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Site Migration Starts Today
Mon, Dec 1st 2014 164
Where to Find Me @ SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas 2014
Tue, Oct 14th 2014 286
Poorly Designed Web Sites
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 124
Bootstrap Complete NavBar Example Application
Mon, Sep 1st 2014 171
When to Check for Updates
Mon, Aug 11th 2014 128
CEF & Monty Python
Mon, Aug 4th 2014 130
Free Introduction to Apache Cordova
Thu, Jul 31st 2014 127
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Where to Find Me @ SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas 2014
Tue, Oct 14th 2014 286
Bootstrap Complete NavBar Example Application
Mon, Sep 1st 2014 171
Site Migration Starts Today
Mon, Dec 1st 2014 164
Apache Cordova API Cookbook Print Copies
Sun, Jul 13th 2014 136
Cordova DeviceReady Firing
Mon, Jul 29th 2013 135
CEF & Monty Python
Mon, Aug 4th 2014 130
When to Check for Updates
Mon, Aug 11th 2014 128
Free Introduction to Apache Cordova
Thu, Jul 31st 2014 127
Poorly Designed Web Sites
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 124
Apache Cordova API Cookbook Kindle Edition
Fri, Jul 11th 2014 119

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Recent Blog Posts

Site Migration Starts Today
Mon, Dec 1st 2014 10:11a   John Wargo
I will be migrating this site to a new hosting account starting today. I don't know how long this process is going to take, so please be patient as I work through this. I'm migrating the site for several reasons. It's been running on one of my personal hosting accounts and I want to move it to its own account/server for performance and security reasons. It's been running on Joomla 2.5 for a while and I want to get it to Joomla 3.x. Hackers have been having some fun with my site lately, so [read] Keywords: security server

Where to Find Me @ SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas 2014
Tue, Oct 14th 2014 6:10a   John Wargo
Next week I’ll be attending SAP’s TechEd conference in Las Vegas. In previous years, I’ve attended the conference and spent most of my time visiting with customers on the show floor. This year I’ve been assigned several sessions (along with some colleagues), so I thought I’d let you know what I have going on this year. First I’m doing a session entitled “MOB101: Hybrid Mobile Application Development with Kapsel” – it’s a one hour lecture session where I introduce Hybrid deve [read] Keywords: application community development mobile networking sap security server

Poorly Designed Web Sites
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 7:11a   John Wargo
As look at the world around me, I’m surprised that in the world of the connected, mobile user, that companies are still not thinking of mobile-first users. There are millions or billions of mobile devices sold every year, but companies with public facing web sites still don’t seem to notice and I’m really surprised by that. The local Charlotte BIG insurance company is Novant Health, and they’re usually pretty organized. I was in one of their facilities a while back and noticed that ther [read] Keywords: css mobile network wireless

Bootstrap Complete NavBar Example Application
Mon, Sep 1st 2014 6:12a   John Wargo
I had an idea a while back for a web application I wanted to create. I’d not worked much with Bootstrap (http://getbootstrap.com/) and wanted to have some experience with it, so I thought I’d play around with building the app I wanted using the framework. The Bootstrap web site is pretty detailed, and I quickly found an application template I could use for my application. As I poked around, I noticed that the template allowed me to add a simple menu to my application and that worked for me. [read] Keywords: application javascript twitter

When to Check for Updates
Mon, Aug 11th 2014 7:12a   John Wargo
I’ve been trying to build a sample application using Ionic, an HTML5 framework specifically designed for hybrid applications. I read the instructions, downloaded the code and initiated the command to create a new project. What happened? Failure. I posted my issue on their forum only to be told that my Cordova development environment must be old. I explained that it was all up to date and working perfectly for every other Cordova development I’ve ever done and what I got for my trouble was [read] Keywords: application applications development

CEF & Monty Python
Mon, Aug 4th 2014 8:16a   John Wargo
Note: The original title for this post was supposed to be ‘How is the Chromium Embedded Framework Documentation like a Sketch from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life?’ but the title was just too long. I was getting some exercise yesterday and came up with an idea for an app I wanted to write. The app needed to work for Windows as well as Macintosh, so I started thinking about how I’d do it. I’m a big Delphi developer, and the recent Delphi tools support Windows & Macintosh, but I imag [read] Keywords: application blackberry development google java linux macintosh properties python wiki xml


Free Introduction to Apache Cordova
Thu, Jul 31st 2014 5:15p   John Wargo
Whenever I publish a book with my publisher, they always pick one chapter and post it online for anyone to read. Picking the right chapter has always been a challenge for me because I want them to publish a chapter that’s interesting enough to make you want to buy the book while at the same time not being so good that you get everything you need and don’t buy the book. Get it? Please buy my books. I write them because I like to write and think I have a special skill when it comes to describ [read] Keywords: development mobile

Apache Cordova API Cookbook Print Copies
Sun, Jul 13th 2014 7:12a   John Wargo
Print copies of Apache Cordova API Cookbook arrived on Friday; my expectation is that they will be available for shipment from Amazon.com and other retailers by the end of next week. This book, along with my Apache Cordova 3 Programming, provide 600 pages of coverage for Apache Cordova. These two books give mobile developers everything they need to be able to write cross-platform mobile applications using Apache Cordova or Adobe PhoneGap. [read] Keywords: applications mobile

Apache Cordova API Cookbook Kindle Edition
Fri, Jul 11th 2014 3:11p   John Wargo
I was poking around on Amazon yesterday and noticed that the Kindle edition of Apache Cordova API Cookbook was published back in June. You can get your copy immediately using the following link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LB6X2SO/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00LB6X2SO&linkCode=as2&tag=mcnsof-20&linkId=AXKNHCPITM4FNLNK. [read] Keywords:

PhoneGap Essentials Sales
Thu, Jul 3rd 2014 7:11a   John Wargo
I keep hearing from readers who have just started reading my PhoneGap Essentials book. That book was published more than two years ago and PhoneGap has changed dramatically since then. The code in the book should still work - not much has changed on the API side of things. The content covered in the first half of the book however is no longer valid. I rewrote the first half of PhoneGap Essentials last year and released it as Apache Cordova 3 Programming in December. That book takes the first [read] Keywords: development

Comment Spam
Mon, Jun 30th 2014 6:10a   John Wargo
I mentioned this on twitter a while back, but I’m consistently amazed by how much effort is made by hackers to hack into my personal web sites. I’d be really interested in seeing what percentage of internet traffic is taken up by these efforts. I plan on doing some analysis of this, but simply haven’t gotten to it. Anyway, I had some issues with the CAPTCHA on this site, and my comments plugin provider isn’t responding to any forum posts on the topic so I had to just leave the comments [read] Keywords: bug twitter

First Arduino Project
Sat, Mar 15th 2014 8:11p   John Wargo
My dad was a tool geek, I’m a gadget geek. All my life I’ve been drawn toward technology. When I was a kid, I was constantly biking to Radio Shack to pick up one of their assemble-it-yourself electronics kits. I build radios, sound generators and anything I could get my hands on. I wanted to be an Electrical Engineer, but my grades weren’t good enough, so I went into Physics and Computers – go figure. Anyway, my son’s a gadget geek as well. He’s 10, so all he knows is smartphones an [read] Keywords: application gadget

Password Pain Redux
Tue, Feb 11th 2014 7:11a   John Wargo
In my previous post, I wrote about one of my biggest software pet peeves – registration forms that have specific password requirements that are not communicated to the user until AFTER a password has been entered. This morning I found one that was even worse than the Google Coder one I showed earlier. I was playing around with the Intel XDK development tools for web applications. After I got it installed, it prompted me to create an account. I filled in all of the fields and went looking for [read] Keywords: applications development google password

Password Pain
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 7:12a   John Wargo
I recently learned about a cool web development server for the Raspberry Pi. I want to teach my son about computer programming and this seemed like an interesting way to do it. The server is called Google Coder and it’s delivered as a Raspbian image for the Pi. Pretty cool; I’m hoping to learn more about it and write a bit about my findings here. As I set it up and started playing with it, I was hit by one of my pet peeves. First you fire up the server then connect to it via your desktop br [read] Keywords: desktop development google password server

BlackBerry 10 Charging Foibles
Mon, Feb 3rd 2014 9:11p   John Wargo
If you’ve been reading around here you should know that I love BlackBerry, but BlackBerry 10 is really starting to annoy me. For all of BlackBerry’s focus on quality and design, I’m find BlackBerry 10 to be really, really hard to use on a day to day basis. So many of the things I loved about BlackBerry just aren’t in BlackBerry 10 and I’m finding the UX to be…klunky. I went out of town this weekend to hang out with some friends. I have a BlackBerry Z30 device, and it has a HUGE batt [read] Keywords: blackberry

Airplane Etiquette
Sun, Feb 2nd 2014 4:10p   John Wargo
I spent the weekend in Buffalo snowmobiling with some very old friends. As I flew on several Southwest airlines flights I was reminded of a little piece of airplane etiquette that most people don’t think/know of. Imagine you get on the plane and sit towards the front of the plane, but get on later in the process and the front overhead compartments are full. You move back to an open overhead compartment further and store your stuff then head up to your seat for the ride to wherever you are goi [read] Keywords:

Mon, Jan 20th 2014 6:13p   John Wargo
Linus Torvalds created a distributed revision control and source code management system called git: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software). Git is pronounced like ‘get’, substituting an ‘i’ for the ‘e’ in get. The open source world has embraced it in a big way and it’s how you install most anything related to Apache Cordova. Git is also an English slang word for ‘a silly, incompetent, stupid, annoying, senile elderly or childish person’: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_( [read] Keywords: application python wiki

Contact Form Fixed
Mon, Jan 20th 2014 12:11p   John Wargo
Apparently the site's contact form has been broken for some time now. Perhaps that's why I haven't heard from many people lately. Anyway, fixed it this afternoon, so it's working again. Sorry for that. [read] Keywords:

Windows Phone 8 Upgrade Foibles
Tue, Dec 24th 2013 1:15p   John Wargo
I’ve been doing some testing of some Cordova apps on a Windows Phone 8 device AT&T was nice enough to give me earlier this year. I would really like to learn more about developing apps for the device, but there’s no time and I work primarily with Cordova anyway. Anyway, the device prompted me to do an update the other day and I (stupidly) let it go ahead and do what it wanted to do. When it completed, I plugged it back into my Windows 8 desktop and suddenly the device couldn’t be seen [read] Keywords: desktop development

Schizophrenic BlackBerry Browser
Mon, Dec 23rd 2013 2:11p   John Wargo
Is it me, or is the BlackBerry browser a little Schizophrenic? “Mozilla/5.0 (BB10; Touch) AppleWebKit/537.35+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/ Mobile Safari/537.35+” Wow, that’s a lot of personalities. [read] Keywords: blackberry mobile

Sencha Holiday Card 2013
Thu, Dec 19th 2013 4:20p   John Wargo
I just received a holiday card (via email of course) from Sencha. Check out the image below - how cool is that? Very Geeky. I had a chance to do some development with Sencha this year and, once I figured out what I was doing, I really enjoyed it. I liked the ability to define a local store and let the Sencha Proxy manage getting the data back to my server. I owe all of you a big article showing how to build a server process that processes the Sencha Proxy requests, hopefully I'll get to that [read] Keywords: development email server

SAP CodeTalk: John Wargo Author!
Tue, Dec 17th 2013 5:15a   John Wargo
My colleague Ian Thain interviewing me about the process of writing technical books. {youtube}KsTkLlLMp7s{/youtube} [read] Keywords: sap

Apache Cordova 3 Programming Now Available
Thu, Dec 12th 2013 8:11a   John Wargo
Apache Cordova 3 Programming is now available for purchase on Amazon.com. Click HERE to learn more. [read] Keywords:

Apache Cordova 3 Programming Update
Tue, Dec 10th 2013 8:10a   John Wargo
Apache Cordova 3 Programming is currently available for order from InformIT. Yesterday, Pearson Education released a sample chapter from Apache Cordova 3 Programming. You can access the chapter at http://ptgmedia.pearsoncmg.com/images/9780321957368/samplepages/0321957369.pdf. The chapter they used is Chapter 6 which covers the mechanics of Cordova development, describing in detail what the Cordova CLI does during the application management process as well as some very useful debugging and trou [read] Keywords: application development

Apache Cordova 3 Programming Pre-Order
Thu, Nov 14th 2013 1:21p   John Wargo
Apache Cordova 3 Programming is finally available for pre-order. Apparently Amazon has issues with taking pre-orders for eBooks - people expect immediate gratification when they order eBooks, so Amazon won't list it until they have it. In the mean time, I was able to get my publisher to open up pre-orders on its web site, www.InformIT.com. Order your copy now, they say it will be available before Christmas. A great gift for every geek you know! [read] Keywords:

Hi I'm
Tue, Nov 12th 2013 7:11a   John Wargo
I was reading through the Cordova dev mailing list and noticed that one of the guys had an hi.im (Hi I’m – www.hi.im) URL in his signature. I took a look at the site and saw that it’s a pretty cool way to define a simple landing page for yourself. Here’s my profile: Figure 1 Now, when you login, you have a lot of options for what you include in your profile as shown in Figure 2. As I’m using this for my professional persona, there’s only a few things I want to add to my profile. [read] Keywords: email linkedin network profile twitter

Being Hacked
Fri, Nov 8th 2013 6:11a   John Wargo
Apparently this site has either pissed somebody off or caught the attention of some bad people. Last night, I got hundreds of attacks against the admin area of the site. Looking at the intruder information, the attacks came from a wide range of IP addresses, so I wonder perhaps if some sort of botnet has been turned against the site. Whoever is trying to hack in is trying admin user IDs beyond the normal 'admin' which is a change from the hacking attempts which have been attempted in the pas [read] Keywords: admin password

Apache Cordova 3 Programming Rough Cut
Wed, Nov 6th 2013 4:15p   John Wargo
The rough cut version of Apache Cordova 3 Programming is now available on Safari Books Online at http://my.safaribooksonline.com/9780133521832. [read] Keywords:

BlackBerry Car Pairing
Wed, Nov 6th 2013 7:12a   John Wargo
I’ve been carrying a BlackBerry Z30 for a while now and one of the cool things with this latest version of the OS is what happens when you pair the phone with an automobile. During the paring process, the software asks you if this is your car or not. If you say yes, the pairing is labeled ‘my car’ or something like that. Another interesting thing that happens is that the Bluetooth software knows what kind of vehicle its attached to and shows the car logo on the lock screen as shown below. [read] Keywords: blackberry

Catching Cordova JavaScript Errors
Mon, Nov 4th 2013 7:12a   John Wargo
If you’ve done a bit of Cordova development, one of the things that you probably noticed is that in many cases, when Cordova (PhoneGap) fails, it fails silently. This causes a lot of problems for developers because it’s not easy to tell what’s happened. Let me give you an example. When I read through the PhoneGap support forums, a common problem that occurs regularly is that people complain that the Cordova deviceready event doesn’t fire. When I first started working with PhoneGap, my [read] Keywords: application applications development javascript mobile sap

Repeated Spam, Oh Boy
Mon, Nov 4th 2013 6:15a   John Wargo
Got another spam email about my PayPal account. The text (and format of the email looked like it was exactly like the one I'd already written about, even the incorrect formatting of the link text at the bottom of the message. As I started looking at this one, I was able to tell immediately that it didn't come from PayPal. Take a look at this screen shot: As you can see from the 'from' address, it's from paypal@services.com. Right away you can tell that the spammers were too stupid to eve [read] Keywords: email server

Repeated Spam, Oh Boy
Sun, Nov 3rd 2013 6:11p   John Wargo
Got another spam email about my PayPal account. The text (and format of the email looked like it was exactly like the one I'd already written about, even the incorrect formatting of the link text at the bottom of the message. As I started looking at this one, I was able to tell immediately that it didn't come from PayPal. Take a look at this screen shot: As you can see from the 'from' address, it's from paypal@services.com. Right away you can tell that the spammers were too stupid to eve [read] Keywords: email server

Weird Cordova Prepare Problems
Wed, Oct 30th 2013 8:12a   John Wargo
I’ve been having weird problems with the cordova prepare command and finally figured out the problem, so I thought I’d write about it here so others who are having the same problem can hopefully (although hope is not a strategy) find a resolution. I’m product manager for an SAP product which is essentially a set of SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) plugins for Apache Cordova. You can read about the product at http://scn.sap.com/blogs/johnwargo/2013/09/22/sap-mobile-platform-and-apache-cordova) an [read] Keywords: application development laptop macintosh mobile sap vm

Update on Apache Cordova 3 Programming
Wed, Oct 30th 2013 7:12a   John Wargo
I finished writing Apache Cordova 3 Programming back in September and now I'm in the production phase with the book. The different sections of the book have been reviewed by several of my colleagues plus several members of the Cordova development team. Right now I'm about halfway through with the copyediting process and hope to have it finished by Monday. The book is not yet available for pre-order on Amazon.com and Informit.com, but the 'paperwork' is in place, so it should be up there any [read] Keywords: development

Spam Message 10/28/2013
Mon, Oct 28th 2013 7:14a   John Wargo
I’ve always been fascinated by spam messages. I had a personal email account back in the very early 90’s, back in the dial-up ISP days, so I’ve seen spam from its infancy. Notice I’m calling it spam and not SPAM or Spam. In an email context, spam is not an acronym, so I’m truly not sure why people capitalize all of the letters in the word. Spam on the other hand is a tasty breakfast meat (although it can be eaten at any time during the day or night) that I used to have all the time wh [read] Keywords: email server

PhoneGap Day 2013 Presentations
Fri, Oct 25th 2013 7:15a   John Wargo
I had a chance to attend PhoneGap Day in Portland this summer. Now that my day job involves Apache Cordova http://scn.sap.com/blogs/johnwargo/2013/10/21/an-introduction-to-smp-kapsel, I was able to make arrangements to attend. The event was a lot of fun and I learned a lot of interesting stuff about PhoneGap and what people were doing with it. Here’s a picture of the goodie bag they gave all attendees. My favorite gift was the PhoneGap branded cell phone charger thingie. I love that and I was [read] Keywords: ibm applications development python sap

Monty Python Meets Star Trek
Fri, Oct 25th 2013 6:18a   John Wargo
A friend of mine posted a link to this video on Facebook. It's a perfect mix of Start Trek and Monty Python (two of my favorite things). Well done. {youtube}iA3Iq1aj9AY{/youtube} [read] Keywords: facebook python

Chinese Translation of PhoneGap Essentials
Thu, Oct 24th 2013 6:11a   John Wargo
I posted here last year that my PhoneGap Essentials was licensed for translation into Chinese and Korean. Over time, some copies of the Korean translation showed up at my door. It was so amazing to see my work in another language. What surprised me the most about looking at the translation was that they’d translated the comments in the source code as well. That was the right thing to do, I’d just not expected it. Anyway, my new book, Apache Cordova 3 Programming is supposed to go up on Ama [read] Keywords: sap

Email Message Layout Revisited
Wed, Oct 16th 2013 3:16p   John Wargo
A while back, I complained here about how email marketers weren’t taking mobile devices into account when formatting blast emails. They were sending HTML-formatted messages and using CSS to style the emails like they wanted to, but those emails simply didn’t render correctly on devices with smaller screens (like the keyboarded BlackBerry devices). I know that the people creating these emails were taking mobile devices into account, they’d have to as many people nowadays don’t even have [read] Keywords: blackberry css email mobile

BlackBerry Z30 Mail UI
Tue, Oct 15th 2013 8:15p   John Wargo
I’ve been carrying a BlackBerry Z30 for some time now and I really love it. The keyboard is awesome and the form factor is perfect – much better than the super-silly iPhone. Anyway, I do miss the keyboard though. One of the things that has always made the BlackBerry perfect for heavy mail and PIM usage is how the keyboard simplifies so many tasks. Filing a message is as easy as hitting the i key and starting to type the first letters of the folder name and you can file the message in no tim [read] Keywords: blackberry iphone

My Day Job: SAP and Kapsel
Tue, Oct 8th 2013 6:12a   John Wargo
In case any of you were wondering, in my day job I am a product manager for the SAP Mobile platform. I'm curently working on products that use or plugin to Apache Cordova. Earlier this week I recorded an SAP Code Talk with my colleague Ian Thain where I talk about Cordova and what SAP is doing with Cordova. Right now I'm working on a product called Kapsel which is a set of SAP plugins for Apache Cordova and is part of the SAP Mobile platform. Kapsel essentially allows a developer to more easi [read] Keywords: application enterprise mobile sap server

Open Standards and Mobile
Fri, Oct 4th 2013 7:10a   John Wargo
Last week, colleague Ian Thain and I got together for a Google Hangout to talk about open standards and mobile; you can watch the video below. We're meeting this morning to do a hangout to talk about Kapsel, the set of SAP Plugins I'm working on. Stay tuned for a link to that recording. {youtube}76lf2K65DLw{/youtube} [read] Keywords: google mobile sap

Nexus 7 Setup on Windows
Fri, Sep 27th 2013 8:11a   John Wargo
I was trying to test a Kapsel application yesterday on my Nexus 7 and was having some problems (Kapsel is a set of SAP plugins for Cordova that I wrote about on my SCN Blog here http://scn.sap.com/blogs/johnwargo/2013/09/22/sap-mobile-platform-and-apache-cordova). Essentially, I was trying to install the application on the device via a USB cable, but my Windows system wasn’t recognizing the device. The device saw that it was connected to the Windows system and prompted me to enable USB debuggi [read] Keywords: application development google interface mobile sap

A Day in the Life
Mon, Sep 23rd 2013 6:12a   John Wargo
A few months back I was looking at some marketing material for one of our competitors (I don’t really remember which one, but I think I have an idea) and noticed the following graphic portraying a day in the life of a mobile worker. What struck me as interesting is how they portray the different systems this mobile worker uses throughout the day. I understand having a laptop, smartphone and tablet. I expect the smartphone to be used while in motion, the tablet used when more time is availab [read] Keywords: applications desktop enterprise laptop mobile office

Silly Bank of America Web Site
Sat, Sep 21st 2013 8:12p   John Wargo
I was on the Bank of America web site the other day using my BlackBerry Q10 device and noticed something interesting as shown in the following figure. The web site recognized I was on a mobile device and for some bizarre reason decided to rotate the page sideways. I’m trying to figure out the user story or requirements that drove them to implement their site this way. I’m not a fan of an operating system or web site making decisions on my behalf. If I was on a touch-only device like the B [read] Keywords: blackberry mobile

Sat, Sep 21st 2013 7:12a   John Wargo
A while back, my brother in law gave me the item shown in the figure below. I’ll let you take a look at it for a minute before I tell you what it is. As soon as he handed it to me, he asked me ‘do you know what this is?’ Of course it did, it’s an F-bomb. Get it? Anyways, what’s funny about this and the reason for me writing this article is that a quick survey has shown me that some people get this instantly but others simply can’t make the connection. Apparently my BOL asked my b [read] Keywords:

Revisiting K2
Fri, Sep 20th 2013 2:12p   John Wargo
I spent some more time trying to figure out if K2 was going to be a good choice for my cordovaprogramming.com web site. I had found a tutorial on how to customize views and it basically involved copying a bunch of template files then manually editing the php code to make my own views. Nope, not for me. What I’m expecting is the ability to create my own custom views and specify which fields appear where – just like the Drupal CCK does for me. Like I said earlier, I’d submitted some forum q [read] Keywords:

Launched Cordova Programming Web Site
Thu, Sep 19th 2013 6:12a   John Wargo
Today I launched the web site for my upcoming book called Apache Cordova 3 Programming; you can find the site at www.cordovaprogramming.com. The book is written but still going through the editing process. stay tuned. [read] Keywords:

My Fifth Book
Wed, Sep 18th 2013 3:12p   John Wargo
A few minutes after finishing my 4th book, I received an email from the editor at the View (www.eview.com) letting me know that they’d published an anthology of their mobile development articles called Mastering Mobile for Notes/Domino. The book is essentially a collection of 22 articles and 16 of them are mine, so 72.73% of the ‘chapters’ are my work. You can find information about the anthology at The View. If you order a copy, please tell them you heard about it here! I didn’t do a [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes development email mobile

Apache Cordova 3 Programming
Wed, Sep 18th 2013 1:12p   John Wargo
Last week I put the finishing touches on Apache Cordova 3 Programming, my 4th book. The Cordova team recently released version 3 of the popular open source mobile development framework and this should be the first book on the topic. The book is essentially a rewrite of the first half of PhoneGap Essentials. The Cordova tooling changed dramatically after PhoneGap Essentials was published, so the first half of that older book was pretty out of date. The first chapter is essentially the same, whil [read] Keywords: blackberry development javascript mobile

My Fourth Book
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 4:10p   John Wargo
Last week I put the finishing touches on Apache Cordova 3 Programming, my 4th book. The Cordova team recently released version 3 of the popular open source mobile development framework and this should be the first book on the topic. The book is essentially a rewrite of the first half of PhoneGap Essentials. The Cordova tooling changed dramatically after PhoneGap Essentials was published, so the first half of that older book was pretty out of date. The first chapter is essentially the same, whil [read] Keywords: blackberry development javascript mobile

Amazon Shipping Problems
Mon, Aug 26th 2013 6:15p   John Wargo
I wrote a few weeks back about some shipping problems Amazon seems to be having. It's gotten worse, I recently ordered a CD from No-Man, a side project of Steven Wilson. I received the disc last week, but Amazon thinks they're getting ready to ship it any minute now as shown in the figure below: I'm not sure what to do. Do I cancel the order? No, can't do that as it would be unethical. Do I let them ship it to me again? No, that would be wasteful and, if I try to refuse it or return it, t [read] Keywords:

Using Joomla K2
Sun, Aug 25th 2013 4:14p   John Wargo
I’ve started work on the web site for my upcoming book, Apache Cordova Programming. For my BlackBerry Development Fundamentals, I created the site using Joomla. For PhoneGap Essentials, I wanted to learn Drupal, so I used it to build the book’s web site. For my What Now? The Essential Guide for New Soccer Referees, I used the Concrete 5 CMS. Since I've used a different CMS for each book's web site, it would be cool to continue the tradition, but no other CMS has caught my eye. I wanted to [read] Keywords: blackberry development google

What Were They Thinking #14
Sun, Aug 18th 2013 5:14p   John Wargo
OK, so I was registering my daughter for fall Soccer (That’s Football to most of the world) at the local YMCA. The person behind the counter scanned my membership card, so had all of the information she needed to complete the registration except for payment. Actually, that’s not true – they automatically transfer the monthly fee from my checking account, so they even had the information they needed to collect payment as well. Anyways, knowing they had everything they needed to register my [read] Keywords: application email mobile

Surprise Amazon Shipment
Mon, Aug 5th 2013 7:18a   John Wargo
I received a surprise Amazon shipment the other day. SAP recently released a product SAP Mobile Documents and as its standards-based I wanted to learn more about the underlying technology so I ordered a copy of CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action. When the package arrived, there were two boxes. I was expecting one box, so the second one surprised me. I opened both and one was my copy of CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action and the other contained Guitar for Dummies. I don’t play guitar, so tha [read] Keywords: email mobile sap

ChargeCard Smartphone Charger
Sun, Aug 4th 2013 3:20p   John Wargo
I was reading through one of my tech magazines the other day (I can’t remember whether it was PC Magazine or Popular Science, sorry) and noticed this cool charger cable called ChargeCard (www.chargecardproject.com). I used to travel a lot and bring a bunch of cables and so on with me in a little pouch. Over time, the pouch has gotten bigger and bigger and now, with all of the devices I carry with me, it looks like this: Anyways, the ChargeCard is a single, credit card-sized piece of rubber [read] Keywords: blackberry laptop

Cordova DeviceReady Firing
Mon, Jul 29th 2013 3:10p   John Wargo
A colleague taught me something recently that I didn’t know about the Cordova deviceready event. This is probably default JavaScript event behavior, but I was just unaware of it. When you register an event listener, if the event has already fired, registering a new event listener will cause the new event listener target function to fire. I’m not sure how useful this information is, but I had to test it out to make sure it worked as I expected it to. In the sample application below, I have a [read] Keywords: application javascript

Canadian Out of the Office
Tue, Jul 2nd 2013 1:17p   John Wargo
One of my Canadian colleagues was out of the office on Monday and she had the funniest OOO message I've ever seen: I am out of the office on Monday July 1 to celebrate Canada Day. I will have no access to email or voicemail and will be back in the office on Tuesday July 2. Here are some fun facts about Canada that you may not already know: 1. The Stanley Cup has its own bodyguard, but that doesn’t mean Canadian hockey champions haven’t put all kinds of different foods and drinks in it (e [read] Keywords: email mac office

Leaving The View
Wed, Jun 19th 2013 8:19p   John Wargo
Back in 2010, The View (www.eview.com) magazine approached me and asked me if I was interested in becoming a technical advisor to the publication. Being a long-time IBM Lotus Domino developer (a really, really long time) and a speaker at several View Domino Developer conferences, I of course said yes. We spent some time discussing what they needed from me and we decided that a series of articles on mobile development for Domino would be a great fit for my area of expertise. I was onboard. I spe [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes xpages blackberry consulting development mobile rim sap

You can always tell...
Wed, Jun 19th 2013 4:17p   John Wargo
You can always tell when I'm busy with something by how long it's been since I've updated the blog. I've got this big list of articles to write, but just can't seem to get to them. At work, I've joined the Product Management Team for the SAP Mobile Platform, so that's keeping me very busy. I can't talk about what I'm working on yet, but I'll do some writing about it soon. I learned recently that my PhoneGap Essentials book is the leading book on the topic (as far as sales numbers ind [read] Keywords: mobile sap

Weird Spamming
Fri, May 24th 2013 12:17p   John Wargo
Just got a weird inquiry from my BlackBerry Development Fundamentals web site. I'm sure it's spammers, but I'm not sure what they're trying to accomplish. Either I'm completely missing the point of this or whoever is trying to spam me knows nothing about the English language. Links removed for protection: "engender links to a empire pinpoint Representing exemplar, you a on fidelity in return looking for to do as a pleasing unskilful verse advidoriecrb Note the spelling of purchased allotm [read] Keywords: blackberry development

BlackBerry Facebook Application Broken
Tue, May 14th 2013 6:14a   John Wargo
Something’s up with the latest version of the Facebook app for BlackBerry. Parts of the UI simply don’t work and I don’t know how to let BlackBerry know about it. Apps like TeleNav Navigator have a feedback function which allows you to let them know when something doesn’t work or if you have suggestions for the application. All of the different mobile OS are adding APIs for Twitter, Facebook and so on, why not add a feedback API that allows an app to send customer comments/feedback to th [read] Keywords: application blackberry facebook mobile twitter

What Were They Thinking #13 – VZ Navigator
Tue, Apr 30th 2013 10:22a   John Wargo
While I worked at AT&T, I became a big fan of the TeleNav Navigator application which later became AT&T Navigator. The interface was intuitive and it worked pretty well. When I joined SAP, they gave me a Verizon BlackBerry 9900 and I lost access to the navigation solution I was accustomed to using. On Verizon, they have their own navigation solution called VZ Navigator; here’s what it looks like: Figure 1 I was using it recently to navigate somewhere and noticed something about th [read] Keywords: application applications blackberry interface sap

The Solution to My Domino Server Configuration Problem
Thu, Apr 18th 2013 7:21p   John Wargo
Thanks to all of you who helped out last week as I struggled to get my IBM Lotus Domino server to accept HTTP PUT and DELETE requests. I posted two articles about my issues, you can access them here: Domino Server 405 Error Update on My Domino Server Problems Essentially, I was building a sample Sencha Touch application for an article series I’m writing for The View (www.eview.com) and the Sencha Touch proxy by default uses different HTTP request types for each of the CRUD operations. T [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus application java javascript server

Mon, Apr 15th 2013 7:21p   John Wargo
My publisher told me about a cross-platform mobile framework today called Calatrava (http://calatrava.github.io/). I still need to do some reading about what it really is, but something in the announcement caught my eye: "Mobile is the oncoming train of the future of computing. For more and more users their mobile device is becoming their first way to reach everything on the Internet. You need to be on-board with this. But there are three platforms to support: iOS, Android and Mobile Web." I [read] Keywords: mobile

Update on My Domino Server Problems
Sun, Apr 14th 2013 11:18a   John Wargo
Thanks to all of you who helped out last week trying to help me fix my Domino configuration problem. Tom Verleysen and Michael Dudding suggested creating an Internet Sites document which I thought made sense based upon what I’d read on the Internet but wasn’t sure exactly how to implement it. I followed the instructions I was given (I think) and setup the following: I updated the server document so it uses internet sites documents: Figure 0 I now have an Internet Sites document with th [read] Keywords: agent domino lotus application server

Domino Server 405 Error
Wed, Apr 10th 2013 7:13a   John Wargo
I’m trying to wrap up an article series for The View (www.eview.com) on developing Sencha Touch applications for IBM Lotus Domino and ran into a problem that I can’t seem to find a solution for – can you help me out? Please? I’ve created a simple competitive information database in Notes and exposed it to mobile devices using several methods. I first built a Rhodes application (www.rhomobile.com) that synchronized data with the Domino server and wrote a series of articles about it. You [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes application applications database mobile server

PhoneGap Essentials Korean Translation
Mon, Mar 25th 2013 5:14p   John Wargo
Last week I received a copy of my PhoneGap Essentials which had been translated into Korean (at least I think it’s the Korean translation, I can’t actually be sure – as I don’t read Korean). Here is the book, perhaps you can read it: Figure 1 Anyway, apparently the book has been licensed for translation into Korean and Traditional Chinese. The Chinese version of the book was supposed to have been published months ago, but I don’t know what happened to it. I’ll receive a copy as s [read] Keywords:

Coolendar - Not Today
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 7:14p   John Wargo
I was going to write a bit about a cool calendar site called Coolendar, but apparently it's not working right now. I'll try again later. [read] Keywords:

Wi-Fi Only Tablets
Wed, Mar 13th 2013 4:14p   John Wargo
I’m not quite feeling the benefits of a Wi-Fi only device. Having worked for a device manufacturer then a carrier, I guess I’m a bit spoiled when it comes to connectivity. Over the years I’ve had several tablets, some with cellular connections and some with only Wi-Fi connections. I have to admit that I find that the Wi-Fi only devices never seem to have connectivity when I need it the most. At home (of course), at most airports and at many national chains (hotels, restaurants, stores), t [read] Keywords: connections blackberry network networking office

More on Email Message Format for Mobile Devices
Mon, Mar 4th 2013 12:11p   John Wargo
A few weeks ago I posted an article complaining about how major brands don’t consider mobile email clients when they craft their blast email content. I even showed some examples of poor email content design from American Express and RIM. A reader of the site missed the point of my article and suggested I learn how to use my BlackBerry and enable automatic download of images in the email. Apparently he (or she, not quite sure) skipped reading the article and instead simply saw the screen shots [read] Keywords: blackberry email mobile rim

Follow-Up Then
Fri, Feb 22nd 2013 3:11p   John Wargo
I don’t remember how I first learned about this service, but it’s pretty cool. Followupthen (http://www.followupthen.com/) is a free service you can use to remind yourself of stuff. What’s cool about it is that you configure reminder settings using the email address you send your message to. First you have to sign-up for an account. Once you’ve completed that step, your remaining interaction with the service is all done via email. For example, to remind yourself to pick up a birthday pr [read] Keywords: email

Using GeSHi in Joomla!
Wed, Feb 20th 2013 8:11p   John Wargo
If you’ve been poking around within this site, you may have noticed that I used to post a bunch of source code to the site. I don’t write as much code as I used to and much less than I’m accustomed to, but when I setup this site, I found myself posting a bunch of code and wanting to make it render properly on the site’s pages. Being new to Joomla!, I poked around a bit and noticed that there was a code highlighting plug-in called GeSHi installed as one of the core plug-ins in any Joomla [read] Keywords: blackberry development java server xml

Using jUpgrade
Sun, Feb 17th 2013 5:11p   John Wargo
I’ve upgraded a few sites lately from Joomla! 1.5 to Joomla! 2.5 using jUpgrade. The upgrade from 1.5 to 2.5 isn’t exactly an upgrade, it’s more of a migration, so you really have to use tools like jUpgrade to make it work. JUpgrade installs as a Joomla! Component and adds its own options to the Joomla! Components menu. It essentially downloads a version of Joomla! 2.5, installs it in a sub-folder from your original Joomla! 1.5 installation then copies ‘all’ of your stuff to the new [read] Keywords: database mysql security server

Ignoring Mobile Email clients
Sat, Feb 9th 2013 1:11p   John Wargo
I’ve always been surprised at how major brands and larger organizations ignore smartphone users in their email blasts. I’m an American Express customer and get email promotions from them on a regular basis. When I open one of their messages, I see something similar to the screen shot shown below. Figure 1 Everyone seems to think that you have to have lots of color and everything centered in an email blast, but at the end of the day that simply doesn’t work for mobile users – and I ha [read] Keywords: blackberry desktop email mobile

Carrier APIs
Thu, Feb 7th 2013 6:11a   John Wargo
I have to admit that I simply don’t get Carrier-specific APIs. I used to work for RIM (now called BlackBerry), working with their largest carrier and later on worked at that same carrier. I know how desperately the wireless carriers don’t want to simply be a pipe (provide me with network access) – but instead want have all sorts of value-add products they can sell you. At the end of the day, all I want them to be is a pipe and I’d gladly pay them more money per month if they’d simply g [read] Keywords: application applications blackberry development iphone mobile network rim wireless

The Value of App/OS integration to an Enterprise
Tue, Feb 5th 2013 7:11a   John Wargo
Note: this is a copy of an article I posted to my SAP Community Network (SCN) blog at http://scn.sap.com/blogs/johnwargo. I mentioned in my previous post, it seems that a lot of organizations are thinking more lately about tablet development than smartphone development. Many customers have also told us that they’re looking seriously at Windows 8; that got me thinking about what makes Windows 8 interesting to those organizations. Now, many of you immediately started thinking about the enterpri [read] Keywords: apple application applications bes blackberry community development email enterprise facebook integration microsoft mobile network password rim sap security server widget widgets

Too Many Eclipse Instances
Mon, Feb 4th 2013 7:11a   John Wargo
I’ve been doing some more mobile development lately – building some applications on the SAP Mobile platform (what was formerly known as the Sybase Unwired Platform) and therefore cranking up some development environments for Android, BlackBerry and even iOS. In preparation for this work, I was updating my Eclipse instance on my Mac Mini plus creating a new Windows VM with Eclipse and all of the tools I needed. One of the things I noticed is that the whole concept of Eclipse plug-ins is essen [read] Keywords: ibm applications blackberry community development eclipse google java mac macintosh mobile rim sap vm

Switching Development from Smartphones to Tablets
Fri, Feb 1st 2013 8:11a   John Wargo
Note: this is a copy of an article I posted to my SAP Community Network (SCN) blog at http://scn.sap.com/blogs/johnwargo. Many years ago, one of the struggles enterprise-focused mobile device manufacturers, wireless carriers and mobile development tool vendors faced was getting companies to make an investment in building mobile applications for their employees. As we all know, with the introduction of the iPhone and Android plus the effectiveness of the “There’s an app for that” campaign, [read] Keywords: apple application applications community development enterprise integration interface iphone mobile network rim sap wireless

DMCA Big Brother
Mon, Jan 28th 2013 10:15a   John Wargo
OK, let me see if I got this straight: I have a legal right to make one archival copy of copyrighted material I own, say for example to make a copy of a music CD so that if something happens to the original, I can still listen to the music, but if the disc has copyright protection, it’s illegal (through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)) to break the copy protection in order to make that copy. If that wasn’t stupid enough, now it’s illegal to jailbreak my smartphone? http://www [read] Keywords: apple archive iphone

Discovering Raspberry Pi
Sun, Jan 27th 2013 1:15p   John Wargo
Many months ago I learned about the Raspberry Pi hobbyist computer (www.raspberrypi.org). Apparently it was created to provide an inexpensive system that kids could use to learn programming. At $35US it really hits the mark. I understand their goals well; I had access to micro computers in High School back in the late 70’s, at home at about the same time and in college as well. The reason I’m a computer developer is because I was able to be one so early in life and it definitely stuck. My f [read] Keywords: apple blackberry development linux python server wiki

Take two tablets and call me in 2015?
Fri, Jan 25th 2013 3:15p   John Wargo
Editors Note: The following is the first guest post published to this site. David Via is a long time friend (a really, really long time) and a really smart guy. Enjoy! By David Via I was conducting a ride along activity today when I was struck by a remarkable idea. Could it some day soon make sense for some mobile professionals to carry *two* tablet devices? Let me backtrack just a bit. A ride along is when I shadow a mobile employee of a large enterprise in his daily activities to help ide [read] Keywords: collaboration notes applications enterprise macbook mobile

Updated Site
Fri, Jan 25th 2013 8:14a   John Wargo
Well, I finally did it – I completed the site’s upgrade from Joomla! 1.5 to 2.5. I started the project back in August and I haven’t been working on the project the whole time. I just ran into a couple of small, nagging issues and stepped away from it for a while as I worked on other things (like my day job). Of course, Joomla! 3.0 came out in the meantime, so I have to make plans to do that upgrade soon (as 3.0 is way, way cool and implements some features I really want to use on the site) [read] Keywords: application database

Updated Site
Thu, Jan 24th 2013 6:14a   John Wargo
Well, I finally did it – I completed the site’s upgrade from Joomla! 1.5 to 2.5. I started the project back in August and I haven’t been working on the project the whole time. I just ran into a couple of small, nagging issues and stepped away from it for a while as I worked on other things (like my day job). Of course, Joomla! 3.0 came out in the meantime, so I have to make plans to do that upgrade soon (as 3.0 is way, way cool and implements some features I really want to use on the site) [read] Keywords: application database

iOS Calendar Problems
Wed, Jan 23rd 2013 8:11p   John Wargo
I was supposed to be on a conference call a while back with a colleague who never showed up. He emailed later asking about the time of the call and I couldn’t figure out why there was confusion – a calendar entry is a calendar entry, right? As long as he accepted the meeting invite, it should be on his calendar, right? Wrong. Of course, those of you who work in Mobile are already thinking you know what happened. He was looking at his calendar on a mobile device and was in a different time z [read] Keywords: apple blackberry mobile sap

PHP Application Installation Problems
Mon, Jan 21st 2013 1:50p   John Wargo
I’m a big fan of open source content management systems (CMS) and I’ve built several web sites using Joomla!, Drupal and Concrete5 plus I experiment with many others. I’m also a huge fan of FatCow and recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great hosting provider. With all of my experience with these tools, I was really frustrated a while back when I stopped being able to install many of these tools in my hosting account. My existing application installations worked great, I simply [read] Keywords: application applications database server sql

Big Brother
Fri, Jan 18th 2013 1:09p   John Wargo
I was reading an article recently on Popular Science about an algorithm that can stitch together mobile phone video footage of the same event into a single, synchronized, multi-angle film. Here’s the description from the article: "As we upload more and more videos to the Internet—one hour of new video every second to YouTube alone—experts are finding new ways to mine them. A team led by Igor Curcio of Nokia’s Research Center, for example, has developed an algorithm that stitches concer [read] Keywords: facebook mobile security twitter wiki

Telemarketed by an IVR
Thu, Dec 27th 2012 11:56a   John Wargo
I just got a telemarketing call from an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. I was sitting in my office and a call came in from a number I didn’t recognize. When I answered, there was a long pause, so I knew someone was telemarketing me. After a while, I usually say something smart-allecky like ‘hello? You called me?” and hang-up if the pause lasts too long. In this case, a very steady, professional and rich voice clicked in and said “Hello, may I please speak with John?” Still in [read] Keywords: agent office

Cloud-based Hosting
Thu, Dec 20th 2012 7:32p   John Wargo
Saw this in an email tonight from Network Solutions. Since when is hosting not cloud-based? [read] Keywords: email network

Lands’ End Track Order Stupidity
Mon, Dec 10th 2012 3:31p   John Wargo
I’m a huge fan of Lands’ End (yes, that’s a typo – it’s their typo, not mine) and have been a customer for a very long time. Everyone’s on the Internet now, so you can buy things, check status of orders and even return stuff without ever having to fill out a form or even call a customer service person. Why is it then that Lands’ End won’t give you an easy way to track your order? I got an email from them for an order I placed (shhhhh, it’s a gift for my Wife) that included th [read] Keywords: email password

Spain's Secret Strike
Sat, Dec 8th 2012 3:34p   John Wargo
I was in Spain for a conference back in November and I was there during a nationwide strike against the austerity programs that the EU is putting in place to help enable economic recovery. My employer is international (we have offices and employees everywhere) and very organized, so we knew a lot in advance about the strike and were given very specific instructions on how to stay safe during the… unrest. After I’d been in Spain for a day or two, I realized that there was a Secret Strike hap [read] Keywords:

Mobile on WordPress
Mon, Dec 3rd 2012 4:26p   John Wargo
I’ve been doing a lot of work in WordPress lately. I’ve always been a fan of the wildly popular, Open Source Content Management System (CMS) but I’ve always thought it was more appropriate for web logs (blogs) than company web sites. Of course, many companies use WordPress for their web sites, and there are even commercial offerings for business customers, so I know it’s common to find business uses for WordPress. This summer I worked with some neighbors who were opening a boutique oliv [read] Keywords: bes blackberry consulting desktop mobile

PhoneGap and Metro
Mon, Aug 20th 2012 2:07p   John Wargo
Apparently the folks at PhoneGap have decided to adopt the Microsoft Metro interface for the PhoneGap web site (www.phonegap.com). It's pretty cool what happens when you resize the browser window - whoever implemented this really paid attention to that particular detail. Cool stuff. [read] Keywords: interface microsoft

SAP CodeTalk Series
Mon, Aug 20th 2012 5:53a   John Wargo
SAP has started producing a series of developer-focused videos. The series is called SAP CodeTalk, and I was asked to participate in the first two videos in the series. You can find the series landing page at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL068D7CC6E905E638. The first video was recorded with Matt Schmulen from Appcelerator and in the video we talk about how to connect to SAP from an Appcelerator Titanium application using the new OData connector from Appcelerator. You can watch the video [read] Keywords: application integration sap

ClearOS Server
Thu, Aug 9th 2012 6:11a   John Wargo
After I became a Novell ECNE and CNI, back in the 80’s or early 90’s, I promised myself that I wouldn’t have a network in my house. Now, my office has a 24 port switch and 9 computer systems (including two Macintoshes) and I’ve networked two buildings here on the property. Oh how things have changed. I’ve had a Windows server here for a very long time – it has 6TB of storage and I use it to backup all of my other systems (I backup my primary Macintosh computer to an AirPort in a di [read] Keywords: macintosh microsoft network office server

Joomla Upgrade
Tue, Aug 7th 2012 6:51a   John Wargo
I’m knee deep into a major upgrade for this site. I’ve been running it on Joomla 1.5 for years now and I thought it was time to get caught up on Joomla versions. Of course, there’s no simple path from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5, so I had to do a migration. There’s a cool migration tool called jUpgrade that essentially copies your existing site to a new folder and migrates all of the content. It worked like a champ and I’m in the process of doing all of the clean-up that has to happen. The bigg [read] Keywords:

Olive This!
Fri, Aug 3rd 2012 8:42a   John Wargo
I’ve been writing a bit about some friends of ours who have opened a specialty olive oil and vinegar store in South Charlotte called Olive This!. Simply two housewives with an idea and a well-known distributor with a quality product. When I heard about what they were doing, I knew they’d need a web presence and immediately offered to help. I would have done it for free, but instead they plied me with cookies, brownies and other food items for my help. I set them up with a hosting account (a [read] Keywords: community facebook

News from SAP Labs
Mon, Jul 9th 2012 7:17a   John Wargo
Since joining SAP, I've been heavily involved in our partnerships with Adobe, Appcelerator and Sencha. I'm still trying to carve out some time to play with the new tools we've created in partnership with these vendors, but I've been too busy working on developer enablement activities. One of the things I'm working on right now is preparation for a streaming video presentation from the SAP Labs about these partnerships. I'll be on camera, ding interviews and other fun stuff. If you get a c [read] Keywords: development enterprise integration mobile sap twitter

BlackBerry World: Day 1 Begins
Tue, May 1st 2012 7:11a   John Wargo
Got up early this morning and made it over to the hotel’s gym. It was nice to get some exercise in before starting my day. When I finished, I decided to walk around a bit just to get my back loosened up. As I walked past the BlackBerry World registration desk, I thought about my registration process and thought I’d write about it. This is my 6th BlackBerry World (or Wireless Enterprise Symposium, WES, as it used to be called), so I knew exactly what to do. I walked toward the registration a [read] Keywords: application blackberry email enterprise rim wireless

Figured out PhoneGap Development for bada
Fri, Apr 27th 2012 7:12a   John Wargo
If you remember a while ago I published an article (which can be found here) that explained some of the issues I encountered trying to build and run a PhoneGap application for the Samsung bada OS. Well, with the help of the developer who wrote the bada code for PhoneGap I was able to finally figure it out, get it working and finished the bada chapter for PhoneGap Essentials. First I’m going to complain a little and then I’ll tell you what you need to do to build PhoneGap applications for ba [read] Keywords: application applications development mobile

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