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Well, it’s a Verse
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 238
A blast at Air 14 and another one of IBMs lost opportunities
Thu, Sep 11th 2014 113
I told you, didn’t I?
Wed, Jul 30th 2014 124
Mail Next and Many of you are drunk right now … kind a!
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 103
A View from Beneath the Dancing Elephant – another book
Mon, Jun 23rd 2014 109
i Cringely: the Decline and Fall of IBM – a review
Tue, Jun 17th 2014 138
No really. What kind of evaluation license is this?
Tue, Jun 17th 2014 106
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Well, it’s a Verse
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 238
i Cringely: the Decline and Fall of IBM – a review
Tue, Jun 17th 2014 138
What‘s market share in IBM/Microsoft Terms?
Wed, Dec 1st 2010 126
I told you, didn’t I?
Wed, Jul 30th 2014 124
Think inside … or outside the InBox? Mail Next continues the never ending Story
Wed, Jan 29th 2014 114
A blast at Air 14 and another one of IBMs lost opportunities
Thu, Sep 11th 2014 113
A View from Beneath the Dancing Elephant – another book
Mon, Jun 23rd 2014 109
No really. What kind of evaluation license is this?
Tue, Jun 17th 2014 106
Mail Next and Many of you are drunk right now … kind a!
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 103
Notes X
Fri, Jan 24th 2014 84

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Recent Blog Posts

Well, it’s a Verse
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 9:10a   Christian Tillmanns
I am as ever late in the game. It took me a while to digest the whole Mail Next/Verse thing. Actually, because the whole two hours thing was kinda boring. Half an hour of demo, the rest futile attempts to explain the new way to work. Maya was cute, though. I am not sure what I should think about Verse. On one hand, it does have a few features, I always wanted. Some of them I even did for customers and me years ago. I always thought that folders are a waste of time and I created people centric v [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm notes apple applications facebook linkedin server

A blast at Air 14 and another one of IBMs lost opportunities
Thu, Sep 11th 2014 7:45a   Christian Tillmanns
This should have been a series of blog posts over the 10 days as I was working as a volunteer at the Air 14 Air Show in Payerne, Switzerland, but since we were up from about 0600 (that’s zero six hundred for you military guys or just too early for the rest of us) until we had tucked in the last of the jet pilots (helicopter pilots don’t need us, they are adults) at 2200 or later, frankly I was toasted by then. Therefore I put it in one, albeit a long one. For the nerds among us, the [read] Keywords: acl ibm lotus notes xpages application exchange exchange mobile outlook

I told you, didn’t I?
Wed, Jul 30th 2014 7:54a   Christian Tillmanns
THIS I wrote almost two years ago and surprise surprise, I was quite close to what happened lately with IBM and Apple. Quick read? I’ll wait. (Dumdidumdi… have to mow the lawn again. Stupid rain … Oh, the cat (Floh, because he had flees when we got him) under my table is dreaming again. Sounds like a fight with someone. Haven’t heard him growl like that since that stupid orange tom attacked him) Ready? Good. Overall it seems that I had the same ideas than IBM and Apple. T [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes xpages apple applications enterprise integration iphone mac mobile oracle outlook security server sql vm

Mail Next and Many of you are drunk right now … kind a!
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 3:36a   Christian Tillmanns
Yup, that’s true, if you are one of those incredibly hard-working men/women, who know they don’t need a lot of sleep and can work for 20 hours a day for weeks. If you find yourself here, you might want to realise you have a mental performance of a heavily drunk. And as a bonus you are killing yourself. Every other year in May the time comes, were I have to renew my flight instructor privileges. Probably for the last 10 years they beat into us, that fatigue is one of the bigger proble [read] Keywords: administration email office

A View from Beneath the Dancing Elephant – another book
Mon, Jun 23rd 2014 10:11a   Christian Tillmanns
Now this book is different from Cringely’s. It was written by Peter E. Greulich, an insider. He tells the story of the Watsons in IBM and the impact they had on a positive corporate culture. Something inexistent today, as the author believes. While Cringely relies on information he can gather from the outside, Peter E. Greulich has worked for IBM for about 30 years in various positions, including management. He has many interesting stories to tell, but the essence of the book is his grief [read] Keywords: ibm apple development linux microsoft tivoli wiki

i Cringely: the Decline and Fall of IBM – a review
Tue, Jun 17th 2014 1:12p   Christian Tillmanns
For quite a while I was working on a series of blog posts about the decline of Notes and Domino and then came this book. Damn, he was faster. But this book isn’t about Notes and Domino and I couldn’t say if Cringely even knows it, but it does not matter. Here is a bigger picture and it explains quite well, why Notes and Domino are on a sinking ship. It’s not only that Notes is under constant fire from outside, the whole IBM is a mess, if all what Cringely writes is only half-tr [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes apple database development wiki

No really. What kind of evaluation license is this?
Tue, Jun 17th 2014 10:11a   Christian Tillmanns
I made myself a Smart Cloud Engage(?) test account. Now what I wanted to do, is invite somebody to work on a text outside “my” company. First it is rather complicated until you get there. You can not invite somebody from outside by adding him on the document. You have to go through files and invite them first from there. Right there were your new document shows up (aaaarrrghhh). When you just added somebody and click invite, you are informed, that you are not allowed to do that. Th [read] Keywords: ibm apple email google


Mail-Next and a amazing change
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 5:57a   Christian Tillmanns
First the rant. I am with Volker Weber and the annoying stuff one has to do to follow a web meeting with IBM.All started well until it actually started. I had an image but no sound. In the chat window phone numbers appeared. Toll for anybody outside the US or Canada. IBM, that’s not nice. Is anybody on another continent a lower life form? I restarted the whole shabadoing and had to install the latest Java Version. A little window asks if I want to start the plugin which did not start anyw [read] Keywords: domino expeditor ibm notes notes client xpages applications java outlook server

Scott Souders dead cold hands
Fri, Mar 7th 2014 7:51a   Christian Tillmanns
There are not many occasions when IBM has amazed me recently but yesterday that was the case. I attended IBM Connect in Switzerland – organized by the partners Belsoft, Cross Works, GIS, TimeToAct, WebGate and Avnet, probably paid by IBM through co-marketing money, whatever – and I saw Scott Souder for the first time in person. That man lives a dangerous live. But first things first. As ever I enjoyed Louis Richardson. At least in his presentation one stays awake. He does not have [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm inotes notes notes client xpages blogging email mac microsoft mobile outlook social software twitter

SocialBizUG trolls … They do have a problem
Wed, Feb 5th 2014 6:18a   Christian Tillmanns
There is somebody hovering around the Social Business User Group who is trying to sell Office 365 desperately. Last time it was under the name of a british actress, this time it’s interior design: Grace Lilly. This time he/her/it/them even went as far to build their own WordPress blog. Quick thing, they just installed it and did no customization at all. Will probably disappear in no time, too. Nice url: lotusnotestooffice365.edublogs.org/ While edublogs.org is in australia, I suspect the [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm office

Think inside … or outside the InBox? Mail Next continues the never ending Story
Wed, Jan 29th 2014 2:16a   Christian Tillmanns
I can’t get it out of my head. While I like what I saw in Scott’s and Kramer’s presentation (and I get more and more the impression Ed’s shoes are probably too small for them), I think we are somehow going in circles. The Mail Next concept is really cool. No doubt about that. IBM got to the point (already a while ago), where they realized, that users don’t want to get out of their inbox. It is today the epicenter of the work. Bringing the other applications to the [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes applications email microsoft openntf outlook server

Notes Next anyone? Connectosphere OGS and Mail Next presentation
Tue, Jan 28th 2014 8:30a   Christian Tillmanns
I watched the OGS yesterday. First: For some reason we were not allowed to see a live stream of some guy named Seth Meyers. I had to google him, to find out that he is some actor and does something with Saturday Night Life. I don’t think that IBM has something to do with this. Probably Mr. Meyers legal department came up with that idea right before the start of Connect and IBM had no choice to accept. IBM certainly knows, that this is quite an affront towards those not able to attend in pe [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm notes notes client apple google planetlotus sharepoint

Notes X
Fri, Jan 24th 2014 5:50a   Christian Tillmanns
Will IBM announce Notes 10 next week? I don’t know, but I think it would be about time. Since Ed’s departure to mobile, I feel a bit cut off. Nobody within IBM is really satisfying my need for news. The only thing I heard, is a new project about connecting MS Outlook, which is a good thing, that will save a ton of money for companies who suddenly find themself in the hands of some Outlook fan boys/girls. But that’s about it. Now what? Whenever the number “X” comes [read] Keywords: connections domino expeditor formula language ibm lotus notes notes client noteslotus odf policies quickr sametime xpages apple application applications community eclipse email microsoft mobile outlook security server sharepoint websphere wireless xml

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year …
Tue, Dec 24th 2013 3:19a   Christian Tillmanns
Towards the end of the year, or right before LotuSphere Connect, I feel the urge to write about what I hope to see the next year. Not what I expect, because I would be wrong every time, just what I would like to get as a late Christmas present. But this year is different. I will tell you now, what big announcement will be made about Notes at the big yellow bubble gathering in Orlando. Drumroll please: . Right! Nothing. Probably a few small ones, like Domino access for Outlook thru traveller. On [read] Keywords: connections domino lotusphere notes mac outlook

I hope I don’t have to see THAT again. Adobe Reader messes up my Mac big time.
Wed, Nov 27th 2013 5:18a   Christian Tillmanns
I would almost go as far to call Adobe Reader XI “Crap Ware”. And I am not even alone. What are they thinking. Here is the scenario: Yesterday I had to fill out a pdf form. Unfortunately the Apple preview app can’t do that. Hey, no problem, I am just going to install the latest Adobe Reader and off we go. That worked for the form … apart from the sending by email button with Notes … and I got it done eventually. But I should have taken the problem with Notes and se [read] Keywords: notes apple email mac macbook

RIP Jens
Wed, Nov 27th 2013 1:19a   Christian Tillmanns
One of the best developers I know isn’t anymore. He introduced me to OO programming with Lotus Script. I found solutions were I ran into walls (and I found some for him). We installed Workplace together and that was a long day.We build the first server chalet ever. Rest in peace Jens. My thoughts are with the family. Christian Tillmanns [read] Keywords: lotus server

I need feedback! Do you know how to explain social business?
Thu, Nov 7th 2013 1:26a   Christian Tillmanns
I don’t. Whenever I am asked, what Connections is made for, I get in to trouble. I know what it does and I know pretty much how I can use it, but explaining that, is rather difficult. Lot’s of “imagine”, “well”, “ah” will be included the next 15 minutes of a roller coaster ride around the different elements of Connections, with a bit of Notes thrown in … you can see I make a complete mess of it. While the mess get’s bigger I am still ta [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm notes email security social software wiki

Another one of my silly ideas …
Tue, Nov 5th 2013 3:41a   Christian Tillmanns
Yes, yes, we have chewn through that several times. I just have to get it out of my head, otherwise it will bother me for days. Now bear with me, if you are interested, otherwise you may like this. Right now we (here I mean partners and customers, IBM must know more than we do) face some problems, we think are important to us. Notes customers are fading away, as are partners and capable developers and admins. The yellow bubble is leaking somewhere. Nothing new. Palmi Lord came up with the idea [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino foundations ibm lotus notes application archiving community eclipse enterprise exchange exchange facebook openntf

Tell me, why do you like to fiddle around with the OS?
Wed, Oct 30th 2013 8:02a   Christian Tillmanns
If I had my own server product, for obvious reasons let’s assume I had some really cool and nifty collaboration solution, I would go for a complete product including the OS. Something like a stripped down Linux that does just want it needs and nothing else. The installer would ask you for everything you need for the OS AND the application and then would install the whole product as one in either a virtual or bare metal environment. Administration clients/consoles/apps would include all t [read] Keywords: admin administration collaboration foundations ibm application applications centos linux microsoft redhat server virtualization vm

If Apple would build cars …
Sun, Oct 27th 2013 7:18a   Christian Tillmanns
… I probably would not be as annoyed. In ancient times I liked cars. That changed when I started flying. Just fly a Bell 214 B2 (2500 shp) once and a Ferrari with a mere 600 hp seems like a toy and I never liked old timers (with a few exception due to the design). Today, for me a car is a transportation tool … and boy that thing can get on my nerves. Long long time ago, the boss of GM got the last laugh when he responded to Bill Gates compared the computer industry to the car indus [read] Keywords: apple wifi wireless

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
Sat, Oct 26th 2013 1:40p   Christian Tillmanns
Around me a world is not breaking down, but rather disappear silently. More and more IBM partners I know, give up Notes entirely. Certifications are not renewed, selling licenses is abandoned. Some box movers take the business remaining. For larger customers, IBM takes it up. Sometimes even without asking the partner. I have the impression, since Ed’s departure, this trend that was going on for years, accelerates. I wonder, if IBM is aware of it. They must, the writing on the wall is just [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes xpages

VMWare Support – that’s how it should be! Makes a lousy admin happy!
Mon, Sep 30th 2013 5:05a   Christian Tillmanns
I am amazed. Really. Last weekend I bought VMWare Fusion 6 Professional for a course I am attending. Unfortunately, the lab setup explanation only covers Windows XP (oh my god) and VMWare Viewer. Those poor Mac users are on their own. And the whole setup is kinda special. You need a NAT configuration with a fixed IP and a nonstandard subnet for a Linux client and server installation. I had VMWare Fusion 3, but that does not let you easily configure other NAT networks, if at all, but Fusion 6 [read] Keywords: admin ibm lotus notes email linux mac microsoft network security server virtualization virus vm vmware

Do we need a new Ed?
Mon, Sep 30th 2013 4:58a   Christian Tillmanns
It’s calm, very calm out there. Kinda strange if you think that Gini Rometty said that IBM Notes is a flagship. What is certainly missing is Ed. He is still blogging, unfortunately not about things that are important to the yellow bubble. His successor – who ever that is right now – has yet to get the hang of blogging. [read] Keywords: ibm notes blogging

Kudos to VMWare Support – that's how it should be …
Mon, Sep 30th 2013 3:38a   Christian Tillmanns
I am amazed. Really. About a week ago I bought VMWare Fusion 6 Professional for a course I am attending. Unfortunately, the lab setup explanation only covers Windows XP (oh my god) and VMWare Viewer. Those poor Mac users are on their own. And the whole setup is kinda special. You need a special NAT configuration with a fixed IP and a nonstandard subnet for a Linux client and server installation. I had VMWare Fusion 3, but that does not let you easily configure other NAT networks, if at all, bu [read] Keywords: admin ibm lotus notes email linux mac microsoft network security server virtualization virus vm vmware

What is IBM missing? Larry Ellison!
Fri, Sep 13th 2013 7:42a   Christian Tillmanns
You may like the man or not, he is extremely successful and does not like to loose at all. He might got used to it, in the last few days, because the Kiwis (Emirates Team New Zealand) are making mince meet out of Team Oracle, but the America’s Cup isn’t over, yet. But he did something right. He made Oracle THE NUMBER ONE in the RDBS market. No doubt there. IBM is trailing far behind with DB2. There is no question, both products are excellent, but IBM lacks a Larry. 
When you look b [read] Keywords: ibm community db2 development oracle

Oh, that mobile stuff
Wed, Jul 10th 2013 6:23a   Christian Tillmanns
This week it was back to school again. Introduction to IBM Mobile Foundation was the thing to learn and it was kinda fun. What I did not know, you can ask IBM to alter the course schedule, just because you claim to be important. Somebody asked to do all the presentation stuff on one day and the labs the next day. This is pure hell. Sitting through 7 hours of presentation isn’t something you want to happen to your worst enemy (no, the rumors are not true, I did not fall asleep, but it was [read] Keywords: foundations ibm development eclipse integration java mobile tivoli

Beeing the Ring Girl at Social Connections in Zürich
Mon, Jul 1st 2013 8:43a   Christian Tillmanns
My mother always said, never volunteer and being a good son, I did exactly not as she said. When I heard, Social Connections would be coming to Switzerland, I immediately offered my invaluable service to the team. To everybody’s surprise they accepted and I got the highly demanding job to get the main room at IBM Zürich under control. Holding up cards with “10 Minutes left” written on it, while trying to get the attention of the speakers. Which isn’t that easy, especiall [read] Keywords: connections ibm apple community development java mac security

It is just unbelievable, how good we are.
Thu, Jun 27th 2013 8:22a   Christian Tillmanns
Yes, the title is overdoing it. I admit. But still, the yellow bubble is amazing. Look at that!I don’t know any other COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE product, where the developer community does things like rewriting and extending a whole API, just to make live easier for everybody. API’s is IBM’s the core business and still there are people out there, who have the time and pleasure, to do a better job. And not to forget all the other contributions, like the extension library, which is no [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes community database enterprise exchange exchange java mobile outlook server sharepoint widgets

IBM spent that much money on for that?
Wed, Jun 19th 2013 9:05a   Christian Tillmanns
Chris Miller shared with us the IBM Notes Domino 9 Social Edition versus Microsoft SharePoint 2013 competitive sales kit. Right, did you read it? I did. In my endless naivety I always hope for a surprise and again, it isn’t happening. Disclaimer: I think everybody knows by now, that I am a huge fan of Notes. What I am going to tell you now, is not for the faint hearted. I might have understood things wrong and I would feel sorry about it, if I wasn’t so annoyed. Sorry IBM, but I don& [read] Keywords: admin administration connections domino ibm inotes notes notes client sametime traveler xpages db2 development instant messaging integration microsoft mobile outlook sap server sharepoint skype social software websphere widgets

Kärcher should have kept Notes!
Tue, Jun 11th 2013 3:33a   Christian Tillmanns
Well, sometimes one get’s really angry first  and in the end you can’t stop grinning.
 A few weeks ago, I ordered a hose trolley from Kärcher‘s online shop. Took only slightly more than a week to arrive at my place. Happily I started assembling the darn thing, only to realise after 5 seconds, that parts were missing. Now it started to get silly. Using my incredible IT skills, I sent away a complaint, using the online form. Kärcher asks quite a few things, like serial numbers, you can [read] Keywords: notes email exchange exchange microsoft

Domino 9 on Ubuntu – The most complete how-to I have seen …
Wed, May 8th 2013 8:14a   Christian Tillmanns
… lately.The how-to is from a friend of mine, who runs the whole Domino setup including Traveler on Ubuntu boxes. It’s in french, but since the yellow bubble is made of a bunch of extremely clever girls and boys, that should not be a problem, right? Christophe Boss, who gets all the credit for that work, is way ahead of me, regarding anything from Linux to Domino administration and he has done the Ubuntu thing for years. It works. No support from IBM, but who needs them anyway. I m [read] Keywords: administration domino ibm traveler linux server vmware ubuntu

If you don’t want to listen, GET OUT!
Fri, Apr 12th 2013 2:40a   Christian Tillmanns
When I was sitting through the SNOUG conference, I had not as usual, a seat in the front row. I prefer sitting up front, because I hear better and I don’t have to look around heads, to see the slides. Now this time I was sitting probably in the fifth row and during the day, something struck me. There were a lot of “listeners” just doing other things. Replying to emails, look at their phones for the length of a speech. Some of them around me, never ever listened to the poor guys [read] Keywords: office

We are damn stupid or hindsight is 20/20
Wed, Apr 10th 2013 2:33a   Christian Tillmanns
We as partners are always quick in pointing fingers towards Boston, when talking about the declining market share of Notes. Lately I just thought a while about things, what the partners could have done, to prevent this. Right, we could not do anything about the message IBMers were shouting to the world 10 years ago, everything will be Websphere or Workplace and mail is dead anyway. But right before that, we had the means and the tools (most of them at least and the rest the clever guys could hav [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus notes applications development email websphere

Same procedure as every year, Miss Sophie – SNOUG-SR – Connect 2013 in Geneva
Tue, Apr 9th 2013 12:53p   Christian Tillmanns
Only Swiss and Germans will understand the joke in the title. The yearly Snoug SR event finished with a  lot of news … we all already know. Except probably for the news about Sametime Next. Pretty cool that thingy, if you ask me. Video chat on the web client? Not bad at all. Otherwise it was the same old story for the Connect 2013 part. Nothing new there. Any news about marketing? No, and I did not dare to ask. On the other hand, I did ask the head of sales for the Alps region about a mor [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes sametime community desktop microsoft myspace office password ubuntu

Question for the experts …
Fri, Mar 22nd 2013 9:56a   Christian Tillmanns
Does anybody out there know, what IBM means with Apple Cocoa support? Googling only gives the information, that there is Cocoa support, but not what it is all about. Nothing in the Domino 9 wiki either. The only thing I can find are 4 .jar files with cocoa in the file name. Lot’s of classes in there for eclipse, but as far as I can see, eclipse does not support cocoa yet and apple does not support the cocoa-java bridge anymore. I can’t see anything that helps me to understand, wh [read] Keywords: domino ibm apple eclipse java wiki

Now this is just great…
Wed, Mar 20th 2013 6:17a   Christian Tillmanns
What I find rather amazing – or depressing – that this lady actually believes, that the chicks will stop moving about after a while and dry back. [read] Keywords:

And Jeff said … another 20 years of Collaboration tools
Thu, Mar 14th 2013 6:15a   Christian Tillmanns
Sorry about that, to all the FUD providers out there. Yesterday during the announcement web-cast Jeff told the world, that in 20 years there will still be some kind of collaboration tools from IBM. End of message. Notes/Domino isn’t going away, but since 20 years ago nobody knew what Notes would look like today, we just have to wait another 20 years, what it will be. What was also interesting, for the first time, IBM said: “We have over 50’000 organisations running Notes/Domino [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus notes microsoft server

I thought I could not believe my ears … what happend at IBM?
Wed, Mar 13th 2013 10:27a   Christian Tillmanns
I just finished watching the IBM Social Platform Launch broadcast. Despite some technical problems, the Q&A session was cut short and the screen showed “this presentation is over”, bugger that, I could not believe my ears when I heard at the end of the presentation Jeff Schick saying, don’t believe Microsoft and Salesforces FUD about Notes and Domino and IBM will help you to move from the LEGACY Outlook/Exchange environment to social business tools. Yeehaaaa. That’s m [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes exchange exchange google microsoft outlook

XPages Workshop … proudly presented by IBM
Thu, Mar 7th 2013 10:00a   Christian Tillmanns
The last three days were packed with XPages. I had the chance to attend IBMs free XPages Workshop in Zürich (which is also available online, if you need it). This was the second try to attend the course, the first time it was cancelled. I wonder why. Not enough attendees? Who knows. First, it was worth it. If you are like me, who likes classroom work, it really helps to focus several days just on one subject and have people around who can help, should you run into problems (which we all did). [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes xpages applications development microsoft outlook server

Is it just me or do you also have this impression about Connect-o-Sphere?
Thu, Jan 31st 2013 8:47a   Christian Tillmanns
When I scroll through PlanetLotus, I don’t have the impression that many of the bloggers have a blast in Orlando. There are a few slides, but no incredible news about something. Not a lot is going on regarding Connections 4.5. IBM Docs should be a hit, but nothing. No news about Notes Next. Nothing really exciting going on. What’s your view? [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes planetlotus

And it’s time for some tests!
Thu, Jan 31st 2013 8:40a   Christian Tillmanns
Playing around with Notes 9 (and still failing to install that Domino on Linux), I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to run Notes 9  – the whole bunch, admin and designer – on a Mac without having to use windows all the time. I use Fusion normally, but that does not make my Mac any faster, except, Notes is faster in Fusion, than on the Mac. Why not having the best of both worlds? Though I went for a search and found that Wine is slowly getting it’s grips on the Mac. While I w [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm notes notes client linux mac

Now, that was the OGS
Tue, Jan 29th 2013 2:19a   Christian Tillmanns
I watched it. First I did not want to watch it, because I thought I get it over with faster if I watch it on YouTube. And it was all that I expected. More than two hours of social, social, social. I personally … and that is really my own opinion, thought it was pretty boring. I did not know the special guest, but he was interesting. Sandy does not walk around anymore like a tigress in a cage – from one teleprompter to the next – and was much better prepared than last year. [read] Keywords: administration connections domino ibm notes community email facebook linkedin mobile server sharepoint social software

Volker forgot something important. It’s a tradition by now.
Sat, Jan 26th 2013 1:13p   Christian Tillmanns
Wetter für Darmstadt, Deutschland -3 °C | ° F Sa. So. Mo. Di. Klar Wind: SW mit 2 km/h Feuchtigkeit: 86% -1° -3° 5° 1° 5° 4° 8° 8° Wetter für Orlando, Florida, USA 23 °C | ° F Sa. So. Mo. Di. Klar Wind: NW mit 14 km/h Feuchtigkeit: 43% 24° 14° 25° 15° 27° 18° 28° 18° I love that weather here right now. Cold, sunshine, snow. The heat in Orlando would be unbearable. [read] Keywords: google

Did you know that thing about Domino server rules?
Fri, Jan 18th 2013 1:40a   Christian Tillmanns
I am struggling with a mail forwarding loop which I can’t resolve (if accidently somebody knows how to fix this in Lotus Foundations – any help welcome – I suspect it’s postfix) I stumbled over the Domino server mail rules (I am excused for not knowing them, because I am a dev … was at least … still bits left, but my shrink says it’s fading away and I should be able to recover completely. Don’t need the green dried frog pills anymore soon). Hey, I [read] Keywords: domino foundations lotus email mac server

Has somebody an idea how to …
Thu, Jan 17th 2013 1:44a   Christian Tillmanns
… configure postfix for domino mail-in databases? [read] Keywords: domino

I haven’t given up all hope …
Mon, Jan 14th 2013 6:56a   Christian Tillmanns
… but somehow my enthusiasm for everything around Notes and Connections is dwindling. A month ago, I was all eager to write about Notes 9, today I think everything has been said, without my help. I use Notes 9 since August and it was a bumpy road. I believe it runs better on Windows, but I would like that it runs as good on my 2009 Mac with OSX 10.7.5 (complete standard installation, nothing fancy). Order by Date is the one feature I like, that is unusable for me. The other are those li [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino foundations ibm notes enterprise linux mac oracle redhat

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Mon, Dec 24th 2012 6:13a   Christian Tillmanns
That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. I could go on like why some people still think that weapons are a solution, but in my small world I just want to light the candles on our Christmas tree and enjoy the time with my family. [read] Keywords:

You might don’t like what you read here …
Thu, Dec 13th 2012 12:45a   Christian Tillmanns
… if you are from Microsoft. There was a webcast about the end of Microsofts SBS held by Collax a few days ago. It looks like, SBS will be gone by the end of 2013. If you want to continue to use a Microsoft Collaboration product after that, you have to get Exchange or go Cloud. As we have all realised by now, the cloud kills the Business Partner – except if you go for the cloud yourself. On the other hand, that end of SBS just might be the chance to get more business. Some of you wh [read] Keywords: administration collaboration domino foundations ibm lotus notes xpages beehive enterprise exchange exchange microsoft network oracle outlook redhat server virtualization

Should you ever want to buy a fridge or something from Siemens … don’t
Fri, Dec 7th 2012 6:11a   Christian Tillmanns
It is annoying. Siemens house hold appliances keep breaking down and the repair service is lousy. At least in Switzerland. After 4 years the oven/microwave combination broke down. Service technician comes, looks at it, does not have the module required, in spite of having all the information about the darn thing beforehand, leaves and comes again a few days later. If we hadn’t complained, they would have charged two house calls. Now the fridge has problems. In the forums people know all [read] Keywords:

Oh my … are you big!
Wed, Dec 5th 2012 12:55a   Christian Tillmanns
Yesterday I went to a Swisscom shop, just to touch and feel the Lumina 920 and the iPhone 5 and I ended up getting Swisscom TV, but this is besides the point. My verdict after just taking it in the hand? The Lumina is to big for my hands. It just does not fit. I don’t want to press a huge thing like that on the ear. I believe I would end up with a blue tooth head set. My wife thought the same. I don’t think, that the Lumina will be the big hit with women. Vowe said it is very robust [read] Keywords: ibm notes iphone wireless

The Microsoft Support Department …
Mon, Nov 12th 2012 7:00a   Christian Tillmanns
… just called me. It wasn’t the real Microsoft, that’s for sure. No phone number on the display and when I told the guy with a the name of Texan cowboy and the accent of an Asian noodles cook that I use a Mac, he connected me to the Macintosh department. Now it was beginning to get interesting. The next Texan noodles cook responded and I told him straight away, that pretending to call from Microsoft and then switching to Apple does not hold a lot of credibility. That shut him [read] Keywords: apple mac macintosh microsoft

Redpilldevelopement.com must have been hacked.
Wed, Oct 24th 2012 1:35a   Christian Tillmanns
I got a response on my last post on my blog from a Nathan T. Freeman from redpilldevelopement.com: Brilliant. Perfect analysis. I agree completely. Somebody must have hacked into redpilldevelopement.com. The real Nathan T. Freeman would a.) never agree with me and even if the very unlikely event occurred that he did b.) he would not bother to write it … and certainly not like that. c.) He should not read anything on PlanetLotus. d.) Whenever I get a reply with just a few words and all [read] Keywords: planetlotus

I had a dream about IBM and Apple…
Tue, Oct 23rd 2012 6:11a   Christian Tillmanns
Since Apple came out with Lion, I don’t get it. Why can Apple ship a Notes.app without IBM going bananas about it? It causes a whole lot of problems with the Notes we like. Notes is a registered trade mark with IBM (I looked it up). IBM has known this for month and worked closely with Apple to solve it technically. Apple can’t claim “sorry, we did not know”. Somebody at Apple has certainly seen Notes before. Somehow that does not make sense, at least not to me, unless  [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm inotes notes notes client sametime apple community facebook iphone mac microsoft mobile server social software twitter

IBM Certified Database Associate … IBM titles confuse me
Mon, Oct 22nd 2012 8:19a   Christian Tillmanns
Last week I passed the DB2 10.1 Fundamentals exam (on second try, darn!). Now I am an IBM Certified Database Associate DB2 10.1 Fundamentals … and I somehow get the impression that this is a rather strange title. If I present that to somebody, does that ring a bell with them? Associate? Isn’t that rather a business title? If I ask myself, what I know about DB2, it isn’t a lot. I probably have a basic understanding what is going on in there, but would I let myself try my hand at [read] Keywords: admin ibm application database db2

A round of applause for Yancy please …
Wed, Oct 17th 2012 12:11a   Christian Tillmanns
Yancy’s decision to relist vowe.net was right. Period. That others don’t want to be on the same personal website (aka bloggers) list than somebody else is from my point of view kinda … don’t find the right word … childish? No … but goes in that direction. It’s just a list of blo… personal websites for heavens sake. IBM did not interfere and that is the best that they could have done. Does PlanetLotus loose a lot? Nathan and Peter together have le [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm planetlotus

Red Pill Development … what a name …
Mon, Oct 15th 2012 3:54a   Christian Tillmanns
You certainly think I am going to rip apart that name now, but on the contrary. I think it is pretty good. Here is why: My first thought was: “Oh my goodness” and then my marketing brain kicked in. “You idiot”, it said, “have you forgotten everything you learned”. Because I immediately start to think about it, it is a good name. Might it be good or bad at first sight, it sticks. It is really one of the best choices I have seen in a long time. Choosing a name [read] Keywords: ibm notes applications development

For all those who have not seen the rest of the witch hunt …
Mon, Oct 15th 2012 3:09a   Christian Tillmanns
Oh boy, I stirred something up. Now lets go down to business as unusual as it can be. I got very interesting, if not to say insulting, responses to my last post. Unfortunately Vowes blog posts have not been listed in PlanetLotus since Friday. This might be a coincidence and a technical glitch or something happened in the background of PlanetLotus, everybody should probably take notice. Therefore you might want to read what was said after I got myself into this: Friday “This is how it work [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm notes notes client apple iphone leak planetlotus twitter

Now we all step back and calm down …
Fri, Oct 12th 2012 1:52a   Christian Tillmanns
Yesterday Vowe’s post about a leaked information made a few people quite angry. First I want to respond to respond to Peter Presnells post. He suspects the leak in the beta program. Sorry, Peter, but I am in the 8.5.4 program and I didn’t know s… about it. I was as surprised as the rest of us. Volker never said, where his information came from. It is just Peter, who suspects it. I think it is not fair, that Peter throws all of us in the same bucket, damaging our reputations, [read] Keywords: ibm notes blogger leak planetlotus planetlotus.org

Remember Lotus Workflow? Here is the new(er) kid on the block…
Tue, Oct 9th 2012 1:08a   Christian Tillmanns
It’s called Click and Flow and comes from the more than capable hands of Werner Götz and his team from Werner Götz IT Solutions GmbH. Werner Götz had an idea a few years ago. What about a software, that makes creating workflows and running them, easier than ever? Fortunately his first customer was thrilled by his idea and went along on the journey to develop Click and Flow. That was five years ago. Today that product evolved in an rather impressive tool, based (almost) entirely on XPage [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus notes notes client xpages applications sap server sharepoint

Who has the best maps and why it so important to have a mobile phone.
Tue, Oct 2nd 2012 8:29a   Christian Tillmanns
Oh boy. That isn’t just a little bug Apple has there. Newspapers are full of stories, bloggers are searching for the most funny mess in the maps and so on. Apple even suggested to use Bing maps. Wow. One newspaper in Switzerland had an article about which are the best maps to use in Switzerland and since it is nice outside, the birds are singing, I set of to look if they are right. I just used my home address to find out. Bing maps: Catastrophic. The satellite image is unusable and the map [read] Keywords: admin apple bug google iphone microsoft mobile

Collax Virtualisation makes a huge step forward.
Tue, Oct 2nd 2012 4:54a   Christian Tillmanns
Yesterday Collax went gold with the new version of the virtualization products and what I really like is the new V-SAN. With old V-Store it was possible to have a two nodes cluster with the embedded SAN. Which is pretty nice, because we can build clusters without the need for an expensive SAN and the I/O is rather fast, having it in the same machines. From now on, with V-SAN we can build clusters with embedded SAN with three or more nodes. Depending on the application – yes I am thinking a [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm application redhat server virtualization vm

You certainly want to know how the 8.5.4 Client looks, well …
Tue, Sep 25th 2012 6:11a   Christian Tillmanns
Nice! I mean really nice (you know I can’t tell more … slap on the fingers and so on). And it’s better. Some Mac problems I had, seem to be gone. Funny enough, years ago I build a CRM application and the design I choose, fits perfectly with the new client design. Ha, nobody can say now, that I am not a visionary. I think, IBM is on the right path. Enough, have to get back playing around with it. [read] Keywords: ibm application mac

After the DB2 10 Bootcamp I am a Version 3 now – bugger
Tue, Sep 25th 2012 2:05a   Christian Tillmanns
I am a “IBM Information Management DB2 10 Technical Professional v3″ now. That sounds a bit like the Austrian title race. What the heck is v3? To make my life a bit more interesting I attended the DB2 10 bootcamp last week. I have not used relational databases a lot before and I thought, that this camp could just be the thing and since I am (and a lot of you are too, I suppose) moving towards Connections, this would be a good start. Frankly, for somebody who has never seen a DB2 up [read] Keywords: connections ibm database db2 linux sql

GBS believes what?
Mon, Sep 24th 2012 8:10a   Christian Tillmanns
This morning I read the article of Peter Presnell. I do agree with his findings but one thing made me think: Research conducted by GBS suggests that there are somewhere between 10 and 20 million Notes applications in the world. What? They did this “Research” for Transformer. I wrote about it before when I saw, that some “analyst” claimed a possible market of 18 billion $. At that moment I thought, that even GBS must have realized that this isn’t the real world. Let [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes application applications bleedyellow bleedyellow.com openntf

What have Lotus Notes 8.5.4 and Super Cars in common?
Fri, Sep 14th 2012 10:12a   Christian Tillmanns
Nothing. But you clicked on the link, I got plus one read. But since are already here, you might just want to read on. This week two things that I thought would never happen, did happen. A few weeks ago, after watching Top Gear (BBC, not the US Version, which is not even half as funny), I mentioned to my wife, that it is fun to see expensive sports cars “tested” by middle aged tv presenters with a British sense of humour and that will be the closest I will get to these cars. Well, [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes email

Notes is too good for them.
Tue, Aug 28th 2012 3:12a   Christian Tillmanns
The following story came up in a resent discussion about migration projects from Notes to Outlook. Somebody in the of the C-level was extremely pleased to have Outlook, because now he can do tasks … oh, how we laughed. We found it extremely funny that somebody with a higher education and high up in management, has not realised in 12 years of using Notes that it can do tasks, even for other users (if I saw that right, something you can’t do with Outlook). A few days later I was in ano [read] Keywords: ibm notes applications exchange exchange microsoft outlook sap

Vacation over and new insight
Tue, Aug 28th 2012 3:09a   Christian Tillmanns
After I got my degree in economics, I thought now I can go out and learn from the best. Since then I lost a lot of respect for my profession. The worst example was the “analyst” who predicted 18’000’000’000$ of possible revenue for Transformer. And now comes this: Sigri Surf I have been there twice and since I am an annoyingly curios person, I talked to Marcel the owner quite a lot and asked him how he made his dream of owning a wind surfing station happen. He is a [read] Keywords: connections

For all of you who did not like my captcha (and some marketing thoughts)
Mon, Jul 16th 2012 7:58a   Christian Tillmanns
… would you please test the new one? Actually it isn’t a captcha and let’s see if that works. I do wonder though, after how many installed and deinstalled plugins wordpress will finally be broken. To make you life easier, I give you something to comment on. Last week, the power supply of my MBP started to make funny noises as if a firework display was imminent. It still loaded, but not very good. This morning I went shopping for a new one and realized, how – and don̵ [read] Keywords: ibm notes apple community mac

The new XNotes … or something like that in 18 month. The sequel
Mon, Jul 9th 2012 3:46a   Christian Tillmanns
Wow, the comments on my last post were, let’s say, interesting (at least I got some for once). Henning Heinz let out his frustration and I would say, he had some points there. In his first post he said, that XPages is my future, the old development model is dead and Notes could be just another web development technology. My answer to this is, yes you are right, but you missed the point I was trying to make (or I my way to make the point wasn’t clear enough). I believe, there is noth [read] Keywords: connections domino foundations ibm ldd lotus notes xpages apple db2 development exchange exchange java javascript microsoft office openoffice outlook server sharepoint

18 month to wait … What the heck is IBM working on?
Fri, Jul 6th 2012 8:12a   Christian Tillmanns
In a recent post Ed said, that the next major release of Notes will come in about 18 month. That is a long time … a very long time, probably too long for many companies where “I-want-Outlook” type of CIOs are on the helm. I do have faith in the hardcore Notes guys, but the decline in installations will continue, even though Notes is hot in some countries, even in Europe. Just lately I had an example of the power of Notes. I had a stupid thing to do, a mailing. Which means chec [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes application database linux mac network openntf outlook security server

I am back!
Fri, Jul 6th 2012 6:14a   Christian Tillmanns
OK, this blog was hacked. I have reinstalled it. End of Story. It looks different, because I use the standard template, which I like actually. I tried a few other things, but in the end I stayed with wordpress. Let’s see how long it works. [read] Keywords:

How to make your Mac faster and find out that one is always an admin
Wed, Jun 6th 2012 2:04a   Christian Tillmanns
My Mac was slow on start up and when running Fusion. Now what? Shouldn’t be like that. It’s a Mac. Googling around for a while I found those Start up features. There wasn’t anything important in there except probably that Parallels stuff. I don’t use Parallels anymore. Aha! Away with it. Then I remembered that I had always the Parallels adapter in the Network configuration. That solved that problem, too. Next thing, what is running on that machine. Nothing special I f [read] Keywords: admin notes apple database mac network server workspace

R.I.P. my friends.
Wed, May 30th 2012 12:41a   Christian Tillmanns
It sucks, it hurts, it makes me angry and I never get used to it. Last week I lost again two pilot colleagues in a helicopter crash. I do not care who’s fault it is, two of the three pilots in HB-XPQ that crashed last week in Switzerland have enriched my life for a few years. We have flow together, laughed together (you should have seen how high Catherine jumped, when I approached her silently form behind and made “Buh”), cooked together and had our fights. I will not go into [read] Keywords:

I have been attacked – PART 2
Thu, May 24th 2012 7:10a   Christian Tillmanns
Actually Google was right. There was a serious problem. Somebody managed to install a .php file on my blog. It is called sys_engine9682.php or in a later version sys_engine4823.php. It contained an eval() statement that apparently pointed to a Czech website. No fun at all, because I do not know, how they got into it and how I can prevent them to do it again. Could happen, that I have to do everything again. No fun at all. Bastards. Should have used a Domino blog template. [read] Keywords: domino notes google

Why you should never buy stuff from Apple
Thu, May 24th 2012 6:53a   Christian Tillmanns
Because it makes you stupid. It’s three years since I bought my first Mac. Before that, I was like everybody else. Mac was something for fan boys. Discussions were mostly like discussions between two religious extremists with a large population of just run-of-the-mil believers (more or less) who did not care or understood what those “experts” were talking about (that’s me). I used Windows, because there wasn’t really a choice. Then I met this extremely good looking [read] Keywords: ibm notes apple facebook iphone linux mac macbook network server twitter

Oh my goodness, I have been attacked..
Thu, May 17th 2012 5:54a   Christian Tillmanns
Ah, probably, don’t know really. An hour ago I got a mail from Google that this blog could have something bad inside and that they put a warning up. As an example they gave an url from a post from 2010. Google gave me enough information to remove the warning and now it’s all up again. BUT! One wonders, if they don’t do this just to get me to use their website management tools. OK, there were a few responses left from the time, when somebody posted just gibberish. Could that [read] Keywords: google

Sogeti TeamPark – the first book
Thu, Apr 26th 2012 9:12a   Christian Tillmanns
Ok, I have done it. I read “From crowd to community” from Sogeti. Even though Sogeti uses Connections, they don’t mention it once (neither Facebook BTW). That’s understandable, since the book is about the method of how social software works. In the end, I think this first book is helpful. I helps us to understand, how communities work and what we have to tell customers, what they can expect from using social software … and the traps. Social software isn’t for [read] Keywords: connections notes community enterprise facebook social software wiki

Showing off at the TopSoft
Wed, Apr 25th 2012 1:33a   Christian Tillmanns
Collax and Shakehands will be at the TopSoft, the only real IT trade show left in Switzerland. Starts the 9th of May, ends the next day. I will be there. If you want to see what Collax has to offer, drop in. Free tickets are available here: http://www.collax.com/page/topsoft2012 We will have a working cluster on site and a lot more to talk about. I hope to see some of you there. [read] Keywords:

Sogetis TeamPark – a book review … not yet.
Mon, Apr 23rd 2012 2:58a   Christian Tillmanns
I am working my way through Sogetis book “Teampark platform and method“. It’s all about Sogetis approach of introducing IBM Connections. Sogeti is much more a Microsoft Shop, than IBM but they still use IBM Connections and have even developed bits an pieces for Connections, which from their point of view, are better than the of the standard tools. And they wrote that book about it. After about two thirds, I am not sure, what they actually want to tell me. Normally 145 pages a [read] Keywords: connections ibm community microsoft

SNoUG-SR – 10 years and going strong
Wed, Mar 28th 2012 2:09a   Christian Tillmanns
Yesterday we had the annual gathering of the SNoUG Suisse Romand, an event I always look forward to. This time it was together with LSCY, sponsored by IBM, Avnet and TechData. SNoUG-SR events are always free, BTW. It would be too expensive to take money. First things first. Those who have been there last time at Givaudan, still remember lunch. This time it wasn’t up to the standard we are used to. The beef was hard and the fish overcooked. But probably we are just spoiled. As expected, t [read] Keywords: admin collaboration connections ibm id vault inotes notes archive community consulting facebook mobile network networking sharepoint widgets

From zero to hero in two days
Fri, Mar 16th 2012 6:40a   Christian Tillmanns
Yes, yes, I know, I always said I hate administration work, but I am a certified Collax V-Family Expert now anyway. The last two days were packed with excitement. Together with jET Computer Schweiz we have organised the first virtualization course for the Collax V-Family in Switzerland and since I want to eat my own dog food, it was time to dive head first into the KVM virtualization. First, instead of ESXi, KVM or Hyper-V, even the Collax basic virtualization product, the V-Cube, which is based [read] Keywords: admin administration connections domino ibm applications db2 interface iphone network security server virtualization vm vmware

Windows 8 Preview
Wed, Mar 7th 2012 8:30a   Christian Tillmanns
I just installed Windows 8 (the Preview). I used Virtual Box. That thing from Oracle isn’t bad at all for what I need. Looks like it is faster than Fusion. Back to Windows. First impression? A bit of a toy. Second impression? Still a toy. But I am glad the Start button is gone. At least Microsoft thought about a new concept for once. I tried to use mail, but it want’s an Exchange server. I just couldn’t find a possibility to connect to an IMAP server somewhere, which means, aft [read] Keywords: exchange exchange microsoft oracle server

Snow and project management
Tue, Mar 6th 2012 6:01a   Christian Tillmanns
One week of skiing. Weather was nice, but way too warm. Snow was too wet. I hate skiing in spring, really, I don’t mind – 15 °C but + 5 °C at 2500 m is silly. Days were packed but I still had time to read a book of Clarence (Kelly) Johnson. His work always interested me, because he is one of the most successful aircraft designers. Probably you don’t know his name, but Lockheed’s Skunk Works should be known to everybody. Also the planes he and his team designed: P38 Lig [read] Keywords: email office security

IBMSCfSB … in that case I would have kept LotusLive
Mon, Mar 5th 2012 3:08a   Christian Tillmanns
IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. One really wonders, what they are smoking and I don’t want some. I don’t have to go into details, why this isn’t a good name, just one argument. I have troubles to remember it. But it fit’s into a long line of strange product names coming from IBM. Even more amazing; it looks like nobody cares. [read] Keywords: ibm

Oh … now that … bugger …
Tue, Feb 14th 2012 5:12a   Christian Tillmanns
I am looking into going to the cloud and finding a solution for a small Notes customer. Smart Cloud (TSFKALL – The Service Formally Known As LotusLive) is an obvious choice for me. Now see what happens: I went to the lotuslive page and found that there is allready a page for IBM Smart Cloud for Social Business … click … Oh, I can get a 60 trial: Click and … [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm notes R7

After LotuSphere – what is does the future hold?
Mon, Feb 6th 2012 8:10a   Christian Tillmanns
After quite a while I finally found the OGS video and I was a bit disappointed. I had hopes, that IBM comes out with an exciting new Notes client, what we got is a new homepage in the old client and a few enhancements for 8.5.4. No Notes Next, just the remark, that jumping to a all new client, would be too much for partners and clients alike (preserving the investment and all that stuff). That settles it for 2012. More customers and partners will turn their back on Notes/Domino. … on the o [read] Keywords: administration connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes notes client db2 development exchange exchange microsoft network security

LotuSphere 2012 – My one and a half Cents
Wed, Jan 18th 2012 5:29a   Christian Tillmanns
Oh, bugger, I missed the OGS … at least the most important parts, the demos. I saw Michael J. Fox and the end, because I had to bring my wife to the doctor … she has a flu. Damn, but my wife’s health is more important … I told myself every 5 minutes … and the kids sports and music lesson, too. Now I am waiting for the recorded OGS … not there yet. Grrrr. Right now I have to live with second hand reports and I still don’t have all the information’s [read] Keywords: administration connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes application email

Notes 8.5.3 on Mac … let’s hope for the best.
Fri, Jan 6th 2012 8:43a   Christian Tillmanns
OK, yesterday I ranted about my Notes 8.5.3 on my Mac Book Pro. It’s not the newest machine (2 years), but still new enough for Lion. I tried what you guys suggested but it did not change anything for the better. 1. I tried to delete cache.ndk and bookmark.nsf. Did not help. 2. I tried to go for the basic client. Boy that’s ugly and not a solution anyway, because I want the eclipse client and I need XPages support. 3. I looked at my locale settings. Looks normal to me but I am not [read] Keywords: domino foundations lotus notes xpages eclipse mac security

Notes 8.5.3 on Mac … oh my goodness
Thu, Jan 5th 2012 1:33a   Christian Tillmanns
I really hoped, that with 8.5.3 things would get better. What a disappointment. First, you can’t just update. Deinstall – reinstall, otherwise Notes would stop after the progress bar. After that, I had to restart the client and the mac at least 3 times until it started working more or less normally. There are still issues. If I try to write special characters with alt & “some key” Notes crashes. It still wants to install some plugins I don’t need anymore (to [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus notes notes client sametime application eclipse mac server

SNOUG-SR has it’s own community now.
Thu, Dec 8th 2011 1:04a   Christian Tillmanns
Our small but actually pretty active Notes User Group for the french speaking part of Switzerland, has it’s own community now in the IBM universe. Nice gesture from IBM and even Ed Brill is following us … somehow … somewhere. Certainly because he does not want to miss another opportunity like last time, when he went to the SNOUG in Zürich and had to eat IBM catering food and we had an event at Givaudan, the company with arguably the best canteen in the world. Took a while, b [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes community server

The Cloud – Risk or Chance for Business Partners?
Tue, Nov 22nd 2011 7:20a   Christian Tillmanns
During the last year, I attended many entrepreneur meetings all over Switzerland and I met many, many new cloud fans. Cloud solutions are spreading. What does that mean for the traditional business partner? Bad news actually. Cloud solutions with the most impact on our business, are normally provided by the biggies. Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Google you name it, they have it. SAP one design is eating into the SAP Business One business, Microsoft 356 into every business partners revenue strea [read] Keywords: administration domino foundations ibm lotus notes xpages apple db2 exchange exchange google iphone ipod mac microsoft oracle sap server

I completely forgot to tell you …
Mon, Nov 21st 2011 6:38a   Christian Tillmanns
… that I am not always devils advocate, as Ed called me. Here is my article that was published in November in the publication of the Swiss Small Business Association. … and a quick search on Google reveals, that I am probably the only one, who ever wrote in a Swiss printed publication about the XWork server. Das geheimnisumwitterte Projekt: IBM XWork Server X-FILES – SIE SIND UNTER UNS! Im Oktober stellte IBM den XWork Server vor. Meiner  Meinung nach eine ideale Plattform f [read] Keywords: ibm notes xpages google java mac mobile server sql xml

Blog Spam – What the heck is the sense in this …
Mon, Nov 14th 2011 4:12p   Christian Tillmanns
I always had spam on the blog once in a while, but last week it started to get interesting. Suddenly there were a lot of similar posts that looked like that: _____________________________________________________________________ bcxyqznhg rzpqgtmcaaof.com/ wxzoph@cttfxb.com Eingereicht am 13.11.2011 um 17:24 78xDYL , [url=http://lvzyesjptoct.com/]lvzyesjptoct[/url], [link=http://zcfoemxuzred.com/]zcfoemxuzred[/link], http://drbfgrdztzqa.com/ ______________________________________ [read] Keywords: ibm email server

Ha! Gotcha
Fri, Nov 11th 2011 4:48a   Christian Tillmanns
Once in a lifetime moment. Un de Fasnacht geht a los…. [read] Keywords:

iOS 5.0.1 – I am not the only one, who has problems understanding you guys form down under
Fri, Nov 11th 2011 12:33a   Christian Tillmanns
I love that. The last point on the iOS 5.0.1 update is: Improves voice recognition for Australian users using dictation Siri must have a hard time with the OZ slang. Hey Siri, look here: Australian slang dictionary With a bit of help from Siri, the rest of the world could actually understand what they are saying. [read] Keywords:

IBM Marketing for Notes/Domino – move on, that’s a boring post.
Thu, Nov 3rd 2011 3:27a   Christian Tillmanns
If you are expecting ranting about IBM’s marketing here, move on, nothing to see here. Marketing shouldn’t be a never ending story. A lot of things were written about Sam Palmisanos time at IBM, since he announced to step down. Interestingly, the head of marketing, Gini Rometty is taking his place (do we have an Italian clan thing here?). Therefore, she is responsible for the marketing of Notes/Domino – or the lack of, as many would say – for the last few years. Was it re [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes notes client apple application applications enterprise exchange exchange integration interface linux microsoft rim sharepoint workspace

Fun with Vowes visitor localization tool …
Mon, Oct 31st 2011 10:27a   Christian Tillmanns
I admit, I don’t know, how it works. Today I looked at Vowes visitor localization tool and zoomed in, to find myself. First: Volker, it seems, you don’t have a lot of readers in Switzerland and I probably know all of them (yes I know, depends …) Second: I am not on the map. But, since any other tool normally sees me in Lausanne (almost 100 km from where I live), I had a look a the single red dot down there. What lies under this cow pasture? The secret servers [read] Keywords: google server

Do you know Lotus Live Notes …
Wed, Oct 26th 2011 11:54p   Christian Tillmanns
Let’s ask the experts. Yesterday I got a phone call from an old customer I haven’t heard of in years. He is going to retire, sold his company and wants to take his contacts or probably the whole CRM with him AND he wants to use his iPhone for mail and calendar. Now he asks me, how to do it. He is still using Notes/Domino 7 (the darn did run without me all those years). His CRM is pure Notes (written by me) He is no fan of the “cloud”. My first thought was to give him [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes traveler iphone office server

One week with Time Capsule … and I thought life would get better!
Wed, Oct 19th 2011 1:29a   Christian Tillmanns
I don’t know what went wrong during the setup, but my new and shiny Time Capsule is a pretty lousy WLAN access point. Let me give you the scenario. Until last week I used a 5 year old Netgear Rangemax wireless access point. It wasn’t in perfect shape anymore, because I could not configure anything on it. It was just a standard WLAN called netgear, open, unsecured, but it still worked. I just could not kick myself enough in the lower back, to buy something new. Last week I thought, th [read] Keywords: mac wireless

Heise Webcast: Hochverfügbarkeit für KMUs
Tue, Oct 18th 2011 8:12a   Christian Tillmanns
Für alle die das interessiert und des Deutschen mächtig sind, nächste Woche veranstaltet Heise einen Webcast zusammen mit Collax. Hier gehts rein: Hochverfügbarkeit für KMUs Wird sicher spannend. Beim letzten Partnertag wurden 4 Projekte vorgestellt. Alle für Firmen mit weniger als 40 Mitarbeitern. Es macht Sinn sich heute mit Hochverfügbarkeit zu beschäftigen, weil viele Unternehmen komplett von der IT abhängen. Wenn das Blech nichts mehr tut, können die Mitarbeiter nach Hause gehen. [read] Keywords:

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