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XPages: The Best of Times,The Worst of Times
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David Leedy    

If you’re reading this you probably already know that I like working with XPages. It’s a great tool that lets me provide business solutions to my company in a timely manner. There’s also a really really good community behind it. A lot of great people sharing wonderful information these days and I’m happy to try and contribute a little bit to it.

But I think the XPages community has suffered a big  loss lately and I thought it was worth mentioning. Recently, at least 3 KEY IBMers have moved on or out of the XPages realm.

We lost Paul Hannan a little bit ago as he moved onto new challenges in IBM. Notes in the cloud or something. Honestly I forget what it was. So he’s still close, but out of the XPages App Dev world.

A couple of days ago Phil Riand announced he was leaving IBM for something new. As far as I know Phil has been the driving force behind not only XPages itself, but the Extension Library, the very recent XPages4Bootstrap project with Mark Leusink, and I’m sure a whole lot more. Heck it was pretty much a single tweet from Phil that got the XPages Extension Library book on it’s path. And who was the key IBMer with that book? Paul Hannan!

Then today Simon O’Doherty announced he was moving to the Watson team. Don’t know who Simon is? He’s a level 2 support engineer at IBM for Notes/Domino App Dev issues. But even more then that Simon went out of his way to answer questions to the community. A quick check on Stack OverFlow shows him answering 166 questions! Wow! He does not get enough credit for his contributions to Notes/Domino App Dev.

I want to personally thank Paul, Phil and Simon for their contributions to the community.  I know they will succeed in whatever they do.

But with 3 very engaged and high profile IBMers leaving the XPages world that just seems concerning to me.

Clearly the Worst of times?

Or maybe not.

We also got out a brand new book this week. Mastering XPages 2nd Edition! Written by the App Dev team itself. There’s a TON of new content in it and I’m looking forward to digging into it. Maybe now I’ll finally understand the JSF Lifecycle. haha

In other news Mark Leusink recently updated the very important XPages Bootstrap project. Oliver Busse released a helper project for that – a template that I’m interested to check out. http://mardou.dyndns.org/hp.nsf/blogpost.xsp?documentId=C0E

Over on OpenNTF there’s been recent releases of the Unplugged XPages Mobile Controls, XPages Extension Library, XPages OpenLog Logger and more.

In my little corner of the world people still watch NotesIn9. The recent Java/JavaScript throwdown show was very well received, I have a show from Tim Tripcony to process and tons of my own show ideas that I just need to get time for. It astounds me that my Introduction to XPages show from way back in 2010 is still typically in the top 5 show downloads for the month. I have to believe that this is an indication of new people trying to get up to speed on XPages. I would like to revisit and update that show some point soon.

Clearly the Best of Times?

Which is it? The Best or the Worst of Times?

Ok so some key IBM’ers left. That in itself is not the end of the world.  I guess my biggest concern there is these three were EXTREMELY outgoing to the community. I really hope additional IBMer’s step up and take their place otherwise it’s a huge loss.

I hope IBM realizes that with their official XPages documentation “lacking”, and their plan of Documentation by “Community wiki” somewhat, shall I say, “misguided”, that the best thing they can do is encourage their key experts to engage in the community so we can get questions answered and information published. IBM preaches Social. I hope they know it’s not just about budgets, and spreadsheets. It’s not just about writing Social software but its also important for IBMers to interact with customers and business partners to share knowledge and mutually work together to make something that’s better then the sum of it’s parts.

I’m hopeful that what is happening is that XPages is just catching its breath. Some people want new challenges and others are hopefully waiting in the wings. If any IBMer wants to share something and needs help in publishing via a blog post, NotesIn9 or something else then please just let me know. I’m happy to assist with that. Just reach out. I’m pretty easy to find.

For me, I’m hopefully just catching my breath as well.  I have the best job in the world but man am I busy.  Home life isn’t any slower as the kids school year starts the final stretch.  But I’m trying to gear up for a push to at least get to 150 shows and maybe another surprise or two as well.

I’m going to call it the Best of Times.

Apr 23, 2014
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Tue, Apr 4th 2017 1:12p   David Leedy
In this show Eric McCormick returns to talk about ways in which Automation can help you.  While this is not needed for basic XPages development if you want to level up on your skills be sure to check this episode out!
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I’m so excited about this show. After years of negotiations and down right harassment I’ve finally convinced/tricked Bruce Elgort to come on the show and share some if his knowledge. In this show Bruce will give us a great demo on building a skill for Amazon Alexa. If you’re not familiar with Alexa, it’s similar to Siri and “Ok Google”, in that it’s a voice based service. I think these voice services are going to only get bigger and bigger as time goes o
Everyone Pay Attention!! Declan is blogging again!
Wed, Feb 1st 2017 6:17p   David Leedy
Declan Lynch is famous for his legendary 54 part series on “Learning XPages”.  This was back in the day when there was no good info on XPages.  His series did not just pre-date NotesIn9, it was one of the inspirations of NotesIn9. Anyway – after a LONG hiatus Declan is finally blogging again. Our company is moving away from Domino and XPages.  So he’s starting a to blog on what that really means for application development.  What do you replace Domino with and why?
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Thu, Jan 26th 2017 7:27p   David Leedy
One of the many legendary things from the conference once called “Lotusphere” was the “Pretzel Cookie” that was provided in the box lunch on the last day. If, like me, you’re not able to go to the conference this year but don’t want to miss out on the famous cookie I present to you 2 options. The first is this recipe from John Rolings blog : Create the infamous Pretzel Cookie at Home! My wife has made these before and I can attest it to be a pretty good repre
2017 IBM Champion thoughts.
Thu, Dec 15th 2016 2:58p   David Leedy
Yesterday IBM announced their 2017 “IBM Champions”. I’m honored to once again be associated with an amazing group of people.  This will be my 7th year as a champion going all the way back to when the program started. I do want to thank the people that took the time out of their day to think of me and nominate me.  I do hope my silly little NotesIn9 screencast has been valuable to you. I don’t talk about being an IBM Champion too often because one, I hate talking about m
NotesIn9 203: A Smart Admin Bootstrap Theme for XPages
Wed, Dec 14th 2016 7:41p   David Leedy
This show brings us not only a brand new contributor to NotesIn9, but it’s the first official appearance of newly minted IBM Champion Csaba Kiss! Congrats Csaba!! Csaba is an amazing developer and friend to the community. He was my personal number 1 choice to become an IBM Champion and I’m so happy he has been recognized for his contributions. His website is : http://xpagexplorer.org/ In this episode he’s going to look at using a popular Bootstrap theme inside XPages. This is
It’s back!!! The Tree on a Truck game!!
Fri, Nov 25th 2016 12:29a   David Leedy
Ok. It’s that time of year again. The Tree on a Truck Game starts on Black Friday!!! The game is simple. If you see a vehicle carrying a Christmas Tree you yell “TREE!!” and then record it. Team with the most called trees win. The website to signup is : http://treeonatruck.com Create your team. Add your member and then use that to track your trees. Below are the official rules. If there’s any problems with the website let me know. I do hope to make it better this year. O

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