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IBM Collaboration Solutions Community - August Meeting Replay
Joyce Davis    

imageBy Joyce Davis
IBM Collaboration Solutions community manager

Yesterday was our monthly IBM Collaboration Solutions community meeting. This is a time when clients, partners, and IBMers meet to talk about topics that are relevant to the community -- collaboration and social business. If you are a member of the IBM Collaboration Solutions Community you'll receive a personal invitation on a monthly basis, so if you've not joined yet be sure to do so today! Below I've posted the replay of our August meeting, as well as links to the presentations and audio (requires Lotus Greenhouse log in). Community members Paul Mooney (Bluewave Technology) and Amy Smith (IBM) introduced themselves and talked about how they participate in the community and what they get out of it. Then Jan Kenney and Rob Ingram gave an update on IBM's mobile solutions for social business and highlighted some recent mobile technology announcements.

Below I've included some links to the community news highlights I covered at the meeting. During next month's call, the topic will be rethinking your business processes to be social...and to be more effective. Stay tuned to this blog for meeting details!

Community news highlights:

To download the following files, you'll need to log in to Lotus Greenhouse. If you don't already have a FREE account, simply sign up here: http://greenhouse.lotus.com

Download the web chat transcript (PDF format)

Video times (total replay run time 55 mins):
  • 00:00 - Introduction & community updates (Joyce Davis)
  • 06:44 - Community member spotlights (Paul Mooney & Amy Smith)
  • 21:51 - IBM Mobile Solutions for Social Business (Jan Kenney & Rob Ingram)
  • 46:28 - Q&A

Sep 01, 2011
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