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Wed, May 14th 2014 424

Announcing 100,000 videos Served!!!
David Leedy    

I just wanted to mention that sometime last week NotesIn9 passed 100,000 total video plays/downloads of videos!

Of course that’s not unique users… people watch the same show more then once, but still I think it’s a really good number showing growing interest in XPages technology.

Anyway – I’m very pleased at the interest in my little show. When I started this in the summer of 2009 I never thought it would go this far. And I certainly couldn’t have done it without the awesome help from my growing list of contributors. These people are the true XPages experts and I’m very happy that they’ve come on the show to share their talents and tips.

My most popular show continues to be my original XPages Jumpstart video. A 73 minute session that I originally presented at some user groups. That show is been viewed / download over 8,500 times itself!!

There’s a lot more to come for NotesIn9.

- I’m investigating getting the shows transcribed or maybe even closed captioned/subtitled to help people where english is not their first language.
- I’m desperately trying to do some things to improve my website and consolidate XPages.TV and XPagesCheatSheet.com into NotesIn9 to try and make things easier to find.
- I’ve got some more great contributors coming on soon if all goes well.
- I also have a bunch of my own shows in the queue that I want to try and get to.

So needless to say, NotesIn9 will keep going and hopefully serve up another 100,00 in less time!

I really must thank Chris Miller and his Spiked Studio Productions for supporting NotesIn9 with wordpress hosting and advice. He came to me very early on and gave me some help when I really needed it.

I also want to thank Jeremy Hodge and his ZetaOne company for creating my logos and assistance with other aspects of the show.

And I especially want to thank everyone for watching and for any comments and emails. I really appreciate them!

In celebration of this event there will be some new shows out next week.

Feb 08, 2012
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NotesIn9 147: Using dGrowl with XPages
Tue, Jul 22nd 2014 6:30a   David Leedy
In this show Brad Balassaitis returns to Ni9 to give us some great instruction on how to start using the “dGrowl” project with our XPages applications.  This is a tool that lets you popup messages back to the user. It’s a somewhat common effect and I really really like it.  Actually before I got this demo from him I was attempting to do something similar inside Bootstrap4XPages and now I might try and switch to dGrowl for the additional features. In addition to using dGrowl t [read] Keywords: notes xpages applications dojo

NotesIn9 146: Going Mobile with Bootstrap
Tue, Jul 8th 2014 11:14a   David Leedy
In this show, we get another great new contributor joining the NotesIn9 family.  Please welcome Sean P McManus to the show. His blog is: http://spmcmanus.net  I’m really excited to get Sean on as he gives us a great demo on using Bootstrap for an XPages mobile focused application. Sean manually added Bootstrap to his application.  Another option is to use a great project on OpenNTF to do this for you via an update site. http://bootstrap4xpages.openntf.org/ http://bootstrap4xpages.com/ A [read] Keywords: notes xpages application java mobile openntf

NotesIn9 145: Simple Feedback in XPages
Thu, May 29th 2014 4:57p   David Leedy
This is the last show I have from Tim Tripcony.  This is probably the simpliest demo he’s done for Ni9 but no less important.  It’s a demo of a way to return a message to a user based on an action. Tim actually gave me this demo maybe a year ago and I just totally forgot about it and I assume he then did as well. While I hate the thought of forgetting about it I think it makes this show a little special.  I was so happy to discover it when I went through our shared dropbox. #cod [read] Keywords: xpages

A conversation with my Son
Tue, May 27th 2014 7:12a   David Leedy
When I did the Java vs. JavaScript through down I included my son in the video for comedic effect. He got a good response so I thought I’d give you a snippet of a conversation from this weekend. Me: “Tell the girls we are having popcorn and ice cream for dinner” Matt: “that is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.” Me: “you think it’s a stupid idea?” Matt: “I mean, not literally..I think it’s a great idea” That’s how [read] Keywords: notes java javascript

NotesIn9 144: OAuth for Domino Walkthrough
Tue, May 27th 2014 6:02a   David Leedy
In this show Tim Tripcony explains how to get your Domino server to PROVIDE OAuth credentials and services. #codefortim Note: This show is a odd resolution because Tim sent me his demo at a bigger size then normal.  Because of this I’m not sure if it will play on mobile devices. [read] Keywords: domino mobile server

NotesIn9 143: Component vs Value binding in XPages
Thu, May 22nd 2014 6:42a   David Leedy
In this show Tim Tripcony explains that while we’ve typically been binding to a value all this time, it’s possible to bind to a component inside your XPages Development. This show was originally published elsewhere and I basically grabbed this to try and improve the visibility and get Tim’s information as much exposure as possible. #codefortim [read] Keywords: xpages development

Tim explains JSON-RPC #codefortim
Wed, May 21st 2014 5:55a   David Leedy
First I want to highlight OpenNTF’s recent post regarding Tim’s projects.  Let me simply say that I think the #codefortim idea is brilliant. Pure genius and so appropriate.  Tim shared.  Period. I just read that post like 5 minutes ago so I’m going to let it sink in before I talk any more about it. Which brings us to the topic of today.  This email exchange I’m going to post was forwarded to me by my friend Dan.  He asked Tim a question and as usual got a great resp [read] Keywords: xpages ajax application dojo email exchange exchange java javascript openntf server sql


Tim Explains: SSJS Object Persistence
Tue, May 20th 2014 5:53a   David Leedy
Below is an email thread between Serdar Basegmez, Tim Tripcony and myself. Serdar reminded me of it and re-sent it to me so I could share.  It’s a little dated but I’m reposting this because the quality of the information should be shared. This is pretty much the marks the beginning of when I came to grips and realized that if I wanted to use XPages in a similar manner to how I developed for the Notes Client I needed to look past ServerSide JavaScript and focus on Java.  I liked bu [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusscript notes notes client xpages application applications best practice bug database development email integration java javascript properties server

NotesIn9 and Blog publishing plans for Tim’s material
Mon, May 19th 2014 6:31a   David Leedy
I guess I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on my current thoughts on publishing material that I have from Tim. I have 2 emails filled with “Tim Info” that I want to publish and just get it out there.  1 is pretty old but the other was forwarded to me last week and I think was from that past Thursday.  Both have some really good information that deserves to be more widely available I think. I also have 2 videos from Tim.  One from a couple weeks ago on using OAuth.  Another [read] Keywords: community

This one time at the Eastern PA Meetup and XMage Memorial…
Mon, May 19th 2014 5:51a   David Leedy
Last night a memorial get together was held in honor of our friend, Tim “XMage” Tripcony.  We met at the Allentown Brewhouse which did seem like a pretty nice place.  It kinda reminded me of the Big River Grill at Disney where we always meet for BALD the day before Lotusphere starts.  So very fitting. Jesse Gallagher, Chris Toohey and I wanted to have some kind of get together to raise a glass to Tim and share some stories and I think it worked out very well. It was great to see o [read] Keywords: lotusphere community

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