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Xpages Debug Custom Control v2.0 released on OpenNTF
Ferry Kranenburg    

I have just uploaded a new version of my ‘Xpages Debug Custom Control’.

In case you don’t know, this xpages custom control is capable to display all variables in your scopes. This is very useful when debugging your application. I use the control for a long time myself it helped me alot while debugging my applications. I had some time so I added the following new features:

- Remove all variables or remove only one item at a time
- In place edit of scoped variables (when they are of type 'string')
- Displays user variables, like user groups and user roles
- Displays browser information
- Ability to add your own custom objects to the control for easier debugging.
- Embedded Tommy Valand's Api Inspector V3 control
- Embedded Serdar Basegmez's xProperties v0.91 control

Nice new features are the ability to edit string type scope variables and see how your Xpages application react on this.

The reason I choose version 3 of the Api Inspector is because I want the control not to be depending on external script libraries. It embeds all code needed to run the api inspector, also you do not need to install the api inspector.

xProperties is a new custom control by Serdar Basegmez.Serdar did a very good job creating this control and that is why I embedded it into the debug custom control. The control displays all fields from a document in a dojo dialog. I have used version 0.91 for the debug custom control. For debugging reasons I removed the dialog functionality from the control. Also, you do not need to install this control when you are using the debug control.


Some screenshots of the control:

image image 


image image image

Jun 26, 2011
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