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IBM ConnectED 2015: A Few Problems
Fri, Dec 12th 2014 441
Forbes: How to Fix IBM
Fri, Oct 24th 2014 608
iOS 8 and Traveler
Tue, Sep 9th 2014 121
Golf as “Exercise?”
Wed, Aug 20th 2014 96
A Lesson From Riding New Mexico and Colorado
Wed, Jul 9th 2014 132
Dash4Dosh 2014: Let’s All Laugh
Mon, Jun 9th 2014 102
Dash4Dosh 2014: A Quick Overview
Sun, Jun 8th 2014 116
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Connect2014: Schedule
Fri, Jan 17th 2014 1065
Forbes: How to Fix IBM
Fri, Oct 24th 2014 608
Open Mic Webcast: Notes Traveler Support – Common issues, Interim Fixes, Q&A – 30 April 2014
Wed, Apr 30th 2014 583
IBM ConnectED 2015: A Few Problems
Fri, Dec 12th 2014 441
Connect 2014: Domino Onboarding Manager
Thu, Feb 13th 2014 279
IBM Documentation Needs Help
Wed, Dec 7th 2011 238
Modifying the Mail File Owner Field
Fri, Dec 28th 2012 181
How is winmail.dat my problem?
Mon, Dec 10th 2012 163
A Lesson From Riding New Mexico and Colorado
Wed, Jul 9th 2014 132
Two Step WordPress Authentication: This Won’t End Well
Fri, Feb 14th 2014 131

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IBM ConnectED 2015: A Few Problems
Fri, Dec 12th 2014 1:00p   Gregg Eldred
After giving this topic some thought, and soliciting some comments, it isn’t news that IBM has a few image problems with ConnectED. One could make the argument that these problems started a couple of years ago. As it is, this being the last (IMHO) conference for this particular IBM software group in Orlando, here are a few problems with ConnectED 2015: If you change the name of something, you will instantly lose a percentage of the customers you had attending. Remember all that goodwill, [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus lotusphere linkedin planetlotus planetlotus.org twitter

Forbes: How to Fix IBM
Fri, Oct 24th 2014 8:03a   Gregg Eldred
I’ve been waiting for this article, since IBM announced that they were abandoning their 2015 plan (I think that a lot of people were calling it “Death March 2015″). The money quote comes early in the article: IBM forgot the most important part of running a business.  While shareholder value is important, it is customers that make business possible. On Global Services: IBM’s Global Services have seen the worst cost cuts and the most layoffs.  These cuts have hurt many of IBM [read] Keywords: ibm apple applications google microsoft mobile

iOS 8 and Traveler
Tue, Sep 9th 2014 7:13a   Gregg Eldred
A new TechNote, published yesterday, outlines iOS 8 and Traveler issues/responses. The good news: If you are currently on Traveler 8.5.3 UP2 or later, you are ready. If you’re on Traaveler 9.0.1 IF5 or IF6, you are really ready (those versions recognize iOS 8 devices). But watch the TechNote for notification of any Interim Fix that addresses iOS 8 specific issues. [read] Keywords: ibm traveler

Golf as “Exercise?”
Wed, Aug 20th 2014 2:20p   Gregg Eldred
Last week, from Thursday to Saturday, I was again asked to play in an annual Ryder Cup. It pits a team from Ohio against one from Michigan (Ohio State versus Michigan/Michigan State, or more accurately, friends from the states of Michigan and Ohio). I, again, played on the Michigan team. They need me to round out the number of players and also, so that I can play with my friend, Steve. The format is Thursday, 36 holes, Friday, 36 holes, Saturday, 18 holes. Or, 90 holes in 3 days. The actual tour [read] Keywords:

A Lesson From Riding New Mexico and Colorado
Wed, Jul 9th 2014 10:40a   Gregg Eldred
This past weekend, I took an opportunity to ride New Mexico and Colorado. Let me first say that to prepare for travel, you look at the weather forecast in northwest New Mexico and see that it will be 98°F (36.6°C). You then bring the proper gear for such a temperature. This means: half helmet, sunglasses, mesh armored jacket, Kevlar and armored riding jeans, and light gloves. You allow a family member, who also rides, to decide on the route. Through the good graces of the father-in-law-to-be, [read] Keywords: google profile wiki

Dash4Dosh 2014: Let’s All Laugh
Mon, Jun 9th 2014 2:00p   Gregg Eldred
For your enjoyment, some random pictures from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. First up, Chris pitching his tent. Yes, the photo looks grainy, but that isn’t the fault of the photographer, it was raining. In an epic fashion. Doesn’t he look happy that he will be “sleeping” in a tent? I found Paul’s toilet in a Statoil station: And Paul’s bike: The Arctic Circle, Sweden: Chris, in his natural pose, taking photos (at the Sweden/Norway border): And photograp [read] Keywords:


Dash4Dosh 2014: A Quick Overview
Sun, Jun 8th 2014 3:20p   Gregg Eldred
There will probably be a few blog posts concerning this adventure over the coming weeks. This post is simply a quick overview. Stuff I brought but didn’t need: Flashlights. I brought three little LED flashlights but didn’t use any of them. Thankfully, they didn’t take up hardly any room at all. Ben’s Wipes. Brought two packages of these excellent tick and insect repellent wipes but only used two wipes. Total. Leatherman. While I didn’t use it, there is no way I wou [read] Keywords: mac properties

Finding Connections on Google Play
Thu, May 1st 2014 2:40p   Gregg Eldred
When searching for “Connections” on Google Play, here are the results: I might suggest a different search: “ibm connections,” unless you actually have found what you were looking for. [read] Keywords: connections ibm google

Open Mic Webcast: Notes Traveler Support – Common issues, Interim Fixes, Q&A – 30 April 2014
Wed, Apr 30th 2014 6:00a   Gregg Eldred
Anyone else get this invite just a day or two ago? Join members of the IBM Notes Traveler Development team as they share information on supporting IBM Notes Traveler, including common issues, Interim Fix deliveries and more. After a presentation, attendees will be given an opportunity to ask our panel of experts questions. Throughout the event, attendees will also be encouraged to comment or ask questions in the IBM SmartCloud Meeting Web chat. Join us for this interactive, educational, lively s [read] Keywords: ibm notes traveler development

Dash4Dosh 2014: An Update
Tue, Apr 29th 2014 10:50a   Gregg Eldred
We are less than a month away from riding motorcycles to the Arctic Circle, via Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. And camping. God, are we REALLY camping? We must be, I have a sleeping bag, a camping pad, and a spork. Paul Mooney bought a tent! (let that sink in for a minute). Never before have I asked for donations to any sort of cause. Yes, I support those that ask, but fundraising just isn’t my thing. When Paul setup the Dash4Dosh 2014 JustGiving page, and I saw the £4,000 goal, I [read] Keywords: atlantic facebook google skype

Dash4Dosh 2014: Riding to the Arctic Circle
Tue, Mar 4th 2014 7:10p   Gregg Eldred
I really haven’t figured out a good opening paragraph to this story. Too many thoughts going through my mind (giving back, relatives lost to cancer, father beating cancer, and so on). So, let’s cut to the chase. I have scheduled eleven days of my corporate provided holidays to join Paul Mooney, Sean Cull, Vladimir Veletic, and Chris Harris, to meet up with some friends from Denmark, and a few support cars, and embark on a motorcycle ride that supports Macmillan Cancer Support. This i [read] Keywords:

Liberté! Publicis ditches Lotus Notes
Tue, Feb 25th 2014 10:20a   Gregg Eldred
Back in July of 2013, I wrote about Publicis moving from IBM Notes to Exchange. Now, seven months later, it appears that the holding company is starting the migration. It’s official: Publicis Groupe is ditching Lotus Notes. The long ad agency email nightmare is over. The holding company’s staffers collectively sighed in relief this week when they heard news it is switching to Microsoft Outlook for its email needs instead. “This is quite possibly the greatest day for employees in their hist [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes email exchange exchange microsoft outlook

Social Media: I’m Doing it All Wrong
Thu, Feb 20th 2014 2:40p   Gregg Eldred
Fame and fortune are just a few mouse clicks away and I easily let it go by me. Whether they’re getting retweeted by members of One Direction, or liking the Hunger Games Facebook page for a chance to be included in the movie’s credits, today’s teens are directly interacting with pop culture — celebrities, movies, music, and, increasingly, brands — in ways never before possible. Tweet pictures of yourself at a Lady Gaga concert, and maybe she’ll call you from the stage — a moment [read] Keywords: facebook mobile

Google: How Not to be a “Glasshole”
Wed, Feb 19th 2014 3:10p   Gregg Eldred
On its website for Glass, Google has posted advice for testers in its current Explorer program and, presumably, the folks who will be entering the world of Glass when the headset goes on sale to the public . . . DON’T: Be creepy or rude (aka a “Glasshole”) Yes, Google itself used the derogatory term “Glasshole” (although it’s been massaged into a description of bad behavior, as opposed to its broader meaning as a slur, voiced by some critics, used to describe [read] Keywords: google mobile

Preordered: Warren Elsmore’s Brick Wonders
Tue, Feb 18th 2014 6:23a   Gregg Eldred
After the wonderful Brick City, Warren Elsmore is back with his second book, Brick Wonders. I’ve preordered my two copies (one is for Number Two Son, the other for myself). [read] Keywords:

Two Step WordPress Authentication: This Won’t End Well
Fri, Feb 14th 2014 6:03p   Gregg Eldred
Looking at my Security settings, there does not seem to be a method to resend the QR code to my phone. However, I have printed out my backup codes and have used one of them. I’d like to know how I generate a QR code to my new phone in order to have two step authentication work. I believe that I am well and royally screwed. [read] Keywords: security

Connect 2014: Some Additional Highlights
Fri, Feb 14th 2014 2:33p   Gregg Eldred
Some highlights/announcement from Connect 2014: IBM will consolidate the collaboration applications under one name, “Connections.” Example, Sametime will be rebranded Connections Chat (the instant messaging portion) and Connections Meetings (the meetings portion). Based on what I heard from the Product Managers in this area during “Ask the Product Managers,” it will be some time before they start using the new branding. It will take you and I much longer. From PCWorld, co [read] Keywords: calendaring collaboration connections domino ibm notes sametime traveler applications citrix community desktop email google instant messaging integration microsoft mobile office planetlotus planetlotus.org server sharepoint

Connect 2014: Domino Onboarding Manager
Thu, Feb 13th 2014 2:33p   Gregg Eldred
A feature in an imminent release of Domino was kinda/sorta announced at the Opening General Session. It was at the “What’s New in Domino” session where more information was shared. However, slides are not available for that session on the Connect site. Pity. Not to worry, dear readers. You download have a rather small PDF of Domino Onboarding Manager right here (see below). What is Domino OnBoarding Manager? A tool which can migrate users/groups from Active Directory to Domino [read] Keywords: domino notes exchange exchange outlook

Connect 2014: My Thoughts
Wed, Feb 12th 2014 4:33p   Gregg Eldred
Unlike previous years, it has taken me longer to process what I saw and heard at Connect in order to have an opinion of the conference. Until now, when asked, “How was the conference?” I answered “good.” It was all I had. Now, I have a better answer. “Transitional.” I believe that you have to be in denial to not get the overall direction IBM is taking with this conference and their products. Last year, it was, for the most part, the same as in previous years. [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotusphere notes noteslotus sametime xpages applications bleedyellow bleedyellow.com development websphere wiki

Connect 2014: MailNext-Screenshots and Thoughts
Wed, Feb 12th 2014 2:33p   Gregg Eldred
During the OGS at Connect 2014, IBM demonstrated the next iteration of, what can be described as, the next release of Notes. It’s called “MailNext.” While the OGS gave a fairly good overview of the interface, it was when I took the time to visit the Design Studio UX Lab that I received a much better view of MailNext. The “home” page: The pictures below the search bar are of people who you are interacting via e-mail. The floating numbers show you the number of mes [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes notes client community interface server

Relive the Connect 2014 OGS . . . In Cleveland!
Tue, Feb 11th 2014 2:10p   Gregg Eldred
Truthfully, not all of the Connect 2014 Opening General Session. Only the first bit. Friday, 4 April, you have the opportunity to experience American Authors, at The Grog Shop. Tickets are only $15. With your ticket in hand, you can see something like this: And this time, there will be a mosh pit (enter at your own risk). “It’s gonna be the best day of my life.” See you there? m/ If Cleveland is not on your travel plans, you can meet up with American Authors by checking out th [read] Keywords:

Mon, Feb 10th 2014 3:10p   Gregg Eldred
(Click for larger image) [read] Keywords:

IBM Redbooks Mobile App
Mon, Feb 10th 2014 10:40a   Gregg Eldred
Features of the app include: Read thousands of Redbooks publications, from classic Redbooks to the latest Solution Guides, Product Guides, Redguides, and more Find Redbooks publications by those most recently published or updated, most popular, subject area, or publication type Search within publications and create bookmarks Save your favorite publications and organize them in convenient, customizable folders Share what you’re reading through Facebook, Twitter, and email Get the latest news f [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes email facebook mobile twitter

Connect 2014: Fitbit Report
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 7:20p   Gregg Eldred
The best advice I give to all Connect attendees is to wear comfortable shoes. This should show you why, it’s my Fitbit results for the days of Connect. Since I usually stay the weekend, and take advantage of the Walt Disney World parks, this is the result of the week, including 3 Day Park Hopper Pass: Wear comfortable shoes. And a Fitbit. [read] Keywords:

Bug Exposes IP Cameras, Baby Monitors
Thu, Jan 23rd 2014 3:10p   Gregg Eldred
A bug in the software that powers a broad array of Webcams, IP surveillance cameras and baby monitors made by Chinese camera giant Foscam allows anyone with access to the device’s Internet address to view live and recorded video footage, KrebsOnSecurity has learned. More > [read] Keywords: bug

Color Schemes: Customizing Connections
Thu, Jan 23rd 2014 2:20p   Gregg Eldred
The other day, we were talking about customizing Connections with our own color scheme. One of the team members recommended “Hot Dog Stand” as the scheme. Who among you remember the “so bad it’s good” color scheme from, ahem, Windows 3.1? After much laughter, we went with something a little more up-to-date: Doesn’t quite have the snap of Hot Dog Stand, does it? [read] Keywords: connections ibm microsoft

Connect 2014: Must-Attend Sessions for Administrators
Tue, Jan 21st 2014 5:50p   Gregg Eldred
I’d like to say that for the Domino Administrator will be a plethora of sessions that you “must see” (meaning several blog posts on the topic). However, if you’ve seen the writing on the wall, then you’re prepared to attend a profusion of sessions on Connections and Sametime administration. Here are some of the “must see” sessions for Domino Administrators. JMP402 – Master Class: Reaping Rewards and Avoiding Risks: The Secrets of Consolidating Doma [read] Keywords: administration connections domino ibm id vault notes notes client policies sametime traveler application consulting db2 development email linux mobile server

Connect2014: Schedule
Fri, Jan 17th 2014 2:10p   Gregg Eldred
It’s a bit “busy,” but isn’t that the point of Connect? I think I’ll be able to carve out some additional time for the Labs, Showcase, and, most importantly this year, Certification Exams. New this year, I’ll be attending Sunday sessions. In the past, I used this time for Business Partner Day, but not this year. [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm

Sametime Status
Tue, Jan 7th 2014 2:10p   Gregg Eldred
I don’t think that this is something that I would put in my Sametime Location status. But, that’s just me. [read] Keywords: sametime sametimeibm

A Father’s “Moto” Shirt
Sun, Jan 5th 2014 3:50p   Gregg Eldred
“Moto,” short for “motivational.” This is my newest addition and one that I am most proud. Wore it today, as I drove Number One Son to the airport, spent time with him at the gate*, and bid him farewell. When he arrived in Cleveland on 21 December, it was the first time I’d seen him in nine months. Today was, quite possibly, the last time I will see him for a year. He is currently working up for deployment overseas. * – As a parent of an active member of th [read] Keywords:

Florida in Winter – Preparing for Connect14
Fri, Jan 3rd 2014 1:20p   Gregg Eldred
As a Northerner, nothing makes me laugh more than seeing the Disneybots in full winter gear on days where I am wearing a t-shirt. Yes, I get that the mornings (and evenings) can be “chilly,” but they come out in fleece, gloves, and hats when the temperatures dip below 70°F. Which brings me to my point, be sure to check the weather forecasts leading up to Connect 2014. Right now, this is what I see: The main days to watch are Sunday and Tuesday, when major events take place out of [read] Keywords:

2013 – A Year Unlike Any Other
Tue, Dec 31st 2013 3:40p   Gregg Eldred
As I look through my feeds, I see that many people take the time to do a postmortem of the year. 2013 was, for the lack of a better word, “fascinating.” January means Lotusphere Connect and I was able to attend. But it was not the Connect that I wanted to experience, as we lost a friend, Kenneth Kjærbye. Not a day goes by where I do not think of Kenneth; my browser opens to a news article of the accident. Also, during the Ohio motorcycle riding season, a small stuffed monkey travel [read] Keywords: lotusphere consulting wiki

Old School Remote Access
Mon, Dec 30th 2013 1:20p   Gregg Eldred
This is still being used for remote access: If you are of a certain demographic, this is an item that you surely remember, the US Robotics V.Everything modem. “Everything” does not mean high speed internet connectivity.  [read] Keywords:

Free ICS Certification Tests at Connect14
Thu, Dec 12th 2013 3:40p   Gregg Eldred
One of the biggest draws at this event has always been the certification testing and prep labs. IBM is pleased to announce, for the very first time, that unlimited complimentary IBM Collaboration Solutions exams will be available for all registered attendees for the duration of the conference. All other Software Group exams will be available for 50% off the regular price. As in previous years, testing will take place in the Lark room of the Swan Hotel. More > While that is pretty great news, [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm password profile

Tecmo Bowl Replay of Auburn Win
Thu, Dec 5th 2013 3:10p   Gregg Eldred
Old school, love it! [read] Keywords:

Everything You Know About Black Friday is Wrong
Wed, Dec 4th 2013 1:50p   Gregg Eldred
Last week, we, here in the US, experienced that most wonderful of all days, “Black Friday.” On TV news reports, in daily newspapers, readers and viewers were treated to pictures of people standing in lines, waiting for Big Box retailers to open their doors on Thanksgiving Day. These people camp out (I literally mean “camp out.” Like, in tents, with generators and heaters), days and weeks in advance, in order to be first in line for electronics, televisions, and so on. And [read] Keywords: wiki

How Tough are Scotsmen?
Tue, Dec 3rd 2013 7:30p   Gregg Eldred
That pretty much sums it up. Well, that and the wearing of a kilt. Thanks, Number Two Son, for the picture. [read] Keywords:

“We should just call it #lame”
Tue, Nov 26th 2013 4:10p   Gregg Eldred
Hashtags. Twitter started the craze, then other sites followed. What has happened in the meantime is that they have become overused. To the point of comedy. Just look at a few tweets these days, hashtag orgasms are what some people are enjoying. Alas, however, when companies or candidates use hashtags for the sake of using hashtags, the results are, at best, ineffective. At worst, they can backfire embarrassingly. This month, JPMorgan Chase scrapped an attempt to engage Twitter users with the ha [read] Keywords: blackberry rim twitter

A Great Leader Hires Good People
Mon, Nov 25th 2013 2:53p   Gregg Eldred
[read] Keywords:

InformationWeek: Amazon Again Beats IBM For CIA Cloud Contract
Wed, Nov 13th 2013 5:40a   Gregg Eldred
“As a threshold matter, IBM lacked any chance of winning a competition with AWS for this C2S contract,” the ruling said, and therefore it lacked standing to claim prejudice in the way the contract had been awarded. The GAO failed to assess whether IBM had the standing to file the protest that it did, said the ruling. The court also objected to GAO failing to spot maneuvering by IBM’s lawyers. “The GAO failed to address the way in which IBM manipulated its pricing to creat [read] Keywords: ibm

Bathroom Artwork
Tue, Nov 12th 2013 7:10p   Gregg Eldred
No, this isn’t “one of those posts.” In a men’s room, in the building in which I work, there is a reproduction of a Winslow Homer painting. I believe that this restroom is the only one with any sort of wall decoration. Here is the picture: So, what is so special about this picture? It’s in the details. Damn, that’s funny. [read] Keywords: wiki

Connect14: Creating Buzz by Announcing Updated Agenda Monday
Tue, Nov 12th 2013 4:18p   Gregg Eldred
In order to garner more interest, more reservations, and more “buzz,” IBM is publishing accepted speakers/sessions on Mondays. Yesterday, they released these sessions/speakers of particular interest (full list is at the link, below): Application Development The Mobile Disruption – Why XPages Development is Targeting Mobile First – John Head, PSC Group; John Beck, IBM IBM Domino Application Development – Today and Tomorrow – Pete Janzen, IBM; Martin Donnelly, I [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes sametime traveler xpages application applications consulting development enterprise mobile network profile

Chris Marvin: For today’s veterans, service isn’t over when the uniform is put away
Mon, Nov 11th 2013 4:10p   Gregg Eldred
I fought in Afghanistan. When people learn of my military service, I get a variety of comments — none more common than “Thank you for your service.” My response sometimes surprises people. I look them in the eye and say, “You’re welcome.” . . . When I began to respond with “You’re welcome,” I was concerned that it shocked people. I wondered if I was being too flippant or prideful. Then I realized that their reaction said something about what “Thank you for your service” now [read] Keywords: wiki

“Restless Pants Syndrome”
Fri, Nov 8th 2013 4:40a   Gregg Eldred
I wonder to whom this should be dedicated? [read] Keywords:

Open MIc Webcast: All-in-one Admin Tool for Agent-based Troubleshooting & Problem Solving – 13 November 2013
Thu, Nov 7th 2013 5:20p   Gregg Eldred
Well, kids, it’s time for another webcast. Join IBM’s Rene Jenkins [13 November, 11:00 EST], along with several other members of the IBM Notes & Domino teams as they discuss the All-in-one Admin Tool for agent-based troubleshooting & problem solving. After a presentation attendees will be given an opportunity to ask questions. Throughout the event, attendees will also be encouraged to comment or ask questions through our SmartCloud meeting web chat. Join us for this interacti [read] Keywords: admin agent domino ibm notes noteslotus

Shutting Down Skype
Wed, Nov 6th 2013 3:10p   Gregg Eldred
[read] Keywords: skype

Open Mic Webcast: What’s New in IBM Notes Traveler Since 9.0 Shipped
Tue, Nov 5th 2013 3:10p   Gregg Eldred
Come hear more about the new IBM Notes Traveler features that have been released since 9.0 shipped earlier this year. New features include Attachment Security, Out of Office, Streaming, Android Client Improvements, Device OS Currency, and more. After a presentation attendees will be given an opportunity to ask questions. Throughout the event, attendees will also be encouraged to comment or ask questions through our SmartCloud meeting web chat. Join us for this interactive, educational, lively se [read] Keywords: ibm notes traveler office security

Early Look at Connect 2014: Drumming Up Interest
Wed, Oct 30th 2013 4:10p   Gregg Eldred
If you wanted to generate interest in something, anything, one good, proven method is to show the product.  And so it is with Connect 2014. The abstracts are pouring in, but here’s an early glimpse of a few that may land on the agenda. The deadline is just around the corner, so put on your thinking caps and sharpen your pencils — so to speak. Messaging and Collaboration Messaging and Collaboration Roadmap — A Vision for the Future What’s New in Notes and INotes 9.0.1 Soc [read] Keywords: administration collaboration connections ibm inotes lotusphere notes sametime mobile social software

Fully Dressed Harley
Fri, Oct 25th 2013 7:10p   Gregg Eldred
Wait for it . . . . [read] Keywords:

LinkedIn Intro – Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be
Fri, Oct 25th 2013 2:20p   Gregg Eldred
From the LinkedIn blog: Last year, LinkedIn acquired Rapportive, an email company that I co-founded. Since then, we have been furiously working together to build a groundbreaking mobile product: LinkedIn Intro. The growth of mobile email is simply staggering. Four years ago, less than 4% of emails were read on mobile. Today, half of all emails are read on a mobile device! So we set ourselves the challenge: bring the power of LinkedIn, and the technology of Rapportive, straight to the Apple Mail [read] Keywords: apple email iphone linkedin mobile security smtp

Good news: Custom Builder Uses XPages, Wins “Vision Award”
Thu, Oct 24th 2013 1:20p   Gregg Eldred
Perhaps most impressive is the fact company owner Eric Rose himself served as the software architect and teamed with a certified Lotus software developer for Project Framework. Using IBM’s Domino Designer, which includes the IBM XPages toolset for creating a Web 2.0 experience across different platforms, Rose can develop Project Framework’s Internet and mobile capabilities. And for Rose, the customization is never complete. He continues to enhance the application in order to match the ch [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes noteslotus traveler xpages application mobile web 2.0

Open Mic Webcast: External elements that can negatively impact your IBM Domino server
Fri, Oct 18th 2013 12:40p   Gregg Eldred
A new Open Mic Webcast on 23 October at 11AM EST. Join IBM’s Monica Senior, along with several other members of the IBM Domino team as they discuss External elements that can negatively impact your IBM Domino server During this webcast, we will cover five external elements that can cause your IBM Domino server to crash, prevent the server from starting, and/or affect the server’s performance. These external elements include but are not limited to operating system configurations and a [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes noteslotus applications network server twitter

Please, please believe in us. Please.
Wed, Oct 16th 2013 5:00p   Gregg Eldred
To our valued customers, partners and fans: You’ve no doubt seen the headlines about BlackBerry®. You’re probably wondering what they mean for you as one of the tens of millions of users who count on BlackBerry every single day. We have one important message for you: You can continue to count on BlackBerry. More > Hopefully, for the long run, but I think there may be doubts. [read] Keywords: blackberry

Whirlpool Corporation: Goodbye IBM Notes
Thu, Oct 10th 2013 8:40p   Gregg Eldred
Google Apps scored some enterprise street cred on Monday by announcing a huge customer: Whirlpool. Whirlpool has 68,000 employees and 66 facilities around the world who will standardize on Apps, Google’s cloud email and office productivity suite. Whirlpool did not ditch Microsoft Exchange or Office for Google. It was using IBM’s Lotus Notes, its CIO Michael Heim told the Wall Street Journal. More > This news item is very short on details, unless you are interested in the Google [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes noteslotus email enterprise exchange exchange google microsoft office wiki

The Recognition I Didn’t Expect
Tue, Sep 24th 2013 8:00p   Gregg Eldred
A few weeks back, all of the STAR Chapters in the State of Ohio gathered at the state park in Mt. Gilead, OH, for the annual State Rally. Because I have ridden with several Ohio Chapters, it was a special time for me. Instead of simply hanging out with members of my Chapter, I was able to spend time with friends in other chapters. Riding a bike has really allowed me to travel around Ohio, meeting great people, and seeing parts of the state that others miss when they drive highways. The State Ral [read] Keywords: wiki

What is IBM SmartCloud Notes Hybrid?
Wed, Sep 18th 2013 1:00p   Gregg Eldred
A great question and one that might be answered in an Open Mic webcast on 24 September. IBM Support would like to help you take full advantage of IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. During our Open Mic webcasts, technical experts share their knowledge and answer your questions. The sessions are designed to address specific technical topics and provide in-depth but narrowly focused training in convenient, live 1 hour seminars. This event will be held Tuesday, September 24th, at 11:00 a.m. EDT (15 [read] Keywords: ibm notes password

Traveler and iOS 7
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 11:50a   Gregg Eldred
With the imminent release of iOS 7, are your Traveler servers ready to handle the new operating system? Traveler has to be at 8.5.3 UP2 IF4 and or later releases. New functions in iOS 7 may not be fully supported until later releases of Traveler. To get the latest updates and fix packs for Traveler, go here. Link: IBM Notes Traveler support for the latest device updates [read] Keywords: ibm notes traveler apple

How To Make Me Cry
Thu, Sep 12th 2013 1:50p   Gregg Eldred
. . . in frustration: Ask me to find IBM software on this site: For a site that is used quite a bit, you would think that someone would be an expert at navigating it. Not so. I have said, in meetings with IBM, that it is “soul crushing.” Oh, I know what I want, it’s just finding it that kills me. Which brings me to an idea I had for a session at a User Group Conference or even at Connect. It will be a panel of individuals from the audience and whomever from IBM that is respons [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus

Using the Database Maintenance Tool (DBMT) and Compact Replication in Domino 9
Wed, Sep 11th 2013 7:20p   Gregg Eldred
Well, this is a bit late, however the TechNote will be updated in “a couple of weeks” so at least you will have have the opportunity to review the slides and the Q&A. You are invited to join an Open Mic Webcast on the topic “Using the Database Maintenance Tool (DBMT) and Compact Replication in Domino 9″.  This event will be held Wednesday, 11 September 2013 at 11:00 AM EDT (15:00 UTC, or GMT -4), for 60 minutes. After a presentation, you will have the opportunity to [read] Keywords: domino ibm database

Client or Browser? Feature Comparison of Notes/iNotes 9
Thu, Aug 22nd 2013 8:20a   Gregg Eldred
This article provides a side-by-side listing of new features available in both or in either IBM Notes 9.0 and IBM iNotes 9.0. More > [read] Keywords: ibm inotes ldd lotus notes

ASW: My PlanetLotus Advertisement
Wed, Aug 21st 2013 2:30p   Gregg Eldred
Yancy Lent is riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge, to raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. You can read about it here and donate here. To garner more interest in the ride, Yancy offered free advertising on PlanetLotus. As a donor, I agonized over what my ad should be. After this past weekend, it became clear what I wanted to advertise on PlanetLotus. Clicking on the icon, you are taken to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, an outstanding group that is responsible for the motorcycle rid [read] Keywords: planetlotus planetlotus.org profile

Ride, Interrupted
Sun, Aug 18th 2013 8:40p   Gregg Eldred
Saturday, I joined four other members of Star Touring and Riding for an unbelievable day of riding. We were going to ride two of the best motorcycle roads in the entire state of Ohio; Route 555 and Route 26. It was going to be a ride not for the casual rider; about 450 miles, two very challenging and technical roads, gone for roughly 10-12 hours. And, it was a spectacular day, sunny, with a high of about 80°. Now, you may think that I am a homie for saying that these are great roads. At a gas s [read] Keywords: notes google wiki

New Amusement Park
Fri, Aug 16th 2013 1:00p   Gregg Eldred
I’m considering a season pass, anyone care to join me? [read] Keywords:

Publicis Employees to Lotus Notes: Drop Dead
Tue, Jul 30th 2013 4:10p   Gregg Eldred
The much-maligned email and calendar software, formerly and more disdainfully known as Lotus Notes, has been cited by a range of departing executives recently as one of the things they disliked most about working for the holding company. It crashes all the time, it’s  not intuitive, and it’s generally “old and clunky,” they say. Don’t even mention the near-useless webmail access. For a holding company that loves to brag about how digital it is, it sure does give employees archaic tec [read] Keywords: lotus notes noteslotus email

Thirteen Hundred Miles
Sun, Jul 21st 2013 9:00p   Gregg Eldred
I took a week off of work last week to attend Star Days in Harrisburg, PA. This is an annual event that brings together members of Star Riding and Touring for fun, friendship, and riding. Joining me on the ride out to Harrisburg were two members of our Chapter, John and Jeff. I wanted to ride Route 30 most, or all, of the way to Harrisburg, as it is a great route (Thank you, Denny, for the assist on the route through Pittsburgh). However, by the time we made it to Irwin, PA, all of us had enough [read] Keywords: notes google

Chapter 300 July Ride
Tue, Jul 9th 2013 8:30p   Gregg Eldred
This past weekend, I was invited to ride with Star Chapter 300 on their July ride to Marietta, OH. This ride, through southeastern Ohio, included several portions along some of the best motorcycling roads in Ohio (State Route 555 and State Route 26). Roads like these are not available in northeastern Ohio, so I *had* to join the Chapter and ride with them. Here is the route: Just looking at the map brings a smile to my face. Look at those curvy, winding roads. While the day started overcast, it [read] Keywords: wiki

Two Percent Raise
Tue, Jul 9th 2013 7:20p   Gregg Eldred
Click image for a larger version. [read] Keywords:

Lake Erie Adventure 2013
Thu, Jul 4th 2013 2:38p   Gregg Eldred
A few weeks ago, 23 motorcycles and 29 people (myself included) rode around Lake Erie. It was a trip I planned to ride, probably by myself, but when two members of Star Touring and Riding, Chapter 331, announced that they would be leading a ride, I quickly signed up to ride with them. When I returned, I had ridden 750 miles, through 4 states, 2 countries, and 1 province. We stopped for the night in London, ON, CA and Niagara Falls, ON, CA. Both overnight stops were well planned; there were ample [read] Keywords:

Cringely: IBM to customers: Your hand is staining my window
Wed, Jun 26th 2013 1:22p   Gregg Eldred
It is as Bob Cringely admits early in his post, a very negative column about IBM. A month ago I began hearing about impending layoffs at IBM, but what could I say beyond “layoffs are coming?” This time my first clues came not from American IBMers but from those working for Big Blue abroad. Big layoffs were coming, they feared, following an earnings shortfall that caused panic in Armonk with the prospect that IBM might after all miss its long-stated earnings target for 2015. Well the layoffs [read] Keywords: ibm

Rebranding Makes All the Difference
Tue, Jun 18th 2013 1:08p   Gregg Eldred
Click for full effect. [read] Keywords:

IamLUG Presentation: Choosing a Mobile Device Management Solution
Fri, May 17th 2013 11:50a   Gregg Eldred
Better late than never, I usually say. As promised to several delegates, here is the presentation Barb and I gave on choosing a mobile device management (MDM) solution at IamLUG. The Mobile IT Scorecard is an Excel spreadsheet that may help you weight features and determine the proper MDM for your organization. Choosing a MDM presentation Mobile IT Scorecard [read] Keywords: mobile

IBM Marketing
Tue, Apr 30th 2013 4:10p   Gregg Eldred
[read] Keywords: ibm noteslotus

Cringely: The Decline and Fall of IBM
Mon, Apr 29th 2013 1:30p   Gregg Eldred
The rumor I’ve heard is that IBM, which not long ago changed its 401K contribution policy to push what had been a biweekly payment into an annual one right at the end of the year, may have decided this year (and in the future?) not to make any 401K contribution at all. Since IBM’s U.S. employees can divert up to eight percent of their gross compensation into the 401K and IBM has traditionally made a comparable matching payment, this possible change in compensation policy could save the compa [read] Keywords: ibm server

What is This?
Thu, Apr 18th 2013 12:35p   Gregg Eldred
I would venture to say that if you are over a certain age, you don’t know what this is, let alone, what function it serves. Care to guess? And while you’re at it, get off my lawn. [read] Keywords:

Why Ride a Motorcycle?
Sun, Apr 14th 2013 8:10p   Gregg Eldred
[read] Keywords:

Conan Visits the Guinness Brewery
Fri, Apr 12th 2013 8:20a   Gregg Eldred
Thanks, Jeremy. [read] Keywords:

Your Social Media Score is Zero
Thu, Mar 28th 2013 10:50a   Gregg Eldred
[read] Keywords:

CNBC: 25 of the Most Outrageous Interview Questions
Wed, Mar 27th 2013 7:50p   Gregg Eldred
I don’t think “outrageous” is the proper adjective, but the questions listed will make interviewing someone much more enjoyable than the usual ones you throw at the candidates. And they may reveal more about the candidate then your standard questions. “What song best describes your work ethic?” That question was asked at Dell (DELL) for a consumer sales job. “‘Under Pressure’ by Queen!” Lachapelle said. “‘I’m a Rolling Ston [read] Keywords:

Open Mic Webcast: IBM Notes Domino 9 Social Edition New Features – 3 April 2013
Wed, Mar 27th 2013 7:40p   Gregg Eldred
Wow, just a few weeks after the release of Notes/Domino 9. That is progress. This event will be held Wednesday, 3 April 2013 at 11:00 AM EDT (15:00 UTC, or GMT -4), for 60 minutes. After a presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions directly of IBM Developers and Support Engineers. See more details below.  (Note: To view this information online, go to http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg27038015 When    Date:  3 April 2013 Time: 11:00 AM EDT (15:00 UTC, or GMT -4 [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes noteslotus

We left IBM because there was no webmail
Wed, Mar 6th 2013 1:03p   Gregg Eldred
Q: Why did you want to move to cloud-based services for messaging and collaboration? Fox: Our workforce requires easy access to corporate information, emails, and colleagues to work productively. Our on-premise IBM Lotus Notes email solution did not provide web mail. There was no instant messaging, no presence, and no web conferencing, so it was challenging to communicate and collaborate on the road, at home, or at customer sites. We needed more cost-effective, flexible technologies to help us [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus notes archive email instant messaging microsoft office

Dilbert Visits Darren
Mon, Feb 18th 2013 1:10p   Gregg Eldred
[read] Keywords:

Connect 2013 – With a Fitbit
Mon, Feb 11th 2013 1:00p   Gregg Eldred
Thought you may be interested in my statistics for the four days of Connect 2013: I kept myself off the escalators as much as possible and had the Fitbit in my pocket from the time I woke up until the time I (finally) went to bed. Never once did I put the Fitbit in the washing machine. The activity also includes the Wednesday Night Party at Universal. [read] Keywords: wireless

Ten Thousand Hours
Thu, Feb 7th 2013 1:20p   Gregg Eldred
Click for larger image. [read] Keywords:

Visiting Two Parks – A Visual Treat
Wed, Feb 6th 2013 7:50a   Gregg Eldred
A friend of mine purchased, or was given (I can’t remember), a fancy watch. The GPS function will track his progress on the golf course, the road (he’s a runner), and, as it turns out, as he walks through amusement parks. With his family in tow. The first two pictures are of his travels through the Magic Kingdom. The overall picture: And then, the detailed picture of his travels through Magic Kingdom: Yes, I find that “route” hilarious. Finally, here he is, with his fam [read] Keywords:

VentureBeat: Once king of enterprise software, Lotus Notes is dragging IBM down
Wed, Jan 23rd 2013 7:40a   Gregg Eldred
After the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about IBM Notes, it seems that there are some other news organizations have picked up on it and have spinned it into another direction. The “not too favorable” direction. For example, VentureBeat writer Dylan Tweney has another view: IBM has more modern social-media software, too, but only makes about $55 million per year from that segment of its business. So the challenge for IBM is to continue milking as much revenue as it can from Lot [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes noteslotus enterprise

Certificate Cards
Sun, Jan 20th 2013 3:10p   Gregg Eldred
Remember when you passed a certification exam and, later, you would receive an actual card? I do. And this one: [read] Keywords:

This Can Be Discarded
Sun, Jan 20th 2013 3:00p   Gregg Eldred
[read] Keywords:

How Did I End Up With This?
Sun, Jan 20th 2013 3:00p   Gregg Eldred
Strange, the things you find when purging/cleaning. Back: Front: [read] Keywords:

John Scalzi: Punting the Start Screen
Fri, Jan 18th 2013 1:30p   Gregg Eldred
For those of you curious about every aspect of my technological life, I will note here a slight change to my UI experience of Windows 8, namely that I’ve installed Stardock’s “Start 8″ program, which reinstates a Windows 7-like start button and menu to the desktop, and banishes Win8′s Start Screen into an optional little area you can visit if you like, and not if you don’t want to. I did this because simply put I’ve come to believe the Win 8 start screen, and the whole environment [read] Keywords: desktop facebook

IBM Notes Mail Rules – Working With Limits
Thu, Jan 17th 2013 1:13p   Gregg Eldred
A Help Desk case comes into the queue. A user, when attempting to create a new mail rule, is receiving an error. IBM Notes cannot create a new rule because it exceeds the 32K limit. This user isn’t dumb, he knows that there is no way a simple mail rule will exceed a 32K limit. And he’s right. What he doesn’t know is that the Mail Rules view, however, can exceed that limit. Especially if that view has over 100 mail rules. Yes, this particular person had more than 100 rules. This [read] Keywords: ibm notes noteslotus notesmail

America’s 100 best beer bars: 2013
Wed, Jan 16th 2013 7:30p   Gregg Eldred
As craft beer has exploded, so has the number of incredible places that serve it. This list celebrates those special haunts with less than three locations and one passionate focus: beer. There might be darts and a jukebox or candlelight and a turntable; there might be five beers or 500. But in every spot on our list, you’ll find an excellent brew in your glass and people—staff, owners, barflies—who care about that as much as you do. (Read last year’s list here.) More > [read] Keywords:

A Few Scheduling Problems
Wed, Jan 16th 2013 7:00p   Gregg Eldred
My first crack at the Connect 2013 sessions. It’s not as full as in years past, however there are a few problems with attending some competing sessions. I do not like the major holes, though. [read] Keywords:

Meeting of Social Media Experts
Mon, Jan 7th 2013 7:53p   Gregg Eldred
Click the image for the complete Joy of Tech comic. Then you can wonder if this doesn’t hit close to home. [read] Keywords:

Chicago Lightning by Max Allan Collins
Mon, Jan 7th 2013 7:33p   Gregg Eldred
The short story isn’t something that I normally read, which is unfortunate. It’s a great art, where the author has to convey quite a bit in a compressed time frame. Because of this, some aspects you would normally expect while reading a novel are missing, such as detailed character development. However, if you pick up a collection of short stories centered on one figure, for example, Chicago Lightning, by Max Allan Collins, the reader is able to learn quite a bit about the central ch [read] Keywords: development wiki

Modifying the Mail File Owner Field
Fri, Dec 28th 2012 1:40p   Gregg Eldred
Back in the day, which would be the Lotus Notes/Domino R5 days, if you needed to change the mail file owner field in a database, be it mail-in or person, it was a simple process. Open the mail file, click on Preferences – Mail – Basics, select a name from the Domino Directory, and save the Preference. Apparently, to “prevent issues caused by the name in the Mail File Owner field not existing as a valid hierarchical name in the Domino Directory,” this behavior was changed [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes R5 database

What Companies Tell Me When They’re Leaving the IBM Stack
Fri, Dec 21st 2012 10:40a   Gregg Eldred
This is very much a YMMV post. I recognize that not everyone sees or hears the same story I am being told; there are regions of the world where the IBM stack is winning. There are companies that cannot imagine a life without the IBM stack. However, with the cloud making all of the news, getting all of the attention, there are companies that use the “disruption” as a means to take a hard look at their current environment. In my little corner of the world, that disruption usually means [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes quickr sametime traveler application development google integration microsoft security widgets

Salesforce.com: Why Companies are replacing Lotus Notes
Wed, Dec 19th 2012 8:47p   Gregg Eldred
One of the beautiful, annoying aspects of the internet is that it never forgets. There are many, many examples of this trueism coming back to bite companies and individuals. So, let’s look at Salesforce.com. Back in 2009, at Lotusphere, Salesforce was there, in force as I recall, to demonstrate how their offering integrated with LotusLive. Oh, it was a joyful time. . . . At IBM’s Lotusphere event, salesforce.com will showcase how customers can bring together Salesforce CRM with Lotus [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes noteslotus xpages applications enterprise server

“Damn You Autocorrect:” Best of 2012
Tue, Dec 18th 2012 3:33p   Gregg Eldred
It’s usually a good policy to start your day with a laugh. Damnyouautocorrect is good place for that laugh. Since it is nearly the end of 2012, Damn You Autocorrect has released their “Best of” list, which is quite entertaining. Link: Damnyouautocorrect.com [read] Keywords:

Eat, Breathe, and Misinform on Social Media
Tue, Dec 18th 2012 9:12a   Gregg Eldred
Chaos and tragedy shine harsh lights on our 24-hour, always connected, social media world. NPR, which isn’t immune to reporting false or misleading information in the early moments of chaos and tragedy, had a pretty good report this morning on the latest example, the Sandy Hook Shootings. It was journalistic bedlam. Some news outlets signaled their mistakes and that stories were shifting; others glossed over them with updated information, as though they had held the facts all along. But it [read] Keywords:

Cringely: More stupid IBM tricks put customer data at risk
Fri, Dec 14th 2012 7:13p   Gregg Eldred
Keeping an eye on Cringely, as he continues to watch IBM. This time around, IBM failed its internal security audit which means that those of you that rely on IBM Global Services to manage your data centers might want to take notice and demand some things from your sales rep or account manager. I heard from dozens of readers this morning about a message IBM sent to its current employees concerning their 401K plan — changing it from a contribution in every paycheck to a single contribution at th [read] Keywords: ibm security

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