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eProductivity V4
Wed, Feb 24th 2016 4
Domino Server on Raspberry Pi
Sun, Oct 4th 2015 6
Why should I invest in my people when they’ll leave anyway?
Mon, Aug 31st 2015 3
I’ve heard we’re switching to Outlook/Verse/something else, so why should I invest in eProductivity until then?
Thu, Jun 18th 2015 3
Does your GTD toolkit have support for your cognitive artifacts?
Mon, Jun 15th 2015 2
So much for starting a job productively (or sanely)
Wed, Jun 3rd 2015 1
IBMers sound off on ways to work, new and old
Wed, May 27th 2015 3
Top 10
The most useful view in IBM Lotus Notes that you’re not using
Mon, Mar 9th 2015 6
Technology alone won’t fix how we work (and work together)
Mon, May 4th 2015 6
Domino Server on Raspberry Pi
Sun, Oct 4th 2015 6
How I make smarter choices and feel better about how I use my time
Tue, Feb 18th 2014 4
Ramp up your workspeed with the most powerful key on your keyboard
Mon, Aug 25th 2014 4
A great way to work smarter: do one thing at a time
Thu, Feb 12th 2015 4
Why is so much being done and nothing being accomplished?
Tue, Feb 17th 2015 4
IBM Verse: the challenge and opportunity
Fri, May 22nd 2015 4
eProductivity V4
Wed, Feb 24th 2016 4
Brief observations from IBM Connect 2014 OGS
Mon, Jan 27th 2014 3

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eProductivity V4
Wed, Feb 24th 2016 2:02p   Eric Mack
After 10 years of development, eProductivity has proven to be a stable product; however, there's always room for improvement and the occasional fixes. :-) This release of eProductivity includes many new features to facilitate working with archives as well as various new productivity features. Here are a few highlights; for more details, see here. Productivity Features Added To speed up filing emails, the 'Send & File' and 'Move to Folder' menus now display the last three fol

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