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Swagger for Domino Developers – Part Three: Mock Server and Thanks Stephan Wissel
Mon, Apr 10th 2017 8
Swagger for Domino Developers – Part Two: Swagger Editor
Wed, Apr 5th 2017 8
The Awesome New Functionality of ODA Part Two
Tue, Mar 28th 2017 8
ODA Update From IBM Connect: The Awesome New Functionality of ODA
Sun, Mar 26th 2017 8
Validators, Vectors and Strings – Oh My!
Fri, Mar 24th 2017 9
Swagger for Domino Developers – Part One: Introduction
Tue, Mar 14th 2017 8
Domino and Notes Feature Pack 8
Tue, Mar 7th 2017 13
Top 10
Domino App Dev, Performance and Verse
Wed, Jan 4th 2017 14
REST Services, JsonJavaObject and Dates
Sat, Sep 24th 2016 13
Domino and Notes Feature Pack 8
Tue, Mar 7th 2017 13
From XPages to Web App Part Fourteen: Calendar View
Tue, Feb 23rd 2016 12
What Happens When An XPage Loads?
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 11
ViewScope, Full Refresh and reloadPage()
Thu, Dec 8th 2016 11
Understanding SSJS
Wed, Feb 5th 2014 10
XPages Dialog Control and Partial Refreshes
Thu, May 28th 2015 10
Watson Workspace and Watson Work Services
Thu, Oct 27th 2016 10
Java getAllDocumentsByKey / getAllEntriesByKey Problem With Doubles
Tue, May 20th 2014 9

Paul Withers
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Recent Blog Posts
Swagger for Domino Developers – Part Three: Mock Server and Thanks Stephan Wissel
Mon, Apr 10th 2017 12:20p   Paul Withers
Stephan Wissel – One of Our “IBM” Champions As you may have seen, Stephan Wissel has recently left IBM to join SalesForce, as Rene Winkelmeyer and Mikkel Heisterberg did last year. because this part of my blog series will cover Stephan’s session from IBM Connect earlier this year and setting up a mock server for an OpenAPI (aka Swagger) definition, it seems a good time to thank him for his efforts over the years. His twitter feed has been very helpful in giving early noti
Swagger for Domino Developers – Part Two: Swagger Editor
Wed, Apr 5th 2017 1:54p   Paul Withers
In Part One I gave a bit of background on Swagger. Now onto some tools. The Swagger Editor comes in an online version but you can also install it locally. My preference was previously to use the online version because the local install used NodeJS, so it was a bit outside my comfort zone. After IBM Connect, it was apparent NodeJS was something I should get exposure to, even though JavaScript development is not one of my preferences. The first step, then, is to install NodeJS. NodeJS seems to be
The Awesome New Functionality of ODA Part Two
Tue, Mar 28th 2017 4:43p   Paul Withers
Part one of this, which covers the background, is here. Before looking at some code, it’s worth just covering performance. Obviously, on a busy production server, if you’re running code for every save of a document, code needs to be optimised. To give you an idea, here’s a snippet of conversation: “About” is good, but something more accurate is better. This happened the following morning, early October, with code echoing event messages to the server console. The fi
ODA Update From IBM Connect: The Awesome New Functionality of ODA
Sun, Mar 26th 2017 11:45p   Paul Withers
At the end of my OpenNTF Domino API session with Stephan Wissel at IBM Connect, I showed a demo of some experimental new functionality in ODA. Hopefully those who saw it were impressed with the power and potential, especially because part of it reproduced the Watson Workspace notifications integration that the Sapho product showed in the OGS, but this was built with open source over lunch before the session. First, I need to give some background. For a few years now, there has been functionality
Validators, Vectors and Strings – Oh My!
Fri, Mar 24th 2017 8:34p   Paul Withers
….Or, “When is a blank value not a blank value!” This week I hit a problem with XPages validation. I had a custom Java validator that was doing some complex validation across multiple components. The validator was affixed to a Dojo List Text Box. It had a requiredValidator as well, to ensure the value wasn’t blank. I was then doing some additional checking on the value. But my code suddenly started throwing an error on one document. Here is part of the stack trace: java
Swagger for Domino Developers – Part One: Introduction
Tue, Mar 14th 2017 6:30p   Paul Withers
Background At IBM Connect I led a team for the Hackathon. Technically and in terms of meaningful outcome, the day was a bit of a disaster. In terms of learning and working together, it was still enjoyable. My main focus for the day was never to win. For me, the main aims were for the team to learn something, whether from one another or from the tasks and to have a good time. After all, everyone was giving up a day of their time, and if it’s not enjoyable, everyone would be best served spen
Domino and Notes Feature Pack 8
Tue, Mar 7th 2017 9:10p   Paul Withers
Today Notes and Domino Feature Pack was released. It’s good to see a developer-heavy release finally delivered. Apart from the Extension Library on OpenNTF, developers have had little to engage their interest over the last three years. But FP8 is a marquee release for developers and app dev server users. Extension Library The most noteworthy point for XPages developers is that the latest Extension Library release has been rolled back into the core, including the Name Picker, Value Picker a
OSGi Plugins (Extension Libraries) and Loading Order
Mon, Mar 6th 2017 10:47a   Paul Withers
Those who were at my session about ODA (OpenNTF Domino API) with Stephan Wissel at IBM Connect may remember him mentioning that his preferred place for adding plugins was directly on the server, because of some issues he had encountered. After Connect I asked for some clarification, so I could understand the risks, symptoms and so pre-empt any potential issues. What Stephan and others found out when they dug into it further was that the sequence of loading OSGi plugins, or extension libraries, i
IBM Connect – Domino Application Development Review
Sun, Mar 5th 2017 7:37p   Paul Withers
This time last year, the message about Domino application development was very straightforward. Domino 9.0.2 was slated for Q4 2016, with the expectation that this would include open sourcing of not only XPages Extension Library components, but all XPages components. The XPages runtime classes would still be closed source, but things like DominoDocument datasources would be open sourced, so additional features could be added by the community and we would be able to understand how rich text is ha
IBM Connect 2017: My Sessions and Documentation Constructive Criticism Call-to-Arms
Sun, Feb 26th 2017 8:07p   Paul Withers
Last week I delivered two sessions at IBM Connect, both with strong speakers from the community. GraphQL 101 The first session on Tuesday afternoon was GraphQL 101 with Christian Guedemann. Within an hour of reading the documentation about GraphQL, it was very apparent to me that GraphQL was a major technology for application development. And its inclusion in Watson Workspace and Watson Work Services made this conference the perfect time to introduce it to the community. It was also a good time
Intec win 2017 IBM Business Partner Excellence Award – Europe
Wed, Feb 22nd 2017 10:27a   Paul Withers
Yesterday at Connect in San Francisco Intec were announced as the winner of the IBM Business Partner Excellence Award for Europe. This Award recognises an IBM Business Partner in each geographical region who has demonstrated excellence in IBM Collaboration Solutions technology, as well as commitment, leadership and dedication to IBM and clients. Tim Malone, Intec CEO said ‘There are many facets of a business which IBM look at before issuing this award and therefore it is due to the excepti
Watson Workspace Java SDK – 0.6.0 Released and Unit Testing Learning
Fri, Feb 17th 2017 5:12p   Paul Withers
Today I pushed up a new release of Watson Workspace Java SDK to OpenNTF. This includes all mutation GraphQL queries, namely: createSpace updateSpace deleteSpace As ever, the documentation has been updated and full Javadoc comments added. As before, the documentation includes examples. Unit Testing This has been a big learning curve, building up my skills more on unit testing. The challenge has been that all of these mutations can only be run under a user’s authority. They fail if run jus
IBM Connect 2017
Mon, Feb 13th 2017 7:57p   Paul Withers
With a little over a week to go, IBM Connect 2017 looks set to be as busy as ever. 2016 was a challenging year as a Domino developer, testing the faith and patience of many. My attendance at IBM Connect as a speaker, Business Partner and IBM Champion may seem “business as usual”, but it has not been a straightforward journey. So I hope the experience is as positive as last year but with a more positive rest of the year. IBM Connect Hackathon On Monday I will be taking part in and lea
Setting Names, Readers and Authors the ODA Way
Wed, Feb 8th 2017 12:05p   Paul Withers
No matter how long you work with an API, there can still be surprises. Yesterday proved one of those for me. While troubleshooting an issue for someone with setting an Authors field in a document (it turned out there was an obscure bug that meant it was trying to recycle a String in a Vector), I shared two ways I’ve been setting Readers or Authors fields in an application using OpenNTF Domino API for a while. Then this conversation ensued: This is, without doubt, the recommended way of cr
Git Flow, Maven, ODA and Domino FP8
Fri, Jan 27th 2017 9:27a   Paul Withers
The last few weeks quite a large amount of my work has been outside the NSF, so using more standard development tools in a more standard environment. There have been some challenges but also some refreshing experiences. Git Flow One of the big challenges for traditional Domino development is when features are requested but cancelled or fixes are required to live code while new features are in test. Fortunately, I decided from the start to do the REST service I was working on as an OSGi plugin us
Domino App Dev, Performance and Verse
Wed, Jan 4th 2017 9:00a   Paul Withers
Performance is an area that I have been very aware of with Domino, as I’ve previously blogged about. It’s an aspect I cover in basic XPages training and sessions I’ve done. But before going any further, it’s important to realise performance falls into two distinct areas – developer performance (speed to market) and code performance (speed for users). Spending a lot of (development) time optimising performance for an app that will be used by a handful of users is rar
WWS Java SDK API 0.5.0 and GraphQL Visualisations
Fri, Dec 23rd 2016 2:14p   Paul Withers
As I’ve blogged before, over recent weeks I’ve been working with Christian Guedemann on a Java SDK for the Watson Work Services API. The documentation has been available since it was released at the end of October. There has also been a GraphiQL in-browser IDE for writing, validating and testing GraphQL queries against Watson Work Services, which is invaluable (note: you have be authenticated to Watson Workspace in the same browser for the queries to return any data). That also has a
Tip: Copying and Pasting Java Classes in DDE
Thu, Dec 15th 2016 11:17a   Paul Withers
Earlier today I say a tweet from Fredrik Norling about a blog post he did in 2014 for copying and pasting Java code between XPages and Java agents. Used my code to export a webservice today, great way for webservices in XPages https://t.co/GYg85tZ86C #XPages — Fredrik Norling (@XPageDeveloper) 15 December 2016 It reminded me of something I noticed a while ago. I think it was when I was looking at the On Disk Project for an NSF while I was editing a Java agent or Script Library. Because I sta
Intec’s Returning Champions
Thu, Dec 15th 2016 10:36a   Paul Withers
Yesterday the 2017 IBM Champions for ICS were announced during #MeetIT. It was great to see again that Intec has two champions, both returning. Tim Malone was announced as an IBM Champion for the fourth consecutive year alone with Paul Withers, who has been ever-present since the program began for ICS in 2011. The post Intec’s Returning Champions appeared first on Intec Systems | IBM Business Partner | Collaboration Solutions Provider.
ViewScope, Full Refresh and reloadPage()
Thu, Dec 8th 2016 3:57p   Paul Withers
Recently I picked up on a discussion about managed beans, viewScope and full page refreshes. If I understood the comments correctly, the expectation was that a full page refresh would reload the managed bean. My IBM Connect session at the beginning of this year (which is being re-run for TLCC’s webinar next week) was all about expectations and troubleshooting to verify that the expectations are correct. So I had a database already set up with everything to verify and explain what actually
Watson Work Services Java API Introduction
Thu, Nov 24th 2016 2:45p   Paul Withers
For a few weeks now, Christian Guedemann and I have been working on a Java API to send requests to Watson Work Services to interact with a Watson Workspace. I blogged about the approach recently. I was determined to avoid Java developers having to write strings of JSON data to pass as queries to Watson Work Services. Over the weekend I saw a tweet from Christian where he had incorporated the code into a Workspace Client 4 Eclipse plugin: @guedeWebGate @PaulSWithers looking good mate — Mat Ne
DDE Local Preview and CKEditor
Thu, Nov 24th 2016 1:51p   Paul Withers
For a long time I’ve been a strong advocate of using a local Domino server for XPages development. DDE Local preview had its place for Notes Client development, but has not had the required investment to keep pace with XPages enhancements. There are now too many quirks and workarounds required when using local preview to justify it as a viable tool. And the amount of development required to address those issues (not to mention QA and testing), even if possible do not justify the request. W
Watson Workspace and Watson Work Services
Thu, Oct 27th 2016 3:11p   Paul Withers
This week has brought the preview beta of Watson Workspace and Watson Work Services, what was previously called Toscana. These are very early days, without a doubt. Some are disappointed at the progress since the announcement at IBM Connect in February (seem screenshots can be seen here). The majority of features users take for granted in comparative products like Slack and Skype (e.g. direct messages, @mention alerts, favourites) still missing. But there has clearly been a lot of work undertake
Whatever Happened to “XPages Extension Library: Second Edition”
Tue, Oct 11th 2016 9:53a   Paul Withers
I’ve mentioned at user groups that there is unlikely to ever be a second edition of “XPages Extension Library” and many of the reasons have been apparent for all well before now. Whatever the decision about the future of application development on Domino that IBM release, whether at the end of this year or later, I am now more convinced than ever that there will be no point in writing a second edition. A little over two years ago, “Mastering XPages 2nd Edition” had
From XPages to Web App Part Seventeen: CrossWorlds
Wed, Oct 5th 2016 7:08a   Paul Withers
Table of Contents Introduction Part One – The Application Part Two – XPages Advanced 1 Part Three: XPages Advanced Database Separation Part Four: XPages Advanced Document Wrapper Part Five: XPages Advanced MVC Controller Part Six: Use of OpenNTF Domino API Part Seven: OSGi Application Development Introduction Part Eight: OSGi JAX-RS REST Access with ODA Part Nine: OsgiWorlds Part Ten: Vaadin Part Eleven: OsgiWorlds Document Wrapper Part Twelve: Key Date Page Part Thirteen
REST Services, JsonJavaObject and Dates
Sat, Sep 24th 2016 10:40a   Paul Withers
In REST services, the standard format for dates is the ISO 8601 format, which formats the time offset against UTC. So 24th September 2016 12:00:00 British Summer Time would be a string in the format “2016-09-24T12:00:00+01:00”. However, when you want to use that in your application, you need to convert the text string to something your application can use, which when doing a JAX-RS REST service means some flavour of Java date. java.util.Date doesn’t actually include any timezon
Thanks, David Leedy!
Mon, Sep 19th 2016 6:15p   Paul Withers
It seems very fitting that part way through a blog post about community, Marky Roden released his “Not NotesIn9” celebration of David Leedy. It’s been a pleasure to know Dave and call him a friend for so long. So, somewhat belatedly, here’s my video (I missed the NotesIn9 on embedding a video properly, so you might need to click on the button to display in full screen mode). Below it there’s a picture of Dave, if you don’t know him (sorry, couldn’t resis
The Importance of Community
Mon, Sep 19th 2016 5:08p   Paul Withers
Back in April, after Engage and an XPages on Bluemix seminar at IBM Ireland I wrote a piece called “The Future of (Domino) App Dev in a Single Word”. That word was community, and the feeling was driven by public and private initiatives around XPages and XPages development. This seems a profoundly apposite moment to revisit that sentiment. The Evolution of XPages Let’s step back seven years. Web development had taken off and more and more applications were being delivered for br
What’s New in Notes and Domino
Tue, Sep 13th 2016 9:41a   Paul Withers
At IBM Connect 2016 in January, IBM announced delivery of 9.0.2 in Q4 2016. But from May (I first saw this in public at the equivalent of IBM Connect Comes to You in London) IBM announced that 9.0.2 would not be delivered as expected. There have been two important and relevant announcements recently. The first was an announcement about changes around downloading Notes/Domino files from Fix Central. The second was an announcement of extended support for Notes and Domino. The first thing worth not
Intec at ICON UK
Tue, Sep 6th 2016 9:05a   Paul Withers
With just over a week until ICON UK, it will be a busy event for Intec. I (Paul Withers) will be delivering a session on graph databases called “Find your data – use GraphDB capabilities in XPages applications – and beyond“. I recently blogged on my personal blog site about why I am a big fan of graph databases. I recently came across a blog post by Christian Tillmans who also seems to be a fan of graph databases. The session will focus on what graph database options are
IBM Domino App Dev Hits the Headlines
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 7:26a   Paul Withers
IBM Domino has always been very active within Germany. So it’s no surprise that online IT journal Heise Online published an article summarising recent blog posts about the current state of application development for the IBM Domino platform. IBM have shown a commitment to the platform for mail, always quick to say that Verse is still IBM Domino at the backend and already providing a closed beta for the on premises version of Verse. But the position of the platform for application developme
Thanks For The Good Times, Pete
Fri, Aug 19th 2016 8:34a   Paul Withers
As many will already have seen, Pete Janzen’s last day at IBM is today. I’ve been fortunate enough to know Pete for some years no and he has laways been a pleasure to work with. The first time I talked with him was at Lotusphere some years ago, shortly after I had started blogging. I managed to catch him in the corridor of the Swan after his session and introduced myself. I was impressed that not only did Pete already know who I was, he said he had wanted to speak to me. Fast forward
SSJS Revisited: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Tue, Aug 16th 2016 7:20p   Paul Withers
It is a number of years now since I decided to commit to Java, for a number of reasons. The biggest were: lack of good compile-time validation, which meant it was possible to mistype a variable name or method name lack of templating, which meant constantly typing try/catch blocks difficulty troubleshooting – this was before the SSJS debugger, but even when the debugger was released, I struggled to work well with it A little while after starting with Java I had a discussion with Tim Tripc
The annual appraisal – is it still relevant?
Thu, Aug 11th 2016 8:56a   Paul Withers
It’s coming up to that time of year again, and your manager sends a calendar invite to meet for your annual appraisal. Not something you’ve been looking forward to, as it’s highly likely that your agenda’s differ. They want you to become more productive and are likely to have all sorts of new responsibilities, procedures and measurement metrics to hoist on you, and you want to know how much they appreciate you, and how they’re going to express that in financial term
JSON RPC Service, Component Tree Manipulation and OpenLog
Thu, Aug 4th 2016 5:29p   Paul Withers
One of the parts of the XPages Extension Library I’ve not used extensively is a component under the Data Access category called Remote Service – the JSON RPC Service. This allows server-side code to be triggered from client-side JavaScript and return a string response. The server-side code can also receive parameters. It’s covered from page 351 in the XPages Extension Library book. Just to refresh on this, the JSON RPC Service component is allocated a serviceName, which is the
Displaying Images with “Don’t Allow URL Open”
Mon, Jul 18th 2016 5:09a   Paul Withers
Recently I was adding a new XPages front-end onto an existing database. I chose to split database and XPages application, so the data is in a separate database. So, for security purposes and to prevent access to the old web front-end, I had the bright of locking down URL access by enabling the “Don’t allow URL open” property on the database. It seemed like a great idea, until I realised the documents also included images; and the image is displayed by URL; which goes to the ori
Intec Appoint David Mason as Non Executive Director
Thu, Jun 9th 2016 12:16p   Paul Withers
The board of directors of Intec Systems Limited today announces the appointment of David Mason as a non-executive director of the Company with effect from 1st June 2016. David has an outstanding record as a business leader in Human Resources. He served as Director of Recruitment at Capita from Jul 2014 to Dec 2015, and at RBS from Nov 2010 to Jun 2014, in positions including Head of Resourcing for UK and Europe, and Global COO Resourcing, where he developed and implemented a new Global Talent Ma
How employment branding can help create a high performing workforce
Fri, Jun 3rd 2016 4:17a   Paul Withers
In recent conversations I have had with companies on their recruitment process, it has become clear how their own recruitment strategy is a jumble of trial and error and outsourcing it to agencies. Not many take into account how their own employees are feeling, working and performing. How can we expect to recruit the top talent if we don’t know how our current workforce is feeling? This is where the internal branding idea comes in. Internal branding is the story that an organisation tells. Thi
Talent Analytics from IBM – The Perfect Balance!
Wed, May 11th 2016 11:46a   Paul Withers
The post Talent Analytics from IBM – The Perfect Balance! appeared first on Intec Systems | IBM Business Partner | Collaboration Solutions Provider.

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