want to distract too much from the core concept of linking XPages to Java Beans directly. Of c [read] Keywords: ntf xpages community java linking skype vm

IBM Champion Hat Trick
Fri, Dec 6th 2013 2:28p   David Leedy
This week I found out that for the 3rd time I was selected to the IBM Champion program. I just want to say thanks to those who nominated me.  I’m glad you like the contributions I’ve helped to create.  I also want to thank IBM for their efforts in this program. A bunch of new Champions were added and I was especially happy to see my good friend, Marky Roden make the list.  He’s the text book definition of a Champion. I was sorry to see a couple of people drop off the list. [read] Keywords: ibm community

Announcing TreeOnATruck.com
Wed, Nov 27th 2013 11:09a   David Leedy
Ok, I’m going to go off the reservation here and do something that mixes home life with “work” life. Every year over the Christmas season we play a game.  We count the number of Christmas Trees we see on vehicles. And by count I mean the first person to shout “TREE!” gets a point. While the game makes me happy, it does cause stress as gosh darn it I also want to win. My wife has infected a bunch of her friends with the game and here’s a snippet of what she po [read] Keywords: domino xpages application community java mobile reservation

NotesIn9 appearance on the Social biz User Group
Wed, Nov 20th 2013 5:17p   David Leedy
I was recently interviewed my Celia Hamilton from the Social Big User Group. We talked about Application modernization, NotesIn9 and where you might want to start in learning about XPages. Check it out here if interested. [read] Keywords: xpages application

NotesIn9 131: Use SourceTree for better XPages Source Control
Tue, Nov 12th 2013 6:08a   David Leedy
In previous NotesIn9′s I’ve talked about using Source Control inside Domino Designer.  Well today it all changes! Whatever I said before..  forget it! The great Jedi master Yoda once said:  “You must unlearn what you have learned”. I’m officially calling a “Do Over” and we’re going to start from scratch with Source Control. This show focuses on using Source Control but in a whole new way.  Rather then trying to control it from inside Domino Des [read] Keywords: domino notes xpages application applications development server

NotesIn9 130: Using XPages Type Ahead for Navigation.
Fri, Nov 1st 2013 11:51a   David Leedy
In this episode Tim Tripcony makes a brilliant return to the show with a great demo on using “Fancy Typeahead” as navigation.  This builds on some previous examples on Type Ahead that you might want to look at as well. http://notesin9.com/index.php/2009/11/07/episode-007-a-license-to-typeahead/ http://notesin9.com/index.php/2012/03/12/notesin9-050-improving-the-type-ahead-control/ http://notesin9.com/index.php/2011/02/11/notesin9-24-fancy-type-ahead-in-xpages/ – This is the re [read] Keywords: xpages

NotesIn9 129: #ThanksBruce
Wed, Oct 2nd 2013 6:36a   David Leedy
In this show I take a few moments to thank Bruce Elgort for everything he’s done, not only for me personally, but for the Domino Community as a whole.   [read] Keywords: domino community

NotesIn9 128: Fixing URL Issues
Tue, Oct 1st 2013 4:31p   David Leedy
In this show I fix a problem with my XPagesCheatSheet.com that had to do with URL handling.  I’ll describe the problem and detail the fixes. [read] Keywords: notes

Public Service Announcement for IBM Connect
Wed, Sep 11th 2013 2:59p   David Leedy
Ok so I’m starting to think about IBM Connect.  I’m not yet sure I will be attending. Assuming I do attend I’m 99% sure I will not be submitting any abstracts*. I’ve yet to officially ask at my “Day Job”. But in order to ask for something like this you kinda need to know how much it will cost. Right?  I’m not crazy here am I?  Sadly that’s not as easy to find out all the costs any more. One of the reasons why it’s difficult to know the co [read] Keywords: ibm xpages community twitter

NotesIn9 127: XPages Parallel Processing
Wed, Sep 11th 2013 6:56a   David Leedy
In this show Serdar Basegmez returns with a demo taken from his recent presentation at Icon UK. He’ll introduce the concept of creating a new thread in your XPages application that can be used for longer running processes.  This effectively lets you do 2 things at once in your application. [read] Keywords: xpages application

NotesIn9 126: Appcelerator Tab Groups
Fri, Aug 30th 2013 7:20a   David Leedy
In this show John Jardin, IBM Champion and mobile expert, comes back to continue his series on getting started with Appcelerator for Mobile Development.  Today he’ll talk about work with Tabs and Tab groups. This show continues the foundations of Appcelerator.  It is planned to use XPages as a backend database once we get to that point. [read] Keywords: foundations ibm xpages database development mobile

NotesIn9 125: Appcelerator: Working with Windows
Mon, Aug 26th 2013 7:22a   David Leedy
In this show John Jardin comes back with Chapter 4 of his series on getting started with Appcelerator. [read] Keywords: development mobile

NotesIn9 124: Code Snippets
Thu, Aug 15th 2013 11:12a   David Leedy
In today’s episode, Martin Rolph, a great new contributor, comes on the show to demonstrate how you can use the built in Snippet functionality of Domino Designer. I also do a brief demo of OpenNTF’s XSnipppet’s project.  A really wonderful resource. [read] Keywords: domino notes openntf

NotesIn9 123: Titanium Appcelerator – Getting Started
Tue, Aug 13th 2013 7:07a   David Leedy
In this show John Jardin returns to start a series on Titanium Appcelerator. TA is a product for using Html and JavaScript to make native mobile applications for devices like iPhone and Androids.  John is currently running a series of posts on his blog about this and I wanted him to make some supplemental videos on it for NotesIn9. This show really isn’t about XPages and that’s not a bad thing as I think being able to reuse the html and javascript skills that you and I are learrning [read] Keywords: xpages application applications database development iphone javascript mobile

NotesIn9 122: Working with Java Objects in XPages
Thu, Aug 1st 2013 10:09a   David Leedy
This show comes directly from my day job.  This is a presentation that I gave to the internal XPages team. I talk about using Java Objects but not necessarily via “Managed Beans”. A lot of XPages and Java talk centers around “Managed Beans” but that’s not your only option.  There are additional ways to use Java Code in your XPages Applications that don’t need Managed Beans.  There’s also DataContext, objectData and “ScopedBinding”.  NO [read] Keywords: xpages applications best practice email java twitter

NotesIn9 121: Implementing Dojo Scrollable Pane with XPages Mobile Controls
Mon, Jul 29th 2013 8:11a   David Leedy
In this show, Keith Stickland, a great new contributor, comes on with an awesome demo on how to add newer Dojo features to an XPages Mobile Controls application.  He’ll show you how to create a fixed bottom tab bar – something that can’t be done with just the Mobile controls themselves. [read] Keywords: xpages application dojo mobile

NotesIn9 4 Year Anniversary
Fri, Jul 19th 2013 9:19a   David Leedy
The very first NotesIn9  was published way back on July 11 2009.  I usually miss the actual date because I forget and only remember it was in the “summer” sometime.  I should probably set a reminder or something.  Anyway… After 4 years, NotesIn9 has now produced 120 episodes from 31 amazing contributors for almost 35 hours of mostly XPages educational content. Between my libsyn.com account and Youtube, the show has been viewed or downloaded 200,524 times!  Not too shabby [read] Keywords: notes xpages apple podcast

The NotesIn9 Guide Map to Learning XPages has been updated.
Wed, Jul 17th 2013 10:15a   David Leedy
There’s been a bunch of new NotesIn9 shows recently with more on the way.  I’m really close to getting through my contributor backlog.  I even have a several of my own shows I’d like to do. Since there’s been these new shows I took a couple of minutes to update the Mind Map that should hopefully have links to all of them. The goal is to make things easier to find. Check it out here. I hope this is a helpful means of finding other shows and getting into XPages.  I’ [read] Keywords: xpages

NotesIn9 120: XPages Data View Control Part 2: Customization
Tue, Jul 16th 2013 7:56a   David Leedy
In this show Brad Balassaitis comes back on with a show on how to customize the Data View control.  This is the 2nd video that Brad’s contributed on this control.  Part 1 is at http://notesin9.com/index.php/2013/06/05/notesin9-115-xpages-data-view-control-part-1-implementation. This show also has a lot of great detail on how Facets/Editable areas work.  He also shows you how to inspect elements on the XPage.  Really great stuff in this show. Do NOT miss this show! [read] Keywords: xpages

NotesIn9 119: XPages Mobile Development First Steps
Fri, Jul 12th 2013 7:52a   David Leedy
In this episode Graham Acres comes back on to talk about getting started with Mobile Development with XPages Mobile Controls. I’ve had some other getting started with mobile shows on NotesIn9, and even though they might seem similar on the surface, each contributor really does bring a different perspective and focus.  Graham does a great job with his presentation and I hope you like it. I’m starting to hear form potential contributors that it’s getting harder to find a topic t [read] Keywords: xpages community development mobile

NotesIn9 118:Using Java to Sign a Database in XPages
Wed, Jul 10th 2013 7:25a   David Leedy
In this show John Jardin comes back on with an interesting demo on how to Sign a nsf AS THE SERVER from an XPage.  John will create a very small custom Java Class that he uses as a Managed Bean.  A really good demo. [read] Keywords: xpages database java server

NotesIn9 117: Using the Navigator Control
Tue, Jul 9th 2013 6:16a   David Leedy
In this show John Jardin returns to give us a great demonstration in using the XPages Navigator control to do partial refreshes of an XPages Content.  By using multiple custom controls you can simulate 2 or more web pages within a single .xsp page.  This is a really good demo for this who want to work with the Navigator control. [read] Keywords: xpages

NotesIn9 116: Data Contexts and Variable Resolvers
Tue, Jul 2nd 2013 7:40a   David Leedy
In this show Paul Withers returns to enlighten us on what Data Contexts and Variable Resolvers are and how to use them in XPages. In addition I want to send out some Happy Birthday wishes to: Bruce Elgort and Mikkel Heisterberg and also a belated Happy Birthday Paul Withers himself! [read] Keywords: xpages

XPages Forum has been updated!
Fri, Jun 7th 2013 6:52a   David Leedy
I know of 2 main resources to try and get specific help on XPages issues.  StackOverFlow.com and the XPages Forum. While StackOverFlow (SO) is clearly the best place to go with a specific question, it’s not the best place for every situation.  SO is geared more to very specific questions.  It’s not a place for higher level discussions. This is where the XPages Forum comes in.  It’s a specific site on developerWorks for XPages focused questions and talk.  I was very excite [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus xpages community development

NotesIn9 115: XPages Data View Control Part 1 – Implementation
Wed, Jun 5th 2013 7:08a   David Leedy
In this show Brad Balassaitis comes back on to give a great demo on how to get started using the Data View Control.  There’s a lot of power in the Data View Control and I highly recommend checking it out. In other news, recently I did a webinar for OpenNTF.org called “Getting Started with XPages”.  I presented that with Marky Roden and we want to thank those who attended. Niklas Heidloff has now posted the video, audio and slides to the presesentation.  Here’s the link [read] Keywords: xpages openntf

Live XPages Webinar today at 10 am EST on OpenNTF
Tue, Jun 4th 2013 7:03a   David Leedy
Today Marky Roden and I will be doing a Getting started with XPages Webinar for OpenNTF. This is a rare event because I typically don’t do many webinars do to lack of time.  But one does not simply pass on the chance to speak with Mark Roden. This session is geared for the person new to XPages or thinking about jumping into XPages.  We assume you know something about Notes Client or Domino Web development.  It really is true beginner / getting started focus but there might be some thing [read] Keywords: domino notes notes client xpages development openntf

I love what I do, and what I do is XPages
Fri, May 31st 2013 7:38a   David Leedy
So I’m sitting here in Midway airport in Chicago.  Kinda bored really so I thought I’d throw out some random crappy post because really, there’s probably not enough of those on the Internet. I’ve been rather busy recently, traveling to Anaheim, Washington D.C, Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, and I’m shortly going back to Las Vegas. Why am I doing all this travel?  For my day job, and let me tell you I have the best job in the world.  I get to work with completely aw [read] Keywords: ibm notes notes client xpages applications development java mobile openntf

NotesIn9 Live coming to the OpenNTF Webinar Series!
Fri, May 24th 2013 6:49a   David Leedy
One June 4th I will be participating in a Webinar from OpenNTF.org called “Getting Started with XPages”.  I’m really excited to be presenting with Dr. Marky Roden.  It’s always nice to be able to present with good friends. In addition to being an outstanding developer Marky also happens to be a stellar presenter. So it should be a fun time. I love doing what I can to support OpenNTF.  It’s a great community run website that is one of the best resources available [read] Keywords: xpages community email openntf

NotesIn9 114: Using Wrappers with XPages
Thu, May 23rd 2013 8:59a   David Leedy
In this show yet another NEW contributor comes on to share content with the community.  Today, Stephan Wissel, IBMer and blogger at wissel.net comes on the show for a discussion on a programming design pattern called “Facade” and how you might want to use this in your XPages development. [read] Keywords: xpages blogger community development

NotesIn9 113: Learning to use XPages Mobile Controls
Wed, May 22nd 2013 11:03a   David Leedy
In this show NotesIn9 not only gets a SUPER new contributor, but it also gets it’s first Nerd Girl!  In today’s show Kathy Brown comes on to do a demo on using the XPages Mobile controls from the Extension Library / Update Pack 1.  These controls are also built into Domino 9.0. In the demo she uses Designer to show you how to get started building a mobile app with the XPages Mobile Controls. I hope you like it. [read] Keywords: domino xpages mobile

NotesIn9 112: XPages Mobile Controls Part 3
Fri, May 17th 2013 6:58a   David Leedy
In this show Peter Presnell returns to conclude his 3 part series on XPages Mobile Controls.  Today he’ll cover outlines and Data Views. I also talk about the current OpenNTF.org Appathon Contest.  There’s a lot of prize money available so be sure to check that out as well. [read] Keywords: xpages mobile openntf

NotesIn9 111: Mobile Controls Part 2
Tue, May 14th 2013 7:21a   David Leedy
Peter Presnell comes back  today with Part 2 of his series on XPages Mobile controls.  In this show he’ll go through all the current controls provided with Ext. Library / UpdatePack / Designer 9 and define what they are and go through their key properties. [read] Keywords: xpages mobile properties

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