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GSX at MMS 2012, Day One
Carl Drechsel    

The GSX Blog


Alright, we’re here at the Microsoft Management Summit 2012 in Las Vegas and so far it looks like the conference is a success. We checked in yesterday and registered for the conference; I hear there were long lines, however, by the time we got there they weren’t bad at all.  We set up our Expo Hall booth and by 5:30 we were ready for the running of the bulls.

As with every year they opened the doors and everyone made a mad dash for the MyITForum booth to get a button for their networking event. Once the smoke cleared the attendees started to make their rounds in the Expo Hall and we had a fairly good stream of traffic throughout the evening. We met individuals from a variety of industries and many seemed to echo the sentiment from my earlier post, SCOM is good for a lot of things but there is certainly room for improvement. We took this opportunity to share how GSX Monitor and Analyzer can complement your SCOM installation and provide benefit in four main areas:

  1. Agentless Installation, simply to deploy and maintain
  2. Relevant Alerting, alerts are only sent when service is or is potentially impacted
  3. User Centric, monitoring and alerting is expanded to include user experience as a critical metric
  4. Automated reporting, reporting is extensive, simple to configure and automated

Steve, Jeff and Adam spent the evening demonstrating our product to attendees and sharing some of the new features that can help ensure that your Messaging and Collaboration environment is performing as expected. If you’re attending the conference in Las Vegas this week (MMS 2012) please stop by we can be found at booth #141.

As always you can follow us on twitter @carl_drechsel and follow GSX @gsx_solutions

Apr 17, 2012
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