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IBM Notes: 25 Years and Counting...
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 274
Using your Operating System Login for IBM Notes can "Poison" your IDs (and how to fix it)
Sun, Aug 10th 2014 136
Reusing Text in Word 2010 via Bookmarks - Part 2 Getting your formatting right
Sun, Jun 22nd 2014 88
How to Reuse Text via Bookmarks in Word 2010 (Update once and have it auto-update throughout the document)
Wed, Jun 18th 2014 198
How to do Bullets and Numbering in IBM Notes
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 101
Getting Notes 9 to show Email Addresses as you type
Tue, Jun 11th 2013 98
How to Get your Personal Address Book Data Synching with IBM Notes Traveler and the iPhone/Android
Thu, May 16th 2013 386
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How to Change Your Notification Options for New Lotus Notes Mail in version 8.x
Sun, Jan 30th 2011 1819
How to Create an Auto-Response Mail Message in Lotus Notes 8.5.3+
Tue, Feb 21st 2012 1126
How to Do a Mail Merge to Email using Lotus Notes - Version 2
Thu, May 19th 2011 422
How to Get your Personal Address Book Data Synching with IBM Notes Traveler and the iPhone/Android
Thu, May 16th 2013 386
IBM Notes: 25 Years and Counting...
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 274
How to get your Notes Webmail working in Firefox 4
Sun, Mar 27th 2011 258
Lotus Notes 8.5.2 and Microsoft Windows 7 64 Bit
Wed, Apr 20th 2011 232
Resolving the Lotus Notes 8.5.1 (and Higher) Attachment Issue
Wed, Jan 5th 2011 202
How to Reuse Text via Bookmarks in Word 2010 (Update once and have it auto-update throughout the document)
Wed, Jun 18th 2014 198
How to Do a Mail Merge to Email using Lotus Notes
Wed, May 18th 2011 159

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Recent Blog Posts

IBM Notes: 25 Years and Counting...
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 4:25p   Gavin Bollard
Today marks 25 Years of IBM (Lotus) Notes. It's a pretty impressive lifespan for a product. Sure, Windows has been going 29 years and there are many older systems out there but few I suspect have retained the incredible levels of compatibility that Notes has. Can you still run Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or even 95 programs on the latest Windows? Sometimes, but not really. Not without emulation. Notes applications however still run fine on the newer notes platforms. What is Notes?For so many years, [read] Keywords: admin collaboration connections domino ibm lotus notes notes client sametime xpages application applications development email microsoft openntf outlook security server websphere workspace

Using your Operating System Login for IBM Notes can "Poison" your IDs (and how to fix it)
Sun, Aug 10th 2014 5:25p   Gavin Bollard
For years, we've had it easy with Notes. We've had our ID files stored safely on a secure drive and whenever a user moved to a new desktop, we could simply copy their original ID over to their new machine and do most of the setup without them. All that changed somewhere between Windows 7, Notes 9 and getting Notes to use the Operating System login. It's a good change, don't get me wrong and it certainly protects the users privacy and makes things more secure. Unfortunately it also renders a [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes notes client desktop password security

Reusing Text in Word 2010 via Bookmarks - Part 2 Getting your formatting right
Sun, Jun 22nd 2014 7:25p   Gavin Bollard
In my last post on reusing text via bookmarks in Word, I mentioned that there was a problem with the reused text retaining formatting. Sure, you can reformat the text to look how you want but when you update it, then new text takes on characteristics of the old. You end up with text that looks like this.... There's an easy (but not obvious) way to fix this; Getting into Reveal Codes Mode on Field So, first we need to know exactly what makes our fields tick. So, click on one of your fiel [read] Keywords:

How to Reuse Text via Bookmarks in Word 2010 (Update once and have it auto-update throughout the document)
Wed, Jun 18th 2014 9:45p   Gavin Bollard
I guess this is a bit of an oldie but I was surprised how many people didn't know about it. Why would you do this? If you find yourself opening old documents and then doing a search and replace to change a name, a date or a version number, then this is the tip for you. It allows you to write your key information down once and then have it auto-update. If you do a lot of contracts or quotes - or basically any kind of document based on a template, then you'll find this very handy. Getting S [read] Keywords: microsoft office

How to do Bullets and Numbering in IBM Notes
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 9:42p   Gavin Bollard
I forgot the F8 shortcut key today and I looked it up via google. On the way I found a post about colouring text white to hide bullets in notes. Crazy. In any case, I wrote these instructions for my people and thought it was worth sharing on the blog; How to Do Bullets and Numbering in IBM Notes There are lots of cool things you can do with bullets in IBM Notes. To turn them on and off, click the bullets or numbering icons on the toolbar Getting Spacing in Bullets If you're in the middl [read] Keywords: ibm notes application blogger google properties

Getting Notes 9 to show Email Addresses as you type
Tue, Jun 11th 2013 10:05p   Gavin Bollard
Until recently, in fact until Notes 9, our Notes clients used to show email addresses as we typed them in but suddenly with IBM Notes 9, it started showing their Job Titles. We got a lot of complaints about this and the fix wasn't entirely obvious (to me at least), so that's why I'm documenting it here. As you can see, the problem wouldn't be so bad if all of our contacts came from the same company - but they don't. Our contacts come from lots of different companies. So, how do we change [read] Keywords: ibm notes notes client notesmail email


How to Get your Personal Address Book Data Synching with IBM Notes Traveler and the iPhone/Android
Thu, May 16th 2013 6:42p   Gavin Bollard
I'm surprised that nobody seems to know how to do this - well, according to my research on the web anyway. So here it is, the instructions for getting your IBM Notes (we don't use the words Lotus Notes anymore) personal address book Synched with your Apple iPhone (and presumably Android too). Note: I'm assuming that you're already running Traveler and are able to get your mail and calendar. Enabling Contacts Synchronisation In IBM Notes, Select File, then Preferences. Click on Contacts Ma [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client traveler apple iphone mobile

How to Figure out When an Extranet User last logged into your Domino Server
Thu, Apr 25th 2013 7:42p   Gavin Bollard
So, you want to do a bit of spring cleaning in your domino address book and apart from people whose email addresses you use all the time, you want to get rid of people who haven't accessed the server in ages. How do you find out when their last access was? I notice there's a lot of paid solutions on the web but it's functionality that is built into domino already. Here's how to use this feature; Start Domino AdministratorOpen the server that people log intoClick on the tab marked People a [read] Keywords: domino email server

Book Review: Instant IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3: How-to by Barry Max Rosen
Tue, Apr 16th 2013 4:02a   Gavin Bollard
Instant IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3 How-to Master IBM Lotus Notes with tips, hints, and instructions that will help you increase your productivity by Barry Max Rosen Published by PACKT Publishing Instant IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3 How-to is a short book by computer standards. It's 68 pages and includes a lot of illustrations. This meant that I could literally read it during a one-way trip to work on the bus. For the most part however its short length is good because it manages to introduce many concep [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes sametime applications integration microsoft outlook widgets

Getting into IBM Notes 9
Tue, Apr 2nd 2013 10:05p   Gavin Bollard
I installed the release version of IBM Notes 9 yesterday and I'm happy to say that it works a bit smoother than the beta did. In fact, it's generally quite a nice experience. I've had no crashes so far (unlike my Notes 8 experience where I discovered three different ways to kill the client in less than 3 keystrokes on the first day). The new blue icon is nice and the black panel on the mail looks slick too. As usual, all of our applications work (notes compatibility is generally pretty g [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client sametime symphony application applications db2 google microsoft office openoffice

Apple iOS6 Calendaring bug Affecting Exchange (and by extension, Lotus)
Wed, Oct 24th 2012 10:42p   Gavin Bollard
One of the things that the company I work for (and most others) do on a regular basis is send meeting invites to people at other companies and on various other systems. Notes meeting handling isn't perfect and we've had trouble with Blackberry and Google calendars in the past, but nothing like the trouble we've had this week. It seems that when we send a meeting invite out and one of our recipients cancels, they take over the meeting as chair and cancel it for the remaining participants too [read] Keywords: calendaring domino lotus notes apple best practice blackberry blogger bug exchange exchange google microsoft

How to Disable Phone-based data for the iPhone 4S
Thu, Sep 20th 2012 5:22p   Gavin Bollard
Why would you do this anyway? With the mobile data connection disabled, the iPhone can still hook into wireless networks, including those at home, in shopping centres and hotels, at McDonalds and Starbucks, on public transport and at the office to surf the internet and to receive data. It just won't be able to access data where there is either no internet wi-fi connection or where you haven't set it up. As a means of keeping mobile costs down however, the wi-fi option is certainly better th [read] Keywords: blogger iphone mobile network office wireless

Moving from Blackberry to the iPhone 4S
Thu, Sep 20th 2012 4:02a   Gavin Bollard
Before I start on this series, I want to make my starting position clear. I'm generally "phone-agnostic". I've had a Blackberry Bold 9000 for years and before that it was a Blackberry 8800. Prior to that I had a Nokia "dumb-phone". My only non-work phone choice recently was a HTC Android device for my wife. I've never spent much time with Apple and I've traditionally disliked their computers. I guess that means that; 1. You have to take any criticisms here with a pinch of salt. 2. [read] Keywords: ibm lotus traveler apple application applications blackberry blogger desktop exchange exchange integration iphone microsoft mobile

Packt Celebrates 1000 IT Titles with a FREE Gift
Wed, Sep 19th 2012 8:42p   Gavin Bollard
You may remember that I've reviewed a few of Packt Publishing's books on this site in the past; The excellent IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide by Karen Hooper IBM Lotus Domino Classic Web Application Development Techniques by Richard G. Ellis (Review Part 1, Part 2) IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1: The Upgrader's Guide by Tim Speed, Barry Rosen, Joseph Anderson, Dick McCarrick, Bennie Gibson, Brad Schauf and David Byrd PACKT Publishing is releasing their 1000th IT title this month and are ce [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes application blogger development

Adjusting our Word VBA Macros for Office 2010 (64 bit)
Tue, Feb 28th 2012 5:44p   Gavin Bollard
We've had it easy these last few years. You could just upgrade Microsoft Office and not have to worry about file compatibility or about your macros not working. I was just beginning to relax. Unfortunately Microsoft never relaxes and the latest "innovations" extend past the annoying ribbon interface (I've been using it for over a year and I still consider it annoying) to clobber both file formats and macros. The File Format Problem The file format problem is easy to fix. First of all, I [read] Keywords: domino notes blogger interface microsoft office

How to Create an Auto-Response Mail Message in Lotus Notes 8.5.3+
Tue, Feb 21st 2012 6:43p   Gavin Bollard
Why would you do this? Suppose that you have an externally accessible generic email address for your company; support@mycompany.com or info@mycompany.com. You might expose this to the web and allow people to send messages to you. Setting up an auto-response email will tell the senders that their message reached its destination and that it will be dealt with accordingly. It's also good practice to include links to FAQs or other useful information. Why 8.5.3 The techniques we'll be using he [read] Keywords: agent domino lotus lotusnotes lotusscript notes application blogger email properties

How to Adjust the timing on a Subtitle SRT file using Subtitle Workshop 4
Wed, Oct 19th 2011 4:22a   Gavin Bollard
In a previous post, I discussed ways to find subtitles to add to your AVI movies and I also looked at using Google Translate to modify them if they weren't in English (or your chosen language). Note: All of the software mentioned here is free. See: Finding and Adjusting Subtitles on AVI Files. In this post I want to look at how to change the timing on subtitles. Why would you need to do this? Movies have different frame rates depending upon the country that they are shown in and the system [read] Keywords: blogger google

Notes and Domino 8.5.3 are out...
Wed, Oct 5th 2011 10:22p   Gavin Bollard
The ServerI've upgraded our test server from 8.5.2 to 8.5.3 and it took slightly under 5 minutes. Now that's what I call a good server upgrade (are you listening Microsoft???) Anyway, so far, so good, everything seems to be working but then I haven't done a whole lot of testing yet. The ClientMy client took 21 minutes to upgrade from 8.5.2 to 8.5.3, which felt like a long time. It also came back a little weird and some views didn't populate immediately. Refreshing them made a big difference [read] Keywords: domino notes notes client application blogger firefox google microsoft server

Finding and Adjusting Subtitles on AVI files
Wed, Aug 31st 2011 8:02a   Gavin Bollard
If you enjoy watching foreign films or if you're hard of hearing like me, then subtitles are a must in your movie collection. In my last post, I covered how to convert movies from DVD to AVI for playing on a portable player. In this post, I'll be discussing subtitles. There are two types of subtitles, burned in and selectable. Obviously the selectable type is best because you can turn them on and off and you can obtain different languages too. Within the selectable type, there are a few forma [read] Keywords: blogger google properties

Converting DVDs to Good Quality AVI Files - Part 2 (The Procedure)
Sun, Aug 14th 2011 11:03p   Gavin Bollard
Forget the why and wherefores of what we're doing - That's part one which you can read here. Lets get started; IngredientsA computer with a large hard drive 20GB Free? Pentium 4 3GHz or Faster and a DVD driveA copy of DVD Decrypter - it's freeA copy of AutoGK - it's free DVD Decrypterhttp://www.dvddecrypter.org.uk/This software allows you to copy the files from a DVD to your hard drive. The project was shut down some years back but it's still possible to get hold of it on the internet. [read] Keywords: blogger properties

Converting DVDs to Good Quality AVI Files - Part 1 (The Waffle)
Sun, Aug 14th 2011 4:02a   Gavin Bollard
I'm very much a believer in the idea that "files" will be the next big format for video entertainment after DVDs. I guessed right from the start that blu-ray would win the format war against HD-DVD but I never thought that either would take over. About 15 years ago, after having ridden the music upgrade from LP Records to tapes and to CD, I stumbled across this "new" format called MP3. Back then, there were no MP3 players, just computers but I was enthralled by the idea that with enough s [read] Keywords: blogger

Scheduling Maintenance Tasks on the Domino Server
Tue, Jul 26th 2011 4:02a   Gavin Bollard
I'm sure that most Domino admins have been doing these tasks regularly but if you don't have occasion to touch them often, you might this post useful. As I mentioned last week, we've been having issues with the JVE running out of memory on our server. One of the "solutions" (band-aids) was to restart the domino HTTP task. I've been experimenting to see how long I can leave it and the shortest it's been is about 30 hours. It seemed to be a good idea to stop and then restart the domino HTTP [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm notes updall xpages blogger server

Domino Resource Issues under XPages
Sun, Jul 17th 2011 8:22p   Gavin Bollard
A couple of weeks ago, we launched a new XPages app. Hopefully the first of many. It was very impressive and we got a lot of hits.... ...until the server crashed. Not a big deal. Our server is set to restart automatically, and it was up and running in no time. Then about 1.5 days later we had another crash. We've decided to tackle this on a few fronts, first of all we're rewriting some parts of the app to be a bit less intense and to take better advantage of the recycler. That's all cutting e [read] Keywords: admin domino lotus notes xpages apple application best practice blogger development server workspace xml

How to Do a Mail Merge to Email using Lotus Notes - Version 2
Thu, May 19th 2011 12:26a   Gavin Bollard
I wasn't happy with the usability of my last post, so I've redone it as a presentation. You can view it fullscreen here; https://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dgxzmfwk_82dp8t8gf5 or embedded below. [read] Keywords: lotus notes blogger email google

How to Do a Mail Merge to Email using Lotus Notes
Wed, May 18th 2011 10:26p   Gavin Bollard
Why do one?In today's "green" world, it makes much better sense to send out emails than letters but you still want to personalize them. Sadly, by itself Lotus Notes doesn't support mail merge to email. Of course, we know that outlook does (but then it lets anyone and anything send emails for you - even when you don't want them to). So, how to do it in Notes? OpenNTFThe first port of call is OpenNTF (http://www.openntf.org/). This place is full of great things but most of them are really bad [read] Keywords: agent domino ibm lotus notes notes client blogger email office openntf outlook

How to Turn off Local Encryption by Default in the Notes 8.x Client
Mon, May 16th 2011 5:42p   Gavin Bollard
What's this All AboutIf you have a test environment for your Lotus Notes applications, then chances are that you regularly find yourself copying (not replicating) from Production to test - and probably via a Local connection. If you do this a lot, then chances are that at some point you've forgotten to deselect the default local encryption. This is a great security feature but it's quite embarrassing when you arrive at your test site with a database which won't open. Did you know that you ca [read] Keywords: lotus lotusnotes notes notes client applications blogger database security

If you were buying a PC today...
Wed, May 11th 2011 6:22p   Gavin Bollard
I'm often asked to tell people what to look for in a PC and recently I was asked to provide something in writing for all our staff members. These people aren't serious gamers and generally aren't all that computer literate (or computer-adventurous for that matter). I thought I'd share it with the rest of the world. Note that prices are in Australian Dollars and specs are as at 11 May 2011. I've ignored netbooks even though I personally find them cool. I've also mostly ignored non-windows p [read] Keywords: ibm lotus symphony applications blogger desktop gadget google linux mac microsoft network office security virus vista wireless ubuntu

Book Review "IBM Lotus Domino: Classic Web Application Development Techniques" by Richard G. Ellis (Part 2)
Mon, May 9th 2011 5:05p   Gavin Bollard
In part one of my review, I looked at the opening and closing chapters of this book. They're fairly non-technical and provide a very useful set of guidelines for the development and testing of Lotus Domino applications - and they're just as relevant to XPages development. In part two, I want to look at the middle chapters. These chapters cover CSS and JavaScript as it relates to forms, views and agents. The book talks about some features which are only available in Notes/Domino 8.5 but it neve [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes xpages application applications blogger css development javascript

Book Review "IBM Lotus Domino: Classic Web Application Development Techniques" by Richard G. Ellis (Part 1)
Wed, May 4th 2011 5:25p   Gavin Bollard
I'm doing this review in two parts because the opening and closing chapters of this book are vastly different from the rest. I have to admit to wondering, when I was first asked to review this book, exactly what the market was that it's aimed at. After all, aren't all domino developers heading towards XPages now? Could a book on "traditional web programming in domino" still be relevant today? Well, surprisingly it is. The opening chapters deal with issues and requirements that our developer [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes xpages application applications archiving blogger css development javascript office security

Microsoft's "Killer" Update for Powerpoint 2003
Wed, Apr 20th 2011 8:46p   Gavin Bollard
This morning I got a call from a colleague who was having problems opening one of our Microsoft Powerpoint files. After quite a while of saving back and forth (My newly created and not-yet-updated PC had no problems with the files), we discovered that it affects everyone in the office - in fact, everyone in the world. As it turns out, Microsoft issued a "Killer Update" on 12 April which causes Microsoft Powerpoint to fail when opening presentations or presentation templates which have a graphi [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes symphony blogger google microsoft office openoffice security

Lotus Notes 8.5.2 and Microsoft Windows 7 64 Bit
Wed, Apr 20th 2011 4:45p   Gavin Bollard
We're currently testing Windows 7 - Not because we actually see a business need. It's not about support, applications or even new features. It's simply that it's too hard to buy PCs with Windows XP loaded on them these days. Over the last few months, I've learned one very valuable lesson: There is NO benefit in Windows 7 unless you go 64 bit! Of course, that doesn't mean that there are many 64 bit applications out there to run on it. Why is 64 bit so important for Windows 7? Well, like al [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes applications blogger enterprise microsoft

What do I have on my Blackberry?
Tue, Apr 19th 2011 5:25p   Gavin Bollard
A couple of weeks ago my Blackberry Bold suffered misfortune during a canoeing event with the Scouts. I had to temporarily revert back to a barely functional pearl. Now however, I've got a replacement Bold and I'm reloading all my "stuff" onto it. I could have simply restored my settings from a backup of my old Blackberry but I figured that I'd rather exclude applications which I haven't used. So I did a manual reinstallation. I thought this might give me a chance to talk about some good b [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes sametime applications blackberry blogger desktop facebook google interface mobile network pearl server twitter

How to get your Notes Webmail working in Firefox 4
Sun, Mar 27th 2011 9:22p   Gavin Bollard
Note: This isn't my solution, all credit goes to "nickbeee" who posted a couple of lines on the firefox site. I've had to document this for our internal users and figured that other people may benefit from a more detailed explanation. Also: I'm a stickler for long explanations with pictures.... It seems that the new security features in Mozilla Firefox 4 prevent Lotus Notes/Domino Webmail from working. Here's how to get that functionality back. First: The problem that you see looks like th [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusnotes notes apple blogger firefox security

The Perfect Storm: How a Combination of Random Events can lead to Disaster
Fri, Feb 11th 2011 10:02p   Gavin Bollard
No, this post isn't about that Wolfgang Peterson & George Clooney movie but it does borrow from the concept in a business sense. This week we skirted close to disaster but the rest of the business was completely oblivious to the danger. I wasn't worried, it was all under control but my boss said to me later, "we nearly had the perfect storm today". I thought about his words and realised that he was right. I was wondering just how many times we, and other businesses nearly have the perfec [read] Keywords: domino apple blogger server

IBM Celebrations at Packt Publishing (20% off)
Tue, Feb 8th 2011 5:42a   Gavin Bollard
In case you've missed it, Packt Publishing is holding an IBM Tuesday celebration because;They're publishing four IBM books on the same dayIBM is turning 100 this year.To celebrate, they've got 20% off IBM books for the entire month of February. Go here to read all about IBM Tuesday. It doesn't end there though because they've got a competition which is drawn on the Tuesday of each week, the prize for which is a years subscription to PacktLib, their online library. [read] Keywords: ibm blogger

How to Change Your Notification Options for New Lotus Notes Mail in version 8.x
Sun, Jan 30th 2011 4:22p   Gavin Bollard
Don't worry, I'm not patronizing you (my readers), I just decided to re-document this for one of our internal users and thought you might want to be able to use it in your own user documentation. WHAT IS THIS DOCUMENT ABOUT?Some people who don't get a lot of mail, like to be notified when such an event occurs. Notification can be;via a soundvia a pop-up boxvia the system tray (where the computer clock is) The pop up box looks like this; Other people, who like myself, get too much mail would [read] Keywords: lotus notes blogger

Resolving the Lotus Notes 8.5.1 (and Higher) Attachment Issue
Wed, Jan 5th 2011 4:43p   Gavin Bollard
A long while ago, November 2009 actually, I posted about an Attachment Problem which was introduced in Lotus Notes 8.5.1. At the time, I pushed IBM for a solution and they eventually produced a half-solution (slightly better but no cigar). Since then we've been living in pain. Recently a commenter named "CIS" left a note on my original post to try putting AttachmentsUseCaption=0 in the notes.ini. It worked **THANKS** - you're my hero of the hour! I decided to describe the problem and solutio [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client policies blogger

Getting Real Business Value out of Cheap eBook Readers
Tue, Jan 4th 2011 3:03a   Gavin Bollard
Everybody wants an iPad but if we're really honest with ourselves, most of our reasons aren't exactly business reasons.The iPad has a lot of great uses but it's amazing how often I see its business use limited to email and web browsing. If you've already got a work supplied mobile phone with these capabilities, blackberry for instance, then what is the business case for duplication?Right now, the iPad is still a little pricey for mainstream business use but it's not a bad idea to start buil [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes symphony blackberry blogger email mobile office taking notes

End of Year (2010) IT Wrap-up
Wed, Dec 22nd 2010 8:39p   Gavin Bollard
divbExcuses and Stuff/b/divdivOnce again, I've reached the end of yet another year of minimal T-related blogging. It's frustrating because there's so many things I want to talk about and so little time to do it in./divdivbr //divdivIt's not that there's nothing going on - we're busier than ever and we're doing some fascinating things with domino and with other systems./divdivbr //divdivI've been dying to talk about our three-plus year painful but ambitious domino project but it's just n [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes applications blogger blogging firefox google interface microsoft office

Book Review: IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide by Karen Hooper
Sun, Nov 14th 2010 5:20a   Gavin Bollard
a onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Qb-X-glOJAE/TNo4eEZK5pI/AAAAAAAAFxE/H8D6KtCFoLw/s400/IBM%2BLotus%2BNotes%2B8.5%2BUser%2BGuide.jpg"img style="float:left; margin:0 10px 10px 0;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;width: 125px; height: 152px;" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Qb-X-glOJAE/TNo4eEZK5pI/AAAAAAAAFxE/H8D6KtCFoLw/s400/IBM%2BLotus%2BNotes%2B8.5%2BUser%2BGuide.jpg" border="0" alt="" //abIBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide/bbr [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus notes notes client quickr sametime symphony apple blogger database widgets

Coming Soon - A Review of "IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide" by Karen Hooper
Wed, Nov 10th 2010 3:08a   Gavin Bollard
img style="display:block; margin:0px auto 10px; text-align:center;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;width: 125px; height: 152px;" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Qb-X-glOJAE/TNo4eEZK5pI/AAAAAAAAFxE/H8D6KtCFoLw/s400/IBM%2BLotus%2BNotes%2B8.5%2BUser%2BGuide.jpg" border="0" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5537800781031990930" /br /I've just downloaded the a href="http://link.packtpub.com/9idb5n"IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide/a by Karen Hooper from a href="https://www.packtpub.com/"PACKT Publish [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes xpages blogger

Patch Tuesday - There is no SOE
Wed, Oct 13th 2010 7:43p   Gavin Bollard
So, once again a href="http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9189980/Microsoft_plans_colossal_Patch_Tuesday_next_week"Microsoft's Patch Tuesday/a is breaking all records and we're in a quandry.br /br /We can either accept the risk of applying 28 untested (by us) patches to fix 49 vulnerabilities or we can accept the security risks of not applying the patches.br /br /Both choices are difficult but in the end, I'm always going to accept the "upgrade risk" versus the "security risk".br /b [read] Keywords: lotus notes apple applications blogger email google microsoft outlook security virus

IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.2: Upgrading your Icons from 16x16 to 32x32
Tue, Sep 7th 2010 8:44p   Gavin Bollard
divI've upgraded my client to Notes 8.5.2, sure it took a couple of goes and I ended up having to completely uninstall and reinstall - but I got there./divdivbr //divdivI've since done an upgrade on a different PC (but that one didn't have designer) and I didn't have the same problems - so, maybe it was just a glitch on my PC./divdivbr //divdivSo... What's new in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.2? Well, if you really want to learn the answer to that question, a href="http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lot [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusnotes notes xpages blogger database google

Our IBM/Lotus Renewals and TCO
Thu, Sep 2nd 2010 6:14p   Gavin Bollard
span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; border-collapse: collapse; "I've just finished the IBM/Lotus renewal cycle for the year and either IBM has made some changes for the better or I'm losing my grip on my sanity. Whatever the reason, ithis year the process actually made sense/i.br /br //spandivspan class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; border-collapse: collapse; "br /bThe Cost and the TCO/bbr /W [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes sametime apple blackberry blogger development office server websphere

How to Install the OpenNTF Document Management Plugin for Lotus Notes 8.5.x
Tue, Aug 31st 2010 3:14a   Gavin Bollard
diviThere's now a great new OpenNTF document management plug-in for Notes. I'm interested in seeing if I can move away from MS Office and this little utility seems to me to be the best way to start. It allows you to work on documents in folders while still keeping things available for users who prefer to access folders directly. The only caveat that I've found so far is that it wants everything to be stored in OpenDocument format and will convert the imports accordingly./i/divdivbr //divSo... [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client application blogger eclipse office openntf server widgets

The Notes UI and Sending a Link to a File - Part 2
Tue, Aug 24th 2010 8:44p   Gavin Bollard
Thanks to everyone who responded yesterday. I've considered and tested the responses to find the method which will be simplest for our users.divbr //divdivWhat follows is a set of instructions..../divbr /divWe start our instructions by identifying the file we want to link to. Often for me, this will be a MPEG, AVI or giant PDF (because why else would you link rather than attach?) but in this example, I'm just using a MS Word Document./divdivbr //diva onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGr [read] Keywords: ibm notes blogger development email firefox google security

The Notes UI and Sending a Link to a File
Mon, Aug 23rd 2010 9:14p   Gavin Bollard
Yesterday I found myself explaining to a new but technical user that Notes/Domino is, like Blackberry. An amazingly powerful and capable piece of software capable of everything that the competition is capable of - plus a whole lot more.divbr //divdiv....and hampered by what is still one of the worst user interfaces in the world./divdivbr //divdiviSorry Notes UI team - I know you're doing your best. The same goes for the blackberry team. I know that they're doing their best too. It's just that [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusnotes lotusscript notes notes client notesdomino policies apple application blackberry blogger database desktop security server

Article: 5 Million Web Sites Served Malware for at Least 3 Months - And Nobody Noticed!
Wed, Aug 18th 2010 3:15a   Gavin Bollard
divI really want to direct your attention to the following article which appeared today;/divdivbr //divdivbMalicious widget hacked millions of Web sites/b/divdiviParked sites hosted by Network Solutions spread malware since at least May/i/divdiva href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/081610-malicious-widget-hacked-millions-of.html?source=NWWNLE_nlt_security_2010-08-17"http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/081610-malicious-widget-hacked-millions-of.html?source=NWWNLE_nlt_security_2010-08- [read] Keywords: ibm lotus blogger firefox google microsoft network virus widget

Our Lotus Domino Cluster Failover Problem
Sun, Aug 15th 2010 8:48p   Gavin Bollard
divIn certain computing circles, "clustering" is a dirty word. I've heard of situations where, far from providing business continuity peace of mind, it creates more work and greater risk than it would if it were not involved.divbr //divdivThis is not the case with Domino clustering. Done properly, it is extremely reliable/divdivbr //divdivbOur Problem/b/divdivRecently, our cluster seems to have "picked up a slight flutter". Actually, I think that perhaps the rules behind it may have changed [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusnotes notes notes client blogger database desktop server

Quick Rant: Why does Blackberry Discriminate against Australians?
Wed, Aug 11th 2010 10:47p   Gavin Bollard
divI've noticed this on Blackberry a lot over the years and it always irritates me. Today, I thought I should post a quick rant to pass that irritation on.divbr //divdivSee the picture.../divdivbr //divdivbWhy the discrimination against Australians and South Koreans? /b/div/divdivbbr //b/divdivbspan class="Apple-style-span" style="font-weight: normal; "I'm sure I could bypass this with the right IP filter but that's not the point. Why do we get picked on. What have we ever done to Blackbe [read] Keywords: apple blackberry blogger

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