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Using SharePoint with OneDrive as a File Server (for Ex-Domino Admins and Traditionalists)
Mon, Apr 24th 2017 118
Migrating Mail from IBM Notes and Verse to Microsoft Outlook on Office 365 - Part 2
Tue, Apr 4th 2017 9
Migrating Mail from IBM Notes and Verse to Microsoft Outlook on Office 365 - Part 1
Fri, Mar 31st 2017 11
How to Set up Rooms Properly in Office 365 - Part 2 (Extending Booking Time)
Tue, Mar 21st 2017 8
How to use PowerShell to Change the Email Address of Office 365 Groups
Fri, Mar 10th 2017 12
How to Set up Rooms Properly in Office 365
Tue, Feb 21st 2017 12
Solving Some Azure Active Directory User Synchronisation Issues on Office 365
Sat, Feb 18th 2017 10
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Using SharePoint with OneDrive as a File Server (for Ex-Domino Admins and Traditionalists)
Mon, Apr 24th 2017 118
How to Create an Auto-Response Mail Message in Lotus Notes 8.5.3+
Wed, Feb 22nd 2012 43
How to Use Microsoft Outlook with Your IBM Verse (in the cloud) Mail
Sun, Oct 9th 2016 27
Restarting Agent Manager on Domino 9.0.1 may crash your server....
Wed, Feb 18th 2015 19
Getting your Head around the IBM Connections ID
Tue, Feb 23rd 2016 18
How to Create a Good Email Signature and Use it in IBM Verse
Mon, Apr 18th 2016 16
How to do Bullets and Numbering in IBM Notes
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 15
Getting Contacts (Not Users) out of Your Notes/Domino NAB and into Office 365 Contacts
Sun, Jan 22nd 2017 14
How to Embed Video into your IBM Connections Wiki
Wed, May 11th 2016 12
OneDrive to Rule them all ... or perhaps not.
Mon, Feb 6th 2017 12

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Using SharePoint with OneDrive as a File Server (for Ex-Domino Admins and Traditionalists)
Mon, Apr 24th 2017 6:33a   Gavin Bollard
Over the past few months, I've been looking at a whole range of options to do with file storage on the basis that Microsoft's OneDrive simply doesn't do what we need. The whole time of course, I've been unable to shake the feeling that Microsoft should be offering something that already covers this space. After all, file sharing is one of the major "tentpoles" in most Windows networks. As it turns out, SharePoint is the answer to this - and it works well if it's playing nicely with OneD
Migrating Mail from IBM Notes and Verse to Microsoft Outlook on Office 365 - Part 2
Tue, Apr 4th 2017 6:14a   Gavin Bollard
Last time on Real World Computing, I talked about migrating mail from IBM Notes and Verse to Microsoft Office 365. Now it's time for Part 2. Mail RoutingWe did routing in two parts. Initially we had MX records for both IBM and Microsoft with Microsoft having the higher number (which means lower priority). After the cutover date we switched the priorities so that Microsoft Office 365 had the higher priority. One of the cool things about Microsoft’s setup is that they give you two domains, o
Migrating Mail from IBM Notes and Verse to Microsoft Outlook on Office 365 - Part 1
Fri, Mar 31st 2017 11:05p   Gavin Bollard
It was always just a matter of time. Eventually we were going to have to make the jump from IBM to Microsoft. It's not that IBMs software isn't good. It's very good. It's simply that IBM is the Beta to Microsoft's VHS. Technically the IBM product line is far superior but on the surface, IBMs poor UI will never match the incredible pull of Microsoft's polished Office 365 offerings. We're just finishing a mail migration from IBM Notes/Verse to Microsoft Outlook, which we did entirely in-ho
How to Set up Rooms Properly in Office 365 - Part 2 (Extending Booking Time)
Tue, Mar 21st 2017 4:01p   Gavin Bollard
Following on from Part 1 where I talked about how to get rooms to show up in the room list, here's the next step where we extend the booking time from the default of 180 days. Why is there a limit?In most circumstances, a limit makes perfect sense. It stops employees from booking meeting rooms for years in advance and then leaving the company. In our case, it's actually fairly common to book the meeting schedule up to about 18 months into the future - so the 180 day (6 month) limit is quite r
How to use PowerShell to Change the Email Address of Office 365 Groups
Fri, Mar 10th 2017 9:34p   Gavin Bollard
One of the odd things about Office 365 is how much you have to resort to PowerShell to get things done. That's currently the case with the Office365 Groups, a recently introduced type of group that works particularly well across all of the Office365 applications. I've been setting a few things up with Office365 groups lately and I've had two instances where I needed to do some renames. Once was when the people who asked for the group changed their mind about the name and the other was when
How to Set up Rooms Properly in Office 365
Tue, Feb 21st 2017 7:53a   Gavin Bollard
You'd think that setting rooms up in Office 365 would be a simple matter of going to the Office 365 Admin console, expanding Resources, clicking on Rooms and Equipment and then using the Add Button This works but it doesn't do everything. If you want your rooms to appear in the Room List (and to show available times), you'll have to use PowerShell to put them there. Finding AnswersSo... I spent a while trying to find the answers without a whole lot of luck. I think that coming from the No
Solving Some Azure Active Directory User Synchronisation Issues on Office 365
Sat, Feb 18th 2017 10:46p   Gavin Bollard
We started moving over to Office 365 quite a while before we decided to ditch Notes mail and move to Outlook. It was also my plan to get rid of our internal active directory server and rely solely on the cloud for authentication. As it turned out, management wanted to keep the AD server a little longer, so we've had to synchronise our onsite accounts with the Office 365 ones. The synchronisation processes immediately created duplicates (and sometimes triplicates) of users. The journey to re
OneDrive to Rule them all ... or perhaps not.
Mon, Feb 6th 2017 12:02p   Gavin Bollard
Microsoft OneDrive is great! It's easy to use too and has some really great integration into Office 2016 - which means that when you go to save or open files, instead of displaying a file dialog, it renders the folder names right into the panel. Sadly the sharepoint integration in Office 2016 is still dialog-based. On the surface, it looks like a great files storage solution but as it turns out, just like Tolkien's OneRing, beneath that shiny surface, OneDrive is mostly evil. At work, we'
Getting Contacts (Not Users) out of Your Notes/Domino NAB and into Office 365 Contacts
Sun, Jan 22nd 2017 7:19a   Gavin Bollard
Recently we've been undertaking a task to move from IBM Domino to Office 365 with particular emphasis on the mail system. One of the first big tasks is to move all of our corporate contacts from the Domino NAB over to the Contacts area of office 365. Corporate ContactsCorporate contacts, in this sense are contacts which are shared by the entire organisation. I'm not talking about actual users who will have an Office 365 licence with your company or about personal contacts, who would normally
New Year, New Directions
Sun, Jan 8th 2017 10:11p   Gavin Bollard
2017 marks the beginning of a massive shift in technology at work. We’re re-branding, we’re moving office and we're changing our technology from IBM to Microsoft. It's going to be a wild ride and I hope that you’ll stay with the blog as I delve into the new world and try to figure out what works and what doesn't. I've been on Notes/Domino since version 3.0 and I haven't used outlook at all, apart from a week in 1995 when I decided that I hated it (plus of course, the regular int
Microsoft - Clear Leaders in the Race for Digital Identity
Thu, Nov 17th 2016 11:59p   Gavin Bollard
One of the less obvious trends of the last five years has been the race to own people's "digital identities". It started in earnest with Facebook and Gmail and it soon spread to Apple and LinkedIn. More recently, we've seen Microsoft and IBM jumping on the bandwagon and I think that's when I started to realise that there was much more to this than simply "targeted advertising". Quiet Beginnings At this point, I'm not sure that all of the founding companies in this revolution fully unde
Fixing Word 2016 Crashes when Opening Older Documents with Macros on Windows 7
Tue, Nov 15th 2016 9:01p   Gavin Bollard
We have a lot of documents and they go back several decades. Many of them are still relevant today, even if they're only background to current projects. The problem is that Word doesn't like its own file formats. It won't open documents created with versions of Word earlier than 1997 and it crashes with anything saved as .DOC which contains macros. There's some solutions to these problems though; Opening Older DocumentsIt's possible to change Word 2016's settings to allow you to open
Embracing Microsoft while keeping Domino
Tue, Nov 15th 2016 8:20p   Gavin Bollard
When I first started this blog, my aim was to stay with mainly IBM (Lotus) Notes and Domino, hence the URL of DominoGavin. Things changed over the years and I've found myself wanting to talk about all manner of technology brands from Symantec to Blackberry, Google, Windows and Linux. (Hence the renaming of the blog to "Real World Computing'. Many of my most recent posts were on IBM connections. I've also tried to cover a few business IT concepts. Things are changing again and we've rea
How to Use Microsoft Outlook with Your IBM Verse (in the cloud) Mail
Sun, Oct 9th 2016 3:08p   Gavin Bollard
So, all the newcomers in your company want to use outlook? IBM have put a lot of work into making the Notes client look and feel like outlook and they've given us Verse which is an acquired taste but if you like Google's inbox, it's good. Unfortunately, there's just just no pleasing some people. If you don't have Notes and Domino apps, then there's nothing at all holding you back. Nobody without Notes/Domino applications (or perhaps a huge investment in IBM Connections) should be using
The Difference Between IBM and Microsoft's Social Systems - An Analogy
Mon, Sep 19th 2016 10:16p   Gavin Bollard
We're currently in the process of trying to set up a Microsoft cloud environment. No, we're not giving up on Connections. We're straddling a couple of environments. The Microsoft experience hasn't been overwhelming so far but that's for another post. Right now, I want to talk about some of the fundamental differences between IBM and Microsoft’s attempts to conquer the social business market. ...and what better way to tell it than an allegorical tale? Two housesSo let's assume that ins
Making IBM Verse Easier to get to...
Thu, Sep 8th 2016 8:38p   Gavin Bollard
One of the most frustrating things about the whole IBM Verse experience is the difficulty in getting to the application. If you go through connections, you have to go through normal mail first. This ruins the experience because it isn't “seamless” to the users. The obvious answer is to bookmark the verse site but there's a few other things that we can do to really smarten the experience up. Making Verse the DefaultThe first thing to do is to make Verse the default mail view. To do this;
Looking at Cloud Licensing - Microsoft, IBM and Google
Mon, Aug 29th 2016 4:23a   Gavin Bollard
We live in interesting times and while I haven't changed jobs in years, I now do IT for several companies. What makes this even more interesting is that some are on the IBM infrastructure, some are on Google and some are on Microsoft... ...and of course, there's a bit of change from one to the other. I tend to get a lot of licensing-based invoices across my desk nowadays. Recently, we shifted our IBM licensing to the new IBM Mail Dual Entitlement plan. It's basically a combined Notes a
IBM's Cloud takes the Pain out of Updates
Tue, Aug 23rd 2016 11:16p   Gavin Bollard
I’ll admit that I'm generally not very kind to IBM on this blog. It's not that they're doing a worse job than their competitors, I'm still very impressed with some of the things they're doing. It's just that after using Notes/Domino for over 20 years, I hold them, sometimes impossibly, to very high standards…. and, of course, any goofs on their part affect my systems a little too directly. The Quiet Migration to 24x7One of our biggest frustrations in recent years has been the unders
What's Wrong with the IBM Connections.Cloud Welcome Message (and what IBM Needs to do to fix it)
Mon, Aug 8th 2016 4:59a   Gavin Bollard
One of the interesting things about being in IT is that you're responsible for hundreds of "automated" messages each day but... as an IT person, who was already set up on the system from day one, you never actually get to see them - at least, not until someone complains. One of the things we do at work is provide an area on IBM Connections.Cloud for parties external to our own organisation to collaborate. The collaboration in this space is with some pretty important people. Recently we had
Good Resources for Support with IBM Connections and Verse 2: Official Channel Web Sites
Tue, Aug 2nd 2016 2:28p   Gavin Bollard
A couple of posts ago, I provided a list of LinkedIn Groups which I've found to be good sources of IBM Connections Information. In this post, I aim to provide some "Official" web sites. Needless to say, the majority of these will be IBM resources. Of course, there are lots of great personal blogs out there too but I'll cover them in a different post. The Three Big Questions for "Developing Products & Services"IBM Connections (and specifically Connections.cloud) is a "developing
The Importance of Email Retention, Journaling and Recoverability (and why Cloud Solutions Fail)
Sun, Jul 24th 2016 11:53p   Gavin Bollard
For most of us, email is simply a means of communicating work. It's a glorified, bi-directional to-do list with comments. Emails come in, we read, do and delete. Once the work is done, there's usually no need to find the email again. That's all very true except for when something goes wrong and your company gets taken to court. Suddenly then, all those deleted emails are very, very important. How Email Discovery could work under LitigationSo, assuming that there's a legal case, such as
Copy as Table works (in One Direction) for IBM Notes/Verse Interactions
Wed, Jul 6th 2016 9:24p   Gavin Bollard
Copy as table used to be one of my favourite IBM Notes features. We have a lot of databases full of documents, news stories etc. We also have an office which is "entirely migrated to connections.cloud" but not entirely using Verse. Some people just won't let go of the Notes interface - we're working on that problem. One of our databases contains news stories, the links for which we regularly send out to the rest of the organisation. We quickly discovered that the Verse users couldn't
Good Resources for Support with IBM Connections and Verse 1: Linked In Groups
Wed, Jun 29th 2016 3:42a   Gavin Bollard
I was originally hoping to produce a single list of all of my (so far) collected resources. Of course, the problem with that is that I have to review the sites to make sure that they're still relevant -- and provide at least some added value. I've decided, that in the short term, I'll just point out some useful groups of sites. This is the first of a bunch of posts on the topic. This time, I'm covering LinkedIN. LinkedINIf you're not a member of LinkedIN, it's well worth signing up (i
Turn off Location Services on your iPhone to Conserve Power
Mon, Jun 27th 2016 6:21a   Gavin Bollard
My iPhone has been driving me crazy these last few weeks. The power has been draining so fast that I need to recharge by lunch time if I still want a phone (and not a brick) by the afternoon. I'd been blaming my iPhone for being old but as it turns out, the problem was much simpler than that - It was location settings. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. After all, you have to assume that if your phone is going to communicate with the satellites (and other receivers), it's prob
Cloud is great but IBM Verse misses a step in Business Continuity
Wed, Jun 15th 2016 8:38p   Gavin Bollard
Today's world is all about cloud. We have email in the cloud, document storage in the cloud, data, applications and even development in the cloud. Why Cloud is BestFrom one point of view, cloud is an excellent choice. You no longer need to worry about; Physical servers which can suffer hardware failures.Storage and rack space for serversLocal services, such as Air Conditioning and the Water Supply in the computer room.Local environmental factors, such as storms which can directly impact you
How to set IBM Verse as your Default Email Client
Thu, Jun 9th 2016 3:54a   Gavin Bollard
We've recently rolled out IBM Verse and we're trying to get our staff members to use it (willingly) rather than mandating the change. One of the issues that we've come up against is the humble Mailto link. If you go to any web page that has a mailto link and click it, it goes to Notes. Obviously we want those links to go to Verse. It's a simple fix, here's how to do it. How To Open IBM Verse in Google Chrome (it might be possible to use other browser but I haven't tested them). Clic
Harnessing the Power of Shadow IT
Sun, Jun 5th 2016 8:30p   Gavin Bollard
There seems to have been quite a bit of press lately about “Shadow IT” and it gives the impression that it's a new thing. Perhaps having a formally recognised name is new but shadow IT has been around throughout my (so far 28 year) career in IT and I suspect that it's much older than that. What is Shadow IT?Shadow IT is what happens when someone, not associated with the IT department, starts offering IT services to other parts of the business. Shadow IT can take the form of someone bring
How to Embed Video into your IBM Connections Wiki
Wed, May 11th 2016 3:43a   Gavin Bollard
Everybody loves video but while IBM Connections allows you to upload images, for some reason it doesn't have a simple "video upload" function. No problems though... just add your own code. Attaching your MP4 FileIf you're referencing an external public video, for example something on Youtube, then you can simply copy the embed codes from there. If you want to host your own video (privately) on connections, you'll need to follow these instructions; Open your IBM Connections Wiki and go
Designing Layout in IBM Connections Communities
Mon, May 9th 2016 1:11a   Gavin Bollard
Two of the most critical factors in the success or failure of your intranet are the ease of use and the degree to which it catches the eye. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of choices you can make with regards to IBM Connections Community design past the front page. Once you hit a forum or a library of files and folders, every single community starts to look the same. Luckily though, there's a fair bit of flexibility on the opening page and on the Wiki Pages. I've already covered how to
Uploading Files to Connections using the Desktop Plug-ins
Thu, Apr 28th 2016 11:27p   Gavin Bollard
The new IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins are out today... and there seem to be quite a few changes. I decided to have a play and to document the experience for our users. The result is another presentation. As usual, sorry for all the blurring but I have to provide some protection. :-) This particular tutorial simply shows how to get a file from Microsoft Excel 2013 up to a Connections.Cloud community using the File, Save As menu option. There are other ways but I didn't want to confuse
How to Add Guest Users to IBM Connections (a tutorial)
Mon, Apr 25th 2016 5:56a   Gavin Bollard
One of the strengths of IBM Connections is the ability to add guest users. Unfortunately, for the moment, the process isn't as straightforward as it should be. Here's some documentation I created for our internal users which, you may find useful in your own networks. I've blurred anything here that could be identifiable. How to Add Guests to IBM Connections from Gavin Bollard Coming Soon..... I also have a presentation on how to share files in connections. I'll make this avail
How to Share a File for Guests using IBM Connections.Cloud (a Slideshare tutorial)
Mon, Apr 25th 2016 5:44a   Gavin Bollard
IBM Connections provides some amazing dropbox-style facilities. If you're finding that you can't email a file because it's too big, or because it's prevented by mail gateways (something that is very common with EXE files), you might want to give IBM Connections a go. Note that in order to share a file, you need to have already accepted the person as one of your contacts. This procedure is explained in my previous Slideshare tutorial about How to add Guest Users to IBM Connections, This t

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