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Lotusphere IBM Connect 2013 is underway
Sun, Jan 27th 2013 69
IBM introduce Social Media for Business
Wed, Feb 8th 2012 57
Lotusphere 2012: Social App Throwdown
Fri, Jan 27th 2012 60
Lotusphere 2012: Is IBM re-branding Lotus Notes to different colors?
Mon, Jan 16th 2012 60
IBM’s Cloud feature packed offering LotusLive could see Lotus rise to prominence again
Sun, Dec 11th 2011 213
Why IBM XWork Server May Change the World
Wed, Nov 30th 2011 81
Is Lotus Notes Still Here to Stay?
Mon, Oct 24th 2011 70
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IBM’s Cloud feature packed offering LotusLive could see Lotus rise to prominence again
Sun, Dec 11th 2011 213
Social networking capabilities to Lotus Notes platform
Tue, Nov 9th 2010 102
What is LotusLive Cloud?
Fri, Feb 11th 2011 94
Why IBM XWork Server May Change the World
Wed, Nov 30th 2011 81
Is Lotus Notes Still Here to Stay?
Mon, Oct 24th 2011 70
Lotusphere IBM Connect 2013 is underway
Sun, Jan 27th 2013 69
What’s New in New Version of Lotus Notes 8.5.3
Sun, Oct 23rd 2011 64
Future of Lotus Notes
Sun, Jan 9th 2011 63
Lotusphere 2012: Is IBM re-branding Lotus Notes to different colors?
Mon, Jan 16th 2012 60
Lotusphere 2012: Social App Throwdown
Fri, Jan 27th 2012 60

Igor Bubis
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Recent Blog Posts

Lotusphere IBM Connect 2013 is underway
Sun, Jan 27th 2013 8:08p   Igor Bubis
Lotusphere IBM Connect 2013 is under way  in Orlando FL The formal open session is scheduled for 8:00 AM EST on Monday IBM is ranked #1 market share in Enterprise Social Software in 2012. [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotusphere lotusphere2013 enterprise social software

IBM introduce Social Media for Business
Wed, Feb 8th 2012 9:11p   Igor Bubis
Social media and social networking should have already made a big impact on how you communicate with suppliers and customers, how about internal communication and collaboration though?  If you use a product like Lotus notes or other cloud services such as Window’s Office cloud offering or Google Apps you should already be collaborating through the cloud but this is limited in its effectiveness without robust communications. IBM’s Lotus Notes product is now about to integrate with Social Med [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus lotusphere notes applications best practice community google networking office server

Lotusphere 2012: Social App Throwdown
Fri, Jan 27th 2012 9:11p   Igor Bubis
The video from the Social App Throwdown at Lotusphere 2012 has been posted Watch live streaming video from ibmsoftware at livestream.com [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Lotusphere 2012: Is IBM re-branding Lotus Notes to different colors?
Mon, Jan 16th 2012 9:10p   Igor Bubis
No doubt Lotus Notes email lost the battle to others very unfortunately (intentionally not mentioning the competitor names) for being the most popular email system. Perhaps this is the best what can be done in the current situation, start slowly changing yellow colors  to some other colors (I wish it was not black though) which will not be associated with Lotus Notes nor Domino. I really hope it will help to market the Domino/Notes application server platform to customers that have already mo [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes application email server

IBM’s Cloud feature packed offering LotusLive could see Lotus rise to prominence again
Sun, Dec 11th 2011 5:11p   Igor Bubis
Picture credit: IBM It is a long time since Lotus Software, owned by IBM since 1995, dominated a market, their Lotus 123 product though was a great spreadsheet package that led to a step change in spreadsheet software and Lotus Notes later did the same. Lotus missed out though when Microsoft Office came along and dominated a market that could have been Lotus’. Lotus and IBM may now though have the chance to steal a march on rivals as cloud computing takes off. LotusLive is in with a chance of [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus notes desktop google instant messaging linkedin microsoft office skype

Why IBM XWork Server May Change the World
Wed, Nov 30th 2011 5:09p   Igor Bubis
The IBM XWork server is an IBM Lotus Domino 8.5x server with an entirely different license approach, different packaging, and different branding (installer). If it’s basically the renamed IBM Domino server  then why should small and medium size businesses look into the XWork server solution? First and foremost ,the IBM XWork server is IBM software which means quality and great customer support. Secondary, the IBM XWork server is based on the Lotus Domino technology and therefore Notes an [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusscript notes xpages application applications development email server


Is Lotus Notes Still Here to Stay?
Mon, Oct 24th 2011 11:12p   Igor Bubis
Picture credit: IBM What triggered my few nostalgic thoughts about Lotus Notes this evening was a blog post published in Nevermind.dk  ”Lotus Notes and Domino have been able to survive for 20 years, how?”. Once well known as Lotus Notes, a widely popular collaboration and email platform has been experiencing tough times during the past few years. It seems that IBM has given up on Notes as an email platform while the entire world is going totally Microsoft. Perhaps Microsoft Outloo [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus notes application development email exchange exchange microsoft outlook

What’s New in New Version of Lotus Notes 8.5.3
Sun, Oct 23rd 2011 1:11p   Igor Bubis
Based on IBM description of the new version 8.5.3 of Lotus Notes, the following enhancements were delivered in a new version: Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.3 includes entitlement to the IBM Connections files and profiles components adding significant capabilities to help clients become a social business Enhanced new mail notification which optionally provides a pop up preview (containing both sender and subject) of new mail messages as they arrive. Improved sorting on email subject content tha [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus notes sametime symphony apple application citrix desktop email mac microsoft

Tampa’s IBSI announce new customer facing website
Tue, Oct 18th 2011 3:10p   Igor Bubis
IBSI, Innovative Business Systems aren’t exactly a new company: they are well known for their computer support services and lotus notes support in Tampa Florida, this is by no means all they do though and a new website for the business is set to be launched in order to make it easier for Florida businesses and businesses further afield to see what IBSI do as well as how they do it. Some may say it is high time IBSI updated their site, they have been delivering the latest in web technology and [read] Keywords: lotus notes applications best practice google

Konica Minolta rebuild Business process management system with Open Source option
Tue, Sep 6th 2011 8:09p   Igor Bubis
Konica-Minolta sell much of their hardware at the higher end of the market, in fact much of it they lease as is common with more expensive equipment for businesses large and small. Leasing may work well for both Konica Minolta as an alternative to financing and work well for clients who do not wish to invest in expensive equipment that they may soon have to replace. Konica Minolta though do have to manage the customers’ leases for the 100,000 or so pieces of equipment that are hired. This mean [read] Keywords: lotus notes applications email facebook twitter

Lotus Notes Platform to Stay at Flexcon
Fri, Jul 29th 2011 6:08p   Igor Bubis
Picture credit: IBM One Positive News came out this week about IBM Lotus Notes Technology. Based on Computer World, Flexcon (www.flexcon.com/) will keep Lotus Notes technology  in house  as an email platform  after upgrading its Lotus Notes and Domino environment to the current software version. “We had not done any upgrades in quite a while, and we patched [only] to fix specific problems. There were a lot of upgrades we had not done,” Benjamin, the Flexcon company’s collab [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus notes notes client noteslotus application applications development email exchange exchange facebook google server twitter

IBM Lotus Domino Utility Server for LotusLive Has Arrived
Tue, Mar 29th 2011 10:09p   Igor Bubis
Photo credit: IBM IBM has announced today availability of the IBM Lotus Domino Utility Server for LotusLive. This is a really great news for Notes and LotusLive community. No more headache with administering your Lotus Domino server, not more headache (I assume) with backups, security and hardware issues. The IBM Cloud will take care of it all. The only question remains what is the pricing model. According to IBM  the new license model is based on the Domino Utility Server and allows you, a [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes notes client applications community email facebook security server twitter

What IBM Needs to Do to Retain its Lotus Notes Customers
Sat, Mar 12th 2011 7:13a   Igor Bubis
I wish I knew what is going at the IBM head quarters in regards to this topic. I got a bit disappointed when I saw a news post “Steinhoff drops Lotus Notes …”  confirming that 1,050 Lotus Notes seats will be replaced by Microsoft’s BOPS and not by LotusLive Cloud  solution. When I see news like that I a good number of questions comes to my mind. How come I have seen more news during the past 12 months about Notes seats being replaced by IBM competition instead of  Note [read] Keywords: domino ibm inotes lotus notes application database development email facebook microsoft twitter

LotusLive Offers BlackBerry Hosted Service
Thu, Feb 24th 2011 10:10p   Igor Bubis
Photo credit: IBM Great news for the LotusLive community. As of 2/22/2011 IBM LotusLive Notes 1.3 gets the additional hosted service offering for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, both with and without optional Mobile Data Services from RIM. LotusLive Notes subscription also supports Traveler application via Apple iPhone and iPad, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian and Android devices. Source: IBM Share this: [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes noteslotus traveler apple application blackberry community email enterprise facebook iphone mobile rim server twitter

Get Certification if You Plan to Resell Lotus Notes
Sun, Feb 13th 2011 3:24p   Igor Bubis
Based on CRN, IBM will require training and certification for resellers of a number of the vendors’s Lotus messaging and collaboration products, channel partners were  told at Lotusphere 2011 conference in Orlando earlier this month. Great idea IBM! I m 100% agree that Lotus messaging resellers need to be competent in what they are reselling. This would save a few customers moving of Notes as a messaging platform in 2010. IBM actually lost near 3% Lotus Notes revenue in 2010. This numbe [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes symphony email facebook mobile outlook twitter

What is LotusLive Cloud?
Fri, Feb 11th 2011 10:13p   Igor Bubis
IBM has introduced LotusLive in 2009 and since that has been building its reputation and portfolio. IBM’s LotusLive cloud environment not only competes with Microsoft and Google Cloud  but provides more features in its offerings. LotusLive is a business networking and collaboration internet-based services hosted by IBM and integrates following services together: IBM LotusLive Notes service provides Lotus Notes email as a hosted service. The services comes with 25GB mailbox space, Anti-sp [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus lotusphere notes noteslotus symphony email enterprise facebook google instant messaging microsoft mobile network networking twitter virus

Lotusphere 2011: LotusLive is a Direction Small Business Needs to Follow
Sat, Feb 5th 2011 11:15p   Igor Bubis
The Lotusphere 2011 was closed on 2/3/11 and I am still trying to organize my thoughts on a lot if information presented at the conference. The first thought that come to my mind is the Lotusphere’s 1 slogan “Go Social. Do Business”. It well defines the latest trend across all industry segments and applies to all size companies. Products and services that are socially marketed have been outperforming product and services  marketed by the old and conventional methods. Companie [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus lotusphere symphony email enterprise facebook instant messaging networking twitter

Lotusphere 2011 is over
Thu, Feb 3rd 2011 7:17p   Igor Bubis
The closing session was as usual, a formal thank you for visiting #LS11. The Watson’s demo went for about a half an hour and was very cool. I was able to make a few minute video of it with my iPhone. Sorry if the video quality is a bit low. I will try to resubmit it to YouTube in the HD format later next week. Share this: [read] Keywords: lotusphere email facebook iphone twitter

Lotusphere 2011 to be officially opened today
Mon, Jan 31st 2011 5:13a   Igor Bubis
Share this: [read] Keywords: lotusphere notes email facebook twitter

Lotusphere 2011 Exhibitors
Wed, Jan 19th 2011 8:14p   Igor Bubis
Photo credit: IBM As we all know Lotusphere 2011 opens in a few days and IBM has already published a list of companies which will exhibit at Lotusphere 2011 Product Showcase. ALCATEL-LUCENT Alloy™ by IBM and SAP® Amiura Ardexus Inc. Ariba, Inc. Ascendant Technology Asponte Technology, Inc. AudioCodes, Inc. Avalon Business Systems, Inc. Avaya Avistar Communications Corporation Axceler BCC Binary Tree, Inc. BlackBerry (Research In Motion) BoxTone CASAHL Technology, Inc. CDW CommVault Coopertea [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus lotusphere lotusphere2011 mashup notes protector quickr sametime symphony xpages apple application applications blackberry community consulting db2 development email enterprise facebook linux lotususergroup.org mobile red hat redhat research in motion sap twitter unified communications websphere websphere portal wireless

Ken Moore leaves for Oracle
Wed, Jan 12th 2011 10:14p   Igor Bubis
Photo credit: Linkedin.com Ken Moore, who had been recently a general manager od the SharePoint Workspace product at Microsoft, accepted a VP position at Oracle in December. He will be relocating to California. Prior taking a position at Microsoft, Ken worked at DEC, Progress Software, IBM and Iris Associates. More joined Microsoft at the time Microsoft acquired Ozzie’s Groove. Ozzie also worked with Moore at Iris, a place that founded Lotus Notes platform. Share this: [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes email facebook linkedin microsoft oracle profile sharepoint twitter workspace

Russian Hospitals to Use IBM Lotus Domino
Tue, Jan 11th 2011 10:17p   Igor Bubis
Prnewswire.com [2011-01-11] – IBM announced today that multiple hospitals throughout Russia have switched from paper-based medical systems to a new solution from IBM and Complex Medical Information Systems (C-MIS) to provide fast electronic medical record exchange and unified access to many types of healthcare data, allowing doctors and medical staff to share information and access tests and lab results instantly to improve decision making. Russians after considering IBM, Oracle and Mi [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes email exchange exchange facebook linux microsoft oracle twitter

History of Lotus Notes
Sun, Jan 9th 2011 12:16p   Igor Bubis
Lotus Notes has a history spanning more than 20 years. Its chief inspiration was PLATO Notes, created by David Woolley at the University of Illinois in 1973. In today’s terminology, PLATO Notes was a message board, and it was part of the foundation for an online community which thrived for more than 20 years on the PLATO system. Ray Ozzie worked with PLATO while attending the University of Illinois in the 1970s. When PC network technology began to emerge, Ozzie made a deal with Mitch Kapor [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes ray ozzie community development email facebook iphone network server twitter

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler May Help to Collaborate
Wed, Jan 5th 2011 8:17p   Igor Bubis
Info4security.com (2011-01-04) – IBM has unveiled new software that will help employees work smarter on the road, while significantly enhancing the power they have in choosing their own mobile device for work. Brian Sims reports. The new software will allow employees to collaborate with co-workers inside their organisation and personal contacts outside, all on the Google Android operating system. IBM Lotus Notes Traveller software for Android is the first ‘native’ enterprise-grade e-ma [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes noteslotus traveler applications email enterprise facebook google mobile twitter

New Version Of Lotus Notes Traveler for Android
Tue, Dec 14th 2010 10:26p   Igor Bubis
CIO (2010-12-14) – IBM is ready to ship an Android-comparable new version of its push-based email software Lotus Notes Traveler. New client software will give access to email, calendar and contacts on any Android version 2.x-based smartphones or tablet. Lotus Notes Traveler is already compatible with Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Version of Traveller added support for the iPhone 4 and the iPad, with monitoring and control of security settings and device passwords for [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes noteslotus traveler apple email facebook iphone ipod security twitter

Backup Your Exchange Email to Google
Sat, Dec 11th 2010 3:29p   Igor Bubis
Google has introduced yesterday (12/10/2010) the Google Message Continuity, a cloud-based email continuity solution.  A new service from Google will ensure you always have access to your email, even when your Exchange server is down. “Google Message Continuity works by replicating email accounts hosted on Microsoft® Exchange Servers in the cloud, using Gmail, Calendar and Contacts. If the Microsoft® Exchange Server fails, or requires scheduled maintenance or downtime, all you have to do [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes email exchange exchange facebook google microsoft server twitter

Lotus Notes Email Servers Retirement Has Been Postponed Until Friday
Mon, Dec 6th 2010 8:57p   Igor Bubis
picture from www.EmailMigration.net Is it just me or perhaps somebody else shares my thought: Why are there so many  Lotus Notes email server retirements and not a single news about MS Outlook to Lotus Notes email migration? Just came across a post in regards to moving away from Lotus Notes email. This one is a slightly different as  I think the migration project from Lotus Notes email to Outlook was underestimated and as a result has been postponed until 4:45 p.m. on Friday, February 4. Not [read] Keywords: lotus notes email facebook outlook server twitter

Why would the government agency move off Lotus Notes?
Wed, Dec 1st 2010 4:03p   Igor Bubis
I am really shocked by that news. Actually not really shocked, just a bit disappointed that  General Services Administration, the federal agency that provides goods and services to other agencies and manages public buildings is moving from IBM Lotus Notes to Gmail and Google Apps for Government (I even did not know this existed). Based on InformationWeek (2010-12-01) – GSA is becoming the first major federal agency to move to cloud-based email on an agency-wide basis. Going back to my f [read] Keywords: administration ibm lotus notes email facebook google twitter

What needs to be done to move Outlook users to Lotus Notes
Sun, Nov 21st 2010 10:37a   Igor Bubis
I am not surprised to see multiple news articles all over internet on the topic of many companies and enterprises moving from IBM Lotus Notes mail to either MS Exchange /MS Cloud computing or moving to Gmail cloud. We all know that Microsoft is alway doing a great job in marketing its product and what I don’t know why IBM can’t learn from that. I’m not really tired of listening to MS  commercials on some of the Broadcast  TV channels. I have got to admit it’s a bit [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes email exchange exchange facebook microsoft outlook twitter

LotusLive iNotes
Mon, Nov 15th 2010 5:35a   Igor Bubis
Came across of a very nice LotusLive iNotes commercial Share this: [read] Keywords: inotes notes email facebook twitter

Social networking capabilities to Lotus Notes platform
Tue, Nov 9th 2010 5:54p   Igor Bubis
From [http://technorati.com] IBM is catching up on the social networking buzz. It’s about time.  Big Blue has announced adding more social networking capabilities to the Lotus Notes Connect 3.0 . read more ... Share this: [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes blogging email facebook networking twitter

Free BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Your Lotus Notes Email
Fri, Nov 5th 2010 7:24a   Igor Bubis
Just off the [Rim] Press Release wire : RIM Announces Free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Software for IBM Lotus Domino The free software products like that are not released very often so download it and used while it’s available. I hope it’s not the pre-Christmas promotion conducted by RIM and IBM to compete with Microsoft and RIM and IBM will support it for a very long time. On my opinion, the more free good quality products can be used with IBM Lotus Domino software, the mer [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes blackberry email enterprise facebook microsoft rim server twitter

Thu, Nov 4th 2010 10:39a   Igor Bubis
Good news for Lotus Notes technology and I hope to see more news like that.  Just read on [pr-canada.net] The  survey team from Sweden “carried out a survey and the finding of this global survey showed the increasing demand for Outlook email to Lotus Notes conversion tools by many enterprises as they think of using Lotus Notes instead of Outlook. ”  About this, Evan Swans (Director of Product Development, SysTools Group) states, “We are happy to cater to the increasing demand o [read] Keywords: lotus notes development email facebook outlook twitter

Ray Ozzie talks about Lotus Notes in 2004
Sat, Oct 30th 2010 4:51a   Igor Bubis
With Ozzie leaving Microsoft the obvious question is “what will be his new venture?”  Is there any chance IBM may get him intrested in taking Notes from the huge down fall. Wondering whether IBM is even considering it. Perhaps the creator of Lotus Notes is the only one person who can revive Lotus Notes technology.  I read the “Q&A: Light the birthday candles for Lotus Notes” article published in 2004 by [NetworkWorld] and highly recommend if you still believe i [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes ray ozzie email facebook microsoft outlook taking notes twitter

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