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You are not alone if Gamification does not work for you
Mon, Oct 10th 2016 6
Beating a dead horse or rather a dead cash cow
Thu, Sep 15th 2016 2
Dooooom … not again!
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 5
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Wed, May 11th 2016 2
Heeelp…. needed … badly.
Fri, Dec 25th 2015 4
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Wed, Oct 21st 2015 1
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Wed, Sep 23rd 2015 6
You are not alone if Gamification does not work for you
Mon, Oct 10th 2016 6
It’s time to say goodby … or is it?
Wed, Jan 21st 2015 5
Soul or Numbers – Sports for Developers
Tue, Mar 10th 2015 5
Dooooom … not again!
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 5

Heeelp…. needed … badly.
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Christian Tillmanns    

This is a completely private problem.
My monster number one got a camcorder for Christmas. Nothing special there, but she needs a possibility to cut her movies. She knows by now iMovie for iOS pretty well and would like to transfer her movies to my old iPad 2 and cut them there (which isn’t a very good idea, I admit, but I don’t want her to borrow my Mac all the time either, neither does my wife). And we have the connection kit for the SD card.
The video standard is:

AVCHD standard
Video: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264

That is something the iPad does not recognise and will not import it when connected to the SD card.
There was once an app that did it called Splice, but that does not work any longer.
Does anybody of you know an app that lets me import videos in the above format directly from a SD card to the iPad? A converter or something like that?
I know that this can be done by various apps on the mac. I only look for a solution, that does work on the iPad alone.

An idea anyone? Otherwise there will be a lot of tears, shouting and general misbehaviour around me in the next few years.

PS: The stuff she does with an iPod alone is pretty amazing….

Dec 25, 2015
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You are not alone if Gamification does not work for you
Mon, Oct 10th 2016 2:25a   Christian Tillmanns
I am really sorry. I am so yesterday, probably last century. I just can’t get the hang of gamification. I just don’t care about virtual buttons (and friends). I do have to rely on my own imagination to get enough happiness hormones from achievements. Ugly buttons just don’t cut it. I just want to tell everybody out there, who can’t get the hang of all the gamification, fitness and health apps … You are not alone! The reasons why this will not change in the foreseea
Beating a dead horse or rather a dead cash cow
Thu, Sep 15th 2016 3:27a   Christian Tillmanns
The latest Notes & Domino fix pack is out and some news from IBM about the future. There are some really good articles about it: Peter Presnell: Was that it? It probably was. Peter’s insight and thinking are as usual spot on. But are there really still 50’000 ND customers? I heard that number years ago and it must have changed since then. What I would really like to know is, how many developers in IBM are still working full time on ND? Five? Ten? How many do you need to make 8
Dooooom … not again!
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 9:44a   Christian Tillmanns
Notes is doomed … again. Or for good this time? What happened lately is interesting. Well, first something on a personal note. I am not affiliated with a IBM Partner anymore or with IBM in general. I don’t have to be considerate to anybody anymore. Not that I ever really was. There are more and more of us who talk about the end of Notes/Domino lately. We see signs on the wall. Where is the road map? Slow (well, glacial) update cycle and so on … Notes/Domino is in decline. It h
By by IBM Verse Basic
Wed, May 11th 2016 1:53p   Christian Tillmanns
I don’t think anybody is interested in this information but I give it to you anyway. IBM Verse Basic Users, Thank you for your use and feedback of IBM Verse Basic. Now that IBM Verse has been in market for a year and we’ve matured the product, IBM will be withdrawing Verse Basic from service on June 15 2016, after which you won’t be able to log in. To continue to enjoy the benefits of IBM Verse, we encourage you to visit http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/en/ibm-connect

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