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Games of my youth and crowdsourced funding via Kickstarter
John D Head    

It is of no surprise to frequent readers of my blog that I am a proud gamer. You can still find me playing a game from time to time to relax. Be it Starcraft2, stupid games on Facebook, an old school copy of Bard's Tale on my ipad, or Gears of War 3 on my XBox 360 with my brother. Games are something I love. Why, because I am part of the generation that remembers and experienced the golden age of gaming first hand. I remember playing Bard's Tale on my Apple 2e. Opening Wasteland to find the manual of passages and swapping 5 1/4 floppies on my Apple 2GS. The days of Ultima, Wing Commander, Doom, and XCom. Buying a serial port joystick so I could play XWing and Tie Fighter. Enjoying the Sierra games of King's Quest and other great story driven games like Grim Fandago. Those days of where story and content mattered over graphics and speed are long gone.

Of course, thanks to GOG (Good Old Games), you can play many of these games on your PC today. As mentioned before, you can play Bard's Tale 1 on your iPad. If you missed these amazing games, you can still try them for the first time (or the 20th time as some for me). But I thought the days of playing new stories like these were gone. The World of Warcrafts, Madden, and Call of Duty franchises are fun, but not the same. Boy, was I wrong.

So about a month ago Double Fine, the game studio created by Tim Schaffer, started a project on Kickstarter.com to raise money for a new adventure game. They wanted to raise $400,000 in 30 days to fund the game and a documentary of the making of the game. How did they do?
Image:Games of my youth and crowdsourced funding via Kickstarter

$100 of that is from me. Not only will I get some great goodies from this, but I get to play a game that I have waited years to play. Let's remember, this is only the third one million plus kickstarter project. WOW.

Yesterday, my #1 game of all time, Wasteland, got it's own Kickstarter. Wasteland 2 needs $900,000 to make the game. Here is where it is as of the writing of this blog post:
Image:Games of my youth and crowdsourced funding via Kickstarter

Far more than $100 of my own money is part of this. I can not wait!!!!! At 1.2 million, they will do a OSX edition. at 1.5 million, they will do a linux version.

For those of you that do not know, Wasteland is what inspired the Fallout Series. Wasteland was the first sandbox game. I.CANNOT.&$^%ING.WAIT! If you love games, you can donate just $15 and get a copy of the game.

Mar 14, 2012
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PSC Group @ MWLUG 2014
Tue, Aug 19th 2014 10:50a   John D Head
MWLUG 2014 is less than two weeks away! Are you attending? PSC Group will be there two. First, you can meet us in the vendor showcase. We will be talking about our services and solutions and will be all ready to talk about how we can help you. We also have 4 sessions given by PSC Group team members. Don't fall asleep using Relational Databases: Using Hibernate with XPages Toby Samples Friday, August 29th, 2014 at 11:30 AM - Gerald Ford room Domino is THE all-purpose Application Se [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages application applications database development eclipse enterprise java javascript mobile server

IBM Digital Experience 2014 Conference - General Session Thoughts
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014 10:50a   John D Head
I am at the IBM Digital Experience conference for the first time. Of course, that leads me to doing the compare and contrast with the other major IBM event I have attended, IBM Connect/Lotusphere. About 700 people here, and 85% of the sessions are technical. And from what I have seen, there is a great community of partners and customers here. I have spent most of my time in the business / customer story sessions. All of them have been pretty good. One item I wanted to really highlight was the [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere notes community mobile portlet

PSC is proud to introduce our new partnership with Intuit QuickBase
Thu, Jul 17th 2014 1:10p   John D Head
PSC and Intuit Quickbase are proud to introduce our new partnership. Come celebrate with us and enjoy the amazing views of Downtown Chicago from the penthouse floor of the Swissotel. Network with local QuickBase users and learn about our new partnership with PSC, a Chicago based services firm. PSC is an expert in integrating dynamic reporting and collaboration. Admission includes: Networking with other QuickBase users Cocktails & Appetizers Chance to win Blackhawks memorabilia [read] Keywords: collaboration email network networking

Thu, Jul 10th 2014 11:30p   John D Head
As you probably guessed, I turn 40 today. Not sure if I should look at this as an accomplishment or milestone or a warning - but it's a good day. No longer 'a kid' - but still 'the kid' to many. With June being such a rough month for me, and this June being even harder, this July is special. That number '40' I was never sure I would make. But at 40, I find contentment with who I am. I have a great family, especially those closest. Wonderful friends. Awesome coworkers. I am part of man [read] Keywords: ibm

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In my world, June has been renamed Suckuary. With the anniversary of my father's death, Father's Day, his birthday - it's a hard month. My Uncle (father's brother) had the same heart attack as my father this month. Luckily, he survived and is on the mend. Add in end of quarter/end of year for a lot of companies, licensing deals that barely closed, and a bunch of other personal stuff. Damn. I am glad June is done. July is a brighter month. Mom's birthday. My Birthday. Holiday. Vacation. and [read] Keywords:

Memorial Day - Remembering Jack Head
Mon, May 26th 2014 8:11a   John D Head
Today is Memorial Day in the states, the day we remember and honor all of those that have fought and served this country in our military. I thought I would share a few stories of my grandfather. John "Jack" William Head was a veteran of World War 2. A marine who fought in the battle for the Pacific. He was on Guam. He was part of the 3rd marine Division assault. Unfortunately the Marines were dropped on a beach at surrounded by a high ridge. Japanese soldiers opened fire immediately and th [read] Keywords: office


My interview with SocialBiz User Group - Listen Now
Tue, May 13th 2014 9:20a   John D Head
Last month, Celia Hamilton of SocialBiz User Group, interviewed me to talk about XPages and the work I am doing at PSC Group. Here is their blurb about it: John Head was kind enough to share some of his time with me recently to have a conversation about XPages and mobile development. John's background in coding and current role in business development at PSC Group give him a unique outlook when talking about technology. From his perspective, he looks at what customers want when they need his c [read] Keywords: xpages application applications development mobile outlook twitter

Tim Tripcony
Mon, May 12th 2014 1:00p   John D Head
Today the news tells us that one of the Lotus/XPages community has let us, much to early. Tim Tripcony was one of the good guys. No,Tim was one of the best guys. Besides being smart and talented, Tim was a gentle soul who loved to share knowledge. I remember many chats with Tim talking about XPages, something new he was working on, or music. I will always remember seeing Tim at the first MWLUG in Chicago - just after he cut his long hair. I didn't recognize him at first. We laughed at my confus [read] Keywords: lotus xpages community

The IBM Mail Next Webinar - Thoughts and Questions
Wed, Apr 23rd 2014 11:43a   John D Head
IBM has the first public webinar around IBM Mail Next since unveiling it at IBM Connect this past January. I thought I would highlight a few thoughts and questions I have. (before I go on, IBM did say this was a point in time and nothing was set in stone and everything was subject to change. So keep that in mind as you continue reading please) The webinar was mostly high level about the process, but we did see two specific 'demos' (more on that later) around the calendar timeline and fac [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes application development email interface iphone mobile

Why STEM education matters - The Lumity Story
Tue, Apr 22nd 2014 9:50a   John D Head
I have talked about Lumity before on my blog, but I wanted to share why I think it's mission matters. Here is a great video that we created for our Annual Dinner earlier this month: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfRFqTxOIjY I am proud to be involved with Lumity as a board member, and helping with the services arm, but the STEM initiative is something I really believe in. My career path was not a straight arrow, and my STEM schooling as a kid really had an impact. I am looking forward to [read] Keywords:

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