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Resolutions 2017 Edition
Tue, Jan 17th 2017 6
2016 Recap
Thu, Dec 29th 2016 4
Everyone Should Matter
Sat, Jul 9th 2016 4
Tue, Jan 26th 2016 4
On Appreciation
Fri, Jan 22nd 2016 5
2016 Resolutions
Sun, Jan 3rd 2016 4
2015 Year in Review
Fri, Jan 1st 2016 4
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Fri, Sep 19th 2014 7
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Mon, Feb 2nd 2015 6
Resolutions 2017 Edition
Tue, Jan 17th 2017 6
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Mon, Feb 9th 2015 5
Six Months with the Apple Watch
Wed, Nov 4th 2015 5
On Appreciation
Fri, Jan 22nd 2016 5
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Fri, Feb 7th 2014 4
The 2014 Greyhawk Recap
Thu, Jan 1st 2015 4
Resolute 2015 – This time it’s Personal!
Fri, Jan 2nd 2015 4
We’re the subject of an IBM Whitepaper
Thu, Jan 22nd 2015 4

John Roling
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Resolutions 2017 Edition
Tue, Jan 17th 2017 3:01a   John Roling
I know it’s already the middle of January, but I’ve just not been able to gear up to write this like every year.  I imagine it’s because I’m kind of afraid of where 2017 will take us.  Well enough with my lethargy, it’s time to stand up and get to work damnit. So here we go: Create instead of just Consume I need to be more creative to be fulfilled.  So this year I’m going create more.  Write longer pieces, write poetry/song lyrics, blog, take pictures, make music, code.  A littl
2016 Recap
Thu, Dec 29th 2016 8:54p   John Roling
As I do every year, I like to recap how I did on my resolutions from the previous year.  I’ll get to that in a minute, but I wanted to touch on 2016 for a bit. 2016, in general, was a shitshow.  The election had us more divided than ever, Brexit did the same.  And it seemed that in both, common sense and decency lost.  More icons died than you can count. Many of them profoundly influential to me.  Prince was probably the hardest one for me.  My mother got cancer and my Dad had back probl
Everyone Should Matter
Sat, Jul 9th 2016 4:24p   John Roling
I’ve seen quite a few of my friends and family post with the hashtag ‪#‎alllivesmatter‬. And for the vast majority of those people, it’s with good intentions. They are saying that black people, and police officers, and gay people etc. all matter. And they do, absolutely, I agree. But there’s a problem with simply saying #alllivesmatter, it tends to dismiss the real issues that black people face in our society. ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ rose in response to the killing of

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