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Social Connections VII
Wed, Oct 29th 2014 141
IBM Connect 2014 – Session Video online – AD206
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 71
The Social Business Toolkit – First Project
Tue, Feb 18th 2014 103
The Social Business Toolkit – Getting Started
Mon, Jan 27th 2014 127
XPages Database Open Dialog v2.0
Thu, Jan 23rd 2014 86
The Social Business Toolkit (SBT)
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 91
Don’t reinvent the wheel! AD206
Mon, Jan 13th 2014 67
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XPages Tip: Work with multi value fields
Mon, Nov 21st 2011 164
Social Connections VII
Wed, Oct 29th 2014 141
Blackberry PlayBook – A real iPad competitor?
Thu, Mar 24th 2011 131
The Social Business Toolkit – Getting Started
Mon, Jan 27th 2014 127
XPages – Create a responsive layout with Twitter Bootstrap – #3
Wed, Sep 19th 2012 116
The Social Business Toolkit – First Project
Tue, Feb 18th 2014 103
Learn JavaScript, CSS and much more with w3schools.com online and free of charge!
Fri, May 13th 2011 97
Review: QuipIM – First Sametime Client for iPhone and Android
Tue, Mar 15th 2011 94
hs.Workspace – Browser based Application Management
Mon, Dec 9th 2013 92
The Social Business Toolkit (SBT)
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 91

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Recent Blog Posts

Social Connections VII
Wed, Oct 29th 2014 4:00a   Henning Schmidt
Only 14 days to go before Social Connections VII starts in Stockholm. I am really excited since it will be the first time I attend this event. I spoke to a couple of people who had attended previous events and all I got was positive – no, enthusiastic – feedback. But that’s not the only reason I go, here are some more: Great content from awesome speakers in short sessions High level of knowledge in one place Lively discussions about Social AND Connections Many open and social [read] Keywords: connections linkedin twitter

IBM Connect 2014 – Session Video online – AD206
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 4:50a   Henning Schmidt
I had the honor to present with Niklas Heidloff this year. We talked about how to extend IBM Connections and IBM SmartCloud for Social Business by using the REST APIs preferably wrapped in the Social Business Toolkit. We had 2 demos and lots of useful resources to get started. So in case you missed our session, here is a link that leads you to a session replay: AD206: Build Apps Rapidly by Leveraging Services from IBM Collaboration Solutions [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm

The Social Business Toolkit – First Project
Tue, Feb 18th 2014 1:10p   Henning Schmidt
In the first two posts in this series I talked about the Social Business Toolkit (SBT) in general and showed how to install all necessary items in order to use the SBT in XPages. The Social Business Toolkit (SBT) The Social Business Toolkit – Getting Started Today we are going to build an XPage, pull data from IBM Connections and show this data in a Data Table control. So let’s go. First we have to define our endpoint. The endpoint in SBT terms is the definition of the data connect [read] Keywords: connections ibm xpages application css java javascript xml

The Social Business Toolkit – Getting Started
Mon, Jan 27th 2014 1:57p   Henning Schmidt
In my first post about the SBT I wrote about what it is and why you should use it. Today I am going to explain what you need to do in order to use the SBT in your projects. This little tutorial is based on IBM Domino, IBM Domino Designer (DDE) and Xpages. So, first of all you need to download the SBT. Since it is an OpenNTF project it is quite obvious how to obtain it. Once you’ve downloaded it you can extract the zip File in an appropriate place on your disk. Have a look at the contents. [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages application applications database eclipse openntf properties server sql workspace xml

XPages Database Open Dialog v2.0
Thu, Jan 23rd 2014 1:33a   Henning Schmidt
I assume you’re all aware of the Database Open Dialog project on OpenNTF, right? The previous version has been around for 2.5 years now and has been downloaded almost 600 times! Now say hi to version 2.0. It was completely redesigned using jQuery and Bootstrap 3. Some minor issues have been fixed and functionality was added to better configure and use the dialog. So all of you already using the previous version: Go ahead and test version 2.0. All others: Give the dialog a try, it won̵ [read] Keywords: xpages database openntf

The Social Business Toolkit (SBT)
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 4:26a   Henning Schmidt
This is the first post of a series that introduces the Social Business Toolkit (SBT) and provides examples of how to use it and how to ship around pitfalls. There are many valuable resource out there dealing with the SBT. This series is based on my experiences with the Toolkit. So, what is the SBT? Short answer: A service wrapper that provides an easy to use API to call Web2.0 services. The main focus is on IBM Connections and IBM SmartCloud for Social Business (SC4SB), but it also provides func [read] Keywords: connections ibm xpages application applications facebook java javascript openntf profile twitter web2.0 wiki


Don’t reinvent the wheel! AD206
Mon, Jan 13th 2014 1:31p   Henning Schmidt
Are you somebody who uses open sourced code in your applications in order to reduce development times and costs? Or are you using code that you or somebody else in your company has implemented before to achieve your goals more quickly and cost efficient? Either way, you are on the right track! One thing is to re-use code. The other thing is to use services that applications provide. An example is SAP that offers BAPI modules which can be called to create any kind of SAP objects like Purchase Ord [read] Keywords: connections ibm application applications development sap

hs.Workspace – Browser based Application Management
Mon, Dec 9th 2013 1:09a   Henning Schmidt
IBM Notes Users are used to their Client with all databases neatly ordered on different workspaces. Companies that are using Client Management Software provide their user’s with the databases they need to fulfill their daily tasks. These CM Systems allow administrators to add, move or delete databases from the workspaces. Now we all agree that the Notes Client is in the autumn years of its life. More and more companies move their applications away from the Notes Client. Many companies rely [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes notes client policies xpages application applications sap server workspace

Improve IBM Notes Client Performance
Fri, Oct 11th 2013 4:03a   Henning Schmidt
To all of you out there yelling and swearing at your Notes Client: There is something you can do to improve the performance! Some small changes have a great impact on startup, I/O and network speed. Here are a few tips that you should be aware of. NSF_UPDATEODS This is a notes.ini setting that has been introduced with Notes 8.5.2 and tells the client to update all databases to the latest ODS (On Disk Structure). The current ODS version is 51 and improves performance compared to its predecessor b [read] Keywords: admin connections domino ibm notes notes client ntf ods database microsoft network security virus

Bruce Allmighty
Wed, Oct 2nd 2013 3:04a   Henning Schmidt
Bruce, thanks for not beating me up at LS 12! That’s the short story, here’s the longer version: I’ve heard a lot about Bruce Elgort before I put foot on the Boardwalk and met him personally. As everybody is aware of knowing some professional things about a person does not mean knowing that person at all. So with the first words we exchanged I pulled a giant boner. Well, somebody kicked me and explained the situation and I was so ashamed I almost jumped into the lake nearby. [read] Keywords: domino notes community

Entwicklercamp 2013 – Responsive Web Design
Fri, Mar 15th 2013 7:08a   Henning Schmidt
I uploaded the slide deck of my Entwicklercamp 2013 presentation on slideshare. The presentation is all about responsive web design, the history of it, what twitter Bootstrap is and what it provides and how to work with twitter Bootstrap in XPages. You can download a sample application that shows the basics of integrating Bootstrap in XPages that I provide under the Apache 2.0 licence. A more complex example is the Collaboration Today project that you can download on OpenNTF. [read] Keywords: collaboration xpages application openntf twitter

4th OpenNTF Development Contest – First summary
Mon, Dec 3rd 2012 2:06a   Henning Schmidt
The contest is over, long live the contest! This is what I think is the outcome of the latest OpenNTF development contest. Many people might have been a bit tired of contests and I heard voices saying: “Uh, the 3rd contest is just over and they already start a 4th?”. Or: “The contest ball is flat, the air has gone!”. Looking back to the start of the 4th contest I must admit that people were not so wrong when they moaned. But the run-time of the contest was chosen a bit lo [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm xpages applications development integration openntf widgets

Just one more month, hurry up!
Wed, Nov 7th 2012 10:13a   Henning Schmidt
The OpenNTF development contest will end on December 2nd, so there is not much time left to have an idea, implement it and submit it as a potential winner. So you better get going if you want to win your share of $5,000! There are two categories: Open category in which you can dump whatever comes to your mind IBM Connections category in which you can submit your XPages integration into Connections If you want to be a starter in the first category just implement a custom control, a library cont [read] Keywords: connections ibm xpages application development integration mobile openntf

IBM Connections 4 – Key Features and Benefits
Thu, Sep 20th 2012 2:33a   Henning Schmidt
2 weeks ago IBM announced IBM Connections 4. This is an exiting new version which adds so many new capabilities to this great piece of software that every existing installation should get updated as soon as possible. Here is a short video showing an overview. What I like most about Connections 4 is: Activity Stream The activity stream  shows a list of all your activities. This is not limited to ToDos but shows twitter or Facebook like activities like personal information, information about u [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus notes quickr sametime application desktop email exchange exchange facebook mobile office server twitter

XPages – Create a responsive layout with Twitter Bootstrap – #3
Wed, Sep 19th 2012 5:34a   Henning Schmidt
Today I want to dig a little deeper into Twitter Bootstrap and show what does that magic and makes the design responsive. If you missed the first 2 articles feel free to get an introduction in part 1  and a first responsive design in XPages in part 2 now. OK, let’s go. So a responsive design adjust the layout of a webpage to different screen sizes. It does it on the fly while you are resizing your browser. The advantage of this approach is that you do not need to create different pages fo [read] Keywords: xpages application css desktop twitter

Get IBM Connections 4.0
Tue, Sep 4th 2012 7:03a   Henning Schmidt
Today IBM announced IBM Connections 4.0. It will be available as electronic software download on September 7 and media will be available from october 2. IBM Connections 4 comes with a set of new features. It is designed to help you: Track the activity of your network and respond more quickly using the embedded experience within the activity stream. Bring external applications and content into the activity stream to respond in context, saving time and reducing context switching. Track and respo [read] Keywords: connections ibm applications community network

XPages – Create a responsive layout with Twitter Bootstrap – #2
Thu, Aug 30th 2012 6:53a   Henning Schmidt
Two days ago I wrote about Twitter Bootstrap (TB) and how to integrate it into an XPages application. I got a few responses and by what people are saying I reckon responsive design is an issue in the community. So here is part 2 of my series. Today I want to show you how to integrate Twitter Bootstrap into your database and how to create a first responsive layout. Let’s go then. In my first post I had a link to the current TB sources. Download a copy if you have not done it yet and unpack [read] Keywords: ibm xpages application applications community css database javascript openntf profile properties twitter xml

XPages – Create a responsive layout with Twitter Bootstrap – #1
Tue, Aug 28th 2012 6:23a   Henning Schmidt
In my current project I am developing an XPages application which is supposed to run in a web browser as well as on mobile devices. So before I started coding I had to make some decisions. Do I want to create different pages for different devices or is it better to create a responsive layout that taks the work to resize my pages? So I did some research and finally decided to try a responsive layout. Wait a minute, you haven’t heard of responsive web design yet? the I suggest to check out w [read] Keywords: xpages application applications css javascript mobile twitter wiki

XPages development for IBM Connections – Win $1000!
Mon, Aug 13th 2012 1:56a   Henning Schmidt
Inspired by Niklas’ blog posts on the topic I started my fist baby steps in developing small apps for IBM Connections. Once you understand the basics it’s quite easy to do. As an xpages developer you can create apps that seamlessly integrate into connections. People do not see or feel that they are working in an external app. You can use all Connections data in your app by utilizing the Connections REST API. The extension library provides single sign on controls so that once you are [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm xpages development openntf

XPages Tip: Get an element’s id outside XPages events with CSJS
Mon, Jan 9th 2012 3:30a   Henning Schmidt
I was facing a problem today where I tried to set a value and do a partial refresh within a client script block on my XPage. Since this script block is outside any XPage event, I could not use the following SSJS within my CSJS to get the IDs of the elements I want to set and refresh: dojo.byId(“#{id:idOfMyComponent}”); I googled a bit but was not able to find a solution for this problem. There are many hints but you need to bring them together to get the result. Here is the code that [read] Keywords: xpages dojo

Meet me at #ls12 @OpenNTF’s booth 516
Mon, Jan 9th 2012 12:56a   Henning Schmidt
In a couple of days there will be a bright yellow spot again in Orlando and the rest of the world turns grey due to lack of color.  I am so happy that I can be yellow this year! I want to thank Niklas Heidloff and Bruce Elgort who gave me the chance to join their team this year and represent OpenNTF at Lotusphere.You have to save a spot on your schedule this year to visit the Product Showcase. Mark booth 516 on your map! Come by and learn all about OpenNTF. Anything you ever wanted to know abou [read] Keywords: lotusphere community openntf

XPages Twitter Controls go Mobile!
Sun, Nov 27th 2011 11:46p   Henning Schmidt
Last week I blogged about my Twitter Controls which I handed in to the 2. XPages Development Contest. It fulfilled the requirements of the contest by being a social app that uses the Twitter API and OAuth for authentication. One component was missing though: MOBILE. So I sat down and checked the possibilities to make the app run on smartphones. There’s DOJO and the Mobile Controls integrated in the Extension Library 8.5.3. I took my first shot an had a mobile application together which pr [read] Keywords: xpages application development dojo mobile openntf twitter

XPages Tip: How to apply different styles for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, …)
Tue, Nov 22nd 2011 12:23a   Henning Schmidt
I got stuck yesterday when I tried to shape my application to look different on different mobile devices. I wanted to have an iPhone look when the app gets opened with an iPhone and an Android look when it gets accessed with an Android phone. I knew that there were capabilities to achieve this but I could not find these. Now, as usual, the trick is easy. There are properties that can be set in the xsp.properies file. First of all you have to find and access the file. Well, those of you out there [read] Keywords: domino xpages application database iphone java mobile openntf properties

XPages Tip: Work with multi value fields
Mon, Nov 21st 2011 12:21a   Henning Schmidt
In classic notes dev you can make a variety of fields multi value fields and define how values are to be separated. Imagine you have such a notes form and want to put an xpages frontend on top of it. How do you separate multi values? Ok, it’s easy, isn’t it. Just use a Multiline Editbox control, bind that to your multi value field on the form and put a new value in every line of the box, right? This only works halfway since the contents of the field are being saved as a text string w [read] Keywords: notes xpages javascript properties

XPages Twitter Controls on OpenNTF – Let the contest begin
Thu, Nov 17th 2011 11:58p   Henning Schmidt
I’ve been busy recently founding my own company hedersoft. There was no time left to blog or tweet a lot since administrative tasks ate it all up. Now things are getting back to normal and I’ll do my best to save some time to share my thoughts. Anyway, hedersoft as an IBM Business Partner focusses on XPages. We will make basic applications and modules available as OpenSource and publish them on OpenNTF. Lars Buntrock started with his “Database Open Dialog” and I uploaded [read] Keywords: ibm xpages application applications database development openntf twitter

Help needed: Using java sources in java agents
Thu, Oct 20th 2011 9:14a   Henning Schmidt
I am a bit in trouble here since DDE does not work as I expect it to. I hope there is somebody out there who has a solution to my problem. So here it is: I am writing java code in my domino database using the Java Perspective. I created a source folder under WebContentWEB-INF and added the folder to my build path. I am using the classes and methods I coded on my XPages and they work. Now I need to code a java agent that is supposed to run every night. A lot of the methods and classes I need for [read] Keywords: agent domino xpages database java properties

A new star is born – hedersoft is now online!
Wed, Oct 5th 2011 12:05a   Henning Schmidt
I am so proud to announce that hedersoft lauched their homepage today! Who is hedersoft? hedersoft is a new company located in Salzkotten, Germany which provides services and sells products based on Lotus Notes / Domino. The company was founded in August 2011 by Lars Buntrock an myself (Henning Schmidt) and focusses on XPages. That is products based on XPages as well as services based on this exciting technology. Both Lars and I worked for We4IT (sponsor of the XPages Dev Contest) until we resi [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes xpages community database openntf

Collect POP3 accounts with Domino – PO3Collect
Mon, Sep 26th 2011 7:03a   Henning Schmidt
We are currently setting up our business and use Domino as our mail server. We’re hosting our domain hedersoft.de and set up POP mailfiles there. Now since my administration skills as a developer is not that broad I thought I can tell Domino to simply pull the mails from my POP accounts and route them to the receiver’s mailfiles. Well, Domino does not provide a feature to help me out there. I got stuck and asked Daddy Google what to do. He answered: “Try POP3Collect“! As [read] Keywords: administration domino google java server smtp

XPages Development Contest: A Review
Wed, Aug 31st 2011 3:46p   Henning Schmidt
This monday OpenNTF announced the winners of the “XPages Development Contest” sponsored by We4IT. The winners are:  Ferry Kranenburg for his Multi Database Search Control Dennis Chen for his ZK Spreadsheet for XPages  Rami Muurimaki for his XPages PDF Exporter Custom Control  Congratulations to all of you and enjoy your iPads! I reckon the contest can be regarded as a big success. I enjoyed a nice night before the contest started on which Niklas told me about the contest a [read] Keywords: lotus notes xpages community database development openntf

Notes 8.5.3 reached code freeze
Wed, Aug 24th 2011 2:49a   Henning Schmidt
We are all waiting for Lotus Notes 8.5.3 since there is so much to come. It is supposed to be shipped in September 2011, which means that we could have it within the next 2 weeks. Regarding that there are still 3 phases to run through before web posting it might rather be the second half of September before lines are open for download. Anyway, there are actually 887 fixes (as of today) in 8.5.3. But not all fixes are fixes. There are a lot of new features as well. Here are a few links to check [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusnotes notes xpages wiki

“Planet NTF” aggregiert deutschsprachige Blogs zu Themen rund um “IBM/Lotus”
Wed, Jul 6th 2011 11:23a   Henning Schmidt
Lars Buntrock und Henning Schmidt haben kürzlich lotusnews.de aus der Idee heraus geboren, dass auch im deutschsprachigen Raum viel zum Thema IBM/Lotus gebloggt und auch diskutiert wird. Wie im Artikel “Willkommen bei lotusnews.de” erläutert, sind auch “bei uns” eine Menge lesenwerte Artikel in der Vergangenheit entstanden und werden sicherlich viele tolle Beiträge in der Zukunft entstehen. Aus diesem Grund (nach Vorbild planetlotus.org) wurde die Seite planetntf.de ins Leben geruf [read] Keywords: ibm lotus ntf planetlotus planetlotus.org

Lotus Notes Client – R.I.P.
Mon, Jul 4th 2011 4:08a   Henning Schmidt
There is currently a big discussion in the community about the future name of Lotus Notes. Will it keep its name or do we end up with something like IBM Notes? Nobody knows yet, even IBM don’t es Ed Brill states in his recent blog post. You can find my opinion in Eds comments (No. 40). Anyway, despite of the name of the product were is Lotus Notes heading? Look at the new features that have made their way into the client. Those are at a high percentage level XPages features. Now, XPages do [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client xpages application applications community

June was “Learn XPages” month!
Fri, Jul 1st 2011 7:36a   Henning Schmidt
How quick can a month end? I remember seeing a tweet saying “June is Learn XPages month so let’s go” on June 1st. Now that the month is over it’s time for a resumee. I am a person who likes books to learn stuff. So I got myself a copy of “Mastering XPages”. Since XPages are not yet a main part of my workday I did most of the reading in the evenings and over the weekends. So I got as far as Chapter 11 – Advanced Scripting (Page 391). The other thing I did [read] Keywords: xpages openntf

Lotus Notes 8.5.2 FP3
Fri, Jul 1st 2011 3:38a   Henning Schmidt
Fixpack 3 for Lotus Notes 8.5.2 is supposed to be shipped this month. It is still in phase 1 “SPR Triangle”. The boys have to hurry to get it released this month. On the other hand, there are not many changes to expect in this fixpack. Only 6 fixes will be included. So let’s wait for the code freeze and all following phases. [read] Keywords: ldd lotus notes

XPages Dev Contest – a big success so far!
Mon, Jun 27th 2011 2:01a   Henning Schmidt
Everybody already heard about the Xpages development contest on openNTF.org, right? Now here is a little summary of the weeks behind and a look forward to what can still be expected. I am not quite sure what the hosts of the contest expected when they first announced the contest, but I guess the number of controls handed in so far already exceeds their expectations. OK, the number of participants compared to the number of controls is rather low, but we are only half way through the contest and [read] Keywords: xpages development openntf

Google Panda – Bye bye Content Farm
Wed, Jun 15th 2011 12:49a   Henning Schmidt
Google recently updated the search algorithm and calls that update Panda. Panda’s goal is to list quality content higher than search engine optimized content that Content Farms provide. The idea of Content Farms: Obey to all search engine rules and create content that lists high no matter what content that is. Put ads on those sites and earn a lot of money. The content is usually texts put together in India for 2 bucks a piece. It has no value for the reader and is only designed to fulfil [read] Keywords: google

Sametime 8.5.2 adds Android Client
Tue, Jun 7th 2011 2:11a   Henning Schmidt
A long missing feature has been added to Sametime 8.5.2. A client for Android devices is now available! There has been an alternative client for a couple of weeks called QuipIM, but I guess everyone has been waiting for the “real” client, right? Now finally it has arrived. The documentation has been posted on the Sametime Wiki Pages. I will give it a try in the next couple of days with a detailed comparison to QuipIM and be back with first impressions. So stay tuned. BTW: There are c [read] Keywords: ldd lotus sametime mobile wiki

Sametime 8.5.2 available – A week early!
Tue, Jun 7th 2011 12:32a   Henning Schmidt
Believe it or not, but Sametime 8.5.2 is already there. You can download it from Software Access Catalog. There are a lot of sources out there dealing with what’s new and stuff so I won’t start my own list. You can find technical documentation for administrators, users and developers on the Sametime Wiki Pages. [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus sametime sametime8 wiki

lotusnews.de now online!
Wed, Jun 1st 2011 1:44a   Henning Schmidt
I’ve been blogging for a while now as a few of you may have noticed. I am a Lotus enthusiast and want to share my views with the yellow world. I run my blog in english since the yellowverse does not stop at country borders and I am interested in global developments and changes. Since english is the de facto global language this is the best way to get connected to people I might not get in contact with otherwise. On the other hand, there is a huge Lotus community in Germany. Most of the com [read] Keywords: lotus xpages application blogging community server

Am I wasting my time? IBM research study about email organization
Thu, May 26th 2011 11:49p   Henning Schmidt
Steve Whittaker, Tara Matthews, Julian Cerruti, Hernan Badenes and John Tang  from IBM Research in Almaden recently published a study about email organization called “Am I wasting my time organizing email? A study of email refinding“. Is it better to create a complex folder structure and move incoming mails there or is it preferable to just let the inbox fill up? Do threads and tags help organizing emails? 345 long term users took part in the study with approx. 85,000 refinding act [read] Keywords: ibm email

XPages Application Server – awesome idea!
Thu, May 26th 2011 2:29p   Henning Schmidt
Ed Brill recently announced that IBM will ship an XPages Application Server in Q3/2011. He made this announcement in Bonn/Germany at the latest DNUG. It’s such a fantastic announcement and it made me think there will be a huge discussion starting soon after DNUG about what this server must contain or provide, what it shouldn’t and what the licencing model will be. To my surprise this discussion has not started yet (or I have missed it entirely). Anyway, here are my thoughts and wishe [read] Keywords: administration calendaring domino ibm xpages application openntf server smtp

Learn JavaScript, CSS and much more with w3schools.com online and free of charge!
Fri, May 13th 2011 6:54a   Henning Schmidt
For those of you out there looking for JavaScript and CSS tutorials: w3schools.com should be the choice! The site contains many well structured tutorials including JavaScript and CSS. There are many more tutorials though as you can see from the screenshot (click to enlarge). Each and every tutorial provides step-by-step lessons with many examples. Plus, it can be used as a glossary as well. It’s a handy source for all new xpages developers coming from LotusScript and trying to get familiar [read] Keywords: lotusscript xpages css javascript xml

Coding xpages – best practice!?
Wed, May 11th 2011 1:32a   Henning Schmidt
Domino developers coming from classic domino development are used to coding LotusScript, @Functions and maybe a little Java. Structuring code can be achieved by using Libraries to store the code. Code maintenance is another advantage of Libraries. Now xpages entered the scene and with them come new ways of coding and with JavaScript a “replacement” for LotusScript. The Java Perspective offers sophisticated java coding features. Java Business Logic can be used by SS JavaScript. JavaS [read] Keywords: domino lotusscript xpages best practice development java javascript

My blog has moved!
Tue, May 10th 2011 2:43a   Henning Schmidt
I’ve had my blog on wordpress.com for a while now but had some troubles recently. wordpress suspended this blog for unknown reasons. It is back on by I got no explanation why that happened. I decided that I don’t want to rely on wordpress.com anymore, spent some money on a few gigs of webspace and moved my blog there. From today on you can access my blog on schmhen.de and my feed on schmhen.de/feed. I asked Yancy to update the details on planetlotus so it probably won’t be no t [read] Keywords: facebook planetlotus twitter

Blackberry PlayBook – A real iPad competitor?
Thu, Mar 24th 2011 2:36a   Henning Schmidt
RIM is about to release the Blackberry Playbook. It’s going to be shipped in the US and Canada on April 19th. But will it be a real competitor to the iPad (2) or Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablets? Let’s face it: A tablet is cool! It is state of the art and you have to have one nowadays, right? You sit on your couch and the movie is boring. What if you had a tablet to check your mails and twitter stream and to pass by planetlotus.org. Sure, you could take your smartphone. But is it as c [read] Keywords: blackberry facebook mobile planetlotus planetlotus.org rim twitter

Mastering XPages – The Bible
Wed, Mar 23rd 2011 5:27p   Henning Schmidt
Have you already got your copy of “Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language” yet? I’ve read the fist chapters and the only thing I can say: STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. So if you do not know where to get this book, here are some links: Amazon US Amazon UKAmazon Germany Amazon Autralia (My second home. Love you Aussies!) IBM Press You do not live in any of the countries mentioned? There will be an Amazon or other bookstore near yo [read] Keywords: ibm xpages application development facebook twitter

Jesus, DDE is NOT fun!
Wed, Mar 23rd 2011 4:37a   Henning Schmidt
I am going to eat my furniture in a moment! I have a Lenovo R500, 3 GB memory and my HDD still has 40 GB of free space. I am running Vista64 and Lotus Notes 8.5.2. Working with Domino Designer for Eclipse is a nightmare on my system. It takes 2 minutes to start, it takes another 2 minutes to start Java Tooling etc. Once started the DDE hangs every now and then, e.g. when saving design elements or when trying to open a design element. I can’t say why that is. Someone told me he reckons that [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes eclipse facebook java server twitter vm

Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.2 FP2
Mon, Mar 21st 2011 8:31a   Henning Schmidt
The Lotus Notes/Domino Fixpack 2 for 8.5.2 reached Gold Status and is about to be released in the next couple of days. Among many fixes there are some new functions coming with this releases. These are: SPR# VASR876SSW – Syntax validation was added to Recent Contacts. The following are considered invalid: (1) Any address ending in period, backslash, forwardslash, @, left angle bracket or single quote . (2) Any smtp address where address is surrounded by single quotes. (3) No spaces are al [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus notes notes client notesdomino email facebook server smtp twitter

Lotus Traveler solves sync problems
Tue, Mar 15th 2011 4:03p   Henning Schmidt
I reported about sync problems with Lotus Traveler in one of my recent posts. Synchronisation worked a couple of days and then started to fail. This ended up in a state where I was able to sync just once a day. I urged my admin to update to Traveler and he did so last thursday. I then updated my client on my android device and voila: all sync problems gone. It’s been working since then like a charm. I don’t know the reasons for the problems when using, I’m just [read] Keywords: admin lotus traveler facebook planetlotus planetlotus.org twitter

Review: QuipIM – First Sametime Client for iPhone and Android
Tue, Mar 15th 2011 2:19a   Henning Schmidt
In yesterday’s post I presented a newcomer in the market: QuipIM – the first Lotus Sametime Client for iPhone and Android. I downloaded the software to my android device and started testing it straight away. In this post I want to share my results and impressions. The installation process is as easy as any other app. Just open the android market, search for QuipIM and download and install the software. Once installed you can open it and will be presented with a button named “Ad [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus sametime desktop facebook iphone mobile planetlotus planetlotus.org twitter wifi

Sametime Client for iPhone and Android available
Mon, Mar 14th 2011 1:16a   Henning Schmidt
Are you like me waiting for a Lotus Sametime Client for iPhone or Android? Guess what, there is one and the best thing is: it’s free of charge! IBM hasn’t managed to provide a Sametime Client yet so some equally impatiant people have developed their own client. It’s called QuipIM for Sametime. Features include: Manage your connections to multiple accounts. Manage your buddy list, including adding and removing buddies and groups. Easily switch between active conversations using [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus sametime apple facebook iphone twitter

The might of the internet
Tue, Mar 8th 2011 2:54p   Henning Schmidt
The first weeks of 2011 have run at top speed concerning news and politics. We have seen major changes in local environments like the retreat of germany’s minister of defence Mr. Guttenberg as well as major and dramatic changes in the arab world. Would it have been possible that these changes had taken place 15 years ago without the internet? Tunisia, Egypt and Libya just went or are still going through some radical changes forced by the locals. The people did not want to be ruled by their [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

iPad 2 – First (p)review online
Tue, Mar 1st 2011 5:18a   Henning Schmidt
I guess some of you have already seen this. I think this hands-on review has to be shared. Tagged: ipad, review [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Lotus Traveler on Android – What’s good and what’s not
Thu, Feb 17th 2011 3:25a   Henning Schmidt
I dropped my BB Bold in late december and started to use a new HTC Desire HD in january. My Bold served as a mobile mail and calendar client primarily and I didn’t use it to surf the web or install apps on it. So seeing all those iPhones and Android Smartphones out there with so many more capabilities than my Bold I definitely wanted one too. I am no Apple fan and haven’t had any Apple device at all so my choice was Android. I checked the market and finally went with the Desire HD. T [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client traveler apple enterprise facebook mobile security server twitter

Lotus Script: Dead or Alive?
Wed, Feb 9th 2011 2:17p   Henning Schmidt
Lotusphere 2011 is over and apart from “Get Social. Do Business” Xpages was the main topic. IBM’s strategy is mobile and web with xpages as the underlying technology as far as Lotus Domino is concerned. You have all seen the demo (Hey, what time is it again? It’s demo time!) in the OGS showing Notes Next, right? The web browser took a huge part of the whole and Ron presented xpages mobile controls on his android device. So talking web and mobile which piece of the cake wi [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes noteslotus xpages applications css facebook java javascript mobile twitter xml

Here I am!
Tue, Feb 8th 2011 10:14a   Henning Schmidt
Today my Blog got listed on PlanetLotus. I just want to say thank you Yancy! So who am I? I am a Lotus Geek living and working in Germany. I work for an IBM Premier Business Partner called We4IT which you may or may not have heard of. We actually attended LS11 and some of you might have got in touch. Anyway, I’ve been dedicated to the Lotus Brand for almost 15 years as a developer and consultant. You will be finding all kind of information on my blog as long as it is yellow. Hope you̵ [read] Keywords: ibm lotus facebook planetlotus twitter

Get your apps ready for mobile devices with XPages
Thu, Feb 3rd 2011 5:34a   Henning Schmidt
I provided a couple of links yesterday to XPages resources to get started with this excellent technology. Today I want to introduce a set of controls which allow to create mobile applications with XPages within hours (or even minutes): XPages Mobile Controls! Big thanks to OpenNTF, in this special case to Niklas Heidloff and Steve Castledine. Great work guys! OK, what are XPages Mobile Controls. Niklas uploaded a presentation to Slideshare that shows the capabilities of these controls. Check it [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes xpages application applications development facebook mobile openntf twitter

XPages – Taking Domino development to a higher level
Wed, Feb 2nd 2011 5:46a   Henning Schmidt
Lotusphere’s top topics this year are mobile, social and web browser. One keyword is being peeped and posted these days that shows which technologies Lotus provides to support the main topics: XPages! XPages are a technology integrated in Lotus Notes/Domino since version 8.0 that leverage development and user experience to a new level. Developers are given tools and technologies to develop application for the Lotus Notes Client, the web browser and mobile devices. Other than classic Lotus [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes notes client xpages ajax application applications development facebook google java javascript mobile openntf server twitter wiki

Check out who’s already approaching Lotusphere 2011
Fri, Jan 28th 2011 3:06a   Henning Schmidt
To all people attending LS11: Share your flight numbers (add a comment) so we can keep track with your flight. To all people left behind: Check out live where people are. Tagged: lotusphere, ls11 [read] Keywords: lotusphere facebook twitter

To all out there still running Lotus Notes/Domino 7.x
Thu, Jan 27th 2011 12:49a   Henning Schmidt
Are you still running Lotus Notes/Domino 7.x? You should be aware that IBM support for both Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino ends soon. So you should consider upgrading to 8.0x or better 8.5x in the next couple of weeks. If you attend Lotusphere 2011 check the capabilities of Lotus Notes / Domino 8.5 and you will be urged by your guts to update as soon as you return. Tagged: end of service, end of support, eos, lotus domino, lotus notes [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes notesdomino noteslotus facebook twitter

Following Lotusphere 2011 from the other side of the fence
Tue, Jan 25th 2011 2:15a   Henning Schmidt
You can’t go to Lotusphere 2011 (like me) but you want to keep track with what’s going on? Thank god  a lot of people on site are going to share their LS11 experience with us poor blokes (and ladies) left behind. There’s a lot of live blogging announced and twitter will definitely be the other source of information. Here is a list of people to read and follow to get the latest news from Orlando. Twitterverse Ed Brill, Stuart McIntyre, Mitch Cohen, Chris Miller, John Head, Juli [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusphere notes blogger blogging facebook openntf planetlotus planetlotus.org twitter

Find your way at Lotusphere 2011
Mon, Jan 24th 2011 4:49a   Henning Schmidt
Unfortunately I will be one of those poor fellas who must stay at home while others are having a great time at Lotusphere 2011. I put a list of useful links together for all you lucky ones attending this year. Here we go: Homepage: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/events/lotusphere2011/ LS Blog: http://lotusphereblog.com/ LS Session App (Android): http://www.androidpit.de/de/android/market/apps/app/jo.android.ls/Lotusphere-2011-Scheduler LS Session App (iPhone and Blackberry): http://itu [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere lotusphere2011 sametime apple blackberry database facebook google iphone planetlotus planetlotus.org twitter

My Blackberry is not working!
Thu, Jan 20th 2011 7:25a   Henning Schmidt
I found this video on youtube. This is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen recently. I had to share this. Thank you BBC! Tagged: apple, blackberry, youtube [read] Keywords: apple blackberry facebook twitter

Fatal Bug in Notes/Domino 8.x?
Thu, Jan 20th 2011 3:57a   Henning Schmidt
Since lotus notes 8.x we are facing strange behaviours when updating existing applications on customer’s servers. The application has a default view. A couple of days after the update the client answers to certain actions that the database’s default view is missing and that the action will therefore be aborted. After a server-side design update users work on a semi-updated application when using their clients to open the application 0n the server, meaning that some design changes ha [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes notesdomino application applications bug database desktop facebook server twitter

A Wish!
Wed, Jan 19th 2011 7:45a   Henning Schmidt
Since I recently dropped my Blackberry Bold and now operate a HTC Desire HD I moved from BB Enterprise Server to Lotus Traveler. It works well, but I really miss a Sametime client I got used to on my Bold. So, my wish: Sametime Client for Android I know that there are workarounds, but they are just workarounds. I rather wait for IBM to deliver a native solution. Believing rumors it won’t take long before IBM ships such a client. So let’s wait and see what’s being announced at L [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere sametime traveler blackberry enterprise facebook server twitter

Big Bang on Lotusphere 2011
Mon, Jan 17th 2011 2:29p   Henning Schmidt
Another couple of days and the yellow community will leave their homes for the biggest yellow convention in the world. The headlines this year will certainly be xpages,  project vulcan, announcements to Lotus Notes/Domino 9.x, mobile applications and support and social software. But what is going to be the BIG BANG this year? Project vulcan wasn’t as big a bang last year as Quickr and/or Connections had been the years before, so to me, IBM are under pressure to present something bigger th [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes notes client quickr xpages applications community facebook mobile social software twitter

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