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SourceTree and Git/Mercurial: Important Information
Fri, Dec 19th 2014 77
OpenNTF Domino API: New Release and Serializing Databases / Documents
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 110
Why My XPages Buttons Are Only Ever “Buttons”
Fri, Aug 22nd 2014 118
Quick Tip to Quickly Jump To Where You Need to Work
Mon, Aug 18th 2014 97
10 Reasons All Companies Should Use Open Source
Fri, Aug 15th 2014 129
The Perils of getColumnValues().get(0)
Sun, Jul 20th 2014 133
XPages Build Project Investigations Improvement
Wed, Jul 9th 2014 109
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10 Steps to deploying a successful social business platform Step 9: Now paint the bridge from the other end
Mon, Jun 16th 2014 337
The Perils of getColumnValues().get(0)
Sun, Jul 20th 2014 133
Sessions, logout, sessionScope and userScope
Thu, Oct 24th 2013 130
10 Reasons All Companies Should Use Open Source
Fri, Aug 15th 2014 129
Why My XPages Buttons Are Only Ever “Buttons”
Fri, Aug 22nd 2014 118
OpenNTF Domino API: New Release and Serializing Databases / Documents
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 110
10 Steps to deploying a successful social business platform Step 10 – Dismantle delivery team
Mon, Jun 16th 2014 109
Triggering an EventHandler from Another Button
Tue, Jul 8th 2014 109
XPages Build Project Investigations Improvement
Wed, Jul 9th 2014 109
Java getAllDocumentsByKey / getAllEntriesByKey Problem With Doubles
Tue, May 20th 2014 105

Paul Withers
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Recent Blog Posts

SourceTree and Git/Mercurial: Important Information
Fri, Dec 19th 2014 8:09a   Paul Withers
For anyone who has used the slides from my Show and Tell on source control in January or the subsequent NotesIn9 episode, the recommended Git / Mercurial client was SourceTree. It’s an excellent tool for those who prefer a GUI and runs on Windows and Mac. The advice at the time was to use the embedded Git / Mercurial. For most XPages developers, who were only pushing and retrieving files via SourceTree, that was adequate. However, overnight I became aware of a security vulnerability with G [read] Keywords: show and tell xpages mac security

OpenNTF Domino API: New Release and Serializing Databases / Documents
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 6:12a   Paul Withers
Nathan has uploaded a new release of OpenNTF Domino API. There are a few significant differences in the upload this time. Firstly there is a separate install for Designer Client and Domino Server. That’s to minimise the footprint for the server. Those who have used M4.5 may have noticed the Javadoc support was lost, because we were packaging org.openntf.domino as a jar and incorporating that in the plugin. That meant Domino Designer “couldn’t see” the source files, from w [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm xpages database openntf server

Why My XPages Buttons Are Only Ever “Buttons”
Fri, Aug 22nd 2014 8:15a   Paul Withers
Buttons in XPages are interesting and potentially dangerous elements. They’re dangerous, mainly to less experienced XPages developers, because they have this apparently helpful combo box that immediately attracts the eye for Button type. Cancel is useful, but to be honest I never set that. All it does, if you look at the source pane, is set immediate=”true”. Based on the level of understanding I’ve got now of tuning events, it makes more sense to set that on the Events [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm xpages properties

Quick Tip to Quickly Jump To Where You Need to Work
Mon, Aug 18th 2014 6:12a   Paul Withers
Moment of most celebrated enlightenment usually comes from putting together a frustration with a piece of knowledge gleaned for a completely unrelated reason. A couple of days ago I had such an epiphany. Often when I’m developing I need to check something somewhere else on the XPage or Custom Control. Or I need to add a custom property to a Custom Control, for which I need to position the cursor on the xp:view element of the Custom Control in order to see the Custom Properties panel. But I [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm properties

10 Reasons All Companies Should Use Open Source
Fri, Aug 15th 2014 6:12a   Paul Withers
After one of my sessions at IBM Connect I was approached by a developer whose company would not use open source. The comment made me despair more than a little and has festered for some time. I’ve used code and projects from OpenNTF for many, many years before subsequently contributing to OpenNTF. Obviously as a contributor to and now director of OpenNTF my personal opinion on whether or not open source should be used is clear. Not allowing your developers to use open source is like expect [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm inotes lotus notes notes client symphony xpages application applications best practice community css database development dojo eclipse integration interface java javascript microsoft mobile office openntf openoffice oracle security twitter widgets

The Perils of getColumnValues().get(0)
Sun, Jul 20th 2014 4:12p   Paul Withers
Bill F posed a good question on StackOverflow about the issue of object.recycle and when to use it. It’s un understandable question and one I hit years ago after crashing a server looping through 20,000 documents in a search. I raised a PMR, got a response directing me to technotes on recycling in Java. Searching help, wikis and other places gave me no documentation on recycling in SSJS, which gave me reason to believe I was the first to hit the problem in XPages. So I blogged about it at [read] Keywords: agent domino xpages database java openntf server


XPages Build Project Investigations Improvement
Wed, Jul 9th 2014 7:15a   Paul Withers
Some time ago I wrote about how you have to build twice if you have Build Automatically switched off, then open an application in Designer and make a change – the first build was incremental. Just to revisit, I would always recommend having Build Automatically switched off unless you’re in an instance of Designer that can only ever have access to a local Domino server or local applications. Building a database remotely is not quick. Building a database has been known to break it if t [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages application applications database server

Triggering an EventHandler from Another Button
Tue, Jul 8th 2014 7:15a   Paul Withers
Today there was a question on StackOverflow about how to trigger an eventHandler of control A from control B. I knew I’d done it before, but couldn’t remember where and couldn’t find where I’d blogged on it. So here is the way I originally did it and the better way. The Padawan’s Way Once you start going to the source pane, you see much more than you do in the Design pane. One of those things you see is that you can click on an xp:eventHandler component and you see [read] Keywords: xpages java properties

What Happens When An XPage Loads?
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 4:11p   Paul Withers
There have been a few questions lately on StackOverflow trying to troubleshoot activity during the initial page load. So I thought I’d write a post to try to clarify the process. This certainly helps me pre-empt some functionality and provides an explanation for some of the questions I’ve seen. Using code from Jesse Gallagher’s XPages Scaffolding in projects has really helped give me this understanding, so I’d like to give Jesse a shoutout for his work. ViewHandlers and C [read] Keywords: xpages database java openntf properties server xml

10 Steps to deploying a successful social business platform Step 10 – Dismantle delivery team
Mon, Jun 16th 2014 1:12p   Paul Withers
If all has gone to plan, then a point will be reached (between two–three years on) where it is sensible to dismantle the delivery team and to replace them with platform managers from the different de-partments as the collaborative community matures. This does not necessarily mean that personnel who worked in the delivery team are no longer required, but rather that the role will have changed from a design and development role to a second line platform support and maintenance position. Previous [read] Keywords: collaboration community development

10 Steps to deploying a successful social business platform Step 9: Now paint the bridge from the other end
Mon, Jun 16th 2014 1:12p   Paul Withers
With an established group of champions and leaders in place and 2nd wavers starting to make use of the platform, the delivery team can now look at the next phase of the platform development and follow many of the steps completed above. In terms of the next phase, much will depend on the nature of the business and its priorities. That said, there are today a number of digital developments that all companies will be obliged to evaluate: Gamification; Social media integration with social business; [read] Keywords: collaboration development integration

Document Wrappers, Combo Boxes and Blank Fields
Fri, Jun 13th 2014 7:12a   Paul Withers
In a recent project I’ve extended the document wrapper Tim Tripcony showed in his NotesIn9 series on XPages and Java. Previously I’ve just used the dominoDocument datasource on the XPage. Today I was battling with a problem when editing a document that had been created in Notes. I was getting the very helpful message “Validation Error: Value is not valid”, with no help on which field it was referring to. I eventually tracked it down to a Combo Box. On the underlying docum [read] Keywords: notes rich text xpages java

10 Steps to deploying a successful social business platform Step 8: Use platform analytics to inform next action
Fri, Jun 13th 2014 6:12a   Paul Withers
Just as there is no real ‘go live date’ for a collaboration platform, there is also no end of project date. The collaboration community grows and needs to be maintained at all times. With most 2nd wavers now on the platform, usage and interaction will mushroom and this is the point where the delivery team needs to be able to gather platform analytics which they can share with the business and which will inform their next actions. So, for example, an HR initiative around talent management can [read] Keywords: collaboration community

10 Steps to deploying a successful social business platform Step 5: Identify champions and leaders
Wed, Jun 4th 2014 8:15a   Paul Withers
As a result of the immersion workshops the delivery team will be pleasantly surprised to see natural platform champions and leaders emerge. These are people who are either regular users of networking technology in their private lives (champions), or they are people who can immediately see the business benefits to be gained from this way of working (leaders). Identifying and ‘recruiting’ these people to help develop the company’s collaboration goal is the number one priority of the delivery [read] Keywords: collaboration networking

10 Steps to deploying a successful social business platform Step 7: Roll out in phases
Wed, Jun 4th 2014 8:15a   Paul Withers
There is no definitive ‘live date’ for a social business platform. With both 1st and 2nd wavers it is necessary to develop it in stages. After all, these people will be busy with their respective jobs and the time that they can devote to the platform in the early stages will vary enormously. This is the art of the community manager – the ability to work with users to identify a few simple business tasks that can be performed solely in the platform. They should then assist the business to c [read] Keywords: collaboration community email

10 Steps to deploying a successful social business platform Step 6: Seed content in consulted structure
Wed, Jun 4th 2014 8:15a   Paul Withers
Working with the 1st wavers, the delivery team can begin to create the platform structure that will increase chances of successful adoption. They should decide how many communities there needs to be, which ones will be private, and which ones will be public. They should cover a range of house-keeping topics and should agree best practices based on the specific company culture for things like tagging conventions, user profiles, blogs, wikis, and file sharing. Most important of all, however, is th [read] Keywords: collaboration email

A Cool Use for Component’s Binding Property
Tue, Jun 3rd 2014 8:15a   Paul Withers
A few months ago Tim Tripcony blogged about a component’s binding property which was followed up with a NotesIn9 episode. On Tim’s blog, Jesse Gallagher asked if it had led to any cool app-structuring breakthroughs. While preparing some XPages training materials, I realised there was one cool use of a component’s binding property that is very powerful. And it’s actually been around for quite some time without us really realising it. With the Extension Library, there is th [read] Keywords: ibm xpages javascript

Enabling Enums in a Value Picker
Mon, Jun 2nd 2014 7:15a   Paul Withers
Last week Jesse Gallagher blogged about using enums in a combo box. For those who are not familiar with enums, if you’ve started using Java it’s well worth reviewing the article where I covered them. Thankfully I was involved in a chat around that topic with Jesse and Nathan. I had previously written code to create an ArrayList from an enum, because I was using an enum for options for my Keyword documents. But Jesse’s solution is far more elegant, not least because it uses the [read] Keywords: domino java openntf

10 Steps to deploying a successful social business platform Step 4: Run immersion workshops (NOT training sessions)
Thu, May 29th 2014 6:12a   Paul Withers
With the social business scenarios in place it is time to share these with the rest of the organisation and gather feedback. This is best done by running what I like to call ‘immersion workshops’. These are relaxed, informal sessions where users can try out the platform (with the guidance of the delivery team) by logging in under fictitious names and working through a number of carefully designed tasks. It is important to differentiate these workshops from traditional training sessions. You [read] Keywords: collaboration facebook linkedin networking

10 Steps to deploying a successful social business platform Step 3: Use social to deliver social
Thu, May 29th 2014 6:12a   Paul Withers
Once the important decision to create a dedicated delivery team has been made, the important thing is for the team to ‘drink its own champagne’. This means ‘using social to deliver social’ by creating from day one a private community in the platform to discuss and plan the roll out of the platform to the rest of the company. This necessarily entails a rapid weaning off of email for the delivery team’s communication with each other. By doing all their work in the social business communi [read] Keywords: collaboration community email

10 Steps to deploying a successful social business platform Step 2: Create a dedicated delivery team
Wed, May 28th 2014 11:11a   Paul Withers
Unless and until an organisation creates a budget for a dedicated social business delivery team, user adoption will wax and wane and eventually tail off. The delivery team is a group of people (roughly 1 for every 1000 employees) who work full time on the user engagement and sustained adoption challenges relating to the roll-out of a social business platform. The delivery team will have ownership of the collaboration platform to begin with. They should work directly with all the organisational d [read] Keywords: collaboration community

10 Steps to deploying a successful social business platform Step 1: Culture Shift
Mon, May 26th 2014 4:12p   Paul Withers
Understand your culture in terms of collaboration and create a social business strategy that is in harmony with it. Simply making the technology available to employees is not enough; in fact it is a recipe for failure. 70 % of social business deployments are failing today due to the lack of a social business strategy. Creating a truly open and vibrant collaboration culture takes time and it is not easy. Let’s be clear, in terms of organisational impact, social business will have a bigger impac [read] Keywords: collaboration google network

Collaboration culture – Solving the user adoption challenge
Fri, May 23rd 2014 6:11a   Paul Withers
Before we can discuss how organisations get their employees to meaningfully engage with a collaboration platform (user adoption), we need to briefly address the question of why collaborate at all? Fortunately we are in the middle of a perfect storm in terms of both organisational and consumer shift. The digital technology that we use to do our jobs and to run our personal affairs is dove-tailing at speed. And this is making it easier by the minute for people to understand the social business imp [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm email exchange exchange facebook linkedin networking twitter

Java getAllDocumentsByKey / getAllEntriesByKey Problem With Doubles
Tue, May 20th 2014 6:11a   Paul Withers
I try to avoid using the word “bug” too freely, because those who live by the word “bug” may die by the word “bug”! After all, we’re software developers whose own software may include bugs. Use the word freely and we can’t complain when others also do. But a little while ago I was battling a strange problem which I’ve been able to isolate. I was using getAllDocumentsByKey, passing a Vector comprising a String, a Double and another Double. (To [read] Keywords: agent ibm lotusscript notes xpages bug database java javascript server

Tim Tripcony: A Brilliant Intellect and A Great Personality
Mon, May 12th 2014 4:12p   Paul Withers
As many others in the community, I am devastated at the tragic news from Scott Hooks of the passing of Tim Tripcony. I first met Tim in person some years ago at BLUG, although I had since co-hosted an episode of The XCast in which he appeared and he had already contributed many comments on my blog. Tim’s infectious personality and his audacious willingness to push the boundaries of XPages was bound to impress anyone. And when I learned that this guru who was already living deep in the bowe [read] Keywords: xpages community development java linkedin twitter

Understanding XPages Views
Fri, May 9th 2014 7:12a   Paul Withers
Over the last few days my understanding of views and an XPages display of content has become much clearer. I don’t think I’m the only one who has confused the boundaries between the various moving parts and not fully understood the granularity involved. But the objects all have a clear place and function, and when you break down what’s being specified where, it’s all very logical and sensible. At that point, expectations become more realistic. The three elements are the [read] Keywords: domino notes notes client xpages database properties

DataViews and Nested Repeats
Thu, May 8th 2014 7:12a   Paul Withers
The DataView is an extremely powerful control that was added with the Extension Library. I was never a huge fan of the View Control. It was limited in its datasources and layouts. But the DataView accepts any datasource, provides a nice out-of-the-box layout as well as allowing flexibility with facets. Unsurprisingly it took up a large portion of Chapter 7 (which I wrote) in the XPages Extension Library book. But a couple of times now I’ve come across errors when nesting repeats within the [read] Keywords: xpages application javascript

Fully Understanding Rendered Property and Components With Events
Wed, May 7th 2014 5:11p   Paul Withers
Some time ago I posted about the number of times the rendered property gets calculated during the JSF lifecycle and the benefits of partial execution. (One caveat is that I haven’t re-tried that since 8.5.x, so more optimisation may have been built into the XPages runtime engine.) One way of optimising calculations in the rendered property is to ensure they are not run during other phases of the lifecycle. I have always been a little confused about why it is calculated so many times. The a [read] Keywords: xpages application java server

XPages OpenLog Logger v5.0
Wed, Apr 23rd 2014 8:12a   Paul Withers
Events in my personal life took over at the end of March, and I realised I had not yet blogged about the last release of XPages OpenLog Logger. This had a number of feature enhancements. The first was to move the openLogBean from requestScope to sessionScope. The reason for doing this was to address issues developers had encountered when an error is logged and the code subsequently redirects to a different XPage. Once a redirect happens, it’s a new request on the server, so requestScope, a [read] Keywords: domino xpages archiving database development openntf server

Mastering XPages 2nd Edition Released
Tue, Apr 22nd 2014 7:12a   Paul Withers
Mastering XPages has been released today by IBM Press, as followers of Twitter or anyone who pre-ordered the book from IBM Press. Amazon will be shipping shortly. I had the honour or being one of the technical editors of the book and it is well worth investing in, whether you bought the first edition or not. There is a vast amount of new material (1168 pages compared to 784) including a number of additional examples for real-life applications like managing document locking in XPages. Not surpris [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages application applications properties server twitter

Database.getApiPath(): One of the Hidden Gems of OpenNTF Domino API
Tue, Apr 15th 2014 6:11a   Paul Withers
Currently I’m in the process of going through ensuring documentation is available for all methods in OpenNTF Domino API. It’s going to take some time, not least because Javadocs need adding for all lotus.domino methods, as well as the additional methods we’ve added. One of the benefits is I’m finding out about methods that have been available for a long time that are really useful. One of those is Database.getApiPath(). Although the name may seem unclear for a start, it&# [read] Keywords: domino lotus xpages application database openntf

Adding Bootswatch Themes to Bootstrap4XPages
Mon, Apr 7th 2014 7:11a   Paul Withers
Last week I started playing with Bootstrap4XPages. It’s been around for a few months now and is part of OpenNTF Essentials. But I finally got round to playing with it. Although having lots of whitespace seems in vogue for websites, personally I don’t like that. So one of my first steps was to change the theme. Fortunately, Bootswatch allows a host of themes to just lay on top of Bootstrap, in the same kind of way versions of OneUI have various themes. Tim Tripcony did a NotesIn9 some [read] Keywords: xpages application css enterprise openntf

OpenNTF Domino API: Understanding Listeners
Wed, Mar 26th 2014 7:11a   Paul Withers
Since M3 we’ve had Listeners implemented in the OpenNTF Domino API. Although there’s potential for even greater implementation of listeners through the API, they’re already extremely powerful. Think about triggering specific code whenever a document is saved from XPages. The concept is very powerful and there has been an example in the Demo database for many months. But as I’ve been going through reviewing Javadoc comments in the API, I’ve realised it’s never [read] Keywords: domino xpages database java openntf wiki

SBT and Propogating XPages Performance Preferences to Notes Clients Via Policy
Mon, Mar 24th 2014 7:11a   Paul Withers
XPages in Notes Client is one area that is receiving constant development. With 8.5.3 we gained Domino server and Notes client preferences XPagesPreload=1 and XPagesPreloadDB=myServer!!myDb.nsf/myXPage.xsp,myLocalDb.nsf/test.xsp. These preloaded the XPages runtime and preloads specific databases. Then with 9.0 we gained the functionality in Notes Client to define XPages that need to run on the server on a new XPages Performance tab in the Preferences. Enabling applications to run on server has [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes notes client xpages application applications database desktop development eclipse javascript properties server

Show Submit Button Only When All Mandatory Fields Completed
Thu, Mar 20th 2014 4:11p   Paul Withers
Today I had this query about refreshing multiple areas of the page on a blog post about partial execution: I have several input text fields with onChange events that do a partial updates on panels (a panel for each field) that contain the images that display whether the required field is completed. But I also have a submit button at the top of the xPage, that only becomes usable when all required fields are completed. So, I’d like to be able to refresh that button also, from each required fiel [read] Keywords: xpages java javascript server

Slides from OpenNTF Domino API Session at Engage
Thu, Mar 20th 2014 3:11p   Paul Withers
Earlier this week I had the pleasure to present with Martin Jinoch at Engage in Nertherlands. It was good to present on the API with someone who’s main involvement has been as a consumer, though very much an active member of discussions on existing and new functionality. Here are the slides, which included more recent developments like picker data sources and a formula parser. A new release of the API will be coming out in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. [read] Keywords: domino openntf

Preloading XPiNC Applications
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 4:11p   Paul Withers
Recently I’ve been working on an application for XPages in Notes Client. Part of that has been using Domino Data Services in the application. One of the problems I came across was that the Domino Data Service was not running as the current logged on user, even though I was calling it from Java. I needed to pass credentials. But even when passing the credentials, it was not working on a local XPiNC application. Instead it was throwing an ECL security exception, even though the signer had th [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes notes client xpages application applications database java openntf properties security server

Method Parameters and The Importance of Final in Java
Thu, Mar 6th 2014 6:11a   Paul Withers
Most developers (certainly myself!) are lazy. We look to re-use code and write the briefest code we can. Sometimes it backfires! When writing a method, either in Java or LotusScript, we can often pass parameters around with little concern. I came across that some years ago with LotusScript when objects were being changed by a function when I didn’t intend that. That was when I learned that you could define a sub or function in two ways. So consider the following code: Dim myStr as String [read] Keywords: lotusscript best practice java twitter

Speaking at Engage.ug
Tue, Mar 4th 2014 7:14a   Paul Withers
Two weeks from now I’ll be speaking at Engage.ug, along with a host of illustrious names from IBM and the community. I’ll be speaking with Martin Jinoch about the OpenNTF Domino API. After speaking on the API solo at various user groups and during speedgeeking at IBM Connect, it will be interesting to co-host the session with someone who consumes the API and has been very active in working on the Demo database and providing feedback on the API. As ever, the material has been updated [read] Keywords: domino ibm community database development java openntf

Configuring Eclipse for Domino Debug Plugin
Mon, Feb 24th 2014 7:12a   Paul Withers
Some time ago Niklas Heidloff blogged about three kinds of XPages developers – those who just use drag and drop with SSJS / JavaScript; those who use Java but only in an NSF; and those who develop with Java outside the NSF. For some time I’ve been doing some development outside the NSF, but after discussions with some other developers, I’m beginning to see the benefits of moving all Java outside the NSF. It may add some deployment challenges, but will also save a lot on reusabi [read] Keywords: domino notes xpages community development eclipse java javascript server vm

Compatibility Mode: What Any XPages (or Web Developer) Needs To Know
Wed, Feb 19th 2014 5:11a   Paul Withers
This rant is not the result of any individual project,I’ve been meaning to write it for a while. It’s also as much out of disillusionment of believing web developers who say you can switch off compatibility mode, because it’s not what happens necessarily. When developing for a corporate environment, the default browser is usually Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer has always required a lot of hacks, so much so that in the past traditional Domino web applications for internal [read] Keywords: domino policies xpages application applications development javascript

XPages OpenLog Logger v4.0
Mon, Feb 10th 2014 4:11p   Paul Withers
I’ve just released a new version of XPages OpenLog Logger. It’s predominantly a release to catch SSJS errors of classes NotesException and java.io.IOException, as well as wrapping processUncaughtException code in try/catch blocks, to capture any classes I haven’t come across yet. I and other developers have encountered these unexpected error class types when no try/catch has been added to your SSJS code. One feature has been added. From OpenNTF Domino API I had a request to sup [read] Keywords: domino xpages application java openntf server

Understanding SSJS
Wed, Feb 5th 2014 3:11p   Paul Withers
There have been a few posts today on StackOverflow about SSJS being run when it’s not expected. I think a lot of that comes from a misunderstanding of what’s happening on the server. Parsing of Values Firstly, property values are just plain text.That’s reinforced if you look at the Java class for an XPage or Custom Control in Package Explorer, under Localxsp. For example, here’s a method that creates a Computed Field: private UIComponent createText(FacesContext context, [read] Keywords: domino xpages database java javascript openntf server

Domino Server + Connections + Sametime VM Image
Mon, Feb 3rd 2014 8:15a   Paul Withers
Niklas Heidloff’s session with Henning Schmen at IBM Connect – AD206: Build Apps Rapidly by Leveraging Services from IBM Collaboration Solutions on Wednesday 5:30 – was very interesting from a number of aspects. I’ve long believed that part of the barrier to Connections development is that many developers not to mention end users can’t envisage where application development can add value to IBM Connections. Niklas’s Partner Community project, which he covered [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm sametime xpages application applications community development security server vm

2014: The Year Notes and Domino Stopped Looking Like Notes and Domino
Sat, Feb 1st 2014 12:15p   Paul Withers
Notes and Domino have long been lampooned as a bad user experience. From an app dev point of view, XPages came along and gave us some freedom. Notes 9.0 gave us a fresh UI and some nice usability enhancements (Ctrl + v to paste as plain text, Quick Find box, Group By Date etc). On slide 16 of my session with Mike McGarel I showed a Twitter conversation I picked up late last year. It shows how with Twitter Bootstrap a developer could create an application users didn’t think of as a Domino w [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes R5 xpages application applications email openntf outlook twitter workspace

Back-End Developers Are From Mars, Front-End Developer Are From Venus
Sat, Feb 1st 2014 10:14a   Paul Withers
First of all, I’m not saying back-end developers are real men or are the only ones who have “Curiosity”! But I’ve begun to realise more and more that XPages developers are either back-end or front-end, features or look & feel. In the old days of Notes Client development, the two were so tightly coupled that there was no separation. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Notes got a bad reputation. But it was not particularly easy to know which camp you were in. But ov [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lei notes notes client sametime xpages community development enterprise integration java javascript mobile openntf properties twitter

BP204: Slides and Demo Application
Fri, Jan 31st 2014 9:11p   Paul Withers
Here are the slides and demo app Mike McGarel and I used for our session on Tuesday, “It’s Not Infernal: Dante’s Nine Circles of XPages Heaven”. Below is the link to a zip file containing the demo applications. The Infernotes.nsf version will work if you don’t have the OpenNTF Domino API. The one suffixed “OpenNTFDomino” requires the OpenNTF Domino API to be installed. Infernotes Demo Application [read] Keywords: domino xpages application applications openntf

SHOW 103 – Source Control An End To End Solution
Wed, Jan 29th 2014 9:11a   Paul Withers
Earlier today Declan Lynch and I presented on source control. Unfortunately we didn’t make it through all 337 slides and, more frustratingly, had to cut short the demo that handled merge conflicts in branches. But I will be recording that in the near future for David Leedy. But the slides below cover all details of using Git Flow (Hg Flow is the same) to create features, hotfixes and handle the merge conflict. The first part covers installing Redmine or Stash with JIRA. (Obviously 337 slid [read] Keywords:

Number crunching for XPages Java Padawans
Tue, Jan 14th 2014 7:11a   Paul Withers
Integrating Java into XPages is not particularly challenging, once you are comfortable with SSJS. There are some gotchas around Domino objects (database.getTitle() and other such methods that return primitive values – strings, etc – still return the value even after the object has been recycled!), but those are the kinds of things the OpenNTF Domino API are designed to prevent developers having to worry about. But there are two aspects that developers are likely to hit pretty quickly [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotusscript xpages database java openntf security

If You Write Java in XPages, Get FindBugs
Wed, Jan 8th 2014 5:11p   Paul Withers
If you’re coming to XPages from traditional Domino development, it’s a bit of a steep learning curve. But once you’ve got comfortable with SSJS and the partial refresh lifecycle, you should be looking to move to Java. Even though the Java compile-time validation is much tighter and avoids a lot of inadvertent errors from SSJS (forgetting to add “var”, for example), there are some challenges and some gotchas. The OpenNTF Domino API was designed to overcome some of th [read] Keywords: domino notes xpages database development eclipse google java openntf

Why Source Control?
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 7:11a   Paul Withers
Ray Bilyk posed a very valid question on yesterday’s blog, asking about reasons why to use source control. Although we’ll cover some of this in the session, the main focus is on using source control. So I’ve decided to cover the main reasons I use source control in more detail here. Architecture First, it’s important to understand what we mean by source control. Source Control is not about creating an On Disk Project. The On Disk Project is a means to an end. There are a [read] Keywords: domino dxl notes ntf xpages application applications css database development eclipse interface java javascript mobile openntf server workspace xml

IBM Connect 2014
Thu, Jan 2nd 2014 8:10a   Paul Withers
Over the Christmas period I’ve been rather quiet, mainly because I’ve been working on session for IBM Connect. This year I’m likely to be even busier than normal with two sessions. Beyond that, I’ll probably also be hanging around the OpenNTF stand a bit as well as various activities associated with being selected again as an IBM Champion. If you’re there and you see me, I’m always happy to speak to members of the community. If not, look out for the slides of [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus xpages best practice community development dojo mobile openntf twitter

Update Site for Eclipse Coloor Themes
Mon, Dec 9th 2013 6:11a   Paul Withers
I’ve had the request to post the update site for Eclipse Color Themes that can be used in Domino Designer, built from version 0.12.0. I’m conscious it can be a bit daunting if you’re not familiar with Eclipse, and although I would encourage developers to have a go (the instructions are on my previous post), here is a pre-created Update Site. All credit goes to the guys who developed the plugin, I’m just packaging up an old version that I haven’t found pre-packaged a [read] Keywords: domino application eclipse

Eclipse Color Themes and Domino Designer
Thu, Nov 28th 2013 5:17a   Paul Withers
Jesse Gallagher, amongst others, has blogged before about installing the Eclipse Color Themes plugin into Domino Designer, to give a richer styling for editors. It’s something I did a long time ago and my preferred theme is part of the preferences I have exported from Domino Designer. But when I installed 9.0.1 I did a fresh install, so didn’t have the Eclipse Color Theme plugin installed. That was not a problem though, because the theme still worked. But without the plugin, you have [read] Keywords: domino application eclipse xml

The Name Picker, Readers / Authors Fields and OpenNTF Domino API Helper Methods
Thu, Nov 21st 2013 7:18p   Paul Withers
Recently I’ve been working with the Name Picker where I was using the Name Picker to select values that would then be used for Readers and Authors fields.  I noticed that although it picks from address books, the names are stored by default in abbreviated format, e.g. Paul Withers/MyCompany rather than canonical format, e.g. CN=Paul Withers/O=MyCompany. This prompted a discussion with some other XPagers, to check I wasn’t going mad. There was some discussion about whether or not R [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusscript notes xpages application best practice java openntf properties server

Java and Selections Part Eight: Value Pickers With Label-Value Pairs
Fri, Nov 15th 2013 7:17a   Paul Withers
About six months ago I did a tutorial series on passing a List or Set into a Value Picker. That covered the scenario where the label and value are the same. Somewhat belatedly, I’m concluding the series with the code for passing in a Map – the scenario where the label and the value need to be different. Some developers may already have implemented that based on my previous blog posts and the XSnippet for the ListPicker dataProvider for Value Picker, though I haven’t seen that b [read] Keywords: java openntf

Getting “Awesome” Category Icons in Data Views
Tue, Nov 12th 2013 2:14p   Paul Withers
The Data View is an extremely powerful control and the standard view control I use now. That’s some statement considering that prior to the Extension Library I avoided the View Panel as much as possible in favour of Repeat Controls. The View Panel I found very limiting both from the point of view of data sources as well as layout. But there are always things you want to change. And while many of them are made available to developers via the Properties view and have been explained either in [read] Keywords: notes xpages application css database dojo javascript openntf properties

Optimising View Data and Avoiding Errors
Wed, Nov 6th 2013 7:11a   Paul Withers
Since 8.5.1 dominoView datasources have had a property dataCache. By default the setting is “full” which means that all the data for all relevant entries and columns is stored in the server-side map of the page. That can impact the size of content held in memory or being written to disk. But there is also another impact, because some data like DateTimes cannot be stored natively in memory or on disk, for the same reason that such Domino objects cannot be stored in viewScope etc. The [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages java server

Sessions, logout, sessionScope and userScope
Thu, Oct 24th 2013 7:11a   Paul Withers
One of the common misconceptions I’ve come across with XPages developers is that sessionScope will contain the information for the current logged on user. It can, but it may not. And discussions with Serdar Basegmez and Russ Maher over the last couple of days have helped me understand things yet further. Let’s back up here and cover some very important points: XPages applications that require authentication, first hit the Domino HTTP server, which prompts for authentication and is [read] Keywords: domino xpages application applications database java javascript openntf server

Location, Location, Location
Thu, Oct 17th 2013 3:13p   Paul Withers
Recently I’ve answered two queries from different sources, both of which manifested themselves with mail functionality not working as expected. In both cases, Notes Clients had been newly installed. In both, the cause was the same. The first was with an application that was throwing an error when LotusScript was calling NotesDocument.send() to send an email. The second was an impassioned plea from the one and only Joyce Davis. Calendar alarms were not popping up in her newly-installed Note [read] Keywords: lotusscript notes notes client application applications database email server

Source Control, DXL and Traditional Domino Web Elements
Tue, Oct 15th 2013 8:11a   Paul Withers
While using source control I recently encountered one aspect of traditional Domino development that does not play well with DXL round-tripping. Because I tend to be merging changes outside of Domino Designer, in my preferences (Domino Designer > Source Control) I have Use Binary DXL for source control operations deselected. Recently I was working on a database that is now a hybrid of traditional Domino web and XPages. In some Forms the JavaScript libraries had been inserted into the JS Hea [read] Keywords: domino dxl script library xpages applications css database development javascript

Thanks, Bruce
Wed, Oct 2nd 2013 6:12a   Paul Withers
For as long as I can remember, Bruce Elgort has been chairman of OpenNTF. I just looked up to see how long and found he’s been chairman since December 2001, almost as long as I’ve been developing Domino applications. OpenNTF has been a key resource for me as a developer, an area I’ve contributed to over recent years and recently joined the board. I couldn’t possibly speak about all the work Bruce has done over the years for OpenNTF, but it’s continued to evolve in r [read] Keywords: collaboration domino applications community openntf

Source Control Management Systems and Rabbit Hutches
Sun, Sep 29th 2013 4:11p   Paul Withers
This weekend has been quite busy for me. In addition to umpiring my first National Premier League netball match of the season, I decided to build two things. One was a new rabbit hutch and the other was a source control management system. I’ve never been that good at practical exercises. I’m very adept at finding new and interesting ways to go wrong. So both needed to be easy. The rabbit hutch was easy. Front, back, roof, floor tray, all different. Two sides, with holes for dowels fr [read] Keywords: administration domino application database eclipse google interface java linux server vm

Protected: More on VariableResolvers
Tue, Sep 24th 2013 4:11p   Paul Withers
This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: [read] Keywords: openntf password

Moving from LotusScript/SSJS to Java: Interfaces and Enums
Thu, Sep 19th 2013 4:11p   Paul Withers
In this blog post, I’m going to explain two of the concepts I covered when describing my work on XPages OpenLog Logger – interfaces and enums. Firstly, I will state categorically that diving into Java not a step I recommend to those starting out on XPages development from a Notes Client development background. There is a steep enough learning curve. Working out how you should climb over the hurdles is challenging enough at times, without trying to work out if the problem is actually [read] Keywords: domino lotusscript notes notes client xpages development interface java openntf properties

XPages OpenLog Logger and OpenNTF Domino API: Class Structure
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 4:12p   Paul Withers
The structure prior to my recent work was one-dimensional. As part of the development for XPages OpenLog Logger, I made all the methods of the OpenLogItem class static. The reasoning was so that developers didn’t need to create an OpenLogItem object before calling any method, like logError(). So instead of: OpenLogItem oli_ = new OpenLogItem(); oli_.logError(new Throwable("An Error")); developers could just write: OpenLogItem.logError(new Throwable("An Error")); OpenLogPhaseListener t [read] Keywords: domino lotus xpages application development integration interface java openntf

XPages OpenLog Logger and OpenNTF Domino API
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 7:11a   Paul Withers
I haven’t blogged a great deal recently, but that’s because I’ve been rather busy with ICON UK and refactoring XPages OpenLog Logger into OpenNTF Domino API. I finally completed that work last night, so I’m going to be writing a few blogs to cover what’s been done. That’s for a number of reasons. So people know the steps to easily incorporate OpenNTF Domino API into NSFs that use XPages OpenLog Logger; so people can understand the refactoring done to minimise [read] Keywords: domino xpages java openntf

ICON UK: Modified Update Site to Save Jar
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 7:11a   Paul Withers
At ICON UK I presented about the OpenNTF Domino API and mentioned a modified Update Site template for dropping the org.openntf.domino jar into a server / Designer install. I was reminded recently that I had not included that in my session material. So here it is. Firstly, a few caveats: This is provided as is. I’ve tested it to drop the jar into Windows. I don’t have the capacity to test on other platforms. It will work fine for dropping the files onto the server. It doesn’t w [read] Keywords: admin agent domino lotusscript notes xpages application java openntf server

Session slides from ICON UK and OpenNTF Domino API Demo Database
Tue, Sep 3rd 2013 7:10a   Paul Withers
Yesterday I presented two sessions at ICON UK, one on the OpenNTF Domino API and the other on XPages Mobile Controls. Both were busy sessions and thanks to everyone who attended. Here are the slides and also a demo database for the OpenNTF Domino API. A few things to bear in mind for using the demo database: If you’re comfortable with source control using Git, I’d recommend downloading from GitHub – the link is in the slides. That way you’ll be able to get new pages as I [read] Keywords: calendaring domino xpages apple database mobile openntf

Restoring Domino Designer…Including Working Sets
Thu, Aug 15th 2013 3:17p   Paul Withers
Since 8.5.0 I’ve been searching for everything that needs to be done to restore Domino Designer. Some time ago I blogged about exporting and importing Domino Designer preferences but I had always struggled to work out which files / folders were required for Working Sets. Today I decided to do a clean install and finally managed to track down all the relevant folders to have working sets installed in a few seconds. All are in the workspace folder workspace stores all the relevant folders [read] Keywords: domino ibm apple applications eclipse workspace xml

Generating Javadocs for XPages Applications
Wed, Aug 14th 2013 7:14a   Paul Withers
A few weeks ago Stephan Wissel blogged about securing XPages applications using an ANT script and, in a side note, also recommended generating a Javadoc at the same time. For some time I’ve seen the Generate Javadoc… option on the Project menu of Domino Designer. If you’ve ever tried clicking on it, you’ll have found that it doesn’t work out of the box. So, encouraged by Stephan’s blog post, I dug deeper. A number of Eclipse-related articles on the web helped [read] Keywords: domino xpages apple application applications archive css database development eclipse google java openntf oracle properties xml

Upcoming Activities on OpenNTF and ICONUK, Plus Tack It On
Mon, Aug 12th 2013 7:21a   Paul Withers
Over the next few weeks I shall be rather busy talking about a variety of topics. Tomorrow is the latest OpenNTF Webinar, How did you do that? Hear from the Winners of the XPages App Dev Contest (10am EST). I shall be speaking about XPages OpenLog Logger project – some of the development techniques I used in the project as well as some of tools I used to manage the project. There’s a lot in it, bearing in mind the project includes a Managed Bean, a PhaseListener, interaction with xs [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm notes xpages applications development eclipse mobile openntf properties

Programmatically Accessing and Updating DataContexts
Wed, Aug 7th 2013 7:18a   Paul Withers
XPages provides a number of options for holding global variables at various hierarchical levels. Scoped variables allow data items to be scoped to application, session (browser session), view and request. But the values cannot be calculated dynamically within the map itself. However, they can easily be updated by accessing the map from SSJS or Java and just replacing the value. DataContexts are very powerful for holding global variables scoped to a smaller area than an XPage. They also allow you [read] Keywords: xpages application java javascript openntf properties

Enabling Typeahead Content Assist in Themes and Using The Eclipse Snippets View
Thu, Aug 1st 2013 4:23p   Paul Withers
A few weeks ago Naveen Maurya posted a blog about enabling typeahead content assist for faces-config.xml files. The faces-config formatting is standard for JSF so is available from the Sun / Oracle website under the JavaServer Faces DTDs category. Unfortunately, however, XPages themes resources are not standard. A folder of DTDs has bee provided with Notes / Domino since R6, used for DXL processing. It can be found in xmlschemas or xmlschemas. However, because this is only used for DXL manipulat [read] Keywords: domino dxl notes R6 xpages development eclipse oracle properties server xml

Using SourceTree with Domino Designer
Fri, Jul 12th 2013 6:15a   Paul Withers
For some time I’ve been using source control, predominantly for personal projects. The way I’ve used it has changed over time and is still changing. There are a number of source control options, but the ones I’ve used are Mercurial and Git. Personally Git is my preferred option. That’s mainly because when I tried an existing database, I had to push it up in multiple chunks with Mercurial, but Git took the whole thing in one go. For those not used to source control, there [read] Keywords: domino dxl ibm xpages apple application applications database development eclipse google linking openntf properties server twitter xslt

OpenNTF Projects and Videos
Wed, Jul 3rd 2013 7:17a   Paul Withers
It’s been a busy couple of weeks with me, not least with turning 40 last week! I’d like to thank the judges and everyone else involved in the Appathon and it was wonderful to hear that  both projects I’ve been involved with this year were included in the winners. org.openntf.domino has been a big learning curve and taught me a lot about many topics. As well as the API itself, there are also some useful resources in the demo database, like code to parse a text file as a Java cl [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages database java openntf

Java and Selections Part Seven: ArrayLists and Value Pickers Addendum
Tue, Jun 25th 2013 6:17a   Paul Withers
I blogged a few weeks ago about adding dataProviders for the Value Picker control. Following recent investigations, I managed to get an ArrayList as the source of a simpleValuePicker dataProvider. As I found out, it fails if the valueList property is computed on page load (i.e. “${…}”). The error thrown, if you investigate in FireBug, is somewhat misleading: I initially read the error as evidence that you could not pass an ArrayList into the simpleValuePicker. But after variou [read] Keywords: java

Two Java Libraries To Know for XPages Development
Thu, Jun 13th 2013 8:22a   Paul Withers
If you’re writing Java for your XPages applications (and Java tends to be my predominant language for application logic now), there are a couple of libraries well worth being aware of. The first is only of use if you’re using the Extension Library, but to be honest virtually every XPages application I’m working on at this point in time uses the Extension Library. It’s ExtLibUtil, which has a wealth of very useful methods available for accessing XPages-related elements lik [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus policies xpages application applications development java properties security

Making the Most of Computed Properties
Wed, Jun 12th 2013 6:56a   Paul Withers
One of the powerful flexibilities of XPages is that virtually any property can be computed. That’s how it’s taught. But that’s not an apt explanation. A more precise explanation is that virtually any property can be used to run any server-side code, providing it also returns the relevant value. This is an aspect I’ve taken advantage of in the past and did again just today. The first example is a dominoDocument’s documentId property. There is a caveat to remember he [read] Keywords: notes notes client xpages application dojo java properties server

Are you ready to become a Social Business?
Sun, Jun 9th 2013 6:18p   Paul Withers
Intec predicts that the path to becoming a Social Business is inevitable. However, the differentiating factors – those which will separate the leaders from the masses – will stem from how effectively an organisation embraces a Social Business culture; as well as the technology to deepen customer relationships, drive operational efficiencies and optimise the workforce. Now you know the nuts and bolts of Social Business, your next step is to start thinking about how your organisation can trans [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm email social software

New Content Types and a Plea to IBM
Mon, Jun 3rd 2013 9:19a   Paul Withers
Some have noticed that Computed Text controls provide additional content types. The XPages Extension Library book covers the Profiles VCard content type (pp474-7) and the IBM Sametime LiveNames content type (pp471-474). But there are two other content types. Google Search (xs:GoogleSearch) The first to cover is the Google Search content type (xs:GoogleSearch). Paul Hannan explained what this does in response to a query on Twitter query a couple of weeks ago. This content type is in the core Exte [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm inotes notes notes client sametime xpages application applications development google java openntf profile server twitter websphere

New Release of XPages OpenLog Logger
Tue, May 28th 2013 5:21p   Paul Withers
I’ve just released M2 of XPages OpenLog Logger There are a number of new enhancements with M2: A specific release also on OpenNTF for users who do not have Extension Library. It may work on 8.5.2, I haven’t tested it. A fix has been added to log caught SSJS errors caused by a missing Expression Language object (e.g. view1). Previously they caused an error. Errors within OpenLogItem could cause an infinite loop if CurrentDatabase or CurrentSession did not exist. I’m not aware o [read] Keywords: domino xpages openntf

Social Business Use Cases for Human Resources Departments
Mon, May 27th 2013 1:18p   Paul Withers
Typical challenges facing human resources executives include: Accessing, attracting, retaining and developing the best talent available Fostering workforce creativity and increasing speed/quality of decision making by shifting from a culture of knowledge hoarding to knowledge sharing Improving morale and job satisfaction, and reducing turnover by creating anytime, anywhere, “it just works” collaboration environments Integrating leadership development with emerging business opportunities. I [read] Keywords: collaboration development email facebook office

When Does a Control That Has An Id, Not Have An Id?
Thu, May 23rd 2013 4:18p   Paul Withers
As part of some work on XPages OpenLog Logger, I’m looking to not only log SSJS errors but also give the facility to push them to an Error control for the relevant component or an Errors control if they are not associated directly to a control. There have been a couple of challenges around this. First, I’m aggregating error objects into a LinkedHashSet so there are no exact duplicates – because dynamically computed properties can be calculated during a number of phases of the X [read] Keywords: xpages java openntf properties

org.openntf.domino M2 Release and Demo Database
Wed, May 22nd 2013 3:20p   Paul Withers
The second release of org.openntf.domino has today been pushed up to OpenNTF. As I blogged earlier in the week, there are a host of enhancements as well as bug fixes. For those wanting to hit the ground running with the project, I’ve posted a video on what needs deploying to the server and your client, embedded below. For anyone who wants a bit more information on how to use the code and some comparisons, I’ve been working on a sample application. It requires M2 as a minimum. So far [read] Keywords: domino application bug database openntf server

Update on org.openntf.domino
Tue, May 21st 2013 6:18a   Paul Withers
It’s been a little while since the initial release of org.openntf.domino, but as we’re gearing up towards M2 release, it’s worth giving an update of all the work that’s been going on under the hood. M1 provided the core set of Java code that offered a host of possibilities for looping Collections, avoiding recycle, throwing generic exceptions instead of NotesExceptions and providing the MIMEBean. The jar could also be added to jvm/lib/ext for use in Java agents etc and co [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes xpages application bug database development integration java openntf properties server wiki

Business Use Cases – Customer Service
Sun, May 19th 2013 11:14a   Paul Withers
The overarching benefit to deploying Social Business solutions in customer service operations is the ability to engage with customers and understand them more deeply. This helps organisations to anticipate and meet their customers’ needs in ways that differentiate them from the competition. If companies could increase customer retention rates by 5%, they could grow their profits by 25% -100%. Frederick Reichheld, The Loyalty Effect According to a recent ITSV CEO study, ‘Getting closer to the [read] Keywords: collaboration applications blogging email

Social Business Use Cases: Marketing & Sales
Sun, May 12th 2013 11:21a   Paul Withers
Social technologies are being used to gather insights about products and brands, opinions about competitors, and perceptions of market segments. This market research and customer insight can be used as input for product requirements and design, advertising campaigns, pricing, packaging, and other marketing and product development activities. In a recent study of 541 executives at 500 companies, 40% found that they could see specific improvements and increases in sales from social customer relati [read] Keywords: collaboration development mobile

Java and Selections Part Six: Value Picker Solution Continued
Thu, May 9th 2013 4:18p   Paul Withers
In the previous part I created a ListPicker class that extends IValuePickerData and Serializable. The hasCapability() and getSourceLabels() methods that the IValuePickerData interface requires have been implemented and just return false. In addition to the default constructor public ListPicker(), I’ve created two more: public ListPicker(List) and public ListPicker(Set). Because I’ve just used the generic classes as parameters of the methods, List will take any type of list like an Ar [read] Keywords: ibm ajax apple database interface java javascript openntf properties

Java and Selections Part Five: Value Pickers Solution
Wed, May 8th 2013 7:21a   Paul Withers
So we’ve added our Value Picker to the XPage, bound the component to an Edit Box or Dojo List Text Box or some other control that’s bound to a field on a Notes Document or viewScope variable. Now we’re ready to go. A dataProvider for a Value Picker needs to implement the Java class com.ibm.xsp.extlib.component.picker.data.IValuePickerData (implement not extend). I also needed to implement Serializable, just like we do with a bean. IValuePickerData is an Extension Library class [read] Keywords: ibm notes database dojo eclipse interface java openntf properties

Java and Selections Part Four: Value Pickers Introduction
Tue, May 7th 2013 8:22a   Paul Withers
The Extension Library brings a new control to the party, the Value Picker. This gives the user an image or link that spawns a dialog from which they can select one or more options and even search for options. (The Value Picker itself doesn’t differentiate whether or not multiple items can be selected. That’s handled by the component into which the selected values are stored and to which the Value Picker is bound. Logically speaking, the Value Picker is bound to a component – an [read] Keywords: domino xpages apple database dojo java properties

Java for Selections Part Two: Core Controls and Lists
Sat, May 4th 2013 9:21p   Paul Withers
So enough of the introduction, onto passing some Java to selectors. There are two types of Collections you may have – Lists and Maps. Lists just have values. Maps have keys and values. So if you want the label and the value to be the same, use a List. If you want a different label and value, use a Map, with label in the key and value in the values. I’m going to start simple with Lists and start at the basic level with core controls. This is also relevant to the Dojo controls like Doj [read] Keywords: dblookup domino database dojo java javascript

Java and Selections Part Three: Core Controls and Sorted Lists
Sat, May 4th 2013 9:21p   Paul Withers
Ok. So we’ve seen we can pass a Vector or an ArrayList into a selectItems control for a Combo Box or Radio Button. And we’ve seen we can pass it via SSJS or EL (but EL is slightly more efficient). That’s all well and good if your options are already unique and already sorted. But what if they’re not. Well you could run an @Unique and a JavaScript sort once you’ve retrieved it. But part of the point of using Java is better performance, easier debugging and avoiding c [read] Keywords: notes xpages application database java javascript

Java for Selections Part One: Introduction
Fri, May 3rd 2013 6:18a   Paul Withers
It’s no surprise that, despite coming from a background of minimal Java in the days before XPages, I now use Java as my main language in XPages back-end coding. There are a few areas where I’ve had to put my thinking cap on to work out how to use Java correctly when mapping between components and Domino, not least in number handling and Collections. Some time ago I put out a blog post of a useful cheat sheet for the plethora of core Collections objects available. Those Collections ar [read] Keywords: domino xpages java

Social Business Use Cases – Product Development
Sun, Apr 28th 2013 1:17p   Paul Withers
Business Use Cases – Product Development By removing barriers between people, a successful Social Business can quickly and cost-effectively bring new solutions to market and better meet customer needs. By using social platforms for co-creation, Social Businesses can engage a larger community beyond their own R&D staff. This helps to resolve product development challenges that are too big for in-house resources to handle themselves. In ‘crowd-sourcing’ for example, a wide range of part [read] Keywords: collaboration community development network

IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Meeting
Mon, Apr 22nd 2013 3:18p   Paul Withers
Tomorrow (April 23rd) I will be speaking on the IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Meeting at 3pm BST (10am ET). The topic of this month’s meeting is XPages. The main part of the community meeting will see Abby Butts and Sam Bridegroom talking about how they have used XPages to develop applications to benefit a not-for-profit healthcare system. In the community member spotlight I’ll briefly talk about org.openntf.domino, a project that has got those of us involved in it enthused a [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus xpages applications community database java openntf

New Notes 9 @Functions
Sun, Apr 21st 2013 8:18a   Paul Withers
With the inclusion of the Extension Library as core in Notes and Domino 9, there are eleven new @Functions provided for SSJS. They can be found in the Designer Help in IBM Domino Designer User Guide > Designing XPages Applications > Adding Controls from the XPages Extension Library > @Function (Extension Library). Note, you will not find these @Functions listed alongside the other XPages @Functions, so if you use search scopes in the Eclipse-based help, you’ll need to add this sec [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages applications eclipse java javascript openntf server

Will Social Business Be a Distraction?
Sat, Apr 20th 2013 8:20a   Paul Withers
Will Social Business be a distraction to my employees? Social Business provides a gateway for current and relevant information exchanges across geographies and organizational silos. Building trust and encouraging social interactions is key to driving social change in the workforce. A successful Social Business will not foster an environment whereby employees are constantly chatting to their Facebook friends. It is not about wasting time but about saving time and increasing efficiency, although [read] Keywords: collaboration facebook

Currency Conversion and Negatives
Sat, Apr 13th 2013 6:17a   Paul Withers
There is a strange problem I’ve come across, but easily worked around. I had the need to capture currency values, some of which could be negative. There is a control in the Extension Library, the Dojo Currency Text Box, but I chose to use the Edit Box control with a number converter. But I wanted to force a specific currency, so I added the following in the number converter: However, whenever I tried a negative number, it threw the error “The field is not a valid number”, trig [read] Keywords: dojo

12 Ways Social Technologies Can Add Value
Tue, Apr 9th 2013 10:14a   Paul Withers
12 ways social technologies can add value in organisational functions within and across enterprises Deliver customer insights Co-create products Leverage social to forecast and monitor Use social to distribute business processes Derive customer insights Use social technologies for marketing communications/interaction Generate and foster sales leads Social commerce Customer service Provide customer care via social technologies Improve collaboration and communication; match talent to tasks Use so [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm email facebook javascript networking twitter widgets

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