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My top 5 wishlist for IBM Notes / IBM Domino Designer, which ones are yours?
Wed, Aug 6th 2014 97
Creating a test environment: the easy way
Tue, Jun 3rd 2014 97
3 XPages hints #2
Wed, Apr 30th 2014 106
XPages Configuration Framework
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 76
All the best for 2014
Fri, Jan 3rd 2014 66
5 XPages Tipps #1
Thu, Jan 24th 2013 82
Working with SAP Data in Lotus Notes: Lessons learned
Wed, Jan 16th 2013 145
Top 10
Working with SAP Data in Lotus Notes: Lessons learned
Wed, Jan 16th 2013 145
Displaying fancy loading indicator while loading AJAX
Fri, Nov 11th 2011 137
Resolve time difference in hours and minutes of two date/time values
Wed, Aug 17th 2011 133
Get rid of the agent property “Target documents – all new & modified documents”
Tue, Jan 3rd 2012 124
3 XPages hints #2
Wed, Apr 30th 2014 106
Get current date in international format (ISO 8601)
Wed, Aug 3rd 2011 101
Cross-wise MouseOver Highlight of table row, column and cell
Sun, Jul 31st 2011 97
Creating a test environment: the easy way
Tue, Jun 3rd 2014 97
My top 5 wishlist for IBM Notes / IBM Domino Designer, which ones are yours?
Wed, Aug 6th 2014 97
Space in XPages Source Code: & n b s p ; does not work..
Sun, Jul 31st 2011 91

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My top 5 wishlist for IBM Notes / IBM Domino Designer, which ones are yours?
Wed, Aug 6th 2014 6:10a   Frederic Dehedin
Notes Client and Designer are very powerful piece of software, but there are some issues, which could make them even better. In my daily work i always bump into the following things. As for the Notes Client related parts: That’s not only me, I heard these topics from nearly every experienced Notes Client user I’ve met… 5. Beloved Workspace: friendlier design and opening applications with a single click. The workspace and it’s tiles is around for over 10 years now, and a [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes notes client policies xpages applications community development microsoft server workspace xml

Creating a test environment: the easy way
Tue, Jun 3rd 2014 8:14a   Frederic Dehedin
Testing without proper data can be quite annoying and sometimes even impossible. I’m working on an application which consist of more than 5 different NSF files. All data are related to each other and linked with an unique ID. Manually copy / paste all the data is not an option, the chance to forget data and have resulting inconsistencies are too big. Another problem: productive data can grow very big (attachments, rich-text fields and so on), simply copy paste the nsf files may result in [read] Keywords: agent lotus lotusscript notes notes client rich-text application database server

3 XPages hints #2
Wed, Apr 30th 2014 6:09a   Frederic Dehedin
I wrote the first post for some XPages tipps several months ago (5 XPages hints #1). I actually planned it to do it as a series, but soon got very involved into customer projects so i did not have the time to describe 5 tipps in detail, so i downsized it to 3. Anyway, i hope they will help .. 1. Getting the session as signer Sometimes you need to get document information (e.g. for a website) with higher access rights, than the logged-in user (or “Anonymous”). For this case, you can g [read] Keywords: agent domino ibm lotusscript R6 xpages application development interface javascript reservation xml

XPages Configuration Framework
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 5:11a   Frederic Dehedin
By now i think every Domino/Notes developer created at least 1 or more XPages applications. Developers who are developing XPages applications on a regular basis probably using their own frameworks (or using others) as a base of all their applications. In this post i share my own configuration framework, which i use in my recent developed applications.. tweaking it here and there.. i hope it will give some of you a kick start for 2014.. So whats the benefit? Using this framework will let you eas [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusscript notes notes client xpages application applications database interface java openntf server

All the best for 2014
Fri, Jan 3rd 2014 5:08a   Frederic Dehedin
2013 has been a very busy year for me, that’s the reason i didn’t find time to write new blog entries. One of my goals for 2014 is to blog more, especially XPages topics.. One Framework i’m about to gonna post is coming next week, stay tuned.. For a quick start, i changed the theme of my blog, hope you like it, though it’s not 100% finished.. I’ve got it from themeforest.net, my favourite for themes, templates, etc. high quality, reasonable prices, good support (i [read] Keywords: xpages

5 XPages Tipps #1
Thu, Jan 24th 2013 9:15a   Frederic Dehedin
1. Extending a predefined RichText Toolbar The built-in RichText editor has some predefined toolbars.. in many cases one of them will fit the needs, but sometimes you want to extend an existing toolbar with just some of the existing tool-buttons.. In my case i wanted the Large Toolbar (not the Full), but the HTML Button was missing.. In order to achieve this, just add these lines: XPage: Client Side Javascript: XSP.addOnLoad(function (){modifyCKEditor()} ); function modifyCKEdi [read] Keywords: domino ibm richtext xpages application dojo java javascript xml


Working with SAP Data in Lotus Notes: Lessons learned
Wed, Jan 16th 2013 5:11a   Frederic Dehedin
“Lotus Enterprise Integrator for Domino and IBM Lotus SAP Connector” is a middleware You can use to access SAP Data from a IBM Lotus Notes Application. We’ve evaluated also other techniques, like scheduled Export in a text file (json, xml, csv, etc.), TDI, Aris for JCo, Gadgets. At the end the customer decided to use SAP Connector and LEI. As you may have red already on several marketing sites, blogs, etc. there are some statements like “you don’t have to know anyth [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lei lotus notes xpages application database enterprise password sap server xml

How to use the OneUI V2.1 Framework without ExtensionLibrary
Thu, Apr 5th 2012 6:09a   Frederic Dehedin
First of all, i would love to use the ExtensionLibrary, but in the recent projects, there was no chance to use it. Either the Client or Server was not up to date (Upgrade Pack 1), or a installation on the file system was just not allowed possible.. So i needed to stick on the “out of the box” XPages Controls, but still wanted to use the OneUI.. On the provided link you can download a NSF which contains the following: setted up OneUI V2.1 Theme Layout Controls OpenLog 4 XPages imple [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus notes xpages application bleedyellow bleedyellow.com css profile server

Get rid of the agent property “Target documents – all new & modified documents”
Tue, Jan 3rd 2012 7:09a   Frederic Dehedin
First of all, happy new year 2012! I wonder what new things 2012 will bring us in therms of Domino / XWork Development.. Well the technique in this post is not really new, it does not even has something to do with XPages, in fact the technique i mention here i adopted of my menthor nearly 10years ago:-) To my surprise i’ve never found this technique anywere else so i thought it’s worth to mention here in a post, since even super sexy modern lookin XPages apps do have background sche [read] Keywords: agent domino xpages application development server

Displaying fancy loading indicator while loading AJAX
Fri, Nov 11th 2011 5:10a   Frederic Dehedin
XPages on Domino / XWork Server 8.5.3 are fast, very fast, but sometimes still not fast enough. If you have a large amount of data to compute things might take a while (even some seconds:-) and for the users it’s just convenient to know that something on the server is happening and to be just patient until the new infos are back on the screen…With a Full Refresh the browser itself shows a Loading Indicator, but we don’t like Full Refreshes, especially if we stay on the same con [read] Keywords: domino xpages ajax database dojo javascript server

Format a number in xp:link
Tue, Oct 4th 2011 6:10a   Frederic Dehedin
I just came across a problem where i wanted to display formatted numbers which are links (In this case in a repeat control). How can i format the number here? The usual way is like this:  So it gives me an output like “134’222″.. When i want to do the same in clickable links (xpages xp:link tag), i tried it like this: Altough Domino Designer lets me compile this, it doesn’t format the number values.. So what to do? I already posted recently a Numbe [read] Keywords: domino xpages apple javascript

Repeat-Control: Sorting a vector in java
Mon, Aug 29th 2011 6:14a   Frederic Dehedin
Use Case: Companies need to be sorted by its sales order totals. In this case i loop through all Orders and create an SalesOrderTotal Object for each Company. After that i got  a vector with SalesOrderTotal Objects, which are sorted by Company Name. In order to have the Customer with the highest Order Total first, i need to resort the SalesOrderTotal Objects. Step 1: Create the Vector with the SalesOrderTotal objects Step 2: Create a Comparator Class (for example an Util Class with an embedd [read] Keywords: java

Ged rid of @today and @yesterday functions in view selection and column formulas
Wed, Aug 24th 2011 1:45a   Frederic Dehedin
Who doesn’t know the request to display data depending on an actual date in Dominon Views? Well Domino has easy functions like @today and @yesterday etc and they do actually work.. but the Domino Server view indexer (and the administrator) don’t like them at all.. and in big environments with big databases with tons of data and an lots of users this simple @formulas could keep the server very very busy. So what to do? An agent which will set the today’s date in each document. [read] Keywords: agent domino lotus notes profile server

Resolve time difference in hours and minutes of two date/time values
Wed, Aug 17th 2011 1:29a   Frederic Dehedin
This @Formula can be very helpful in views if you want to display e.g. the processing time of documents… Just replace the field names “DateTimeEnd” and “DateTimeStart” with your own date values or field names _diff := (DateTimeEnd - DateTimeStart); _diff := @Integer(_diff); _hrs :=@Integer(_diff / 3600); _minutes := @Integer(_diff/60) - (_hrs*60); _minutes := @text(_minutes); _minutes := @if( @Length(_minutes) = 1; "0" + _minutes; _minutes); @Text(_hrs) + [read] Keywords: archiving archive odbc

DOJO Documentation: same same, but different
Thu, Aug 4th 2011 6:09a   Frederic Dehedin
It seems there are several different DOJO Reference Guide Websites around. I was searching for some dojox Charting Documentation and References and i found these: Standard / official references (appart from the design i did not find any differences in these guides:-) http://dojotoolkit.org/reference-guide/dojox/charting.html#dojox-charting http://docs.dojocampus.org/dojox/charting My favourite: easy examples.. http://dojocampus.org/explorer/#Dojox_Charting Some more: http://www.sitepen.com [read] Keywords: archive dojo

Clear DB Profile Cache
Thu, Aug 4th 2011 4:41a   Frederic Dehedin
With the following console command you can clear a profile cached in an XPages application: te http osgi refresh Nice: User Sessions and setted Scope Variables remain untouched… [read] Keywords: xpages application profile

Convert Number to String to Number
Thu, Aug 4th 2011 1:21a   Frederic Dehedin
I got sometimes strange results, when i read a Double of a Java Method and display it in XPages as String. Especially with minus values… I found the following function on http://dontpanic82.blogspot.com/2010/04/xpages-code-for-numberstring-conversion.html: var NumberConverter = { stringToNumber: function (numberString, patternString) { try { if (!numberString) { return null; } var formatter = NumberConverter.getFormatter(patternString); return formatter.parse(numberString); } catc [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes xpages java

Problems with the XSPEngine while starting the Domino Server
Wed, Aug 3rd 2011 8:50a   Frederic Dehedin
A customer had signifficant problems after a server restore of a backup. Everytime the IBM Domino Server started, the following error message appeared: HTTP JVM: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException Full Trace: XSP Engine Error Solution: Do an new install (over the existing installation) with alle the fixpacks. This should do the trick.. [read] Keywords: domino ibm java server

String != String – Handing over SSJS String parameter to a backend Java method
Wed, Aug 3rd 2011 8:16a   Frederic Dehedin
Be careful when calling methods of a Back End Java Class with a String parameter. This Call: AccountManager.refreshAccountItems(sType, "MAXCASH"); Will cause this exception: com.ibm.jscript.InterpretException: Script interpreter error, line=36, col=54: Java method ‘refreshAccountItems(java.lang.String, string)’ on java class ‘com.belsoft.accounting.AccountManager’ not found Solution: var sSortBy:java.lang.String = "MAXCASH"; AccountManager.refreshAccountItems(sType [read] Keywords: ibm java

Get current date in international format (ISO 8601)
Wed, Aug 3rd 2011 8:09a   Frederic Dehedin
Sometimes it’s useful to avoid having potential problems with date formats.. so i often use the international format to work with dates.. The following java function (Client- or Server side) returns the current date in the formatyyyy-mm-ttThh:mm:ss function getIsoDateTime() { var today = new Date(); var year = today.getYear(); if (year < 2000) year = year + 1900; var month = today.getMonth() + 1; var day = today.getDate(); var hour = today.getHours(); var minute = today.getMi [read] Keywords: java server

Using Built-In Java Functions in SSJS (and access them with typeahead:-)
Wed, Aug 3rd 2011 7:42a   Frederic Dehedin
Sometimes it is worth to check out the functions of Vectors instead using Javascript Arrays.. Let’s take a look at the following case: I got a multivalue field and i would like to add on each save a vale IN FRONT of the other values.. I do this like this: QuerySave Event in a datasource: var vWho:java.util.Vector = doc.getItemValue("HistWho") vWho.add(0, @UserName()) //insert the actual username into the first position of the java vector doc.replaceItemValue("HistWho", vWho) [read] Keywords: java javascript

Behaviour of rounding numbers
Wed, Aug 3rd 2011 7:23a   Frederic Dehedin
Be barefull with (rounded) number values: “Decimal/Integer only” does not round values up.. -> “1000.75″ will round to “1000″ -> NOT OK If you want to round to whole figures, use the following: “Custom” (and Pattern “0″): -> “1000.75″ will round to “1001″ -> OK [read] Keywords:

Accessing the Notes Session Object in the Java Backend
Wed, Aug 3rd 2011 7:18a   Frederic Dehedin
You can access the (Notes-) Session Java Object with the following function: /* * Returns the current Notes session instance of the Javascript engine * * @return Session */ public static Session getCurrentSession() { FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); return (Session) context.getApplication().getVariableResolver() .resolveVariable(context, "session"); } [read] Keywords: notes java javascript

Access profile data (and cache them)
Wed, Aug 3rd 2011 7:13a   Frederic Dehedin
The following code assumes that you have created a profile document with the form name “fmProfile”. The function getProfileField returns a Vector, so if you want to access only one value, use getProfileField(“fieldname”)[0] . The function uses also OpenLog in case of an error, so if you don’t use OpenLog, just comment that line out. Further informations about using OpenLog with XPages function getProfileField(sFieldName){ vResult = null try{ var profile:NotesDocum [read] Keywords: xpages database profile

OpenLog Implementation in XPages
Sun, Jul 31st 2011 12:37p   Frederic Dehedin
This is an example how to implement OpenLog into XPages Applications. I got the script from ideajam but modified it so you can customize the OpenLog Database in your profile. 1. Create a SSJS Library with the following content: /** * ======================================================= * * NAME: OpenLogXPages server side javascript library * VERSION: 20080903 * AUTHOR(S): Matt White * ORIGINAL SOURCE: The OpenLog database, available as an * open-source project at http://www.OpenNTF.org * [read] Keywords: script library xpages applications database ideajam javascript openntf profile server

Space in XPages Source Code: & n b s p ; does not work..
Sun, Jul 31st 2011 10:03a   Frederic Dehedin
If you, like me, work often in the XPages XML Source Code editor in the Domino Designer, then you might discover, that the beloved HTML &nbsp; Space doesn’t work.. use the   Code instead… [read] Keywords: domino xpages xml

Cross-wise MouseOver Highlight of table row, column and cell
Sun, Jul 31st 2011 9:55a   Frederic Dehedin
This mouse over effect is perfect for tables like currencies, etc. the best bit: it works also on the Lotus Notes Client.. Currency Table with Javascript Mouse Over effect HTML Create a with the ID “higlight” CSS .cur_row { color: #000; background: #FFE3B3; } .cur_col { color: #000; background: #FFF9B5; } .cur_cell { color: #000; background: #FDC743; } Javascript (execute it on XSPOnLoad) function initTableHighlight() { var table=document.getElementById(‘highligh [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client css dojo javascript

XPages Reserved Names for design elements
Sun, Jul 31st 2011 9:46a   Frederic Dehedin
If you want to use a form as a data source, do not (neverever) name it as “main”..In this case the form cannot be read as a DataSource by the Domino Designer.. I wonder if there are some other reserved names [read] Keywords: domino xpages

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