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Brief observations from IBM Connect 2014 OGS
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Eric Mack    

IBM Connections is now positioned as the platform upon which the rest of the IBM social and collaboration suites rest.

This means that some established brands will be renamed into the Connections stack:

        IBM Notes (The product formerly known as Lotus Notes) is now IBM Mail

        IBM Sametime is now Connections Chat and Meetings.

There was no mention of the Notes client or the Domino server other than a brief mention that IBM will be hosting Domino Apps in the cloud.

Microsoft is sure to pronounce what they have been trying to get their customers to believe for years, that Notes is dead.

Notes is most certainly not dead, but it is evolving and I will be watching to see what roadmap IBM presents for the future.

Meanwhile, IBM showed off a new vision for the mail client - their Mail Next vision. While new and shiny, it looks like it will be quite distracting to actually use when you just want to get work done.  There no way to actually use this product (if it is yet a product) and it will likely be some time before we can try it first hand so time will tell on that front.

Speaking of new and shiny, it's going to take some work to sift through the marketing speak and shiny screen objects to find which new features flaunted at Connect 2014 will actually lead to a boost in worker productivity and which are, well, simply shiny...

Originally posted on Notes On Productivity

Jan 27, 2014
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