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Tip: a quicker way to document your Xpage custom controls
Ferry Kranenburg    

When developing Xpage custom controls it is useful to document the properties along with you application documentation.
When it comes to developing controls that are going to be placed on OpenNTF, it's a good practice to document all properties.

I have posted some custom controls to OpenNTF lately and came to the conclusion that creating the properties in the designer is a quick task, but document them later, is became quickly a very boring job.
But there is a better and faster way.
I have used Excel 2007 in this example but I'm sure this is also possible using Symphony or other spreadsheet programs.

- Open the 'package explorer' view in the domino designer
- Open your application and go to the folder 'CustomControls'
- Find your custom control and right-click the one with the '-config' extension and choose 'Export'











- Export the file to a disk by choosing 'General' and 'File system'. (users of Source Sniffer 3.x can skip these steps ;-) )









- After you exported the file, rename the extention to .xml.
- Start up Excel and choose to import XML data (here is a tutorial)
- After importing you will have a nice table including all properties of the custom control!

Here's an example:




Jun 15, 2011
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