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Thu, May 29th 2014 434

FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170 (Annex A). Modem Firmware Version 58.04.82 with XS4all.nl
John Willemse    

 Important: This firmware is only intended for use with FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170 (Annex A).
 Product:  FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170
 Version:  58.04.82
 Language: English
 Annex:    A

 New Features:
- Online-Monitor informs about internet connection, data transfer and online time
- general improvements in the user interface

Changes in 58.04.82:
- Internet: NEW: Online-Monitor informs about internet connection, data transfer and online time
- Internet: option to disconnect internet connection manually (expert mode)
- Internet: removed PPPoE pass through
- System: Improved remote access and WLAN connectivity for iPhone, Nokia E71 and Android devices
- System: extended TR-064-interface
- System: removed possibility to configure separate LANs for the ethernet ports in user interface
- Telephony: automatically delete message answering machine messages after forwarding via eMail (expert mode)
- Telephony: improved wizards for "telephony devices" and "numbers"
- Telephony: transition from combined fixed line and DSL connection to All-IP connection simplified
- Telephony: improved fax interoperability (T.38)
- Telephony: improved audio quality (MOS)
- USB/NAS: display available USB storage space in the USB device overview
- USB/NAS: display technical detail information about USB storage devices in the USB device overview (mouseover)
- USB/NAS: improved USB performance
- USB/NAS: optimised power saving options with Samsung, Western Digital and Seagate hard drives
- WLAN: faster availability of the WLAN module after changes in the user interface

Changes in 58.04.78:
 - DSL: optimized behavior in case of transmission errors. On certain lines this now triggers a DSL reconnect to avoid an invalid state
 - Telephony: removed area code configuration for countries that no longer have area-codes
 - Internet: fixed a bug in the webinterface, that prevented manual PVC configuration for one provider

Changes in 58.04.76:
 - DSL: improved DSL-driver for better interoperability
 - DSL: possibility to send feedback about the DSL-line directly from within the FRITZ!Box
 - Internet: Child protection improved
 - Internet: improved compatibility for SetTopBoxes (RTSP)
 - System: Improved security for the web-interface
 - System: Improved UPnP-communication
 - Telephony: added supported Codecs (clearmode)
 - Telephony: SIP-proxy added (IP-telephones can now directly connect to the FRITZ!Box)
 - Telephony: divert incoming anonymous calls depending on the number that is being called
 - Telephony: multiple fax numbers can forward the received faxes to different email-adresses
 - USB: Spindown for USB harddrives to reduce energy consumption
Changes in 58.04.67:
 - DSL: improved DSL-driver for better interoperability
 - Internet: improved routing performance; possiblity to define custom prioritization rules for applications or computers
 - Internet: NEW! integrated VPN for secure connections through the internet. professional via IPSec
 - USB Host: NEW! USB-network storage; USB-memory or USB-harddrives connected to your FRITZ!Box can be used in the local network (SMB)
 - USB Host: NEW! USB devices connected to the FRITZ!Box can now be forwarded to a computer in the network, allows the use of printers or even scanners on every computer in your local network
 - USB Host: NEW! FRITZ!Musikbox - share music-files from a usb device with compatible devices in your local network (UPnP-AV)
 - System: support for Wake on LAN via new and improved network-overview
 - System: HTTPS-remote access with individual certificates
 - System: NEW! Assistant for a simplified installation
 - System: NEW! Notification if no password for the webinterface has been configured
 - System: NEW! push-service; schedule regular status reports via email
 - System: NEW! Eventlog now documents access or changes in the userinface if password is activated
 - Telephony: NEW! integrated answering-machine, records incoming calls and forwards recording via email
 - Telephony: NEW integrated fax-machine, receive faxes without the need of a dedicated fax-machine and (optionally) forward them via email
 - Telephony: Setup of telephony-devices has been optimised
 - Telephony: improved fax interoperability
 - Telephony: simplified possiblity to block anonymous calls
 - Telephony: added snooze to alarm function
 - WLAN: WDS (Wireless Distribution System) improved
 - WLAN: improved WLAN-monitor

Changes in 58.04.57:
 - Telephony: Improved emergency call handling

Changes in 58.04.56:
 - DSL: Support for seamless rate adaption
 - System: Optimized compatibility towards different network-providers

Changes in 58.04.47:
 - DSL: Further optimized DSL driver
 - USB Host: Improved support for USB devices  
 - System: Comprehensive display of current FRITZ!Box energy consumption levels
 - System: Further improved power efficiency through load-dependent adjustment of processor clock
 - System: Increased error tolerance through change of IP fallback address
 - Internet: Stability of the FRITZ!Box in intensive use further improved

Please note that some features are only accessible in Expert Mode (menu System/Expert Mode).

To determine if your FRITZ!Box hardware is type "Annex A" or "Annex B" consult the  sticker on the base plate of the device.

To carry out the firmware update:

 1) Open your Internet browser and enter the address "fritz.box" or ""
 2) Select the menu "System" and then the sub-menu "Firmware Update".
 3) Use the "Browse ..." button to enter the appropriate path to the update file.
 4) Click the "Update" button.
 To recover the storage space on your hard drive, you can delete the update file after
 you have carried out the update.

� AVM GmbH 2004-2010. All rights reserved.

This firmware package consists of files which are distributed under different
license terms, in particular under AVM proprietary license or under any Open
Source License (namely GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public
License or FreeBSD License). For further details see file "license.txt"
(ftp://ftp.avm.de/fritz.box/license.txt). The source
code of those files distributed as Open Source are available on written request
to fritzbox_info@avm.de.

Under all AVM intellectual property rights, AVM grants the non-exclusive right
to personally use this AVM firmware package which is delivered in object code
format only. Licensee shall olny be entitled to make a copy exclusively reserved
for personal backup purposes (backup copy). AVM reserves all intellectual
property rights except as expressly granted herein. Without the prior written
approval of AVM and except to the extent as may be expressly authorised under
mandatory law, this AVM firmware package in particular

- shall not be copied, distributed or otherwise made publicly available
- shall not be modified, disassembled, reverse engineered, decompiled or
  otherwise "be opened" in whole or in part, and insofar shall not be copied,
  distributed or otherwise made publicly available.


More @fritzbox.fon_wlan_7170/firmware

Aug 29, 2010
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